Red World Order File: Pro-Beijing globalist leaders of America and Canada–i.e., dementia patient Joe Biden and pothead Justin Castro/Trudeau–don COVID-19 masks, hold video conference on Feb. 23 to wage economic warfare against independence-minded, energy-rich Texas and Alberta; Canadian PM praises America’s FAKE president for restoring “leadership” to White House (after four-year nationalist Trump Admin), dragging USA back into Paris Climate Accord; meanwhile their female replacements, commie-loving VP Kamala Harris and Soros minion, WEF board member Dep. PM Chrystia Freeland, connive in back- ground; constitutionally minded US counties, however, anxious to secede from Democrat-run states: Fox News interviews “State of Jefferson” leader Mark Baird, initiative approved by 22 counties in N. California; Move Oregon’s Border initiative approved for May 18 special ballot in Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman counties, lead to incorporation of SE Oregon into “Greater Idaho”; GOP state lawmakers Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin introduce bill to secede from Washington, form “State of Liberty” in E. counties; solitary Weld Co. in Colorado seeks admission into Wyoming

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