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Gray Terror File: Toronto Sun blows official (i.e., CBC) narrative of Greektown mass shooting out of the water, Faisal Hussain no garden-variety nutjob; Toronto cops stunned by marksmanship of reported “ISIS soldier” during July 22 rampage: “He was very proficient. I can’t imagine he could change magazines on the run, avoid jamming and hit targets as accurately as he did, had he not had some firearms training and experience”; “He used tactical stances and was able to do on-the-move reloads. That’s what we are trained to do if we are ever in trouble”; “I will say in my years of dealing with emotionally disturbed people I have never seen anybody operate any kind of weapon as well as he did”; Hussain “armed for war” as he shot up restaurant patrons and pedestrians, unloaded 40 to 60 bullets from .40-calibre handgun, three unused clips found on body after shootout with police; Hussain also unloaded clip into police car, yet another cop remarks: “He shot the s–t out of it. It was absolutely crazy. It’s full of bullet holes”; second firearm found in Hussain’s Toronto apartment, and “lots of lots of ammunition”; Hussain apparently cased targets in Greektown earlier that evening, witnesses saw jihadist pacing sidewalk, chain smoking and glaring at passersby; Canada’s ISIS-coddling PM Justin Trudeau strangely silent over Islamic terror attack in Toronto

Gray Terror File: ISIS claims responsibility for July 22 mass shooting in Toronto’s Greektown, leaving one woman and one girl dead, 13 wounded; mouthpiece Amaq identified Faisal Hussain as a “soldier of the Islamic State”: “The person who carried out the attack on the city of Toronto in south-east Canada on Sunday evening is one of the soldiers of the Islamic State, and he carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting citizens of the coalition countries”; Toronto top cop Mark Saunders rejects ISIS boast: “At this stage, we have no evidence to support these claims”; FBI similarly dismissed ISIS’ attempt to claim Las Vegas mass killer Stephen Paddock as jihadist; Toronto Police Service aware of Hussain’s psychotic behavior as early as 2010, apprehended twice under mental health law, police source to Canada’s Global News: “He was fascinated with death and explosions. He also liked replica handguns”; Ottawa recently reintegrated 60 ex-ISIS guerrillas into Canadian society, 190 extremists still fighting overseas, “police are bracing for another wave of returnees over the next one to three months”; UK strips ISIS killers of citizenship but briefing memo from PM Justin Trudeau’s (misnamed) Public Safety Minister reveals: “Therefore, even if a Canadian engaged in terrorist activity abroad, the government must facilitate their return to Canada”; Aussie opinion piece: No reason Toronto killer must be mentally ill OR jihadist: “It can be both”

Gray Terror File: Perp behind July 22 mass shooting in Toronto’s Greektown district identified as Faisal Hussain, gunman killed 18-year-old woman, 10-year-old girl, wounded 13 others as he fired handgun into busy restaurants and park, shot pedestrians point blank including one woman who had stumbled and fallen on sidewalk, five victims admitted to hospital in serious or critical condition; segments of Hussain’s rampage caught on CCTV, assailant died after gun battle with police; mosque-attending family alleges 29-year-old troubled by “severe mental health challenges, “psychosis and depression”; however Hussain known to Toronto Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police and RCMP, Toronto Sun reports same agencies checking out past residences in Pakistan, Afghanistan, sources say attack not spontaneous, shooter reportedly involved in “past crimes involving weapons and violence”; follows possibly related July 12 op in which cops responded “in force” to “potential vehicle ramming attack” near CN Tower, Ontario Premier Doug Ford acknowledged office “aware of the reported potential threat in the city of Toronto”; also follows April 23 vehicle ramming attack in which Alek Minassian (25) allegedly killed 10 pedestrians, perp likewise believed to have mental health issues, self-identified with “involuntary celibate” movement; political and religious beliefs of either perp never properly addressed in Canadian media

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Some folks might wonder if Islam, in fact, leads to “severe mental health challenges.”

USA File: Russian citizen Maria Butina (29) arrested in DC after year-long FBI surveillance, charged with conspiracy and acting as unlawful agent of foreign government, federal prosecutors: “The defendant’s covert influence campaign involved substantial planning, international coordination and preparation,” Butina was “point person in a calculated, long-term campaign intended to steer high-level politicians toward Moscow’s objectives”; Butina specifically accused of infiltrating conservative organizations including National Rifle Association and National Prayer Breakfast, cultivated business/romantic relationship with veteran GOP operative, South Dakota native Paul Erickson (56); Butina allegedly began spying in 2014, lied to obtain student visa to enroll at American University, contacts in Moscow included Deputy Director of Russian Central Bank Alexander Torshin, unnamed oligarch close to Kremlin, assorted FSB/SVR officers; Butina evidently chose her target carefully: anti-communist activist Erickson coordinated delivery of aid to “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Angola and Lebanon in 1980s; worked on committee to re-elect President Ronald Reagan in 1984; exec. producer of 1988 Dolph Lundgren action film “Red Scorpion”; worked on Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign in 1992; served as SD delegate to RNC that nominated George W. Bush for president in 2000; coordinated speaking engagement for Oliver North at Augustana University in 2002; Erickson part of US delegation that travelled to Moscow in 2013 to network with Russian gun advocacy group, Butina chairwoman of Right to Arms; Erickson returned to Moscow in 2014 as guest speaker, sponsored Butina’s speeches to university students, teen Republicans in home state

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Russian spy infiltrates rightist circles in USA. Democratic Party peddles “Russian collusion” narrative in order to undermine Trump Admin. Neither development would surprise KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn (1926-2008) . . .

Neo-Sandinista File: Families begin burying dead relatives after bloody weekend in Nicaragua; National Police and Sandinista paramilitaries gun down 10 oppositionists at roadblocks erected by anti-regime protesters at various spots around country, kill 2 more protesters at National Autonomous University in Managua; Roman Catholic Bishop Abelardo Mata attacked while driving to funeral near rebel stronghold of Masaya, Mata forced from vehicle as FSLN thugs smash car windows, puncture tires, shout “The bishops support the coup d’etat . . . against the government’; third attack against clergy in past week as ruling Sandinistas allege Catholic officials hiding weapons on church property; student leaders hold July 12 press conference in Miami to highlight crimes of President Daniel Ortega’s henchmen; 25-year-old Víctor Cuadras reports 350 people murdered, 169 abducted and 3,000 imprisoned since anti-regime protests erupted in April, alleges communist agents from Cuba and Venezuela active in Nicaragua since 2007 (when Ortega returned to power after 17-year hiatus), civilians in “clandestine prisons” have heard Cuban and Venezuelan accents while being tortured; UN human rights office backs up Cuadras’ allegations: “A wide range of human rights violations are being committed including extrajudicial killings, torture, arbitrary detentions, and denying people the right to freedom of expression”; meanwhile 24th annual congress of Sao Paulo Forum meets in Havana, Latin American reds and Chinese delegation bewail “right-wing conspiracies” against region’s leftist regimes

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Cold War’s over. Communism’s dead in Central America and pretty much everywhere else (so we are told). Meanwhile, tell that to Daniel Ortega and his enablers in the Sao Paulo Forum, such as President-Elect Obrador of Mexico.

Communist Bloc Military Updates: PLAAF to join International Army Games in Russia, contribute Xian H-6K strategic bombers, Chengdu J-10A fighters, Xian JH-7A fighter-bombers, Ilyushin Il-76 strategic airlifters and Y-9 transport aircraft, airborne troops; Red China’s Defense Ministry notes first time H-6Ks dispatched abroad for war games, also alludes to maritime dispute in S. China Sea: “The troops will strengthen military training and war-preparedness to improve their ability to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”; retired PLA colonel: Chinese pilots expect to train with Russian air crews; South Korean government summons senior Russian diplomat, military attache to lodge protest over four incursions of air defense zone (KADIZ) by two Tu-95 Bear bombers on July 13, Seoul’s defense ministry: “Russian military planes’ KADIZ entry will never help stabilize the Korean peninsula as well as Northeast Asia and the possibility of mid-air collision cannot be ruled out”; Pyongyang’s communist rulers refute allegations DPRK not following through with promises to denuclearize; meanwhile DOJ Special Counsel Mueller indicts 12 GRU officers ahead of President Trump’s July 16 summit with Putin, Russians accused of assuming false online personae “DC Leaks” and “Guccifer 2.0” to hack DNC, Clinton campaign computers; US president opines on Russia’s 2014 takeover of Crimea before heading to Helsinki: “This was an Obama disaster, and if I were president then, he [Putin] would not have taken over Crimea”

Neo-Sandinista File/Red Dawn Alert: 14 Nicaraguans dead in early-morning raid carried out by police, Sandinista thugs in two rebel-held towns in Carazo Dept., follows past/present dictator Daniel Ortega’s refusal to hold early elections; US Treasury slaps sanctions on three FSLN figures, including Francisco Javier Diaz Madriz, commissioner with National Police, accused of ordering extrajudicial killings; Fidel Antonio Moreno Briones, secretary of both FSLN and office of mayor of Managua, accused of orchestrating violent campaign by Sandinista Youth; and Jose Francisco Lopez Centeno, president of state-owned Petronic and VP of private company Albanisa, latter imports Venezuelan petroleum products, accused of filling personal coffers with bolivars from Maduro regime; US State Dept. spokeswoman on most serious charges: “Fidel Antonio Moreno Briones has directed acts of violence committed by the Sandinista Youth and pro-government armed groups which have been implicated in numerous human rights abuses related to the ongoing protests against the Nicaraguan government”; meanwhile Sandinista supermajority in National Assembly organizes emergency session, approves admission of foreign troops for joint drills with Nicaraguan military, includes forces from USA but also (more worryingly) Russia, Cuba and Venezuela; Russian servicemen to carry out “operations against illegal activities in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean” (and perhaps staff Moscow’s new electronic spy base in Managua)

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Nicaragua’s second Sandinista regime challenged by nearly fourth months of street protests . . .

Neo-Marxist dictator Daniel Ortega begs for help from old ally Russia . . .

Perhaps Ortega could further intimidate his opposition by deploying the 50 T-72B1 battle tanks that Nicaragua lately obtained from Russia, or maybe he could drop a note into the Kremlin suggestion box and Putin will once again send Blackjack bombers to Managua . . .

Latin America File: Mexico joins region’s Red Axis as pro-Cuban left-nationalist, past Mexico City mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador fulfills predictions, vindicates past attempts (2006, 2012) to grab top executive post by decisively winning July 1 presidential election; AMLO’s National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) secures handy majority in both Chamber of Deputies, Senate, top contenders José Antonio Meade (Institutional Revolutionary Party, center) and Ricardo Anaya (National Action Party, center-right) concede defeat; anti-corruption crusader AMLO probably Mexico’s most socialist president since Lenin Peace Prize winner, Trotsky bud Lázaro Cárdenas (1934-1940), vows to dissolve presidential security detail, travel on commercial flights, crows: “The people will protect me”; AMLO, US President Trump hold cordial phone conversation following Mexican election, discuss economic issues; Cuba’s communist dictator Miguel Díaz Canel, embattled neo-Marxist dictators of Venezuela and Nicaragua, Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega, send congrats to AMLO; Baja Post notes AMLO has never condemned extrajudicial killings of 500-plus civilians in Venezuela under Maduro’s watch: “[MORENA chief] Yeidckol Polevnsky [Gurwitz], Héctor Díaz-Polanco, John Ackerman – all close to López Obrador – and other close collaborators linked to Morena are fervent promoters of the criminal government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela”

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Despite dire predictions, Mexico did not become a Soviet beachhead during the Cold War. Enter the Perestroika Deception and the “collapse of communism.” Fast forward to 2018. Political analysts are divided whether AMLO is a closet communist or social democrat, however, expect Russian, Red Chinese and Cuban espionage and subversion to accelerate under his watch. Trump better hurry up and build that wall.