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>Asia File: Nepalese monarchy facing imminent collapse before Maoist insurgents; India next target for communist revolution

>The Indian Government cannot succeed in suppressing the armed revolution of India’s Maoists.
— Zhang Zheng, CPC Mao Loyalist, Maoflag Website, April 3, 2005

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) not only networks with the Maoist insurgency that holds one quarter of Indian territory under its sway, but also receives covert support from the People’s Republic of China, which at the same time overtly and deceptively supports the Nepalese monarchy with military hardware. It is unlikely that the King of Nepal’s reconstitution of parliament, dissolved in 2005, will appease the communists. Maoist forces are now within 75 miles of the capital Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, the brain-dead Western MSM portrays South Asia’s Maoist insurgencies, which are orchestrated through a branch of the Red International, the Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia, and connected to the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, as a twenty-first-century political anomaly.

For the Moscow-Beijing Axis, India’s next on the chopping block after Nepal falls. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization will absorb India at the elite level, while armed insurgents in the Indian countryside and communists operating in the Indian parliament destabilize the Indian state.

US orders Nepal staff withdrawal

The United States has ordered all its non-essential diplomatic staff and their families to leave Nepal.

The move comes on the eve of what protesters in the capital, Kathmandu, vow will be their biggest demonstration yet against King Gyanendra.

A new curfew has been imposed in the capital to stop further anti-king protests in which 14 people have died.

Meanwhile, a number of people have been killed in fighting between security forces and Maoists near Kathmandu.

‘Violent measures’

US officials in Kathmandu say the state department order for non-essential staff to leave Nepal reduces the number of staff at the US mission in Nepal by about a half.

They are reported to be concerned about dwindling food and medical supplies and the sometimes “violent measures” used by the authorities to break up the protests.

Earlier this month the US said that non-emergency staff and their families could leave at their own discretion.

Embassy spokesman Robert Hugins said those ordered to go on Monday would leave the country as soon as possible, the Associated Press news agency reports.

The state department is also advising all other US nationals in Nepal to leave the country.

Town stormed

Overnight, hundreds of Maoists stormed the town of Chautara, about 125km (75 miles) east of Kathmandu, and fought security forces for six hours.

Correspondents say that it was the first major rebel attack on government targets since the seven-party opposition alliance launched its anti-king protests.

The rebels targeted government buildings including the army base, the police post, the district prison and district headquarters.

The BBC’s Charles Haviland – who went to the scene – says there was a lot of blood shed and the village hospital was a battleground.

Its maternity ward is covered in bloodstains, he says, and buildings and compounds are strewn with improvised bombs, many of which have yet to go off.

The army say the rebels attacked the hospital because they wanted to throw bombs at the heavily guarded telecommunications tower next door.

Our correspondent says that the attacks are an attempt to show the Maoists are strong, but in Chautara they have been repulsed, albeit with some difficulty.

The remote and mountainous area is said to be a stronghold for the rebels who control large swathes of the Nepalese countryside.

‘Not enough’

Meanwhile in Kathmandu the seven-party opposition alliance opposed to the king says it is hoping that half a million people will attend a rally on Tuesday.

A fifth consecutive curfew came into force in Kathmandu at 1100 (0515 GMT) on Monday as the country entered its 19th day of demonstrations against King Gyanendra’s direct rule.

Correspondents says that protesters still took to the streets, setting up roadblocks and burning tyres, but the army and police – who are everywhere present – kept their distance.

The king seized power in February, 2005, saying the elected government was failing to deal with the Maoist rebels.

The opposition parties say the king’s recent invitation for them to form a government does not go nearly far enough, as the monarch would still be free to fire prime ministers at will.

They want an elected assembly to write a new constitution and also a process to draw the Maoist rebels into peaceful politics.

“We rejected the king’s offer because we believe he wants to form a government that he can control. This is just a ploy to try and extinguish our struggle.”

On Sunday, police again fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse tens of thousands of demonstrators.

More than 13,000 people have died in the 10-year Maoist insurgency aimed at replacing the monarchy with a communist republic.

Link: BBC

>Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian bombers flew undetected across Arctic in April exercise; Belarus antimissile batteries now deployed

>Is NORAD asleep at the wheel? That certainly was the case on September 11, 2001. Cold War 2 heats up and the shopping mall regime lurches to its destruction . . .

Russian bombers flew undetected across Arctic – AF commander 13:40 22/ 04/ 2006

MOSCOW, April 22 (RIA Novosti) Russian military planes flew undetected through the U.S. zone of the Arctic Ocean to Canada during recent military exercises, a senior Air Force commander said Saturday.

The commander of the country’s long-range strategic bombers, Lieutenant General Igor Khvorov, said the U.S. Air Force is now investigating why its military was unable to detect the Russian bombers.

“They were unable to detect the planes either with radars or visually,” he said. Khorov said that during the military exercises in April, Tu-160 Blackjack bombers and Tu-95 Bears had successfully carried out four missile launches. Bombing exercises were held using Tu-22 Blinders. By the end of the year, two more Tu-160s will be commissioned for the long-range strategic bomber fleet, Khorov said.

Both new planes will incorporate numerous upgrades from the initial Soviet models, the commander said. The bombers will be able to launch both cruise missiles and aviation bombs, and communicate via satellite.

Link: Novosti

The Kremlin is being very up front these days in stating that its military posturing is a direct response to changes in US military doctrine under the Bush administration.

Russia tests missile, official says U.S. missile-defense plans a threat

Russia test-launched a missile on Saturday and a military commander said U.S. missile-defense plans could threaten the strategic balance between the former Cold War foes, Russian news agencies reported.

Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces, which are responsible for the country’s ballistic missiles, successfully launched the K65M-R missile from a testing ground at Kapustin Yar in the southern Astrakhan region, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

The commander of the forces, Col.-Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov, said the main purpose of the launch was to test “a uniform warhead for land- and sea-based ballistic missiles” and newly developed elements of a system designed to penetrate missile defenses, Interfax reported.

Solovtsov said that plans for a U.S. missile-defense system “could upset strategic stability,” the agency reported, suggesting that the test was part of an effort to ensure that Russian missiles are capable of foiling any U.S. shield.

He said the test involved optic and radar measurement systems that reproduce similar U.S. systems, according to Interfax.

“The planned scale of the United States’ deployment of a … missile defense system is so considerable that the fear that it could have a negative effect on the parameters of Russia’s nuclear deterrence potential is quite justified,” Interfax quoted him as saying.

President Vladimir Putin has boasted that Russia has missiles capable of penetrating any missile defense system, specifying that they can change their flight path on approach to a target.

Solovtsov said the system being tested Saturday would make missiles more difficult to spot and their trajectories more difficult to predict.

Russia opposed Washington’s withdrawal in 2002 from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in order to deploy a national missile defense, saying the U.S.-Soviet pact was a key element of international security.

Putin called the decision a mistake that would hurt global security but not threaten Russia. The treaty banned missile defense systems on the assumption that the fear of retaliation would prevent either nation from launching a first strike, reports AP.

Link: Pravda

As one can see from the following article, the Leninist deceivers in the Kremlin had a vested interest in holding onto their puppet in Minsk last month. The eastward expansion of NATO, which has already been subverted by communist agents through the admission of Not-So-Former East Bloc states, was designed by the Moscow masterminds to provide a pretext for war. The Stalinist online chat group Soviet Belarus, linked to the site of the International Council of Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, leaves the reader with no uncertainty as to the temporary nature of communism’s demise in Eastern Europe, the important function of the Union of Russia and Belarus in communism’s resurrection, and the convergence of worldviews of the left and faux right regarding the capitalist New World Order:

“We strongly support the resolve of Belarus to remain loyal to the ideals of Soviet Socialism during this dark period of temporary occupation of the USSR by the Western imperialists. Communists and Socialists who support comrade Lukashenko and the Soviet system in Belarus, and oppose the establishment of the ‘Globalism’ of the Western imperialists are welcome to join our group.”

Then and now: The Belarussian SSR coat of arms is pictured above. The Republic of Belarus’ coat of arms, sans hammer and sickle, is pictured below. The break with the past that supposedly transpired in the Soviet Union in 1991 is not too convincing.

Russia deploys advanced anti-missile systems near NATO’s eastern borders
Vladimir Radyuhin
Date: 24/04/2006

Moscow warns against stationing Alliance troops in the Baltics

MOSCOW: Russia has begun deploying advanced air defence systems in Belarus near NATO’s eastern borders in response to the continuing expansion of the Atlantic alliance to the east.

The first batch of S-300PS mobile surface-to-air missiles arrived in Belarus over the weekend, the Russian Defence Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda reported.

Russia will supply a total of four S-300PS batteries consisting of 24 missile launchers.

According to Russia’s Deputy Air Force Commander Aytech Bizhev, the deployment will extend the effective range of Russia’s western air defence by 150 km and the detection of air targets by 400 km.

The S-300PS is an all-altitude air defence missile capable of shooting down aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles at a range of 90 km. Belarus is Russia’s closest ally in the former Soviet Union.

The two countries are planning to introduce a common currency and set up a joint defence command. Last month, Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko, branded by the U.S. as “Europe’s last dictator,” won a third presidential term in an election denounced by the West as neither free nor fair.

Russia’s Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov described the deployment of S-300PS missiles as an “adequate response” to the admission of Poland and the former Soviet Baltic republics into NATO.
Belarus shares borders with Poland, Luthuania and Latvia. Russia is also concerned with U.S. plans to set up military bases in the former Warsaw Pact countries of Bulgaria and Romania, and deploy anti-missile systems in Poland and other East European states.

Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov warned that Moscow would view any deployment of NATO military forces in Poland and the Baltic countries as a violation of earlier agreements.

“Such redeployment could run counter to NATO commitment [under the 1997 Russia-NATO pact] to exercise restraint in deploying conventional forces,” he said in an interview this week.

“In the event of a clear violation of the balance of forces near our borders, we reserve the lawful right to take all necessary measures to ensure the reliability of our national security.”

Link: The Hindu

>Asia File: New Eurasian communist bloc SCO to absorb Iran, India, Pakistan and Mongolia

>Move over NATO . . . NATO? What’s that? Got preps?

BTW, Mongolia is still run by the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and communists hold the balance of power in the Indian parliament.

China, Russia welcome Iran into the fold
By M K Bhadrakumar

Apr 18, 2006

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which maintained it had no plans for expansion, is now changing course. Mongolia, Iran, India and Pakistan, which previously had observer status, will become full members.

SCO’s decision to welcome Iran into its fold constitutes a political statement. Conceivably, SCO would now proceed to adopt a common position on the Iran nuclear issue at its summit meeting June 15.

Speaking in Beijing as recently as January 17, the organization’s secretary general Zhang Deguang had been quoted by Xinhua news agency as saying: “Absorbing new member states needs a legal basis, yet the SCO has no rules concerning the issue. Therefore, there is no need for some Western countries to worry whether India, Iran or other countries would become new members.”

The SCO, an Intergovernmental organization whose working languages are Chinese and Russian, was founded in Shanghai on June 15, 2001 by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The SCO’s change of heart appears set to involve the organization in Iran’s nuclear battle and other ongoing regional issues with the United States.

Visiting Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mohammadi told Itar-TASS in Moscow that the membership expansion “could make the world more fair”. And he spoke of building an Iran-Russia “gas-and-oil arc” by coordinating their activities as energy producing countries. Mohammadi also touched on Iran’s intention to raise the issue of his country’s nuclear program and its expectations of securing SCO support.

The timing of the SCO decision appears to be significant.

By the end of April the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency is expected to report to the United Nations Security Council in New York regarding Iran’s compliance with the IAEA resolutions and the Security Council’s presidential statement, which stresses the importance of Iran “reestablishing full, sustained suspension of uranium-enrichment activities”.

The SCO membership is therefore a lifeline for Iran in political and economic terms. The SCO is not a military bloc but is nonetheless a security organization committed to countering terrorism, religious extremism and separatism. SCO membership would debunk the US propaganda about Iran being part of an “axis of evil”.

The SCO secretary general’s statement on expansion coincided with several Chinese and Russian commentaries last week voicing disquiet about the US attempts to impose UN sanctions against Iran. Comparison has been drawn with the Iraq War when the US seized on sanctions as a pretext for invading Iraq.

A People’s Daily commentary on April 13 read: “The real intention behind the US fueling the Iran issue is to prompt the UN to impose sanctions against Iran, and to pave the way for a regime change in that country. The US’s global strategy and its Iran policy emanate out of its decision to use various means, including military means, to change the Iranian regime. This is the US’s set target and is at the root of the Iran nuclear issue.”

The commentary suggested Washington seeks a regime change in Iran with a view to establishing American hegemony in the Middle East. Gennady Yefstafiyev, a former general in Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, wrote: “The US’s long term goals in Iran are obvious: to engineer the downfall of the current regime; to establish control over Iran’s oil and gas; and to use its territory as the shortest route for the transportation of hydrocarbons under US control from the regions of Central Asia and the Caspian Sea bypassing Russia and China. This is not to mention Iran’s intrinsic military and strategic significance.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: “I would not be in a hurry to draw conclusions, because passions are too often being whipped up around Iran’s nuclear program … I would also advise not to whip up passions.”

Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Russia’s nuclear power agency and a former prime minister, said Iran was simply not capable of enriching uranium on an industrial scale. “It has long since been known that Iran has a ‘cascade’ of only 164 centrifuges, and obtaining low-grade uranium from this ‘cascade’ was only a matter of time. This did not come as a surprise to us.”

Yevgeniy Velikhov, president of Kurchatov Institute, Russia’s nuclear research center, told Tier-TASS, “Launching experimental equipment of this type is something any university can do.”

By virtue of SCO membership, Iran can partake of the various SCO projects, which in turn means access to technology, increased investment and trade, infrastructure development such as banking, communication, etc. It would also have implications for global energy security.

The SCO was expected to set up a working group of experts ahead of the summit in June with a view to evolving a common “energy strategy” and jointly undertaking pipeline projects, oil exploration and related activities.

A third aspect of the SCO decision to expand its membership involves regional integration processes.

Sensing that the SCO was gaining traction, Washington had sought observer status at its summit meeting last June, but was turned down. This rebuff – along with SCO’s timeline for a reduced American military presence in Central Asia, the specter of deepening Russia-China cooperation and the setbacks to US diplomacy in Central Asia as a whole – prompted a policy review in Washington.

Following a Central Asian tour in October by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Washington’s new regional policy began surfacing.

The re-organization of the US State Department’s South Asia Bureau (created in August 1992) to include the Central Asian states, projection of US diplomacy in terms of “Greater Central Asia” and the push for observer status with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) should be seen in perspective.

US diplomacy is working toward getting Central Asian states to orientate toward South Asia – weaning them away from Russia and China. (Hamid Karzai’s government in Kabul has also failed to respond to SCO’s overtures but has instead sought full membership in SAARC.)

But US diplomacy is not making appreciable progress in Central Asia.

Washington pins hopes on Astana (Kazakhstan) being its pivotal partner in Central Asia. The US seeks an expansion of its physical control over Kazakhstan’s oil reserves and formalization of Kazakh oil transportation via Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, apart from carving out a US role in Caspian Sea security.

But Kazakhstan is playing hard to get. President Nurusultan Nazarbayev’s visit to Moscow on April 3 reaffirmed his continued dependence on Russian oil pipelines.

Meanwhile, Washington’s relations with Tashkent (Uzbekistan) remain in a state of deep chill. The US attempt to “isolate” President Islam Karimov is not working. (Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting Tashkent on April 25.) Again, Tajikistan relies heavily on Russia’s support. In Kyrgyzstan, despite covert US attempts to create dissensions within the regime, President Burmanbek Bakiyev’s alliance with Prime Minister Felix Kulov (which enjoys Russia’s backing) is holding.

The Central Asians have also displayed a lack of interest in the idea of “Greater Central Asia”. This became apparent during the conference sponsored by Washington recently in Kabul focusing on the theme.

The SCO’s enlargement move, in this regional context, would frustrate the entire US strategy. Ironically, the SCO would be expanding into South Asia and the Gulf region, while “bypassing” Afghanistan.

This at a time when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is stepping up its presence in Afghanistan. (General James L Jones, supreme allied commander Europe, said recently that NATO would assume control of Afghanistan by August.)

So far NATO has ignored SCO. But NATO contingents in Afghanistan would shortly be “surrounded” by SCO member countries. NATO would face a dilemma.

If it recognizes that SCO has a habitation and a name (in Central Asia, South Asia and the Gulf), then, what about NATO’s claim as the sole viable global security arbiter in the 21st century? NATO would then be hard-pressed to explain the raison d’etre of its expansion into the territories of the former Soviet Union.

Link: Asia Times Online

>Africa File: Government-controlled Egyptian newspaper praises Tel Aviv bombing

>The pro-Soviet Arab neofascist, or national communist, regimes of the Arab world proclaim “Peace, peace” in one breath and demand the destruction of Israel in another . . . Yesterday, the Palestinian National Authority’s Hamas-led government offered fulsome praise for Monday’s suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Today, the long-ruling National Democratic Party of Egypt, originally a legal faction within the Nasserist Arab Socialist Union, reveals its animosity toward the Jewish state. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is pictured here.

Egyptian newspaper praises Tel Aviv suicide attack
Apr. 18, 2006 3:08

An Egyptian government-controlled newspaper on Tuesday praised the suicide bombing attack in Tel Aviv, calling it a sacrificial act of martyrdom. The editorial urged the Palestinians not to “raise their arms in despair and agree to Israeli aggression.”


>Communism with Canadian Characteristics: New prime minister takes firm stand against Chinese espionage and Palestine’s terrorist "government"

>The new Conservative government of Canada’s acknowledgement of Chinese espionage in North America is a refreshing change from the loud silence of the previous government, the pro-communist Liberal Party of Canada, the elite of which maintain shady business dealings with the People’s Republic of China.

Stephen Harper’s government appears ready to finally take action on the basis of the 1997 CSIS-RCMP Sidewinder Report, which details the penetration of the Canadian economy and political system by the communist regime in Beijing and which the Liberal government of Jean Chretien quashed. Among other acts of treason, then Prime Minister Chretien disbanded the Ports Canada Police, permitting the state-run China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) to operate without oversight in the Port of Vancouver, the second largest port on the West Coast of North America. COSCO is an official branch of the People’s Liberation Army Navy and is a known conveyor of illegal arms. Furthermore, Andre Desmerais, Chretien’s son in law, was in 1999 appointed director of a subsidiary of the state-run China International Trust and Investment Corp., CITIC Pacific. As of 2002 Desmerais was also a CITIC shareholder, along with Chinese billionaire Li Ka Shing. Li Ka Shing was one of several communist-friendly capitalists who provided the venture capital to form CITIC.

Canada’s new Conservative government also made another positive contribution to the War on Terror several weeks ago by withdrawing contact with members of the new Hamas government of the Palestinian National Authority, a neo-communist-dominated thorn in the side of Israel. The text of the official government statement can be found here. This policy is diametically opposed to the Islamo-Marxist-loving Liberal government, which refused to classify Hamas as a terrorist group. The PNA’s Hamas government offered its glowing approval of the suicide bombing that murdered nine Israelis in Tel Aviv on April 17, 2006.

This about-face shift in Canada’s foreign policy proves, as students of national security have always known, that the Left is not an ally in the defense of the West, but an internal enemy.

Government ‘concerned’ about Chinese espionage
Updated Fri. Apr. 14 2006 11:31 PM ET News Staff

The federal government is “concerned” that Chinese spies are stealing Canada’s industrial and high-technology secrets, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay told CTV. “We’re very concerned about economic espionage,” MacKay said in an interview with CTV’s Question Period, to be broadcast Sunday on CTV at 12 p.m. ET.

While in opposition, the Conservatives challenged the Liberal-led government to act on reports of Chinese espionage.

While acting as the Conservative foreign affairs critic, Stockwell Day called on former prime minister Paul Martin to address the issue during a visit to Beijing in January 2005. Day is now the public safety minister.

As the opposition leader, Harper himself pressured Martin to confront the Chinese government, quoting estimates by former Canadian Security Intelligence Service agent Michel Juneau-Katsuya on the number of spies operating in Canada.

Now, the new Conservative government appears ready to act. “It is something we want to signal that we want to address, and to continue to raise with the Chinese at the appropriate time,” MacKay said.

Intelligence files reportedly suggest that an estimated 1,000 Chinese agents and informants operate in Canada. Many of them are visiting students, scientists and business people, told to steal cutting-edge technology.

An example being touted as copied technology is China’s Redberry — an imitation of the Blackberry portable e-mail device, created by Waterloo, Ont.-based Research in Motion Ltd.

“The Blackberry RIM company is a perfect example of the type of technology and the economic impact that protecting that kind of trademark,” said MacKay.

According to a 2003-2004 CSIS report to Parliament, foreign spies are trying to uncover ”Canada’s scientific and technological developments, critical economic and information infrastructure, military and other classified information, putting at risk Canada’s national security.”

However, CSIS does not specifically mention China in the report. “It would appear, based on evidence and reporting, that there is a fair bit of activity here,” MacKay said.

Juneau-Katsuya said the former Liberal government knew of the espionage, but were too afraid to act. “We didn’t want to piss off or annoy the Chinese,” said Juneau-Katsuya, who headed the agency’s Asian desk. “(They’re) too much of an important market.”

However, he argued that industrial espionage affects Canada’s employment levels. “For every $1 million that we lose in intellectual property or business, we lose about 1,000 jobs in Canada,” he said.

The Chinese embassy in Ottawa has denied the spy claims. Meanwhile, a recent decision to allow Chinese political dissident Lu Decheng, 43, to emigrate to Canada has already raised tensions between Beijing and Ottawa.

China imprisoned Lu for nine years after he defaced a portrait of Mao Zedong in Tiananmen Square with paint.

He received an immigration visa from Canada earlier this month. Russia has also attempted to steal Canadian technology, leading to the arrest of two operatives in 1996.

With a report by CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife

Link: CTV

>EU File: Alleged KGB agent Romano Prodi’s center-left-communist coalition declared official winner in Italian election; Berlusconi disputes results

>Quote: Berlusconi, a fiery politician who has held office for five years, is the longest-serving leader in post-war Italy. Before the election, he said that if Italians voted for the coalition represented by Prodi, they would be voting for communists.

And Berlusconi was right. Italians voted, again, for the communists, neo-communists, capitalist-communists or whatever you want to call these stubborn Eurocommunist heirs of Lenin, Gramsci and Togliatti who feigned their own obituaries to chew like termites into the institutions of “post-communist” Europe. The fact that the USSR2 has not Russianized the name of its city Togliatti is yet another of a myriad reasons to question whether anything substantial changed in the political landscape of Europe in 1991.

Although Italian governments are notoriously unstable, with the exception of Silvio Berlusconi’s impressive five-year stint as prime minister, if Romano Prodi’s (pictured above) official electoral victory holds good, I have two words of caution for Italy in particular and the West in general: Czechoslovakia, 1948.

Prodi was previously prime minister between 1996 and 1998, when he led a previous incarnation of the Union coalition called the Olive coalition, consisting of the Democrats of the Left, (formerly Italian Communist Party), Daisy-Democracy is Freedom (including “ex”-PCI members) and the European Republican Movement, in alliance with the Communist Refoundation Party. Prodi’s current coalition again consists of the Democrats of the Left, Daisy-Democracy is Freedom, and Communist Refoundation Party, in addition to the Party of Italian Communists, Federation of the Greens, Italian Democratic Socialists, Italian Radicals, Italy of Values, Popular-UDEUR, The Socialists and Pensioners’ Party.

Prodi was also president of the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, Mike (“I’ll Always Be a Communist”) Gorbachev’s New European Soviet, between 1999 and 2004.

Apparently Prodi and his repackaged neo-communist comrades are going to take another stab at ruining, er, running Italy.

On April 3, 2006 MEP Gerard Batten (pictured left), representing the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party, issued a one-minute speech at the European Parliament in which he related the allegations by one of his constituents, FSB defector Colonel Alexander Litvinenko, that Prodi is the KGB’s “man in Italy.” Note present tense. Litvinenko defected to the West in 2000.

One of my constituents [Batten affirmed], Alexander Litvinenko, was formerly a Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian Federation’s FSB, the successor to the KGB.

Mr Litvinenko’s exposure of illegal FSB activities forced him to seek political asylum abroad.

Before deciding on a place of refuge he consulted his friend, General Anatoly Trofimov, a former Deputy Chief of the FSB.

General Trofimov reportedly said to Mr Litvinenko, “Don’t go to Italy, there are many KGB agents among the politicians: Romano Prodi is our man there.”

In February 2006 Mr Litvinenko reported this information to Mario Scaramella of the Guzzanti Commission investigating KGB penetration of Italian politics.

This allegation against a former head of the European Commission is one of the utmost seriousness. It should be thoroughly investigated. The European Parliament should conduct its own investigation.


I’m so glad communism’s dead. Ciao, Italy!

Berlusconi disputes Prodi victory Italy’s centre-left leader
Tuesday, 11 April 2006, 17:22 GMT 18:22 UK

Romano Prodi has been declared the official winner of the parliamentary election after an extremely close race.

But his rival, centre-right PM Silvio Berlusconi, refused to admit defeat, saying there had been irregularities. Official results showed Mr Prodi had won just enough seats to control the Senate (upper house) after having already won a lower house majority.

The count gave Mr Prodi 158 Senate seats, against 156 for Mr Berlusconi.

In his first public comment on the results, Mr Berlusconi, a billionaire media magnate who has been prime minister since 2001, said “no one can claim victory at this point”.

He insisted the voting figures showed “many, many, many murky aspects – I would say too many”. He said they needed to be checked – especially the votes cast by expatriate Italians.

The coalition led by Mr Prodi – a former prime minister and former president of the European Commission – is thought to have won the vote in the lower house by just 25,000 votes.

But changes to the electoral system meant whoever won the lower house would automatically get a working majority there, even if the margin was small.

The Senate result hinged on the results for six seats allocated to representatives of expatriate Italians.

An aide to Mr Berlusconi demanded a “scrupulous” investigation into why an estimated 500,000 ballots were annulled.

Italians awoke on Tuesday to newspaper headlines declaring that the election had split the country in two.

Mr Prodi said he would have the authority to lead the country for five years despite the apparent narrow margin of victory, vowing to “wake up Italy”.

“We want peace, we want unity, we want economic recovery and harmony,” he told a news conference.

The BBC’s David Willey, in Rome, says that even if Mr Prodi has secured a majority in both houses of parliament, his razor-thin majority in the Senate will make it difficult to govern the country.

Milan’s stock exchange opened 1% down on Tuesday amid concerns over political deadlock.

Italy’s economy has remained sluggish for much of Mr Berlusconi’s tenure, and the country has substantial foreign debts.

Link: BBC News

Granted, Italy is the not the primary target of communism, as the warning below explains. Beware coalition governments containing communists:

The means adopted by the Communists for the conquest of Czechoslovakia differ somewhat from those used in Russia and China. Since it is closer to the method which they probably envisage for the conquest of America, it merits some attention. They came to power in Czechoslovakia by utilizing an internal Communist minority which operated in the blackmailing shadow of massive external Russian military power. Hanging like a threatening cloud over Czechoslovakia was the Red Army.

At the conclusion of the second World War, Czechoslovakia was the most industrialized, the most prosperous, and the most democratic of the Eastern European states. Communism was an insignificant force. Three years later Czechoslovakia was bound hand and foot as a Communist slave. This was brought to pass by a series of small concessions to Communism, each relatively insignificant in itself, each presented as an alternative to attack by the Red Army, and obviously to be preferred to such an attack. The cumulative effect, however, was the surrender of Czechoslovakia to Communism. This is the program for America. The concessions are to be obtained because they are preferable to an atomic war. Each in itself may appear indecisive, but each will be a step to surrender. Every time the Communists can persuade Americans the false alternative exists, that is, to make this concession as the only alternative to atomic or thermonuclear war, they win a great victory.

Within Czechoslovakia, government was administered by various departments of executive authority, each department being headed by a cabinet minister. Authority in each department of government was thus largely centralized in the hands of one man. Police power, for example, was in the hands of the Minister of Internal Security. This applied in education, communications, transportation, agriculture, justice and defense.

The first step taken by the Communist minority was to establish themselves in a coalition government with democratic and socialist parties. They then proceeded to infiltrate Communists into the top positions in all branches of government. Once the top position in each department of government was filled by a Communist, non-Communists and anti-Communists within the organization were powerless to withstand his total authority and power. When, for example, the Communists took over the police force, they used the power so gained to arrest and destroy all those who differed from them politically, including those to whom they had temporarily showed friendship. Thus did Communism take over the most democratic nation in Eastern Europe. It is to be noted that it was not done by the use of the Red Army, but simply by the threat of its use.

It is a program of this nature which the Communists probably envisage for America. When America is encircled economically, and militarily, when foreign markets are disrupted and foreign trade destroyed, when America is an island in a Communist sea, and lies under the shadow of military annihilation, the Communists believe that America will make concessions as did Czechoslovakia. Authority will be centralized and a few Communists will wield great power. At the chosen moment the final Communist assault will take place and resistance will be token and half-hearted.

Link: You Can Trust the Communists (to Be Communists)

>Latin America File: La Reconquista: Criminal alien insurrection continues in USA

>The hard-core Marxist Workers’ World Party, Mexican irredentists, the Hate America Crowd and other organizers of the criminal alien insurrection in the USA have clearly stated their objective to dismember that country.

The banner-waving woman in the picture above, one of many tens of thousands of “undocumented workers” and their accomplices who rallied in Philadelphia and in other US cities two days ago, suggests that there are other forces behind the transformation of the American Republic into something radically different from that which was established by the Founding Fathers, who represented all denominations. Do Cardinal Mahony and his colleagues in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, whose patriotic coreligionists have long supported the noble American experiment in democracy, have something else in mind?

In Los Angeles, California, Cardinal Roger Mahony, the city’s Roman Catholic archbishop, urged lawmakers to pass immigration reform that includes a path to legalization for “all undocumented residents.”

“We are all God’s children, united for a just immigration reform,” Mahony said. “We all deserve respect and care.”

Note, too, President Bush’s tepid response to the criminal alien insurrection in the streets of the country that he supposedly governs:

In Washington, President Bush said Monday’s rallies were “a sign that this is an important issue that people feel strongly about.”

The president has been pushing Congress to pass legislation that includes a temporary guest-worker provision for noncitizens.

“People ought to be here on a … temporary basis. And if they want to become a citizen, after a series of steps they’ve got to take, they get in line, like everybody else; not at the head of the line, but the end of the line,” he said.

Rather than deploy troops to the US-Mexican border to thwart the onslaught of illegal immigrants, assisted by units of the Mexican Army, ruling Republicans apparently view the alien invasion of the USA as only so much electoral fodder. Their “opponents” in the Democratic Party apparently have a similar view, to wit the political flyer pictured above.

Continuing communist deception and subversion is only one of several issues behind the demise of the West, although we have chosen to focus on the former in this blogsite.

Link: CNN

Rally organizer tied to Marxist party
By Jerry Seper

April 11, 2006

One of the key organizers of the immigration protests and rallies nationwide, including yesterday’s in Washington, is a group whose leaders are tied to the Workers World Party, a Marxist organization that has expressed support for dictators Kim Jong-il of North Korea and Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition, which also has proposed a nationwide boycott on May 1 to protest congressional efforts at immigration reform and border security, is an offshoot of the International Action Coalition, an anti-capitalism group founded by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

In a press release celebrating a March 25 rally in Los Angeles against immigration-law enforcement that drew an estimated 500,000 people, ANSWER said it helped organize “a major contingent in the march” and provided logistical support. The march was co-chaired by Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of Latino Movement USA, who also is a member of ANSWER’s Los Angeles steering committee.

“We are people of dignity, and we demand respect,” Mr. Gutierrez said at the rally. “This is the beginning of a movement that is going to call for a national work stoppage.”

Another ANSWER member who spoke at the rally, Gloria La Riva said: “The racist politicians thought they could step on us with their racist legislation, but they have awakened the immigrant giant, and they will feel our strength when we stop work.”

Founded three days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, the organization describes itself as a “coalition of hundreds of organizations and prominent individuals and scores of organizing centers in cities and towns across the country” that have campaigned against “U.S. intervention in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia … and for civil rights and for social and economic justice for working and poor people inside the United States.”

ANSWER also organized the first national anti-war rally after the September 11 attacks, a demonstration that brought 25,000 people to Washington and 15,000 to San Francisco on Sept. 29, 2001.

The Workers World Party, a communist organization in the United States founded in 1959, describes itself as a party that has, since its founding, “supported the struggles of all oppressed peoples” and opposes “all forms of racism and religious bigotry.” In addition to sponsoring or directing numerous popular-front groups, it was instrumental in founding ANSWER through the International Action Coalition.

Its March 25 rally in Los Angeles and its planned “Great American Boycott of 2006” on May 1 are part of a series of large-scale events that the coalition hopes will sway lawmakers to put millions of illegal aliens in the United States on track toward permanent residency and U.S. citizenship.

ANSWER has denounced attempts by Congress to secure the United States’ borders and criminalize illegal aliens as “racist,” saying all working people should back full amnesty for all of the estimated 10 million to 12 million illegal aliens now in the United States. It has accused the media, government and corporations of “erecting borders against humans and waging war on immigrant America.”

Calling its proposed boycott a “day without an immigrant,” the coalition has labeled members of Congress — both Republicans and Democrats — as “hatemongers,” saying it will “settle for nothing less than full amnesty and dignity for the millions of undocumented workers presently in the United States.”

The street rallies and the proposed boycott are seen as critical in keeping what ANSWER has described as “pressure” on Congress so it will not be allowed to “decide how much equality or how much inequality, or how much repression, should be meted out to the millions of hardworking immigrant families.”

“Immigrant workers, including the undocumented workers, are the sisters and brothers and allies of all those struggling for justice,” the organization said.

The boycott, according to the coalition, means no work, no school, no shopping, buying or business as usual.

Link: Washington Times

>Red Terror File: "Former" KGB/GRU agents contract North American terror operations to Hezbollah, control Mexican drug cartels

>Former? Former?

There is no such thing as a former KGB man.
— Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation President, December 2005

Former CIA undercover agent: KGB and GRU former intelligence operators assist Hezbollah to penetrate the US
Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review
AIA Staff

Hezbollah – the Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist organization – has more American blood on its hands than any Islamic terrorist ring with the sole exception of al-Qaeda, The American Spectator writes. Last week FBI Director Robert Muller announced that though the FBI and Customs had caught others, Hezbollah had succeeded in smuggling some operatives across the Mexican border into the US, he said. “This was an occasion in which Hezbollah operatives were assisting others with some association with Hezbollah in coming to the United States. That was an organization that we dismantled and identified those persons who had been smuggled in. And they have been addressed as well”.

Former CIA undercover operator Wayne Simmons has been warning of this problem for years, The American Spectator notes. He spent almost two decades posing as an intelligence operative working with Colombian drug lords and risking his life to thwart their operations. Simmons’s warning is dire. He marks that many former intelligence operators from the KGB and GRU are hiring out to plan terrorist smuggling operations through Canada and Mexico. Other US editions quoted recently US intelligence and terrorism experts saying that as tensions increase between the United States and Iran, they believe Iran would respond to US military strikes on its nuclear sites by deploying its intelligence operatives and Hezbollah teams to carry out terrorist attacks worldwide. There is also a growing consensus that Iran’s agents would target civilians in the United States, Europe and elsewhere, they said. Terrorism experts considered Iranian-backed or controlled groups – namely the country’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security operatives, its Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran) and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah – to be better organized, trained and equipped than the al-Qaeda network that carried out the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Some of the analysts note possible connection between the Iranian intelligence and former Soviet intelligence officers. The current state of Iran’s intelligence apparatus is the subject of debate among experts, Washington Post wrote. Some experts who spent their careers tracking the intelligence ministry’s operatives describe them as deployed worldwide and easier to monitor than Hezbollah cells because they operate out of embassies and behave more like a traditional spy service such as the Soviet KGB.

Link: Axis Information and Analysis

Former? Former?

There is no such thing as a former KGB man.
— Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation President, December 2005

Russian mafia worms way into Mexican drug cartels
Miami Herald August 11, 2003
Knight Ridder News Service

MEXICO CITY – The Russian mafia, including former KGB agents, has infiltrated Mexico’s weakened drug cartels and is helping them smuggle illegal narcotics to the United States, according to U.S. and Mexican officials and independent drug experts.

Russian mobsters have been most effective in penetrating drug gangs in theTijuana-Baja California-San Diego region, Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, the head ofthe Mexican attorney general’s Special Unit for Organized Crime, told KnightRidder. He described the Russians as highly skilled and “extremely dangerous.”


Some of them are advising Mexico’s drug cartels and laundering their money in exchange for being allowed to operate, Steven W. Casteel, assistantadministrator for intelligence at the Drug Enforcement Administration, told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington in May. The fee for laundering drug proceeds typically is 30 percent or more.

Casteel, whose agency declined to make him available for an interview, told lawmakers that the Russian mafia’s Mexican infiltration was consistent with the globalization of organized crime in recent years.

Russians first showed up in Colombian cocaine cartels a decade ago. They have been spotted in Mexico since the late 1990s.

Their extensive penetration in the Tijuana-San Diego area follows the 2002 arrests of Benjamín Arellano-Félix, the alleged patriarch of the region’s drug cartel, and a dozen more of its alleged leaders.

Russians took up some of the slack when the weakened cartel broke into ”cartelitos,” said Bruce Bagley, a University of Miami professor of international studies who has written extensively about drugs, organized crime and the Russian mafia.

Another leading Mexican trafficker, the late Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the headof the Juárez cartel, pioneered the use of surplus Soviet military aircraft as smuggling planes. He’s said to have visited Moscow in the late 1990s to confer with leaders of Russian drug gangs. Carrillo Fuentes, known as ”Lord ofthe Skies,” died in 1997 while undergoing surgery. His cartel has also decentralized, according to drug analysts, giving Russians new opportunities in Mexico.

”Russian drug thugs are leaner and meaner,” Bagley said.

“They operate on a low profile, don’t wear gold chains and don’t cut people up with power saws or dump them in rivers.”

Still, ”these guys are the bloodiest human beings you can imagine,” he said. Bagley, who recently finished a year’s sabbatical at a prestigious Mexico City research center, the Center for Research and Economic Education, is the author of a bibliographic survey titled Drug Trafficking in the Americas: Aggressive Russian Groups Have Flourished.

The decapitation of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels, for which U.S. authorities credit President Vicente Fox, is giving the Russians what Bagley called “a golden opportunity in Mexico.”


The cartels have fractured into smaller gangs operating at city and state levels, where they’re harder to detect and officials are easier to bribe. Thesmaller groups are more open to the Russians, Bagley said, because they need helpwith protection, transportation and money laundering.

Much Russian money laundering is done offshore, he said, in Haiti, theDominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba, as well as in Russia.

In the biggest seizure ever to implicate the Russian mob, the U.S. Coast Guard in April 2001 seized the 152-foot-long fishing vessel Svesda Maru ininternational waters off Acapulco and arrested its crew of 10 Russians and Ukrainians. More than 13 tons of cocaine was buried beneath its rotting squid bait, according to the Coast Guard.

U.S. prosecutors said the shipment originated in Colombia and was to besmuggled into the United States via Mexico. At the time, Errol Chavez, the head ofthe DEA’s San Diego office, said the crew must have had permission from theArellano-Félix drug cartel.

Link: Johnson’s Russia List

>Feature: New World Order or Red World Order? Not All Conspiracy Theories Are Created Equal

>Typically, the conspiracy theorist starts by asserting his pro-Christian, pro-Constitutionalist, pro-American and pro-capitalist position; but he ends by asserting basic Marxist propaganda, which teaches that the ruling class of capitalist civilization is nefarious and wicked, and must be overthrown to forestall the pauperization of the lower classes. — J.R. Nyquist

The issues were that Robert Welch was not an anti-Communist. He was an opportunist, a world socialist actually, and he was doing a very dishonest job . . . And I found that he had attended the London School of Economics, the top socialist school in the world . . . Another phase of this that I turned up was that Robert Welch was a long-time member of the American Civil Liberties Union . . . Jack Ruby had Welch ‘s confidential number in his little black book.
— Albert F. Canwell

Since the late 1990s and the publication of his book Origins of the Fourth World War, American geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist (pictured above) has produced some very insightful analyses of the convergence of worldviews between left and faux right, particularly with respect to the origins of the West’s decline.

Lyndon LaRouche is a perfect example of one agent provocateur’s migration from the extreme left to the faux right, which is really just a variant of the extreme left anyway. LaRouche is a crypto-Marxist, having held membership in the Socialist Workers’ Party, Trotskyist Revolutionary Tendency, Spartacist League, New Left Committee for Independent Political Action, and a faction within the Students for a Democratic Society, the SDS Labor Committee. After his excommunication from the SDS, the LaRouche faction morphed into the National Caucus of Labor Committees and then the US Labor Party. By the mid-1970s LaRouche was no longer pushing Marxism under that label, but has since advocated ruling class conspiracy theories in which a manipulative, power-hunger oligarchical clique within the financial community preceded the development of both capitalism and communism. This, however, is standard New World Order conspiracy fare. LaRouche reinfiltrated the American Left in the 1990s by defending Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and by entering the 2004 primary elections for the Democratic Party’s nomination. He later endorsed far-left candidate John Kerry.

Read Nyquist’s article below, then read the blurb in this blogsite’s right column from Gennady Zyuganov, chair of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and a key player in Moscow’s perestroika deception. Visit a communist website. Note the terminology used and foci of hate. Visit a website purporting to expose the “New World Order.” Note the same terminology used and same foci of hate: civil government, wealth accumulation, private property. In each case, note the call to arms: revolution, rebellion, resistance.

In addition, reread the blurb on John Birch Society founder Robert Welch, above, and consider the historical fact that communists are masters of provocation in a way that Welch may never have disclosed. While I have not confirmed Albert F. Canwell’s comments from any other source, they are most intriguing and disturbing, notwithstanding the JBS’s excellent exposes in The New American of continuing communist deception.

Canwell’s statements are reprinted in the Disposition of the Canwell Committee Records (page 283), which forms part of the Washington State Oral History Program. In 1947 the Washington state legislature formed the Un-American Activities Committee, chaired by Canwell, a Republican representing Spokane. Four years later a trial opened in U.S. District Court in Seattle in which five defendants, all self-professing communists, were sentenced for conspiring to overthrow the government by force.

Ponder, pray, act.

A Question of Conspiracy and the psychopathology of anti-Americanism
By J.R. Nyquist
March 11, 2002

The Crackpot

Geoff Metcalf recently wrote a column asking if one of the hijacked jetliners (the one carrying Barbara Olson) really did crash into the Pentagon on 9/11. Photographs of the crash site suggest that the jetliner disintegrated on impact or was burnt up without leaving much debris. Unwilling to accept this explanation, conspiracy theorists suspect a cover-up. They don’t think a jetliner hit the Pentagon at all.

“So Where is the Plane?” asks Metcalf.

Perhaps the plane was dematerialized by a wizard. Maybe it was taken to a secret rebel base. Maybe the Bilderbergers hijacked the plane to Belgium. Or no — wait. The CIA wanted to use the passengers as MK-Ultra mind control guinea pigs.

In his March 11 column Metcalf wrote, “there are several questions that at least should be asked and answered.”

Twinkle twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are,
Up above the world so high,
Like a fruitcake in the sky!

As I once explained to a journalist friend who believes NASA faked the Apollo moon landings, “Everyone believes, at one time or another, in something that is crazy.”

Some readers might say in their heart of hearts, “I am educated and rational.” But is that all you are? Are you not also filled with dangerous passions, ungovernable moods, animal instinct and appetite?

The Zealot

In 1986 I met a young man named Bryan Ellison at a University of California YAF meeting. He was an undergraduate and I was a graduate student. He was very bright, very logical and passionate about his views. After the meeting he told me about an organization that was going to save America. The organization he recommended was the John Birch Society.

I went to the library and devoured everything I could on the Birch Society. I learned that the organization was founded in 1958 by Robert Welch. It initially attracted a number of anti-Semites: men like Revilo Oliver and Willis Carto. But Welch didn’t try to sell Jewish conspiracy theory to the American masses. Instead, he spoke of a “communist conspiracy.” Later he referred to an “Illuminati” conspiracy. In fact, Welch didn’t think communism was the main threat to Western Civilization. Communism was merely a front for something even more insidious — a conspiracy of Western elitists.

By the time I attended a lecture on “the conspiracy,” I already knew where many of the footnotes were coming from. Needless to say, I was not impressed. Afterwards Ellison gushed with awe and wonderment at how conspiracy theory reduced history into something that made sense. It was like owning a magic key. What great truths these were, indeed!

But I saw no truth in the theory that history was the work of conspiratorial forces. Neither could I accept the assertion that the American Civil War, World War One, the Great Depression and World War Two were part of a vast conspiratorial design; or that the League of Nations was the spawn of Satan. (One should never insult the Devil by confusing him with Woodrow Wilson.)

If it wasn’t for the brain power of Bryan Ellison’s intellect, I wouldn’t have given conspiracy theory much attention. Here was a serious person, who correctly understood many things. I don’t know what Ellison is doing now, or how his views have changed, but 16 years ago he convinced me to look at this conspiracy business. He even convinced me to join the Birch Society, because it was an effective anti-Communist educational organization (even though I remained skeptical of conspiracy theory).

In the Birch Society I found many theoretical undercurrents. I met Catholic, Mormon, closet atheist, fundamentalist and libertarian conspiracy theorists. Every intellectual within the Society had his own version of the theory. Each of these rested on an idiosyncratic (if not highly selective) reading of history. The one concept they all agreed on, at bottom, was the decisiveness of conspiracy to politics. To these good people sociology, political economy, psychology and economics had little to offer. Classic texts of history and philosophy were neglected. There was no genuine life of the mind with these people. They had found Political Truth and only needed something to dress it up. Thoughtfulness, skepticism and originality no longer mattered. They’d stopped thinking and analyzing because the Great Puzzle had already been solved. For those with intellectual energy to burn, there was nothing to do but arrange the day’s facts to fit the theory. Conspiracy was their Alpha and the Omega, the driving focus of the Birch organization.

The Rebel

Anything built on a false basis is bound to prove hazardous in the long run. And now that the United States faces a growing series of threats from overseas, the dangerous side of conspiracy thinking begins to emerge. To understand this, one only has to listen to radio host Alex Jones of
, who says the U.S. Government engineered the 9/11 attacks in order to impose a police state. According to Jones, “the control-freak psychotics of the CFR, Trilateral Commission [and] Bilderberg Group are using all of their considerable influence to create a perceived enemy threat” for the purpose of imposing a totalitarian state. Jones’s program is full of outrageous slanders, shabby analysis and hearsay. He says to his audience, “You are slated for dehumanization. The preparations for mass oppression have been underway for decades.”

Alex Jones is a hairy, egregious, knuckle-dragging conspiracy-hound. Unfortunately, he has a large following and he does a lot of damage. On Nov. 10 President Bush denounced the harm done by “outrageous” conspiracy theories during an address to the UN General Assembly. The President said:

We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th – malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.

Not surprisingly, the John Birch Society’s William Norman Grigg took issue with Bush’s statement. In fact, Grigg indirectly suggested that Bush had something to hide, that perhaps the president intentionally allowed the terror strikes of 9/11 go forward because of a “hidden agenda.”

Writing in the Birch Society’s magazine, The New American, Grigg stated, “When measured against the U.S. Constitution and the Christian ‘Just War’ tradition, the ongoing ‘war on terrorism’ must be judged a morally tainted exercise.”

Why is it morally tainted?

Because Congress did not issue a formal declaration of war. Therefore, Bush’s defense of the country is illegal. According to Grigg, the Founding Fathers would never have tolerated such a gross abuse of power. Yet, President John Adams fought an undeclared war against France in 1798.

The arguments of Mr. Grigg and other conspiracy theorists are obvious contrivances. Clothing themselves in the righteousness of the Founding Fathers, they select only those facts that agree with their preconceptions. But the statement that gives Grigg away, above all others, is the one in which he describes America’s anti-terror coalition as “UN-directed.” This strange insinuation, which does not square with the facts, seriously misrepresents what is happening in the diplomatic world (where most of the players are at odds). But for Grigg and the John Birch Society, the War on Terror is a device — a trick — for establishing a global dictatorship.

Is the CFR blowing up buildings and killing Americans to foster world government?

If people like Jones and Grigg are right then we ought to overthrow our ruling class before we’re all enslaved or exterminated. On the other hand, if Jones, Grigg and the Birch Society are wrong then a serious judgment must be made against them; namely, that they are malcontents with an axe to grind. How should we regard people who slander the president, undermine the war effort and adopt a political line more in keeping with that of our enemies?

The Marxist

The first problem one encounters when trying to get a grip on conspiracy theory is this: The Conspiracy, as described by conspiracy theorists, cannot be empirically demonstrated. For example, the head of The Conspiracy is not definitively known. The organization behind The Conspiracy is also a question-mark. Only the conspiracy’s alleged front groups are visible. Furthermore, the membership of The Conspiracy is often said to be synonymous with a list of key people in government and industry. For example, the membership list of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other elite organizations is said to coincide with the top ranks of The Conspiracy. In other words, America’s ruling class is The Conspiracy.

Like Marxist theory, conspiracy theory offers a clever polemic against the existing power structure. Boil it all down and that is what conspiracy theory amounts to. As for its “factual content,” conspiracy theory cannot prove that “the elite” intends to enslave the masses under a police state. It merely asserts that this is the case.

When confronted with these obvious criticisms, some conspiracy theorists retreat into theology, explaining that the head of The Conspiracy is Satan. But this kind of statement does not open the way to an empirical validation of conspiracy theory. For how does one prove that the Council on Foreign Relations is a front for the Devil?Does Mephistopheles carry messages back and forth between David Rockefeller and Hell?

Does the American Establishment worship Satan behind closed doors while paving the way for Antichrist and a financial system based on 666?

Alas, Political analysis is not theology. From my very first contact with conspiracy theorists, I have conscientiously examined the evidence to see if the theory has any merit. I have engaged in constructive debate with conspiracy theorists, hoping to learn something that would change my mind. But the arguments of conspiracy theory are designed to support pre-existing assumptions. The conspiracy theorist is not really open to alternative theories. He is committed to a paranoid style of thinking and cannot experiment with any other.

I believe that conspiracy theory misleads good people and misdirects their political efforts down a dead-end path. The presence of conspiracy theory on the far right has not only discredited the far right, negating the force of its traditionalist views, but conspiracy theory has disorganized the right’s survival instinct. As we have seen with the terrorist offensive of 9/11, each blow struck against America has a special significance for conspiracy theory. Not only is the 9/11 attack seen as further proof of a grand conspiracy, it is subtly (and not-so-subtly) attributed to leading U.S. financial and political players. To make this idea vivid conspiracy theorists manufacture a steady stream of pseudo-facts. The conspiracy theorist’s method only superficially resembles empirical investigation. He ignores some facts while fabricating a false context for others. These he organizes, edits and alters to fit his preconceived conclusions.

Today we can see the pernicious result. Across the internet conspiracy theorists teach that 9/11 was orchestrated (or allowed to happen) by the “powers that be.” In other words, America was only nominally attacked by Muslim extremists on 9/11. According to many of these conspiracy hounds, the real culprits are the ruling class of the United States.

Consider what this teaching actually amounts to. Typically, the conspiracy theorist starts by asserting his pro-Christian, pro-Constitutionalist, pro-American and pro-capitalist position; but he ends by asserting basic Marxist propaganda, which teaches that the ruling class of capitalist civilization is nefarious and wicked, and must be overthrown to forestall the pauperization of the lower classes.

Here the conspiracy theorist joins with Marxists and Jacobins. Ironic as it may seem, the conspiracy hound proves to be a left wing agitator. For leftists are those who take the side of the lower classes against the elite. (The entire meaning of left and right derives from the fact that those who championed the masses in 1793 sat on the left in the revolutionary French Assembly, while those who championed the church, aristocracy and bourgeoisie sat on the right.)

Is conspiracy theory a communist plot?

No, it is not. Conspiracy theory is older than Marxism. Nevertheless, there is spiritual similarity between conspiracy theory and Marxism-Leninism. Both regard conspiracy as the essential ingredient of politics. Both are boundless in their political cynicism. Both have something of the injured underclass about them.

The great political sociologist Vilfredo Pareto theorized that political rationalizations serve deeply irrational instinctual drives. What if the conspiracy theorist and the Marxist share the same impulse to rebellion and opposition to authority? In that event, do the varying rationalizations offered for hating the U.S. government make any difference?

People who do not have critical sense, who have not learned how to work with facts, continue to level charges against our government day by day. The result of this would be laughable if it wasn’t so damaging to the country.

[As a final note: the original version of this article was hacked shortly after it appeared. Key paragraphs were removed. The hacker was doubtless a conspiracy advocate who would likely portray himself as pro-capitalist (though he violated my property rights), who would also portray himself as a Constitutionalist (though he would deprive me of free speech), and who might even list himself as a Christian (though his methods are those of a bully). Political debate in a free society means that you allow dissenting opinion.]


>Latin America File: MSM obscures the Mexican Far Left’s commitment to Obrador victory

>Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is playing the “agrarian reformer” card with respect to Mexico’s July presidential election.

Really Big Retro-Lie: Castro’s not a communist. He’s an agrarian reformer.

Really Big Most Favored Nation Trading Status Lie: Hu’s not a communist. He’s a compassionate capitalist like the rest of us. Yes, it’s true he smashes dissent at every possible opportunity, but I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

Really Big G-8 Lie: Putin’s not a communist. He just has a few authoritarian tendencies that are appropriate for the Russian context. Yes, it’s true that Putin’s Minister of Extraordinary Situations, Sergei Shoigu, is married to the niece of the wife of Oleg Shenin, chair of the restored/continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union, but that’s OK, cause communists don’t really believe in communism anymore, except the ones that drive late-model SUVs and dominate the faculties of Western universities . . .

Really Big South of the Rio Grande Lie: Obrador’s not a communist. He just loves the poor like Lula da Silva in Brazil. Yes, it’s true Lula founded the Sao Paulo Forum (FSP), a haven for Latin America’s communists, terrorists and insurgents, including the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the darling of the Student Left Everywhere, but I’m sure they’re all nice people.

Really Big Fact: The Mexican Labor Party, which is part of the Alliance of the Good of All ticket on which Andrés Manuel López Obrador is running, is a member of the FSP.

Chavez a Hot Topic in Mexican Campaign
By WILL WEISSERT, Associated Press Writer

Wed Mar 29, 2:52 PM ET

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s presidential race has gone sharply negative with attempts to tie the front-runner to Hugo Chavez and portray him as a leftist revolutionary in the same mold as the Venezuelan president.

After weeks of leveling unsubstantiated allegations that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s campaign has been infiltrated by Chavez supporters, the conservative National Action Party went even further in a TV ad aired this month.

The commercial takes a clip from a diplomatic flap last year in which Chavez warned Mexican President Vicente Fox: “Don’t mess with me sir. You’ll get stung.” Then it cuts to video of Lopez Obrador yelling at Fox: “Shut up, citizen president.”

“Say no to intolerance,” it concludes.

From 2,200 miles away in Caracas, Chavez spoke up to complain that “The Mexican right is using television spots … to try and stop the rise of the Mexican left and of its presidential candidate.”

Then Lopez Obrador’s opponents, who had dragged Chavez’s name into the race in the first place, demanded a federal probe into whether the Venezuelan’s retort violated Mexico’s law against foreign interference in elections.

So far, the fuss has done little to shrink Lopez Obrador’s lead over former Fox energy secretary Felipe Calderon, his nearest rival, four months ahead of the vote. Lopez Obrador says he has never met Chavez, or even spoken with him by phone.

“Our adversaries are very desperate,” he said recently.

His opponents portray the former Mexico City mayor as a demagogue who will scare off foreign investment, antagonize Washington, nationalize more industries and leave Mexico deeply in debt.

Chavez and his socialist revolution fed by Venezuela’s oil wealth are the sharp end of a Latin American trend toward electing left-leaning leaders after a decade in which free-market economics failed to substantially dent the region’s chronic poverty.

Lopez Obrador’s base is certainly what he calls Mexico’s “poor and forgotten.” As mayor of 8.7 million in the “Distrito Federal,” he provided cash grants to the needy and financed expensive public works, including a second deck on two major city highways and a new bus system designed to ease traffic woes.

Opponents claim he left the capital more indebted than ever, though convoluted bookkeeping makes that difficult to confirm.

Now he promises to hold down fuel prices at the likely expense of the state-run oil monopoly and other business interests. But he insists he’s a moderate, inclusive politician who will welcome international investment and keep Washington happy.

Fox, constitutionally limited to one six-year term, leaves office in December, six months after the July 2 vote, and there are already signs institutional momentum is flowing in Lopez Obrador’s direction — Fox’s former chief of staff joined his campaign this month.

Running with the leftist Democratic Revolution Party and two smaller factions, Lopez Obrador holds a 10-plus point lead over Calderon in most polls. Roberto Madrazo, the candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party that controlled Mexico’s presidency from 1929 until 2000, trails even further behind.

Major business leaders who may soon have to work with a Lopez Obrador administration have been careful not to publicly criticize him. Jose Luis Barraza, president of the pro-private sector Business Coordination Council, denies assertions that the economy will suffer if he wins.

Business leaders have gotten used to the prospect of a Lopez Obrador victory, said Michael Lettieri of the Council On Hemispheric Affairs in Washington.

“Most see him as pretty moderate,” Lettieri said. “They are coming to realize he’s not this terrifying communist bogeyman who is going to nationalize all kinds of sectors.”

Still, analysts see signs of nervousness. Lopez Obrador has promised to reopen the books on banking privatization scandals that presaged the 1994 peso collapse. Such a crusade could lead to charges against some former banking leaders and business people.

“For now, everything is calm, but some of his statements, especially recently, have been exaggeratedly populist,” said Yasmin Corona, an analyst at Bursametrica, a financial consulting company in Mexico City. “There is fear in certain sectors.”

Pamela Starr, an analyst at Eurasia Group in Washington, says Mexican business is “afraid he’s becoming like Chavez, saying reasonable things now but changing when he gets in power.”

But Larry Rubin, head of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, says most investors think the country’s economy will stay stable regardless of who is in power and can live with any of the three major contenders.


The far left in Mexico, which operates as tendencies within the front running candidate’s Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), is not shy about hitching its wagon to Obrador’s horse:

Left Bets on Lopez Obrador in Mexico
Mexico, April 3, 2006 (Prensa Latina)

Representatives of two Mexican progressive groups asserted they will create a movement for change to support the candidacy of presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The “Red de Izquierda Revolucionaria” (Revolutionary Leftwing Network), led by Camilo Valenzuela, and the “Colectivo de Reflexion” (Group of Reflexion), headed by Armando Martinez Verdugo, a veteran leader of the Mexican Communist Party, have ratified that stance.

It is about building a revolutionary leadership of the people´s movement, with some decades of struggle, to ensure Lopez Obrador´s victory leads to a process to change Mexican society, they stated.

Speaking to reporters, Valenzuela said he was confident of Lopez Obrador´s win in the July 2 elections because millions of citizens want Mexico to change.

Lopez Obrador is the candidate for the Por el Bien de todos coalition made up by the Revolucion Democratica (PRD), Trabajo and Convergencia por la Democracia, parties inclined to the leftwing and central-leftwing.

The “Red de Izquierda Revolucionaria” is one of the tendencies within the PRD, of which Valenzuela is a leader.

Link: Prensa Latina

Obrador himself might not be a communist bogeyman, but the PRD, and its domestic fellow travelers and international associations throughout Latin America are the real thing.

>Latin America File: Venezuela training civilian militias to repel hypothetical US invasion

>The creation of a civilian militia and the importation from the USSR2 of 12 Mi-17 helicopters and 100,000 AK-103 assault rifles to defend Comrade Chavez’s neo-Bolshevik Bolivarian Revolution from some hypothetical US invasion is a ruse. The White House might be inclined to rub out Cindy “Peace Mom” Sheehan’s mentor, but the United States Armed Forces are stretched way too thin around the world and public opinion would probably choke on the mere thought of sending troops across the Gulf of Mexico.

Taking into account news reports over the last two years regarding Caracas’ intention to purchase Soviet warplanes, it is clear that Venezuela’s democratically elected (?) neo-communist regime is either planning to deploy these new assets against domestic opposition forces, or indirectly support the communist insurgency in adjacent Colombia by releasing the communized regular armed forces of Venezuela to do their job in toppling the pro-Western regime in Bogotá. Patriotic Venezuelan military officers have long since defected from the regular armed forces in protest against the communization of their country, only to be replaced by Comrade Chavez’s ideological henchmen.

We may even see Comrade Chavez’s Bolivarian liberators, meaning the communized regular forces, futher afield in the Western Hemisphere one day . . . with a little help from COSCO container ships . . . Chinese special forces are already training Chavez’s personal security detail. (See earlier blog.)

So while Caracas transforms giggling housewives into a twenty-first-century “People’s Army,” Mexico City sues and Washington disarms American civilian border patrols for reporting illegal aliens, human traffickers, drug smugglers, terrorists, spies and saboteurs sneaking into the USA . . .

Venezuelans Train for Civilian Militias
By NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON, Associated Press Writer

Mon Apr 3, 4:21 AM ET

The women, some trembling, grasp the assault rifles and awkwardly lower themselves into sniper positions as they take aim and fire at white targets in the distance. Dressed in jeans and sneakers, the women are the unlikely heart of a new civilian militia being trained as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warns his country must be ready for a “war of resistance” against the United States.

The U.S. government dismisses Chavez’s claims of a possible invasion as ridiculous. But Chavez insists Venezuelans must be prepared for anything, citing a short-lived 2002 coup that briefly unseated him.

Housewives, students, construction workers, social workers and many unemployed have signed up for the Territorial Guard. Lt. Col. Rafael Angel Faria Villalobos, who led the training for 900 volunteers on their first day of bootcamp Saturday, said 20 weeks of instruction will turn them into resistance fighters prepared to defend their communities in the event of a conflict.

“Those who come here have never fired a shot in their lives,” he said.

Ten at a time, the volunteers lined up as officers coached them to fire the military’s standard-issue Belgian FAL assault rifles from standing, kneeling and prone positions at numbered targets in an open field. Territorial Guard volunteers aren’t issued weapons, but commanders said guns would be made available in emergency situations.

“It was exciting, too good,” gushed Yomaira Alas, a 28-year-old housewife, after firing the gun for the first time.

Officials say the force will be capable of defending communities, protecting hospitals and schools, keeping order and preventing looting. Some Chavez opponents have expressed concern the force could be used to quell internal dissent.

But soldiers who led Saturday’s drills made clear U.S. troops were the hypothetical enemy as men and women swarmed across an obstacle course of barbed wire, burning tires and concrete fortifications.

“Kill the gringo! That gringo is taking away your women,” yelled a soldier as he tossed a man a rifle to butt a target — a military uniform stuffed with straw. A siren wailed while the acrid smell of smoke hung in the air.

Besides the Territorial Guard, Chavez also has called for an army reserve of 1 million fighters and has sealed arms deals to supply regular soldiers with 100,000 new Kalashnikov assault rifles and helicopters from Russia.

Despite Chavez’s warnings of a possible U.S. invasion, many trainees said they feel it’s a remote possibility. There were light moments during the drills as some snapped photos, stumbled on the obstacle course amid laughter and talked excitedly after target practice.

“I’m having a great time,” said Sujeidy Pereira, 25, through smiles. Giggling, she added: “Fatherland or death.”


>Latin America File: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia pledge support to Chavez should US invade Venezuela

>Although this report is over one month old, it is significant and not surprising. FARC’s public pledge of support for Comrade Chavez’s unfolding Red revolution in neigboring Venezuela should dispel any myths that the Venezuela dictator is unconnected to the narco-communist insurgency in Colombia. In any event, FARC and the Communist Party of Venezuela, which holds posts in Chavez’s Bolivarian government, are both members of the Sao Paulo Forum, Latin America’s Communist International.

FARC offers to support Chávez if US invades Venezuela
Caracas, Monday February 27 , 2006

Rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) said it would give “unconditional support” to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez if the United States invaded Venezuela, said one of the guerrillas leaders in a communiqué published Monday, AFP reported.

“If the US war hawks used Colombia as a platform to invade the friendly Venezuelan people, the FARC would voice their strongest rejection and offer their unconditional support to the Bolivarian process,” said Raúl Reyes, spokesman for the rebel group.

Reyes’ remarks came during an interview with Anncol, a news agency publishing information on FARC, the most ancient and militarily powerful rebel group operating in Colombia.

Reyes branded Colombian President Álvaro Uribe as “a paramilitary linked to drug traffic.” “He is a dangerous squire of the Yankee politics in the south of our hemisphere.”


>Latin America File: Venezuela funding subversive "Bolivarian" cells in preparation for communist victory in Mexico’s July presidential election

>Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pictured at left, is the front runner in Mexico’s July 2006 presidential election. The former mayor of Mexico City, an office which is akin to being prime minister of an entire country in terms of population, is also past president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). The PRD was founded in 1989 as a merger of the Communist Party of Mexico, Unified Socialist Party of Mexico and Mexican Socialist Party. Obrador is running on the Alliance for the Good of All ticket, which consists of the PRD, Convergence (a social democratic party), and the Labor Party. Following the 2003 parliamentary election, the PRD currently holds 17 per cent of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

Even though the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and the National Assembly of the Socialist Left, a coalition of numerous far-left parties in Mexico, will object to any attempt by Obrador to package himself as a moderate for mass consumption, the communist presence within the PRD cannot be ignored as irrelevant. The article below, published in La Cronica de Hoy, exposes the presence of Venezuelan-funded “Bolivarian” cells operating in organizations adjacent to the PRD. A cross-pollination of ideology and personnel between the PRD and the leftist partylets orbiting the same is a phenomenon that should be monitored.

Although Mexico has been a socialist republic since 1917, predating the Soviet Union by several months, a lurch into the second stage of revolution and full-blown communism is imminent. According to Mexican journalist Francisco Reséndiz, Chavistas, or disciples of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator, are preparing for an armed insurgency in Mexico should the revolutionary socialist cause prove unsuccessful at the ballot box. The far left in Mexico is, in fact, linking the advancement of their agenda to an Obrador victory.

Meanwhile, in Nicaragua, the KGB-organized Sandinista National Liberation Front, which never relinquished its hold on the organs of the state and “co-governs” the country with the Constitutional Liberal Party, is poised to again present its leader Daniel Ortega Saavedra as a front running presidential candidate in the November 2006 election.

To make a long story short, “born again” neo-communists are taking over Latin America. When they have consolidated their gains, expect the restored/continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union to openly reassert itself on the international stage.

Chavista cells that support Havana-Caracas Axis operating in Mexico
By Francisco Reséndiz
April 3, 2006

Translation provided by Babelfish

Violent groups and compatible political organizations to the PRD that gets along with Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador have been infiltrated, from 2001, by “bolivarianas cells” financed by the government of Venezuela, to construct to a structure of “promotion” and “self-defense” in case of a possible triumph of the Mexican left in the next presidential electoral day. Information of intelligence of Mexico and Venezuela reveal that during last the four years one narrow relation between student groups, farmers and workers with Venezuelan or Mexican cells consolidated that promote in Mexico “the bolivariana” ideology of president Hugo Chávez. In addition, information of Colombia reveals that between Mexican of the left pro Lopez Obrador, who have received support of Venezuela for their “political-cultural” activities, there are some who have showed their “unrestricted” support to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-Eje’rcito of Town.

One releases journalistic investigation developed by Chronicle confirmed that between the groups to which citizen Venezuelans, near ex- ambassador Vladimir Villegas have approached, initially to integrate “circles of reading” or “cultural interchange”, are violent expressions that altogether they would have presence in 21 organizations of the country. Information of Mexican and Venezuelan agents who operate in our country, to which she had daily east access during last the two months, indicate that to the political and social organizations pro the radical Lopez Obrador and groups “that look for to increase their force and is present at in the country” have received precise economic resources between 25 thousand and 250 thousand pesos monthly.

The money, that receives the social organizations, is in cash and without receipts. They give Cuban, Venezuelan and Mexican citizens to it to the leaders “to make dots, to elaborate propaganda, to make activism in favor of the candidate of the leftist block in public seats and acts of campaign”. From December of 2005 east reporter it was added actively to one of the bolivarianos circles that were created in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM. In agreement with Scrambled members of “Jose” the approaches of civil employees of the government of Venezuela have occurred in two aspects; that is to say: With social organizations “of contestatario cut” with juarista-bolivariana ideology, that their own members show their affection by the PRD, they are like the Mexican Movement Juarista Bolivariano, the Bolivariano Movement of the Towns and the Mexican Nucleus of Support to the FARC-EP.

Members of these groupings -“apoyados with Venezuelan logistic consultant’s office”, say a report make communitarian activities, as medical consultations, alphabetization and delivery of pantries, in poor colonies of the metropolitan zones for – only group says in the practice the activists to create a solid structure to defend the triumph “del that could support al government del president Chávez before United States”. One of the information, of which this reporter has copy, reveals: “Movements of this nature (bolivarianos) have maintained a low profile in their performances, considering their little one to be able of call that oscillates of 20 to 40 people and diminished presence in Mexico, whose importance is in the entailment with groupings of radical cut and facade of armed groups”. It indicates that without wanting to be tie publicly with no party “representations of this nature find spaces between leaders of organizations who are catalogued of left in order to make a work of penetration between the sectors student, working and farmer with the intention to generate resistances”.

But the activists affirm that, the time to think about the armed route, they will look for that the country is governed from the 1 of December of 2006 “by institutions that add a front anti imperial American and to create the axis Caracas-The Habana-Mexico” and “in case of failing the electoral route to resist with the arms until obtaining the objective”. The confidential reports alert on the Mexican Movement Juarista Bolivariano, that heads Cuauthémoc Amezcua Dromundo, personage that has showed its public support as much to Lopez Obrador as to the FARC-EP and that works actively in the construction of the “Alternative Project of Nation” who promotes the Union Front, Farmer, Native, Social and Popular. He emphasizes that two of their ten representations in the country, those of the District Federal and Jalisco, “could be outlined like most active generating an incursion between contestatarios groups, that will within the framework look for a political option of the renovation of the Presidency of the Republic”. He adds that beyond inclining his support by some of both main contenders in the constitutional joust “they would be in the position to originate buds of violence like protest by the lack of attention to specific demands and that they have been transexenales”.

REBELS. The groups more radical than have received the support of Venezuela -“en economic resources, logistic or military training” – “to expand the Juarista-Bolivariano thought”, “to face the policy of the United States in Latin America” and “to integrate fronts of fight against imperialism” they are: The Army of Execution Genaro Vázquez and Popular Revolutionary army Insurgent, Indigenous the Clandestine Army of National Liberation, Revolutionary Indigenous Army of National Liberation, Clandestine Armed Forces of National Liberation, the Insurgent Movement of the Southeastern and the Movement Veracruzano de Liberacio’n. With the Revolutionary Popular Army and its split Revolutionary army of the Insurgent Town they have only obtained the support of groups that, although small, “have significant influence” towards their interior. The information detail that the Venezuelan agents, supported by Mexican citizens of whom they do not detail his names, have approached the EZLN, Revolutionary Pancho Villa supporter Army of the Town and Popular Army Magonista, but “without success by ideological differences”.

SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS. An investigation made by Rafael Rivero Muñoz, ex- civil employee of which was the Direction of the Intelligence services and Prevention of the Venezuelan government and present adviser in deprived security, confirms that there are Mexican groups that have had economic support of Hugo Chávez. “Among them, the guests to the Bolivariano Congress of the Towns (Caracas 25 to the 27 of November of 2003) that in name of the left and the continental revolution also obtain susidios economic important, given with comfort by (Hugo) Chávez with which this one payment their support and, specially, its silence before the proven incapacity of the left to govern, the corruption, the abuses authority and the crimes that to newspaper”. The Mexican organizations whom the specialist mentions are: Mexican movement Juarista Bolivariano, Union of Workers of the Oil Industry, Revolutionary Sindicalismo Movement, Movement of Social Left, National Movement of Mexican Youth, Social Training center, students of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the UNAM, Latin American Advice of Visual Arts.

As well as the Mexican Society of Plastic Authors of Arts, Continental Coordinator Bolivariana, Union of Academic Workers of the University of Guadalajara, Association by the Unit Our America of Mexico, Movement Mexican Town. To the time, the documents of Mexican intelligence indicate that the political organizations and their leaders who have been supported by the government of Venezuela in Mexico and who get along closely with the Party of the Democratic Revolution are: “the Bolivariano Movement and the Towns, impelled by the Committee Friends of Puerto Rico who head Graciela Mijares, Stolen Germa’n Aldana and Alexander Orozco Twigs, detecting themselves solely are present at in the Federal District. Form leaves from the Mexican Movement Juarista Bolivariano.

“Mexican Movement Juarista Bolivariano, headed by Cuauhtémoc Amezcua Dromundo and other ex- leaders of the extinct PPS, with registry of activities in Baja California, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Mexico, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Veracruz, Zacatecas and Federal District through its 10 popular meetings”. “… It exists one narrow relation with the Mexican Nucleus of Support to the FARC-EP, Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, the bolivarianos committees Friends of Puerto Rico, Simón Bolivar Latin American and Caribbean Connection and circles Ricardo Flowers Scrambled Magón and Jose. As well as with organizations “facade of subversive groups” like the Revolutionary Popular Front, Movement of Popular Fight and Committee Cherry tree, in addition to the denominated Socialist Alliance, where diverse political groupings of left converge, all grouped in the Bolivariano Movement of the Towns, in agreement with its members, “companions of fight of the PRD”.

Amezcua Dromundo has showed its public support as much to Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador like a the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-Eje’rcito of the Town by the liberation of Simón Trinidad, guerrilla commander who was extradited to the United States. Another organization is the “Continental Coordinator Bolivariana Mexico Chapter, arises to initiative of the Mexican Nucleus of Support to the FARC-EP and is represented by Light Mejía Leyva. Of this expression she emphasizes the halting of Lark Durán Oviedo, member of the organization “who at the beginning was integrated by militants of the PRD. According to the file Lark – a girl of 23 years was stopped in Toronto, situation that she herself confirmed this reporter, by the exchange of information between Mexico and Canada that then tied it with the Revolutionary Popular Army. “But it is lie, yes, travels with books of left ideology, but nothing else”, she argues.

The document detalla:”El activism of these representations is concentrated in conjunctural protests where the convergence of contingents has been detected, in addition to the participation of its leaders in interlocution forums of the left structures being mottos excellent the Promoter by the National Unit Against the Neoliberalism, where it promotes the ideology and the actions of pressure”. * These groups would have presence in: Guerrero Oaxaca Baja California Chiapas Chihuahua Coahuila Colima Federal District Hidalgo Puebla Veracruz Been of Mexico

Civil organizations who would be financed by Venezuela * Mexican Movement Juarista Bolivariano * Bolivariano movement of the Towns * Mexican nucleus of Support to the FARC-EP * National coordinator of Workers of the Education * Union of Workers of the Oil Industry * Revolutionary Sindicalismo Movement * Movement of Social Left * National movement of Mexican Youth * Social training center * Students of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the UNAM * Latin American advice of Visual Arts * Mexican society of Plastic Authors of Arts * Continental Coordinator Bolivariana * Union of Academic Workers of the University of Guadalajara * Association by the Unit Our America of Mexico * Movement Mexican Town * Committee Friends of Puerto Rico * Bolivariano circle Ricardo Magón Flowers * Scrambled bolivariano circle Jose

– violent Groups with “bolivarianas” cell approaches * Army of Execution Genaro Vázquez * Popular Revolutionary army Insurgent * Indigenous Clandestine army of National Liberation * Revolutionary Indigenous army of National Liberation * Clandestine Armed Forces of National Liberation * Insurgent movement of the Southeastern and the Movement Veracruzano de Liberacio’n * With the Revolutionary Popular Army and its split Revolutionary army of the Insurgent Town they have only obtained the support of groups that, although small, “have significant influence” towards their interior

Link: La Cronica de Hoy

>Latin America File: Unlikely allies oppose Washington’s national security bill and bolster Mexico’s enormous fifth column in USA

> “We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or 15 years from now, we’re going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they’re going to have one thing in mind – cross the border, go into Dallas, go into Houston, go into New Mexico, go into San Diego, and each one has embedded in his mind the idea of killing 10 Americans.”

— Tomas Borge, Sandinista Interior Minister, 1986

That the Communist Party USA would support the politicization of the massive fifth column of more than 10 million illegal aliens in the USA, many of whom apparently took to the streets in brazen protests against US immigration law this past week, should surprise no astute student of subversion. The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 is currently under consideration before the United States Senate.

Defeat Anti-Immigrant HR 4437

First published 02/14/2006 15:11

Last December, the House of Representatives passed anti-immigrant HR 4437, introduced by GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner (Wis.).

• It would make all undocumented workers felons, as well as those who help or work with them including teachers, clergy, union leaders, social workers and family members.
• Employers would have to check the Social Security numbers of all their employees.
• An environmentally destructive wall would be built along the Mexican border.
• Local and state police would be deputized to arrest anyone they think may be without documents.

This would vastly increase racial profiling and scare immigrants away from reporting crimes. This is no solution! It is another way of diminishing the democratic rights of the people in our country. HR 4437 must be defeated in the Senate. Just and workable immigration reform should be passed instead.

What are the reasons for immigration?
Increased immigration is the result of the declining living standards and job displacement caused by NAFTA and other pro-big-business policies pushed by our government. To provide a better future for their families, immigrants are pushed and pulled to come here, at great cost and risk, to live without papers and suffer great indignities. This puts immigrant workers in a vulnerable position and forces them into substandard wages and working conditions. Employers and others use the immigrants’ vulnerability as a lever to lower living standards and quality of life for all.

Don’t buy the big lie.
Immigrants are accused of causing every social problem, and especially of taking jobs and services they are not entitled to. This is not true. Working people as a whole, including immigrants, pay a larger share of the tax burden than the rich and receive fewer benefits. The profits made from the work of immigrants and all workers are being taxed less and less and sometimes not at all. Immigrants don’t fire or hire people. They do not outsource jobs, downsize workplaces, raise prices or premiums. They are victims of big business too. For more jobs and services, we need to tax exploitative profits!

We need positive immigration reform.
History shows that as long as extremes of inequality exist between countries, labor migration will continue. The pro-corporate policies of our government that impoverish other nations must be changed. Immigration law should protect the interests of both immigrant and non-immigrant workers. Organized labor and community and religious groups urge the following constructive program for immigration reform:

• Legalization with a clear path to citizenship must be allowed for existing undocumented immigrants, and future immigrants, with a priority on family reunification.
• Immigrants must be able to participate in labor, religious, civic and cultural activities without fear of deportation.
• “Guest worker” programs have historically been prone to exploitation. Separate has never been equal. Instead, implement improved labor protections and stronger enforcement for immigrants and citizen workers.

Repressive policies like those proposed in HR 4437 must be rejected. They are unjust and counterproductive, and make immigrant workers more vulnerable to exploitation and other injustices.

Immigration policy is scheduled for debate in the Senate in February. Contact and urge your senators today to reject HR 4437 and all repressive anti-immigrant measures, and to vote for legalization of immigrants with a clear path to citizenship and full labor and civil rights for all people. Call the congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

Link: CPUSA Online

Although professing to oppose illegal immigration and “open borders,” the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops likewise opposes HR 4437:

Do the U.S. bishops oppose any immigration legislation which has been introduced in Congress?

Yes. The U.S. bishops strongly oppose H.R. 4437, the Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Protection Act of 2005, introduced by Representative James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Representative Peter King (R-NY). H.R. 4437 passed the House of Representatives 239-182 on December 16, 2005. The legislation includes many harsh provisions which would bring undue harm to immigrants and their families. Among its many provisions, it would make unlawful presence a felony; subject anyone who assists an undocumented alien to criminal penalties; require mandatory detention of all aliens apprehended along the U.S. border, including children and families; and limit relief to asylum-seekers through an expansion of expedited removal.

Link: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

All of which contributes to the advancement of the Reconquista, or Mexican irredentist, movement in the Southwestern USA, spearheaded by La Voz de Aztlan, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), Mexica Movement, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and no doubt Mexican officialdom, which has shown no interest in tapping the illicit flow of its citizens into the United States but, rather, facilitates their northward invasion with units of the Mexican Army that regularly cross onto US territory. Villaraigosa, in particular, is a former chair of MEChA’s chapter at the University of California at Los Angeles and a past district president of the communist-spawned American Civil Liberties Union.

The brown-shirted bolsheviks of the Mexican-American irredentist movement, who by no means represent patriotic Spanish-speaking, freedom-loving US citizens, have scheduled a mass action disruption of the US economy on either May 1, to coincide with the communist-inspired Day of the International Solidarity of Workers, or May 5, to coincide with the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Boycott organizers expect the neo-communist regimes of Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela, as well as the paleo-communist regime of Cuba to support the stated objectives: the collapse of the fascist Bush regime, the evacuation of the North American continent of all persons of European descent, and the establishment of a glorious, indigenous workers’ paradise of happy, productive, global citizens who are in touch with their ancestral spirits.

Of course, merely to bring this information to the attention of the public is . . . gasp . . . racist, imperialist and insensitive. God forbid!

Meanwhile, in July a Communist is poised to assume the presidency of Mexico, the world’s first socialist republic, predating the Soviet Union by several months. La Revolución moves forward!

>USSR2 File: Former prime minister warns Russia "slipping" into dictatorship

>Russia never ceased to be a dictatorship in 1991 because the same communist personnel continue to rule the country and its satellites in the Not-So-Former Soviet Union and East Bloc.

Spot that hammer and sickle, folks, and win a prize! Looks like the Russians still have a few Soviet flags kickin’ around, but that’s OK cause communism’s dead. Right! Right?

Former PM says Russia is turning into dictatorship
Mark Franchetti
The Sunday Times
April 02, 2006

A FORMER Russian prime minister has warned that his country is slipping into a dictatorship similar to the harsh regime in neighbouring Belarus.

Mikhail Kasyanov, 48, sacked by President Vladimir Putin in 2004 for questioning his commitment to democracy, said the Kremlin had become so despotic that people increasingly lived in fear.

“If Russia continues along the current course it will end up like the regime of Alexander Lukashenko,” he said, referring to the hardline president of Belarus, widely condemned in the West as Europe’s last dictator. “An atmosphere of fear is being created and a sense that everyone is under the state’s control. These are the first steps towards a totalitarian system.

“There is practically no press freedom, the judiciary is no longer independent and public opinion is manipulated.”

Kasyanov plans to challenge for the presidency in 2008, when Putin’s second and final term expires. Though his popularity rating is in single digits, the dashing politician remains the opposition’s best hope.

Many of the Kremlin’s critics believe Kasyanov can unite Russia’s fractured opposition and gain the support of some of the country’s wealthy elite, with whom he had close relations when he was in government. Others fear, however, that it is those very links that make him unpalatable to ordinary Russians, who tend to find him arrogant and too flashy.

The former Kremlin fixer has vehemently denied rumours of corrupt dealings while in office, but has found it difficult to shake off the nickname “Misha 2%”, the cut he is alleged to have made on state contracts.

Source: Times Online