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Blogger’s Note: Your resident blogger and his family escaped Canada barely one week before implementation of Justin Castro/Trudeau’s airport vaccine mandate, resettled in tropical part of Mexico, far from chaos at its northern border with USA; fight against COVID communism and global Big Pharma coup continues

Blogger’s Note: Your resident blogger and his family are leaving Canada’s COVID vaxxport dictatorship before month’s end, next post from Latin America

After watching this interview from Rebel News, your resident blogger realized he was neither crazy nor unpatriotic. The globalists and communists have turned Canada into something other than the free country the Fathers of Confederation intended. . .

WW4 File: US Marine veteran, former Navy SEAL sniper, combat instructor Craig Sawyer in video plea: USA faces existential national security threat in form of CCP/Deep State virus/vaccine bioweapon, one half of military and Homeland Security personnel prepared to resign rather than commit suicide by taking dangerous COVID-19 injection, patriots must unite against treasonous actors, possible invasion by Red Chinese and/or United Nations

Red World Order File: Lithuanian man relates how communism has returned to former Soviet republic in form of “Covidism,” harsh pandemic rules have banished him and his wife from society, dismissed from work for rejecting COVID-19 jab, prohibited from entering supermarkets, reduced to purchasing food from open-air markets, vows defiance: “We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist. The Covid Pass regime of government segregation and control– punishing undesired behavior with banish- ment from society–is the path to authoritarianism. Our ability to survive has been destroyed. But no matter the suffering imposed and the hardships we must endure, we will never accept the descent into the authoritarian- ism which the Covid Pass represents”; New Brunswick pastor arrested for holding Thanksgiving church service, only injected worshipers permitted to gather in Canadian province, follows arrests earlier this year of three pastors in Alberta for violating unscientific, unconstitutional pandemic rules

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Unholy union of Covid communism and medical fascism ascendant worldwide. Lithuania, Israel, Australia, Canada have accepted the Covid Pass. Beast system coming soon to America . . .

Red World Order File: PM Justin Castro/Trudeau mandates deadly COVID-19 gene therapies for ALL travelers transiting Canadian airports, regardless of their citizenship and their destination, effective Oct. 30; 10 million unvaxed Canadians now hostage in their own country, land borders with USA closed since March 2020, private boat or aircraft only options for escape; patriotic Ontario lawmaker Randy Hillier issues warning re. menace of collectivism triumphing over individual liberty under guise of pandemic, fears Canada will embrace medical fascism gripping Australia, esp. Victoria and New South Wales: “Currently we have segregated our society with vaccine passports, this will get worse. In Australia they have already banned people from receiving health care, deeming them too dangerous to others to enter a hospital. We have also seen in Australia the firing of plastic bullets on protesters. We know here in Canada we lag the Australian aggressive behaviour by only a few months”; senior officer of Victoria Police in Australia quits in disgust over pro-Beijing leftist premier Dan Andrews’ handling of anti-lockdown demos: “By making it [protests] illegal, Daniel Andrews, in my opinion, has escalated the violence”

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Due to the latest dictum handed down from Ottawa, your resident blogger and his family have accelerated their plans to flee Canada’s medical apartheid and head for Latin America before the end of October. We will be long-term tourists until we can secure residency somewhere in the region.

WW4 File: People’s Liberation Army Air Force sends fourth aerial armada into Republic of China ADIZ in as many days, Oct. 4 incursion largest ever, consists of 34 J-16 fighters and 12 nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, occurs in vicinity of Pratas Islands; Beijing condemns US arms sales to ROC, passage of US warships through Taiwan Strait: “China is resolutely opposed to this and takes necessary countermeasures. Engaging in Taiwan independence is a dead end. China will take all steps needed and firmly smash any Taiwan independence plots. China’s determination and will to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity is unwavering”; for its part, Taipei throws down gauntlet against red regime in Mainland China: “We sternly tell the Chinese Communists, the Republic of China on Taiwan is determined to firmly defend national sovereignty and dignity and peace across the Taiwan Strait. We have a full grasp of the communist military’s movements and have made appropriate responses. We have also been actively communicating and cooperating with friendly countries to jointly contain the Chinese communist’s malicious provocations”; most recent barrage of PLAAF provocations began last Friday, inc. total of nearly 150 warplanes

WW4 File: Mainland China’s communist dictatorship and financial interests behind World Economic Forum consolidate strategic partnership, realize global “Great Reset” coup, and implement depopulation agenda under cover of COVID-19 pandemic; government- and employer-mandated gene therapy injections in countries across planet operate in tandem with CCP virus to endanger lives of millions of armed forces personnel, public servants, healthcare workers, first responders, private-sector employees inc. airline pilots; throw millions of objectors out of work; sterilize young adults and imperil health of millions of school-age children via hyper-inflammatory vax reactions; create medically segregated societies based on endless boosters (e.g., Israel); and validate policies of extremist lawmakers who seek to expel duly elected, unvaxed political opponents from legislatures; self-reporting systems reveal 10,000s of vaccine deaths, 100,000s injuries in EU and USA, in addition 50,000 US Medicare patients likely died as result of COVID-19 jabs; 1000s of social media posts from families impacted by vaccine deaths/injuries back stats ignored by fakestream media; lockdown-happy New South Wales premier resigns after independent commission alleges conflict of interest, follows Australian billionaire Clive Palmer’s accusation that Gladys Berejiklian in backpocket of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca

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Every politician and public health official, in any country, who promotes vaccines as the ONLY way to health must be investigated for conflict of interest, that is, whether they have been bribed or have investments in pharmaceutical companies. This should be very evident, but your typical shopping mall regime slave hardly bats an eyelash.