Gray Terror File: Alt-media denizens speculate Deep State preparing to dismantle 8Chan, online platform for pro-Trump QAnon info dropper that has galvanized segments of US patriot community, after 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant allegedly guns down, livestreams deaths of 49 Muslims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and suburb Linwood during Friday prayers, 48 more wounded; Aussie media reports 3 co-conspirators arrested, NZ police commissioner refers to “attackers”; Tarrant posts personal manifesto to 8Chan day before rampage, describes self as “racist/terrorist/eco-fascist/ethno-nationalist,” denies being “neo-Nazi” but expresses admiration for Norwegian mass killer, self-avowed fascist Anders Breivik, British fascist Sir Oswald Mosley (1896-1980) and Red China, partial support for Donald Trump “as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”; social media pics reveal trips to Pakistan and North Korea; Sydney Morning Herald brands 8Chan as “far-right online forum” even as QAnon refers to 90K-plus sealed indictments in US federal court dockets in March 9 drop: “Sealed > Unsealed. Indictments coming. Q” (post 3011); then warns of “false flag attack” in March 14 post, mentions USA, EU as possible targets but overlooks NZ (3077); responds to March 15 massacre in Christchurch: “Not big enough to pull headlines/news away. Think days. Q” (post 3078)

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Well, it’s time to stop sh-tposting and time to make a real life effort post. I will carry out an attack against the invaders [Muslims], and will even live stream the attack via Facebook link.
Statement allegedly made by Brenton Tarrant on 8Chan, March 14, 2019

Beware the Ides of March.


Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s top prosecutor Tarek William Saab launches investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido, accuses country’s self-proclaimed interim president of sabotaging electrical grid ahead of feared US military invasion, Venezuela without power since March 7; communist dictator Nicolas Maduro’s secret police carries out pre-dawn raid of home of prominent journalist on March 11, Luis Carlos Díaz reporting on blackout and other woes of embattled regime; National Press Workers Union says SEBIN agents hauled Díaz off to Caracas’ notorious El Helicoide “political prison,” also seized journalist’s computers and pen drives; German nationalist reporter Billy Six also reportedly held in El Helicoide since being detained on suspicion of espionage in 2018; Maduro’s DM Vladimir Padrino López alleges Pentagon cyberattack disrupted operations of Guri hydroelectric plant, cutting power to Venezuela’s 23 states: “This is an aggression designed to destablise the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan state”; US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo announces withdrawal of remaining embassy staff in Caracas, tweets: “[T]he presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy”

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USA File: Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) admits he failed to prevent Republican colleagues from helping Democrats to pass resolution blocking President Trump’s national emergency on S. border, bill likely to face veto from White House, eventual court challenge; Hillary Clinton formally bows out of 2020 presidential election bid amid slew of Democratic contenders but vows “I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe”; POTUS pledges to sign EO requiring universities to uphold free speech on campus in order to qualify for 26 billion in federal research dollars, specifically designed to protect conservative students/speakers from neo-Marxist faculty/admins dominating most post-secondary institutions; pro-Trump QAnon poster leaves trail of “bread crumbs” on March 3: “Q and POTUS Are in Very Close Proximity to Each Other” (post 2948); “Unusually High Number of Sealed Indictments [90K+ nationwide since Oct. 2017]” (2940); “This Is a Methodical Plan [to take down Dems/Deep State] Moving Ahead Step by Step with Military Precision” (2937); “Treason-Sedition-Corruption at the Highest Levels of Government (World Wide)” (2938); “Obama Gave the Order to Start the Spy Campaign (Both Domestic and Foreign)” (2959); QAnon once again implicates Freemasons (and Satanists) behind anti-Trump plots, posts pic of Masonic and tech giant logos, reiterates: “The Need for Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall” (2968, 2081, 184, other posts)

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Q. Much food for thought. The reader can come to his own conclusions.

Communist Bloc Military Updates/Cyber-Leninism File: Putin addresses Federal Assembly (both chambers of Russian parliament), announces submarines to be equipped with hypersonic 3M22 Zircon missiles, “strike enemy decision-making centers in the event of aggression against Russia”; US targets named: Pentagon, Camp David, Jim Creek Naval Radio Station, WA (maintains contact with submerged subs in Pacific Ocean) and, oddly, two defunct bases: Fort Ritchie, MD (closed 1998) and McClellan Air Force Base, CA (closed 2001); Russia forbids soldiers from using smartphones after social media posts reportedly expose military activity to “foreign intelligence services,” prepares to disconnect country from global Internet in event of national emergency, US$350 million earmarked for “sovereign” technical infrastructure; meanwhile Russia shores up gold reserves by producing 314.42 tons of gold last year, 2% more than in 2017, doubles per semester rate of purchase to 100 tons following Western sanctions in 2014; Dmitry Tulin, first deputy chair of Russia’s central bank: “Russia considers gold 100% protection against legal and political risks”; Moscow shifted $100 billion from dollar to yuan, yen and euro between March and June 2018, share of US currency in portfolio declined from 43.7 to 21.9%; Russian official, lawmaker reveal Kremlin planning gold- and/or petroleum-based cryptocurrency to bypass sanctions

Bolivarian Revolution File: War of words heats up between Washington, Havana over Venezuelan crisis as Pres. Trump brands communist dictator Nicolas Maduro “Cuban puppet” during Feb. 18 speech in Miami, says Cuban troops have boots on the ground in S. American country, urges Venezuelan military to rally around interim Pres. Juan Guaido: “They are risking their lives and risking their future for a man [Maduro] controlled by the Cuban military”; Cuban FM Bruno Rodriguez retorts: “Our government categorically and energetically rejects this slander,” but admits 20,000 Cubans in Venezuela, mostly health professionals; Havana alleges Pentagon positioning “special forces” throughout Caribbean Basin ahead of invasion to oust Maduro: “Between February 6 and 10 [US] military transport aircraft have flown to the Rafael Miranda Airport of Puerto Rico, the San Isidro Air Base, in the Dominican Republic and to other strategically located Caribbean islands . . .”; US special envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams denounces communist propaganda as “new lie”; Maduro’s DM Vladimir Padrino Lopez vows to block delivery of humanitarian aid via Netherlands Antilles, Colombia and Brazil: “The armed forces will remain deployed and on alert along the borders, as our commander in chief has ordered, to avoid any violations of territorial integrity”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

The script for the Venezuelan crisis sounds like it was lifted from some Cold War-era drama. Could that be because the Cold War never really ended?

USA File: Senate approves border security package to avert another government shutdown, bill passes 83-16, House approves proposal 300-128, allocates $1.4 billion for barrier not $5.7 billion requested by White House, also squeezes funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement; President Trump to sign bill and also declare national emergency to secure additional funding for border wall with Mexico, already under construction; OMB Dir. Mick Mulvaney reveals White House to transfer $600 million from Treasury Dept., $2.5 billion from Defense Dept.’s counterdrug program, and $3.6 billion from military construction budget; 31 currently active national emergencies, 2,000 illegal aliens enter USA every day, 10,000 children trafficked across border to be sold as sex slaves every year; Sen. Majority Leader McConnell: “I indicated I’m going to support the national emergency declaration”; House Speaker Pelosi, however, issues ominous warning to GOP, threatens gun control emergency: “Democratic presidents can declare emergencies as well. So the precedent that the president is setting here is something that should be met with great unease and dismay by the Republicans”; socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) to introduce bill to thwart POTUS’ emergency declaration

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Mafia princess Pelosi, AOC and other high-ranking Dems need to be arrested pronto for treason, sedition and corruption.

WW4 File/Communist Bloc Military Updates: USA withdraws from 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, citing Russian violations, INF banned deployment of short- and medium-range missiles in Europe; Russian DM Sergei Shoigu retaliates: “President Putin has given the defense ministry the task of taking symmetrical measures”; vows to develop long-range hypersonic missile and land-based version of ship-launched Kalibr cruise missile by 2021; Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization to hold Combat Brotherhood drill in Russia, Belarus and Tajikistan between Sep. and Nov., Russia to open second military base in Kyrgyzstan in wake of US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan; Kremlin approves US$43 million loan to Cuban military following Pres. Miguel Diaz-Canel’s visit to Moscow last Nov., Havana plans to buy Russian-made tanks, armored vehicles, helos; Red China’s 500-acre ground station in Argentina mystifies US officials and locals alike; 35-meter dish antenna became operational in April 2018, employs 30 Chinese nationals, managed by China Satellite Launch and Tracking Control General, reports to PLA’s Strategic Support Force

USA File: President Trump highlights economic, immigration, foreign policies in SOTU, rebukes socialists in House Democratic Caucus: “America was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion, domination and control. We are born free and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country”; Deep State in panic after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg no-show for SOTU, last confirmed sighting of cancer-ridden 85-year-old leftist judge on Dec. 6, WaPo publishes fishy article, alleges RBG attended concert in her honor in DC on Feb. 4, but no one noticed her presence and NO PICS; White House holding onto published list of potential nominees in case RBG’s demise confirmed, Trump’s third SCOTUS nomination would tip court in 6-3 conservative direction, endangering Roe v. Wade, enraging abortion-loving Dems; Mexican authorities detain 1,600 C. American migrants in Piedras Negras, across border from Eagle Pass, TX, Pentagon shifts 250 troops from Arizona to Texas town to support Border Patrol; Coahuila state gov. admits invaders arrived on 49 buses, while second smaller group heads toward Nuevo Leon; POTUS reminds far-left Sacramento who’s in charge as US Army carries out urban warfare exercise in downtown LA, Long Beach between Feb. 4-9, helos fly over Wilshire Blvd., soldiers rappel onto rooftops, stun grenades startle residents

Bolivarian Revolution File: Iran reportedly dispatching Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commanders (posing as “oil consultants”), anti-riot advisors to prop up Venezuela’s embattled communist regime, dep. cmdr. of Iranian navy, Rear Adm. Touraj Hassani Moqaddam, to Reuters last Dec.: “Our plans for the near future include sending two or three ships, with special helicopters, to Venezuela on a South American mission that could last for five months”; Communist Cuba to redeploy 2,000 “community doctors” (i.e., spies, saboteurs, propagandists, etc.) to Venezuela after Brazil’s new center-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, orders their expulsion upon learning Cuban MDs required to surrender 75% of salary to Havana, work apart from their families; Iranian, Cuban deployments follow reports of Russian PMC Wagner Group providing security for Pres. Nicolas Maduro, Wagner led by ex-Spetsnaz cmdr. Dmitry Utkin, also carried out GRU ops in Syria and Ukraine’s rebel-held Donbas; Venezuela deploys unspecified number of APCs, troops to W. border with Colombia following threats of US military intervention in defense of interim pres. Juan Guaido, while National Liberation Front guerrillas vow to attack US troops should they be deployed to Colombia

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Yes, the civil war in Venezuela is shaping up to be a nice regional proxy war between the USA and Russia. Fortunately the Cold War’s over . . .

USA/Mexican Narco-State Files: California tech entrepreneur alleges Democrats in back pocket of Mexican drug cartels, primary reason for party’s intransigent opposition to President Trump’s border wall, past colleagues include “Arizona Mafia” chief Janet Napolitano—past Arizona gov. and DHS sec. under Pres. Obama—and disgraced US Attorney Dennis Burke, presently lawyer for Seagram heiress, NXIVM sex cult devotee Clare Bronfman; Mexican Pres. Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018) accepted US$100 million bribe from Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, presently facing 10-count indictment in Brooklyn federal court, accused of transporting US$14 billion worth of cocaine into USA over 30 years; POTUS pessimistic on border wall deal with Dems, reveals international barrier already under construction, notwithstanding threats to proclaim national emergency, resume government shutdown on Feb. 15: “Large sections of WALL have already been built with much more either under construction or ready to go”; Breitbart reported on new four-mile stretch of wall next to El Paso, TX last Sep.; 3,000 US Army troops to augment 2,300 now deployed to Mexican border, even as DHS monitors northward progress of 12,000 C. American invaders, 2,400 leave Mexico City on Jan. 31, intend to storm US border; meanwhile Los Zetas cartel known to possess Russian-made RPGs, CBP helo received gunfire in 2015

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The Mexican drug cartels represent one branch of the Communist Bloc’s 60-year-old “Red Cocaine” plot to subvert the West, which has not only lately killed thousands of Americans but also dangerously softened the country’s will to resist communism, as imposed by the Democratic Party. Trump’s fortification of the southern border is long overdue but can only be one component of a patriotic counteroffensive . . .

Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s communist regime to load 20 tons of gold worth US$840 million onto Nordwind Airlines Boeing 777, tweets lawmaker Jose Guerra, follows arrival of mysterious Russian passenger jet in Caracas on Jan. 28; embattled Pres. Nicolas Maduro’s finance minister, Simon Zerpa, declines to comment on country’s gold reserves and, furthermore, denies presence of Russian plane at Simon Bolivar Int’l Airport; second Russian-operated flight—a Boeing 757 cargo plane—arrived at Caracas one hour earlier via Cape Verde, even though no routine flights between Venezuela, African island state; Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Jan. 30: “There are no plans to evacuate Russians from Venezuela”; meanwhile Bank of England denies Maduro’s request to withdraw US$1.2 billion of gold after US Sec. of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton lobby UK counterparts to block access; Bolton sparks rumors after flashing notepad during White House press conference on Jan. 28, “5,000 troops to Colombia” visible; Russian FM Sergei Lavrov reaffirms Moscow’s stance: “Russia, together with other allies, will do everything to support the legitimate government of President Maduro”; embattled dictator repeats accusations that Trump has “ordered” Colombian mafia to assassinate him while Venezuela’s Supreme Court imposes travel ban on self-declared interim president Juan Guaido and frozen his bank accounts

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

In light of travel ban Guaido better watch his 6.

Bolivarian Revolution File: Russia’s Nordwind Airlines flies Boeing 777 out of Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on Jan. 28, flight N49801 arrived in Caracas with two complete air crews but reportedly no passengers, plane can seat approx. 450; Ukrainian diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko notes Russia has deployed same 777 to internationally sanctioned airports in occupied Crimea: “The emergence of an aircraft used by Russians for illegal operations (flights to Crimea, carrying out and supporting the occupation) in one part of the world, in another part of the planet, testifies that the Russian war is total . . .”; speculation 1: Kremlin is preparing to extract Russian operatives, or embattled communist dictator Nicolas Maduro, his family and aides, and up to 400 Russian PMCs (i.e., Spetsnaz?) reportedly providing security for Maduro; speculation 2: Moscow-Caracas flight not empty as reported but actually contained still more PMCs tasked with propping up Maduro regime; historic flashback: Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia began with two Aeroflot flights covertly deploying plainclothes VDV to seize Prague’s Ruzyne International Airport on Aug. 20, 1968; meanwhile, Russian Finance Ministry reminds Maduro to cough up next US$100 million debt payment by end of March, Caracas owes Moscow US$3 billion

source 1 source 2 source 3

Putin to Maduro: Time to pay up, comrade . . .

USA File: President Trump appears to cave to Democratic pressure, signs temporary restoration of government services after 35-day shutdown, BUT then demands Congress fully fund border wall with Mexico within three weeks or he will announce national emergency (which already exists via Dec. 21, 2017 EO “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”), POTUS: “If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government either shuts down on February 15th again or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to address this emergency”; SOTU cancelled until shutdown resolved, White House not seeking alternative venue, follows days of parleying between POTUS, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi; meanwhile DOJ Special Counsel Robert Mueller unleashes FBI on Roger Stone, arrests long-time GOP operative, Trump ally in pre-dawn raid at Fort Lauderdale residence, charged with “process crimes” (i.e., lying to Congress) but NOT Russia collusion; Deep State tip-off: CNN only media outlet present to record arrest, crime and justice producer David Shortell admits camera crew set up outside Stone home day before; POTUS cynically takes note of CNN’s collusion with Mueller “witch hunt”

Red Dawn Alert/Bolivarian Revolution File: Russian private military contractors reportedly fly into Caracas this week to provide personal security for Venezuela’s embattled communist dictator Nicolas Maduro, Reuters in exclusive story cites three sources, two refer to “small groups” of Russian mercs while Cossack paramilitary leader says Russian security detail as high as 400; Kremlin mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov’s response terse: “We have no such information”; Russia, Red China, Cuba, Iran and Turkey condemn US recognition of National Assembly leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president following highly fraudulent presidential election last May, Peskov: “We consider the attempt to usurp sovereign authority in Venezuela to contradict and violate the basis and principles of international law”; US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo announces US$20 million in “emergency aid” for Venezuelan opposition, while Russian Foreign Ministry says US intervention could lead to “catastrophic consequences”; Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin reassures Maduro in private phone call, “emphasized that destructive external interference is a gross violation of the fundamental norms of international law”; Cuba’s communist dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez casts wary eye at subsidized fuel imports from Venezuela, reaffirms commitment to Maduro; Guaido urges military to revolt but six district commanders affirm support for ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, opposition leader retreats to undisclosed location for safety after street clashes with security forces leave 12 civilians dead on Jan. 23

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

Did the Cold War in Latin America ever really end? Venezuela is the new Cuba.

Latin America File: Trump Admin recognizes Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president, minutes after leader of National Assembly proclaimed head of state; Brazil’s center-right Pres. Jair Bolsonaro in Davos, tweets support for Guaido, restoration of “democracy and social peace” to Venezuela; meanwhile communist usurper Nicolas Maduro blames opposition, USA for fomenting coup after military puts down pre-dawn mutiny by National Guard on Jan. 21, 25 guardsmen captured loyalist police captain in W. Caracas, drove across capital in two military trucks, reportedly stole cache of weapons; rebels earlier took to social media, leader self-identifying as 3rd Sgt. Alexander Bandres Figueroa addressed Venezuelans: “You asked to take to the streets to defend the constitution, well here we are”; 10 Marxist guerrillas seek refuge in Cuba, Colombia demands extradition of rebels after National Liberation Front (ELN) claims responsibility for bombing police academy in Bogota on Jan. 17, car bomb killed 20 cadets and driver; FARC demobilized in 2017, but ELN continues to fight government; Nicaragua’s most prominent dissident journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro flees to Costa Rica, joins 23,000 other compatriots seeking refuge from Pres. Daniel Ortega’s Moscow-backed regime; follows nearly one year of anti-Sandinista protests, nearly 300 civilians killed, 2,000 jailed as of last Aug.; Pres. Trump signs Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act before Christmas, imposes sanctions on Managua

update 1 update 2

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So, neither the USA nor Brazil, the largest and most populous country in South America,  recognizes Nicolas Maduro as the de jure president of Venezuela. Wait for Moscow’s angry rebuttal. Did the Cold War ever really end in Latin America?

USA File: Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi exchange snarky letters as Democratic House Majority Leader, citing security concerns due to month-long government shutdown, tells President Trump to postpone Jan. 29 SOTU address; POTUS fires back, grounds Pelosi as she prepares to board military aircraft at Joint Base Andrews on Jan. 17, begin “public relations event” to Belgium and Afghanistan, tells veteran CA politician to fly commercial at personal expense; even as Joint Terrorism Task Force foils plot to attack White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and DC synagogue ALSO ON JAN. 17, arrest Cumming, GA resident HASHER TAHEB, ISIS sympathizer planned to use IEDs, anti-tank rocket; cryptic Jan. 18 tweet from Dem political strategist Donna Brazile hints at possible Deep State coup plot over Jan. 19-20 weekend: “#MadamSpeaker today/ #PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter/ #MLKWeekend is underway/ Keep Hope Alive!”; meanwhile Rep. Maxine Waters welcomes first-year Congresswoman, Democratic Socialists of America cadre Alexandria (“Tippy Top”) Ocasio-Cortez to House Financial Services Cmte., threatens probe of Trump Org’s business dealings with Deutsche Bank; 170 German police, prosecutors and tax inspectors raided bank’s Frankfurt offices last Nov., investigate for money laundering, bank admits probe related to 2015 Panama Papers leak

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

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Hey, Nancy! You ‘fraid of a one-way trip to Gitmo? Trying to skip the country same day as ISIS-inspired plot to assassinate POTUS was intended to unfold? Don’t expect fakestream media to make the connection. Nancy is a DS pawn but only two heartbeats away from the Oval Office. Let that sink in.

Latin America File: Russian FM Sergei Lavrov says Moscow “alarmed” by Washington’s support for Venezuelan opposition, Trump Admin’s threat to employ “military option” for removal of Pres. Nicolas Maduro, DM Vladimir Padrino López reassures embattled communist dictator, says Venezuelan troops ready to repel feared US invasion: “The Bolivarian Armed Forces who are willing to die to defend this Constitution, these people, these institutions, you as supreme magistrate, constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”; Dmitry Novikov — First VP of Russian State Duma’s Foreign Relations Cmte. and VP of Central Cmte. of Communist Party of the Russian Federation — travels to Nicaragua, meets Pres. Daniel Ortega, awards long-time KGB asset with party’s Order of Friendship of Peoples, “in recognition for his great contribution to international relations worldwide and between Russia and Nicaragua”; following deadly year-long protests and no doubt fearing imminent collapse of second Sandinista regime, Ortega ally Rafael Solis resigns post as Supreme Court Justice; Mexican trucking industry losing US$4.6 billion annually to drug cartels, truckers-turned-“Road Warriors” customize their tractors with armored cabs, employ armed escort vehicles to thwart highway hijackings

Useful Idiots Bin: New York’s Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio establishes office to seize property of “problem” landlords, follows announcement to implement universal healthcare for NYC residents, including illegal aliens, and State of the City address in which de Blasio, who collects six-figure salary, declared: “Brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. There’s plenty of money in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands”; New York State Assembly member, Republican opponent in 2017 mayoral election Nicole Malliotakis retorts: “My first reaction was: Is this communist Cuba? I can say that as a daughter of Cuban refugees who fled Castro’s Cuba in 1959 . . . this is extreme even for Mayor de Blasio, because we know that he has socialist leanings, but this is straight communism . . .”; even new, leftist NY AG Letitia James exposes hypocrisy of de Blasio admin, declares NYC Housing Authority “worst landlord of 2018”; de Blasio’s pro-communist career included support for Soviet-backed Sandinistas during Cold War, trip to Nicaragua in 1988, membership in Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, more recently employed leftist-inspired “hate crime/ speech” rhetoric to denounce Donald Trump’s successful White House bid in 2016

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

New York State and California are bastions of communism in the USA. The mayor of the country’s largest city has certainly dropped all pretenses. He, like much of the Democratic Party, is full-blown commie. There are truly two Americas: the patriots who still cherish the constitutional republic and voted for Trump vs. the millions of fifth columnists who live in the coastal urban areas and voted for Clinton.

USA File: Anonymous senior official in Trump Admin publishes op-ed in Daily Caller, admits personal hardship due to government shutdown but backs POTUS’ hardline stance on border wall, showdown with Democrats, reveals seditious conduct of many colleagues: “Federal employees are starting to feel the strain of the shutdown. I am one of them. But for the sake of our nation, I hope it lasts a very long time, till the government is changed and can never return to its previous form”; “Most of my career colleagues actively work against the president’s agenda”; “Now that we are shut down, not only are we identifying and eliminating much of the sabotage and waste, but we are finally working on the president’s agenda”; former Arizona governor backs border wall with Mexico, Jan Brewer: “I often used to say, a country with [out] a border secured is like a house without walls, it collapses. . . . And if you don’t have a wall on the border, our country is going to collapse. . . . left-leaning liberal Democrats just want open borders”; Pentagon confirms Operation Secure Line extended until Sep. 30, military to string concertina wire between ports of entry, conduct aerial surveillance along Mexican border; meanwhile 600-800 Hondurans, first wave of new caravan to reportedly exceed 15,000 invaders, set out from San Pedro Sula, intend to storm US border; 2,500 Hondurans from previous caravans still holed up in Tijuana even as 7,000 return to homeland

EU File: Communists target Germany’s resurgent nationalist movement as three masked attackers brutally beat, leave Alternative for Germany (AfD) leader for dead in Bremen on Jan. 7, Frank Magnitz suffers serious head injury, globalist Chancellor Angela Merkel (properly) condemns “politically motivated” assault against right-populist rival; follows blast at AfD office in city of Döbeln, Saxony four days before, German State Criminal Police Office arrest three men aged 29, 32 and 50 in connection with bombing, perps members of “far-left extremist scene in Dresden”; AfD spokesman told Breitbart London that party members and property subject to 669 criminal attacks of various kinds (over what timeframe not clear); German Antifa cadres apprehended in March 2017 police sting in Thuringia state, discovered stockpiling chemicals and high explosives in what was described as “mobile bomb factory”; German authorities reportedly seek help from US National Security Agency after discovering computer hacker doxes private information of Merkel and nearly 1,000 politicians, reporters and celebrities, AfD only party not affected; 20-year-old citizen, amateur IT buff arrested in Hesse state, released, faces charges of spying

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

If the German branch of Antifa, which was started by the original German Communist Party (KPD) in 1932, is busy assembling bombs, what is the US branch doing?

USA File: House Democrats (with illegitimate majority based on widespread voter fraud during midterms) introduce bills to advance communist takeover of America by impeaching President Trump, limiting presidential pardons, and abolishing Electoral College (which led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016); however first unlikely to pass Republican majority in Senate while last must negotiate arduous constitutional process requiring support from two-thirds of states; POTUS digs in heels over border wall funding as government shutdown enters third week, threatens to hold out for “months or years,” declare national emergency, direct military to build controversial barrier with Mexico, access Pentagon’s discretionary budget: “I may declare a national emergency dependent on what’s going to happen over the next few days”; House Armed Services chair Adam Smith (D-WA) admits POTUS has authority to declare “national emergency” and direct troops to build wall; 7,000 soldiers currently stationed along S. border for Operation Secure Line until Jan. 31, Pentagon (which is not affected by shutdown) considers DHS request for still more troops, string additional 160 miles of concertina wire on border, extend mission to Sep. 30; meanwhile new 15,000-strong migrant caravan assembles in Honduras to begin trek to USA on Jan. 15

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

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Mike Adams: President Trump Must Declare National Emergency, Build Border Wall, Authorize Military Police Corps to Arrest Seditious/Traitorous Politicians, Judges, Bureaucrats, Corporate Executives, Journalists, University Professors; Deputize Ex-Military and Citizens with Concealed Carry (source)

The globalist White House admins that preceded Trump allowed the communist rot in America to become pervasive. Unfortunately, the only action that will help to restore the constitutional republic is a Turkish-style purge. Otherwise say good-bye to the country of the Founding Fathers . . .

Red World Order/WW4 Files: Red China lands Chang’e-4 rover on Moon’s far side, mankind’s first-ever such landing, communist regime’s second successful lunar touchdown, first in 2013; USA and Soviet Russia only other countries to send spacecraft and/or astronauts to Moon; Chang’e-4 lifted into space aboard Long March 3B rocket from Xichang launch center in Sichuan prov. on Dec. 7, flight controlled from Beijing Aerospace Control Center; meanwhile dep. head of PRC’s Academy of Military Sciences, Rear Adm. Lou Yuan, says PLAN prepared to sink two US aircraft carriers, kill 10,000 US sailors in order to secure control over S. and E. China Seas, delivers threat in Dec. 20 speech: “What the United States fears the most is taking casualties. We’ll see how frightened America is”; previous threat: “If the US naval fleet dares to stop in Taiwan, it is time for the People’s Liberation Army to deploy troops to promote national unity on [i.e., invade] the island”; Lt. Gen. (ret.) Wang Hongguang also warns of PLA designs on Taiwan: “The PLA is capable of taking over Taiwan within 100 hours with only a few dozen casualties. 2018 is a year of turmoil for Taiwan, and a possible military conflict may take place in Taiwan soon”; PLAN’s second (domestically built) aircraft carrier Shandong undergoing sea trials, practice flights for naval aviation (i.e., helos and J-15 jet fighters); FBI: CIA officer indicted for spying for Beijing had accomplice

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

The PLAN is still a green-water navy, but poses a serious threat to its US counterpart in the Western Pacific.

Anyone who thinks Red China is not one of the primary enemies of the West (along with Russia) and its Asian allies is either deluded or a communist agent.

BTW, happy new year.

USA File: President Trump orders withdrawal of 2,000 troops from Syria, announces ISIS’ demise: “We have won against ISIS. Our boys, our young women, our men — they’re all coming back, and they’re coming back now”; Deep State organ NYT, however, describes withdrawal as “ceding” Syria to Russian and Iranian spheres of influence; also announces drawdown of one half of troops from Afghanistan, i.e., 7,000; issues exec memo addressed to Def. Sec. James Mattis establishing “unified combatant” Space Command as precursor to US Space Force, integrates existing space ops across current branches of armed forces; even as Mattis (supposedly) objects to Syrian withdrawal and announces resignation effective end of Feb., 2019, follows pre-midterm comments in which ex-Marine Corps general disavowed rumors of pending departure: “I wouldn’t take it seriously at all. . . . Somebody cooks up a headline . . . they add the rumor, somebody on the other coast starts writing the same thing, next thing you know you got a story”; US House of Reps. approves border wall funding to tune of $5.7 billion but POTUS threatens government shutdown if Senate GOP, Dems fail to pass bill, meanwhile citizen donations for GoFundMe campaign for border wall exceed $11 million in less than week (!)

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

Mattis to resign in February, supposedly over Syria. Think Trump-Bannon “spat.” Watch Mad Dog’s next job. Possible lateral transfer within Team Trump.

Meanwhile, reverse 28 years of globalist, nation-weakening policies under POTUS 41, 42, 43 and 44. Defend homeland. Bring battle-hardened troops back from foreign wars. Build wall. Arm ICE to the teeth. Some Deep State arrests here. Some Deep State arrests there . . .

USA File: DOJ ethics officials reportedly advise AAG Matthew Whitaker that he does not need to recuse himself from overseeing Robert Mueller’s (farcical) Russia probe as FBI Dir. Christopher Wray concludes 15-month nationwide tour of agency’s field offices, mysterious pro-Trump 8Chan poster QAnon comments: “Why would the FBI DIR take the time to visit ALL 56 FBI FIELD OFFICES around the entire United States? Completed this week. Logical thinking. Q” (post 2632); Fox News reporter Sara Carter on Sean Hannity’s show on Dec. 11, declares “Lots of sealed documents, Sean. Lots of sealed indictments,” one of few MSM references to 69K+ sealed indictments in federal court dockets nationwide; meanwhile alt-media comments on video footage in which George W., Jeb and Laura Bush, and Joe and Jill Biden express shock at contents of mystery envelopes slipped into programs during George H.W. Bush’s state funeral on Dec. 5; Hillary Clinton also finds envelope but shows no reaction while Jimmy Carter looks in his program but apparently finds nothing unusual; patriots speculate elite globalist families discreetly served subpoenas or notices of indictment (e.g., for treason, corruption and human trafficking); Trumps attend funeral, receive frosty reception from former First Families, leave ceremony early and apparently before enigmatic envelopes discovered; following exchange occurs on 8Chan: Anon: “What were in the envelopes???”; Q: “Our promise to ‘counter’” (post 2608)

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

We’re agnostic when it comes to Q’s identity, but the posts are at times thought provoking . . .

USA/Bolivarian Revolution/Red Terror Files: Law-abiding gun owners in New Jersey brace for KGB-style door-to-door ammo confiscation by state police after Democrats pass law banning “high-capacity” magazines (i.e., over 10 rounds), National Rifle Association challenges Trenton’s blatant infringement of Second Amendment, backs lawsuit launched against state government by Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs; meanwhile Venezuelan exile living in Ecuador speaks to Fox News, warns Americans against personal disarmament in face of communist tyranny: “Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight. The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population”; in 2012 Venezuela’s National Assembly, dominated by then-Pres. Hugo Chavez’s socialist party, enacted “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law,” with explicit intent to “disarm all citizens”; Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro has allocated more than US$47 million enforcing gun ban, including “grandiose displays of public weapons demolitions in town squares”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Mike Adams’ analysis of NJ “high-capacity” magazine grab

What the socialists in the Democratic Party have accomplished in New Jersey, they will pursue at the federal level too. If they cannot abolish the Second Amendment, they will do everything they can to gut its provisions.

An armed citizenry is a free citizenry.

EU File: Belgium’s center-right government first casualty in pan-European revolt against continent’s globalist overlords as PM Charles Michel resigns after losing no-confidence vote sponsored by Socialists and Greens, New Flemish Alliance bolts from ruling coalition; follows 5,000-strong anti-migrant demo outside EU HQ in Brussels on Dec. 16, Michel denounced for signing UN Global Compact on Migration; Yellow Vest demo staged in Brussels one week before, 400 Belgians inspired by Gilets Jaunes movement in France, protest carbon tax; meanwhile France’s Minister of Armed Forces threatens to discipline 13 generals for open letter condemning Pres. Emmanuel Macron as “traitor” for signing migration compact, although no longer active in military signatories still considered “on duty,” Florence Parly: “They . . . are therefore subject to disciplinary sanctions, which we will have the opportunity to examine in the days to come”; Macron reportedly ready to flee Élysée Palace in helicopter during “Act IV” demos in Paris on Dec. 8, 500 Republican Guard protecting official residence, staff ordered to stay home; “thousands” of African refugees in Italy don yellow vests (apparently in mockery of Gilets Jaunes) to stage pro-migrant march in Rome on Dec. 15, denounce Interior Min. Matteo Salvini for scrapping two-year “humanitarian protection” residency permits

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Nationalists throughout Europe are smashing two of the main policy pillars of the New World Order: unlimited Muslim immigration and a carbon tax based on the hoax of anthropogenic global warming.

End Times File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian Orthodox bishops attend Dec. 15 synod to complete National Revolution instigated during Euromaidan protests of 2014, shake off religious authority of Russian Orthodox Church, establish autocephalous (independent) Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) and elect new leader, Metropolitan Epiphanius; Pres. Petro Poroshenko attends synod as non-voting observer, makes new national church key election issue: “This is a question of Ukrainian statehood. We are seizing spiritual independence, which can be likened to political independence. We are breaking the chains that tie us to the [Russian] empire”; Epiphanius says new national church will not seize property of Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate, extends welcome to clergy and laity who wish to transfer their affiliation from Moscow to Kiev: “If they see that this church supports the interests of the Ukrainian people, relies on and serves for the Ukrainian nation, there will be no need to look at our northern neighbor”; Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and Holy See extend recognition to OCU even as Moscow Patriarchate withdraws in protest from worldwide Orthodox communion, appeals to UN, political and religious leaders to protect Russia-affiliated Orthodox believers from “persecution”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

The Moscow-Constantinople church schism is an important religious-cultural backdrop to the Ukraine-Russia War. The Kremlin will manipulate this issue to further the designs of both Russian imperialism and neo-Soviet communism . . .

Red Dawn Alert: Russia to establish Tu-160 strategic bomber base on Venezuelan island of La Orchila, 125 miles NE of Caracas, world’s largest combat aircraft to be deployed on rotational basis to comply with laws respecting foreign military ops on Venezuelan soil, utilize existing air base, announced deployment represents one of largest semi-permanent postings of Russian military hardware to Caribbean Basin since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis; follows flights of Blackjack bombers from homeland to S. American country earlier this month, Trump White House irked by Kremlin provocation; Russian military expert Colonel Shamil Gareyev: “Our strategic bombers will not only not have to return to Russia every time, but also won’t perform aerial refueling while on a patrol mission in the Americas”; Caribbean bomber base obvious attempt to deter potential US/NATO intervention ahead of Russia’s likely invasion of mainland Ukraine, US Special Rep. to Kiev Kurt Volker confirms Russian military buildup along Ukraine border: “This is something that has happened over a period of years. Russia invaded Ukraine, it took Crimea, it is occupying the Donbas, and it has, within Russia, built up significant military capacity and also in Crimea . . .”; meanwhile socialist Pres. Nicolas Maduro signs US$5 billion deal with Russia to boost Venezuela’s oil production, Red China Caracas’ only other economic partner amid US sanctions

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

When Putin decides to bite off another piece of Ukraine, Russian bomber crews can quickly counter any attempt by the USA to involve itself . . .

Red Dawn Alert: Russian Tu-160 bombers carry out 10-hour practice flight over Caribbean Sea, accompanied by Venezuelan Su-30 and F-16 fighter jets; nuke-capable Blackjacks arrived at Caracas’ Maiquetia Int’l Airport on Dec. 10, slated to fly back to homeland on Dec. 14, deployment included An -124 strategic airlifter, Il-62 passenger jet, 100 military pilots (whose roles were unclear); Blackjack bombers previously visited Venezuela in 2008 and 2013 (latter included jaunt to Managua); US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo rebukes Moscow for bomber deployment: “The Russian and Venezuelan people should see this for what it is: two corrupt governments squandering public funds, and squelching liberty and freedom while their people suffer”; OAS condemns Russia on behalf of Venezuelan opposition lawmakers, expresses “greatest concern . . . about the possibility that aircraft capable of using nuclear weapons from Russia are in its territory. The presence of this foreign military mission violates the Venezuelan Constitution because it has not been authorized by the National Assembly”; Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly totally dominated by Pres. Nicolas Maduro’s PSUV and Marxist allies, powers supersede all other state institutions, including opposition-controlled National Assembly; Maduro lackey Diosdado Cabello mocks critics: “But a sudden visit courtesy of Russia’s aviation and [everyone] went completely off their rocker”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Russian strategic aviation once again probing America’s soft underbelly while Venezuela’s communist rulers bypass opposition lawmakers via their “Constituent Assembly” to prosecute Hugo Chavez’s legacy to the very bitter end, i.e., Venezuela’s complete destruction . . .

EU/USSR2 Files: France accuses Russia of using social media to foment violent Yellow Vest demos, Kremlin mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov rejects accusations: “We have not interfered and we don’t plan to interfere in the domestic affairs of any country including France”; however Ukrainian Security Service corroborates French claims, posts pic of two Russian nationals wearing protest movement’s trademark hi-viz vests, brandishing flag of self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic on streets of Paris; SBU IDs men as ultra- nationalists associated with Alexander Dugin-linked think tank and “East France – Solidarity Donbas,” alleges both operating under control of GRU/FSB; military analyst Dmytro Tymchuk maintains GRU’s new chief Igor Kostyukov, appointed by Putin on Dec. 10, masterminded unrest to prove credentials: “The GRU was successfully riding the wave of French protests – the trolls were reoriented from the American and British directions to the French one, to slam down on [French President Emmanuel] Macron, change the protests’ agenda from economic to political issues . . . also attracted all sorts of radical scum, financed by Russian military intelligence, to radicalize protest sentiments and provoke confrontations”; meanwhile online video shows APCs emblazoned with EU flag “thundering down the Champs-Elysees” on Dec. 8 as globalist Macron summons European Gendarmerie Force to crush anti-carbon tax protests; multinational police force based in Vicenza, Italy not technically EU org, but widely viewed as forerunner to proposed European Army touted by Euro-elite

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

In the contest between Brussels and Moscow for world domination, Russia is the globalists’ bête noire. However, there are many good reasons for believing that the Kremlin continues to employ Cold War-style “active measures” in the West.

USA File: MSM preempts patriot talk of impending martial law and mass arrests of Deep State traitors and seditionists, portrays POTUS as dictator in Jan./Feb. 2019 issue of The Atlantic: “Trump has long signaled his disdain for the concepts of limited presidential power and democratic rule. . . . He declared that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, would be in jail if he were president, goading crowds into frenzied chants of ‘Lock her up’”; “The moment the president declares a ‘national emergency’—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him”; self-avowed communist, ex-CIA dir. John Brennan issues veiled death threat to DJT: “You will never have the opportunity to run for public office again”; POTUS advances nominees for key posts: Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley for early succession to Joint Chiefs of Staff; and William Bar for AG, previously served as same under Bush Sr., oversaw program that detained 12,000 Haitian asylum seekers in Guantanamo Bay; alt-media speculates US military prepping for takedown of domestic “enemy combatants” as sealed indictments reach whopping 68K: 100 members of 305th Military Police Company deploy to Gitmo for 400-day mission; C-17A and C-130 crews of USAF Air Mobility Command conduct Dec. 8 nighttime drill over Nevada as part of Operation Joint Forcible Entry (“Air Gitmo?”); US Army to continue “support role” for Customs and Border Protection along Mexican border until Jan. 31, 2019

Red Dawn Alert: Russia bolsters Venezuela’s embattled communist regime by sending two Tu-160 strategic bombers to S. American country ahead of joint air force exercises, provocation occurs amid crisis sparked by Russia’s seizure of 24 Ukrainian sailors on Nov. 25; Russian Air Force deployment includes An-124 transport plane and Il-62 passenger plane, Pres. Nicolas Maduro’s DM, Gen. Vladimir Padrino Lopez, welcomes contingent of 100 Russian pilots, denounces Trump Admin for supposedly plotting invasion: “We must tell the people of Venezuela and the entire world that just as we are cooperating in diverse areas for the development of both our people, we also are preparing to defend Venezuela to the last inch when necessary”; Russian Navy missile cruiser also expected to make port of call; Russia’s Blackjack bombers previously visited Venezuela in 2008 and 2013, latter flight included side trip to Nicaragua (where politically powerful wife of Pres. Daniel Ortega is under US sanctions for “serious” human rights abuses); Russian muscle-flexing in Caribbean Basin follows Maduro’s Dec. 5 state visit to Moscow, with Padrino in tow for talks with Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu; ruling PSUV party’s disastrous economic policies have forced 3 million Venezuelans to flee country in one of W. Hemisphere’s worst-ever refugee crisis

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

The aircrew for one Tu-160 consists of pilot, co-pilot, bombardier and defensive systems officer. Two Blackjacks flew to Venezuela on Dec. 10, so that’s a total of eight Russian aircrew. However, an additional 100 Russian military pilots apparently flew aboard the transport and passenger planes that accompanied the bombers. All of this begs the question: Which aircraft are this rather large group of Russian pilots going to be flying while conducting “joint air force” drills with their Venezuelan counterparts? No doubt Putin is up to something. Better keep an eye on this story . . .

EU File: Nationalism-inspired grassroots demos spread throughout Europe as Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protesters once again descend on Paris on Dec. 8, thousands assemble at Arc de Triomphe, plan to march on Elysee Palace, demand resignation of globalist president Emmanuel Macron, despite promise to scrap proposed carbon tax; thwarted by 8,000 police with trucks, steel barriers, tear gas and water cannons; 500 protesters arrested by noon; coordinated demos take place in Marseille, Nice and Nantes; police in Montauban discover Yellow Vests in possession of three IEDs and 28 Molotov cocktails, but violent “putsch” feared by government fails to materialize; Frenchmen take to social media to express outrage after unarmed high school protesters in Mantes-la-Jolie forced to kneel with hands behind heads on Dec. 6; self-described “Jupiterian” ruler Macron disappears from public view, allows PM Édouard Philippe to negotiate with Yellow Vests; copycat demos organized in Brussels, outside European Parliament, and Rotterdam, but neither Belgium nor Netherlands has imposed carbon taxes

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: UAVs operated by OSCE Special Monitoring Mission spot Russian Ground Forces moving heavy weaponry into rebel-occupied parts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, including 16 T-72 and five T-64 tanks, at least one SAM system, between Dec. 4-6, follows reports of transportation of 300 Russian tanks to Ukrainian border base under cover of Vostok 2018 drill (Sep. 11-17), massive pre-deployment of Russian forces in occupied Crimea and Donbas, as stated by office of President Petro Poroshenko; National Security and Defense Council on Dec. 6: “The air assault units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being redeployed to the most dangerous directions of the Ukrainian-Russian border”; Rada authorizes coast guard to open fire without warning in event of armed aggression to protect Ukrainian ships, infrastructure minister reports cargo traffic in Azov ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol has fallen more than 50% due to Russia’s partial blockade of Kerch Strait; defense minister states Ukraine has signed contracts with allied countries for supply of weapons, equipment and machinery: “Martial law gives us the opportunity to develop ways of cooperation with our partners”

EU File: France’s globalist president clings to power after three weeks of violent “Yellow Vest” protests in Paris, other cities and towns, four civilians killed, Frenchmen not satisfied by ex-Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron’s promises to first postpone carbon tax, which would comply with UN climate accord, and then scrap tax altogether, plan “Act IV” demos for Dec. 8; Macron orders deployment of 89,000 police across country, including 8,000 with 12 armored vehicles in Paris; National Rally leader Marine Le Pen urges former presidential rival to “listen” to demands of protesters; Le Parisien quotes government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux: “Radicalized elements try to exploit the movement. They want to overthrow the authorities [i.e., by force]”; Le Figaro alleges French intel report warns “extreme left and right” plan to “carry arms” and “kill” parliamentarians, government officials and police officers, source claims: “They are putschists. [There is] a coup attempt”; Socialist, Communist and Defiant France parties seek allies in National Assembly to sponsor no-confidence vote against Macron on Dec. 10; Yellow Vests worst unrest in France since general strikes and student occupations of May-June 1968; President Trump comments on Macron’s troubles: “The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed because it raises the price of energy for responsible countries while whitewashing some of the worst polluters….in the world”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukraine’s top general, Viktor Muzhenko, interviewed by Reuters on Dec. 4, validates earlier statements by President Petro Poroshenko, says threat of Russian invasion “highest” since Crimean takeover in 2014, displays satellite images that reveal presence of Russian T-62M tanks stationed 11 miles from Ukrainian border, number more than doubled from 93 to 250 from Sep. 15 to Oct. 1, Muzhenko: “In front of us is an aggressor who has no legal, moral or any other limits. It is very difficult to predict when it will occur to him to begin active combat actions against Ukraine”; Dec. 1 tweet from Poroshenko alleges Russia has forward deployed 80,000 troops, 1,400 artillery and missile systems, 900 tanks, 2,300 armored vehicles, 500 airplanes and 300 helos into Donbas and Crimea ahead of mainland attack; Ukrainian Ground Forces redeployed to Russian border, reservists called up for training, air defense units ordered to shoot down UAVs spotted over military facilities, Poroshenko: “Certain units will be redeployed to strengthen the defense of the border. Military exercises will be conducted in the regions where martial law was imposed. Training with the stand-by reserve will take place”; US Air Force carries out “extra- ordinary” surveillance flight over Ukraine on Dec. 6, Pentagon cites Open Skies Treaty, says mission designed “to reaffirm U.S. commitment to Ukraine and other partner nations”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

“Extraordinary” US surveillance flight over Ukraine as Russia builds up its forces . . . nothing to see here folks. No need to worry about nuclear war or anything like that . . .

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian lawmakers respond to Donbas War and Crimean occupation, vote to terminate friendship agreement with Russian Federation effective April 1, 2019; EU High Rep. for Foreign Affairs addresses OSCE Ministerial Council in Milan, urges Russia to release all 24 Ukrainian sailors captured in Black Sea on Nov. 25, EU FMs invite Ukrainian counterpart Pavlo Klimkin to attend meeting on Dec. 10, discuss Azov crisis; Ukrainian Navy’s Admiral Ihor Voronchenko offers himself as POW if Kremlin agrees to release sailors and SBU CI officers detained in Moscow; Ukraine tests new Neptune anti-ship cruise missile in Odessa Oblast on Dec. 5, target destroyed at distance of 280 km, as Ukrainian troops take part in coastal defense drill along Sea of Azov, fire Urahan MRLs; meanwhile Russian-terrorist formations in Donbas launch 15 attacks against government forces, one soldier wounded; Ukrainian military analyst Oleh Starykov suggests Moscow will resort to more provocations, esp. with air power, before launching ground invasion of mainland Ukraine; SBU interrogates 12 priests of Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate, clergymen suspected of treason and inciting religious hatred; assembly to create independent national Orthodox church with backing of Constantinople scheduled for Dec. 15

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

source 6 source 7 source 8 source 9

Voronchenko’s offer is what you would expect from a REAL military commander, i.e., he’s willing to lay down his life for his troops. It’s also the definition of HERO. God bless Ukraine.

USA File: FBI raids Union Bridge, MD home of government-protected whistleblower who previously turned documents related to Clinton Foundation and Uranium One over to DOJ IG Michael Horowitz and House and Senate intel committees, 16 federal agents scour Dennis Nathan Cain’s residence for six hours on Nov. 19, apparently looking for even more docs; US Attorney John Huber to testify before House Republicans on Dec. 5, report on probe into alleged wrongdoing of Clinton Foundation, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russian nuke agency; former AG Jeff Sessions initially appointed Huber to work in tandem with Horowitz to investigate political bias in FBI; flashback: alt-media excited by presence at Little Rock’s airport of DOJ 757 on Aug. 7, speculated FBI field office pulled from Clinton Foundation probe after local radio station reported feds seen loading boxes into plane; James Comey files lawsuit to block subpoena to testify before House Judiciary Cmte. on Dec. 3, Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) rebukes ex-FBI director: “What is Director Comey trying to hide from the American people with his baseless motion to quash?”; meanwhile CNN anchor Jake Tapper ADMITS no evidence of Trump Team colluding with Russia: “Once again I look at these documents and I don’t see any evidence of conspiracy between members of the Trump team and the Russian government to interfere in the election”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Kiev bans all male Russian citizens between ages of 16 and 60 from entering Ukraine, FM Pavlo Klimkin: Ukraine recently terminated 48 agreements with Russia and will shortly terminate 40 more; independent Russian TV confirms 21 Ukrainian sailors apprehended by Russia’s FBS/KGB-run coast guard near Kerch Strait secretly transferred from occupied Crimea to Moscow’s Lefortovo prison, three others to hospitals of Matrosskaya Tishina prison; 112 Ukraine TV channel interviews Russian lawyer, Nikolai Polozov says secret transfer of Ukrainian servicemen violates Geneva Convention; Russia deploys fourth division of S-400 anti-aircraft missile system near Dzhankoy, NE Crimea; first division went on combat duty with Sevastopol-Feodosia guards regiment in 2016, second division assumed combat duty near Sevastopol in Jan. 2018, third division took up combat duty near Yevpatoriya in Sep. 2018; Ukrainian Security Service raids residence of Metropolitan Pavel, head of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra monastery, HQ of Moscow Patriarchy of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, top clergyman accused of inciting “religious hatred,” serving Kremlin interests; Ukraine and Russia at odds over Kiev’s bid to set up independent national Orthodox church, break centuries-old ties between Ukrainian and Russian clergy

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Situation between Ukraine and Russia going from bad to worse . . .

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: President Trump cancels meeting with Russian counterpart Putin on sidelines of G20 summit in Buenos Aires, cites Ukraine crisis: “Based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to Ukraine from Russia”; US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch condemns Russia for Kerch Strait naval skirmish: “Skeptics, naysayers, and Russian officials can no longer deny what we’ve long known: the strings controlling the puppets in this conflict – whether they are “little green men” [i.e., Spetsnaz] or so-called separatists – can be traced straight back Moscow”; Ukrainian FM Pavlo Klimkin says there are no diplomatic relations between Kiev and “aggressor country,” Ukrainian citizens in Russia face “dangerous situation,” Russian diplomats in Ukraine most likely SVR/GRU agents, unspecified restrictions to be imposed on Russian citizens in Ukraine; “ex”-communists hold important posts in rebel-held Donbas: Vladimir Bidyovka, newly elected chair of People’s Soviet of “Donetsk People’s Republic,” former secretary of Communist Party of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast, editor-in-chief of Kommunist Donbassa; served on Donetsk Regional Council (2010-2012), elected Ukrainian MP in 2012, nominated by CPU to run for same post in 2014 but fled to rebel-held territory after Euromaidan Revolution; Kiev banned CPU in Dec. 2015, accused of pro-Moscow, pro-separatist sympathies

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

The Donetsk communists are no doubt collaborating with their comrades in the Russian Federation to wrest the Donbas from Ukraine. All of this means, of course, that the Donbas War is a communist operation–with a nationalist flourish from the Kremlin–from start to finish. The neo-Soviets are not happy about Ukraine’s National Revolution in 2014.

USA File: Making America Great Again: Multiple military and civilian investigative agencies hold press conference at South Carolina Dept. of Corrections, Columbia, on Nov. 28, announce unsealing of multi-defendant indictment in which 15 NC/SC inmates are accused of operating “sextortion ring” that bilked more than 440 military personnel of $560,000, culmination of two-year investigation dubbed Surprise Party; meanwhile, MSM buries Democrats’ sordid ties to Pedogate (i.e., VIP child abuse rings) as Little Rock resident Harold Moody arrested on Nov. 5 after indictment unsealed, ex-spokesman for Arkansas Democratic Party (2015-2017), past chair of Pulaski County Democratic Party and former special events coordinator for Pulaski County Youth Services charged with streaming live child abuse and smoking meth at county job; Moody considered flight risk, US Magistrate Judge Joe Volpe ordered him to remain in federal custody until Jan. 2019 trial; Asst. US Attorney Kristin Bryant alleged Moody “connected to shadowy figures who share child pornography across the globe”; special DHS agent Jason Bennett testified undercover colleague took screenshots of Moody sitting at his desk and conversing with other pedophiles in secret chatroom on “more than one occasion” between Aug. 29 and Oct. 12; publishes pics of Moody with former Little Rock resident and alleged serial rapist, ex-POTUS Bill Clinton, as well as with wife Hillary

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

The 63K indictments ARE being unsealed . . .

The Moody story is a couple of weeks old.

Almost missed it.

Can’t image why the fakestream media overlooked it (sarcasm off).

Men who sexually prey on children are reprobates.

It’s not an “orientation.”

A firing squad would be merciful.

God’s judgment will be MUCH worse (Matthew 18:6) . . .

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukraine’s Azov coast once again under Russian naval blockade following brief respite on Nov. 26, one day after Russian coast guard, which is operated by FSB/KGB, fires on two Ukrainian patrol boats and tug, apprehends 24 sailors; Ukraine Minister of Infrastructure: “As of the evening, November 28, 2018, Ukrainian ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk in the Sea of Azov are effectively frozen by the Russian Federation for the entry and exit of vessels”; Ukrainian SBU intercepts Russian military communication, says conversations between combat pilots reveal ships ordered to fire upon Ukrainian patrol boats near Kerch Strait: “This conversation leave no doubt that the Russian military administration deliberately ordered to use weapon against the Ukrainian vessels”; lawyer for captured Ukrainian sailor Roman Mokriak says comrades in arms transferred from occupied Crimea to Moscow, did not specify how many Ukrainian servicemen actually shipped to Russian capital; Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko urges NATO to send naval forces to Sea of Azov, counter Russian aggression while Ihor Vovchenko, Vice Admiral of Ukrainian Navy, reveals Kiev will ask Ankara to close Turkish Straits to Russian naval traffic, cites Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits, which forbids belligerent nations use of water passage; Moscow refuses second time to attend meeting of Trilateral Contact Group, diffuse Azov crisis

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

The North American shopping mall regime is mostly oblivious to the potential eruption of the largest land war in Europe since 1945, one that will easily rival the Yugoslav Wars (1991-2001). The Ukrainians, for their part, are facing a real Red Dawn situation in Russia’s “backyard.”

USA File: Making America Great Again: President Trump sends bold warning to his political enemies, acknowledges patriot community’s demand for mass arrests of Deep State traitors and seditionists, retweets meme showing Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and others BEHIND BARS; denounces Mueller probe into Team Trump’s non-existent collusion with Russia in separate tweet: “The Mueller Witch Hunt is a total disgrace. They are looking at supposedly stolen Crooked Hillary Clinton Emails (even though they don’t want to look at the DNC Server), but have no interest in the Emails that Hillary DELETED & acid washed AFTER getting a Congressional Subpoena!”; sealed indictments across all federal judicial districts, according to IndictmentAnon, exceeds unprecedented 63K; Clintons kick off 13-city North American tour at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, address mostly empty seats, only 3,300 tickets sold for 19,000-seat venue; chronically ill Hillary gripped by trademark coughing fit as she jokes about running for Canadian parliament, accuses POTUS of helping Saudi monarch cover up murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

Storm about to break? Whitaker DOJ to unseal those 63K-plus indictments?

Deep state arrests and trials must take place before 2020, or the New World Order will no doubt make another bid to capture America, by placing another Democratic puppet in the White House. In that tragic scenario, we will be looking at the complete demise of Western Civilization (except maybe some holdouts, such as socially conservative Eastern Europe, which has revived its pre-communist Christian heritage).

BTW, HRC is too sick to run again for any office. She needs to show some dignity and retire from politics (if she doesn’t get locked up first). Even the excessively polite Canadians are fed up with the Clintons . . . and that’s saying something!

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: President Petro Poroshenko in TV interview: Number of Russian tanks deployed near Ukrainian border has tripled over past two months: “That is why I don’t want anybody to think that it’s a trifle. The country is under the threat of a full-scale war with the Russian Federation”; Poroshenko requests phone call with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, diffuse tensions, no response from Kremlin; Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev cynically accuses Poroshenko of implementing martial law to subvert March 2019 presidential election: “[T]hey could be looking at cancelling the election as an ultimate move”; Russian FSB/KGB searched Ukrainian patrol boats, purportedly seized large arsenal of weapons, allege servicemen preparing to attack Russian Navy: “Artillery was prepared to open fire, the cannon barrels were brought to 45 degrees up front, facing ships and gunboats of the Russian Federation”; illegitimate court in Simferopol, occupied Crimea, charges 12 of 24 Ukrainian sailors with violating “Russian border”; Kiev advises fishermen on Sea of Azov to return to port as precautionary measure following Russian aggression in Kerch Strait; Svoboda party training youth wing to handle assault rifles, teen boys and girls (and younger) to help fend off Russian invasion, firearms instructor: “Don’t think of your target as a human being”; Ukraine’s Ministry of Youth and Sports earmarked US$150,000 to fund youth camps, inculcate “national patriotic education”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

National patriotic education. We could use a little more of that here in globalist-controlled Canada.

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Russian-terrorist formations in Donbas launch 18 attacks on Nov. 26, two Ukrainian soldiers wounded; Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) confirms two counter-intelligence officers aboard patrol boats seized by Russian special forces on Black Sea day before; Ukraine’s State Border Guard prevents 70 Russian nationals from entering country via flights from Russia, Belarus and occupied Crimea; Vadym Skibitsky, chair of Def. Min.’s Main Intelligence Directorate, delivers briefing on Nov. 26, chief points: 1) Russian Ground Forces moving 250 T-62 tanks to Rostov region, adjacent to Ukraine’s Donbas; 2) Russian Air Force currently deploys 500 aircraft and 340 helos near Ukraine, combat radius of aircraft covers “entire territory of the Ukrainian state”; Russian aircrews boast recent combat experience from Syrian campaign: “This means that crews have enough experience to use bombs, high-precision weapons against the civilian population”; 3) Russian military used Kavkaz-2016, Zapad-2017 and Vostok-2018 maneuvers to “work out the creation of assault forces in the Ukrainian direction, mobilization, and the redeployment of reserve forces and means from the central regions of the Russian Federation to the border with Ukraine”; 4) concludes: “The total number of Russian battalion tactical groups capable of carrying out combat missions in our territory is 25”

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Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate is a division of the Ministry of Defense, rather than of the General Staff.

USA/Latin America Files: Border Patrol officers at San Ysidro port of entry observe male migrants using smattering of women and children as “human shields” before launching barrage of rocks at US agents, tearing down first, older barrier and surging into no man’s land, thwarted by second, concertina wire-topped fence; CPB arrests 69 border crossers; more than 5,600 invaders regroup at Tijuana sports stadium, mull options, 70 return to Honduras; federal and city police, accompanied by Mexican immigration officials, line streets around makeshift refugee camp, Policía Federal officer: “We haven’t been told if we are going to evict them or not”; Baja California Gov. Francisco Vega reports almost 9,000 migrants in his state, most in Tijuana, smaller number in Mexicali, calls caravans “issue of national security,” appeals to Mexico City to shelter migrants and deport lawbreakers; MSM, Democrats and other leftists take President Trump to task for Border Patrol’s use of tear gas during Nov. 25 border assault, but federal agents also used tear gas during Nov. 2013 incident (i.e., during Obama Admin) involving 100 people in attempted illegal crossing at Tijuana River channel; POTUS, daughter Ivanka, VP Pence plan to attend Dec. 1 inauguration of Mexico’s incoming, left-nationalist president AMLO

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Verkhovna Rada anticipates Russian ground invasion following naval skirmish in Black Sea and Kremlin’s day-long blockade of Kerch Strait, imposes 30-day period of martial law throughout oblasts bordering Russia, Moldova and sea coasts, including Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhia, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia, Luhansk and Donetsk; last two partly occupied by Moscow-backed insurgents; Ukrainian President Poroshenko holds “war cabinet,” General Staff places military on “full combat readiness,” including air defenses: “[T]he General Staff – Сommander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine [has been] ordered to bring the units and parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into full combat readiness”; Ukraine State Border Service ordered to “enhance” protection of borders with Russia and occupied Crimea; air force spokesman says Kiev has approved flights of US surveillance drones through its airspace; Ukraine demands release of 24 sailors seized from patrol boats Berdiansk and Nikopol and tug, medical assistance for six wounded, describes servicemen as “prisoners of war”; Russian special forces carried out seizure after Russia’s coast guard fired upon Ukrainian ships, Ukrainian seamen in FSB/KGB custody, awaiting trial; Trump White House monitoring deteriorating situation between Ukraine, Russia

WW4 FILE: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Kiev, Moscow on brink of open war as Russia imposes partial naval blockade of Ukraine along Sea of Azov, positions tanker under new 12-mile bridge between Russian mainland and occupied Crimea; Ukrainian President Poroshenko prepares for hot war, submits request for two-month period of martial law to Verkhovna Rada: “We consider it as an act of aggression against our state and a very serious threat. Unfortunately, there are no ‘red lines’ for the Russian Federation”; follows clash on Black Sea in which Russian coast guard fired on and seized three small Ukrainian warships in transit from Odessa to Mariupol near contested Kerch Strait, six Ukrainian sailors wounded; Russian FSB/KGB says Ukrainian warships “illegally entered a temporarily closed area of Russian territorial waters,” but Ukrainian Navy insists Kiev informed Moscow of plan to sail ships through Sea of Azov, denounces Russia for breaching UN Convention on Law of the Sea; Poroshenko holds Monday phone call with NATO Sec.-Gen. Jens Stoltenberg to discuss Russian aggression, non-member Ukraine’s envoy to NATO to hold emergency talks in Brussels later today; masked Ukrainian nationalists protest outside Russian embassy in Kiev, consulate in Kharkiv, hurl flares at latter, tree catches fire, chant: “Death to Russian occupiers”

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Russia’s blockade of the Sea of Azov was predictable and is a clear act of war against Ukraine, which is already dealing with a four-year Moscow-backed insurgency in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts.

How convenient for Mr. Putin. The Kremlin has apparently decided to escalate its  “hybrid war” against its weaker neighbor while NATO’s most powerful member is distracted by a globalist-backed hybrid war of sorts along the Mexican border. Coincidence? How far will NATO go to defend non-member Ukraine? Conventional war? Nuclear?

BTW, while there are no doubt many Ukrainian nationalists ready to rumble with Russia, the anti-Russia demos in Kiev and Kharkiv could also be Kremlin-orchestrated provocations designed to justify still more Russian aggression against Ukraine.

USA/Latin America Files: Border Patrol uses rubber bullets, tear gas to repel “several hundred” Illegal immigrants storming San Diego-Tijuana border crossing on Nov. 25, C. American invaders try to cut holes in concertina wire along international boundary, use smattering of women and children as “human shields”; US officials shut down port of entry, thousands of legitimate travelers in both countries stranded; Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen denounces migrant border assault: “As I have continually stated, DHS will not tolerate this type of lawlessness and will not hesitate to shut down ports of entry for security and public safety reasons. We will also seek to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who destroys federal property, endangers our frontline operators, or violates our nation’s sovereignty”; President Trump tweets: “Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. Do it by plane, do it by bus, do it anyway you want, but they are NOT coming into the U.S.A. We will close the Border permanently if need be. Congress, fund the WALL!”; Mexico arrests 39 invaders, Interior Ministry vows to deport 500, 7,417 Hondurans holed up in makeshift refugee camp in Tijuana sports arena; usual suspects from American Left, open borders lobby denounce Border Patrol’s legitimate response to migrant attack

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The righteous indignation of the American Left is totally fake. Perhaps the Hollywood “celebrities” (i.e., Alyssa Milano and Co.), who condemned the Trump White House for defending their own country, would like to serve as additional “human shields” for the migrant invaders. Indeed, where’s Sean Penn, former propagandist for Saddam Hussein, when you need him?

May I suggest the entire American Left relocate to the workers’ paradise of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea . . . we rather suspect you would be happier there. Patriotic Americans would also be happier, too, with your permanent departure.

USA/Latin America Files: Several hundred Hondurans from Tijuana migrant camp defy Mexican federal police, stage protest within 500 feet of San Ysidro border crossing near San Diego, waving white flags invaders demand admission to USA; CBP shuts down vehicle and pedestrian traffic for 40 minutes, rifle-toting Border Patrol officers form line facing Mexican frontier; meanwhile riot police rehearse deployment movements as soldiers set off rockets and DHS and CPB helos hover overhead; second migrant protest occurs at nearby Chaparral port of entry, invaders shout “Open the gates, Trump! We are not looking for war, but work”; Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum declares “humanitarian crisis,” requests help from United Nations after latest official counts put 6,219 C. Americans in Tijuana with additional 1,669 migrants trekking toward Baja California from Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa; President Trump in Thanksgiving interview at Mar-a-Lago announces he ordered partial closure of Mexican border on Nov. 20, i.e., concurrently with previously reported directive authorizing soldiers to use lethal force to defend Border Patrol officers; POTUS: “I’ve already shut down parts of the border. If we find that its uncontrollable, if we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. The whole border, I mean the whole border”