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Latin America File: Cuba’s communist-run state media monitoring Mexico’s general election as left-nationalist, past and current candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) expected to clinch presidential bid on July 1 with more than 50% of intended voter support, PRI and PAN contenders trailing with 25 and 20% respectively; political analysts divided as to whether AMLO’s Juntos Haremos Historia coalition will secure majority in Mexico’s 500-seat Chamber of Deputies in concurrent legislative election; AMLO ideological ally of Latin America’s little-known Sao Paulo Forum, which represents Cuba’s communist regime, embattled neo-Marxist dictators of Venezuela and Nicaragua, Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega; UN report accuses Venezuelan security forces of more than 500 extrajudicial killings since July 2015 as Maduro denounces Mike Pence as “poisonous viper” after US VP meets Venezuelan economic refugees in Brazilian city of Manaus; US embassy in Managua requests return of trucks donated to Nicaraguan National Police after armed gangs used vehicles to attack protesters, neo-Sandinista regime counters with demand for US$16 billion to cover damages incurred during Contra War (1981-1990)

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Can’t you just feel the love from the Moscow-allied Red Axis in Latin America?

Neo-Sandinista File: Nicaragua on verge of new civil war after 2 months of anti-government protests leave 212 civilians dead, 2,000 oppositionists languishing in infamous El Chipote prison in Managua; 500 hooded Sandinista paramilitaries, toting AK47s and Dragunov sniper rifles, storm Masaya on June 21, kill 20 residents, torch houses, use tractors and tow trucks to remove barricades, locals defend themselves with home-made mortars; latest round of peace talks, brokered by Roman Catholic hierarchy, collapsed on April 18 after opposition-held city refused to acknowledge regime of President Daniel Ortega, long-time Moscow ally, and his wife, Vice-President Rosario Murillo; rebel leader Cristhian Fajardo announces formation of junta in opposition to Masaya’s elected mayor, Orlando Noguera: “We want to set up a junta because Masaya has no government now. We are talking with various sectors to create a government by the people. We do not recognize the murderous mayor Noguera”; Nicaraguan Association of Human Rights head Alvaro Leiva: “I appeal to President Ortega to stop the massacre of the people of Monimbo”; indigenous village near Masaya targeted by Somoza’s forces in 1978, now opposed to second Sandinista regime

Communist Bloc Military Updates: US President Trump counters Russia’s, Red China’s militarization of space, anti-satellite programs by announcing formation of 6th branch of US Armed Forces, Space Force to consolidate “space commands” of other branches, Pentagon’s Policy Board to delineate role of new branch but subject to Congressional approval; Moscow and Beijing organized similar commands in 2015; Russian Aerospace Forces include Air Force, Space Forces, Aerospace and Missile Defense Force, while PLA’s Strategic Support Force coordinates space, cyberspace and electronic warfare ops; PRC Foreign Ministry predictably denounces White House initiative: “China always advocates the peaceful use of outer space and opposes the placement of weapons and an arms race in outer space”; MSM admits reality of Russia’s application of maskirovka (deception) in foreign policy and military doctrine, Canada’s Global News cites Crimean takeover in 2014; Russia fortifies nuclear weapons storage bunker in Kaliningrad exclave, civilian sat pics reveal; meanwhile Belarusian, Serbian troops head for Slavic Brotherhood 2018 tactical drill near Novorossiysk, Moscow’s newest military tech to be showcased

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The American Left would like to paint Trump as some sort of space cadet, but the reality is he is simply matching the Moscow-Beijing Axis’ latest moves.

USA File: Making America Great Again: More than 2,300 sex traffickers, pedophiles busted in nation-wide sting “Broken Heart,” including 200 suspected of producing child porn, 383 underage victims identified; AJ Jeff Sessions: “Any would-be criminal should be warned: This department will remain relentless in hunting down those who victimize our children”; House passes bill to ban child “sexbots”; self-help guru, NXIVM exec training group founder Keith Raniere, henchwoman Allison Mack appear before federal judge for second time, flight risk Raniere denied bail on $10 million bond, Mack under house arrest, both charged with (child) sex trafficking and forced labor, accused of running sex cult inside NXIVM; Asst. U.S. Attorney Moira Penza labeled person fitting description of Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman as co-conspirator in NXIVM case, not yet charged with any crime; Clare and sister Sarah allegedly funneled money to HRC, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio via leftist Working Families Party; Robert de Niro excoriates President Trump with “f-word” during Tony Awards, actor questioned by French vice squad in 1998, accused of patronizing prostitution ring while filming “Ronin,” ex-captain in Elysee gendarmerie allegedly imported girls from Morocco; fallen Hollywood mogul, De Niro bud, fellow Dem fundraiser Harvey Weinstein arrested on May 25 after turning himself into NYC police, charged with rape for incidents involving two women

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More unsealed indictments opened . . . There’s only one word for the rapists and child predators in the Democratic Party’s DC-Hollywood Axis: SCUM.

EU File: Czech Republic’s caretaker PM Andrej Babis sworn in as formal head of government for second time, vows to sue native homeland of Slovakia over official accusations of informing for communist State Security (StB) more than 30 years ago, billionaire formerly cadre of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia between 1980 and 1989; Babis: “I understand that people don’t like me. They are influenced by the hundred-times repeated lies”; 10,000 Czechs protest in Prague, still more in 200 other cities and towns over supporting role of neo-Marxist KSCM in ruling coalition of ANO and Social Democrats, neo-Stalinists to receive posts in state-run enterprises in exchange for confidence vote in parliament; anti-communist protesters denounce both Babis and ex-red, pro-Moscow Czech President Milos Zeman, wave posters declaring: “Zeman and Babis, this country isn’t yours!”, “Stop the communist criminal ideology!”, “No more communism!”, others wave portraits of 4,500 victims of defunct communist regime; Jiri Pospisil, leader of rightist TOP 09 party laments: “Tomorrow will be a tragic day for Czech democracy”; high school student Jana Homolkova: “I read a lot about the communist era and I oppose communists returning”

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Too bad so many high school students in the West have been indoctrinated with communist ideology in its various disguises . . .

Communist Bloc Military Updates: India and Pakistan bury hatchet, join Shanghai Cooperation Org in June 2017, announce first-ever participation in SCO military drill with Russia, Red China, Central Asian states this August; Moscow, Beijing in particular to deploy 3,000 troops, 500 weapons systems for Peace Mission 2018 drill in Ural Mountains, exercise to follow 18th SCO Summit, scheduled for June 9-10 in Qingdao, PRC; Russia’s newest Buyan M-class missile corvette to join de facto Mediterranean Fleet (created 2013) for maneuver off coast of Syria; small but lethal vessel packs arsenal of Kalibr-NK cruise missiles, three Buyans in Caspian Sea Flotilla 1,000 miles away targeted ISIS in Syria in Oct. 2015; Kremlin’s deception strategy against West continues to unfold as Putin reverses Dec. 2017 announcement, insists Russia has NO plans to withdraw military from Syria nor any plans to build military infrastructure in war-wracked allied country, i.e., other than naval and air bases in Tartus and Khmeimim; 50 surface ships, subs and naval aviation of Russia’s Pacific Fleet to carry out maneuvers in Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, including firing at shore-based targets, amphibious landings, cruise missile launches; meanwhile top generals of USA and Russia, Joseph Dunford and Valery Gerasimov, to hold mini-summit in Helsinki, address “current issues between the countries”

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The element of apparent duality in Soviet and Chinese policies will disappear. The hitherto concealed coordination between them will become visible and predominant. The Soviets and the Chinese will be officially reconciled. Thus the scissors strategy will develop logically into the “strategy of one clenched fist” to provide the foundation and driving force of a world communist federation.
New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation (New York: Dodd, Mead and Co., 1984), page 338.

EU/USSR2 Files: Czech PM Andrej Babis counting on Communist lawmakers to support ANO party’s coalition with Social Democrats, even as neo-Marxist KSCM opposes deployment of 290 troops to thwart Russian expansionism in Baltics; Slovak Spectator interviews Czech FM, Martin Stropnický dismisses speculation reds could seize power 29 years after Velvet Revolution: “’Come to power’ is too strong of an expression; I would rather say they will have a certain influence. On a local level, communists have been in coalitions for years, and nobody minds this. They already have quite a big influence in everyday life”; Poland to dish out US$2 billion to host permanent US military base with 15,000 troops and 250 tanks, 3,500 US troops presently operating in Poland and Baltics on rotational basis; Moscow, ally Minsk lash out against US military presence in “ex”-Warsaw Pact states, Kremlin mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov: “[T]hese expansionist actions, of course, inevitably lead to counter-measures on the Russian side in order to balance the parity that breaks each time”; follows unprecedented Russian missile test in which Borei-class sub Yury Dolgoruky launched 4 Bulava SLBMs from White Sea on May 23, dummy warheads reached targets on Kamchatka Peninsula

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