Communist Bloc Military Updates: Cyberattack hits 70 Ukrainian government websites hours after fruitless talks with NATO and USA designed to allay Kremlin concerns over Kiev’s potential membership in N. Atlantic Alliance, hacker posting excerpt: “Ukrainian! [B]e afraid and expect the worst”; Russian dep. FM calls meeting results “dead end,” dismisses future attempts at conciliation; Russian envoy to OSCE: “[W]e’ll have to take necessary measures to ensure strategic balance and eliminate unacceptable threats to our national security”; as Biden regime says Moscow to launch ground invasion during Jan. 15-Feb. 15 window, points to 100,000 troops deployed near Ukraine, military train movements in Russia’s Far East, alleges agents provocateur planning false-flag bombings in E. oblasts; Russian troops heading for Belarus in Feb.-March, join Union State drills, follows three missions by Russian nuke bombers over buffer state last Nov.-Dec.; NATO member Poland to erect 186-km steel barrier along border with Belarus, supposedly to thwart illegal migrants; meanwhile Kremlin possibly using “foreign Islamist” violence in Kazakhstan to distract Western intel, Putin issues veiled threat even as 2,000 CSTO troops end short mission in Almaty: “The measures taken by the CSTO made it clear that we would not let anyone destabilize the situation at our home and implement so-called color revolution scenarios”

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Moscow-led CSTO deploys unknown number of troops to former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, quell violent demos sparked by fuel price hike, “ex”-communist President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev requested military alliance’s interven- tion late Jan. 5 evening, denounced protesters as “band of international terrorists,” accepted resignation of government; protests erupted in W. province of Mangistau on Jan. 2, later armed demonstrators tried to seize government buildings, police HQs and district police offices in national capital of Almaty, torch prosecutor’s and mayor’s offices, Almaty police report 353 officers and security personnel injured in clashes and 12 killed, police spokeswoman: “Dozens of attackers were liquidated”; Vladimir Putin, Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko monitor situation, hold phone conversations with Tokayev as Biden regime denounces Russian claims of US interference in Central Asia; meanwhile Kremlinologists forecast more oppression in Putin’s Russia, total elimination of all opposition, Carnegie Moscow Center: “The regime will remain authoritarian and continue stamping out civil society”; CPRF to play foil to United Russia, Political Expert Group: “The Communists are the last party that has managed to preserve some of its independence”

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Of course, the attempt to “overthrow” the Kazakh regime could simply be a Kremlin-orchestrated provocation to justify Russian boots on the ground . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Polish-born Calgary pastor, freedom activist Artur Pawlowski and brother Dawid arrested YET again during peaceful protest outside residence of Alberta health minister on New Year’s Day, charges related to court-ordered probation placed on brothers; second highway take- down of beleaguered clergyman executed SWAT-style by 20 cops, follows Nov. 2021 court victory for Pawlowskis and Mirror, AB restauranteur Chris Scott, in which Alberta Court of Appeal tossed out “bizarrre, unconsti- tutional, Soviet-style” sentence imposed by lower court that required Pawlowskis and Scott to parrot government propaganda vis-a-vis pandemic; Canadian authorities persecuting combative preacher for reasons that clearly have gone WAY beyond Artur’s failure to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions; meanwhile Quebec’s current lockdown raises ire of free speech celebrity Jordan Peterson, follows passage of provincial law banning protests within 50 meters of schools, daycares, hospitals, medical and mobile clinics, COVID-19 vax and testing sites; independent political analyst Spencer Fernando: “[I]t is becoming clear that this country is increasingly based upon fear and is willing to be dependent upon government to a shocking degree”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 related post

When Canada started arresting pastors last spring your resident blogger knew it was time to get out of the country ASAP. Canada’s official policy is to persecute Christians by shutting down worship services and hauling pastors to jail, using the CCP virus as a pretext. With conversion therapy now banned at the federal level, Fidel Castro’s son in Ottawa can launch a full-scale campaign of persecution against Canada’s churches, which are already mostly COVID compliant.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Free speech celebrity Jordan Peterson takes to Twitter, urges residents of Quebec’s largest city to civil disobedience, defy latest pandemic lockdown forbidding New Year’s Eve revelry: “Come on Montrealers! Have some courage! Defy these prohibitions! Do we care nothing for our liberties? ‘No private gatherings’ with a near 80% vaccination rate? And a curfew? Is there no excuse too small for the totalitarianism wannabes? What the hell is wrong with this country? Enough already. Time to stop. Stop the masks. Stop the lockdowns. Stop the petty power-mad hysteria. Leave people alone and let them get on with their lives”; reluctantly “fully vaxxed” Peterson offers pithy rejoinder to PM Justin Castro/ Trudeau’s shameless plug for COVID-19 booster: “Up yours @JustinTrudeau. Seriously. You’d have to kill me first”; CCP-inspired, WEF-approved lockdowns kill off 740,800 jobs in small business over last 21 months as Trudeau regime dangles vax-dependent benefits to financially struggling Canadians; meanwhile WHO’s communist-terrorist chief demands end to “vaccine inequality” even as he shills for Big Pharma: “I want governments, industry and civil society to work with us on a campaign that aims for 70 percent vaccine coverage in all countries” by summer

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Dr. Peterson has the best response yet to the Trudeau regime . . .

Canadian expat in Puerto Vallarta interviews two freedom activists on Mexico’s resistance against COVID tyranny and the New World Order: video

Useful Idiots Bin: Second major domino in global VIP child abuse network (“Pedogate”) falls as NYC jury finds British socialite (and suspected Mossad/Agaf HaModi’in asset) Ghislaine Maxwell (60) guilty on five of six charges related to sex trafficking of minors, sentencing to occur later, follows by more than two years jail cell “suicide” of Maxwell’s billionaire BF Jeffrey Epstein; following trial all docs relating to Epstein network ordered sealed, also Judge Alison Nathan ruled in US federal court earlier this month that only excerpts of Ghislaine’s “little black book” would be published, book contains contact details of more than 2,000 people, esp. rich and powerful; Ghislaine’s media magnate father Robert drowned after “falling” off his superyacht near Canary Islands in 1991, Robert also suspected Soviet/ Mossad asset; Epstein network possibly related to dismantled DOS sex cult/NXIVM multilevel marketing scheme based out of Albany, NY; first Pedogate domino to fall may have been cult guru Keith Raniere, convicted of child sex trafficking charges in 2019, Raniere disciple and Seagram liquor heiress Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty same year to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain, fraudulent use of ID; Clare cousin of Stephen Bronfman, chief fundraiser for Liberal Party of Canada, financed Justin Trudeau’s rise to power

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While you were distracted by the COVID-19 plandemic, Russia, Red China and Israel amass huge dossiers of kompromat on the West’s rich and powerful . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Trudeau regime and allies setting up unvaxxed Canadians as targets for persecution, PM Justin Castro/Trudeau interviewed on French-language Quebec TV station, unloads in nasty, over-the-top rant against 17% of Canadians still unjabbed: “We are going to end this pandemic by proceeding with the vaccination . . . However, there is still a part of the population (that) is fiercely against it. They don’t believe in science/ progress and are very often misogynistic and racist. It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that THEY TAKE UP SOME SPACE. This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: DO WE TOLERATE THESE PEOPLE?”; populist leader Maxime Bernier responds to rant, calls Trudeau “fascist psychopath,” “disgusting hater”; federal socialist NDP leader, Khalistan terrorist sympathizer Jagmeet Singh pens missive, urges Castro/Trudeau to deploy military to finish vaxxing Canadians: “I am writing to you today because, as you know, the pandemic is getting worse [due to vax deaths and injuries]. I am also asking you to use our military and all trained federal personnel to assist in a mass vaccination campaign”

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Castro/Trudeau on unvaxxed Canadians: THEY TAKE UP SOME SPACE. DO WE TOLERATE THESE PEOPLE? We’ve heard rhetoric like this before. It led to the death of six million Jews, whom Hitler accused of spreading TB. The fact that the Liberal Party of Canada has yet to oust this maniac from power is a monumental disgrace.

So glad we got out of Canada more than two months ago, but we are greatly concerned for the safety of family and friends left behind.

WW4 File: Columbia University researchers conclude VAERS underreporting COVID-19 vax deaths by factor of 20x, real figure 400,000 AMERICANS DEAD from Big Pharma bioweapon deployed in coordination with CCP virus, WND: “within five weeks of injection, vaccination predicted all-cause mortality in nearly every age group, with an ‘age-related temporal pattern consistent with the U.S. vaccine rollout'”; White House to possibly follow Trudeau regime’s lead, impose vax mandate for domestic flights, Deep State criminal, Biden regime COVID-19 adviser Tony Fauci: “If you want to do that with domestic flights, I think that’s something that seriously should be considered”; even as CDC admits COVID outbreak on 89 cruise ships, all passengers VAXXED as requirement to rejuvenate travel industry hammered by pandemic in 2020; Canadian ER nurse sacked for exposing government fraud and deception re. pandemic stats, vax injuries; multiple supply chain collapses imminent in lockdown-happy developed countries as USA, Canada and Australia impose various vax mandates on cross-border truckers, farmers, agricultural workers, looming exodus of 1,000s of employees opposed to jab; meanwhile Red China hordes one-half of world’s grain supply

Red World Order File: Canada’s COVID dictatorship imposes new round of pandemic lockdowns in face of “dangerous” Omicron variant (i.e., gene therapy deaths and injuries) as Conservative MP exposes plot by Trudeau regime to enforce vaccine mandates for three more years; New Brunswick capitulates to public pressure, backtracks on plan to ban unvaxxed from food stores (for now) even as Toronto farmers’ market expels unvaxxed shopper; vaxxed status no longer sufficient for Canadians returning to homeland, must also submit to test; meanwhile 6th Circuit of US Court of Appeals rescinds injunction on Biden regime’s vax mandate on private companies with 100 or more employees, meaning submission to Beijing’s puppet once again necessary; Democrat-run US cities follow in Canada’s footsteps with vax passports, draconian restrictions: NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle (King Co.) and DC; even as Beijing funds radio station in US capital to tune of $4.4 million to broadcast communist propaganda; head of Australia’s pharmacy association advocates permanent bio-security police state, says booster shots and masks “new normal” for “many years”

Red Cocaine File: US police and federal agents in Scottsdale, Arizona announce seizure of nearly 1.7 million fentanyl pills, which could potentially kill 700,000 people; largest drug bust in state’s history exposes continuing operations of six-decade-old Communist Bloc plot to subvert capitalist nations with illicit drug addiction, corruption of politics and banking industry; AZ AG Mark Brnovich (GOP) on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” blames Red China for flood of precursor drugs into USA: “I would remind everyone, including the Biden administration, that the cartels control everything that goes across our southern border. And whether that’s human beings or whether it’s these drugs that are killing our children, they are making a profit and they are pushing this into our country. And one of the things, Dana [Perino], I think that’s so underreported is that we know . . . the precursor drugs are coming in from China. China’s doing this intentionally, I believe, to undermine our country and to undermine values. And then the cartels get those precursor chemicals. They’re making meth, they’re making these fake fentanyl pills, and then they’re flooding them into our market”

source 1 source 2

Not much has changed in the modus operandi of the Communist Bloc since Joseph Douglass first published Red Cocaine 30 years ago. The West has simply buried its head deeper in the sand . . .

WW4 File: American geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist interviewed, comments on political-military purpose of COVID-19 pandemic as of Dec. 2021: “You talk about the vaccine agenda, the biological attack by the virus from China. What’s going on? I believe it’s a biological war, but it’s like a scissors strategy. They [Moscow-Beijing Axis] send the weapon to us and they have our own leaders infiltrated so they adopt the wrong policies. Lockdowns. Vaccines. To demoralize us, to divide us within and to destroy our economy . . . This is right out of what the Russians call the ‘overture,’ the period before World War Three when you weaken and soften the enemy up before you attack him with your main armies. This is what it looks like right now . . . We’ve been tricked”; meanwhile Beijing-backed Biden regime orders army and navy to discharge nearly 10,000 soldiers and sailors, 100 Marines for refusing to take deadly COVID jabs as Moscow cements alliance with ANC-communist regime in Pretoria under cover of pandemic assistance, Kremlin statement: “A team of Russian specialists alongside South African specialists will conduct research and exchange experience in fighting the novel coronavirus infection”

video interview

Discussion introduced in German, but continues in English; quote at 52 minutes; important comments about COVID-19 pandemic in Austria and Germany at 1 hour 14 minutes.

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So who are the loyal US servicemen? The majority that submitted to the clot shot, or the ones that did not and will live to fight another day?

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: PM Justin Castro/Trudeau’s RCMP goon squad assaults but does not arrest Rebel News reporter David Menzies outside Toronto restaurant, Canada’s COVID dictator attending Liberal Party photo op, Menzies: “I was manhandled, I was shoved, my head was slammed into a wooden fence, my hands were cut open, and my equipment (and wristwatch) were damaged . . . I certainly was NOT under arrest because no crime had been committed”; Trudeau’s animosity toward independent press well known, Toronto cops refuse to lay charges against Mounties; Trudeau and his chief public health officer, WHO apparatchik Theresa Tam, hype dangers of Omicron variant to justify restricting sittings of House of Commons to 25 to 30 hand-picked MPs, consolidate Liberals’ iron grip on Parliament, lawmakers hobbled by nearly two years of COVID restrictions; meanwhile 10,000 Canadian health care workers sacked for refusing COVID-19 jab, even as experimental gene therapies kill at least 42,000 people and injure 7 million across EU, UK and USA; Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia plunge into yet another round of economy-crushing pandemic lockdowns, unvaxxed banned from visiting relatives in LTC facilities, family gatherings and religious services over Christmas

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Raw footage of Trudeau’s RCMP security detail assaulting Rebel reporter:

Fidel Castro’s son and his lackeys in Canada’s provincial capitals–esp. Doug Ford and Francois Legault–have turned the Great White North into a frozen banana republic . . .

WW4 File: Canada’s state-run CBC pumps up regime propaganda in support of Red China’s binary bioweapon attack against world via COVID-19 and vaccine mandates, PM Justin Castro/Trudeau and provincial premiers discuss new measures to contain Omicron variant, confirms general thrust of week-old report from Action4Canada patriot group; meanwhile medical researcher from U. of Johannesburg dismisses supposed dangers of COVID-19 “scariant” first detected in Botswana: “Omicron is extremely mild. The rest of the world has nothing to fear”; Australian state of Queensland follows New Brunswick in permitting supermarkets to ban unvaxxed even as Japan’s Ministry of Health slaps myocarditis warning on COVID-19 gene therapies produced by Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) and Takeda (Moderna formulation), shies away from mandatory jabs: “Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided”; Canadian MD Daniel Nagase attributes alarming rise in stillbirths across country to COVID jabs, cites figures from Vancouver and Waterloo, Ontario

source 1 source 2 related post source 3 source 4 source 5

Here it comes: more COVID tyranny for Canada and other countries targeted for destruction by the CCP and their buddies in the WEF.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Canada’s churches approaching two years of ever-shifting COVID-19 restrictions on constitutional freedom of religion in face of illness comparable to flu as Prince George pastor defies new proof-of-vaccine requirement for places of worship in British Columbia’s largest health region; Andrew Simpson of Heritage Free Presbyterian Church: “As a pastor, I will never ask somebody to present proof of vaccination or to reveal any medical details to attend a church service that I am presiding over. I wasn’t shocked at it but still very dismayed that the government would think they have the authority to implement something like that”; Northern Health encompasses 600,000 square kilometers, nearly two thirds of Canada’s third-largest province, announces faith-based orgs allowed to reopen for in-person services after two-month “circuit-breaker” lockdown, “as long as they are limited to 50% capacity in the place of worship and all participants over the age of 11 are vaccinated”; follows similar proof-of-vax requirements imposed on places of worship in New Brunswick in Oct., which led to arrest and week-long incarceration of Pastor Phil Hutchings

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Sadly, many churches in Canada have offered their pinch of incense to Caesar by complying with every intrusion into the worship of Jesus Christ and then going even further, to the point of promoting experimental gene therapies on their congregations.

Useful Idiots Bin: Prince Andrew and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump among high-profile names mentioned during Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial, defense lawyer interrogated Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time former pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. about politicians and celebrities who flew on dead billionaire’s private jet; Christian Everdell: “Former President Bill Clinton flew on some of the flights?”, Visoski replied “Yes” and added: “I certainly remember President Trump”; other noteworthy personalities who flew aboard “Lolita Express” inc. actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Chris Tucker, violinist Itzhak Perlman, and former US Sens. George Mitchell and John Glenn; Maxwell accused of grooming underage girls for Epstein to abuse between 1994 and 2004, pleads not guilty; 1999 pic of Epstein and Maxwell relaxing on porch of Queen Elizabeth II’s cabin at Balmoral Castle provoked social media buzz; Ghislaine daughter of deceased media magnate Robert Maxwell, suspected during Cold War of being both Mossad and KGB assets; meanwhile CNN producer John Griffin arrested for luring minors into his home for sexual activity, worked alongside Chris Cuomo; disgraced network host Cuomo fired after sexual harassment allegations, follows in footsteps of older brother Andrew, ex-governor of New York State

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

While you were preoccupied with the CCP virus and the globalists’ Great Reset, VIP child abuse ring unravelling . . . Major source of kompromat for the Deep State, as well as Israeli, Russian and Red Chinese intelligence.

EU File/Communism with Canadian Characteristics: PM Boris Johnson risks second backbench revolt since July, (not surprisingly) backtracks on promise to scrap COVID-19 pass, calls COBRA meeting in response to “Omicron variant threat,” NHS to roll out vaccine passport for nightclubs and other large venues in one week; meanwhile, Trudeau regime expands vax mandate for federally regulated industries, inc. banks, telecoms and air, rail and marine transportation sectors by early 2022, data show 15% of Canadians above age of 12 not injected; Ontario’s medical fascist regime (again, not surprisingly) backtracks on initial promise to terminate vaxport system by mid-Jan., Doug Ford’s COVID dictatorship “taking end date off the table,” QR codes only acceptable proof of vax status; even as Ontario lawmaker Rick Nicholls confronts Ford’s health minister about sharp rise in stillbirths since rollout of mRNA jabs: “In the Waterloo area, 86 stillbirths have occurred from January to July [2021]. And, normally it’s roughly one stillbirth every two months . . . mothers of stillbirth babies were fully vaccinated, and you have clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe”; Manitoba joins Saskatchewan in demanding proof of COVID jab to obtain or renew driver’s license

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So glad no longer living under Canada’s COVID dictatorship . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: “Dear Prime Minister Trudeau . . .”

What can you add?

EU File/Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Italy joins Germany and Austria in imposing lockdown on unvaxxed, anti-lockdown protests erupt in Brussels; meanwhile Trudeau’s new health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos, warns COVID-19 pandemic could drag on for “years” as regime possibly gaslights patriots and unvaxxed with mysterious missive; Toronto Sun reports letter allegedly penned by Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott and Solicitor General Sylvia Jones calls for mass arrest of unvaxxed, also requests federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and Trudeau’s previous health minister, Patty Hadju, to speed up construction of five max security isolation facilities; follows publica- tion of supposed CTV News tweet reporting impending national lockdown for unvaxxed, unconfirmed report flood-devastated British Columbia to join New Bruns- wick in imposing health pass for grocery stores; Ford regime “indefinitely” pauses reopening of Ontario economy over “worsening” pandemic situation, punishes opposition lawmaker for challenging COVID policy, MPP Belinda Karahalios removed from provincial parliament after passing health screening; House of Commons, Senate hammer last nails into coffin of Canadians’ freedoms, fast-track passage of conversion therapy ban with minimal debate

Red World Order File: UNCONFIRMED REPORT: Ottawa-area Canadian patriot takes screenshot of short-lived Dec. 2 post on CTV News Twitter account, Trudeau regime allegedly planning national lockdown of unvaxxed: “Liberal & NDP [socialist] leaders have con- firmed to Parliament that all unvaccinated individuals will be on mandatory lockdown effective December 15th. Not adhering to lockdown results in a $2500 fine & arrests for multiple infractions. More to come”; fully vaxxed Canadian traveler Tiffany Lynn takes to Face- book, relates tale of returning to homeland from Egypt, only to be whisked off to one of Justin Castro/Trudeau’s COVID hotels for TWO-WEEK QUARANTINE; fully vaxxed Australian senator escorted by police to quarantine hotel in Adelaide on Dec. 2, Alex Antic interviewed: “I’ve been a person who has been very, very vocal about [i.e., against] mandates, vaccine passports, discrimination, government overreach and bureaucratic overreach. Now all of a sudden I seem to have been singled out in what appears to be a political stunt . . . this has been quite premeditated”; Australian PM Scott Morrison shocked by Antic detention, but refuses to clip wings of tyrannical state premiers

source 1 (screenshot below) source 2 source 3 source 4

Useful Idiots Bin: COVID dictatorship in New Bruns- wick grants permission to food stores to ban unvaxxed from their premises, provincial health minister cites “very concerning” rise in virus cases (i.e., adverse reactions to gene therapies); Summit News: “This is yet another example of how, while authorities claim the vaccine isn’t mandatory, every basic existence and lifestyle function are being removing for those who don’t take the shot”; Trudeau regime throws more money at “voluntary isolation” sites (prisons? concentration camps?) for COVID-19 patients; New York City’s COVID dictator Bill de Blasio mandates vax pass for private-sector employees and children aged 5-11; meanwhile UK cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra says colleague at “prestigious” institution found “concrete links” between inflammation of coronary arteries and mRNA “vaccines”: “Knowing this information is very concerning . . . and also anecdotal evidence . . . being told by colleagues that younger and younger people coming in with heart attacks. We know since July there’s been almost 10,000 excess non-Covid deaths [in UK] and most of those, or a significant portion of those have been . . . heart attack and stroke”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

Your resident blogger and his family fled Canada before the Trudeau regime imposed its vax mandate on airports and domestic rail travel. We’re not surprised by this news out of New Brunswick. Alberta prohibited unvaxxed from welcoming guests into their homes several months ago. (But it’s all just a conspiracy theory, right? Keeping on dreaming, folks.)

We’re safely in southern Mexico and bumping into other Canadians who have escaped the Great Red North. Mexico’s pushing the vax, but the restrictions are far less extreme. Apart from very inconsistently applied masking regulations, freedom-loving people can actually live a reasonably normal life in Mexico. Drug cartel activity in our part of the country is negligible. (BTW, we’re not complaining about the climate and the scenery!)

Red World Order File: CCP virus continues to gut liberal democracies across planet as Germany and Austria form “Fourth Reich” based on identification of vaccine “resisters/hesitant” as societal “menace,” unvaxxed targeted for lockdowns and COVID-19 gene therapy mandates; Germany’s outgoing DDR-raised chancellor Angela Merkel cites “national solidarity,” lifts script from Hitler, who railed against Jews as carriers of TB: “Given the situation, I think it is appropriate to adopt compulsory vaccination” (for illness with nearly 100% recovery rate for all but elderly or immune-compromised); meanwhile “down under,” Victorian lawmakers grant pandemic powers to Beijing-allied Premier Dan Andrews as Australian state continues descent into medical fascism, and police hunt down three healthy teens who escaped concentration camp near Howard Springs, N. Territory, youths associated with COVID-positive person; back in N. America, 80 House Republicans back bill to fund database to track Americans’ vaccine status, awaits Senate approval, as Canada’s largest city Toronto places 200 cops on unpaid leave for refusing jab; 2018 academic paper: “TB was deeply enmeshed in Nazi ideology of racial purity and viewed as a marker of genetic inferiority”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Left-wing/right-wing dictatorship . . . what’s the fundamental difference?

Useful Idiots Bin: Fakestream media plays up dangers of latest variant of Red Chinese bioweapon known as COVID-19 just in time for Christmas lockdowns, not surprisingly (for astute observers) all four “Omicron” patients in Botswana fully vaxxed; meanwhile Klaus Schwab–protegee of suspected Soviet agent, Putin confidante Henry Kissinger (aged 98)–rolls out global technocratic dictatorship (“Great Reset”) under cover of draconian COVID-19 responses, deploys graduates of spin-off org of World Economic Forum into positions of political and business influence, Young Global Leaders impose endless, stringent public health measures, e.g., masking, lockdowns and “clot shot” mandates and passports: Jens Spahn, Germany’s health minister; Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand; Emmanuel Macron, president of France and ex-Rothschild banker; Sebastian Kurz, ex-chancellor of Austria; Viktor Orbán, PM of Hungary; Jean-Claude Juncker, former PM of Luxembourg and president of European Commission; Gavin Newsom, governor of California; Peter Buttigieg, FAKE president Joe Biden’s transportation secretary; Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson and Chelsea Clinton, whose ex-US president father Bill has long-ignored personal ties to Soviet Union and Communist Czechoslovakia

Blogger’s Note: Happy Thanksgiving (to our American friends)

Biden Thanksgiving

Canada observed its Thanksgiving way back on October 11. A Canadian version of the above cartoon would have Trudeau preparing to lop off the head of a beaver . . .

Red World Order File: CCP virus creates pretext for establishment of medical fascist regimes worldwide, demise of liberal democracies; illegitimate, lawless Beijing-backed Biden Admin pushes ahead with vaccine mandate for private sector, flouts injunction handed down by federal appeals court, supportive decision from OSHA to suspend mandate; Austria’s People’s Party government reimposes national pandemic lockdown, vaxxed released from restrictions on Dec. 13 but unvaxxed must take experimental gene therapy by Feb. 1, 1000s protest measures in Vienna with backing of Freedom Party; Rotterdam turns into “war zone” as Dutch protest COVID-19 pass for indoor venues, torch cars, hurl rocks at police; Trudeau regime prohibits unvaxxed travelers of any nationality from transiting Canadian airports, unvaxxed Canadians not permitted to travel by air or rail in their own country, unvaxxed foreign athletes not welcome in Canada; even as 40% of fully vaxxed NHL team Ottawa Senators contracts COVID-19 and free speech celebrity Jordan Peterson reveals: “I talked to a senior adviser to one of the provincial governments a couple of weeks ago. He told me flat out that the COVID policy here is driven by nothing but opinion polls . . . No science, no endgame in sight, no real plan, and so what that means is that the part of the population that is most afraid of COVID” are driving policy

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

The Butchers of Beijing have been rolling on the floor in laughter for 20 months . . .

WW4 File: Deep State criminal, CCP collaborator Tony Fauci directs COVID-19 narrative toward necessity of booster regime, admits gene therapies losing efficacy, “breakthrough” infections likely for vaxxed; Red Chinese bioweapon leads to medical tyranny worldwide, unvaxxed become “new Jews” as spirit of Hitlerism returns to haunt Austria, 2 million vaccine holdouts confined to their homes in latest pandemic lockdown, Germany, Slovakia and Italy considering same socially divisive, scientifically futile measures, France follows Israel’s lead in “deactivating” COVID-19 pass for citizens failing to receive boosters; Trudeau regime consolidates globalist/communist coup in Canada, places numerous punitive restrictions on unvaxxed: prohibited from entering and leaving country by air or land, traveling across country by air or rail; accessing “non-essential” businesses, public health care and recreational facilities; obtaining driver’s and marriage licenses, employment insurance; unvaxxed MPs and reporters banned from Parliament Hill; meanwhile fakestream media gropes for explanations as vaxxed athletes drop dead mid-game, airline pilots mid-flight, heart attacks surge in Scotland, specialist: “Outside chance that Covid-19 vaccinations had played a part”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5
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Tragically, the majority of Canadians cannot see the shackles that have been welded onto them, nor the slow-motion coup d’etat that has transformed their country into a pro-Beijing medical fascist dictatorship.

WW4 File: Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko foments border crisis with Poland, threatens to disrupt Russia’s natural gas supply to Europe in retaliation for EU sanctions, directs migrant horde toward adjacent NATO member state; video shows mostly Middle Eastern invaders hurling stones and other objects at Polish troops guarding fortified border crossing, Poles respond with tear gas and water cannon; NATO suspects possible diversion as Lukashenko’s puppet master, Russian President Vladimir Putin, once again concentrates military forces along Ukrainian border, 100,000 troops part of latest provocation; NATO Sec.-Gen. Jens Stoltenberg with Ukraine’s FM Dmytro Kuleba in Brussels, states: “This is partly forces close to the border between Russia and Ukraine, but it is also partly troops and capabilities which are inside Ukraine, meaning they are in Crimea, which is illegally annexed, and also we see the militants, the separatists in Donbass, which is also part of Ukraine, supported and helped by Russia”; Putin tries to downplay presence of US warships in Black Sea as “serious challenge,” “I believe that this is inappropriate and there is no need to further escalate the situation there” 

Red World Order File: U of Toronto psychology prof, classical liberal celebrity Jordan Peterson takes COVID-19 vax but laments in interview with Dave Rubin how CCP virus has transformed once free countries like his homeland Canada into medical dictatorships: “The thing that surprised me the most, probably, was how rapidly we stampeded to imitate a totalitarian state in the immediate aftermath of the release of COVID”; “But then, the breakdown — it’s really appalling in Canada — the breakdown of our rights, let’s say, for mobility, for freedom of speech, etc., it’s particularly grating to me”; “Canadians who aren’t vaccinated now cannot leave the country. Like, what the hell?”; tells Trudeau regime: “Here’s the deal, guys. I’ll get the vaccine; you f***ing leave me alone”; meanwhile UK experiences nearly 75K “excess” deaths in 2021 as US and Australian ERs fill up with “gravely ill” fully vaxxed patients, stretchers line hospital corridors, fakestream media ignores essential connections to experimental gene therapies, health care staff shortages due to mass vax refusals; arrogant Pfizer CEO damns those who spread “misinformation” about his products as “criminals”; vax-pushing evangelist Franklin Graham undergoes heart surgery for pericarditis, known side effect of mRNA “vax” produced by Pfizer and Moderna

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Sadly, the authoritarian left contingent within the US/Canadian expatriate community in Mexico is totally gung ho for the jab . . . you know, the types who like to drive around with “F— Trump” bumper stickers.

Red World Order File: CCP/Deep State virus-“vaccine” binary bioweapon creates medically segregated societies worldwide, transforms once free countries into COVID dictatorships; another UK funeral director testifies to spike in deaths of vaxxed adults, miscarriages among vaxxed pregnant women, COVID-19 itself “non-existent,” urges colleagues to speak out; meanwhile Colorado’s Democratic governor signs executive order permitting state’s hospitals to turn way unjabbed patients, NBC News reports studies admit “viral load” of vaxxed and unvaxxed “similar,” meaning experimental COVID-19 gene therapies medically worthless; Utah, Mississippi and Saskatchewan latest North American jurisdictions to link acquisition of driver’s license to vaxx status; Austria joins Australia, Canada, Israel and Lithuania in ostracizing unvaxxed/ unboosted populations, depriving tax-paying citizens from access to public services and facilities, confining them to de facto house arrest, Alberta’s lockdown-happy Kenney regime allows vaxxed, unvaxxed to mingle while ordering meals together in shopping mall food courts, but unvaxxed not permitted to utilize adjacent seated dining areas (Canada’s shameful version of Jim Crow)

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Our first full post from Mexico . . .

Blogger’s Note: Your resident blogger and his family escaped Canada barely one week before implementation of Justin Castro/Trudeau’s airport vaccine mandate, resettled in tropical part of Mexico, far from chaos at its northern border with USA; fight against COVID communism and global Big Pharma coup continues

Blogger’s Note: Your resident blogger and his family are leaving Canada’s COVID vaxxport dictatorship before month’s end, next post from Latin America

After watching this interview from Rebel News, your resident blogger realized he was neither crazy nor unpatriotic. The globalists and communists have turned Canada into something other than the free country the Fathers of Confederation intended. . .

WW4 File: US Marine veteran, former Navy SEAL sniper, combat instructor Craig Sawyer in video plea: USA faces existential national security threat in form of CCP/Deep State virus/vaccine bioweapon, one half of military and Homeland Security personnel prepared to resign rather than commit suicide by taking dangerous COVID-19 injection, patriots must unite against treasonous actors, possible invasion by Red Chinese and/or United Nations

Red World Order File: Lithuanian man relates how communism has returned to former Soviet republic in form of “Covidism,” harsh pandemic rules have banished him and his wife from society, dismissed from work for rejecting COVID-19 jab, prohibited from entering supermarkets, reduced to purchasing food from open-air markets, vows defiance: “We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist. The Covid Pass regime of government segregation and control– punishing undesired behavior with banish- ment from society–is the path to authoritarianism. Our ability to survive has been destroyed. But no matter the suffering imposed and the hardships we must endure, we will never accept the descent into the authoritarian- ism which the Covid Pass represents”; New Brunswick pastor arrested for holding Thanksgiving church service, only injected worshipers permitted to gather in Canadian province, follows arrests earlier this year of three pastors in Alberta for violating unscientific, unconstitutional pandemic rules

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Unholy union of Covid communism and medical fascism ascendant worldwide. Lithuania, Israel, Australia, Canada have accepted the Covid Pass. Beast system coming soon to America . . .

Red World Order File: PM Justin Castro/Trudeau mandates deadly COVID-19 gene therapies for ALL travelers transiting Canadian airports, regardless of their citizenship and their destination, effective Oct. 30; 10 million unvaxed Canadians now hostage in their own country, land borders with USA closed since March 2020, private boat or aircraft only options for escape; patriotic Ontario lawmaker Randy Hillier issues warning re. menace of collectivism triumphing over individual liberty under guise of pandemic, fears Canada will embrace medical fascism gripping Australia, esp. Victoria and New South Wales: “Currently we have segregated our society with vaccine passports, this will get worse. In Australia they have already banned people from receiving health care, deeming them too dangerous to others to enter a hospital. We have also seen in Australia the firing of plastic bullets on protesters. We know here in Canada we lag the Australian aggressive behaviour by only a few months”; senior officer of Victoria Police in Australia quits in disgust over pro-Beijing leftist premier Dan Andrews’ handling of anti-lockdown demos: “By making it [protests] illegal, Daniel Andrews, in my opinion, has escalated the violence”

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Due to the latest dictum handed down from Ottawa, your resident blogger and his family have accelerated their plans to flee Canada’s medical apartheid and head for Latin America before the end of October. We will be long-term tourists until we can secure residency somewhere in the region.

WW4 File: People’s Liberation Army Air Force sends fourth aerial armada into Republic of China ADIZ in as many days, Oct. 4 incursion largest ever, consists of 34 J-16 fighters and 12 nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, occurs in vicinity of Pratas Islands; Beijing condemns US arms sales to ROC, passage of US warships through Taiwan Strait: “China is resolutely opposed to this and takes necessary countermeasures. Engaging in Taiwan independence is a dead end. China will take all steps needed and firmly smash any Taiwan independence plots. China’s determination and will to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity is unwavering”; for its part, Taipei throws down gauntlet against red regime in Mainland China: “We sternly tell the Chinese Communists, the Republic of China on Taiwan is determined to firmly defend national sovereignty and dignity and peace across the Taiwan Strait. We have a full grasp of the communist military’s movements and have made appropriate responses. We have also been actively communicating and cooperating with friendly countries to jointly contain the Chinese communist’s malicious provocations”; most recent barrage of PLAAF provocations began last Friday, inc. total of nearly 150 warplanes

WW4 File: Mainland China’s communist dictatorship and financial interests behind World Economic Forum consolidate strategic partnership, realize global “Great Reset” coup, and implement depopulation agenda under cover of COVID-19 pandemic; government- and employer-mandated gene therapy injections in countries across planet operate in tandem with CCP virus to endanger lives of millions of armed forces personnel, public servants, healthcare workers, first responders, private-sector employees inc. airline pilots; throw millions of objectors out of work; sterilize young adults and imperil health of millions of school-age children via hyper-inflammatory vax reactions; create medically segregated societies based on endless boosters (e.g., Israel); and validate policies of extremist lawmakers who seek to expel duly elected, unvaxed political opponents from legislatures; self-reporting systems reveal 10,000s of vaccine deaths, 100,000s injuries in EU and USA, in addition 50,000 US Medicare patients likely died as result of COVID-19 jabs; 1000s of social media posts from families impacted by vaccine deaths/injuries back stats ignored by fakestream media; lockdown-happy New South Wales premier resigns after independent commission alleges conflict of interest, follows Australian billionaire Clive Palmer’s accusation that Gladys Berejiklian in backpocket of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca

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Every politician and public health official, in any country, who promotes vaccines as the ONLY way to health must be investigated for conflict of interest, that is, whether they have been bribed or have investments in pharmaceutical companies. This should be very evident, but your typical shopping mall regime slave hardly bats an eyelash.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Calgary pastor raised in Communist Poland, outspoken freedom activist Artur Pawlowski treated like enemy of the state, arrested by federal cop upon deplaning at Calgary Int’l Airport after months-long tour of USA, inc. photo ops with Eric Trump and ret. US Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn; Pawlowski acquired worldwide fame after defy- ing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 and earlier this year, restrictions on worship services; crossed swords on many occasions with Calgary Police Service and Alberta Health Services, charged with contempt of court at provincial level but apprehended by Canada Border Services Agency, under control of PM Justin Castro/ Trudeau; official persecution of unvaccinated Canadians moves ahead as Ontario MPP Rick Nicholls expelled from Premier Doug Ford’s caucus, faces expulsion from provincial parliament for refusing experimental COVID-19 gene therapy, Nicholls: “Like almost two million eligible Ontarians, I choose to exercise this autonomy over my own body, while continuing to work hard for the people of Ontario”

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BTW, the fakestream media spin on Pawlowski’s latest arrest drips with typical official vitriol.

Your resident blogger and family will be leaving Canada and heading for Latin America in 8 weeks. We will be boarding a plane even if our house, which is on the market, has not sold. We know other Canadian families who are scrambling to get out of the country as quickly as possible, now that Justin Castro/Trudeau has consolidated power after the latest farcical federal election. Canadians opposed to the incipient COVID dictatorship in this country are prevented, however, from heading south of the border by the Biden regime’s new directive mandating a potentially deadly COVID-19 injection for all foreign nationals entering the USA.

Red World Order File: Australian state of Victoria goes “full COVID” under medical fascist dictatorship of CCP stooge Premier Dan Andrews, cracks down on working-class uprising spearheaded by unarmed construction workers, “tradies” enraged by collusion of CFMEU union leaders with ruling Labor Party on issue of mandated vaccines for their occupation; Victoria police deploy counter-terrorism unit onto streets of Melbourne, use armored vehicles and rubber bullets to enforce public health orders, target union members and bystanders alike, 200 arrested on Sep. 22, follows running street battles after tradies besiege union HQ; Sky News Australia: “Andrews’ secret deal with China was part of the Chinese government’s strategy to operate in Australia ‘without federal oversight'”; Aussie writer tweets: “When @Daniel AndrewsMP authorised @VictoriaPolice to shoot protestors, Victoria stopped being a democracy and became a southern province of Communist #China”; meanwhile America’s FAKE president “China Joe” Biden rubs elbows with Australian PM Scott Morrison at UN, lauds new AUKUS security pact between Canberra, London and DC

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Comrade Dan: We’ll make sure you’re safe and healthy, even if we have to kill you . . .

Australian federal MP Craig Kelly responds to heavy-handed police presence in Melbourne: “After days of repeated Vic Police attacks on unarmed citizens, I am calling for an urgent Judicial Inquiry into Police Brutality. I condemn any Police brutality in the strongest possible terms. It’s unacceptable, unAustralian & illegal.”

End Times File: Downward spiral of democracy in British Commonwealth countries continues as pro-Beijing Trudeau Liberals set to form second minority government after snap election, Tory leader Erin O’Toole labels vote “waste of time and money”; People’s Party only champion of Canada First agenda, opposes COVID-19 lockdowns and vaxports; security out- rageously removes Christian Heritage Party candidate from all-party debate in Montreal riding after black female politician admits non-vax status; Greater Toronto Area police, firefighters and paramedics hold silent demo against mandatory COVID-19 gene therapies for their professions; meanwhile, “down under” construction “tradies” in Melbourne locked out of job sites for two weeks, stage uprising against Victoria’s medical fascist dictatorship, COVID-19 vax, besiege union HQ, denounce union leader’s collusion with pro-CCP Victoria premier Dan Andrews before marching on state legislature, confront mounted police units; Aussie billionaire Clive Palmer alleges lockdown-happy New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian in backpocket of Big Pharma: “She is being directed by a lobbyist in Sidney who is being paid by Astra Zeneca and by Pfizer tens of millions of dollars to get these policies through to make sure the vaccine is pushed”

Red Dawn Alert: America’s LAWFUL president, Donald Trump, accuses Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley of treason after country’s top general confesses to clandestine phone conversations with Red Chinese counterpart: “I assume he would be tried for TREASON in that he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back and telling China that he would be giving them notification ‘of an attack’”; Milley, in official statement released through spokesman, admits he secretly conversed with People’s Liberation Army counterpart General Li Zuocheng on Oct. 30, 2020 and Jan. 8, 2021, promised advance notice to CCP dictatorship if President Trump ordered military attack against Red China; statement rational- izes treason: “His calls with the Chinese and others in October and January were in keeping with these duties and responsibilities converting reassurance in order to maintain strategic stability. The meeting regarding nuclear protocols was to remind uniformed leaders in the Pentagon of the long-established and robust procedures in light of media reporting on the subject”; Milley has also been accused of calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 8 to discuss seizing POTUS’ power to authorize deployment of nukes

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As we commented several days ago, the hour of America’s redemption is very late and may not occur at all . . .

Milley-American Traitor

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Medical segregation in Trudeau’s Canada, ubiquitous fast food restaurant chain Tim Hortons tells unvaxxed Canadians: Take-out window for you!

COVID passport notice

Jim Crow in the Great White North. All over an illness with a nearly 100% recovery rate for anyone who is not elderly or immune compromised. Scr-w you, RBI (parent company of Tim Hortons). Pardonnez-moi français. The big corporate chains in Canada have played the role of sanitary fascist all too well over the past 18 months. You know who you are, Walmart, Costco, Canadian Tire, et al.

We don’t have COVID-19 passports in Alberta yet, but they’re coming. This is one of the main reasons why, in just under three months, your resident blogger and his family will start vacationing in several Latin American countries for the better part of a year, before seeking residency in one of them. The fight against all forms of totalitarianism will continue . . .

Red Dawn Alert: NATO “alarmed” at “staggering” size of Union State military exercise Zapad 2021, maneuvers involve up to 200,000 Russian and Belarusian service- men, inc. VDV troops, 800 tanks, 80 aircraft and 15 warships, training to occur at nine sites in Russia, five in Belarus between Sep. 10-16; war games also have participation of armed forces of former Soviet republics of Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as India and Mongolia; War on the Rocks analyzes intent behind military drills, believes Kremlin fears Western aggression against buffer state Belarus: “The 2021 exercise may simulate calibrated employment of conventional and non-strategic nuclear weapons to manage escalation and compel the opposing coalition [NATO] to negotiate”; follows yet another aggressive foray by PLAAF armada, inc. four nuclear-capable H-6 strategic bombers, into Taiwanese ADIZ on Sep. 5, Republic of China Air Force responds with fighter jet intercept and activation of air defenses; even as Red Chinese asset, FAKE president Joe Biden MANDATES deadly COVID-19 gene therapies for 80 million unvaxxed Americans, patriots and Republican state governors resist deployment of Deep State-CCP binary bioweapon against American people

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The hour of America’s redemption is very late and may not occur at all . . .

End Times File: Beijing toady, lockdown-happy leftist premier of Australian state of Victoria articulates World Economic Forum’s sinister plans for all patriots who refuse to take lethal, experimental COVID-19 injections, strong intimation that proof of vaccination run-up to Revelation 13’s Mark of the Beast, Dan Andrews: “There is going to be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated. We’re going to move to a situation where, to protect the health system, we are going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be. If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you’re making the wrong choice. It’s not going to be safe for people who are not vaccinated to be roaming around the place spreading the virus”; most of Canada’s population now under COVID-19 passport control system, 10 million unvaxxed people across Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia to be excluded from full participation in society, transformed into second-class citizens; Alberta reinstates indoor mask mandate after 8 weeks of freedom, places of worship exempt (after 3 pastors arrested in same province earlier this year)

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We’re working feverishly to evacuate our family from Canada before Christmas. Our destination is Latin America. From the perspective of Bible prophecy this new system will envelope the entire world. However, some regions will likely hold out longer than others, mainly because they are lower-priority targets for destruction by the globalist/communist cabal.

Blogger’s Note

Most of Canada now under Covid passport control system. Attending consular interview with certain Latin American country. Will evacuate family within six months. Alberta still free. Covid restrictions dumped two months ago, in spite of shameful arrest of three Christian pastors earlier this year.

Red World Order File: Red Voice Media interviews 45-year veteran of Royal Australian Air Force on COVID-19 dictatorship “down under,” forced injection of children leading to at least three dead, unlawful army deploy- ment regulating traffic between states on basis of vaccine passports, six non-elected chief medical officers receiving orders from World Health Org and World Economic Forum, advising state premiers; Melbourne under yet another “strict lockdown” until “new year,” Victoria state premier Dan Andrews closely allied with Communist Party of China, made “secret deals” with Beijing; Alan Hennessy calls New South Wales health minister, Brad Hazzard, an “absolute psychopath,” begs otherwise laid-back countrymen to “get off their back- sides” and resist communist tyranny; “truckies” (i.e., truckers) threatening to blockade highways across country over ongoing lockdowns, jab mandate for their profession; interviewer Stew Peters concludes Australia “test case” for new world order scheme of global government

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Where’s Mad Max when you need him . . .

Red World Order File: New Zealand’s slavish pro-Beijing Labour government and Australian states use seemingly endless pandemic lockdowns to consolidate 18 months of medical fascist tyranny “down under,” New South Wales health minister announces 24,000 students to be injected with experimental COVID-19 gene therapies (“vaccines”) without parental super- vision, last year Brad Hazzard admitted pandemic integral part of installing global government: “This is a world pandemic. It’s a one in 100-year event. So you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time, and that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to accept that this is the new world order”; meanwhile Biden regime forces dangerous mRNA treatments upon federal workers and armed forces, while Russia and Red China deploy voluntary, conventional vaccine; People’s Liberation Army threatens Republic of China, conducts drills near Taiwan as US military retreats from Afghanistan amid Taliban’s return to power, CCP-run Global Times gloats: “After the fall of the Kabul regime, the Taiwan authorities must be trembling. Don’t look forward to the US to protect them”

Red World Order File: Beijing-backed Biden regime capitulates to Islamic fundamentalism as Taliban enters Kabul on Aug. 15, seizes control of Afghanistan after 20-year insurgency sparked by post-911 ouster, President Ashraf Ghani flees to Tajikistan, Taliban founder Abdul Ghani Baradar declares himself new national leader; civilians besiege Kabul’s international airport, cling to taxiing aircraft, inc. US military planes, fall to their deaths in desperate bid to flee county in scenes remini- scent of fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese communists in 1975; Rob O’Neill, former US Navy SEAL who killed Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in 2011 military op, blasts Biden regime, calls for resignation of America’s top generals: “This is the worst loss in American history. Our most popular president [facetious reference to Biden] has vanished. Prove me wrong”; “Have any of our generals and admirals resigned out of disgrace yet?”; “People are being killed trying to evacuate Kabul. But don’t worry… [White House Press Sec.] Jen Psaki will tell us what’s actually happening once dips**t goes to sleep”; “There are Afghans falling to their deaths off of our retreating aircraft. Has @thejointstaff resigned yet?”

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Russia, Red China, Iran: America is weak . . .

Useful Idiots Bin: Kremlin–along with Red China–likely possesses compromising sex videos of Hunter Biden; Daily Mail obtains 2019 video of Joe Biden’s son with prostitute in which he expresses fears Russian drug dealers stole one of his three known laptop computers while drugged out in Las Vegas hotel room during previous year; son of America’s FAKE president tells hooker: “They [the Russians] have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know’; Daily Mail editorializes: “Hunter’s claims also raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of a foreign intelligence operation”; globalist-owned, communist-infiltrated fakestream media totally ignores bombshell Biden admission


The Russians are masters of kompromat . . .

Note: We will not link to original story by Daily Mail, which contains explicit pics. Do your own Internet search.

BTW, we are on vacation and still moving ahead with plans to exit the Anglosphere.

Red World Order File: Alberta rescinds all COVID-19 restrictions after patriotic O&G worker Patrick King destroys official pandemic narrative, challenges constitutionality of public health act after receiving COVID fine, demands presentation of science behind lockdowns, Trudeau sends legal team to intimidate King even as lawyers representing Alberta’s chief medical officer admit Alberta Health Services has “no material evidence” to prove existence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, case dismissed; meanwhile Communist Party of China slams lockdown on Beijing district after one COVID-19 case turns up, Global Times: “Inbound flights, trains, and long-distance buses from regions where new cases have been found are suspended, including hard-hit cities like Nanjing, Zhengzhou and Zhangjiajie”; Human Events contributor Jack Posobiec says Biden regime plotting more Beijing-style lockdowns for Blue States: “White House chatter is that lockdowns for delta variant all but a done deal. Virtually all blue states are cooperating with WH / CDC. They’re aiming for late 2nd week of August, per WH official”

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May more globalist/communist dominoes topple under the force of patriotic lawfare . . .

Red World Order File: VIDEO COMPILATION: Communist-run South Africa descends into anarchy after former President Zuma jailed on contempt of court charge, military deployed to suppress unrest, armed civilians aid police in maintaining law and order

Blogger’s Note

Your resident blogger is still moving ahead with personal plans to leave Canada, hopefully before PM Castro/Trudeau calls another election and fakes a majority government, and definitely before the end of the year. We initially considered moving back to the USA, where we were raised. However, we have decided to leave the Anglosphere altogether (but will remain in the Western Hemisphere). Our posts at OUTW will continue to be sporadic over the next few months.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Appointed but mostly nonpartisan Senate declines to rush vote on Trudeau regime’s Internet censorship bill, Liberals sneak bill through House of Commons at 1:30 am on June 22, PM Justin Castro/Trudeau relies on socialist New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois for support; undaunted, Trudeau submits second bill to strengthen Criminal Code provisions against “hate speech,” Bill C-36 would punish bloggers, publishers, and Facebook and Twitter users with house arrest or fines of up to C$70,000; Conservative lawmakers declare chief of Public Health Agency of Canada in “contempt of parlia- ment,” Iain Stewart refusing to produce unredacted docs on firing of two Red Chinese scientists from Winni- peg lab, Xiangguo Qiu and husband Keding Cheng linked to epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic at Wuhan Institute of Virology; meanwhile Missouri GOP senator Josh Hawley condemns jailing of three Alberta pastors over COVID violations: “I am troubled that our Canadian neighbors are effectively being forced to gather in secret, undisclosed locations to exercise their basic freedom to worship. Frankly, I would expect this sort of religious crackdown in Communist China . . .”

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Dear Senator Hawley: Welcome to Chinada . . .