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End Times File: Alberta pastor who defied Premier Kenney’s unconstitutional COVID-19 restrictions on his church likely to remain jailed until May 3 trial date, pastor’s lawyer seeking to remove bail conditions, free James Coates earlier; update: 600 reportedly attend Feb. 28 worship service at “church rebellion” epicenter GraceLife near Edmonton (according to blogger’s personal sources), police unlawfully disturb service at Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary; Reformanda website: “[T]he Puritans too faced a crackdown related to ‘public health.’ In 1665, a fearsome bout of the plague hit London. Many of the Puritan preachers who had not previously defied government mandates now determined that they could not stay quiet in the wake of the plague . . . Thomas Watson, John Owen, and Thomas Goodwin all returned to preaching. While the plague raged, they opened the Word to people both grieving and terrified. [I]n defiance of the Conventicles Act . . . their pulpits rang out once more with the Word and the gospel”; Western Civilization’s concept of civil liberties based on Biblical doctrines of dignity of mankind (as image-bearer of God), freedom of worship, conscience, speech, press, assembly and association

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Government officials in the Canadian province of Alberta are treading in very dangerous territory from both constitutional and media optics points of view. There is a virus, but no pandemic warranting these harmful lockdowns. American Christians have taken notice of their persecuted brethren north of the border.

USA File: Globalist-backed Democratic Party refuses to admit systemic vote theft last Nov., but clearly does not believe in Joe Biden’s mental fitness to hold office of POTUS, possibly moving to oust figurehead “president” from White House as three dozen House Dems–spear- headed by California Congressman Jimmy Panetta–demand “China” Joe relinquish sole control of nuclear launch codes, presumably hand over some (or all) control to commie-loving VP Kamala Harris and/or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Panetta: “I’m calling on @POTUS to install checks & balances in our nuclear command-and-control structure. Past presidents have threatened nuclear attacks on other countries or exhibited concerning behavior that cast doubt on their judgment”; GOP Senator from Utah Mike Lee puzzled by Dems’ suspicious behavior: “The fact is the president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. This is why we subject presidents to a very rigorous review process. That is they have to win elections”; “This seems really weird to me that they’d take that away – and by the way, who are they going to give that power to? They’re gonna give that to a committee?”

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HUGE DOT. This is actually a nightmare situation but will America wake up?

Red World Order File: Pro-Beijing globalist leaders of America and Canada–i.e., dementia patient Joe Biden and pothead Justin Castro/Trudeau–don COVID-19 masks, hold video conference on Feb. 23 to wage economic warfare against independence-minded, energy-rich Texas and Alberta; Canadian PM praises America’s FAKE president for restoring “leadership” to White House (after four-year nationalist Trump Admin), dragging USA back into Paris Climate Accord; meanwhile their female replacements, commie-loving VP Kamala Harris and Soros minion, WEF board member Dep. PM Chrystia Freeland, connive in back- ground; constitutionally minded US counties, however, anxious to secede from Democrat-run states: Fox News interviews “State of Jefferson” leader Mark Baird, initiative approved by 22 counties in N. California; Move Oregon’s Border initiative approved for May 18 special ballot in Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman counties, lead to incorporation of SE Oregon into “Greater Idaho”; GOP state lawmakers Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin introduce bill to secede from Washington, form “State of Liberty” in E. counties; solitary Weld Co. in Colorado seeks admission into Wyoming

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Patriots, Christians protest jailing of Pastor James Coates over GraceLife Church’s alleged failure to comply with Alberta’s draconian COVID-19 restrictions, demo held outside Edmonton Remand Centre on Feb. 20, Coates has no criminal record but same facility released 500 offenders “due to COVID”; Calgary-based civil rights lawyer John Carpay sends strongly worded letter to Jason Kenney, accuses premier of handing over power to non-elected chief medical officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, points out that Canada’s Criminal Code prohibits arrest of clergy so as to prevent performance of duties: “It is past time for the Alberta legislature to review all of Dr. Hinshaw’s Orders . . . [and] for your government to cease its religious persecution. We are calling for the immediate release of Pastor Coates, and the rescission of Dr. Hinshaw’s tyrannical orders against Alberta’s churches”; anti-lockdown protesters also hold Freedom Rally outside provincial legislature; update: GraceLife experiences overflow attendance during Feb. 22 worship service, RCMP mills about at parking lot entrance, church excludes fakestream media, welcomes Rebel News

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Alberta’s churches are restricted to 15% fire code capacity, with masking and social distancing. GraceLife Church has had no reported cases of COVID-19 since the “pandemic” started 12 months ago. Meanwhile, Walmart and Costco in Edmonton’s suburbs are doing a brisk trade . . . Albertans are fed up with the Kenney/Hinshaw COVID dictatorship.

BTW, after a year of shameful silence, some Canadian pastors are finding their courage (i.e, fear of God) and opening their churches to full capacity in solidarity with Pastor Coates and GraceLife. By contrast, the Religious Left expresses its solidarity with pandemic fearmongering and political tyranny.

WW4 File: Republic of China Air Force intercepts eight PLAAF fighter jets on Feb. 19 as Red China carries out another provocation only weeks after several bomber intrusions near Taiwan, ROC Defence Ministry reports invading force consisted of four Shenyang J-16s, four Xian JH-7s and one EW aircraft, which flew near Taipei-controlled Pratas Islands in S. China Sea; meanwhile four retired ROC MI officers–inc. two colonels and major general “Yueh”–have been indicted for spying for Beijing, Taiwanese prosecutors allege Yueh “received cash, gifts and free excursions during multi- ple trips to mainland China and Macau, and worked to recruit other officers to ‘develop an intelligence net- work’ for Beijing”; follows Oct. sentencing of Taiwanese lieutenant colonel to four-year jail term for spying on behalf of Communist China; Russian, Red Chinese and Iranian navies carry out two-day joint maneuvers in Indian Ocean, New Delhi denies reports India also participated in Maritime Security Belt 2021; Red Chinese dictator Xi Jinping supports admission of Tehran as full member into Shanghai Cooperation Org

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: John Carpay, president of Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, assesses homeland’s slide into “COVID communism” (our term): “How many Canadians will be locked up in secretly located [Red China-owned] ‘hotel prison’ facilities, without due process, before we wake up and realize that Canada is rapidly becoming a police state? . . . How much longer must houses of worship remain closed, or subjected to arbitrary and irrational restrictions not imposed on big box stores? Will Canadians meekly accept the forthcoming federal restrictions on their internet and social media speech? Will we forever give up our right to assemble peacefully in public to express our opinions?” “These are questions Canadians need to answer as we head into our eleventh month of a new political experiment—never tried before in human history—of locking down healthy people in a futile quest to stop a virus that has only a negligible impact on life expectancy”; “The freedom and independence of media is threatened by the federal government awarding subsidies to the herd of conformist media who . . . have been cheerleaders for lockdowns since early 2020, and now keep Canadians in a permanent state of fear by sensationalizing COVID ‘cases'”

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Using Freedom House criteria, Calgary-based civil rights lawyer John Carpay now rates Canada 71 on the “freedom index,” down from 98 in 2019. He actually believes the starting point, 98, is generous, but that’s still a sharp decline.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Edmonton-area pastor jailed for refusing to shut down in-person worship services during Alberta’s second pandemic lockdown, James Coates turns self into police on Feb. 16, appears before judge, follows closure order from public health authorities, GraceLife Church’s alleged failure to implement social distancing, masking, etc.; Coates’ lawyer James Kitchen talks to CTV News: “The government’s forcing him in to a position where he has to choose between disobeying God and obeying govern- ment, or obeying God and disobeying government”; “Ultimately what Coates and GraceLife is doing is exercising their constitutionally protected rights under Section 2 of the Charter [of Rights and Freedoms]”; GraceLife statement: “We see our actions as contribut- ing to . . . the end of destructive lockdowns and the end of the attempt to institutionalize the debilitating fear of viral infections”; GraceLife theologically aligned with Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA; meanwhile British Columbia Supreme Court dismisses socialist NDP government’s application for injunction against three churches allegedly breaking COVID-19 rules prohibiting in-person services

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When a country starts shutting down churches and jailing pastors–normally the most harmless members of society–for the sake of a virus whose effects are no worse than the flu, you can say farewell to freedom . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Religious persecution well underway in highly secular Canada under guise of pandemic lockdowns as British Columbia’s socialist NDP government seeks authority from provincial supreme court to arrest Christians planning to attend three specific churches, state-run CBC reports: “B.C.’s provincial health officer is seeking an injunction prohibiting gatherings by three Christian churches that are challenging her orders suspending in-person religious services. Lawyers for Dr. Bonnie Henry and B.C.’s attorney general will be in B.C. Supreme Court on Friday seeking orders against the leaders of Langley’s Riverside Calvary Chapel, Abbotsford’s Immanuel Covenant Reformed Church and the Free Reformed Church of Chilliwack”; Canadian conserva- tive Jonathon Van Maren comments: “In America, the U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned California’s restrictions on religious services as unreasonable and neglecting to give weight to the essential nature of worship. I have far less faith in our thoroughly post-Christian judicial system, but perhaps with this draconian request, a government official has finally crossed the line in a manner obvious enough to warrant a rebuke”