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Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Appointed but mostly nonpartisan Senate declines to rush vote on Trudeau regime’s Internet censorship bill, Liberals sneak bill through House of Commons at 1:30 am on June 22, PM Justin Castro/Trudeau relies on socialist New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois for support; undaunted, Trudeau submits second bill to strengthen Criminal Code provisions against “hate speech,” Bill C-36 would punish bloggers, publishers, and Facebook and Twitter users with house arrest or fines of up to C$70,000; Conservative lawmakers declare chief of Public Health Agency of Canada in “contempt of parlia- ment,” Iain Stewart refusing to produce unredacted docs on firing of two Red Chinese scientists from Winni- peg lab, Xiangguo Qiu and husband Keding Cheng linked to epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic at Wuhan Institute of Virology; meanwhile Missouri GOP senator Josh Hawley condemns jailing of three Alberta pastors over COVID violations: “I am troubled that our Canadian neighbors are effectively being forced to gather in secret, undisclosed locations to exercise their basic freedom to worship. Frankly, I would expect this sort of religious crackdown in Communist China . . .”

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Dear Senator Hawley: Welcome to Chinada . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Independ- ent MP Derek Sloan, University of Guelph virologist, University of Western Ontario physiologist, Ontario family physician risk their careers to hold bombshell press conference on Parliament Hill, cite specific cases of COVID-19 vaccine injury, esp. myocarditis (heart inflammation) in young recipients, expose detrimental effects of pandemic lockdowns (e.g., childhood suicides), media censorship, pervasive fraud and intimidation carried out by federal and provincial governments, Canadian Armed Forces and professional medical associations; Trudeau’s bought-and-paid-for media refuse to cover conference in spite of 468,000 views, most ever registered for show by Ottawa-based Cable Public Affairs Channel, Rebel News’ Ezra Levant: “Derek Sloan had a press conference on Parliament [Hill] with dissident doctors & vaccine experts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen a single report on it in the MSM. But it’s the most viral political video in Canada. Tells you something about the media”

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There’s a reason the fakestream media is so called . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Calgary pastor Tim Stephens charged with holding “illegal” outdoor church service, faces two weeks in jail for refusing to sign conditions of bail, inc. promising to not gather with his congregants; outrageous violation of Stephens’ constitutional rights occurs even as Alberta eases COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and PM Justin Castro/Trudeau, Premier Doug Ford attend massive memorial outside London, Ontario mosque; Winnipeg think tank: “[T]his once prosperous and proud country is on the brink of becoming a statist mock-democracy . . . [T]he parallels that exist between Canada today and practices that existed in totalitarian regimes such as Hitler’s Germany are too many to not raise grave concerns”; meanwhile pro-Hong Kong group tables report to House of Commons, warns of CCP infiltration in Canada: “The United Front has created and mobilized shell groups, registered [NGOs] and civil societies in Canada. These groups are designed to mimic legitimate community programs …while aggressively spreading pro-Beijing messages and party lines”

Red World Order File: Public health gestapos in British Commonwealth countries reveal totalitarian nature of socialized “health care,” persecute Christians under guise of fighting COVID-19 pandemic, even as Canadian politicians like PM Justin Castro/Trudeau, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and others flout their own public health orders; cops re-arrest Calgary pastor Tim Stephens on new charges day after police helo discovers secret gathering of Fairview Baptist Church, Alberta Health Services previously locked out congregation from house of worship even as Kenney regime (briefly) eases up on restrictions, peddles dangerous experimen- tal gene therapies with million-dollar lottery; GraceLife Church, near Edmonton, files suit against AHS to reclaim church building, barricaded behind triple-layer fencing since early April, congregation also meeting in secret; Melbourne suburb pastor Paul Furlong faces bail hearing on charge of “inciting church,” Australian city site of four pandemic lockdowns, Victoria state leader Dan Andrews cozy with Red China; meanwhile Premier Doug Ford’s medical fascist regime in Ontario prevents opposition MPP, “anti-masker” Randy Hillier from entering legislative chamber

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Populist leader, anti-lockdown dissident Maxime Bernier arrested in Manitoba during cross-country “Mad Max” speaking tour, cop from Trudeau’s RCMP cites violation of public health orders; meanwhile Manitoba’s COVID dictator, Premier Brian Pallister, rolls out vaccine passports, promises Manitobans exemption from two-week quarantine after trips to other provinces; Doug Casey, author of classic treatise on strategic relocation International Man, comments on how “COVID turned Canada into East Germany”: “Who would have guessed that Canada, generally viewed as the kindest and gen- tlest of countries, would go even more insane than the US and almost as insane as Australia. Australia not only prohibits visitors, but it also doesn’t even allow people to leave the country. And they’re not planning on allow- ing people to leave the country for another year”; “I would expect nothing less of Justin Trudeau. He’s at once a classic beta male and a megalomaniac. He lacks the charm, but he has all the bad instincts of his father, Pierre Trudeau. The bad instincts make me wonder if the rumors about Fidel Castro being his actual sire are true”

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Soviet Canuckistan strikes again . . . Pictured above Margaret Joan Trudeau (née Sinclair), Justin’s mommy, clings to dashing Latin American revolutionary Fidel Castro. Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s putative Mao-lovin’ daddy, looks on approvingly. Yes, the resemblance between Fidel and Justin is striking.

USA File: Gov. Greg Abbott reinforces Texas’ commit- ment to individual liberty and national security by banning vaccine passports following deployment of COVID-19 gene therapy delivery systems, prohibiting Red China, Russia, Iran and North Korea from acquiring control over Texas’ energy infrastructure, follows revelations of PLA officer-turned-businessman building Blue Hills Wind Farm in Val Verde Co., inc. doubling length of 5,000-foot runway only 48 km from Laughlin Air Force Base and 16 km from Mexican border, acquisition occurred under President Trump’s watch; Abbott vows to continue building border wall with Mexico: “The influx across the border is out of control, and the [Beijing-backed] Biden administration has shown that [it] is not going to step up and do its job”; meanwhile patriots ejected from LoanDepot Park after unfurling pro-Trump banner at Miami Marlins baseball game, banner reads “Trump Won – Take Back America”: MyPillow exec Mike Lindell vows to bring case for overturning 2020 election to Supreme Court, expose Red Chinese hacking of Dominion voting machines, promises 9-0 ruling in favor of Trump

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Trump won. That’s right . . .

Blogger’s Note: Posts likely sporadic over next few months as your resident blogger prepares to move from Canada (where he was born and returned 20 years ago) back to the USA (where he was raised), settle in freedom-oriented state