USA File: Neither Left nor Right likely to accept out- come of November election as Democrat-run cities concede to principal demand of Antifa/Black Lives Matter to defund police, New York chops $1 billion from police budget, Seattle axes 50% in spite of 3-week armed occupation of district known as CHAZ/CHOP; Seattle in grip of power struggle as city council president blocks request by Mayor Jenny Durkan to investigate socialist councillor Kshama Sawant’s role in local protests, Sawant advocates overthrow of US government: “We cannot and will not stop until we overthrow it and replace it with a world based instead on solidarity, genuine democracy and equality — a socialist world”; meanwhile Australian counterinsurgency expert predicts second civil war in USA would take form of Colombia’s La Violencia (1948-1958), which began with urban riots sparked by assassination of Liberal presi- dential candidate, Liberals and Communists mobilized supporters to attack Conservatives, 200,000 civilians died, army staged coup in 1953; pro-Trump militias already organizing to protect smaller cities (i.e., Coeur d’Alene), rural regions, likely to clash with criminal gangs and leftist mobs for control over suburbs and exurbs, Antifa infiltrated by pro-gun Redneck Revolt and Socialist Rifle Assoc.

Red World Order File: Communist China violates Hong Kong’s autonomy, guaranteed until 2047 by treaty with UK, imposes new national security regime on region, newly formed Office for Safeguarding National Security takes over building formerly occupied by Metropark Hotel, near Causeway Bay commercial district; Zheng Yanxiong appointed head of new agency, most recently served as Communist Party boss in Guangdong province, attends opening ceremony with HK Chief Exec Carrie Lam and Luo Huining, head of PRC’s liaison office in HK; new security law allows communist officials to transfer suspects from HK to mainland for trials in party-controlled courts, prohibits HK authorities from searching vehicles operated by mainland agents; PRC Ministries of State Security and Public Security pledge to coordinate actions with Zheng, former: “[We] must punish according to the law crimes like separatism, subversion, organization of terrorism and collusion with foreign forces to endanger national security”; London denounces Red China’s new security regime, opens path to citizenship for three million Hong Kongers who hold British National Overseas passports, allowing them to settle in UK

source 1 source 2 source 3

Sino-British Joint Declaration

Grim day for Hong Kongers . . .

Red Terror File: Seven Antifa militants arrested in Portland after 40th consecutive night of riots in Oregon’s largest city, face charges after attacking federal law officers protecting federal courthouse from “aerial fireworks including mortars; high intensity lasers targeting officers’ eyes; thrown rocks, bottles, and balloons filled with paint from demonstrators”; follows arrest of Antifa comrade Jason Charter, alleged ringleader behind failed attempt to topple Andrew Jackson statue across street from White House, FBI complaint also links Charter to destruction of Albert Pike statue in DC; anarcho-communist insurrectionists also target Multnomah County Justice Center over Independence Day weekend, smash doors with baseball bats, explosives and machetes found on arrestees; Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, both Democrats, reject President Trump’s offer to send federal troops to suppress uprising, however city accepts reinforcements from CBP, ICE and Marshals Service; acting CBP commissioner Mark Morgan: “These are not protesters, these are criminals who got together and organized and planned and actually brought weapons . . . with the intent to destroy a federal building and harm law enforcement officers”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

Years of Marxist indoctrination in the “educational” system, from K to university, induct millions of Millennials and Gen-Zers into the Left Cult.

Unconstitutional and unscientific pandemic lockdowns, based on Red China’s totalitarian model, maximize societal frustration.

Coronavirus stimulus checks and Soros rent-a-mob payments create disincentive to get a real job.

Presto! Instant leftist mob for takedown of USA . . .

BTW, your resident blogger graduated from a US high school in 1986. New songs on the radio were what we now call “classic rock.” There was only one Star Wars trilogy. Movies like the original Red Dawn inspired us to beat the you-know-what out of the Soviets and their commie proxies. Even though the threat of nuclear annihilation was constant, it was still a great time to be young.

We have no recollection of PC indoctrination during this stage of our education. We took real courses and learned real stuff . . . like how to write, do math and use an electric typewriter! We also learned about history, which included inspirational studies of dead white men. Imagine that.

WW4 File: US Navy aircraft carriers Nimitz and Reagan sailing in contested waters of South China Sea amid political tensions with Red China, B-52 strategic bomber from Barksdale AFB joins carrier strike groups for integrated ops; Beijing reacts angrily to presence of US carriers, communist-run Global Times tweets photos DF-21D and DF-26 “aircraft carrier killer” missiles and observes that Nimitz and Reagan permitted in S. China Sea “at the pleasure” of People’s Liberation Army; meanwhile, internationally isolated Republic of China establishes diplomatic relations with self-declared Republic of Somaliland, ambassadors exchanged, Mohamed Hagi heads to Taipei while Lou Chen-Hwa heads to Hargeisa; in remarkable development ROC plans to build its first overseas military base in Horn of Africa country, adjacent to Red China’s naval support base in neighboring Djibouti; Somaliland internation- ally considered autonomous region of Somalia; follows live-fire drills by ROC Armed Forces along Taiwan’s west coast on July 2, exercise “simulated fending off an attempted landing by enemy forces,” “enemy annihila- tion on the shore,” involved F-16V fighter jets, Apache attack helos, tanks and artillery

Red Terror File: Not F-ing Around Coalition’s formid- able appearance over Independence Day weekend plays into hands of globalist-communist plot to divide Americans by race; NFAC cmdr. “Grand Master Jay” “peacefully” led 200 assault rifle-toting members of “100% black militia” to Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial, near Atlanta, on July 4; Jay issued combat challenge to “white militias,” advocates black ethno-state in Texas, boasts NFAC “all ex-military extremely disciplined & experts shooters,” disavows white-dominated BLM: “F*ck Black Lives Matter. We don’t f*ck with them. We don’t talk. We don’t sing . . . We ain’t tryin’ to hold hand with you no more. We don’t give a f*ck about your rainbow. This is for black people”; links to New Black Panthers and Black Hebrew Israelite movement unclear; meanwhile unknown vandals remove statue of black abolitionist Frederick Douglass in Rochester, NY, President Trump blames anarchists, occurs amid Antifa/BLM-led attack against monuments to historic white personages; “justice protesters” return to gated community in St. Louis to further intimidate Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who stood with guns drawn outside their Renaissance palazzo-style home on June 28, donations to Democratic Party did not protect them from leftist mob’s death threats

Red Terror File: Hundreds of armed, black-clad African-American protesters calling themselves “Not F-ing Around Coalition” march in formation to Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial, NE of Atlanta on Independence Day, some shout “Black power,” others demand reparations from white motorists, challenge “redneck” white militias, “Three Percenters” to combat; nine-story bas-relief sculpture carved into rock depicts Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis, site of rebirth of KKK in 1915, park reopened on 4th of July after weeks on pandemic lockdown; leftist mob tears down Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore, throws it into city’s Inner Harbor as Maoist-inspired Cultural Revolution continues to sweep America; mean- while Red China apparently smuggling arms into USA as CBP seizes shipment of 10,800 assault weapons parts in Louisville, KY on May 22, contraband originated from Shenzhen, destined for residence in Melbourne, FL; Port Director at Louisville Thomas Mahn: “This smuggler was knowingly trying to avoid detection, however, our officers remain vigilant, ensuring our community is safe”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

We would like to think that the majority of Black Americans are patriots. However, if a certain faction has been radicalized by the Left, the same can be observed about White Americans, Hispanic Americans, etc. In any case, can we help but wonder if Soros provides the cash while Chairman Xi provides the arms?

USA File: Air Force One, transporting President Trump and First Lady Melania, flies over Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota before touching down at Ellsworth AFB on July 3, US Navy’s Blue Angels carry out flyover after POTUS arrives at iconic land- mark for Independence Day fireworks celebration, POTUS addresses nation, references radical left threats to demolish “white supremacist” Mt. Rushmore: “They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive. But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country and all of its values, history and culture to be taken from them”; “This left-wing cultural revolution will never be allowed to destroy our way of life or take away our freedom”; previously denounced Greater New York Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome for issuing violent threat on June 24: “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it”; meanwhile BLM and indigenous protesters try to prevent 7,500 patriots from driving to Mt. Rushmore event by parking vans across road, removing wheels, National Guard deployed, 13 arrested

WW4 File: India’s nationalist PM, Narendra Modi, makes surprise visit to Nimu military base in disputed Himalayan region of Ladakh, follows deadly clash with Red China on June 15, rallies some 45,000 troops with oblique reference to “expansionist” designs of PRC: “Long live mother India! Enemies of India have seen your fire and fury. Days of expansionism are over. Expansionism creates danger for world peace. This is an era of development. Expansionist forces have either lost or forced to turn back”; Ji Rong, PRC embassy spokes-person in New Delhi, quickly dismissed Modi’s allega- tions of “expansionism”; de-escalation talks between opposing military commanders, moreover, have not prevented People’s Liberation Army from deploying 20,000 troops along Line of Actual Control, additional division held in reserve in northern Xinjiang province; PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian rumbles: “India should not make a strategic miscalculation on China”; meanwhile Philippines Foreign Sec. Teodoro Locsin Jr has rebuked Red China for its ongoing naval drills near Paracel Islands, launched on July 1: “Should the exercises spill over to Philippine territory, then China is forewarned that it will be met with the severest response, diplomatic and whatever else is appropriate”

Useful Idiots Bin: FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell (58) at 156-acre Bradford, NH hideaway, Jeffrey Epstein’s reputed madam charged with conspiring to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, perjury and other offenses; Maxwell bought million-dollar New England home anonymously last Dec.; arrest comes almost one year after death of her ex-lover, Epstein’s pre-trial demise at Metropolitan Correctional Center in L. Manhattan officially ruled suicide, but widely believed to have been murdered; also revitalizes questions over Prince Andrew’s potential cooperation with US authorities, acting US attorney Audrey Strauss on disgraced British royal’s close friendship with Epstein: “We would welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk to us. We would like to have the benefit of his statement”; Maxwell — like her pro-Soviet media tycoon father Robert who drowned in 1991 — believed to work for Mossad or Agaf HaModi’in; speculation: Hollywood producer Steve Bing possibly tipped off re. Maxwell’s pending arrest, committed suicide on June 22 by flinging himself from 27th floor of Century City residence, Bing moved in “hard-partying” Democrat circles that included Bill Clinton, “frequent flyer” to Epstein’s “Orgy Island” in USVI

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

related post 1

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Very. Big. News.

Maxwell, however, knows too much about too many rich and powerful men. We suspect she will probably disappear into the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: RCMP arrests unemployed reservist soldier on grounds of Rideau Cottage early morning on July 2, Canadian Ranger Corey Hurren armed with rifle and two shotguns, rammed pick-up truck through gates, “wanted to speak with prime minister,” Justin Trudeau not present at temporary Ottawa residence; meanwhile retired Mississauga, ON firefigher Norman Traversy addresses 1,500 patriots at Canada Day rally on Parlia- ment Hill (where Trudeau Liberals have suspended national legislature for more than six months “due to COVID- 19”), leads march to US embassy where he delivers 192-page doc to diplomatic staff, with request for Presidents Trump and López Obrador to investigate corruption of Trudeau regime, inc. child trafficking, USMCA (“NAFTA 2.0”) comes into effect on July 1, Sec. 27 allows each country in economic pact to impose tariffs if other governments corrupt; Traversy frus- trated by RCMP inaction, launched private prosecution last Sept. against Trudeau for alleged obstruction of justice role in SNC-Lavalin affair, court stayed case for supposed “lack of evidence”; People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier speaks at rally, later tweets: “Let’s stop apologizing for our past and for who we are and let’s celebrate with pride”

WW4 File: Red China mobilizes for two-front war with USA and its E. Asian allies, separately with India even as Hong Kong police fire pepper spray, tear gas, water cannon at protesters marching against Beijing’s new security law, chanting slogans such as “Hong Kong Independence, the Only Way Out”; 300 arrested, nine under provisions of new law on charge of promoting secession, law also criminalizes “subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces”; Civil Human Rights Front rejects HK’s COVID-19 restrictions: “Everyone knows that public health is only an excuse to deprive our civil liberties under the National Security Law”; meanwhile PLA’s HK garrison showcases joint air and sea patrol in social media vid, and 73rd Group Army conducts live-fire exercise off PRC’s SE coast, drills involve “mock targeting” of contested islands and reefs in S. China Sea; in response to deadly June 15 clash with Red Chinese troops, India deploys air defence systems in disputed Ladakh region, PLAAF activates bases in Xinjiang Uyghur and Tibet autonomous regions, fighter jets regularly make show of strength in Aksai Chin; Indian Navy holds joint drills with Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force near Malacca Strait

USA File: Black American celebrities step forward to disavow communist front org Black Lives Matter, rapper Lord Jamar insists BLM yet another Soros-funded political project designed to hinder African-Americans, Turning Point USA interview asked if he supported George Floyd protests (i.e., riots, looting, arson): “No. Absolutely not. Because this isn’t our movement. It’s a movement that was given to us by, you know, George Soros and his f**king boys. Because they saw how things were going and they didn’t want it to go back to the 60s – to where we start having our own, organic movement. That was a big f**king problem for them. ‘So let’s give the people a movement that we can control – we’ll provide them the leaders…’ and all this type of s**t. Yeah, that’s what Black Lives Matter is. Look at the leaders of Black Lives Matter”; America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews worries BLM could promote further racial inequality, tweets: “We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #black- livesbetter”; meanwhile Minnesota GOP State Rep. Steve Green believes Minneapolis City Council’s vote to disband police first step in placing Twin Cities under radical leftist and “Muslim rule”: “What you’re looking at, in my humble opinion, is communism moving into Minneapolis and St. Paul”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Radical leftists and radical Islamists are united in their hatred of America so Rep. Green’s comments are not hyperbole . . .

Red Terror File: St. Louis becomes new epicenter for anarcho-communist insurrection sweeping USA, 500 Black Lives Matter agitators break into gated community in city’s Central West End on June 28, besiege mayor’s residence, demand her resignation, accuse Democrat Lyda Krewson of endangering lives of comrades by publicizing names of “defund the police” advocates; mob marches along private road en route to mayor’s home, threatens Mark and Patricia McCloskey as they stand guard—with guns drawn–outside their mansion; St. Louis police label invasion as case of trespassing and fourth-degree assault by intimidation: “The group began yelling obscenities and threats of harm to both victims. When the victims observed multiple subjects who were armed, they then armed themselves and contacted police”; President Trump retweets vid of McCloskeys, US Park Police wanted bulletins of vandals trying to topple Andrew Jackson statue, political ad exposing Dems’ support for rioting, looting and arson committed under cover of George Floyd “protests”; radical Muslim member of BLM Umar Lee calls for mob to target home of St. Louis Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski at 1 a.m. on July 1, accuses Catholics of “working with the KKK”; Lee allegedly organized violent assault against Gateway Pundit-sponsored prayer rally at St. Louis statue on June 27

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear of our lives. This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob.
— Mark McCloskey to St. Louis’ News 4, June 29, 2020

MUST-WATCH INTERVIEW: Fernando Aguirre, host of The Modern Survivalist, and ex-US Navy SEAL Matt Bracken discuss how neighborhoods can defend themselves from mob invasions. The relevance of this discussion cannot be overstated since the interview was conducted on June 27, two days before BLM attacked a gated community in St. Louis.

No more media or legal immunity for Antifa, BLM and their co-conspirators on the Left.

WW4 File: USAF F-22 fighter jets intercept four Russian Navy Tu-142 recon aircraft flying in Alaska’s ADIZ on June 27, intruding Bear F/J aircraft flew within 65 nautical miles of Aleutian Islands and remained in zone for nearly eight hours, but did not enter US or Canadian sovereign airspace; NORAD commander Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy: “Despite COVID-19, we remain fully ready and capable of conducting our no-fail mission of homeland defense”; Russian aerial intrusion at least fourth such incident this month, occurs amid uptick in Red Chinese air force incursions into Taiwanese airspace, Moscow and Beijing locked into strategic partnership; meanwhile NYT reports that Russian MI “secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan — including targeting American troops — amid the peace talks to end the long-running war there,” GRU unit “linked to assassination attempts and other covert operations in Europe intended to destabilize the West or take revenge on turncoats”; President Trump denounces story as “fake news,” demands NYT produce sources, tweets: “Nobody’s been tougher on Russia than the Trump Administration”

End Times File: “Swarmageddon”: Apocalyptic swarms of locusts encircling planet, 15-square-kilometer invasion force heads towards Brazil and Uruguay after descending on NE Argentina, Brazilian farmers in S. states of Río Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina brace for arrival of 40 million voracious insects; meanwhile billions of locusts continue to plague S. Asia, Dhaka Tribune: “Massive swarms of desert locusts have been destroying crops in many parts of western and central India, spearing into Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab now, after Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana”; UN Food and Agricultural Org warns of locust-induced famines in Africa and Arabian Penin- sula: “The current Desert Locust situation remains extremely alarming and represents an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods in the Horn of Africa”; “This will be further exacerbated by new breeding that has commenced, which will cause more locust infestations”; first infestations for 2020 in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, second set in Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, Yemen and Oman; above-average rainfall in Horn of Africa and Arabia created ideal breeding conditions, locusts in “gregarious phase” can multiply 20-fold every three months

WW4 File: ROC Ministry of National Defense reports eighth intrusion of PLAAF aircraft into airspace of Taiwan this month, type of aircraft not mentioned, previous incursions inc. bombers, fighter jets and early warning aircraft; while US aircraft carriers overcome health emergency created by Red Chinese bioweapon known as COVID-19, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Ronald Reagan and their strike groups sailing in Philippine Sea, USS Nimitz strike group off US West Coast; follows June 25 flights of two US recon aircraft and transport plane over Bashi Channel, PLAN subs transit strait, which separates Taiwan and Philippines, to access Pacific; meanwhile, Indian and Red Chinese military commanders hold talks in disputed Galwan Valley, agree to de-escalate tensions in Himalayan border region that led to deadly clash on June 15, even as new deployments belie overtures of peace; Indian Army reportedly plans to retake territory of Aksai Chin, which Red China seized in 1962, deploys 45,000 troops along Line of Actual Control, inc. its most powerful T-90 Bhishma tank; Indian media reports that tents erected by PLA in Galwan and demolished on June 15 have “reappeared,” also “there is a significant increase in Chinese construction activity there”

USA File: Billionaire socialist, “Shadow Party” bank- roller George Soros interviewed by Project Syndicate last month, identifies COVID-19 pandemic as “revolu- tionary moment,” disingenuously portrays self as constitutionalist while trashing President Trump as “dictator”: “This is the crisis of my lifetime. Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolu- tionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary”; “Donald Trump would like to be a dictator. But he cannot be one because there is a constitution in the United States that people still respect. And it will prevent him from doing certain things. That does not mean that he will not try . . .”; meanwhile 300 BLM agitators besiege police sub-station in Madison, WI after activist Devorne Johnson arrested, smash win- dows and set fire before moving on to state legislature, behead and topple statue of abolitionist Hans Christian Heg, dump monument in Lake Monona, smash state- house windows, assault Democratic state senator Tim Carpenter after he takes pics, Republican state Assembly leader Robin Vos tweets: “This is absolutely despicable. I am saddened at the cowardice of Madison officials to deal with these thugs”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

The radical left is not sparing its foolish supporters in the Democratic Party. The revolution will consume its own as the French, Russian and many other political eruptions in the past have proved . . .

USA File: Communism expert Jeff Nyquist summarizes Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s treasonous career to promote Marxist revolution, divide Americans by race, libelous references to President Trump as “white supremacist”: “[S]he is the single-most conspic- uous anti-American agitator of today. Her rhetoric is an incitement to insurrection, however subtle or indirect”; meanwhile Maoist-inspired Cultural Revolution contin- ues unabated one month after George Floyd murder, Antifa/BLM mob clashes with DC police on June 22 after failing to topple statue of Andrew Jackson near White House, letters “BHAZ” spray-painted on columns of previously torched St. John’s Episcopal Church, standing for “Black House Autonomous Zone”; POTUS invokes Veterans’ Memorial Preservation Act to threaten vandals with 10-year prison sentence, tweets: “There will never be an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Washington, D.C., as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!”; meanwhile Seattle Mayor Jenny (“Summer of Love”) Durkan agrees to dismantle Capitol Hill Occupied Protest after three shootings, inc. one fatality, in cop-free district; far-left vandals trash WW2 memorial in Charlotte, NC, deface monument with hammer and sickle; statue of Christopher Columbus in S. Philadelphia boxed up after three days of heated contention between supporters and opponents of legacy of Italian explorer

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Deadliest mass shooting in country’s history boasts “hallmarks of undercover operation” according to prestigious news mag, Gabriel Wortman made highly irregular private citizen’s withdrawal of C$475,000 from Brink’s depot in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on March 30, CCTV shows denturist with police regalia hobby stashing carryall, stuffed with hundred dollar bills, in trunk of car three weeks before using smuggled firearms to kill 22 people in shooting spree; Wortman’s two known businesses did not normally handle such cash volumes; RCMP denies “special relationship” with deceased killer but former Mountie tells Maclean’s: “There’s no way a civilian can just make an arrangement like that. I’ve worked a number of CI cases over the years and that’s how things go. All the payments are made in cash. To me that transaction alone proves he has a secret relationship with the force”; second former Mountie: “I think you’ve proved with that single fact that he had a relationship with the police. He was either a CI or an agent”; bloodshed provided pretext for pro-communist Trudeau regime’s order-in-council banning swathe of semi-auto guns while parliament on pandemic lockdown, unable to debate decision

source 1 source 2 source 3

Many American patriots believe the FBI is corrupt, especially since the Obama Admin. Here in Canada the RCMP is equally corrupt refusing, among other derelictions of duty, to arrest our “Crime Minister” for his obvious obstruction of justice in the SNC-Lavalin affair. This sordid tale of bribery in Qaddafi’s Libya sent former company exec Sami Bebawi to jail this past January but, somehow, just somehow, RCMP commissioner and Trudeau appointee Brenda Lucki overlooked Justin’s role . . .

BTW, Canada’s parliament is STILL on pandemic lockdown and will remain so until September. Whether or not he’s purposely emulating his father — i.e., Pierre Trudeau or Fidel Castro (take your pick) — Manchurian Candidate Justin has effectively neutered Canada’s democracy.

USA File: President Trump at June 20 re-election campaign rally in Tulsa condemns radical left, i.e., Antifa and Black Lives Matter, for nationwide toppling of statues of historic figures, attacking US history as irredeemably “racist,” essentially admits existence of plot to overthrow US government, establish communist dictatorship: “This cruel campaign of censorship and exclusion violates everything we hold dear as Americans. They want to demolish our heritage so they can impose their new oppressive regime in its place”; “unhinged left-wing mob” attempting “to vandalize our history . . . tear down our statues, and punish, cancel, and persecute anyone who does not conform to their demands for absolute and total control. We’re not conforming”; communism expert from New Zealand Trevor Loudon interviewed by Epoch Times, accuses radical left of carrying out “Maoist tactic of erasing the form of culture,” perceptively comments: “Maoism is about building a new man, a new society. You have to destroy all remnants of the old society. You have to destroy memorials and the former culture so you can build a new society”; “The Cultural Revolution wiped out the previous Chinese culture; they toppled statues and desecrated monuments”

WW4 File: Republic of Korea Armed Forces reports Korean People’s Army “forward deploys” troops to previously vacated guard posts, ROK joint chiefs of staff: “We are keeping an eye on related activities of the North Korean military. So far, no direct action has been confirmed”; KPA movements also detected at disputed Northern Limit Line in Yellow Sea; Russian Air Force scrambles three types of aircraft to intercept two USAF B-52 strategic bombers on unprecedented mission over Sea of Okhotsk on June 18, Kremlin admits at no time did Stratofortresses ever approach Russia’s sovereign airspace; People’s Liberation Army recently carried out tank drills in Tibet Autonomous Region amid Himalay-an border conflict with India, PLA Xizang Military Command says exercise focused on “…infantry and tank offensive formation, enemy firepower strike, initiation of attack, defensive counter-impact, in-depth attack, etc.”; Peter Pry, director of independent EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, confirms Red China preparing high-altitude EMP against US power grid, even as Australia blames PRC for months-long cyberattack against state-owned utilities and hospitals

Red Terror File: United Nations’ role in communist insurrection sweeping through US cities clearly exposed in official June 19 tweet that condemns Trump Admin’s intention to classify Anti-Fascist Action as terrorist org: “UN #HumanRights experts express profound concern over a recent statement by the US Attorney-General [Bill Barr] describing #Antifa and other anti-fascist activists as domestic terrorists, saying it undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country”; even as Antifa/Black Lives Matter thugs in Portland drape burning flag over statue of first US president George Washington, then topple monument in ongoing nationwide orgy of vandalism against historic sites; Antifa/BLM mob overturns statue of Confederate general, prominent Masonic author Albert Pike on federal property in Washington, DC, President Trump calls for arrest of vandals, rebukes inaction of DC police; two more Confederate statues in Raleigh, NC; and in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park statues of Spanish Catholic priest and friar St. Junípero Serra; Francis Scott Key, composer of Star-Spangled Banner; and, in admission of Left’s pervasive historical ignorance, Union general and later US President Ulysses S. Grant

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

A United Nations-endorsed, communist-led Cultural Revolution is well underway in the USA. The second stage of the revolution will likely involve the mass murder of white Americans and the overthrow of the constitutional republic. The Trump Admin’s response has been tepid, more talk than action, no doubt due to Deep State agents in the White House and Pentagon. Although patriots have organized and armed themselves to counter a few instances of BLM/Antifa mob violence, heavier firepower will be necessary . . .

Red Terror File: Black Lives Matter providing cover for communist insurgency in USA even though systemic racism ended in 1960s, initial stage consists of rioting, looting, arson, assaulting police, defunding PDs, cop-free autonomous zones, toppling statues of historic figures; BLM co-founders Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrise Cullors self-avowed Marxists, Garza held leadership positions in fronts for pro-Beijing Freedom Road Socialist Org, 2015 pic shows Tometi with Venezuela’s red dictator Nicolas Maduro, Cullors has called for BLM cadres to “rise up” and “burn everything down” across America; Democratic Socialists of America, Workers’ World Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Revolutionary Communist Party also involved; UN meddling in insurrection as George Floyd’s family petitions globalist org to disarm US police, Sec.-Gen. António Guterres permits UN staff to protest: “[T]here is no ban on personal expressions of solidarity or acts of peaceful civic engagement, provided they are carried out in an entirely private capacity”; meanwhile BLM stages provocations in mostly white towns in both USA and Canada; 80 BLM agitators descend on Bethel, OH, only to encounter 700 patriotic counter-protesters in two-day standoff; 300 BLM cadres from Calgary invade Innisfail, Rebel News reporter challenges activists to provide instances of “police brutality” in sleepy Alberta town

WW4 File: Republic of China Air Force scrambles fighter jets to scare off PLAAF five times over past 10 days, aggressor warplanes entering Taiwan’s air defense identification zone inc. J-10, J-11 and Su-30 fighter aircraft, and Y-8 surveillance/transport aircraft; Beijing, however, goes ballistic when unarmed USN/ USAF C-40 Clipper military transport flew over Taiwan on June 9, PRC’s Taiwan Affairs Office: “It was an illegal act and a seriously provocative incident. We express strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition”; Taipei to open office to help Hong Kong refugees as PRC’s rubberstamp parliament passes new draconian security law; meanwhile amid de-escalation talks between nuclear-armed powers Beijing and New Delhi, Indian DM Rajnath Singh, Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat and three service chiefs agree to rush additional troops and weaponry to all “key frontline bases and formations” along Line of Actual Control in Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh; raise alert level for air force bases tasked with monitoring LAC; and also raise alert level for naval fleet in Indian Ocean, where PLAN has been “making regular forays” via S. China Sea

WW4 File: North Korea blows up two-year-old, four-story joint liaison building in border town Kaesong, announces intention to cut communication links with South, follows expressions of anger over defector plan to distribute leaflets in North; destruction of inter-Korean office “major setback” to efforts by ROK Pres. Moon Jae-in to foster cooperation with DPRK; communist troops reportedly preparing to enter DMZ, Pyongyang mouthpiece KCNA publishes statement from Korean Workers’ Army: “Our army is keeping a close watch on the current situation in which the north-south relations are turning worse and worse, and getting itself fully ready for providing a sure military guarantee to any external measures to be taken by the [Korean Workers’] Party and government. The KPA is studying an action plan for taking measures to make the army advance again into the zones that had been demilita- rized under the north-south agreement, turn the front line into a fortress . . .”; meanwhile stone-throwing and fist-flying encounters between Indian and Red Chinese soldiers in former’s Ladakh region lead to exchange of gunfire, 20 Indian soldiers killed, unverified reports of 43 PLA casualties, deadliest clash between two countries since 1967 war

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Second Sino-Indian War

While you were distracted by the pre-election leftist insurgency in America’s Democrat-run cities the world’s two most populous nuclear powers are exchanging blows . . .

USA File: Mayor’s office-sanctioned Antifa/Black Lives Matter enclave in Seattle renamed from CHAZ to Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), megaphone-wielding agitator alludes to mass murder of opponents under cover of name change: “Does anybody know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?”; audience responds: “CHOPPED”; agitator continues: “That is the message we need to send. We are serious. This is not a joke”; CHAZ/CHOP promotes anti-white racism by urging retrials of violent non-white offenders by non-white juries, every white supporter to pay $10 reparation to at least one black acquaintance; social media vid shows CHAZ/CHOP “warlord” Raz open car trunk, hand AR-15 to young man (minor?) even as Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club reported to be providing armed security for commune, lauds former member Willem van Spronsen (69) as “martyr” after attempting to firebomb ICE Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma last year, police shot Spronsen dead; BLM mob in Portland targets statue of Thomas Jefferson in front of high school of same name, knocks over monument to USA’s slave-owning third president, founder of predecessor party to current Democrats, and principal author of Declaration of Independence

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2019 Tacoma Attack

A Maoist-style Cultural Revolution is sweeping across the USA under the leadership of Antifa, BLM and other leftist orgs. The revolution’s targets are monuments to dead white men, including some of the most significant figures in American history. The revolution is also leading toward genocide since the next stated targets will be living white men. In fact, the latter is already taking place as white cops come under fire by extremists . . .

USA File: Minneapolis City Council unanimously votes to abolish police dept., replace with “community-led public safety system,” follows three nights of rioting, looting and arson in reaction to George Floyd murder; meanwhile office of Seattle’s mayor admits Jenny Durkan urged police to withdraw from East Precinct, allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to establish Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone: “After the consultation with [Police] Chief [Carmen] Best, Mayor Durkan determined the situation would best be deescalated by removing the barriers and large presence of officers and the National Guard”; Guardsman describes how Washington Gov. Jay Inslee sent soldiers against leftist mob unarmed: “We had NO way to defend ourselves and HAD TO rely upon the SEATTLE POLICE DEPT. to protect us . . .”; local news reports armed guards patrolling CHAZ but with concealed carry, Epoch Times interviews CHAZ resident Raz Simone, Seattle rapper denies “warlord” role, alleges death threats reason for his open carry, admits he’s in daily communication with mayor’s office; Bikers for Trump announces plan for “punitive expedition” to expel mob from Seattle neighborhood on July 1, disavows violence but will remove barriers from public property

Red Terror File: French Revolution-style “Reign of Terror” spreading throughout Anglophone democracies in wake of George Floyd’s murder, “anti-racist” protests/riots ironically (or purposely) promoting hatred toward white people, mobs of millennials and teens under goading of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other leftist orgs topple and deface statues derided as “dead white men,” representing “oppressive white Christian civilization”; 1,000 protesters gather in Richmond, VA during week of June 7, topple statues of Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis, Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham, and Italian explorer Christopher Columbus; Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who has already angered patriots with his pro-infanticide and gun-grabbing policies, orders removal of monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, only to be slapped by circuit court judge’s 10-day stay so lawsuit opposing removal can be heard; UK authorities board up statue of Sir Winston Churchill after leftist mob demands its removal, even though wartime PM widely regarded as one of UK’s greatest leaders, staunch opponent of Hitlerism; Australian police protect statue of Captain James Cook in Sydney from vandals

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The world communist movement’s violent hatred of “dead white men” has been building steam for a few years. In 2018 the town of Arcata, California removed a statue of President William McKinley while the city of Victoria, British Columbia ditched a monument to Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. McDonald. The Left is profoundly racist because to this day many white people around the world remain staunchly anti-communist.

USA File: Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle quickly degenerates into warlordism as local rapper Solomon Samuel (“Raz”) Simone appoints himself chief of cop-free Antifa/Black Lives Matter enclave, armed thugs patrol neighborhood, shake down residents, Christopher F. Rufo reports: “Rapper Raz Simone, who has been patrolling the barricades with an AK-47 and a handgun, has begun assaulting residents who disobey him. ‘We are the police now,’ says his crew. ‘We are the leaders'”; The Whole Story’s take on CHAZ commune: “Raz Simone, a Seattle local, stated he belongs to the ‘People’s Force,’ a replacement for Seattle PD in #Free CapitolHill. On June 8th in a live video he advised that unfamiliar faces should be stopped, questioned, and checked to see if they’re armed . . .”; follows UK tabloid’s exclusive June 3 interview with head of BLM’s Greater New York chapter, in which Hawk Newsome vowed to develop Black Panther-style military wing that would carry out “armed patrols” to “challenge police brutality”: “We want freedom from an oppressive government, and we want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police. And we [are] prepare[d] to stop these government sanctioned murders by any means necessary. We are preparing and training our people to defend our communities”

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First there was Escape from New York. Then came Escape from L.A. Now Escape from Seattle has arrived . . .

USA File: President Trump launches tweet storm against Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee and Mayor Jenny Durkan over formation of cop-free zone in Seattle neighborhood, armed thugs from Antifa and Black Lives Matter guarding “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” after running police out of precinct, extorting businesses within six square block area, apparently planning to take over more neighborhoods and police precincts, follows week of George Floyd protests/riots; POTUS: “Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle, run by Radical Left Democrats, of course. LAW & ORDER!” “Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before. Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stooped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!”; Durkan unconcerned, fires back with expression of solidarity with insurgents: “Make us all safe. Go back to your bunker. #BlackLivesMatter”; Inslee professes ignorance of anarchic situation in Seattle neighborhood: “That’s news to me”; meanwhile socialist city council member Kshama Sawant fomenting putsch against mayor

USA File: Toronto-based alt-media outlet Post Millen- nial covering Antifa activities in Seattle, designated terrorist org planning to take over more neighbor- hoods in PNW’s largest city, source describes situation in newly declared Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), which inc. East Precinct building, lately abandoned by Seattle Police Dept.: “They [Antifa] bar media from entering and screen people coming in. They are walking around fully armed. Talking about making their own currency and making their own flag. SPD is talking about abandoning the west precinct now”; officer formerly stationed in E. Precinct: “Antifa are extorting money and businesses in the Capital Hill Zone for protection money”; SPD likely to yield more ground: “The main concern according to the source is that the SPD West Precinct also houses the city’s 911 call centre. There have been reports of sensitive material and equipment being moved out of the West Precinct. Walk-in lobbies of all precincts are shut down as local officials appear to be conceding handing over more of the city as well as police precincts to Antifa”; signs on CHAZ barricades: “You are now leaving the USA. Long live the f-ing revolution”; Seattle Antifacists tweet: “We need more people with guns at the CHAZ”

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The moderate left in the Democratic Party, which controls 35 of the 50 largest cities in the USA, cannot be expected to stand up to hard-left putschists. Urban America is facing an incipient anarcho-communist insurgency, much as it did in the 1970s with the Weather Underground. The George Floyd protests/riots were just the opening shots . . .

Red World Order File: World communist movement seizes George Floyd’s murder to promote revolution under cover of “anti-racism” and “anti-police brutality” demos; several thousand Black Lives Matter protesters briefly occupy Seattle City Hall after business hours on Tues. evening, activists admitted into building by city council’s openly socialist member Kshama Sawant, continue articulating demands for defunding Seattle PD, forcing resignation of Mayor Jenny Durkan; elements of leftist mob later retreat to “cop-free” Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone; BLM’s leftist orientation on display as Edmonton rally dumps Alberta’s Nigerian-born minister of municipal affairs from speakers’ list at last minute, Kaycee Madu African-Canadian but member of province’s center-right cabinet, tweets: “The bitterly angry Alberta NDP [provincial socialist party] told me to reflect on why I was not welcome to speak at a Black Lives Matter event at the Legislature”; BLM-led protests in London, Brussels, Antwerp and Gothenburg–Sweden’s second largest city–degenerate into riots and clashes with police, vandalism and destruction of statues of figures representing “white supremacy” (e.g., Sir Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln?!), patriots attempt to protect historic sites

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110,000 white Union troops gave their lives during the American Civil War to end black slavery. Various civil rights acts and the deployment of still more federal troops during the 1950s and 1960s brought an end to lingering injustices in the Southern states, i.e., segregation. Or does BLM believe in fomenting race war and imposing communism to end the institutional racism that no longer exists in the USA? As usual, the Left is historically illiterate . . .

BTW, is Sawant plotting some sort of municipal-level coup in Seattle with the intent, possibly, of installing herself as mayor? LOL, we’re aware that “Seattle” and “leftist mob” are somewhat redundant terms . . .

USA File: Leftist mob announces creation of six square block “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle, Antifa terrorists posting on Twitter as “Occupied Seattle” announce same, follows week of George Floyd protests after which police abandon, board up Precinct Three building, Washington National Guard also pulls out of neighborhood; last weekend witnessed several nights of “mayhem” in which SPD used flash bang devices and pepper spray to disperse protesters, next evening motorist crashes into barricade and exits vehicle brandishing pistol; Mayor Jenny Durkan reveals that she received “specific information from the FBI about threats to the East Precincts and buildings in Seattle”; three members of Seattle City Council, inc. Socialist Alternative cadre Kshama Sawant, demand 50% defunding of SPD, mayor’s resignation over police use of teargas in spite of ban; petition to oust Durkan reaches 25K signatures, Sawant: “I support the growing number of people who have signed a petition calling on Mayor Durkan to resign or be impeached for gassing her own people”; “What we are seeing now is an upris- ing. A rebellion of young people. Not just nationwide but globally”; Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle and King Co. calls for statewide general strike and “March for Black Lives” on June 12

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Thanks to Antifa and BLM, Seattle, like Minneapolis, has a new “no-go zone.” There’s a reason the Emerald City is part of the Left Coast . . .

USA File: Majority of Minneapolis City Council commits to abolish police dept. following in-custody killing of George Floyd on May 25, week of rioting in cities nation- wide; Antifa-supporting councillor Jeremiah Ellison in June 7 statement: “We are not going to hit the eject button without a plan, so today was the announcement of the formulation of that plan”; Ellison son of Keith, former Congressman currently serving as Minnesota AG; council president Lisa Bender vows to “re-create systems of public safety that actually keep us safe”; council to proceed over objections of Mayor Jacob Frey, who admitted his opposition to abolition at June 6 Black Lives Matter demo, slunk away after unruly mob expelled him from rally; Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party holds 12 of 13 seats on council, Greens hold one; US AG Bill Barr: “We have evidence that Antifa and other similar extremist groups as well as actors of a variety of different political persuasions have been involved in instigating and participating in the violent activity”; health care workers at Emory U. Hospital express solidarity with BLM by organizing White Coats for Black Lives, tacitly admit political origin of “scam- demic” lockdowns, at least in Dem-run states

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The Communist Party of China and their Western globalist collaborators made sure to release a real virus that would convince medical professionals that there was a real threat to public health, thereby providing a pretext for the draconian lockdowns that followed, a mechanism to collapse the US economy, and a means to endanger President Trump’s re-election bid. However, we pointed this out nearly six weeks ago . . .

Useful Idiots Bin: Black Lives Matter demands defund- ing and/or outright abolition of police departments in wake of nationwide Antifa-led riots; politicians, soldiers and police grovel in abject, Maoist-style “struggle sessions”; follows months of far-left demands to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement; LA Mayor Eric Garcetti kneels with BLM protesters on June 2, National Guardsmen patrolling Hollywood also “take a knee”; five Democrat senators–Tim Kaine (D-VA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Michael Bennet (D-CO)–kneel during moment of silence for George Floyd on Capitol Hill on June 5; Minnesota Congresswoman, “Squad” member Ilhan Omar attends Minneapolis BLM rally on June 6, shouts “We need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Dept.,” city’s DFL mayor Jacob Frey also attends, blathers liberal-left talking points about “his own brokenness” but refuses to bow to mob’s chief demands, enraged protesters shout “Get the f— out of here,” chant “Go home, Jacob, go home”; Michael Shaw, police chief of Webster, MA joins BLM die-in against “police brutality” by fully prostrating himself with other protesters

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Struggle session

Left engaged in full-scale assault on law and order in USA . . .

USA File: Billionaire socialist, patriots’ bete noire George Soros in rare public statement denies his Open Society Foundation funding Antifa-led campaign of rioting, looting and arson that erupted in Minneapolis on May 26: “Those protesting the death of Mr. [George] Floyd and police brutality across the nation do so out of a deep and abiding concern for their country; they don’t do so for pay from these foundations or any other, as some cynics claim. Such assertions are false, offensive, and do a disservice to the very bedrock of our demo- cracy . . .”; meanwhile thousands converge at Lincoln Memorial on June 6 to once again protest Floyd’s murder, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser welcomes throng to “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” even as Def. Sec. Mark Esper, without consulting President Trump, orders National Guard tasked with protecting national capital DISARMED, tussles with POTUS over deployment of active-duty troops, 3rd US Infantry Regiment sent back to Fort Myer; Chicago police find 14 buckets of bricks in South Loop ahead of “anti-racism/police brutality” demos in Windy City, follows discovery of “suspicious” piles of bricks placed near protest routes in several cities nationwide, BBC “Reality Check” scoffs at social media “conspiracy theories”

Useful Idiots Bin: George Floyd protests go global as 3,000 Greek leftists (Antifa?) march through streets of Athens on June 3, denounce “racism” and “police brutality,” carry placards reading “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe,” firebomb US embassy, riot police respond with teargas, form cordon of police buses around compound; follows protest two days before, in which Communist Youth of Greece converged outside embassy, held signs saying “Capitalism means I can’t breathe”; meanwhile 1,200 public health officials sign open letter penned by U. of Washington infectious disease “experts,” allege “white supremacy” greater threat to world than COVID-19, insist (with breath- taking impertinence but presumably with straight faces) that attending mass rallies against “racism” and “police brutality” permissible under pandemic lockdowns, furthermore masks should be “celebrated” rather than viewed as “easy way” for looters to hide their identity; however anti-lockdown demos supposedly “rooted in white nationalism”; letter excerpts: “As public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States”

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COVID-19 may be a public health issue but leftism, wherever it rears its ugly head, is a mental health issue, not to mention a national security issue . . .

USA File: Armed patriots respond to Democrat-backed anarcho-communist insurrection paralyzing cities under guise of “George Floyd protests,” form militias and neighborhood watches, patrol streets, guard homes, businesses and historic sites, and confront rioters and looters in absence of police protection; represent regular Americans of all ethnic backgrounds exercising their 2A rights, defending their families, property and country, from insurrection epicenter of Minneapolis to places like Coeur d’Alene, ID, Casper, WY and Alamo Cenotaph in San Antonio; designated terror org Antifa may take campaign of destruction to suburbs and rural areas, during May 28 interview Minneapolis rioter warns: “Ain’t nothing left here so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y’all gonna do?”; Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, FL recommends homeowners shoot looters as Natural News exclusive reports Antifa terrorists planning to raid Sparta, IL, town of 4,300 residents 45 miles SE of St. Louis, burn farmhouses, kill white farming families and their live- stock; speculation: Dem governors released prisoners during pandemic lockdowns not out of health concerns but to foment planned riots

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Patriots realize that a Deep State-backed communist uprising is underway to topple the Trump Admin and destroy the USA. This also presents the Moscow-Beijing Axis with an ideal window of opportunity to launch a military attack against North America. See our last post.

WW4 File: Former MI6 chief (1999-2004) admits Red Chinese bioweapon known as COVID-19 “man-made,” but believes SARS-CoV-2 virus “escaped” from Wuhan P4 biolab, concurs with research of U. of London Prof. Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian virologist Birger Sorensen (as well as earliest scientific observations made by Indian epidemiologists last Jan.), Sir Richard Dearlove: “I do think that this started as an accident. It raises the issue, if China ever were to admit responsibil- ity, does it pay reparations? I think it will make every country in the world rethink how it treats its relation- ship with China . . .”; Dalgleish and Sorensen article questions viability of potential COVID-19 vaccine; meanwhile Russian Navy prepares for “large-scale” exercise in Barents and Norwegian Seas this month, third such maneuver in as many years, 30 surface ships, subs and support vessels and more than 20 aircraft involved; US and UK warships sailed into Barents Sea for first time since mid-1980s last May, while US strate- gic bombers flew several missions over Scandinavia and above Arctic Circle last year; two USAF B1 Lancers carry out first-ever mission with Ukrainian Air Force over Black Sea, train to launch long-range anti-ship missiles, Russian-occupied Crimea in region

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Ten thousand People’s Liberation Army troops reportedly occupying Galwan Valley in India’s federally administered Ladakh region since May 5, incursion occurs amid simmering border dispute that last erupted in 1962 Sino-Indian war, 200 communist troops also enter and occupy India’s North Sikkim district on May 9, high-level diplomatic talks underway to diffuse tensions between world’s most populous nuclear-armed powers; analysis: Beijing’s beef with New Delhi could be genuine but could also divert world’s attention from plans to deprive Hong Kong of its autonomy, invade Republic of China, or turn South China Sea into “backyard pond”; mean- while Red China does not rule out military option to prevent “Taiwanese secession,” Li Zuocheng, chief of Joint Staff Department and member of PRC Central Military Commission, rumbles: “If the possibility for peaceful reunification is lost, the people’s armed forces will, with the whole nation, including the people of Taiwan, take all necessary steps to resolutely smash any separatist plots or actions. We do not promise to abandon the use of force, and reserve the option to take all necessary measures, to stabilise and control the situation in the Taiwan Strait”

USA File: President Trump relieves Mayor Muriel Bowser of command of law enforcement in Washington, DC after latter fails to halt rioting, looting and arson carried out in national capital under guise of George Floyd protests since May 29, National Guard deployed to enforce 7:00 pm curfew; POTUS chastises Democrat governors and mayors for weak response to Antifa-led insurrection against police departments across nation: “If a city or a state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them”; White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany: “There will be additional federal assets deployed across the nation. There will be a central command center in conjunction with the state and local governments that will include [Joint Chiefs Chair] Gen. Milley, [Defense] Secretary Esper, and AG Barr”; Barack Obama’s former NSA Susan Rice rather surprisingly blames Russia for uprising: “I’m not reading the intelligence today, or these days — but based on my experience, this is right out of the Russian playbook. I would not be surprised to learn that they have fomented some of these extremists on both sides on social media… [or] that they’re funding it in some way, shape, or form”

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Care to comment Mr. Putin? Probably not . . .

End Times File: President Trump terminates preferen- tial trading status for Hong Kong, membership in WHO after UN agency shills for Beijing, covers up origin and extent of COVID-19 deaths in PRC; German government whistleblower Stephen Kohn leaks doc, exposes pan- demic as “global false alarm,” key takeaway from his report: “The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overesti- mated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level”; meanwhile NSA Robert O’Brien alleges Red China and Iran foment- ing racially charged “George Floyd” riots as Democratic Party’s militant wing— consisting in part of Antifa and Black Lives Matter— disregards lockdown rules (i.e., “social distancing”), goads disenchanted, unemployed millennials and teens into insurrection under cover of protesting “police brutality,” inc. assaulting business owners, bystanders and truckers; looting stores; clashing with cops; and vandalizing and torching police vehicles; unrest occurs mainly in Dem-run cities, inc. DC where 50 Secret Service agents were injured while defending White House, 4,400 rioters arrested nation- wide, 10 civilians and one cop dead, 26 states mobilize National Guard; “anti-racism” demos spread to Canada, 1000s march in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, looting reported

USA File: White House to finally designate Anti-Fascist Action as terrorist organization, Antifa originated in Germany in 1932, US branch in reality not one but many allied far-left terror groups, some funded by George Soros’ Open Society Institute via Alliance for Global Justice; Fox News observes disingenuous behavior, monumental hypocrisy of Democratic governors and mayors who imposed draconian pandemic lockdowns more than two months ago, now urge insurrectionists to flout same lockdown rules: “Big-city Dems who had imposed strict coronavirus lockdowns now let George Floyd rioters flout rules”; Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey endorses “safe protesting” in nation’s insurrection epicenter: “The city encourages everyone to exercise caution to stay safe while participating in demonstra- tions, including wearing masks and physical distancing as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The city has made hundreds of masks available to protesters this week”; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Nobody is sanctioning the arson, and the thuggery and the burglaries, but the protesters and the anger and the fear and the frustration? Yes. Yes, and the demand is for [Marxist-style] justice”

USA File: Pandemic stay-at-home orders, economic shutdowns forcing 40 million Americans into unemployment, decades of simmering racial hatred light flame of insurrection as National Guard units deploy across Washington DC on May 30, defend White House from protesters rioting under guise of George Floyd rallies, stores looted in Georgetown and downtown DC overnight; follows initial demo outside WH on Friday, tense standoff with Secret Service, protesters burn American flags, chant “I can’t breathe” (Floyd’s final, publicly recorded words), demand President Trump’s resignation; governors of MN, GA, OH, CO, WI, KY, UT and TX activate NG after demos turn violent, curfews imposed in insurrection epicenter of Minneapolis, as well as Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus, Miami, Milwaukee and Rochester, NY; police vehicles damaged and torched, widespread looting in numerous cities, 500 arrested in LA; Minnesota’s DFL Gov. Tim Walz: “This is absolutely no longer about George Floyd or addressing inequities anymore. This is an organized attack designed to destabilize civil society”

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Be assured the Deep State is fomenting this insurrection to overthrow the Trump Admin, just as it conspired with Red China to unleash COVID-19 for the same purpose . . . meanwhile Minnesota’s DFL governor, after helping to cause the problem by imposing an unconstitutional, unscientific pandemic lockdown in his state, has an epiphany: “This is an organized attack designed to destabilize civil society.”

USA File: President Trump blames anarchists and communists for three days of arson and looting in Minneapolis, violent mob overruns MPD Third Precinct building, and racially charged rioting and protests against police brutality in cities across country: “It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left [i.e., Black Lives Matter]. Don’t lay the blame on others!”; concurs with admission by Minnesota’s DFL Gov. Tim Walz: “80% of the RIOTERS in Minneapolis last night were from OUT OF STATE. They are harming businesses (especially African American small businesses), homes, and the commun- ity of good, hardworking Minneapolis residents . . .”; Pentagon announces 800 military police ready to deploy to Minneapolis to support 10,800 National Guard troops, quell violence sparked by May 25 killing of black Minneapolis resident, Christian ministry worker George Floyd; white cop Derek Chauvin charged with third-degree murder after arresting Floyd on allegation of passing counterfeit $20 bill, Chauvin sports history of reckless law enforcement; racially charged protests spread to Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland; rioters besiege CNN HQ in Atlanta, smash lobby windows

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Oh no! The rioters are not maintaining social distancing . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Trudeau Liberals, hobbled in last October’s election by minority mandate, stage soft coup under cover of pandemic lockdowns, secure backing of socialist New Democrats to rule by decree, extend suspension of regular parlia- mentary sittings until Sep. 21, Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic only functioning body in chamber; Trudeau holed up in Rideau Cottage’s gated compound with thuggish RCMP security detail for nearly two months; Conservative MP from northern British Columbia Bob Zimmer: “It is clear that the Liberals want a free pass with zero accountability. We as a demo- cratic country should have a functional Parliament. Instead the Liberals, with the help of the NDP, not only suspended regular House of Commons sittings until the fall, but also shut down debate on this issue yesterday. Parliament right now is a sham . . .”; long-time CBC Radio One host Rex Murphy one of few Canadian jour- nalists condemning Trudeau: “He is either scared of the House of Commons or he has no regard for it. Perhaps it’s both”; plucky young Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte confronts PM on Parliament Hill over Liberal scheme to develop COVID-19 vaccine in cooperation with People’s Liberation Army, human trials to begin in Canada

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related post

A soft coup has taken place in Canada, but a coup nevertheless. This is not a joke. Under the Trudeau Liberals, Canada is securely within the orbit of BEIJING as relations between the USA and Red China tank. Has the Trump Admin taken note? Maybe not. Few Canadians seem to have noticed that their national legislature has been taken offline for more than six months . . .

BTW, Trudeau’s lapdogs in the bought-and-paid-for MSM will cheerfully point out that Conservative PM Stephen Harper prorogued parliament twice between 2008 and 2010 to survive non-confidence votes. Each time the parliamentary suspension required approval from the governor general, was barely two months long, the Liberals and NDP cried foul, and Canadians took to the streets in protest . . .

Red World Order File: Three-week border spat between Red China and India heats up as each country moves about 5,000 troops, with armored vehicles and artillery, to Line of Actual Control est. after 1962 war, standoff began on May 5, scores of soldiers on both sides injured; analysis: Communist Party of China possibly distracting international attention from its draconian plans for Hong Kong and expansionist designs toward Taiwan and S. China Sea; PRC’s rubberstamp National People’s Congress approves national security law that bypasses Hong Kong’s LegCo, authorizes communist security agencies to operate openly in SAR, punish acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign inter- ference; Trump Admin on verge of revoking HK’s special trading status due to loss of autonomy, expels PRC citizens with links to PLA studying at US graduate schools; Canadian judge rules Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou should be extradited to USA to face fraud charges, Meng arrested by RCMP in 2018, communist-run Global Times dismisses Canada as “pathetic clown”; UK to possibly ban, revoke license of China Global TV Network due to unashamed promotion of Beijing line; CPC United Front Work Dept. runs ops out of consulates throughout world, urged “overseas Chinese” to bulk-buy N95 masks to limit other countries’ ability to contain COVID-19 pandemic

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United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

WW4 File: Second Libyan Civil War (2014-) transition- ing into proxy war between Russia and Turkey as Kremlin secretly deploys 14 MiG-29 fighter jets to Libya’s Al Jufra air base, 375 miles SE of Tripoli, in support of rebel Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar fighting UN-recognized Government of National Accord, even as Russian Air Force dispatches seven transports to Bani Walid Airport, 93 miles SE of Tripoli, evacs at least 1,500 Wagner Group mercs fighting on behalf of Haftar; US Army Gen. Stephen Townsend, head of Africa Command: “For too long, Russia has denied the full extent of its involvement in the ongoing Libyan conflict. Well, there is no denying it now”; in response, Ankara deploys C-130 Hercules transport, suspected of containing Turkish mercs and under escort by six F-16 fighter jets, to Libya’s Misrata air base, bolster GNA; meanwhile, two Russian Su-35 fighter jets “cage” US Navy P-8A patrol aircraft for one hour over E. Med on May 26, third such “close call” in region since April, as TASS reports construction under- way of prototype of Russia’s new stealth bomber PAK-DA, materials for cockpit shipped to Tupolev Design Bureau, state-run United Aircraft Corp. declines comment on report

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The script for Libya’s second civil war could have been written during the Cold War . . .

WW4 File: People’s Liberation Army Navy to deploy its two aircraft carriers Liaoning and Shandong to hotly disputed S. China Sea in Aug., participate in beach landing drills on island of Hainan that could be used to simulate takeover of Republic of China’s uninhabited Dongsha Islands; meanwhile PRC attempts to drive wedge between Washington and Canberra, communist-run Global Times reminds Australians that their largest trading partner is PRC: “If the Trump administration plunges the world into a ‘new Cold War,’ forcing China to take countermeasures against the US and its allies, it would be extremely dangerous for Canberra to become a player in a diplomatic club led by the US . . .”; even as Trudeau Liberals hand over Canada’s strategic natural resources (i.e., gold) to Red China, enlist socialist NDP to block Conservative motion to review Sino-Canadian relations in light of unfolding Hong Kong crisis, MP Garnett Genuis: “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trying to use this [COVID-19] pandemic – a pandemic of their own making, to snuff out Hong Kong’s light. To suppress this great city & thus to hide the desire of Hong Kongers and of all Chinese people to be free”

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Whenever the USA adopts policies unfavorable to the Moscow-Beijing Axis, the latter often resorts to warnings of a “new Cold War” . . .

WW4 File: Hong Kong Chief Exec. Carrie Lam dismisses fears that national security law under consideration by Communist China would bypass SAR’s autonomy, deprive Hong Kongers of their civil liberties: “We are a very free society, so for the time being, people have the freedom to say whatever they want to say”; however, Chen Daoxiang, cmdr. of People’s Liberation Army garrison in HK, views proposed law as “conducive to deter separatist forces and external intervention”: “Garrison officers and soldiers are determined, confident, and capable of safeguarding national sovereignty and development interests and the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong”; follows May 24 demo that brought thousands of pro-democracy supporters back into the streets to protest communist crackdown on freedoms in former British colony, HK police respond with tear gas and water cannon, 180 arrested on charges of “unlawful assembly”; PRC FM Wang Yi accuses USA of fomenting HK unrest: “Some US political forces are taking hostage of China-US relations, attempting to push the ties to the brink of so-called ‘new Cold War.’ This is dangerous and will endanger global peace”; meanwhile Republic of China offers “necessary aid” to growing diaspora of Hong Kongers in Taiwan

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Whenever the USA adopts policies unfavorable to the Moscow-Beijing Axis, the latter often resorts to warnings of a “new Cold War” . . .