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Red World Order File: Red Voice Media interviews 45-year veteran of Royal Australian Air Force on COVID-19 dictatorship “down under,” forced injection of children leading to at least three dead, unlawful army deploy- ment regulating traffic between states on basis of vaccine passports, six non-elected chief medical officers receiving orders from World Health Org and World Economic Forum, advising state premiers; Melbourne under yet another “strict lockdown” until “new year,” Victoria state premier Dan Andrews closely allied with Communist Party of China, made “secret deals” with Beijing; Alan Hennessy calls New South Wales health minister, Brad Hazzard, an “absolute psychopath,” begs otherwise laid-back countrymen to “get off their back- sides” and resist communist tyranny; “truckies” (i.e., truckers) threatening to blockade highways across country over ongoing lockdowns, jab mandate for their profession; interviewer Stew Peters concludes Australia “test case” for new world order scheme of global government

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Where’s Mad Max when you need him . . .

Red World Order File: New Zealand’s slavish pro-Beijing Labour government and Australian states use seemingly endless pandemic lockdowns to consolidate 18 months of medical fascist tyranny “down under,” New South Wales health minister announces 24,000 students to be injected with experimental COVID-19 gene therapies (“vaccines”) without parental super- vision, last year Brad Hazzard admitted pandemic integral part of installing global government: “This is a world pandemic. It’s a one in 100-year event. So you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time, and that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to accept that this is the new world order”; meanwhile Biden regime forces dangerous mRNA treatments upon federal workers and armed forces, while Russia and Red China deploy voluntary, conventional vaccine; People’s Liberation Army threatens Republic of China, conducts drills near Taiwan as US military retreats from Afghanistan amid Taliban’s return to power, CCP-run Global Times gloats: “After the fall of the Kabul regime, the Taiwan authorities must be trembling. Don’t look forward to the US to protect them”

Red World Order File: Beijing-backed Biden regime capitulates to Islamic fundamentalism as Taliban enters Kabul on Aug. 15, seizes control of Afghanistan after 20-year insurgency sparked by post-911 ouster, President Ashraf Ghani flees to Tajikistan, Taliban founder Abdul Ghani Baradar declares himself new national leader; civilians besiege Kabul’s international airport, cling to taxiing aircraft, inc. US military planes, fall to their deaths in desperate bid to flee county in scenes remini- scent of fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese communists in 1975; Rob O’Neill, former US Navy SEAL who killed Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in 2011 military op, blasts Biden regime, calls for resignation of America’s top generals: “This is the worst loss in American history. Our most popular president [facetious reference to Biden] has vanished. Prove me wrong”; “Have any of our generals and admirals resigned out of disgrace yet?”; “People are being killed trying to evacuate Kabul. But don’t worry… [White House Press Sec.] Jen Psaki will tell us what’s actually happening once dips**t goes to sleep”; “There are Afghans falling to their deaths off of our retreating aircraft. Has @thejointstaff resigned yet?”

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Russia, Red China, Iran: America is weak . . .

Useful Idiots Bin: Kremlin–along with Red China–likely possesses compromising sex videos of Hunter Biden; Daily Mail obtains 2019 video of Joe Biden’s son with prostitute in which he expresses fears Russian drug dealers stole one of his three known laptop computers while drugged out in Las Vegas hotel room during previous year; son of America’s FAKE president tells hooker: “They [the Russians] have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know’; Daily Mail editorializes: “Hunter’s claims also raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of a foreign intelligence operation”; globalist-owned, communist-infiltrated fakestream media totally ignores bombshell Biden admission


The Russians are masters of kompromat . . .

Note: We will not link to original story by Daily Mail, which contains explicit pics. Do your own Internet search.

BTW, we are on vacation and still moving ahead with plans to exit the Anglosphere.

Red World Order File: Alberta rescinds all COVID-19 restrictions after patriotic O&G worker Patrick King destroys official pandemic narrative, challenges constitutionality of public health act after receiving COVID fine, demands presentation of science behind lockdowns, Trudeau sends legal team to intimidate King even as lawyers representing Alberta’s chief medical officer admit Alberta Health Services has “no material evidence” to prove existence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, case dismissed; meanwhile Communist Party of China slams lockdown on Beijing district after one COVID-19 case turns up, Global Times: “Inbound flights, trains, and long-distance buses from regions where new cases have been found are suspended, including hard-hit cities like Nanjing, Zhengzhou and Zhangjiajie”; Human Events contributor Jack Posobiec says Biden regime plotting more Beijing-style lockdowns for Blue States: “White House chatter is that lockdowns for delta variant all but a done deal. Virtually all blue states are cooperating with WH / CDC. They’re aiming for late 2nd week of August, per WH official”

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May more globalist/communist dominoes topple under the force of patriotic lawfare . . .