Communism with Canadian Characteristics: John Carpay, president of Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, assesses homeland’s slide into “COVID communism” (our term): “How many Canadians will be locked up in secretly located [Red China-owned] ‘hotel prison’ facilities, without due process, before we wake up and realize that Canada is rapidly becoming a police state? . . . How much longer must houses of worship remain closed, or subjected to arbitrary and irrational restrictions not imposed on big box stores? Will Canadians meekly accept the forthcoming federal restrictions on their internet and social media speech? Will we forever give up our right to assemble peacefully in public to express our opinions?” “These are questions Canadians need to answer as we head into our eleventh month of a new political experiment—never tried before in human history—of locking down healthy people in a futile quest to stop a virus that has only a negligible impact on life expectancy”; “The freedom and independence of media is threatened by the federal government awarding subsidies to the herd of conformist media who . . . have been cheerleaders for lockdowns since early 2020, and now keep Canadians in a permanent state of fear by sensationalizing COVID ‘cases'”

source 1 source 2 source 3

Using Freedom House criteria, Calgary-based civil rights lawyer John Carpay now rates Canada 71 on the “freedom index,” down from 98 in 2019. He actually believes the starting point, 98, is generous, but that’s still a sharp decline.

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