USA File: Making America Great Again: CounterThink with Mike Adams: DOJ must arrest corrupt election officials, social media owners for perpetrating widespread voter fraud during midterms, otherwise globalist-backed Democrats will oust Trump, GOP in 2020, establish totalitarian socialist regime; patriots must “rise up” (e.g., in form of large protests) if certain trigger events occur: impeachment of POTUS and/or Kavanaugh, election theft in Florida and other states; discusses firearms ownership for personal protection (esp. in wake of Antifa’s assault on Tucker Carlson’s residence)



USA/Latin America Files: Splinter group of 76 self-described LGBTQ types from C. American migrant caravans arrive in Tijuana, disembarks from buses provided by anonymous donor, cites abuse from other illegal immigrants, seeks asylum in USA with help of sympathetic (i.e., leftist) American lawyers; larger group of 357 invaders arrives in Mexican city under police escort two days later, disembarks from nine buses, mills about on beach across from San Diego’s International Friendship Park, scales and straddles border fence, taunts Border Patrol, slides down fence back to Mexico; another 398 invaders arrive on Nov. 14, fill Tijuana shelters; 1,300 US Army troops deployed along California-Baja border still “hardening” ports of entry at San Ysidro and Otay Mesa with concertina wire as of Nov. 13, CBP to close northward lanes as needed to restrict flow of illegals; Def. Sec. James Mattis visits troops deployed to Texas-Mexico border, delivers pep talk but reminds soldiers of their support role for law enforcement, dumps operation name “Faithful Patriot,” refers to “border support”; nearly 900 northbound invaders enter state of Sonora aboard 22 buses on Nov. 14, also under police escort; 5,000 mostly Honduran invaders camping in Mexico City vote to proceed to Tijuana, ETA unknown

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USA File: AAG Matthew Whitaker must ignore howls of protest from Left, shut down Mueller probe, special counsel’s investigation out of control, pursuing leads with no bearing whatsoever on supposed collusion between Team Trump and Russia; author, grand jury witness Jerome Corsi fears he will be charged with perjury since Mueller’s team investigating whether Corsi and veteran Republican operative Roger Stone had prior knowledge of Wikileaks’ plan to release John Podesta’s emails (which exposed Clinton campaign chairman’s alleged pedophilia); State of Maryland suing White House over Whitaker appointment, alleges choice violates AG Succession Act, should have appointed DAG Rod Rosenstein; Maryland’s “moderate” GOP Gov. Larry Hogan possibly currying favor of Democrats, even though Rosenstein praised Whitaker as “superb choice”; meanwhile President Trump must declare ALL midterm elections null and void after GOP candidates appear to win on Nov. 6, only to lose two days later after local election officials in Dem strongholds “discover” thousands of uncounted ballots favoring rivals; GOP alleges voter fraud over “late ballots,” demands recounts in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California; globalist-run MSM predictably ridicules accusations but ex-Gov. Jeb Bush admits re. home state: “There is no question that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes failed to comply with Florida law on multiple counts, undermining Floridians’ confidence in our electoral process. Supervisor Snipes should be removed from her office following the recounts”

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When a member of the globalist Bush dynasty admits official corruption, then it must be bad. The Democratic Party and its far-left allies are guilty of subverting the American Republic through massive election fraud. President Trump must declare the midterms null and void. Arrests must be made. POTUS will also have to declare martial law because a full-blown communist insurgency will probably erupt.

Some pro-Trump commentators like Bill Mitchell are now flat-out denying the legitimacy of the incoming Congress: “I AM SAYING IT: The Democrat House Majority is ILLEGITIMATE. There is cheating everywhere you look. Thousands and 10’s of thousands of votes “found” after the election was over to push Democrats over the top. NO MORE! FAKE CONGRESS! NOT LEGITIMATE! APPOINT SPECIAL COUNSEL!”

Meanwhile, nearly two years into the Trump Admin Deep State organs like the Washington Post remind Americans that their president is “illegitimate.”

How does this division end without devolving into civil war?

USA File: Deep State-backed Democratic Party panics after resignation of AG Jeff Sessions, “Nobody Is Above the Law” coalition organizes demo in NYC on Nov. 8, 6,000 people march from Times Square to Union Square, protest transferring oversight of Russia collusion probe from DAG Rod Rosenstein to AAG Matthew Whitaker, similar rallies in DC, Boston, Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago, Chattanooga and Philadelphia; anti-Trump coalition includes MoveOn and Alex Soros’ Bend the Arc Jewish Action; Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) demands Whitaker recuse himself from probe but Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) says AAG under no such jurisdictional obligation; Whitaker opined in 2017 interview: “There was no collusion with the Russians and the Trump campaign”; Antifa/Smash Racism DC protest outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s residence on night of Nov. 7 to be investigated as possible hate crime, 20 chanting cadres besieged house, threw themselves against front door, wife Susie alone, feared home invasion; Twitter suspends org account that doxed addresses of Tucker, brother Buckley, as well as Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Neil Patel; same terrorists have also harassed Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

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Anti-Fascist Action = scum

Antifa’s terror attack at the Carlson residence is one good reason why American patriots need to be armed. Next time: pop off a few warning shots and, then, should the commies break into the residence, unload . . .

USA File: Jeff Sessions resigns as AG after more than year of public criticism from President Trump, Sessions’ chief of staff, Trump loyalist Matthew Whitaker to serve as acting AG, assume oversight of Robert Mueller probe into alleged Russian meddling in 2016 presidential election; Whitaker argued in favor of indicting Hillary Clinton in July 2016 opinion piece, limiting Mueller’s powers in Aug. 2017 op-ed; Rod Rosenstein summoned to White House after Sessions stepped down, rumors swirl yet again of DAG’s impending resignation; Barack Obama’s AG Eric Holder panics over leadership shakeup in DOJ: “Anyone who attempts to interfere with or obstruct the Mueller inquiry must be held accountable. This is a red line”; Soros-funded leftist PAC MoveOn to launch “mass” demos on Nov. 8, protest any attempt to shut down Mueller probe; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi admits personal reluctance for impeaching Trump, requires bipartisan support: “Depends on what happens in the Mueller investigation. But that is not unifying. And I get criticized in my own party for not being more in support of it, but I’m not. If that happens, it would have to be bipartisan, and the evidence would have to be so conclusive”

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Looks like the master chess player in the White House was quick to rain on the Democratic Party’s post-election revelry. Cue Dems’ militant wing, otherwise known as the leftist outrage mob . . .

BTW, patriots were divided on Sessions.

On the one hand, some insisted he was quietly working on behalf of DJT to bring down the Deep State. In this scenario he has fulfilled his role for MAGA. Another will finish the job (i.e., Whitaker). The 4/8Chan poster Q, who is believed to speak for Team Trump, urged patriots months ago to “Trust Sessions.” During this period, more than 60,000 sealed indictments appeared in federal court dockets across the country. This huge number is unprecedented and the contents remain unknown publicly. Obviously, Sessions would have been aware of this development.

Moreover, Q+, who is believed to be POTUS himself, posted the following on 8Chan today (post #2452): “Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr. Jeff Sessions! Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. Q+” DJT tweets same day: “We thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his service, and wish him well!”

On the other hand, for patriots who take a skeptical view of the Q posts, Sessions was part of the Deep State and, thus, his resignation/firing is long overdue.

USA File: Trump Revolution falters during midterm elections but Blue Wave flattens into mild swell as Democrats take House of Representatives with modest 34-seat surge, while Republicans hold onto Senate with three-seat gain; Deep State mouthpiece, CNN anchor Jake Tapper laments “This is not a blue wave”; Trump magnanimous, offers to endorse Nancy Pelosi as Speaker but warns of counter-investigations: “If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!”; Congress divided for next two years, Dems can slap Trump Admin with subpoenas but House has no power to arrest or prosecute, but POTUS can still confirm judicial and cabinet nominations; patriots register new totals for sealed indictments across all federal judicial districts as of Oct. 31: StormWatchr: 61,328; IndictmentAnon: 63,215; even as member of Trump 2020 presidential campaign predicts arrest of communist ex-CIA Dir. John Brennan: “Tick-tock Johnny…just a matter of time before men with badges and guns come to put the cuffs on you…the opportunity to see you wearing orange is drawing nearer as more of your co-conspirators are discovered and prosecuted…so @JohnBrennan – enjoy your last days of freedom”

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Read John Brennan: American Hero or Communist Traitor? by Jeff Nyquist, published in DJT’s favorite newspaper.

Mike Adams: America Dodged a Bullet on Nov. 6

Midterm results not optimal, but all is not lost . . .

USA/Latin America Files: Army, Border Patrol conduct joint exercises at McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge in McAllen, TX as part of Op Faithful Patriot, 5,200 active-duty troops deployed to 13 logistics hubs along US-Mexican border as of Nov. 5, additional 1,800 soldiers to arrive at S. border in “near future”; Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning declines to describe in detail rules for use of force against migrant caravans, follows President Trump’s Nov. 1 speech in which he implied that illegal aliens who throw rocks at soldiers would be shot; meanwhile 1,000 C. American migrants reach Mexico City on Nov. 4, more than 3 weeks after departing Honduran city of San Pedro Sula, still 500 miles from nearest US port of entry; invaders from first migrant caravan camp out in sports stadium, Mexico City government sets up medical aid and food kitchens; Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen: migrant caravans from Honduras and El Salvador not only contain known criminals, but also infiltrators from Middle East and SE Asia, consist of “mostly single men” using women and children as (diversionary) “barriers”: “We absolutely see people from the Middle East, from southeast Asia, from other parts of the world. They are not just from Central America . . . What I can tell you is we stopped 3,000 people last year at the southwest border who had patterns of travel similar to a terrorist. We call those special interest aliens”

USA/Latin America Files: National Security Adviser John Bolton announces new round of sanctions against Russia’s primary allies in Caribbean Basin–Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua–during Nov. 1 speech in Miami: “I am here to deliver a clear message from the president [Trump] . . . to those three regimes. We will not reward torturers, murderers, and abusers. This Troika of Tyranny, this triangle of terror stretching from Havana to Caracas to Managua, is the cause of immense human suffering, the impetus of enormous regional instability, and the genesis of a sordid cradle of communism in the W. Hemisphere”; Bolton’s speech indirect rebuke against Democratic Party’s corruption, socialism ahead of midterms: Georgia Dems allegedly tried to hack into state’s voter registration system, Georgia Sec. of State Brian Kemp’s press sec.: “I can confirm that the Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cybercrimes”; DHS, FBI notified while Georgia Dems scream: “scurrilous claims are 100 percent false”; Americans for Legal Immigration PAC files complaint with FEC on Nov. 2, accuses Dem enablers Google, Facebook and Twitter of violating laws that prohibit corporations and their employees from “contributing any services or anything of value to elections and campaigns”

USA/Latin America Files: Army troops from Fort Riley, KS work with Border Patrol to lay down 1,000 feet of barbed-wire fencing along Rio Grande River in McAllen, TX; 900 of at least 5,200 active-duty soldiers to be deployed with Op Faithful Patriot have arrived on S. border, even as 12,000 illegal immigrants in four caravans swarm N. through Mexico, demanding admission to USA; DHS says at least 270 “migrants” have criminal histories; fourth caravan consisting of 4,000 Salvadorans waded across Suchiate River from Guatemala as Mexican police stood down last Fri., meanwhile first caravan of same size hitchhiking through drug cartel turf in Veracruz state, lost 3,000 members after migrants applied for refugee status in Mexico; two more caravans contain as many as 4,000 additional invaders; Mexico’s federal government warns state and local officials against helping migrants, face prosecution for human trafficking, however Catholic nuns—with blessing of open borders advocate Pope Francis—flag down trucks to secure passage for invaders; meanwhile, billionaire leftist George Soros antes up $500 million in partnership with MasterCard, offers risk-free loans to illegals via Humanity Ventures project; MasterCard previously handed out pre-paid debit cards to migrants in Europe in 2016, with connivance of EU and UN Refugee Agency

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Alas, the Soros-funded, Vatican-approved migrant caravans from Central America won’t make it to the USA in time to vote Democrat on Nov. 6.

BTW, you have another good reason to cut up your MasterCard . . .

USA File: President Trump in Nov. 1 Roosevelt Room address appears to have given troops deployed with Op Faithful Patriot potential “shoot to kill” policy (in our estimation), with respect to engaging lightly armed C. American migrant caravans should they arrive at S. border: “Anybody throwing stones, rocks, … we will consider that a firearm because there’s not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock. We’re not going to put up with that, they throw rocks at our military, our military fights back . . . At this very moment large well-organized caravans of migrants are marching towards our Southern border. It’s like an invasion. They have violently overrun the Mexican border. These illegal caravans will not be allowed into the United States”; unconfirmed report from Common Sense Show, border rancher emails host Dave Hodges during last week of Oct.: “. . . DHS [Dept. of Homeland Security] was here today along with a Deputy. I was told that law enforcement might not be able to protect me from splinter groups [i.e., terrorists embedded in caravans] that would be entering the country. I was further told that these splinter groups likely have an agenda to inflict mass casualties on Americans on this side of the border. I was advised to consider leaving the area, but that a mandatory evacuation order will not likely be given. I was also told that I cannot talk to the media . . . The splinter group was described as being well trained and armed”

source 1 source 2 source 3

BTW, Q is back after a three-week silence. Regardless of Q’s identity, this phenomenon has rallied many patriots to MAGA.

USA/Latin America Files: President Trump says troop surge on S. border could reach as high as 15K, tells ABC News on Oct. 31: “We have to have a wall of people”; Op Faithful Patriot follows little-reported briefing with military leaders on Oct. 23; speaking to reporters outside White House, POTUS suggests billionaire socialist George Soros could be financing migrant caravans from C. America: “I wouldn’t be surprised . . . A lot of people say yes”; Mexico’s socialist President-Elect Obrador to assume office in Dec., urges Oaxaca state governor to “protect the rights” of Honduran invaders, plans to exhort USA and Canada to increase development aid to C. America; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in Oct. 30 interview expresses “confidence” in winning chamber during midterms, “performing well” in Senate and gubernatorial races, but POTUS in CBN interview next day insists “blue wave is dead”; comments from actor James Cromwell on Oct. 28 confirm fears in patriot community of post-election violence from Left, esp. if “fascist” GOP wins: “This [Trump Admin] is nascent fascism. We always had a turnkey, totalitarian state — all we needed was an excuse, and all the institutions were in place to turn this into pure fascism. If we don’t stop [Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets”

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James Cromwell’s father, John, was on the Hollywood blacklist for suspected communist affiliations between 1951 and 1958. An advocate of “progressive” causes, this “red diaper baby” talks like a commie when he flings around terms like “fascist.”

USA/Latin America Files: Videos posted to Twitter on Oct. 30 purport to show southbound train in Arizona loaded with military equipment, including tanks, presumably to be deployed with Operation Faithful Patriot; Border Patrol warns landowners near Texas-Mexico border to expect “possible armed civilians” on their property to counter migrant caravans, Texas Minuteman militia announces plans to help federal officers “secure border”; first caravan of 4,000, mainly Hondurans advances 250 miles into Mexico, still 900 miles from nearest US port of entry, expected arrival in one week, invaders cram into buses, cling to freight, tanker and pickup trucks; White House Press Sec. Sarah Sanders: “Mexico has stepped up in an unprecedented way . . . They have helped us in new ways to slow this down, to break this up and keep it from moving as aggressively toward the United States”; second caravan of 1,000 Hondurans, contrary to some early reports, appears to have forced its way into Mexico after all, spends night of Oct. 30-31 in border town of Tapachula; third group of mainly Salvadoran invaders reaches Guatemala on Oct. 31, while fourth group of 700 compatriots sets out from San Salvador on same day

WW4 File: Head of State Duma Defense Cmte., ex-VDV cmdr. warns that Russia could reestablish military bases in Cuba in response to US Pres. Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from Cold War-era INF treaty, Vladimir Shamanov to Interfax: “In order to strengthen our military presence in Cuba, we need at least the consent of the Cuban government. After all, this question is more political than military . . . Now the active phase of assessing this scenario is underway and proposals will next be prepared with estimates”; Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin to receive Cuban counterpart Miguel Díaz-Canel on Nov. 2, Moscow first stop on Cuban dictator’s debut world tour, Díaz-Canel will also visit E. Asia’s four communist states: PRC, North Korea, Vietnam and Laos; Shamanov also warns that Russia will down any US warplane coordinating UAV attacks against its forces in Syria: “In case of another U.S. drone attack on Russian Military Base in Syria, Russia is ready to shoot-down that plane”; Kremlin blames Washington for Jan. 5-6 incident in which drone swarm headed for Hmeimim Air Base near Latakia before Russian air defenses took out unmanned aircraft

WW4 File: NATO launches Trident Juncture exercise on Oct. 30, largest alliance drill since Cold War, 50,000 troops, including 7,000 US Marines, plus forces from Sweden and Finland, to conduct maneuvers across Scandinavia; Trident Juncture to involve 10,000 vehicles, 250 aircraft and 65 warships, including USS Harry Truman, first time US aircraft carrier sails above Arctic Circle for exercises since 1987; hundreds of soldiers stage beach landing close to Norwegian city of Trondheim, supported by dozens of warplanes and helos; undaunted, Russia also plans naval maneuvers in international waters near Norway, including test-firing missiles between Nov. 1-3; NATO Sec. Gen. Jens Stoltenberg comments: “We were notified last week about the planned Russian missile test outside the coast here . . . Russia has significant forces, naval forces in this area. They are regularly exercising their naval capabilities, maritime capabilities . . . We will of course monitor closely what Russia does . . .”; meanwhile, RAF scrambles two Typhoon fighters to intercept Russian bombers skirting UK airspace north of Shetland Islands on Oct. 31

USA/Latin America Files: Mexican riot police repel second US-bound migrant caravan from Honduras on Oct. 29, 1,000 invaders try to force their way across Mexico-Guatemala border; Mexican immigration agency confirms UK tabloid report: some migrants armed with guns, “gasoline bombs made of soft-drink bottles,” “improvised PVC tubes to launch fireworks”; another news source reports Mexican authorities arrest two Hondurans after one invader tries to shoot police in border town of Ignacio Zaragoza; Mexican interior secretary “laments Central Americans’ violent attempt to storm the border”; meanwhile Fox News reporter discovers busing op in Oaxaca state to take members of first caravan to Juchitán de Zaragoza, numbers dwindle from 7,000 to 4,000; Soros-funded Pueblo Sin Fronteras plans meetings in Mexico City with President-Elect Obrador’s incoming socialist government, discuss migrant rights; UN Refugee Agency demands USA admit caravans: “Those entering the United States need to be provided access to the American asylum system”; communist front ACLU denounces Pentagon’s Operation Faithful Patriot: “Sending active military forces to our S. border is not only a huge waste of taxpayer money but . . . will further terrorize and militarize our border communities”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

The White House is NOT exaggerating the threat posed by this latest illegal immigrant invasion from Central America. MS-13 gang members are known to have attached themselves to the migrant caravans from Honduras. They could very easily obtain firearms from the drug cartels, while traversing Mexico toward the US border . . .

USA/Latin America Files: Pentagon will deploy 5,200 US Army troops to support Border Patrol, 2,100 National Guardsmen along southern border, thwart impending “invasion” by Central American migrant caravans, number of active-duty troops up from 800 in initial reports; President Donald Trump tweets: “Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!”; latest reports place number of migrants in main caravan moving north through Mexico at 4,000; in wake of MSM’s attempt to pin Pittsburgh synagogue massacre on White House rhetoric, POTUS takes to Twitter, rebukes “fake news media” (not media in general) and “dishonest reporters” as “enemies of the people”; announces plan in HBO interview to end birthright citizenship, practice of “anchor babies,” “chain migration”; extends hand of friendship to Brazil’s president-elect Jair (“Trump of the Tropics”) Bolsonaro, election of UN-rejecting rightist in W. Hemisphere’s second-most populous country rebuke to corrupt Workers’ Party regime, guaranteed to agitate region’s Red Axis (i.e., states governed by Sao Paulo Forum members)

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The resurgence of nationalism in Europe and her former colonies in the New World has now taken Brazil . . .

Gray Terror File: False flag incidents ramp up ahead of US midterms as neo-Nazi armed with assault rifle and handguns storms into Pittsburgh synagogue, yells “All Jews must die,” guns down 11 adult worshippers, shoots three police before apprehended; US Attorney for W. District of Pennsylvania says shooting investigated as federal hate crime; suspect Robert Bowers frequented Gab online social network, denounced Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, reviled President Donald Trump as “globalist” not “nationalist,” believes QAnon a Zionist op to sway patriots toward martial law, threatened to harm Jews only hours before killing spree: “Screw your optics, I’m going in”; POTUS tweets: “This evil Anti-Semitic attack is an assault on humanity”; meanwhile alleged MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc once registered as Democrat, only follows left-wing figures on Twitter, e.g., Barack Obama, Lena Dunham, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Ellen DeGeneres and Seth Meyers; Sayoc attended Trump rallies and van plastered with pro-Trump decals, but amateur bodybuilder and former stripper does not follow Twitter accounts of any GOP figures, including POTUS; Mike Adams accuses FBI Dir. Christopher Wray of misrepresenting IEDs mailed to prominent Dems as real, packages appearing in MSM also lack USPS postmark, stamp cancellation lines and barcode

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Real bombs or fake bombs, the enemies of America—domestic and foreign—will benefit from the confusion and terror sown . . .

Gray Terror File: FBI Dir. Christopher Wray, Trump appointee shoots down “false flag” conspiracy theories behind “MAGAbomber,” says DNA/fingerprint links suspect Cesar Sayoc to REAL explosive devices mailed to prominent Democrats this week: “We can confirm that 13 IEDs were sent to various individuals across the country. Each device consisted of roughly six inches of PVC pipe, a small clock, a battery, some wiring, and what is known as ‘ENERGETIC MATERIAL,’ which is essentially potential explosives and material that gives off heat and energy through a reaction to heat, shock, or friction. Though we’re still analyzing the devices in our Laboratory, THESE ARE NOT HOAX DEVICES”; Sayoc allegedly sent IEDs to following Trump critics: ex-POTUS Barack Obama, ex-VP Joe Biden, ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (originally to ex-AG Eric Holder), Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris, ex-CIA Dir. John Brennan, ex-DNI James Clapper, billionaire mega-donors Tom Steyer and George Soros, and actor Robert De Niro; alt-media initially convinced pipe bombs fake, but divided over whether “white hat” op designed to create pretexts to investigate Dem seditionists and traitors, or desperate “black hat” op designed to portray Dems in sympathetic light ahead of midterms; third option: gray terror (i.e., GRU)

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Energetic material – Wikipedia

For what it’s worth, one of Q’s final posts (#2378) on Oct. 9 stated: Look HERE [RUSSIA] DO NOT LOOK HERE [CHINA].


Gray Terror File: Police arrest Cesar Sayoc Jr. (56) of Aventura, FL for allegedly mailing pipe bombs to prominent Democrats this week, suspect registered Republican, van windows plastered with Trump decals, has previous arrest record; intercept more apparently fake bombs addressed to former DNI James Clapper at CNN and Sen. Cory Booker, total number of targets reaches 12; Deep State mouthpieces trot out usual tired narratives as MSNBC’s Chuck Todd suggests Russia behind provocation, while Alex Soros in NYT editorial blames Donald Trump for inciting anti-Semitism (even though POTUS’ son-in-law Jared is Jewish); DJT rebukes accusers: “Funny how lowly rated CNN, and others, can criticize me at will, even blaming me for the current spate of Bombs and ridiculously comparing this to September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing . . .”; meanwhile White House mulling EO to suspend asylum provision in immigration law, bar migrant caravans from entering USA; National Border Patrol Council chief refers to caravans as “invasion,” notes invaders waving flags of Honduras and Guatemala, even as supporters defaced and burned US flag outside Tegucigalpa embassy on Oct. 19; US Army troops deployed to Mexican border could potentially use Active Denial System to repel unarmed (?) invaders, non-lethal directed-energy truck-mounted “heat ray” designed for crowd control

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The “MAGAbomber” appears to have the hallmarks of a Deep State op with the intent of shifting the political narrative in favor of the Democrats ahead of the midterms. It could also have been contrived by a hostile foreign power, knowing that the Dems tend to be weaker than the Republicans on defense and national security. Will your average American voter, though, recognize this in time?

USA File: Alt-media speculates Deep State ops underway with intent to frame Trump Admin and patriot community ahead of midterms, alleged pipe bomb targets include, as most recently reported, ex-VP Joe Biden and stridently anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro; as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, John Brennan, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and George Soros; Sec. Def. James Mattis to sign order deploying at least 800 U.S. Army troops to S. border, provide “admin support” to Border Patrol, augment 2,100 mostly unarmed National Guardsmen, unclear whether active-duty soldiers will be armed but no apparent role in interdicting illegal immigrants and thus no infringement of Posse Comitatus Act (1878, amended 1956 and 1981); Time cites internal Navy memo last June, reports Pentagon drawing up plans to erect tent city at Camp Pendleton, CA, detain as many as 47,000 illegal immigrants from Central America; meanwhile United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) dispatches 45 personnel to Mexico to aid 7,000-strong migrant caravan marching toward US border

USA File: Alt-media speculates Deep State ops underway with intent to frame Trump Admin and patriot community, esp. QAnon believers, ahead of midterms as supposed pipe bombs sent to high-ranking Democratic politicians, their appointees and donors; analyzes MSM pics of “bomb” components and packaging, concludes devices fake; “suspicious devices” delivered to NY residence of billionaire socialist George Soros on Oct. 22, and two days later to ex-CIA Dir. John Brennan at CNN’s NYC offices, NY residence of ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, DC residence of ex-POTUS Barack Obama, congressional office of Rep. Maxine Waters, and congressional and district offices of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz; packages listed Wasserman Schultz’s Sunrise, FL office as return address and one apparently originally intended for ex-AG Eric Holder; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo backtracks on purported bomb that arrived at his Manhattan office, says object was “computer files,” no threat after all; announces deployment of 100 National Guard troops, doubles law enforcement at “vital transportation assets” across state; Trump retweets Pence’s condemnation of “cowardly actions”

USA/Latin America Files: Main migrant invasion force of 7,000 bears north under Mexican police escort, second caravan of 1,500-2000 traverses Guatemala, 2,000 invaders mobilize in Honduras and 500 in El Salvador; Guatemala deploys security forces, barbed wire to Honduran border crossing while defensive assets along US-Mexican border include 2,100 mostly unarmed National Guardsmen in support roles for Border Patrol; President Trump in Oval Office press briefing alleges Democrats financing latest illegal immigrant invasion, VP Pence suggests “Venezuela,” “leftist orgs” sponsoring caravans; CNN’s Van Jones on Anderson Cooper 360 counters, says POTUS, not billionaire socialist George Soros, funding invasion to bolster White House immigration policy: “I think it’s much more likely that Donald Trump is paying for this than for George Soros to be paying for it . . . it gives another talking point to Donald Trump”; meanwhile CNN’s NYC offices evacuated Oct. 24 morning after suspected package bomb addressed to “John Brennan c/o CNN” found in Time Warner Center mailroom; suspected package bombs also sent to Clinton residence in Chappaqua, NY, Obama residence in DC, Secret Service intercepts both; White House Press Sec. Sarah Sanders condemns apparent death plots against prominent Dems; follows report of hand-delivered pipe-bomb to Soros residence in NY, HuffPost: QAnon adherents “unhinged” for crying “false flag”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

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The run-up to the midterms is by no means dull: first, ricin attacks against Trump Admin and Navy figures, then package bombs mailed to leading Dems . . . Whether it’s the Deep State trying to blackmail the White House, or some other entity is at work remains to be seen.

Patriots, stay alert. You could be needed on the southern border . . .

USA/Latin America Files: Second caravan of 1,000 migrants assembles in Honduras, enters Guatemala on Oct. 21; original invasion force of 1,000 departed San Pedro Sula in vans and trucks on Oct. 13, expanded to 7,000 after crossing Guatemala and reaching Mexican border, headed north from Mexican town of Tapachula on Oct. 22, still 1,100 miles from US border; Mexican ambassador to USA Geronimo Gutierrez admits: “It’s not in the interest of anybody to have those people make that trip. They’re frequently tricked by human smuggling organizations. We have evidence that this caravan is also very much politically motivated”; video from Fox News crew traveling with main caravan shows trucks delivering food, water and toilet paper to migrants; in Oct. 22 interview aboard AF1 President Trump stated “there was no limit to the number of troops he’s willing to send to the border” to thwart army of illegal immigrants; employee at George Soros’ residence in Katonah, NY discovers explosive device in mailbox on Oct. 22, calls Bedford PD, bomb squad techs “proactively detonated” device in wooded area, billionaire Democratic donor not home at the time; Deep State organ NYT mocks POTUS, Republicans for speculating Open Society Fondations, Dems behind migrant invasion from Honduras

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

The first migrant caravan set out from Honduras on Oct. 13, four days after QAnon fell silent (for those who think this might be relevant).

Re. “bomb” in Mr. Soros’ mailbox . . . yes, there are probably some nutjobs who would do something like that. On the other hand, it’s easy enough for the NYT to fabricate the whole incident in order to generate sympathy for this self-declared foe of the Trump Revolution.

WW4 File: US President Donald Trump announces on Oct. 20 withdrawal from 30-year-old Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty: “Russia has not, unfortunately, honored the agreement so we’re going to terminate the agreement and we’re going to pull out”; Kremlin vows missile parity, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov: “It means that the United States . . . is openly starting to develop these systems in the future . . . then actions are necessary from other countries, in this case Russia, to restore balance in this sphere”; Red China not party to INF treaty but has “heavily” invested in missile tech as part of A2/AD strategy in S. China Sea, W. Pacific; Pentagon shows solidarity with Republic of China, sails guided missile cruiser and destroyer through contested Taiwan Strait on Oct. 22, flies B-52 strategic bombers over S. China Sea six days earlier; NATO/NORAD ally Canada installs four deep-sea sensors 186 miles off coast of Olympic Peninsula, scientific instruments connected to Ocean Network Canada but property of Sanya Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, unit of Chinese Academy of Sciences; US Navy subs and surface ships regularly pass through these waters as they sail in and out of Puget Sound, but US State Dept. silent on Sino-Canadian project; researcher at Guangdong University: “Deep sea observation networks are highly sensitive, and closely related to national security. Such collaboration [between Red China and Canada’s Trudeau regime] is very unusual”; Chinese-Canadian venture capitalist: “Asian capital has kept this [British Columbia’s] economy alive . . .”

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Chinese intelligence began using organized crime (Triads) to subvert Canada nearly 30 years ago. Vancouver, British Columbia—your resident blogger’s old hometown—has become an offshore colony of the People’s Republic of China. Red Chinese cash has transformed “Hongcouver” into the most unaffordable housing market in North America.

Canadians go to the polls next year. Hopefully they’ll have enough sense to vote out the treasonous pro-communist/Islamist government of Justin Trudeau. Like the USA, Canada needs to see some high-level arrests, up to and including the prime minister’s office. Make Canada Great Again.

USA File: Sec. of Def. James Mattis selects ret. Army Col. Douglas K. Watkins (56) to serve as chief judge of Guantanamo military commission, Watkins boasts 38 years of military service, handled terrorism cases back to 1986 Berlin disco bombing; appointment occurs amid alt-media warnings of Deep State mass arrests, also follows SCOTUS hearings in which Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned Brett Kavanaugh’s position on military trials for civilians: G: “Isn’t there also a long settled law that goes back to the Eisentrager case . . .” – K: “Johnson v. Eisentrager.” – G: “Right, that American citizens who collaborate with the enemy are considered enemy combatants?” – K: “They can be, they’re often, sometimes criminally prosecuted, sometimes treated in the military”; President Trump, with obvious nod toward Dems, warns against election fraud in Oct. 20 tweet: “All levels of government and Law Enforcement are watching carefully for VOTER FRAUD, including during EARLY VOTING . . . Violators will be subject to maximum penalties, both civil and criminal!”; veteran “fake news” journalist Carl Bernstein cites “White House sources,” alleges POTUS plans to invalidate midterm results: “[If] the congressional midterms are very close . . . Trump is already talking about how to throw legal challenges into the courts, sow confusion, declare a victory actually, and say that the election’s been illegitimate”

USA/Latin America Files: SOROS-FUNDED migrant invasion force from Central America, with possible embedded ISIS terrorists, sweeps past Mexican police barrier at Guatemalan border bridge on Oct. 21, two-mile-long caravan swells to estimated 7,000 invaders, continues journey from Mexican border town Ciudad Hidalgo, treks 20 miles to shelters in Tapachula, original force began journey in violence-torn Honduras more than one week ago; Mexican authorities say 1,000 caravan members entered legally and applied for refugee status; President Trump rebukes Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador for failure to stop migrant wave: “We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them,” “Sadly, it looks like Mexico’s Police and Military are unable to stop the Caravan heading to the Southern Border of the United States”; announces “national emergency,” US Armed Forces and Border Patrol placed on “alert”: “Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in. I have alerted Border Patrol and Military that this is a National Emerg[enc]y”; ZeroHedge: “[V]ideos have emerged of people handing out cash to the migrants, raising suspicions that the caravan has received outside funding for its assault on the southern border”

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Just in time to vote Democrat in the midterms . . . 7,000 gatecrashers on America’s southern border. No doubt they were invited by the good folks at Open Society Foundations. Perhaps Mr. Soros would like to host them in his backyard in Southampton, NY.

USA/Latin America Files: 50 migrants break through police barrier on international bridge between Mexico and Guatemala, Mexican police use pepper spray to deter remaining 3,000-4,000 invaders, loudspeaker blares: “We need you to stop the aggression”; even as Guatemalan president admits his country recently arrested 100 ISIS fighters; Pres. Trump in Oct. 18 tweet blames Dems for inciting latest SOROS-FUNDED migrant invasion from Central America: “I am watching the Democrat Party-led . . . assault on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing little to stop this large flow of people, INCLUDING MANY CRIMINALS . . .”; Sec. of State Mike Pompeo travels to Mexico City on Oct. 19, meets outgoing Pres. Enrique Pena Nieto, stresses “the importance of stopping this flow before it reaches the U.S. border”; Cuban-Americans mob House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi outside Miami restaurant on Oct. 17, shout: “Look at Nancy Pelosi right here – f***ing communist. Get the f**k out of here. F**k you and your f**king Democrats. Communism sucks”; Pelosi lifts script from Dem comrade Maxine Waters, makes veiled threat of violence in Oct. 14 interview: “[I]f there’s some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it . . .”

USA File: DOJ charges: 1) Russian national Elena Khusyaynova with “conspiracy to defraud the United States,” spend more than $10 million on “targeted social media ads and web postings” intended “to sow division and discord in the U.S. political system” ahead of 2018 midterms; Robert Mueller indicted Khusyaynova’s St. Petersburg-based company Concord in Feb. for alleged interference in 2016 election; 2) PRC Min. of State Security operative Yanjun Xu “with conspiring and attempting to commit economic espionage and steal trade secrets from multiple U.S. aviation and aerospace companies,” including GE Aviation; Red Chinese agent Xu apprehended in Belgium and extradited to USA, Asst. AG for National Security John Demers: “This case is not an isolated incident. It is part of an overall economic policy of developing China at American expense”; meanwhile ex-FBI Special Agent Terry J. Albury sentenced to 4 years in jail for “his unauthorized disclosure and retention of classified national defense information” to “hostile foreign powers”; FBI raids offices of San Juan city government as part of “widespread investigation into fraud and obstruction of justice charges” in Puerto Rico; Trump White House secures some manner of cooperation from Rod Rosenstein, dep. AG to run new multi-department task force to combat Hezbollah, MS-13 and Mexican drug cartels, apparently in exchange for closed-door testimony before Congress on Oct. 24

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LE could be opening some of the 55K+ sealed indictments at this time . . .

USA/Latin America Files: President Trump threatens to send military to S. border, cut off aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, and terminate new trade deal with Mexico, press neighboring countries to stop caravan of 4,000 Honduran migrants from reaching USA; Mexico deploys riot police to international bridge at Suchiate, Chiapas state, to prevent horde from crossing its S. border; senior Treasury official charged with leaking Team Trump financial info, arrested with flash drive in hand, Natalie Edwards allegedly delivered copies of SARs involving Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, accused Russian agent Maria Butina and Russian Embassy to BuzzFeed for publication; unidentified Treasury colleague cited in court papers as co-conspirator but not charged; amid alt-media speculation concerning mass arrests of Deep State traitors, Rear Admiral John Ring confirms plans to implement Trump’s EO reversing predecessor Barack Obama’s 2009 directive to “shutter” Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Gitmo is “going to last for [another] 25 years”; meanwhile Democrats, Antifa continue to take cues from Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ incitements to violence ahead of midterms, physically assault GOP candidates in MN and NV, vandalize GOP offices in WY, NE and NY

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The timing of this migrant caravan only a few weeks ahead of US midterm elections is highly suspicious. One could be forgiven for suspecting that the Soros NGO empire is behind this stunt.

Useful Idiots Bin: Hungary strikes blow against global communism’s LGBTQ+ foot soldiers, new law comes into effect as of Oct. 13, prohibits enrollment of new students in gender studies programs, George Soros’ Central European University and Eötvös Loránd University only Hungarian universities offering such programs; Orban’s chief of staff: “The Hungarian government is of the clear view that people are born either men or women. They lead their lives the way they think best, but beyond this, the Hungarian state does not wish to spend public funds on education in this area”; in Aug. interview Bence Rétvári, Secretary of State of Hungary’s Ministry of Human Resources, described gender studies as “like Marxism-Leninism,” “ideology rather than science”; Soros’ Open Society Foundations establishes new HQ in Berlin following expulsion from Budapest, lodges complaint with European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg over Hungary’s “Stop Soros” laws; transgender activists at London’s Goldsmiths U advocate “gulags” for their opponents, embarrassed student union announces suspension of LGBTQ+ club, website later announces elections for “new committee”; editor of philosophy journal at UK’s Durham U sacked for “transphobia” specifically for denying “women can have penises”; Ohio U student plays agent provocateur, arrested for making “anti-LGBQT” threats against herself

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Open Society Foundations: The New Comintern.

Event Convergence Alert: Husband of Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins receives threatening letter at Bangor residence, anon writer says missive contaminated with super-lethal poison ricin, Thomas Daffron or Collins possibly targeted as latter supported Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination; Navy vet William Clyde Allen III of Logan, Utah jailed for earlier wave of ricin attacks, confessed to sending poison to POTUS, Sec. Def. James Mattis, FBI Dir. Christopher Wray, Adm. John Richardson; Sen. Ted Cruz received suspicious powder same week; Vermont State Police investigate death threat mailed to GOP Vermont House candidate Deserae Morin: “We are hunting you. My comrades will kill you and the Constitution. Socialism is here, open season for republican death in Vermont. Fear our revolution”; nationalist groups Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys organize “Flash March for Law and Order in PDX [Portland]” on Oct. 13, demand Mayor Ted Wheeler step down over hands-off approach to far-left violence, use bear spray, fists and batons to brawl with Antifa cadres until riot police intervene; Austin Red Guards hang severed pig heads outside campaign offices of incumbent GOP Sen. Cruz and Dem challenger Beto O’Rourke, denounce both politicians as “imperialist pigs,” hail revolution; Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 currently under review by House Judiciary Cmte., would impose 15-year jail term on masked agitators interfering with civil liberties of others

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Radical left ramping up for pre-midterm disruptions . . .

USA File: Some patriot factions still convinced Team Trump communicating to Americans via QAnon posts on 4/8Chan, notwithstanding mockery from MSM, scenario correlates with POTUS’ penchant for tweeting directly to his followers, but hard to prove conclusively; alt-media speculates “Alliance” of nationalist business, political and military leaders recruited DJT to run for presidency, overthrow “Cabal” (consisting of int’l bankers, multinational corps, Dems, commies, other traitors) determined to sink USA into New World Order (global communism); Q has posted nearly every day since Oct. 29, 2017 but silent since Oct. 9, 2018, intimated arrests of 55K+ Deep State traitors would begin after Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation; Nov. 2, 2017 (post #16): “We serve at the pleasure of the President. DJT”; Oct. 4, 2018 (post #2344): “Are you ready to see arrests?”; Oct. 9 (post #2381, last to date): “How can you make arrests [non military] prior to first fully cleaning out corrupt elements [at the top] of those departments [FBI][DOJ] that oversee ‘investigation & prosecution’ in the United States [they [themselves] are the very ones engaged in the illegal treasonous acts]?”; Q then lists DOJ/FBI employees who have been fired since Trump’s inauguration; White House continues to aggressively recompose federal judiciary as Senate confirms 15 more Trump picks, follows hard on heels of contentious Kavanaugh hearings

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We’re agnostic when it comes to QAnon. Without the materialization of the high-level arrests sought by patriots, we can only speculate on the identity and veracity of Q.

USA File: Deep State actor, Dep. AG Rod Rosenstein bails out of Oct. 11 appearance before House Judiciary Cmte., refuses to discuss alleged plot to secretly record President Trump, hand over subpoenaed Andrew McCabe memos, follows (apparently fruitless) meeting with POTUS aboard AF1 on Oct. 8; State Dept. revoked security clearance of Hillary Clinton and five aides on Aug. 30, follows revelation that DC-based company fronting for Red China hacked HRC’s private server, swiped “nearly all” classified work-related emails, Intelligence Community Inspector General briefed FBI three times; meanwhile HRC denies possibility of bipartisanship in Oct. 9 CNN interview: “You cannot be civil with a political party [i.e., Republicans] that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again”; plans post-midterms North American speaking tour with husband Bill even as Democrats distance themselves from hopelessly corrupt Clintons, anonymous Dem strategist: “Hillary Clinton is the kiss of death and she represents the part of the Democratic Party that led to historic losses and that elected Donald Trump president”; Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson pleads Fifth Amendment, also refuses to appear before House Judiciary Cmte., research firm concocted salacious Pissgate dossier to undermine DJT’s bid for White House

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

Rosenstein has apparently chosen the path of disloyalty. He needs to go before Trump can drain the swamp.

USA File: President Donald Trump finally has face-to-face with Rod Rosenstein—aboard AF1 during Oct. 8 flight from DC to Orlando, denies having any plans of firing Dep. AG (despite MSM reports to contrary) or Special Counsel Robert Mueller, says 45-min. airborne meeting addressed border security and gun violence in Chicago; DJT once again denies collaborating with Russia, “It was all made up by the Democrats. They’re the ones that colluded with Russia . . . And, frankly, the previous administration didn’t do anything about Russia when they knew that they should have”; denounces Dem talk of impeaching SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, predicts Republicans will trounce Dems in midterms, compares embittered party to Hugo Chavez’s legacy: “I think you’re going to see a lot of things happen on Nov. 6 that would not have happened before. The American public has seen this charade, has seen this dishonesty by the Democrats. I think a lot of Democrats are going to vote Republican . . . The main base of the Democrats has shifted so far left that we’ll end up being Venezuela”; Alaska GOP weighs possible reprimand against Sen. Lisa Murkowski for voting against Kavanaugh confirmation; Dem. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who led charge against Trump nominee, cornered Murkowski in Capitol basement on Sept. 26, pic of huddle goes viral in social media; Rudy Giuliani retweets post branding George Soros “anti-Christ,” former NYC mayor Trump lawyer since April 2018

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Air Force One is presumably a safe place for POTUS to have a private conversation . . . and either secure Rosenstein’s compliance or warn him against disloyalty.

USA File: Kavanaugh confirmed


Fasten your seatbelts . . .

USA File: Trump White House possibly setting up George Soros for takedown as POTUS, Georgia GOP Sen. David Perdue accuse Hungarian-born billionaire socialist of fomenting anti-Kavanaugh demos on Capitol Hill; DJT tweets on female protesters who accosted Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake on Sep. 28: “The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad. Don’t fall for it! Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs. Paid for by Soros and others”; leftist rag Daily Beast brands POTUS “full conspiracy nut” even as Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy’s homepage features image of org’s exec. dir. Ana Maria Archila and activist Maria Gallagher yelling at Flake; Perdue IDs origin of demos on Laura Ingraham’s radio show: “This is a George Soros conspiracy, and it’s time we wake up, expose them, stand up and fight for our country, because that’s what’s at stake here”; Capitol Police arrest 293 protesters in Hart Senate Office Bldg. on Sep. 4, another nine arrested in Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.; Planned Parenthood Action 501(c)(4) org not content to support murder of unborn babies at taxpayer expense, threatens senators who vote to confirm SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh: “Roses are red/Violets are blue/Vote NO on #Kavanaugh/Or else we’re coming for you”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Trump and Perdue are just stating the obvious, so when megalomaniac Soros, along with 55K+ other Deep State criminals, is arrested for conspiracy and sedition no one will be surprised (except maybe Soros, who no doubt regards himself untouchable).

Blogger’s Note: President Trump possibly aware of Soviet strategic deception, esp. as outlined by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn (1926-2008) in New Lies for Old (1984) and The Perestroika Deception (1995); American geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist–author of Origins of the Fourth World War (1999) and staunch defender of Golitsyn’s central ideas concerning controlled collapse of Soviet Bloc–recently published two articles on communist subversion in Epoch Times; meanwhile Republican Senate candidate from California Paul Taylor boasts mutual friend with Trump, friend reportedly says president, who regularly vilifies “fake news” (i.e., MSM), considers Epoch Times his favorite newspaper; Taylor: “I’ve been introduced to a person who is close friends with Donald Trump. And when I told her about The Epoch Times publication, she said that Donald Trump reads it every day and it’s the one newspaper that he believes to be a truthful and correct paper. It’s the only one he trusts”; Epoch Times founded by John Tang in 2000, boasts online readership of 45 million pageviews per month, derided by detractors as “mouthpiece” for Falun Gong religion

USA File: Social media speculates Trump White House possibly used National Wireless Emergency Alert System on Oct. 3 to locate Deep State traitors and seditionists, other criminals named in 55K+ sealed indictments in federal court dockets, many indictees could be traced via their GPS/E911-enabled mobile phones; antivirus software pioneer, Libertarian Party activist John McAfee confirms: “They are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones – giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone. This not a rant, this is from me, still one of the leading cybersecurity experts. Wake up people!”; cellphone networks across Pacific Northwest hit by mysterious disruption 2 minutes after WEA test, subscribers with AT&T and T-Mobile reported being unable to download data or use apps; Dems finally show some sanity as Senate unanimously passes Res. 610 declassifying all govn’t docs related to Sep. 11, 2001 terror attacks, esp. Saudi Arabia’s involvement in airline hijackings; Turkish Pres. Recep Erdoğan’s massive purge of 180,000 public-sector employees, including 1,000s of soldiers and police, since failed July 15, 2016 coup shows Deep State swamp-draining in USA not beyond realm of possibility

USA File: Trump White House soundly refutes Deep State narrative of Russia collusion by indicting seven GRU officers for conspiracy, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and conspiracy to launder money; Asst. AG for National Security John Demers elaborates: “Our indictment today charges some of the same Russian operatives caught in the Hague, along with their colleagues in Moscow, as part of a conspiracy to hack a variety of individuals and organizations in the United States, Canada, and Europe, to obtain information or access that was then exploited for the benefit of the Russian government”; Putin’s henchmen unlikely to see their day in court as Russia has no extradition treaty with USA; meanwhile GOP lawmakers on House Judiciary and Government Oversight Committees expose real collusion between Dems and DOJ: Ex-FBI general counsel James Baker met with at least one lawyer from Perkins Coie in 2016, discussed plot to fabricate DJT’s supposed collusion with Moscow to hijack election, devise pretext for FISA warrant against Trump campaign; flashback: DNC, Hillary for America funneled money via Perkins Coie to research firm Fusion GPS and ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele to concoct “Pissgate” dossier, thwart DJT’s presidential ambitions; Obama for America also implicated in scheme, directed US$972,000 to Perkins Coie for “legal services” in 2016-2017

USA File: Capitol Police arrest 27-year-old Democratic Senate staffer Jackson Cosko for doxing Republican senators during Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS hearings, revealing restricted personal info online, targets included Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham; USCP also charges Cosko with witness tampering, threats in interstate communications, unauthorized access of government computer, 2nd degree burglary and unlawful entry; Cosko worked for Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Dem Sen. Maggie Hassan and retired Dem Sen. Barbara Boxer; police in Logan, Utah arrest man suspected of mailing super-lethal poison ricin to President Donald Trump, Def. Sec. James Mattis, Adm. John Richardson and possibly Sen. Ted Cruz, ID suspect as 39-year-old Navy vet, convicted one-time child molester William Clyde Allen III; public records show Allen registered as Dem in 2004, but switched to GOP in 2017, i.e., after Trump’s victory; FBI submits Kavanaugh background check to White House, full Senate likely to hold final confirmation vote on Oct. 6, Fox News source says FBI report “shows no evidence corroborating the allegations of sexual assault or misconduct against the nominee”; packs of Soros-funded anti-Kavanaugh protesters roam halls of Capitol Hill, accosting GOP lawmakers, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell denounces far left’s intimidation tactics

Event Convergence Alert: President Trump successfully demonstrates his ability to communicate directly to all Americans in event of national emergency after wireless Presidential Alert test takes place as scheduled at 2:18 PM EDT, Oct. 3; following message appears on every mobile phone in USA: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed”; recipients of phone message variously express fear and cynicism, even attempt to block alert via lawsuit, but White House could in theory use EAS to announce martial law, crackdown on traitors, seditionists and organized crime; Deep State organ NYT publishes Oct. 2 hit piece on DJT, accuses president of tax fraud, Trump lawyer Charles J. Harder fires back: “The New York Times’ allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100% false, and highly defamatory. There was no fraud or tax evasion by anyone”; meanwhile, even as assassination attempts against POTUS, Def. Sec. James Mattis, Adm. John Richardson, Sen. Ted Cruz, possibly other politicians and military brass unfold, Russian strategic aviation launches coast-to-coast exercise involving Tu-160, Tu95MS and Tu-22M3 bombers and Il-78 aerial tankers, state-run TASS: “The pilots will practice redeployment to tactical airdromes, refueling in flight and attacks against surface targets at proving grounds”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

See the comment about Russia in our last post . . .

Event Convergence Alert: Alt-media predictions vindicated, patriot sources reporting Deep State globalists, Democrats, far-left allies moving into active phase of communist revolution, motivated by hatred of Trump Admin, looming mass arrests of traitors and seditionists; multiple terrorist incidents occurring across USA, including attempted assassination of President Trump on Oct. 1, Secret Service intercepts package containing super-lethal poison ricin before it reaches White House; also attempted assassination of Def. Sec. Mattis and Adm. Richardson via same means at Pentagon on same day; mysterious substance also received at Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign office in Houston on Oct. 2, two persons hospitalized; leftists take a cue from Congresswoman Maxine Water’s public incitements to violence, target Republican politicians for harassment, including Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at Reagan International Airport on Oct. 1, pot-smoking protesters assault Congressman Andy Harris in his DC office next day; expect MSM and social media to censor news pertaining to coups and revolution, as well as White House operations to counter such subversion

source 1 source 2 source 3

Got preps? Got guns and ammo? Every radical leftist, by his very ideology, is anti-American and, thus, fair game.

We say to the Left: Bring it on. You haven’t learned from your failures in the past. Your delusional promises of utopia murdered millions in the 20th century. This time patriots will rise up and crush you.

If domestic unrest in the USA becomes very serious over the following days and weeks, keep an eye on the military movements of Russia and Red China. If the White House is preoccupied with countering a Deep State coup or quelling communist revolution, Iran could also move against Israel, and North Korea against the South (notwithstanding recent signals of rapprochement from Pyongyang).

See last post.

USA File: Pentagon police intercept mail containing super-lethal poison ricin on Oct. 1, one envelope addressed to Def. Sec. James Mattis, second to U.S. Navy Adm. John Richardson, Chief of Naval Ops; DoD mail facility under quarantine, FBI to further analyze substance; meanwhile sealed indictments in federal court dockets exceed unprecedented (and mostly unreported, at least in MSM) 55K as of Sep. 30, likely targeting massive criminal network consisting of Deep State traitors and seditionists (Dems, RINOs, commies, etc.), as well as pedophiles and human traffickers; alt-media suspects mass arrests as soon as SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmed by full Senate (after final FBI background check) or in connection with wireless 30-minute Presidential Alert test slated for Oct. 3; Lunatic Left goes ballistic over impending Kavanaugh confirmation, “Kill Kavanaugh” tops Twitter search and hashtag suggestions, Georgetown U. prof rails against GOP lawmakers who backed Trump pick: “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes”; Project Veritas’ “Deep State Unmasked” undercover video series unearths another red in federal government, IRS examiner Thomas Sheehy, cadre of Austin chapter of Democratic Socialists of America

USA File: Making America Great Again: President Donald Trump addresses UN General Assembly on Sep. 25, reaffirms commitment to America First policy of national sovereignty, opposition to (Luciferian) New World Order announced after fall of Soviet Union; begins speech: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. . . . We are standing up for America and the American people and for the world’; counters unexpected laughter from audience: “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s OK”; continues to recount successes: “Thanks to the U.S. military and its partnership with many of your nations, ISIS was driven out from territories in Syria and Iraq. . . . That’s why many supported me in withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal [with Iran] and in re-imposing nuclear sanctions. . . . I moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem which advances hopes of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. . . . Countries in the WTO violate every single principle on which organization is based . . . There will be new tariffs for Chinese groups, as our trade imbalance is not acceptable. . . . [We] will not give recognition to the International Criminal Court . . . we will never surrender to this unaccountable global bureaucracy. We reject globalism and embrace patriotism, around the world responsible nations must resist the threats to sovereignty”

Video of Trump’s UN speech

Full text of Trump’s UN speech

IMHO, God has truly raised up Mr. Trump to reverse (or at least retard) the globalist/ communist plan to destroy America. If the Trump White House needs to implement temporary emergency measures to restore America’s constitutional republic, then patriots should support him. Also, this November they should vote for populist candidates, whether Republican or not. The battle’s not over yet . . .

USA File: Making America Great Again: White House, amid conflicting reports, accepts verbal resignation of Rod Rosenstein, follows Sept. 21 NYT article implicating deputy AG in spring 2017 plot to “secretly record President Trump to expose the chaos consuming the administration,” Rosenstein allegedly “discussed [with other DOJ-FBI officials] recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit”; Rosenstein rejoins: “The New York Times’s story is inaccurate and factually incorrect”; Solicitor General Noel Francisco next in line of succession to replace Rosenstein, Francisco former partner of Jones Day law firm, “which has represented Trump for years”; White House’s allies in mass media urge president to act “cautiously,” suggest “Deep State” organ NYT setting “trap” for Trump, Fox’s Sean Hannity: “Under zero circumstances should the president fire anybody”; Trump Admin distances itself from reports of draft EO instructing federal antitrust and LE agencies to probe Google, Facebook, other tech giants for clamping down on pro-government opinions, DJT tweets on Aug. 18: “Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/ Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT . . .”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

source 5 source 6 source 7

The Trump Admin’s allies in the mass media are correct about the New York Times “expose” on the deputy AG. The NYT is a Deep State organ, while Rod Rosenstein, although a Republican, is a tool of the Deep State via his and his wife’s 90s-era legal representation of the Clinton Mafia, not to mention Rod’s later appointment of Robert Mueller.

Hannity and company are correct in asking why the NYT would try to sink Rosenstein’s reputation. Firing Rosenstein would indeed portray the Trump Admin in a bad light, but if the deputy AG resigned instead, as reported, this could actually open the way for the White House to legally move against Deep State seditionists and traitors (50K-plus sealed indictments). The Deep State may have just outsmarted itself.

WW4 FILE: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: 950 airmen from USA, UK and seven other NATO states to join Clear Sky drill at Starokostiantyniv Air Base, 150 miles SW of Kiev; training will focus on air sovereignty and interdiction, air-to-ground integration, air mobility ops, aeromedical evac, cyberdefense and personnel recovery; follows Ukrainian military’s rigorous training schedule with Western forces earlier this year as Kiev seeks NATO membership; UK Defence Sec. Gavin Williamson dons combat helmet to become first W. European government minister to visit frontline in Donbass War, commits Royal Navy and Marines to defense of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast against Russian aggression, Telegraph reports 60,000 Ukrainian troops holding back 35,000 ethnic Russian insurgents, 4,000 Russian regular troops in Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts; Kiev fears Russia will also strike mainland, esp. port city of Mariupol, via Sea of Azov as Kremlin nears completion of building Kerch Strait Bridge to occupied Crimea, Russian Navy interdicts ships on inland sea; Pres. Petro Poroshenko backs Rada bill requiring pro-Russia orgs to register as “foreign agents” ahead of March 2019 vote: “A network of Russian agents is still active in Ukraine”; western Lviv Oblast imposes moratorium on Russian-language books, films and songs, banned pro-separatist Communist Party of Ukraine rails against supposed “ethnocide”

USA File: Project Veritas exposes seditious activities of low-level communists in federal government, “Deep State Unmasked” undercover video series identifies secret cadres of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) committed to helping Obama-era appointees thwart implementation of Trump Admin policy: Dept. of State management and program analyst Stuart Karaffa boasts: “Resist everything. Every level. F**k sh*t up”; Dept. of Justice paralegal Allison Hrabar: “There’s a lot of talk about how we can like, resist from inside,” “Like, what’s kind of lucky is at the DOJ, we can’t like get fired”; Government Accountability Office auditor Natarajan Subramanian: “No one knows I spent six hours yesterday doing social media for DSA,” “If you’re in an Executive Branch agency, you can slow ball things to a degree,” “It’s a socialist organization and we want to destroy capitalists,” “We have a bunch of just like communists, like no prefix, and that’s basically me,” “Do I care more about having this job, or do I care more about the [DSA] movement, and I was like… obviously the movement,” “I break rules every day… at any point I can get fired”; PV President James O’Keefe comments: “We’ve heard a lot about the Deep State; holdovers from the previous administration resisting change or nameless and faceless bureaucrats slowing things down or leaking secrets in an effort to undermine this administration. What is truly striking is their boldness, they are not afraid”

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In 1917 the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia. By the 1930s their American counterparts had established networks in the US federal government. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was created in 1938 to investigate the reds’ subversive activities, renamed as the Internal Security Committee in 1969, and then finally shut down in 1975. HUAC’s functions and files were transferred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Meanwhile, when Sen. Joseph McCarthy tried to expose the US communist movement during the 1950s, his name was maligned and forever attached to any supposedly unfounded attempt to expose red plots, which at that time tended to advance the causes of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Since the end of the Cold War, communism is no longer perceived as a serious threat to America. Fast forward to President Trump’s war against the Deep State in 2018 . . .

USA File: Vindictive former CIA director (2013-2017), communist sympathizer John Brennan on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, joins high-ranking Democratic lawmakers in opposing declassification of Russia collusion text messages, FISA surveillance warrant application, urges Daniel Coats, Christopher Wray, Rod Rosenstein to defy White House order: “I think that they should continue to push, push, push, and if Mr. Trump and the White House does not relent, then they have some decisions to make, and whether or not they are going to just not follow that direction and be fired or to resign”; President Trump revoked Brennan’s White House security clearance last month after reviewing credentials of top Obama-era intel and LE officials; meanwhile DJT chastises Jeff Sessions yet again, moans: “I don’t have an attorney general,” “so sad over Jeff Sessions,” but still refuses to fire DOJ chief in likely deception designed to distract Deep State actors, perpetuate fiction of conflict; even as Sessions commends Trump for Sep. 12 EO slapping sanctions on entities meddling in US elections (i.e., midterms), DOJ statement: “President Trump is committed to taking definitive action to prevent anyone—foreign or domestic—from illegally interfering in our elections, and the Department of Justice is proud to support him in this mission”

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Well at least Brennan’s flying his true color . . . (red?)

USA File: DNI, DOJ-FBI and high-ranking Democrats implicated in seditious activity as Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Mark Warner and Sen. Charles Schumer overstep constitutional roles, send letter to Daniel Coats, Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray demanding DOJ-FBI defy President Trump’s order to declassify Russia collusion probe text messages, FISA surveillance warrant application; DC lawyer Will Chamberlain maintains Dems fomenting constitutional crisis: “President Trump . . . has plenary declassification authority as the President of the United States. The FBI and DOJ are subordinate to him. Congress does not get to order Executive Branch officials to defy a president — that is actually a constitutional crisis”; urges GOP majorities in Congress to consider taking action against brazen lawmakers; Christine Ford’s uncorroborated sex assault allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh evident Dem plot, accuser working hand in glove with Sen. Dianne Feinstein and DC lawyer Debra Katz, who donated thousands of dollars to DNC and Obama and Clinton campaigns, heads up Soros-funded Project on Government Oversight; Soros-funded rent-a-mob also tried to shut down Kavanaugh hearings, Women’s March, Center for Popular Democracy and Housing Works supply agitators; wireless Presidential Alert postponed from Sep. 20 to Oct. 3 due to East Coast disaster recovery efforts

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The full text of the Democratic lawmakers’ letter to Coats, Rosenstein and Wray can be found here. Several references are made to “assurances” that the addressees would not release docs related to the Russia collusion probe to the White House and/or President Trump’s lawyers.  If this is correct, then the DNI, DOJ-FBI and Democratic Party are run by seditionists, while the latter is also financed by a seditionist who has been declared persona non grata in his native homeland of Hungary.

This is nothing less than an ongoing slow-motion coup against POTUS. Trump should arrest the perps pronto. As Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces the Military Police Corps is at his disposal.

USA File: President Trump orders DOJ to release all text messages related to Robert Mueller’s (farcical) Russia collusion probe, with no redactions, including those of Deep State actors James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr; as well as pages from FBI’s FISA surveillance warrant application on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page; meanwhile demented Congresswoman Maxine Waters uses platform at NNPA awards ceremony to urge Hillary Clinton’s “Resistance” (i.e., American Left) to “knock off” Trump, V-P Pence: “There are those who say, ‘What if we get rid of him? Then we’ve got that Vice President and he’ll be worse.’ I say knock off the first one and then go after the second one”; Congressional Progressive Caucus member Waters known for her inflammatory rhetoric, could backpedal by alleging “knock off” used in political sense, but phrase normally means to kill or assassinate someone; last June Waters urged Dems and other leftists to harass Trump’s cabinet, supporters: “And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere”; Farzad Fazeli apparently takes cue from Waters, tries to stab GOP Congressional candidate Rudy Peters while ranting against Trump in Alameda County, CA on Sep. 9, suspect arrested

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The deranged American Left and its well-heeled globalist backers are not letting up in their insurrection against the duly elected executive of the USA. Among other counter-offensives from the White House (50K-plus sealed indictments, etc.), the Secret Service needs to pay a little visit to Waters, who really should be charged with making criminal threats against POTUS. See our last two posts.