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WW4 File: Israeli DM observes annual CD drill, brands Russian shipment of S-300 air defense batteries to Syria “threat,” implies military intervention; Kremlin defends Assad deal, Russian DM orders 3-day snap alert drill for air force; EU lifts arms embargo against Syrian rebels; Pentagon denies Daily Beast report Obama ordered no-fly zone over Syria

Red World Order File: Communist China buys out the world: Beijing to build new US$5 billion city near Minsk, housing to accommodate 155,000 workers; economic hub situated along M1 highway connecting Moscow and Berlin, position Red China exporters next to EU, to be powered by Belarus’ first-ever (Russian-built) nuke plant

Got Mandarin?


Flashback 1: Communist China to Build 10,000 to 30,000-Acre Industrial-Residential Hub near Boise, Idaho (source)

Flashback 2 : Communist China Boosts Nicaragua’s Second Sandinista Regime, Finances Inter-oceanic Canal to Rival Panama’s (source)

Related Story 1: Xu Qiliang, Vice Chairman of Red China’s Central Military Commission, Leads Delegation to Belarus, Confers with President Lukashenko (source)

Related Story 2: Hong Kong Meat Processor to Buy World’s Largest Pork Producer for US$4.72 Billion; Virginia-Based Smithfield Employs 46,000 People, CEO Larry Pope Defends Red China Takeover (source)

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: 1,000 English Defense League supporters march through central London, rally outside #10 Downing Street, protest Rigby murder, shout anti-Islamic slogans; leftists hold smaller counter-demo; total of 10 suspects arrested in conspiracy to kill British soldier; UK Muslim population doubles in 2000s to nearly 5%

EU File: British soldier’s accused killer held by Kenyan authorities in 2010, Adebolajo prepared to fight with Somali militants al-Shabab; ninth suspect arrested in Rigby murder probe; Birmingham-based Islamists plead guilty for planning to bomb English Defense League rally in W. Yorkshire last June, deadly plot foiled over uninsured car; almost 1 in 4 residents of Birmingham, England Muslim (!)

EU File: British counter-terrorism police arrest total of eight people implicated in conspiracy to murder Lee Rigby; knife-wielding Islamists hacked British soldier to death in London street, delivered off-the-cuff political statements to horrified witnesses; BBC: MI5 reportedly approached suspect Adebolajo 6 months ago for informant job

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: 1,500 to 2,000 supporters of hard-right English Defense League march in NE city of Newcastle upon Tyne, denounce brutal murder of soldier by Islamic fundamentalists, Private Lee Rigby served in Afghanistan; leftists organize counter-demo with heavy police presence; video emerges of suspect Adebolajo attending 2007 Islamist protest

EU File: Alleged Woolwich killers inspired by Islamic cleric banned from UK, Omar Bakri Mohammed urged decapitation of Islam’s enemies; subjects of previous MI5 probe, Adebolajo and Adebowale tried to behead, disembowel soldier, charged police before being gunned down; British leftists decry “Islamophobia”; immigrant riots in Sweden enter sixth night, spread beyond capital

Red Terror File: FBI grills former bodyguard of self-proclaimed Chechen PM in Boston Marathon bombing probe; Khadjimuradov admits meeting Tsarnaev, denies friendship with dead bombing suspect; Putin critic Zakayev friend of deceased, London-based Russian exiles, media mogul Berezovsky and FSB/KGB defector Litvinenko; Kremlin media finds “Chechen trace”

EU File: 100 masked supporters of English Defense League clash with police in London, protest beheading of soldier by Muslim fundamentalists in Woolwich, British National Party calls for more anti-immigrant protests; killers in custody, reportedly from Nigeria; PM Cameron summons crisis response committee; immigrants riot in Swedish capital for fourth consecutive night

Bully for the British. There needs to be a comprehensive mainstreaming of protests against the Islamic invasion of the West.

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Breaking News: Two Islamic fanatics drive car into off-duty British soldier near London military barracks, viciously hack man to death with knives, shout “Allahu akbar,” wave gun at witnesses, butchery filmed by onlookers; armed response team arrives 20 minutes later, shoots and wounds killers; PM Cameron cuts short Paris trip, returns to UK, refers to murder as “terrorism”

WW4 File: Netanyahu to Putin at Sochi emergency talks: Sale of S-300 anti-missile batteries to Assad regime could “push” Middle East into war, not needed to defeat rebels; Russian FM: Syria has right to defend itself from air attacks (like recent IAF sorties); Russian Navy deploys 12 warships to patrol Syrian waters, protect Tartus base, prompts angry response from NATO officials

Middle East File: Cairo weekly: Syria’s Ba’athist regime “deep communist state,” founder Michel Eflak member of French Communist Party, planted communism in region under guise of national socialism; Syria’s last president Hafez Al-Assad was Marxist; Russian Communist Party boss condemns Israeli air strikes against Syria; Russian embassy in Beirut hub for managing Syrian crisis

End Times File: “House of horrors” trial: Former Philadelphia abortion doctor faces death penalty after conviction for first-degree murder of three babies born alive, involuntary manslaughter in overdose death of patient; partly pro-choice jury weighed 263 criminal charges against Kermit Gosnell, who severed babies’ spinal cords with scissors; FBI, DEA raided abortion mill on narcotics tip

Latin America File: Brazilian political philosopher: Region’s Red Axis undeterred by Hugo Chavez’s death, will find new “decoy,” “poster boy” to distract Washington from communist takeover of South, Central America, Caribbean; Cuban official admits Sao Paulo Forum coordinating body behind W. Hemisphere’s leftist regimes, regional blocs ALBA, CELAC, Unasur

Communism’s “dead” in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the Red Spread continues in Latin America . . .

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Final Phase Backgrounder: What Is the Sao Paulo Forum? (source)

WW4 File: Israel launches air strike against military research facility outside Damascus, Syrian deputy FM calls IAF sortie “declaration of war,” accuses Israel of aiding rebels; follows Thursday-Friday air strike against Iranian-built, Hezbollah-bound missile shipment in Syria; Lebanon complains of IAF intrusions; Obama: Israel justified in stopping advanced weapon transfers to terrorists

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Flashback: IAF Launches Sortie over Damascus in January 2013, Takes Out Hezbollah-Bound Convoy of Anti-Aircraft Weapons, Iranian Troops Killed (source)

Neo-Sandinista File: Communist regimes in Beijing, Managua conspired to influence ICJ decision on long-running maritime dispute between Nicaragua, Colombia, former awarded 15% of contested waters in 2012; Red China judge and Nicaragua envoy manipulated court to secure Caribbean approach to planned Hong Kong-backed US$30 billion inter-oceanic canal; “Nicaragua Canal” to be built by 2023

Red World Order File: Several hundred thousand Russians mark International Workers’ Day (May Day) with rallies sponsored by Communist Party, United Russia, President Putin bestows revived Hero of Labor award; leftists, unionists march against capitalism, clash with police in USA, capitals around the world

Communism’s dead?

source 1 source 2 source 3 (extensive photo gallery) related post

WW4 File: NATO responds to provocations from Moscow and Minsk, implements Article 5 to defend “ex”-communist Poland, Baltic states against “aggression,” prep for “full-scale war”; NATO official admits Steadfast Jazz 2013 military maneuver will coincide with Zapad 2013 in Sept., Russian-Belarusian drill to involve much larger number of troops; Russia to forward deploy warplanes, pilots in Belarus this year, build permanent air base by 2015

Gen Y in conversation with baby boomer (or Gen X for that matter): What’s a bunker?

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Red World Order File: NATO member, EU aspirant Turkey becomes “dialogue partner” with Russia/China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Belarus also dialogue partner with SCO, Iran holds observer status; KGB defector Golitsyn predicted healing of disingenuous Sino-Soviet spilt, formation of Moscow-Beijing Axis nearly 30 years ago

Red Terror File: Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy widens: US federal authorities arrest Dias Kadyrbayev, Azamat Tazhayakov, third man in connection with terror attack; Kazakh immigrants, along with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, enrolled at UMass Dartmouth; lawyer who saved Unabomber from death penalty joins 19-year-old accused’s defense team; follows earlier New Bedford arrests; FBI interrogates Tamerlan’s widow

USSR2 File: Communist party leaders from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, other former Soviet republics converge in Kiev, hail 20th anniversary of formation of Union of Communist Parties, placeholder for old Communist Party of the Soviet Union; Ukrainian party boss: “Communist ideology is helpful to overcoming the [European sovereign debt] crisis and restoring the principles of justice”