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>Useful Idiots Bin: Pat Buchanan and David Duke, pro-Putin faux rightists; Boris Berezovsky, Kremlin agent provocateur?

>The murder of FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko has produced some interesting fallout. First, it has exposed numerous pro-Soviet leftist/faux rightist propagandists in the West. Second, it forces one to reexamine the motives of certain Russian exiles and their true relationship with the Kremlin. Patrick Buchanan, David Duke, and Boris Berezovsky are three cases in point.

Patrick Buchanan and David Duke: Pro-Putin Faux Rightists

In view of his pro-Soviet stance we must with disappointment include Patrick Buchanan in our list of faux rightist Russophile propagandists. This category includes overt racists like David Duke, who has faithfully made his ideological pilgrimage to Holy Moscow, the “Third Rome.” “I believe that Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe are critically important to the coming struggle,” gushes Duke, lifting a page from Pravda, the organ of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

At this time, there is no national government that openly stands up for the interests of our people. Russia, now that it is freed from 70 years of Bolshevik murder and repression, may become that nation. In Russia, over the past few weeks, I have met with the leaders of the White patriotic movements there. I have met with members of the Russian Duma (Congress) and many public officials who openly speak about Zionism and the need for White people around the world to defend our heritage. In my opinion, Russia and other Eastern countries have the greatest chance of having racially aware parties achieve political power. If just one nation would break through for our people, I think it would cause a domino effect that would cascade throughout the whole world.

Russia has an economy that has been plundered by the Jewish oligarchs and organized crime figures such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Tobias, and Mogilevich. Three years ago, their currency was destroyed in a scheme hatched by Berezovsky and his partners in crime, Goldman-Sachs, Inc. in the United States. Russia has a revolutionary climate where a patriotic party can rise. Although there are many reservations about President Putin, he is perhaps the only leader in the Western World to take any measures against the Jewish-Supremacist media bosses.

Like white supremacist Duke, who holds up Putin’s media mogul pogroms as a beacon of hope for the West, Buchanan is rushing to exonerate Comrade Czar Putin of any involvement in the recent spate of political murders of Russian dissidents. Like Russia’s state media, too, Buchanan insinuates that Boris Berezovsky was responsible for the murder of his friend, FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko, for the purpose of discrediting the Kremlin. In his latest article “Is Putin Being Set Up?” he writes: “Certainly, the oligarchs and robber barons like Berezovsky – many of them now dispossessed of the wealth they amassed in a collapsing Soviet Union, and all of whom have been run out of the country or imprisoned – have the most powerful of motives. They hate Putin and seek to bring him down. And Goldfarb and Litvinenko both enjoyed the patronage of the billionaire Berezovsky.” Buchanan closes his article with an admonition to America’s “real enemies,” meaning neoconservatives, who would like to “restart” the Cold War (as if it ever ended): “America has a vital interest in this Scotland Yard investigation [of Litvinenko’s death]. What it discovers may tell us more about the character of the man into whose eyes George Bush claimed to have stared, and seen his soul, or it may tell us who the real enemies of this country are, who are out to restart the Cold War, and perhaps another hot one.”

Buchanan’s Russophilia is most evident in his regular column at Justin Raimondo’s leftist, neo-Soviet propaganda mill, “Is Putin Being Set Up?” not only appears at Pat’s blog (linked above), but also the conservative sites Human Events and WorldNetDaily, which formerly published Jeff Nyquist’s insightful anti-Soviet columns.

Intriguingly, the Russian Federation Federal Security Service is singing the same tune. Nikolai Kovalev, a State Duma deputy who formerly headed that organization, declared: “Boris Berezovsky’s involvement has been further proved. The ultimate target of the operation could have been to promote KGB phobia, and to show that Russia is ruled by KGB people.” But Comrade Nikolai, Russia is ruled by “KGB people.”

Boris Berezovsky: Agent Provocateur for Soviet Communism?

Yes, it is true that Berezovsky has announced his intention to bring down former ally Putin. In January, speaking from exile in the United Kingdom, he spilled the beans:

The regime has lost its legitimacy. Neither Putin nor the parliament are legitimate. They are anti-constitutional, because they have made a number of anti-constitutional decisions, such as replacing elected governors by appointed ones. This is absolutely against the spirit and the language of the constitution.

There is only one way out — a coup, a forced seizure of power.

Every day I talk to lots of people who are certain the existing regime should be changed, and see there is no chance of this happening legally, by an election.

This regime is leading Russia into an abyss. We have actually lost the North Caucasus and the influence over the post-Soviet countries.

In the 1980s nobody could imagine the USSR would disintegrate. Putin’s regime is way less powerful than that of the Communists. Besides, it is deprived of ideology. The regime is doomed, and I want to see it collapse before Russia collapses.

It is vital that the Russian people realized just talking was not enough, that it is time for action.

Notice Beresovsky’s plug for Soviet communism: “Putin’s regime is way less powerful than that of the Communists. Besides, it is deprived of ideology.” Hey, Boris, the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union feels the same way! Who are you working for, anyway?

>Blogger’s Note: Communists revel in recent electoral victories, while Once Upon a Time in the West celebrates 10,000 hits

>In our Bolivarian trenches we received with great joy the news of the return of that general of free men in Nicaragua [Daniel Ortega], as a result of the elections in which thousands and thousands of women and men confirmed [his leadership] with their vote . . . Congratulations! To quote Simon Bolivar: “United we will be invincible!”
— Communique from Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-EP, November 27, 2006; reprinted at Solidarity Network

I would like to publicly congratulate, with solidarity and patriotic joy, the new president of our sister Republic of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

— Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, November 27, 2006; speaking on Venezuela Television

While communists and terrorists congratulate one another following recent electoral victories in Latin America, we would like to express our pleasure in the continuing success of this anti-communist blogsite. Ten thousand hits since going online in January! Mucho gracias for your support . . . and that includes our visitors from communist and “post”-communist countries! (Wink, wink.)

Back in August someone set up a mirror site. Does anyone know who’s responsible?

El Problemo Grande in Mexico

Pictured above, deputies of the winning National Action Party battle those of the losing Party of the Democratic Revolution in an attempt to secure the speaker’s podium in the Mexican Congress for President-Elect Calderon’s inaugural ceremony on Friday. Subcomandante Marcos and assorted communist revolutionaries in Mexico, as we blogged several days ago, are waiting to clean up the mess . . .

>Red Terror File: Union of Right Forces founder seriously ill in Ireland, colleague warns of plot; CPSU demands regime change, plans coup d’etat

>The deadly triangle – Politkovskaya, Litvinenko and Gaidar – would have been very desirable for some people who are seeking an unconstitutional and forceful change of power in Russia.
— Anatoly Chubais, Chair of Management Board, Unified Energy System and co-founder, Union of Right Forces (SPS); quoted in Novosti, November 29, 2006

Is the Restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union Preparing for a Putsch?

Responding to the sudden illness on November 24 of his Union of Right Forces colleague, former Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais, CEO at Unified Energy System, made the above statement. And who, pray tell, is seeking regime change in Russia?

Comrade Czar Putin, after all, has announced his intention to gracefully step down from the presidency when his current term expires. Look no further than the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), which is using the Chekist regime in the Kremlin to eliminate any and all potential opposition for August 1991 coup plotter Oleg Shenin, when he assumes the presidency of the Russian Federation in March 2008. Although Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), previously affirmed his interest in again running for the presidency, I believe he will yield to Shenin, whose restored CPSU includes the CPRF as its Russian section.

Vladimir (“There’s No Such Thing as a Former KGB Man”) Putin’s friendly relationship with the Stalinist members of the August 1991 State Emergency Committee and the otherwise unreported presence of Comrade Gennady in the Russian delegation to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Hanoi has been documented here. The new visitor will also note Shenin’s 2003 statement, lifted from the documents of the UCP-CPSU and posted on this blogsite’s banner: “The plans for the resurrection of the USSR are well known to Putin and the present regime and are outlined in the documents of the UCP-CPSU and Communist Party of the Union [of Russia and Belarus].” The UCP-CPSU refers to the Union of Communist Parties-CPSU, the name under which the old CPSU hid between 1993 and 2004, when the all-union party was reorganized at a Moscow congress. Meanwhile, the West hardly blinked.

In October 2005 The Moscow News interviewed Zyuganov, who candidly revealed the restored CPSU’s intention to execute a coup in the Kremlin during the 2007-2008 political season. Referring to the communists’ frontman, Putin, Comrade Gennady warned:

The regime will have to change its course, or leave. We don’t think the first will ever happen, so we’ll have to concentrate on the second — the regime withdrawal. We want this withdrawal to be peaceful and go without riot police or bloodshed. What is actually needed is good organization and action in the right place and at the right moment. A peaceful people’s democratic revolution must have a political slogan — the elimination of bureaucracy as a class; a social slogan — the restoration of social welfare and personal security guarantees, and an economic slogan — the nationalization of the natural resources and strategic industries. The Russian bourgeoisie is well aware that a “red” revolution may far outpace an “orange” one, which is clear from the situation taking shape right in front of us.

Following the October 2005 beating of Union of Right Forces member Ivan Starikov, Comrade Gennady also warned that communists were prepared to form militias to “protect” their own party members, who had in recent weeks come under assault by the pro-Putin youth organization Nashi:

Attacks on our organization’s headquarters and instances of physical violence against Communist Party activists have been carried out in 11 regions over three months. If this sort of thing continues, we are within our rights to organize troops for our defense. Believe me, there are more than a few Communists who know the art of hand-to-hand fighting, and not only hand-to-hand. Today, the threat of Nashism is more real than ever. Provocations and even the murder of our comrades is not news to us.

Zyuganov’s reference to “Nashism” is telling in view of the word’s obvious similarity with “Nazism.” Countering “fascism” as a pretext, Soviet communists could very easily form the said militias to overthrow the potemkin “rightist” regime in the Kremlin. The documents of the restored CPSU and its youth wing Red Youth Vanguard, which we have posted in recent months, make the option of violent coup d’etat very clear.

The CPSU manifesto, published on September 23, 2006, affirms: 1) that there is no political figure in Russia the equal of party chair Shenin, 2) the USSR, which continues to exist, is occupied by an “external enemy” and a fifth column of “degenerates” and “traitors,” 3) the present regimes in the Russian Federation and union republics, with the exception of Belarus, represent the dictatorship of the bourgeoise, which serves the interests of the USA, the world’s “center of robbery, aggression, and international terrorism,” 4) the Soviet people and indeed the whole world have been deceived by the political clique of Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin, and 5) the political and military power of the Soviet Union were and are the only “reliable obstacle to the aggressive and hegemonistic ambitions of the USA.”

The tone of this manifesto does not leave much, if any, room for compromise on the part of Soviet communists. September’s failed coup in Tblisi, initiated in part by the Georgian section of the CPSU–the United Communist Party of Georgia–and largely ignored in the West, indicates that Soviet communists are mobilizing for putsches in various Not-So-Former Soviet republics. If Shenin, for whatever reason, fails to be elected to the Russian presidency, expect a communist coup in Moscow by 2008.

Near Misses in the Kremlin Body Count

Following Gaidar’s sudden illness, which struck one day after FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko’s death in London, Vladimir Zhirinovsky invoked Cold War images of CIA plots against Mother Russia: “External forces based in London and other European capitals are behind this, as they try to create a nervous environment in the country, destabilize the situation, or make people suspect it is being orchestrated from Russia.” Zhirinovsky’s Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) bears all the hallmarks of a KGB-spawned false opposition. This was the testimony of deceased St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak who died in 2000, some contend by poisoning. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Putin–shortly after his KGB stint in East Germany–worked in the mayor’s office in the early 1990s.

Rather than blame the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Zhirinovsky accuses the West of complicity in this and other anti-Russian “provocations.” Similarly, Chubais has carefully refrained from accusing the neo-KGB of harming Gaidar.

Both Chubais and Gaidar were “reformist” members of the old CPSU. Indeed, Gaidar edited Communist, the party’s theoretical journal in the early days of perestroika. The Stalinists who have been guiding the Soviet Union’s long-range deception strategy since then are utilizing the Putinist regime to roll back Russia’s “democratic” reforms to avoid bringing attention to themselves. For that reason, they will be anxious to remove any reformists who frustrate their plans.

Update: Russian Ex-Premier’s Condition Improving – Spokesman

MOSCOW, November 29, 2006 (RIA Novosti) – The condition of post-Soviet Russian reformer Yegor Gaidar who suddenly and mysteriously fell ill Friday is improving, his spokesman said Wednesday.

Gaidar’s daughter Maria said her 50-year-old father and former acting prime minister started vomiting and fainted at a conference in Dublin Friday, and remained unconscious for three hours. Gaidar was found to be in a grave condition, and doctors have not yet identified the cause of the illness.

Valery Natarov said the condition of the champion of 1990s economic reforms was “stable and noticeably improving.” Gaidar, who has been transferred from Dublin to a Moscow hospital, is already able to talk to his family over the phone, he said.

Doctors are considering various scenarios of what could have caused the sickness, one of which is poisoning, the spokesman said.

“Nobody has ruled out the poisoning version. It is being considered, and doctors are studying all the symptoms and consequences to cure Yegor, and diagnose the causes,” Natarov said, adding that it was unclear when he would be discharged.

Gaidar’s fellow reformer of the early 1990s, Anatoly Chubais, who is now chief executive of Russia’s electricity monopoly, drew a parallel between the illness and the recent killings of an investigative journalist and a former security officer.

“Yegor Gaidar was on the verge of death on November 24,” said Chubais, who was first deputy prime minister under former president Boris Yeltsin. He quoted “professionals who know the situation” as saying that it did not look like natural sickness.

However, the CEO of Unified Energy System said Russian authorities were not involved in the incident.

“If this was true, Moscow would have been a far better place for it than Dublin,” Chubais said.

The Kremlin’s reputation has been overshadowed by two recent high-profile killings. Anna Politkovskaya, an investigative journalist and Kremlin critic, was gunned down in Moscow in October in an apparent contract killing. Alexander Litvinenko, a security service defector who allegedly investigated the murder, died in London last week from suspected radioactive poisoning.

Following his death, Western media circulated a statement in which he blamed the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin for his alleged poisoning. The Kremlin denied involvement.

Both Politkovskaya and Litvinenko were linked to Russia’s fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who had vast clout under Yeltsin, but is now living in London with a British passport. Berezovsky is wanted in Russia on fraud charges and attempts to organize a coup.

“The deadly triangle – Politkovskaya, Litvinenko and Gaidar – would have been very desirable for some people who are seeking an unconstitutional and forceful change of power in Russia,” Chubais said.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, deputy speaker of the lower house of parliament and leader of the ultra-nationalist LDPR party, also blamed people outside the country for the incident, and said it was a way to create a nervous atmosphere in Russia ahead of the 2007 parliamentary elections.

“External forces based in London and other European capitals are behind this, as they try to create a nervous environment in the country, destabilize the situation, or make people suspect it is being orchestrated from Russia,” Zhirinovsky said.

Along with Chubais, Gaidar was a pioneer of Russia’s privatization campaign following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. Both politicians have been criticized for the rapid pace of reforms, termed “shock therapy”, which deprived many people of their long-time savings.

In the early 1990s, Gaidar was deputy prime minister, and economics and finance minister. In 1992, he became the de facto head of government.

In the mid-1990s, he was a member of parliament and now heads the Institute for the Economy in Transition.

In a departure from his usual over-the-edge self, Zhirinovsky denied any foul play behind Suleiman Kerimov’s car crash in Nice, France on November 25: “If there was an explosion, you could think it resembled a murder attempt. It was an ordinary car crash, a technical failure; an accident, that’s all.” Kerimov is one of Russia’s richest businessmen, an LDPR member, and a State Duma deputy. Kerimov is hooked up to an artificial respirator at a French hospital. Tina Kandelaki, an anchor for the Russian TV channel STS, was also in the car at the time, but did not suffer injuries, her employer reported. She has returned to Russia. At the time of his wreck, Kerimov was driving a Ferrari Enzo, a race car that requires special driving skills, Novosti reports. That might be so, but one should not be blamed for observing that the FSB would have little difficulty sabotaging a car.

November 1-23: Litvinenko dies of radioactive poisoning. November 24: Gaidar violently ill in Ireland. November 25: Suleiman wraps car around tree in France. Who’s next?



>Latin America File: Subcomandante Marcos promises "civil war" upon President Elect Calderón’s inauguration, "do away with the entire political class"

>We do not recognize the official president or the legitimate one. What happens at the top does not matter at all to us. What matters is what will arise from below. When we carry out this uprising, we will do away with the entire political class, including those who call themselves the “parliamentary leftists.”
— Subcomandante Marcos, Zapatista Army of National Liberation; quoted in The Narco News Bulletin, November 23, 2006

Apparently the EZLN’s peaceful “Other” propaganda campaign, launched in June 2005, is not yielding its expected results: namely, providing a rationale for bloodless communist revolution in Mexico. The leftist CounterPunch reported in November 2005: “The Other Campaign will also provide the EZLN with a platform from which to build an organization of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in every state in the Mexican union.” With his latest tirade in the wake of the Mexican Left’s defeat in the July presidential election, Comrade Marcos’ anti-globalization rhetoric has fallen away to reveal some pretty standard communist jargon.

The Second Mexican Revolution began in 1994 when the Zapatistas launched their armed insurgency in Chiapas. It moved into its second stage earlier this year with the establishment of APPO, the communist-backed counter-government in the state of Oaxaca, and then the National Democratic Convention, Andres Manual Lopez Obrador’s national counter-government. Now Comrade Marcos has thrown down the gauntlet in advance of President Elect Felipe Calderón’s inauguration on December 1. Subcomandante Marcos, hidden behind his trademark black ski mask, is pictured here in 2001, on his earlier country-wide “Zapatour.”

Although some of Obrador’s colleagues in the Party of the Democratic Revolution fall into the category of “parliamentary leftist,” derided by Comrade Marcos in the quote above, the anti-establishment diatribes of this pretender to the Mexican presidency have been equally firey. Like the Zapatista leader, Obrador and his supporters do not recognize the legitimacy of the Institutional Revolutionary Party-National Action Party regime in Mexico City. AMLO’s official website proclaims him “legitimate president” and in a November 26 press release denounces President Vicente Fox, his successor Calderón, and Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz for fomenting the unrest in Oaxaca.

As Mexican Revolution 2 moves into its third stage, the EZLN and its domestic allies on the far left will enjoy considerable support from the red regimes in Latin America, as well as the approval of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which will install its leader Oleg Shenin into the Russian Federation presidency in 2008.

Needless to say, no one in the USA– apart from the Hate America Left, the massive fifth column of illegal aliens, and assorted Soviet Bloc spies and saboteurs–is ready for a communist Mexico. The elitist think tank Council on Foreign Relations, which advocates the political merger of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, has either not considered the possibility of a Red Mexico or does not consider such a prospect to be detrimental to its plans for North American integration. Writing for the CFR, Stephanie Hanson brushes aside any potential threat from communist revolution in Mexico by referring to “Obrador’s antics.” The Minuteman Project offers more information on North America’s pending regional government at Stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

Marcos: “We Are On the Eve of Either a Great Uprising or a Civil War”
Calderón Will Begin to Fall from the Day He Takes Office, Warns the Rebel Leader
By Hermann Bellinghausen
La Jornada
November 24, 2006

Bagdad, Tamaulipas, November 23: December 1, the day that Felipe Calderón takes office, will be “the beginning of the end for a political system that, since the Mexican Revolution, became deformed and began to cheat generation after generation, until this one arrived and said, ‘Enough,’” warned Subcomandante Marcos during a press conference. Calderón, he added, “will begin to fall from his first day.”

He stated, “we are on the eve of either a great uprising or a civil war.” As to the question of who would lead the uprising, he responded, “the people, each one in his or her own place, within a system of mutual support. If we can not succeed in having it happen that way, there will have to be spontaneous uprisings, civil explosions all over, a civil war in which each person is only looking out for his or her own well-being, because the possibility is already there for things to cross that line.” He cited the case of Oaxaca, where “there are no leaders or political bosses; it is the people themselves who have organized. It will be like that across the entire country.”

With respect to the current phase of the Other Campaign, he explained, “after the Zapatistas lifted the veil that was obscuring the reality of indigenous communities in Chiapas, we ventured out to find poverty in the countryside and in the cities, and now we see it on the coast as well. In this country, there is a façade being propped up by the political parties, and recently by Vicente Fox, that says everything is fine.”

In the case of the northern part of the country, he added, it “is chilling” how different reality is from what they say it is: “they say the north supports the PAN, that they love Fox, that everyone lives well. But what we saw was equal to what is happening in the most humble of indigenous communities in the southwest.”

He posited that Oaxaca is “an indicator” of what is happening across the country. “In Nuevo Laredo, they told us that the problem in Tamaulipas is that everyone here is like Ulises Ruiz: the municipal president, the state congress, the governor. There are too many in the mold of Ulises Ruiz and the people are getting tired of it. If there is not a civil and peaceful way out, which is what we propose in the Other Campaign, it will turn into each person finding their own way however they can.”

He continued, “we do not recognize the official president or the legitimate one. What happens at the top does not matter at all to us. What matters is what will arise from below. When we carry out this uprising, we will do away will the entire political class, including those who call themselves the ‘parliamentary leftists.’”

With regard to the violence and power of drug trafficking, he asserted that these provide “another façade,” which affects the northern states more than anything, where the central focus is on security, and not on the situation of poverty that exists. “The conflicts between drug traffickers, or between drug traffickers and security forces, or between drug traffickers and politicians, are overstated, because we know that the politicians are in league with some of the drug cartels. Meanwhile, the fundamental is forgotten; for example, what is happening in Playa Bagdad, Nuevo Laredo or Reynosa, to mention Tamaulipas. These places only make it into the news when there are clashes between groups of criminals, while what is happening to the people who are working and struggling is forgotten.”

>Latin America File: Rafael Correa, Catholic leftist and Chavez ally, elected to Ecuador’s presidency; intends to close US base, rewrite constitution

>Colonel Chavez is a friend of economist Correa.
— Lenin Moreno, Rafael Correa’s vice-presidential running mate; quoted in Voice of America Spanish Service, October 11, 2006

George W. Bush is a terrorist and a warmonger who wants to impose his will on the rest of the world.
— Lenin Moreno; quoted in ZNet, October 6, 2006

Neo-communism resurgent. Latin America’s Red Axis expands yet again: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Venezuela, and now Ecuador.

Ecuador’s academic Rafael Correa has sworn to close the US military base in Manta, where 400 soldiers are deployed as part of the Southern Command’s operation to apprehend cocaine traffickers. Correa, who holds degrees in economics from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and the University of Illinois, refuses to characterize the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia as a terrorist org. His leftist party Alianza Pais (“Country Alliance”) is part of an electoral alliance with the Ecuadoran Socialist Party-Broad Front. Correa intends to call a constituent assembly to rewrite the country’s constitution, no doubt along socialist lines. Since 2000 the official currency of Ecuador has been the US dollar, which Correa has threatened to dump.

On the occasion of Comrade Fidel’s recent hospitalization, Comrade Rafael dispatched a heartfelt “get well” note to the communist dictator. With some tweaking from your resident blogger and a thank you to the folks at ECrisis (apparently the Ecuadorean version of VCrisis), a translation of Correa’s missive follows:

Dear Comrade Fidel:

In name of Country Alliance and of tens of thousands of Ecuadorians, I want to extend our congratulations on your 80 birthday, which we are sure will be observed with a great celebration on December 2, on the 50 anniversary of the disembarkation of the Granma in the Cayuelos.

Our congratulations unites with more hope now than ever because the country is entering historical times. Ecuador is preparing for the triumphal entrance on January 8 of the Citizens’ Revolution. At that time, Ecuadorians will recover the sovereign power that the political mafias have been maintained and kidnapped for decades.

With great confidence in a new future for our country, we send you this message of friendship as well as to all the Cuban sisters and brothers, and our desire for your quick recovery.

A brotherly hug,

Rafael Correa Delgado

Meanwhile, using intimidation tactics and threats of media blackout, Comrade Chavez is positioning himself to be re-elected President of Venezuela on December 3. Not to be outdone, Mexico’s crypto-communist “President” Obrador is threatening to disrupt the lawful President-Elect Calderon’s inauguration on December 1.

Ecuador Exit Polls Show Correa Wins Presidential Vote
By Helen Murphy
Last Updated: November 26, 2006 18:55 EST

Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) — Ecuador’s former Finance Minister Rafael Correa, an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, won today’s presidential election, exit polls showed.

Correa, 43, who has advocated defaulting on the nation’s debt, led the race with 56.8 percent of the vote, based on an exit poll by Quito-based Cedatos/Gallup International. Alvaro Noboa, 55, Ecuador’s largest banana exporter, had 43.2 percent, the pollster said. Two other exit polls also showed Correa in the lead.

Ecuador’s benchmark bonds fell to a six-week low Friday on concern Correa, who served a four-month stint as finance minister in 2005, would win today’s election. Since leading the first-round vote last month, Noboa, 55, has used Correa’s ties with Chavez to paint his opponent as a socialist and puppet of Venezuela.

“The attacks on Correa were excessive and probably backfired, leaving Correa appearing victimized,” said Gianfranco Bertozzi, a Latin American economist at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. in New York. “Suddenly he became an underdog, which is often a good place to be in Ecuador in an election.”

Social Unrest

The winner in today’s election, who will take office on Jan. 15, will replace President Alfredo Palacio and become the eighth president in 10 years in Ecuador, where corruption and social unrest have toppled several administrations. Ecuador’s 13.3 million citizens, most living in poverty, are demanding a greater share of the country’s oil wealth. Ecuador is South America’s fifth-largest producer of crude.

“It won’t be Rafael Correa who assumes power in January; it will be the people,” Correa said at his campaign headquarters in Quito after hearing the results.

Noboa questioned the validity of the exit polls and hinted that he may not concede until the full results are released.

“Once everything is cleared up and if I am convinced, I will recognize it; otherwise, I won’t recognize it,” Agence France-Press cited Noboa as saying. “I believe in the actual result of the vote-by-vote count.”

Debt Default

Correa, who advocates cutting ties with international lenders such as the World Bank, has said he wouldn’t rule out an Argentine-style default on Ecuador’s $11 billion of foreign debt. Argentina stopped payments on $95 billion of bonds in late 2001, the biggest sovereign default ever. Ecuador’s long-term foreign currency debt is rated CCC+ by Standard & Poor’s, seven levels below investment grade.

Correa, who studied economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, also has called for a constituent assembly to write a new constitution.

Noboa, who carried a Bible on the campaign trail and on Wednesday fell to his knees at a rally and begged God to help him win, has promised to sell government bonds to build 300,000 low-cost homes a year and create 3 million jobs in the process. He also favors increased foreign investment and backs free trade negotiations.

“Noboa says he will give us jobs, ha! They all say that and we are still dirt poor,” said Rosa Gualan, 36, a Chimborazo Indian, as she peeled onions from a sack on a street in Pomasqui, about 20 kilometers north of Quito. “Correa has something new to say, let’s see what happens.”

Yields Rise

The yield on Ecuador’s dollar-denominated bond due 2012 jumped 33 basis points, or 0.33 percentage point, Friday to 11.88 percent, leaving it up 84 basis points since July 28, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The bond’s price, which moves inversely to the yield, fell 1.4 cents on the dollar to 100.5 cents. That’s the lowest price since Oct. 13, the last trading day before the first-round vote. The average yield spread on Ecuadorean dollar bonds over U.S. Treasuries has widened to 5.35 percentage points from 4.93 points on Nov. 6, according to JPMorgan’s benchmark emerging- market index.

Ecuador’s economy recovered from recession after the government defaulted on $6.5 billion of debt in 1999 and adopted the U.S. dollar as its official currency in 2000.

The switch to the dollar attracted investors, revived an insolvent banking system and helped reduce the inflation rate to 2.1 percent last year from 108 percent in 2000. In 2005, the economy expanded 4.7 percent, according to S&P.

The government has said it won’t release results until the official count is completed, which could be as late as Tuesday.

>Useful Idiots Bin: "Pastor" Rick Warren shills for Syria, touts membership in pro-communist Council on Foreign Relations; next stop: North Korea

>Following in the footsteps of fellow Southern Baptist preacher, Billy Graham–who even though he knew better (according to his autobiography Just As I Am) accepted an invitation from the KGB-controlled Russian Orthodox Church to “preach the gospel” in the old USSR–Rick Warren, pastor of California’s Saddleback Church, paid a friendly visit to Damascus to show solidarity with Syria’s terrorist-sponsoring fascist-communist regime. The “Fame-Driven” pastor is a self-avowed member of the the pro-communist/pro-world government Council on Foreign Relations. Amusingly, the Syrian Arab News Agency refers to Warren as “priest” in the headline below. Warren’s meet-and-greet with Syria’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun took place on November 13.

Next stop in the Axis of Evil for “Pastor” Warren and his new social(ist) gospel: North Korea, where, according to ITAR-TASS, banners proudly declare: “Let us glorify our Fatherland with its five-thousand-long history, which has become a nuclear state.”

Not content to meddle in international politics, the good pastor is cozying up to radical abortion rights advocate US Senator Barack Obama. The 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful has been invited to address Saddleback faithful on December 1. In view of this development, one must ask the question: Are Warren and his ostensibly theologically conservative colleagues skilfully guiding America’s new evangelicals into the fold of the communist-infiltrated Democratic Party?

In much the same fashion, Ted Haggard–the deposed leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, disgraced pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and closet sodomite and crystal meth addict–endeavored to transform America’s evangelicals into earth-worshipping environmentalists. In a November 11 column at WorldNetDaily, “How Ted Haggard Delivered Control to the Democrats,” Charles McVety reports: “Nearly two years ago, Rev. Haggard began his earth campaign as he threatened the Republican U.S. Senate, stating that he would turn the evangelicals against them if they refused to ratify global warming laws.”

American Priest Says no Peace without Syria

Monday, November 13, 2006 – 07:40 PM

American Protestant Pastor Rick Warren on Monday said there was no peace in the region without Syria, noting that 80 percent of the American people rejected what the US Administration is doing in Iraq and considered the US policy in the Mideast as wrong.

Syria’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun received the American Pastor in Damascus in which he referred to the importance of spreading culture of amity, peace and coexistence instead of the ‘clash of civilizations’.

The Mufti called for conveying the real image of Syria, national unity and its call to spread peace, amity and justice to the American people which the US administration has distorted their image before the world.

Pastor Warren expressed admiration of Syria and the coexistence he saw between Muslims and Christians, stressing that he will convey this image to his church and country.

In a recent email exchange with WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, “Pastor” Warren disclosed his membership in the venerable, Bolshevik-loving CFR and his “close friendship” with Skull and Bones alumnus President George Bush.

Megapastor Rick Warren’s Damascus Road experience
By Joseph Farah

November 20, 2006

WASHINGTON – Rick Warren, the superstar mega-church pastor and bestselling author of ”The Purpose Driven Life,” had a Damascus Road experience last week and like Saul of Tarsus, one of the after-effects appears to be blindness.

Warren went to Syria and could find no persecution of Christians. He could find no persecution of Jews. He could find no evidence of extremism. He could find no evidence of the sponsorship of terrorism.

Despite the temporary loss of vision that prevented him from seeing any evil in the totalitarian police state, Warren’s hearing was apparently not affected for his ears were tickled by what he heard and apparently accepted lock, stock and barrel from the second-generation dictator, Bashar Assad, and his state-approved mufti.

But that’s not the story Warren is telling, at least not in the official press releases he is sending out from Rwanda in response to my confrontations with him last week in which I accused him of betraying his own country in a hostile foreign land and of being a propaganda tool of the Islamo-fascist regime in Damascus.

In fact, after I called him out last week in my column, Warren e-mailed me claiming to have been misquoted by the official Syrian news agency.

”Joseph, why didn’t you contact me first and discover the fact that I said nothing of the sort?” he pleaded. ”The trip was a favor to my next door neighbor, had nothing to do with policy, and was done with the State Department’s knowledge, who told us to expect exactly what Syria did, a PR blast. I don’t pretend to be a diplomat. I’m a pastor who just gets invited places.”

I pointed out to Warren that WND had indeed attempted to contact him about his trip. No one from his Saddleback Church ever returned our calls the day the story broke.

“I’m sure since you were warned in advance by the State Department that you took the precaution of recording your own words,” I suggested in my response. “We look forward to seeing the transcripts of hearing the recordings.”

I also asked if he could respond specifically to the words put in his mouth by the Syrian news agency. And lastly I suggested that he should have ”counseled with me, or other people knowledgeable about the Middle East before doing so much damage with your reckless trip.”

I really didn’t expect to hear back from Warren but, a few minutes later, I did, with an absolutely stunning retort.

He let me know he is a close friend of President Bush ”and many, if not most, of the generals at the Pentagon.”

He also told me he did not tape anything while in Syria, ”because it was a courtesy call, like I do in every country.”

Warren explained that he had also counseled with the National Security Council and the White House, as well as the State Department, before his little courtesy call for a neighbor.

”In fact,” Warren added, ”as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Oxford Analytica, I might know as much about the Middle East as you.”

He continued: ”I hope you’ll not choose to believe Syrian propaganda even though, as you pointed out at the start of your article, you’ve been wanting to criticize me for some time. In spite of your rush to judgment, I think you write great, insightful columns. You are almost batting 1,000.”

No sooner had I received this surprising response from Warren, I also got an e-mail providing a link to a YouTube video of Rick Warren in Syria explaining how great the Assad regime treats Christians and Jews and how Damascus ”does not permit extremism of any kind.”

Not one to let lies go unchallenged, I wrote back to Warren with a link to the YouTube video: ”If you didn’t tape anything, what’s this? Do you really believe Syria does not allow extremism of any kind? There are more terrorist organizations based in Syria than anywhere else in the world!”

It might be that Rick Warren, deep in the bush of Rwanda, never received those last questions, because he never responded, at least not in the last three days.

He did, however, within minutes make sure the YouTube video he recorded independent of his meetings with the Syrian brown shirts was removed from the network. Vanished. Kaput. Sterilized. Cleansed.

Stay tuned for more on Rick Warren’s ”Agenda-Driven Life” in the coming days sponsored, of course, by the Council on Foreign Relations.

>USSR2 File: The Kremlin Body Count and "Economic Crimes" in the Crypto-Communist Putinist Regime

>In Russia and its appendage the “new European Soviet”–which includes Britain, home of exiled Russian dissidents–the Kremlin body count grows yet again. Distinguished cadavers include politicians, journalists, bankers, and disloyal secret service agents.

While Comrade Czar Putin coldly dismissed allegations of Kremlin involvement in the murder of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko as “political provocation,” Russian cops scraped up the remains of another banker, Konstantin Meshcheryakov of Spetssetsroibank, who was gunned down in Moscow on November 22. This is the third Russian banker to bite the dust in as many months. Alexander Plokhin, director of a Moscow branch of the state-owned foreign trade bank Vneshtorgbank was murdered in mid-October. Dmitry Fotyanov, United Russia mayoral candidate in the Far East Primorye Territory, was also murdered last month. Andrei Kozlov, first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, was murdered in September. (Kozlov’s funeral is picture here.)

Kozlov was an anti-corruption campaigner who was no doubt stepping on some major Red Mafiya toes, such as Russia’s largest private financial institution Alfa Bank. Or perhaps he was guilty of “economic crimes,” a new class of evil created by the ostensibly “non”-communist Putinist regime. Following the Kozlov contract icing, President Putin opined: “In my view, this is a manifestation of a worsening situation in the fight against economic crime.” Coincidentally, or perhaps not, communists also consider capitalism an economic crime. Ex-Komsomol/ex-YUKOS CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky learned the hard way that capitalism does not pay in the Not-So-Former Soviet Union. He now occupies the same prison facility that contained August 1991 coup plotter and 2008 presidential candidate Comrade Oleg Shenin.

Incidentally, Alfa Bank, founded in 1990 by “perestroika communists” Peter Aven and Mikhail Fridman, is one component in the Moscow-Caracas strategic alliance. In 2004 La Nueva Cuba reported: “As the Venezuelan journalist Marianell Salazar reveals, the current PDVSA vice president, Aires Barreto, was the assessor and the representative of the Alfa Group in Canada until he was contacted by PDVSA’s Ali Rodriguez to rejoin PDVSA.” PDVSA is Venezuela’s state-run oil company which is now “red,” according to the country’s communist dictator, Hugo Chavez. Fridman is an associate of Belgian-born “Nepman” Marc David Reich (Marc Rich), who was pardoned for fraud by President Bill Clinton. Rich was responsible for secreting the financial resources of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union into foreign accounts, as well as erecting the CPSU’s “invisible party economy,” which is currently being rolled back to make way for the restoration of Soviet socialism under president-in-waiting Shenin.

>USSR2 File: Communist Party of the Soviet Union planning street protest for December 16; Internet posts show party’s awareness of Mexican insurgencies

>On November 23 “Subcomandante Marcos” posted the following at the restored CPSU forum:


All to the streets under the slogans: No to increase in the prices! To restore the purchasing power of earnings, pensions and allowances at the pre-reformist level! The minimum earnings of 100 rubles an hour and not kopeck is less! Before returning debts tsarist, return the internal debt of state for the treasures of population to the savings banks! Down [korrurpirovannuyu] authority! Corrupt officials for the lattice! No to packing of cities by dwelling for the rich! Earth Russia cities at the disposal of its citizens! No to enrichment of few due to the impoverishment of people! To nationalize the natural resources of Russia! To stop international psychosis! Down lawlessness! Entire government by the people!

The fact that a CPSU cadre would post under the name of the leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation indicates that Soviet communists are not only carefully watching Mexico’s leftist insurgency, but also might very well be guiding the rebellions in Oaxaca and Chiapas through intermediaries such as the red regimes in Havana and Caracas, and the FSB-controlled Mexican drug cartels.

>Breaking News: FSB defector Litvinenko dead, doctors find Polonium 210 in body; final statement published; Scotland Yard seeks mysterious Russian

>This regime [Putin’s Russia] is a mortal danger to the world.
— Alexander Litvinenko’s father, November 23, 2006

It is a pity that tragic events like death have been used for political provocations. British doctors did not indicate in their statement that it [Litvinenko’s] was a violent death. This means there are no grounds for this kind of speculation.
Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation President, Helsinki, European Union-Russia Summit, November 24, 2006

Scotland Yard has identified a mysterious Russian by the name of “Vladimir,” who accompanied former Kremlin bodyguard Andrei Lugovoy to the November 1 meeting with Litvinenko, as a suspect in the murder. Axis Information and Analysis reports:

Litvinenko told police officers that he was suspicious of “Vladimir” because he was careful to disclose nothing about his identity or why he had turned up to what was supposed to be a private get-together. He apparently pressed Litvinenko to join him in a cup of tea, but said little during the brief meeting. Later that day Litvinenko complained of feeling violently ill. According to The Times, British detectives consider “Vladimir” crucial to the investigation . . .

Litvinenko, it would seem, let his guard down for just a moment. It was enough. In the world of spies, never drink tea with strangers.

On the next edition of In Context (November 25), the Kremlin’s brand-new, 24-hour, European-wide, English-language Russia Today television program, will tackle the following topic: “The poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko: Political hit or targeted media blitz?” Don’t expect any deviation from the party line, meaning the Communist Party.

Radioactive Material Link
Updated: 15:20, Friday November 24, 2006

A radioactive material, probably Polonium 210, has been found in the body of dead ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, it has been revealed.

Polonium 210 is only dangerous if ingested and a large quantity of alpha radiation was detected in his urine, said Government experts.

It came as Home Secretary John Reid revealed the police were searching for residual radioactive material at a number of locations.

They include Mr Litvinenko’s house in north London and apparently the sushi restaurant in London where he met an Italian contact shortly before he fell seriously ill.

They want to find out who killed the 43-year-old former security agent and how he was poisoned.

Before he died in a London hospital on Thursday night, Mr Litvinenko wrote a statement which blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for ordering his murder.

Friends said the statement was penned on Tuesday, when Mr Litvinenko realised he was dying.

He accused the Russian leader of having “no respect for life, liberty or any civilised value”.

He told Mr Putin: “You have shown yourself to be unworthy of your office, to be unworthy of the trust of civilised men and women.”

The Russian President said the death was a tragedy, but he had not seen any definitive proof that it was a “violent death”. He also brushed off suggestions linking him to the case.

Mr Litvinenko’s tearful father Walter said: “This (Russian) regime is a mortal danger to the world.”

He added: “It was an excruciating death, he was taking it as a real man. Even before his death, in such a state he never lost his human dignity.”

Mr Litvinenko’s supporters said he was killed because he was investigating the murder last month of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Like Mr. Litvinenko himself, she was a fierce critic of Mr. Putin but the Kremlin said the accusation was “sheer nonsense.”

“I Hear the Angel of Death”
Updated: 14:39, Friday November 24, 2006

Here is the full text of the statement dictated by Alexander Litvinenko on his deathbed:

I would like to thank many people: my doctors, nurses and hospital staff who are doing all they can for me; the British Police who are pursuing my case with vigour and professionalism and are watching over me and my family. I would like to thank the British Government for taking me under their care. I am honoured to be a British citizen.

I would like to thank the British public for their messages of support and for the interest they have shown in my plight.

I thank my wife, Marina, who has stood by me. My love for her and our son knows no bounds.

But as I lie here I can distinctly hear the beating of wings of the angel of death. I may be able to give him the slip but I have to say my legs do not run as fast as I would like. I think, therefore, that this may be the time to say one or two things to the person responsible for my present condition.

You may succeed in silencing me but that silence comes at a price. You have shown yourself to be as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed.

You have shown yourself to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilised value.

You have shown yourself to be unworthy of your office, to be unworthy of the trust of civilised men and women.

You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life. May God forgive you for what you have done, not only to me but to beloved Russia and its people.

Alexander Litvinenko, 21 November 2006

End Note: The Kremlin’s Useful Idiots in the West

Although I consider Alex Jones to be a faux rightist for overemphasizing to the extreme Western globalist conspiracies at the expense of the very real Soviet communist threat, he is to be commended for acknowledging the totalitarian character of the Putinist regime in his coverage of the Litvinenko poisoning. True to form, however, pro-Soviet Western leftist Justin Raimondo is rushing to exonerate the Kremlin of any blame behind the Litvinenko assassination, just as he did a few weeks ago after the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

>USSR 2 File: Kremlin controls 90% of Russian media, Gazprom Media purchases Komsomolskaya Pravda; Moscow broadcasts TV programs to Europe and USA

>Total media concentration is not enough for the Russian Federation’s crypto-communist Chekist regime. The Kremlin, according to, is extending its propaganda apparatus into Western Europe and North America. On November 14 the Kremlin launched its 24-hour English-language Russia Today program on Europe’s largest television platform, SKY. The new venture falls within the orbit of TV-Novosti, itself established by the state-run Russian News and Information Agency Novosti in 2005. Meanwhile, with typical communist hypocrisy and deceit, Russian communications authorities recently terminated the rebroadcasting partnerships that Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty maintained with Russian radio and television stations.

As a result of these developments, Reporters Without Borders, an international nongovernmental organization based in Paris, considers Comrade Czar Putin a Predator of Press Freedom, in that he and his colleagues in the Federal Security Service, the “shield and sword” of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, are responsible for crushing Russia’s short-lived independent press.

In addition to dominating Russia’s electronic media, the Kremlin has set its sight on the country’s most influential newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda, which is the former publication of the old CPSU Komsomol (Young Communist League). Contrary to popular perception, the old Komsomol was not dissolved but renamed the Russian Union of Youth. The Red Youth Vanguard, however, serves as the youth wing of the restored CPSU.

Once the restored CPSU assumes open control of Russia during the 2007-2008 political season and then reestablishes the Soviet Union by 2010, per recent party documents, the collective leadership of the Party that Pretended to Die will have at its disposal the vast array of state-owned media outlets in Russia.

Please visit earlier blogs from this and past months in which we chronicle the demise of foreign and domestic media freedom throughout the republics of the Not-So-Former Soviet Union.

Kremlin tightens grip on Russian media

The Independent
November 23, 2006
By Andrew Osborn in Moscow

The most influential newspaper in Russia is to come under Kremlin control as the government tightens its grip on the media in the run-up to elections next year.

Komsomolskaya Pravda will become part of the media wing of Gazprom, the state energy giant, by January at the latest. Once the transaction is complete, more than 90 per cent of Russia’s media assets will be in the hands of the state or affiliated structures, a prospect that alarms proponents of free speech.

Founded in 1925, Komsomolskaya Pravda has the same kind of readership and influence as The Sun in Britain. It is read by an estimated 10 million people and has the ability to set the agenda and make or break political careers.

The newspaper is already friendly to the Kremlin, running celebrity stories interspersed with positive articles about President Vladimir Putin. But it appears the government does not want to take any chances ahead of parliamentary elections in December 2007 seen as a dress rehearsal for a presidential vote three months later.

>Red Terror File: Hospitalized FSB defector suffers heart failure, on life support; doctors puzzled by illness’ origin

>Litvinenko is not the kind of person for whose sake we would spoil bilateral relations. It is absolutely not in our interests to be engaged in such activity.
— Sergei Ivanov, First Deputy Prime Minister/Defense Minister, FSB Colonel-General in Reserve, Federal Security Service, Russian Federation

Another cold-blooded murder, another cold response from the Kremlin, another cold war.

Pictured here is University College Hospital in London, where FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko is hospitalized.

Friend: Poisoned Ex-Russian Spy on Life Support
Thursday , November 23, 2006

LONDON — Ailing former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko’s condition has deteriorated and doctors remain puzzled by his critical illness, which probably was not caused by the toxic metal thallium or radiation, a doctor said Thursday.

A friend said Litvinenko was on life support.

Dr. Geoff Bellingan, director of critical care at University College Hospital, said Litvinenko’s condition had shown “a dramatic deterioration” overnight. He did not comment on the report by Litvinenko’s friend, Alex Goldfarb.

“We are now convinced that the cause of Mr. Litvinenko’s condition was not a heavy metal such as thallium. Radiation poisoning is also unlikely,” Bellingan said, reading a statement to reporters outside the hospital. “Despite extensive tests, we are still unclear as to the cause of his condition.”

Doctors originally suspected Litvinenko had been given thallium. They later said it is more likely he is suffering from the effects of another substance, possibly a radioactive one.

Friends and dissidents have alleged that an attack on Litvinenko was carried out at the behest of the Russian government. Litvinenko sought asylum in Britain in 2000, and has been a relentless critic of the Kremlin and the Russian security services.

Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist branch is investigating Litvinenko’s illness.

On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR, issued a sharp denial that it was involved in any assassination attempt.

“Litvinenko is not the kind of person for whose sake we would spoil bilateral relations,” SVR spokesman Sergei Ivanov said, according to the Interfax news agency. “It is absolutely not in our interests to be engaged in such activity.”

The SVR, one of the successor agencies of the Soviet KGB, declined to comment to The Associated Press.

The British Broadcasting Corp., quoting an unidentified hospital source, reported that X-rays had shown that Litvinenko swallowed three objects of dense matter, which had lodged in his intestines.

The BBC said it was unclear whether the objects were related to Litvinenko’s illness, and the hospital declined to comment.

Bellingan dismissed the reports.

“Suggestions that an X-ray identified three objects in his body are misleading,” he said. “We are now convinced that shadowing on the x-ray was caused, as might be expected, by Prussian Blue, a nontoxic therapeutic agent which was administered as part of his treatment.

Goldfarb, the friend of the former KGB spy, told The Associated Press earlier in the day that his friend’s heart has stopped working properly on its own.

“He went into a cardiac failure overnight,” said Goldfarb, who alternately described Litvinenko as on a “ventilator,” “artificial heart support” and “artificial resuscitation.”

Goldfarb, who had joined Litvinenko’s wife Marina and the former agent’s father by his bedside, said the 43-year-old’s condition had been deteriorating over the last few days.

“His heart has been generally weak of the past few weeks, he had low blood pressure yesterday, and his heart had stopped. He was in intensive care for that reason,” Goldfarb said.

Litvinenko worked both for the KGB and for another successor, the Federal Security Service.

In 1998, he publicly accused his superiors of ordering him to kill tycoon Boris Berezovsky. He spent nine months in jail on charges of abuse of office but was later acquitted and moved to London.

Litvinenko said he had two meetings on the day he first felt ill. In the morning, he met at a London hotel with an unnamed Russian and Andrei Lugovoy, a former KGB colleague and bodyguard to one-time Russian Prime Minster Yegor Gaidar. Later, he dined with Italian security expert Mario Scaramella to discuss the October murder of another Kremlin critic — investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Litvinenko publicly blamed Moscow in Politkovskaya’s death. The Kremlin has emphatically denied involvement in that killing.

Scaramella told reporters in Rome on Tuesday that he had traveled to meet Litvinenko to discuss an e-mail he received from a confidential source naming the killers of Politkovskaya, who was gunned down Oct. 7 at her Moscow apartment building. The e-mail also listed other potential targets, including Scaramella and Litvinenko.

Goldfarb said that he had a photocopy of the four-page e-mail and confirmed that it did read like the hit list described by Scaramella.

He refused to say who may have compiled the document, saying that it could jeopardize the police investigation into the poisoning.

After visiting the hospital on Thursday, Berezovsky told the AP that British police have yet to speak to him, but hoped they would be in contact over the next two days. The police declined to comment about whether they had the e-mail.

Goldfarb said Wednesday that there was nothing out of the ordinary in Litvinenko’s meeting with Lugovoy, who also worked as bodyguard to Berezovsky, the most high-profile Russian exile in London.

Litvinenko has refused to implicate any of the people he met on the day he believes he was poisoned.

“He said there were two encounters held, but he is not accusing anybody. It could have happended then or it could have happended elsewhere,” Goldfarb said.

>Latin America File: Communist Party of Venezuela throws weight behind Chavez reelection on Dec. 3; Energy Minister Ramirez to opponents: "Go to Miami"

>Under the title “The Final Offensive,” the leadership of the Communist Party of Venezuela is mobilizing to support Comrade Hugo Chavez’s re-election to the national presidency on December 3. Translation courtesy Babelfish:

The National Directors of the Communist Party of Venezuela, within the framework of the final offensive for December 3, call upon Venezuelan towns, revolutionary forces, and communists to organize and mobilize for the consolidation of the triumph of the candidacy of Commander Hugo Chavez Frias and to dissuade any adventurer that tries to promote imperialism and reaction against the overwhelming popular victory that is approaching in December.

The PCV leadership offers the confident prediction: “The PCV, on the basis of its analysis of the political situation in the country, considers that the conditions for an overwhelming victory of the candidacy of President Chavez exist.” The Central Committee of the PCV is pictured here.

Meanwhile, Comrade Chavez, who is warning Venezuelans of a counter-coup during the electoral process is implying, by default, that he is prepared to advance a coup of his own. Hugo has threatened to shut down private media that urge his removal: “We have to shut any television channel that broadcasts messages inciting terrorism, hate or war and calls on people not to recognize the authorities. We have to shut it. Anyone who goes to a televsion channel and calls on the army to overthrow the Government will be arrested as soon as he leaves the station.”

Earlier this month Comrade Chavez’s energy minister Rafael Ramirez warned state oil workers to support Venezuela’s dictator or leave their jobs: “Of course PDVSA is revolutionary,” Ramirez stated. “[Its] workers are with this revolution, and those who aren’t should go somewhere else. Go to Miami. Those who do not feel comfortable with that orientation, should give their jobs to a Bolivarian [Chavez supporter].” In 2003 the Chavez dictatorship sacked 19,000 striking employees of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. and replaced them with “Bolivarian” loyalists.

>Asia File: CPRF leader Zyuganov accompanied Putin to Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Hanoi, met with Vietnamese communists; media blackout

>With the World Trade Organization pinned like a carnation to Russia’s lapel–courtesy the Bush Administration–Comrade Czar Putin treks to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the 14th summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Coming along for the ride is Comrade Gennady Zyuganov, head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Kremlin powerbroker. Apart from the official website of the CPRF, I have found no reference in the Western or Russia media to Zyuganov’s presence in Moscow’s APEC delegation. How significant is this incident? Imagine President Bush inviting the head of the Communist Party USA to accompany him to an international conference, or Prime Minister Harper inviting the head of the Communist Party of Canada to do the same.

Pictured above: the Moscow-Beijing Axis personified. Putin and President of China Hu Jintao press the flesh in Hanoi. There were lots of photo ops for Vlad, but where was Gennady, guys? I gather Moscow isn’t ready yet to release pics of Zyuganov or Oleg Shenin power lunching with the communist presidents of China and Vietnam.

V. Putin and G. Zyuganov depart for Hanoi
November 17, 2006

Today the Russian delegation departed for Hanoi to participate in the summit of the APEC organization, which opens tomorrow. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin heads the delegation. In the delegation, at the invitation of the president, was the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyguanov.

In Vietnam the leader of the CPRF plans to conduct a number of meetings with the leadership of the [ruling] Communist Party of Vietnam and the government, and to visit a number of landmarks of the national economy and culture of the country.

At the same time, in order to perpetuate its image as a “post”-communist capitalist powerhouse, Russia’s state media highlighted the presence of Pyotr Aven, the president of Russia’s largest private bank Alfa Bank, in the delegation. Aven’s pro-Vietnamese comments, related at the link to Novosti, above, are not those of a true capitalist: “Vietnam is a dynamically developing country with a bright future… We have many interests here, primarily related to financial activities.” Since when does any communist country have a “bright future”?

How bold the Soviets. How blind the West . . .

While taking in the summit, Mr. and Mrs. Bush trooped dutifully to the presidential palace where they met communist dictator Nguyen Minh Triet and First Lady Tran Thi Kim Chi, under the watchful gaze of Ho Chi Minh. Did Comrade Zyuganov pop over to President Bush’s entourage for a friendly chat? Probably not, but you never know.

>Communism with Canadian Characteristics: RCMP probes letter from new Front de libération du Québec cell, threatens "hits" for February 15

>Workers in industry, in mines and in the forests! Workers in the service industries, teachers, students and unemployed! Take what belongs to you, your jobs, your determination and your freedom.
Manifesto of the Front de libération du Québec, broadcast over CBC/Radio-Canada October 8, 1970

The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) has been generally dormant since October 1970, when members of the FLQ’s Liberation Cell kidnapped James Richard Cross, the British Trade Commissioner, and Pierre Laporte, Quebec’s Vice-Premier and Minister of Labour.
Five known FLQ terrorists were granted their request for safe passage to Cuba by the Government of Canada after securing the approval of Fidel Castro, whom then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau openly admired. The “Felquistes” were flown to the “Workers’ Island Paradise in the Caribbean” on a Canadian Forces aircraft.

In 2001 Rheal Mathieu, a Felquiste who in 1967 was imprisoned for nine years for terrorist activities including murder, was convicted of the attempted firebombing of three coffee shops in Montreal.

RCMP probe threatening letter from ‘FLQ’
Montreal Gazette
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A letter claiming to be from a new cell of the Front de libération du Québec and threatening to take action for what it describes as “Anglo-Saxon imperialism” in the West Island and west-end Montreal is being investigated by police.

The letter, from a group or someone identifying themselves as the “Camille Laurin Cell” of the FLQ, was sent last week to media outlets and city halls in the western part of Montreal Island.

The letter, dated Nov. 15, threatens that “the hits will begin very exactly in three months,” an apparent reference to Feb. 15, the anniversary of the day when five members of the Patriotes rebellion against British colonial authority were hanged in 1839.

The author claims French-speaking Quebecers are “systematically ridiculed by a local anglophone majority who scorn the French language and the rights of francophones.”

In 1970, members of the FLQ kidnapped British trade commissioner James Cross and kidnapped and murdered Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte, setting off the October Crisis.

“All these types of threats are taken seriously and are investigated,” RCMP Cpl. Sylvain L’Heureux said. “It’s an ongoing investigation and at this point there is no indication they are going to go forward with those threats.”

Letters like the one sent out last week emerge every six months or so, L’Heureux said. But he added that even if their author has no intention to carry out the threat, he or she can still be charged with a Criminal Code offence.

An RCMP investigator who is a member of the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) is in charge of the probe. INSET is a partnership among the RCMP, the Sûreté du Québec, Montreal police and federal agencies, who share information on possible terrorist threats.

Communist Influences in Quebec Separatism

Some Felquistes were organized and trained by Georges Schoeters, a Belgian-born Canadian citizen, self-avowed revolutionary, and alleged KGB agent. Schoeters, a vocal supporter of Castro, traveled to Cuba and Algeria at least three times between 1958 and 1962.

Former KGB archivist Major Vasili Mitrokhin (pictured above) has confirmed that the Lubyanka had established ties with the FLQ in case the Cold War turned “hot.” Members of the Communist Party of Canada (CPC), according to Mitrokhin, assisted the KGB in providing false identification for Soviet illegals (spies) in the United Kingdom and the United States. A Soviet illegal code-named “Paul” (Igor Vitalyevich Voytetsky) connected with the FLQ in 1969. The CPC’s publication People’s Voice–the Mackenzie Institute notes in the link above–betrayed its guilt by vilifying Mitrokhin when he first published in 1999 those particular archives that exposed past communist subversion in the West.

In his autobiography The Persecutor (Fleming H Revell Co., 1973), Sergei Kourdakov, a young secret police officer from Russia who jumped ship off the west coast of Canada in 1971, affirmed that the FLQ exhibited the elements of a communist-backed operation.

Several people were waiting for me there. But they didn’t want to talk about a job. They were members of the FLQ, the French separatist terror organization in Quebec which had bombed and killed diplomats in their struggle to break away from Canada. They had strong Communist support and ties. I looked about and immediately saw it wasn’t a job interview. It was a trap.

“Kourdakov,” they warned, “if you raise your voice one time and say things you shouldn’t, you will be silenced.”

I tried to talk to them to stall for time and find a way to get out. Then my two Bulgarian friends arrived. They had found the note and rushed over. I left immediately with them, with the warnings ringing in my ears. I now realized, even here, as a free man, I would still not be left alone. Moscow still was reaching out to me.

I was followed in Quebec by a man from the Russian embassy who dogged my footsteps everywhere I went. The Mounted Police warned me that a Soviet ship was docked at Montreal and to be careful. “Call us if you are threatened,” they said.

With the danger of the FLQ and the Communists so strong in Quebec, I made plans to leave and go to Toronto.

On January 1, 1973 Kourdakov, who was then 21 years old and living in California, died of an apparently accidental gunshot from his own firearm.

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union Opens an Office in Toronto

Are agents of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), such as the one who was arrested one week ago in Montreal, still availing themselves of the services of the CPC? If not, they can probably find a hot meal and a warm bed at the Toronto-based International Council of Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, which serves as the North American propaganda office of the restored/continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The CPSU should not be confused with the potemkin Communist Party of the Russian Federation, which is merely the Russian section of the “self-banned” CPSU. The November 2006 issue of the council’s publication, Northstar Compass, writes glowingly of the intention of CPSU chair and August 1991 coup plotter Oleg Shenin to run for the Russian Federation presidency in 2008:

Oleg Shenin, former CC CPSU member and the leader of the reconstituted CPSU, announced his candidature to run against Putin in the 2008 presidential election in Russia.

During the counterrevolution in August of 1991, he was a member of the group of CPSU CC members who tried to regain control of the country in order to re-establish the Soviet Union: Most of them were jailed, including Oleg Shenin and former Chairman of the Union of Soviet Friendship Society, Gennady Yanayev, who was at that time the Vice President under Gorbachev.

Oleg Shenin declared that his first priority is to establish the authority and formation of the CPSU and to then re-establish the Soviet Union and socialism. He also criticized the present regime and some other parties and movements who are now putting spokes into the wheel of his election campaign. The situation in Russia is catastrophic. The Soviet Union must be reconstituted as it was – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – he concluded.

And you thought the CPSU no longer existed. Why, they have an office in Canada’s largest city! Checkmate.

I expect Shenin to put in an appearance at the next Worldwide Congress for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, to be held in Moscow between November 6 and 8, 2007. That photo op will provide Russia’s citizen-slaves and the benighted denizens of the West with a good look at the restored Soviet Union’s first president.

>Middle East File: Leader of Lebanon’s Druze-based Progressive Socialist Party accuses Syria of plotting Gemayel assassination, warns of more killings

>Walid Jumblatt, pictured here, is head of the Druze-based Progressive Socialist Party (PSP). Considering Jumblatt is a leftist, his candor regarding Syrian machinations in Lebanon should be heeded. On the other hand, Jumblatt’s warning could contain a threat.

Walid’s pedigree should concern students of the influence of communism in the Middle East. His father Kamal founded the PSP in 1949. In 1970 Kamal, who was then interior minister, legalized the Lebanese Communist Party and the neo-fascist Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP). The SSNP operates in both Lebanon and Syria, where it forms part of the ruling coalition along with the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and Syrian Communist Party. In 1972 the Soviet Union awarded Kamal the Lenin Peace Prize. The following year he was elected Secretary General of the Arab Front, which supported the Palestinian insurgency. Habib Shartouni, who was responsible for the assassination of Pierre Gemayel Junior’s uncle Bachir in 1982, was a member of the SSNP.

Jumblatt: Syria May Kill Ministers To Topple Gov’t
12:57 Nov 22, ’06 / 1 Kislev 5767

( Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt charged Wednesday that Syria was behind the assassination of an anti-Syrian minister Tuesday and warned that more killings may be on the horizon in order to bring down the government. The recent resignation of six pro-Syrian ministers, including two Hizbullah terrorist party members, has left the Cabinet with only six more seats than necessary for a quorum.

“We have to expect, and this is my impression unfortunately, more assassinations of ministers and parliamentarians,” Jumblatt told reporters after the killing of Minister Pierre Gemayel. Huge protests are expected Wednesday at the funeral for the anti-Syrian leader, who was the grandson of the founder of the Christian Phalange party.

>Breaking News: Lebanese Cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel assassinated in Beirut; President Bush denounces Syria and Iran for provocation

>CNN Developing Story: President Bush has denounced the assassination of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel and says Syria and Iran are trying to foment instability in Lebanon, The Associated Press reports.

While Syrian-sponsored assassins bump off politicans, building unscaleable walls between Lebanon’s factions, 400 Russian military engineers build bridges in the southern part of the country.

Pierre Gemayel Junior (born September 24, 1972) was the son of former President Amine Gemayel and grandson of Pierre Gemayel. Pierre Junior’s uncle Bachir, another Lebanese politician, was assassinated in 1982.

I’m sure there’s absolutely no connection between Russia’s fascist-communist client state Syria and this latest political murder in Lebanon, just like there’s absolutely no connection between Russia’s Chekist regime and the attempted assassination of FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko on November 1.

Once the Russian military units complete their tasks in Lebanon, will they be redeployed to build Russia’s new naval bases in Tartus and Latakia, Syria? After all, Lebanon and Syria are in the same neighborhood . . .

Lebanese Christian politician killed
POSTED: 11:26 a.m. EST, November 21, 2006

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) — Lebanese Cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel has been shot dead in Beirut, senior Lebanese government officials said.

Industry minister Gemayel, who was in his 30s, was a member of the Christian Phalange party and supporter of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority.

Tuesday’s killing is set to deepen the political crisis: the Lebanese government is currently locked in a power struggle with pro-Syrian factions led by Hezbollah.

Saad Hariri, the majority leader in parliament, blamed Syria for the killing, saying Damascus wanted to stop the Lebanese government from backing a U.N. international tribunal into alleged Syrian participation in the 2005 assassination of his father, former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

“Pierre Gemayel was one of the people who was one of the founders also of the revolution, and today, as we have warned the international community that our revolution is under attack,” Hariri said.

“Today one of our main people, main believers in a free, democratic Lebanon, has been killed.

“And we believe that the hands of Syria are all over the place because today, in a few days it will have been the second vote on the international tribunal that Syria has always been trying to avoid.”

In a statement released from Syria’s state-run news agency, Syria “strongly” condemned Gemayel’s assassination.

“This horrible crime is aimed at destabilizing solidity and civil security in Lebanon,” said the dispatch, quoting an official media source.

The dispatch said the source underlined “Syria’s keenness on Lebanon’s security and the unity of his sons as well as keeping Lebanon’s civil peace.”

U.S. slams killing

Gemayel was considered a crucial member of the Lebanese Cabinet and his death weakens Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s grip on power.

Authorities said a gunman ran up to the car Gemayel was riding in and opened fire. Gemayel was said to have been hit at least twice in the head and neck.

Lebanese television broadcast video of the bullet-riddled car that had been carrying Gemayel.

Lebanese television showed angry and distraught supporters gathering outside the hospital, Reuters news agency said.

The United States was quick to condemn the killing. State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns said the United States was “shocked by this assassination,” calling the attack “an act of terrorism.”

“It’s unfortunately part of an all-too-often pattern of violence and assassination in Lebanon’s recent political history over the last 30 to 40 years,” Burns said.

He said the United States will “redouble” its efforts to support the Siniora’s government.

“It’s a very sad day to see someone, a young leader like this who was devoted to public service, to be gunned down.”

In the ongoing political crisis, all five Shiite Muslim ministers and one Christian in Siniora’s 24-member Cabinet resigned last week over the creation of the international tribunal to probe the assassination of Hariri.

U.N. investigators linked Syria to the death of Hariri and 22 other people on February, 14, 2005, when an explosion was set off near his motorcade. Damascus denies any involvement, and Hezbollah says Syria’s accusers have no evidence to back up their claims.

Hariri’s assassination led to a wave of anti-Syrian protests, dubbed the “Cedar Revolution,” and the withdrawal of Syria’s military from Lebanon. Syria had dominated Lebanon since 1976, when Syrian troops entered in the early days of Lebanon’s civil war.

>Latin America File: Obrador "sworn in" as president of Mexico’s leftist counter-government, promises to disrupt Calderon’s legitimate government

>Those neo-fascist reactionaries better not think they’ll have room to manoeuvre.

— Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, pretender to the Presidency of Mexico, November 20, 2006

Obrador’s bogus November 20 inauguration in Mexico City was attended by 100,000 supporters, including representatives of Oaxaca’s counter-government, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).

President-Elect Felipe Calderon will be sworn in as legitimate president of Mexico on December 1. Segments of Obrador’s Party of the Democratic Revolution and assorted allies and supporters throughout Mexico, including APPO, have vowed to disrupt Calderon’s inauguration. The Mexican Left views Calderon and the despised governor of Oaxaca as being on the same team, that is, the bourgeoisie, and thus appropriate targets for removal.

The erection of a counter-government ought to portend civil war. The potential for both civil war and communist revolution in Mexico, in our assessment, is increasing dramatically for reasons both domestic and foreign.

In the first case, the Zapatista/communist-backed insurgencies in Chiapas and Oaxaca intensified today with the implementation of mass blockades throughout Chiapas in support of the insurrectionists in neighboring Oaxaca. The leftist NarcoNews Bulletin reported on November 20: “Thousands of indigenous residents of Chiapas – civilian support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN, in its Spanish initials) – have successfully blocked all major roads and highways in the state in defense of the people of neighboring Oaxaca state.”

In view of the resolutions of solidarity that recent international conferences of communist parties have extended to the red regimes of Latin America–Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, and lately Nicaragua–there is good reason to believe too that considerable overt and covert support will be channelled to the Mexican Left from like-minded governments and parties in the region.

Obrador ‘inauguration’ in Mexico
Last Updated: Monday, 20 November 2006, 23:58 GMT

The defeated left-wing candidate in Mexico’s presidential election, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has held an unofficial swearing-in ceremony.

During his “inauguration” in Mexico City, Mr Lopez Obrador said he was launching a “parallel government”.

He claims was the victim of fraud in July’s election – a view shared by millions of Mexicans.

But some of his supporters think his alternative inauguration is ill-advised and politically irresponsible.

In the presidential election, Mr Lopez Obrador was defeated by less than a percentage point by Felipe Calderon of the governing National Action Party (PAN).

He was sworn in by Senator Rosario Ibarra, a member of his party, who placed a red, green and white presidential sash across his shoulders.

“I swear to honour and fulfil the constitution as legitimate president,” Mr Lopez Obrador told thousands of supporters in the Zocalo, Mexico City’s main square.

Real support

Mr Lopez Obrador has promised he will do everything he can to hamper the government of Mr Calderon, who succeeds President Vicente Fox on 1 December.

“Those neo-fascist reactionaries better not think they’ll have room to manoeuvre,” he told his supporters on Saturday.

“We’re going to keep them on a short leash.”

Although Mr Lopez Obrador has enough of a support base to be able to create a mass civil disobedience movement, some analysts think that his campaign will be, at best, a thorn in the Mr Calderon’s side.

The BBC’s Americas editor Will Grant says many Mexicans are tired of conflict and long for a return to normality.

Some of Mr Lopez Obrador’s advisors privately agree that it would be the politically expedient move, especially with an eye on any future presidential bid, our correspondent says.

>Red Terror File: FSB defector Litvinenko critically ill in London hospital, confirmed thallium poisoning; home fire bombed in 2004

>“Nobody’s saying Putin personally ordered it, though it’s very likely.”
— Alex Goldfarb, friend of Alexander Litvinenko

Standard operating procedure for the Russian Federation Federal Security Service, the KGB’s “friendlier” successor agency. First, the FSB bans Litvinenko’s book Blowing Up Russia. Next, they “ban” the man himself. Predictably, the Kremlin’s deputy spokesentity Dmitry Peskov offered this curt no-comment comment: “There is no need to comment on statements that are pure nonsense.” Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, who is also chief spokesentity for the FSB and himself an FSB colonel-general in reserve, stated: “Russia’s foreign intelligence service has nothing to do with Alexander Litvinenko’s condition.” If you believe Dmitry and Sergei, then I have a bridge in Novosibirsk to sell you.

The Daily Mail article below warns: “If police find the poisoning leads back to Moscow it could plunge Britain into its worst diplomatic crisis with Russia since President Putin came to power.”

We have insisted during the last month that the 2007-2008 political scene in Russia would feature some dead bodies. Short of divine intervention, Litvinenko might very well be added to the Kremlin’s body count. Bear in mind that if this assassination attempt can be traced to the Putinist regime, then ultimately it–along with Russia’s history of numerous “post”-communist assassinations–must be traced to the power behind the Putinist regime, the restored/continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Litvinenko is pictured above in the hospital and below during a recent public appearance. Further below still is a picture of Litvinenko in better health.

Russian colonel’s secret tape reveals fears for his life
Last updated at 14:11pm on 20th November 2006

Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko made a secret tape recording alleging assassination plots sanctioned by the Kremlin before he was poisoned.

The tape was being passed to the security services today as Mr Litvinenko’s condition deteriorated and his treatment in a London hospital became a fight to keep him alive. Mr Litvinenko, 44, fell ill after being poisoned with thallium, believed to have been slipped into his food or drink, the Mail’s sister paper, the Evening Standard, has revealed.

Details of his condition emerged as Scotland Yard revealed detectives were examining possible links with a petrol bomb attack on his family’s north London home in October 2004. Mr Litvinenko defected to Britain from the Russian state security service and has been a critic of President Vladimir Putin’s government.

In the recording handed to Special Branch and MI5, he reveals details of extrajudicial killings carried out in Russia while Mr Putin was head of the country’s FSB security agency. A transcript has been shown to the Standard and is likely to interest Britain’s security service due to suspicions Mr Litvinenko has fallen victim to a politically motivated assassination bid.

Detectives investigating the poisoning are focusing on a mystery hotel meeting he had with a former KGB officer on the day he fell ill.

A close friend of Alexander Litvinenko revealed that the dissident had met two men at a hotel in central London. He said one of the men was a former KGB officer, who was known to Mr Litvinenko.

The meeting took place after the 44-year-old Russian met an expert on the Italian underworld at a Piccadilly sushi bar.

Police believe the hotel was more likely to be the place where the former KGB colonel was poisoned.

He was admitted to intensive care at University College Hospital last night after his condition deteriorated. Friends say he has only a “50/50” chance of survival.

Mr Litvinenko was taken violently ill on 1 November after swallowing the deadly toxin thallium, a colourless and odourless chemical once used in rat killer.

Fellow dissidents in London have accused the Kremlin of being behind the assassination attempt because of Mr Litvinenko’s criticism of the Putin regime.

The case is being investigated by Scotland Yard’s specialist crime directorate. If police find the poisoning leads back to Moscow it could plunge Britain into its worst diplomatic crisis with Russia since President Putin came to power.

Today Alex Goldfarb said Mr Litvinenko met two Russian men – one a former KGB officer – at a hotel in central London after his lunch with his Italian contact, Professor Mario Scaramella, a lecturer at a Naples university.

Mr Goldfarb said he believed it “likely” he was poisoned on the orders of President Putin. Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “Nobody’s saying
Putin personally ordered it, though it’s very likely.”

Meanwhile, Professor Scaramella, the last man to see Mr Litvinenko before he was poisoned, has gone into hiding amid fears for his own life.

The meeting was to discuss the murder of dissident Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Professor Scaramella is reported to have handed over documents which claimed to name her killers.

Friends described him as an investigating magistrate who has probed links between the Russian and Italian Mafia.

He is said to have been interviewed by British intelligence before going into hiding.

An Italian political source said: “Mario is very scared at the moment. He is worried that the Russians and the Chechens are after him. He is well connected and has a lot of sources within the intelligence agencies, but he did not have any involvement in the attempt on Litvinenko’s life.”

Litvinenko’s Allegations Shine Light on Italy’s Neo-Communist Government and FSB Infiltration of Mitrokhin Commission

Pictured here are Vladimir Putin and Romano Prodi: “former” KGB officer and alleged KGB agent.

Earlier this year Litvinenko disclosed to a politician of the United Kingdom Independence Party that current Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi–who also served as President of the European Commission, the European Union’s executive body–is a KGB agent. According to Litvinenko, one of his former superiors FSB Deputy Chief Anatoly Trofimov–who along with his wife were assassinated in 2005–was the source of this information. Another former KGB defector, living in Britain, has confirmed Litvinenko’s allegation, as related in the European Union Reporter. The EU Reporter does not name the defector, but I suspect that the source is Oleg Gordievsky, who is personally acquainted with Litvinenko. I get the distinct impression that Trofimov said too much before his death. Litvinenko now finds himself in the same plight. If you value your life in the neo-Soviet state, then it doesn’t pay to say much at all about anything . . .

Incidentally, Mario Scaramella, the Italian acquaintance whom Litvinenko met on the day of his poisoning and before meeting his Russian contacts, is an academic at Naples University and a consultant to the Mitrokhin Commission. The Italian parliament established this commission to investigate the KGB’s activities in Italy during the Cold War. The Mitrokhin Commission should redirect its inquiry into the current activities of the KGB in Italy and then follow their leads into the office of Prime Minister Prodi.

While they’re investigating Prodi, the commissioners should take a peak at the skeletons in the closet of Italy’s new “ex”-communist president, Giorgio Napolitano. The communists came very close to taking Italy during the Cold War, but failed, thanks to US support, covert and overt, for Italy’s right-wing parties, especially the Christian Democrats. However, by hiding behind Soviet propaganda that communism died in 1991 and by simply renaming themselves, Italian reds have successfully engineered a stealth coup in Rome.

In conclusion, the Mitrokhin Commission might also consider probing the resume of one of its consultants too. Professor Scaramella is not only an acquaintance of Litvinenko but also a business associate of the FSB Deputy Chief Viktor Komogorov, whom he visited in Moscow several times. If the FSB is attempting to subvert Italy’s anti-communist Mitrokhin Commission, then one can only conclude that the Lubyanka is still the “sword and shield” of the CPSU.

>Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Canada Border Services Agency arrests Russian SVR agent as he attempts to leave country

>How ironic that this Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) agent should be arrested at Pierre Ellliott Trudeau International Airport, named after Canada’s long-serving, crypto-communist, Fabian socialist Liberal prime minister. The Russians have been spying on Canada since at least 1943 when Igor Gouzenko was stationed as a GRU cipher clerk at the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa. This episode is yet another example of how the Cold War never really ended.

To this day I remain convinced that a Russian couple that emigrated to Canada in the late 1990s and with whom I was briefly acquainted at the time are SVR agents. He’s into judo (like Putin). She’s an IT professional. No kids. They’re both well-educated, anti-American in their sentiments, and travel frequently back to Russia. Lost touch with them in the early 2000s.

Hats off to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service! (CSIS crest pictured here.)

Suspected Russian spy arrested at Trudeau
‘Highly sensitive’;
Apprehended before he could board plane
Published: Thursday, November 16, 2006

A suspected Russian spy has been arrested in Montreal as he was about to board a plane to leave the country, capping a Canadian counter-intelligence operation that suggests espionage is alive and well long after the Cold War.

The man, who had been living in Canada under the name Paul William Hampel, was taken into custody by Canada Border Services Agency officers at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The arrest came after two federal ministers signed a security certificate last Thursday declaring the man a danger to Canada for espionage, paving the way for his deportation.

It is the first security certificate approved by the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The case is described as “highly sensitive,” and officials were saying little yesterday.

Investigators were trying to confirm the suspect’s true identity and the foreign intelligence agency he works for, but the case is being compared with a 1996 spy operation by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR.

Several security experts also said the description of the man’s activities in Canada matches the methods traditionally used by the SVR’s Directorate S, which runs a covert network of “illegals” – spies who are planted in foreign countries under deep cover.

Counter-intelligence officers at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had been working to identify the man, who had slipped illicitly into the country several years ago and maintained a low profile while developing a Canadian “legend,” or false identity.

“A security certificate has been issued under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act against a foreign national alleging to be a Canadian citizen named Paul William Hampel,” CSIS spokesperson Barbara Campion said.

“He is now in custody in Montreal. This is not a counterterrorism case. More information will become available as the Federal Court process unfolds.

“Any speculation about the individual’s other nationality is premature at this point,” she added.

The Soviet KGB had an extensive spy program in Canada during the Cold War, but it did not end with the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The KGB’s successor, the SVR, has continued to covertly plant intelligence operatives abroad.

The Montreal operation is reminiscent of a case 10 years ago involving a married Toronto couple who called themselves Ian Mackenzie Lambert and Laurie Brodie.

A CSIS investigation concluded they were actually SVR spies named Dmitriy Vladimirovoch Olshevskiy and Yelena Borisovna Olshevskaya, who had stolen the identities of two dead Canadian children.

Officials say their assignment was to travel abroad for operations using their Canadian “legends.”

The latest arrest suggests that Moscow continues to target Canada, which it views as a convenient “legend” for its spies as well as a source of economic, technological and military secrets in its own right.

Formed in 1991, the SVR is the successor to the First Directorate of the notorious KGB. Its aim is to advance Russian interests by collecting military, economic, technological and NATO secrets.

This is the first time Canada’s controversial security certificate process has been used since the 2003 arrest of Moroccan Adil Charkaoui, an alleged Al-Qa’ida-trained sleeper, in Montreal.

>Useful Idiots Bin: Vancouver-based World Peace Forum 2006 supports neo-communist trading bloc, Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas


The election of democratic governments in various Latin American countries like “Frente Amplia” in Uruguay, and the recent re-election of Lula in Brazil and the election of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua are also part of the development of progressive forces in the continent. The Latin American left has made the struggle to assert its political and economic sovereignty a priority, with the development of social programs that benefit the vast majorities and the launching of projects of integration, among which ALBA is prominent. Socialist Cuba is a prominent part of this scenario of advances in the anti-imperialist struggle in the region.
— “Motion of Solidarity with Latin America and Cuba,” International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, Lisbon, November 10-12, 2006

The World Peace Forum, held in Vancouver, British Columbia this past summer represented a rogues’ gallery of hardened leftists and dangerous anti-capitalists, and a cross-section of well-meaning, but confused anti-globalists and starry-eyed pacifists. In advancing their “Latin American Resolution,” below, forum supporters and endorsers committed themselves to promoting the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA). The offspring of Marxist dictators Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, ALBA represents the consolidation of the Western Hemisphere’s growing Red Axis, the principal conspirators being Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, and lately Nicaragua.

Supporters and endorsers of the World Peace Forum included the venerable, Moscow-backed World Peace Council; the World Federalist Movement and its Canadian branch; the United Nations Association in Canada; the City of Vancouver and other municipal governments in British Columbia; the state-run Canadian (“Communist”) Broadcasting Corporation; assorted ecumenical and multifaith societies; and numerous, heavyweight national and provincial trade and labor unions, including the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and the far-left, pro-sodomy British Columbia Teachers’ Federation.

The World Peace Forum primarily reveals that the so-called world peace movement is hopelessly wedded to advancing international socialism. According to communists, there will be peace when there is no capitalism. The selection of Western Canada’s largest city to host the forum also shows that North America’s “Left Coast” extends from the People’s Republic of San Francisco, across the 49th parallel, to Vancouver.



We strongly support the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), developed and promoted by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia as an instrument of integration and for social justice.

ALBA is an alternative to the U.S.-imposed FTAA model – the neo-liberal model of extraction, unfair competition, “free trade,” individualism and non-participatory, representative democracy.

ALBA is a vision for the Americas based on the principles of sovereignty, complementarily and solidarity; as well as mutuality, fair exchange, equality, social justice and inclusion. ALBA is taking hold from Patagonia to the Caribbean.

We support the FMLN municipal governments in El Salvador that have signed cooperation agreements with Venezuela and Cuba under the ALBA principles to help fight poverty and improve the standards of living for all Salvadorians.

We condemn the hostility and barriers that the government of El Salvador puts in place against the implementation of the energy cooperation agreement between PDVSA from Venezuela and ENEPASA, a social energy enterprise formed by FMLN municipal governments.

While there is poverty, there can be no peace. ALBA represents a unified approach to reducing poverty and increasing social inclusion – this is the path to peace in the Americas.

>Latin America File: Mexico’s National Union of Education Workers embraces the Popular Revolutionary Front in Oaxaca’s insurgent counter-government

>In recent weeks we have identified leftist parties and terrorist organizations, such as the Mexican Party of Communists and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, that are openly supporting the counter-government of Oaxaca, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO). Further research has uncovered another communist party that is actually part of APPO, which opposes the putative legitimate regime of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (“URO”). URO represents the once-dominant force in Mexican politics, the social democratic Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

On November 10 APPO formed a State Council in order to consolidate its political power in Mexico’s restive southern state and establish a permanent government. The State Council (CEAPPO) consists of 260 representatives from all regions of Oaxaca, 40 seats being assigned to the “democratic teachers union,” meaning probably Section 22 of the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE), the primary entity behind the formation of APPO in June. In addition, CEAPPO includes political parties, social groups, non-governmental organizations, unions, merchants, and students.

The APPO meeting occurred in the Hotel Magisterio, where Delegado Zero (Subcomandante Marcos) of the Zapatistas brought his Other Campaign in February. APPO’s support for failed Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador is duly noted by NarcoNews Bulletin writer Nancy Davies: “The Oaxacan movement will also send a delegation to Mexico City on November 20 to participate in the protest of former presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but only as a symbolic expression of the struggle for democracy. The APPO also agreed to protest the inauguration of Felipe Calderon if URO doesn’t leave before December 1.”

The SNTE, or National Union of Education Workers, fomented the current strife in Oaxaca by instigating a strike on May 22, demanding higher wages. The SNTE long supported the PRI, but on January 30, 2005 jumped from the PRI ship to build the New Alliance Party, which belongs to the Liberal International and Liberal Network for Latin America. Former general secretary of the PRI, Elba Esther Gordillo, is head of the teachers’ union.

The SNTE is ostensibly non-communist but has since welcomed openly Marxist-Leninist organizations such as the Popular Revolutionary Front (FPR) into Oaxaca’s anti-capitalist government in waiting. The FPR has not hesitated to jockey itself into a position of influence in APPO. In the October 16 edition of The Herald Mexico/El Universal, John Gibler noted: “But critics claim that political organizations such as the Popular Revolutionary Front (FPR) have taken over the control of the occupied radio stations, and used them to spread their organization’s views and even incite listeners to clash with opponents.” The Mark in Mexico blog notes that one of APPO’s chief spokesentities is Gustavo Adolfo López, who is also a member of the FPR.

In the October 4 edition of the Inter Press Service News Agency, Diego Cevallos interviewed Ramiro Esperanza, a striking teacher who is also a member of both APPO and the FPR. “The revolution is the movement of the organized people, and what we have here is a revolutionary movement,” Esperanza declared. “Now, if they want to arrest the leaders, they’d better build a wall around the whole of Oaxaca and put us all in jail, because we’re not going to give up the fight. My group [the Popular Revolutionary Front] defends Marxism-Leninism, but we don’t think this is the right time for an armed struggle. We don’t want guerrilla groups with two or three guns madly opening fire in the mountains; that’s not the way now.” The reader will note that Esperanza leaves open the option of an “armed struggle” in the future.

The National Democratic Convention, Obrador’s national counter-government that “elected” him to the Mexican presidency on September 16, pledged its support for APPO at an October 4 meeting of the Wide Progressive Front in Mexico City. The assembly was attended by federal deputies of Obrador’s Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), who are also members of APPO. In reply to a question raised by the Oaxaca radio contact, the secretary general of the PRD, Guadalupe Acosta, affirmed that members of the NDC would be willing to act as “human shields” in Oaxaca. Acosta exclaimed, “Yes, of course. We are inclined to participate. We had information that URO is planning a provocation today to bring in the federal intervention. Today our senators asked the secretary of the Navy not to participate in any attack on Oaxaca.”

On November 14 the Oaxaca state attorney general Lizbeth Cana affirmed that US journalist Bradley Roland Will, who wrote for the New York City Independent Media Center, might not have been killed by pro-Ruiz paramilitaries, as previously reported, but by the leftist protestors with whom Will was in sympathy. The Associated Press report states that “Cana said further investigations revealed that both bullets that killed Will were fired from the same gun and one of them was fired at point-blank range. The evidence signals that the leftist protesters whom Will was filming may have shot him, Cana said.” Since his death on October 27, Will has become something of a martyr of the anti-globalist left.

>USSR2 File: Bush Administration supports Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization, deal to be confirmed at conference in communist Vietnam

>The neo-Soviet state has its way at last: the deal by which Russia enters the World Trade Organization will be inked in communist Vietnam. The WTO is a component of the embryonic world government known for the last 60 years as the United Nations, to which Russia has been a long-time member in both its communist and “post”-communist phases. The neo-communist anti-globalist left rants and raves about the “capitalist” nature of the WTO but, in reality, the very concept of regional and global trading blocs and political unions advances the Soviet communist objective of world government. East-West convergence is an important theme in KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s two books, New Lies for Old (1984) and The Perestroika Deception (1995). The realization of this scenario, not to mention the entrance of “ex”-Soviet Bloc countries into European institutions like the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the Council of Europe, would have been unthinkable in the days of overt communism.

Presidents Bush and Putin are pictured here. I presume that the flowers are for Mrs. Bush, standing behind G.W. I trust, too, that the US Secret Service will scan the bouquet for bugs. I refer, of course, to the electronic variety, rather than aphids.

Putin, Bush meet at Moscow airport, discuss Iran, Mideast, WTO entry
15/ 11/ 2006

MOSCOW, November 15 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian and U.S. presidents discussed the Iranian nuclear problem, the situation in the Middle East and nuclear non-proliferation during George W. Bush’s brief stop at a Moscow airport Wednesday, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary said.

Bush’s plane made a brief refueling stop at the Vnukovo-2 airport ahead of the Pacific Rim countries’ summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Alexei Gromov said the two leaders confirmed that a bilateral protocol on Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization is being prepared for signing in Hanoi.

The U.S. has agreed to sign a bilateral protocol opening the way for Russia to become a WTO member. The countries’ presidents are expected to sign the document on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Hanoi November 19.

Presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko said Putin praised the U.S. agreement to sign the document following lengthy disputes over access to Russia’s financial system and U.S. meat imports.

“This means that they have the political will to promote trade and economic and political ties with Russia. It is a tribute to Bush and the U.S. leadership,” he said.

The Russia-U.S. bilateral protocol will end six years of Russia’s negotiations on WTO accession. Russia, the largest economy outside the 150-nation alliance, has yet to sign bilateral agreements with Sri Lanka and the former Soviet republics of Moldova and Georgia, which have troubled relations with Moscow.

Link: Novosti

>Breaking News/Red Terror File: UK-based FSB defector Litvinenko claims he survived Nov. 1 poisoning in connection with Politkovskaya murder

>Alexander Litvinenko–the well-known FSB defector and author of Blowing Up Russia, which is banned in Russia–claims that he survived an assassination attempt on November 1, in connection with his private investigation of the Anna Politkovskaya murder. Just as the FSB endeavored to poison the journalist as she flew to North Ossetia in September 2004, it appears that Litvinenko’s former employer, the Russian Federation Federal Security Service–previously the domestic component of the KGB–has tried to do the same to this outspoken, exiled dissident. Litvinenko’s book, which documents the FSB’s involvement in the 1999 apartment bombings, can be purchased here.

Litvinenko also attributes the July 7, 2005 London bombings to the FSB. A formal claim of responsibility for the latter episode was issued by Al Qaeda. However, since Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s lieutenant, is an FSB agent, the London atrocity can rightly be called a covert operation of the Russian security and intelligence apparatus. Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin was visiting the G-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland on that day.

Litvinenko Didn’t Digest Information
November 13, 2006

Former officer of Federal Security Service and political emigrant Alexander Litvinenko was admitted to hospital Saturday with signs of toxin poisoning. Litvinenko said he was poisoned when meeting one of informers, who delivered documents about murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Alexander Litvinenko needed the hospital treatment once he dined with his acquaintance, Mario Scaramella of Italy, in one of the restaurants downtown London.

“He sent me an e-mail from Italy late October asking to meet and wrote that he will be in London November 10 to 11,” Litvinenko said. “But suddenly, he called me November 1 and, as usual, we decided to meet on Piccadilly Circus. We met at around 3:00 p.m., and I invited him to dine in the restaurant.”

From Scaramella, Litvinenko received a four-page document printed in English. The Italian was nervous claiming the document mentions names of the people involved in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, Litvinenko went on.

Indeed, the document spelled out names of some officers of Federal Security Service, said Litvinenko, former colonel of this Service, adding he asked for the time to study the information. “I ordered the food, and he took just water and was hurrying me. From the text, I understood that the mentioned people could have really arranged the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. We parted nearly at once,” Litvinenko continued. “As soon as I got home, I put the papers and was down.”

Litvinenko is in a London hospital now and the doctors are still unable to determine the toxins. But they don’t doubt it was poisoning. Litvinenko said that his heart endured because he was actively going in for sport and that he survived thanks to cleaning out the stomach as soon as he spotted the poisoning signs. According to Litvinenko, the London police opened the case and he would be interrogated in detail once he left the hospital. As to the documents, Litvinenko promised to pass them to the police and Novaya Gazeta reporters, who are holding independent investigation of Politkovskaya murder.

Probably for lack of details, representatives of Scotland Yard proved unable to find any record about the crime related to Litvinenko yesterday.

Russian criminal investigators, as the article below relates, have identified police officer Alexander Prilepin as a possible suspect in the Politkovskaya killing. The attempted assassination of Litvinenko is mentioned too.

Police Officer Denies Role in Anna Politkovskaya Killing
Created: 13.11.2006

A police officer sought by authorities in connection with the killing of Anna Politkovskaya, an investigative reporter who uncovered abuses against civilians in Chechnya, denied allegations of his involvement in the murder, according to an interview published Saturday, The Associated Press reports.

Alexander Prilepin told the government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta that he and his colleagues had been angered by Politkovskaya’s reports, which he called unfounded, but added that he had never thought about taking revenge.

Politkovskaya, who exposed killings, torture and other abuses against civilians in Chechnya, was gunned down in an apparent contract killing in her apartment building in Moscow on Oct. 7. The gunmen have not been found and the murder set off a chorus of protest from foreign governments and international organizations.

Russian news reports said that investigators traveled to the Siberian region of Khanty-Mansiisk, about 1,200 miles (1,900 kilometers) east of Moscow, to check the allegations that Prilepin and another police officer wanted for alleged crimes in Chechnya could have been involved in Politkovskaya’s murder.

Following a series of Politkovskaya’s articles exposing police atrocities in Chechnya, one of the officers whom she accused of abuses, Sergei Lapin, was implicated in e-mail threats against the journalist. In 2001, Politkovskaya fled to Vienna after receiving warnings that Lapin was intent on revenge.

Lapin was detained in 2002 and later sentenced to 11 years in prison by a court in Chechnya.

Prilepin, speaking to Rossiiskaya Gazeta from an undisclosed location, insisted that neither he nor colleagues of his who are also being sought by authorities had nothing to do with Politkovskaya’s murder.

“I wouldn’t conceal that most of my comrades, who had been in Chechnya and lost their friends and colleagues there, had been angered by the media providing ideological support for the rebels and casting us as butchers,” Prilepin said in a reference to Politkovskaya’s articles. “But no one has ever had any plans to take revenge on journalists. Moreover, it’s completely unclear why we should remember the old grievances now and decide to take revenge after so many years.”

Prilepin said he had been hiding from the authorities not because he was guilty, but because he feared a biased trial in Chechnya at the hands of local Kremlin-backed authorities.

Last week also saw a former security service officer claim that he might have been poisoned by a man who had sought to meet him, saying he had documents related to the death of the journalist, The Moscow Times reported Monday.

Alexander Litvinenko, a former Federal Security Service officer who has been granted asylum in Britain, was quoted by the British Broadcasting Corporation on Saturday as saying the documents contained the name of an individual who might have been related to the killing of Politkovskaya.

Litvinenko said he met the man and took the documents from him at a London restaurant on Nov. 1. Several hours later, Litvinenko felt sick and was hospitalized with symptoms suggestive of poisoning. The former officer said he would hand over the documents to police and to Novaya Gazeta when he recovered.

In view of the 13 unsolved journalist murders that have transpired in Russia since Comrade Czar Putin became president, can anyone deny that Politkovskaya’s killing was yet another political murder? Neither the Chekist regime of Vladimir (“There’s No Such Thing as a Former KGB Man”) Putin nor the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which is preparing to displace its “rightist” collaborators in the Kremlin, has a vested interest in allowing independent journalists to probe the genocidal activities of the Russian Armed Forces in Chechnya.

>Breaking News: Grenade attack fails to kill Kyrgyz opposition leader following President Bakiyev’s constitutional concessions

>The ruling Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan probably resents the recent concessions that President Bakiyev granted to the Kyrgyz opposition. Hence, the assassination attempt on Isu Omurkulov.

Kyrgystan Opposition Leader’s House Bombed, No Casualties
Created: 13.11.2006

A leader of Kyrgyzstan’s oppositional movement that has pushed for a constitutional change by staging recent street protests has survived a grenade attack on his home, Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported on Monday.

According to the agency, unidentified criminals threw two hand grenades into Isu Omurkulov’s house. The grenades caused an explosion on the second floor and partial destruction of the roof. No one was injured in the attack because Omurkulov had taken the whole family to the relatives` place lately.

Omurkulov was one of the organizers of the opposition rally in the nation’s capital of Bishkek in November. The opposition pushed for changes in the constitution that reduce President Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s powers. Bakiyev singed the new constitution on November 9.

Link: Moscow News

>Breaking News: "Youths" fire-bomb McDonald’s in Oaxaca; Popular Revolutionary Army joins chorus of leftist terrorist formations in support of APPO

>Describing the “protests”–meaning insurgency–in Oaxaca as fomented simply by “youths” with no reference to the support provided by the Zapatistas or communists, is like describing the Islamic Intifada in French Eurostan/Eurabia as fomented by “angry, unemployed youths” with no reference to their Muslim ideology. The MSM is hopelessly addicted to obscuring the truth and trivializing the importance of ideology for the infotainment society. “McCapitalist’s” makes a handy, high-profile target for both bored “youths” and battle-hardened insurgents who believe hamburgers represent the root of all evil.

Youths fire-bomb McDonald’s in troubled Mexican city
November 13, 2006

OAXACA, Mexico In the conflict-torn Mexican city of Oaxaca (wuh-HAH’-kah), police say four youths wearing masks tossed gasoline bombs at a McDonald’s restaurant, damaging the windows, seats and play area.

Security personnel at the shopping center where the McDonald’s is located put out the blaze. The restaurant was closed during the pre-dawn attack, and nobody was hurt.

The shopping mall is near a university where leftist protesters set up their headquarters last month after police drove them out of the city’s main plaza. Those activists attacked a Burger King restaurant in the same mall with gasoline bombs last week.

However, leaders of the movement deny their members were responsible for today’s attack.

Oaxaca’s conflict started as a teachers’ strike for higher pay. It expanded into a fight to oust the state governor.

Link: KVIA

Thus far, the Armed Revolutionary Organization for the People of Oaxaca, Mexican Party of Communists, Zapatista Army of National Liberation, and the Lucio Cabanas Barrientos Revolutionary Movement–consisting of the Democratic Revolutionary Tendency-People’s Army, Insurgent Organization-May 1, December 2 Execution Brigade, and Popular Liberation Brigades–have thrown their support behind Oaxaca’s insurgent counter-government, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, by either holding anxious press conferences, releasing strident communiques, or hurling flaming bombs.

Now the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR), which conducted several military operations in the neighboring state of Guerrero in the mid-1990s, has joined the chorus of leftist terrorist formations agitating for the downfall of Governor Ortiz in Oaxaca and President-Elect Calderon in Mexico City. The EPR covers all the bases in its communique, released two weeks ago, by urging its soldiers and sympathizers to disrupt police and military operations, denounce “pro-government traitors and paramilitaries,” establish alternative modes of communication, and contact international human rights organizations in order to intimidate Mexican authorities. The EPR concludes its missive with the standard, worn out communist rallying cry: “For the Socialist Revolution! Victory or death!” Yeah, whatever.

The only problem for lovers of freedom in Mexico is that neo-communism is in fact engulfing Latin America, under the watchful and approving eye of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and “La Revolución” is picking up momentum throughout Mexico.

Communique from the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR)
October 31, 2006



The intervention of the Federal Police (PFP) in our state, rather than any sort of defeat for the popular movement in Oaxaca, has fortified its convictions and desire to continue in the struggle. The incursion of the PFP to our city has only added to the repudiation and the organization of marginalized sectors of our population, who have now incorporated themselves in the struggle; the unjust violence of the grey soldiers [the PFP wear gray uniforms] has multiplied the resistance from the barricades and the willingness to defend our city.

Once again, Fox and Calderon have made a mistake by trying to fold the teacher’s and popular movement, the grand strategist, Eduardo Medina Mora, ex-president of CISEN and currently federal secretary of public security Eduardo Medina Mora, was mistaken; Diódoro Carrasco was mistaken, the PRI and the PAN were mistaken in wanting to impose terror amongst the citizens and war in a peaceful civil movement
Dreams of reelection for Monsignor Abascal will cost him quite a lot, for having decided to nullify dialogue and negotiation by the use of repression; the hypocrisy of swearing to god yet having his hands covered with the blood of our people show what negotiation and diologue mean to the ultra-right.

The response from our people has been one of great heroism and they have defended the movement with the force of reason, dignity and organization.

The barricades in our districts and neighborhoods are synonymous with civil resistance, but also a great historical lesoon for the times to come, the barricades are already revolutionary schools for the popular movement, where the fight against the oppressors show the valient attitude of free men and women.
In this great school our people are formed to combat government imposition, be it state or federal; call him Ulises Ruiz or Felipe Calderón.

The taking of the Zócalo by the gray soldiers has been a characaturesque victory and if they think that with it they are going to stop the popular movement, they will once again be mistaken; even committing the biggest atrocities against our people, they will not be able to calm this social discontent that is spreading and growing in the state and in the country, inevitably we will all come together in the revolutionary struggle.

If Ulises Ruiz is thinking about ‘governing’ with the permanent support of the PFP, we tell him that in spite of that it will not be possible for him to govern, because the popular movement will always find diverse forms of struggle against the authoritarian politics of the PRI (Party of the Institutional Revolution).

The orders of Fox and Calderón leave bare the stamp with which this fascist regime will resolve social conflict, and the treatment that will be given to opposition and criticism; Fox and Abascal should be put on trial politically and judicially for their direct responsibility in the deaths of Oaxacan citizens and the atrocious human rights violations in this new dirty war that is being brought against this legal and peaceful movement; Calderón should be taken from Los Pinos (the site of the presidential palace) on December first as an impostor and and for validatinng repression to protect the mafioso interests of the PRI.

To the oligarchs and administrators in turn, Fox, Calderón, Ulises, Abascal, we say that the story is still unfinished, for us it is only the beginning of new stages and forms of struggle, the final victory will be that of our heroic and dignified people.

Compañeros: don’t let the Repressive Federal Police intimidate us, let us all keep taking measures to avoid dispersion, disorganization, and against our mobilization, and for this is is necessary that:

1. We maintain unity between the teachers and the people above any sort of tactical disagreement.

2. The teachers suspend all negotiation with the Department of the Interior (Secretaría de Gobernación) and postpone the return to classes until the PFP withdraws from our state, the dirty war against our people is suspended, and the cacique Ulises Ruiz steps down.

3. Keep reinforcing the barricades and blockades with physical presence and its creative defense.

4. In the coming days we convoke a mass popular mobilization in the state to renounce the presence of the PFP, demand the immediate leave of Ulises Ruiz, and to declare Felipe Calderón Hinojosa unwelcome in our state.

5. We continue strengthening relations with the people of towns, districts, and neighborhoods work centers, and people willing to mobilize themselves to condemn this repression and to defend the dignity of the Oaxacans.

6. Continue promoting popular self-defense as the response to government agression.

7. Combine the resources of legal, semi-clandestine, and clandestine struggles to avoid detention, forced disappearance and assassinations of the direction of the popular movement

8. Establish anew points of meeting and organization outside of the military-police ring, by delegations, work centers, collectives, organizations, core groups, and that we keep track of our companeros to avoid disappearances and infiltrations.

9. Establish alternative forms of communication that pass along information from the popular movement.

10. We efficiently coordinate the movement regionally to continue responding with organization, mobilization and political actions, and continue with these forms of struggle until the fall of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz even with the intervention of federal military and police forces.

11. Begin forming popular rings around the military-police forces that are posted in some points of our capital city, seeing as they are an army of occupation without popular support.

12. Spread organizing, mobilization and massive political actions to renouce the repressive action of both state and federal governments, and that we spread the rejection of the politics of the PAN and the PRI reflected in the two people, Felipe Calderón and Ulises Ruíz.

13. Continue organizing caravans from different points of the country in solidarity with the Oaxacan people, and that international solidarity actions solidify in political actions to renounce the fascist regimen of Fox and Calderón.

14. Maintain permanent contact with national and international non-governmental Human Rights Defense organizations so that they may observe, denounce, and establish mechanisms for the protection of the human rights of the Oaxacan people.

15. To be informed, detect and denounce the meeting points, routines and movements of troops and commanders of the local military-police forces as well as the PFP

16. To be informed, detect, and denounce the pro-government traitors and paramilitaries.










Oaxaca de Juárez, October 31, 2006.

>Asia File: Ten thousand Chinese villagers riot, hold scores of communist officials hostage, release foreigners

>May this be the beginning of the end for the Communist Party of China . . .

Thousands of Chinese riot over land

Dispute is latest highlighting gap between powerful and powerless

MSNBC News Services
Updated: 9:34 a.m. PT Nov 10, 2006

HONG KONG – Thousands of Chinese villagers clashed with riot police after barricading officials and foreign businessmen in a warehouse they said had been built on illegally seized land, Hong Kong media reported on Friday.

Up to 10,000 people blockaded the warehouse entrance in the village of Sanzhou, near the border with Hong Kong, trapping 300 assembled dignitaries, including Guangdong province officials and Hong Kong and foreign businessmen inside, the Apple Daily said of the incident Wednesday.

The protesters let out the foreigners, among them German and British citizens, but held the officials, demanding they be investigated for allegedly selling the property off to developers, the English-language paper said.

Attack dogs, tear gas

Around 1,000 police and riot police, some with attack dogs, arrived to defuse the standoff, but the villagers stood their ground, the paper said.

It was only when police began firing tear gas the following morning that the crowds dispersed, according to witnesses quoted by the paper. The police escorted the officials out.

Hong Kong Cable TV showed footage of protesters throwing rocks and sticks at the riot police as clouds of tear gas blew through the crowd. An unspecified number of villagers were injured, the Ming Pao Daily News reported.

Ten people were arrested, the Apple Daily said.

Villagers interviewed by the paper said of some 9,000 acres of land in Sanzhou, half had been sold off illegally by officials last year.

Other incidents

China has struggled to control rising flare-ups of social unrest in recent years, sparked by issues ranging from corruption, forced layoffs and land grabs without compensation to disparities in wealth between the rich coastal belt and the impoverished hinterland.

On Thursday, more than 100 migrant construction workers rioted at a vocational college they had helped build in the central industrial city of Wuhan over unpaid wages, according to a report carried on state television’s Web site.

The migrants, armed with sticks, flooded into the building, blocking main entrances, knocking down doors and expelling thousands of students from their classrooms and canteen, it said.

The school was forced to halt classes for one day, it said, without mentioning any casualties or arrests.

In January, China’s Ministry of Public Security said there had been 87,000 “public order disturbances, obstructions of justice, gathering of mobs and stirring up of trouble” last year, a 6.6 per cent increase from 2004.


>Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russia deploys missiles in Belarus to counter US F-16 shipment to Poland; Warsaw begins anti-communist purge

>In view of the aggressive Russian military buildup under Comrade Czar Putin, how can anyone believe that the Cold War is over or has not been resuscitated? The red star of Bolshevism has been restored to a place of prominence in the Russian Armed Forces and is prominently displayed throughout the website of the Belarusian Defense Ministry.

Unlike the communist-contrived Chekist Russian “Right,” which dominates the Kremlin, the Polish Right, which controls the government in Warsaw, is pushing ahead with an anti-communist purge under the direction of Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Deputy Defence Minister Antoni Macieriwsz. Thus far, under Poland’s 1997 Transparency Law, 27,000 people have been screened for associations with the defunct communist secret police. In conjunction with his twin brother, Lech, who is President of Poland, the Kaczynskis, according to journalist Roger Boyes, intend “to smash what the Kaczynski twins believe to be the fundamental weakness of Poland: the existence of secret networks of former communists who continue to wield influence in the business world.”

That being the case, in view of the United Communist Party of Georgia’s recent attempt in September to overthrow the “rightist” regime of Mikhail Saakashvili, Polish communists might very well execute their own coup, with a little help from the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Where “perestroika” (restructuring) appears to have escaped the grasp of communist manipulators in the “post”-Soviet space, particularly with the election of “nationalists,” the CPSU has reasserted itself through coups, as in the case of President Zviad Gamsakhurdia of Georgia, who was ousted in January 1992 by “ex”-CPSU Eduard Shevardnadze, and President Abülfaz Elçibay of Azerbaijan, who was osuted in September 1993 by “ex”-CPSU/”ex”-KGB chair Heydar Aliyev.

Indeed, do not be surpised if the CPSU utilizes a coup to remove the Putinist regime if party chair Oleg Shenin fails to win the 2008 presidency of the Russian Federation. A September 23, 2006 statement of the CPSU Central Committe affirmed: “The Soviet Union de jure continues to exist, but all present regimes in RF and union republics are illegitimate and are the dictatorship of the brutal force of the bourgeoisie, which has no legal authorities from the peoples.” With similar contempt, the statement declares: “Thus, all of the last 20 years Soviet people and entire world humanity live in the fog of the lie, which emanates from the clique of Gorbachev-Yeltsin- Putin!”

Totalitarians do not tamely give up power. If they do, be assured an ulterior motive is being implemented. This was most certainly the case in Eastern Europe between 1989 and 1991, as KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned.

Russia Sends Missiles to Belarus in Response to U.S. Warplanes Delivery to Poland

Created: 10.11.2006 16:05

Russia has sent anti-aircraft systems to Belarus in retaliation against the delivery to Poland of US-made F-16 warplanes, a source in the Moscow-led Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) said on Friday, the AFP news agency reported.

“Anticipating the arrival of the F-16s in Poland, Russia has sent to Belarus four S-300 anti-aircraft systems which have already been put into service,” according to a source at the headquarters of the anti-aircraft defence alliance of the CIS, quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency.

The CIS is made up of the former members of the Soviet Union less the three Baltic states.

The alliance was set up in 1995 by 10 CIS members (all bar Azerbaijan and Moldova) to protect the air borders of the former Soviet republics.

On Thursday Poland took delivery of the first four of the 48 F-16 fighters it has ordered from US plane-maker Lockheed Martin.

Link: Moscow News

>Latin America File: Latin American leftists express solidarity with Nicaragua’s new Sandinista government, congratulate President-Elect Daniel Ortega

>“We were foolish, arrogant bureaucrats and in frustration we committed errors.”
— Tomas Borge, former KGB-trained Sandinista Interior Minister; quoted in Buenos Aires Daily Bugler, November 8, 2006

In the wake of Daniel Ortega’s victory in the Nicaraguan presidential election, Latin America’s Red Axis should be visible to even the most benighted denizen of North America’s shopping mall regime. Fidel Castro (pictured here with Ortega), Hugo Chavez, and Evo Morales have offered comradely congratulations to the Sandinista comandante. During his telephone conversation with Ortega, as the RedGlobe article below reveals, Comrade Hugo assured the Sandinista leader that Nicaragua would have all of Venezuela’s support in order to consolidate the power of the new FSLN government. What a comforting thought for lovers of freedom in Nicaragua! The Communist Party of Spain and the Communist Youth of Venezuela have also offered their red felicitations.

Reflecting upon his comrade’s victory in the election, Tomás Borge, the KGB-trained Sandinista Interior Minister between 1984 and 1990, candidly exposed the FSLN’s intentions to establish close, working relationships with the many leftist regimes of Latin America: “Now we are friends of the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez and feel proud. But also we have good relations with president Néstor Kirchner [of Argentina], are friends of Lula Da Silva [of Brazil] and of Evo Moral [in Bolivia], and will have very good relations with the Chile of [Michelle] Bachelet.” In addition, Borge insisted that the new FSLN government would be a “close friend” of the Cuban Revolution and would not yield “one millimeter” on that issue.

No doubt. Borge and Ortega have cultivated a working, revolutionary relationship with the Communist Party of Cuba and the KGB since 1959. In a June 2, 2006 Front Page Magazine article Lloyd Billingsley refers to the FSLN as “Nicaragua’s KGB Party.” “In the designs of KGB chairman Aleksandr Shelepin,” Billingsley relates, “Nicaragua was to have become a second bridgehead working alongside the Cubans. In 1959, the FSLN’s Tomas Borge and a group of Sandinistas arrived in Havana for meetings with Fidel Castro.” Elsewhere he notes: “Vladimir Kryuchkov head of the FCD, the KGB’s foreign intelligence directorate, was briefed on operations. The guerrillas flew to Havana, where Castro met with Tomas Borge, Humberto Ortega and Daniel Ortega. Cuba’s Departamento America (DA) helped them set up a base in Costa Rica, vital in their ousting of strongman Anastasio Somoza in 1979.” To consolidate their revolution, the FSLN approached the Kremlin: “In 1983, when Daniel Ortega visited Moscow, the Soviets agreed to send a squadron of MiG-21 fighters.”

There is no reason to believe that the comradely relationship between Moscow and the Sandinistas terminated in 1990. On November 2 Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned US “interference,”–possibly alluding to Oliver North’s recent junket to the Central American country–in Nicaragua’s presidential election. Mikhail Kamynin, chief spokesentity for the Foreign Ministry opined: “According to information coming from Managua [Nicaragua’s capital], both U.S. officials and numerous funds and NGOs that have settled in the territory of that country are threatening, in case of victory by the Sandinista National Liberation Front, to halt their aid.” North (pictured here with former Contra Adolfo Calero Portocarrero) was at the heart of the Iran-Contra Affair that plagued the Reagan Administration’s covert support for the Contras, who opposed the Sandinista’s Marxist-Leninist regime.

Not to be outdone, nor willing to be confined to a senior’s care home, former President Jimmy (“Peanuts”) Carter trekked to Nicaragua to make sure Comrade Daniel had a fair shake at taking the presidency. (Hats off to Jimmy for selling the Panama Canal to our “buddies” in Beijing. Time to call it quits, don’t you think? You’ve done enough damage.)

In addition, as we blogged here, the Central Committee of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which embraces all but one of the “former” Soviet republics, Turkmenistan, has commended the socialist revolutions in Bolivia and Venezuela and will no doubt line up to shake Ortega’s hand.

Haven’t we been here before? Do we have to write this chapter all over again? Welcome to the Second Cold War.

Translation courtesy Babelfish.

The sandinistas and the world celebrate the triumph in the elections and new President Daniel Ortega
Thursday, 09 November 2006

Daniel Ortega, the elect president of Nicaragua, and his wife celebrated the night of Wednesday his triumph in the elections of Sunday next to thousands of supporters of the In front Sandinista leftist of Liberacio’n Nacional (FSLN), who by fourth night went out to festejar. Ortega crossed two kilometers in the middle of a multitude that carried the flags red and black of the FSLN from the historical center of Managua towards the west, where concentrate several commercial and banking establishments of Managua, in a caravan of vehicles and a foot. Now the elect president entered the platform from where he went to his followers under the fireworks outbreak, while the overflowed multitude applauded and coreaba the name of “Daniel”. “That lives Nicaragua, blessed and always he frees”, he shouted moved Ortega, that was accompanied of its wife Murillo Rosary and her children.

Before the popular celebration, Ortega deposited a floral offering before the mausoleo of the founder of the FSLN, Carlos Fonseca, killed in action against the regime of Anastasio Somoza the 8 of November of 1976. Sandinistas celebranEn their speech, Ortega assured that one of the challenges of their government will be to start up programs against the hunger, to benefit to million people affected by that flagellum. Also he exhorted his supporters to that they do not fall in provocations, that are not sent to take earth and they do not threaten anybody. “Today more than ever the sandinistas we must have patience”, said Ortega after reiterating its promise to take care of with priority the problems that more affect the Nicaraguans. He called to his followers to be humble in the victory, after reiterating that he is needed the unit of all to remove to the country from the poverty. “Which it does not leave our lips nor an offense, nor a ridicule against which did not vote by us. We must be respectful, we must be humble in the victory “, warned. Also it invited to all, “from that they more must until that less they have”, to be united to remove to the country from the poverty and that health and education do not need.

Ortega called to the unit of all parties to eradicate the poverty, that affects the 80 percent of the population. Also it called to the Movement of Sandinista Renovation (MRS) to return to the roots of the sandinismo to fight together by the development of the country. The brothers of MRS have the opened doors to go together to fight against the hunger, the future expressed agent chief executive, who made the same invitation to the parties of the right. He added that his government will defend the right to have commercial relations yet the world, and advanced that besides to make use of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States, will look for to place products in Latin America, Europe and Asia. We cannot remain, become paralyzed and be subordinated to a single market, and where we find a hand friend, there he will be Nicaragua extending his hand to leave the poverty, limited Ortega.

Vitoreado by a multitude that coreaba “yes could, yes could”, “the united town, it will never be won”, and other revolutionary slogans, the ex- president was thankful to the Nicaraguan town by the civismo demonstrated in the elections of last Sunday. He exhorted his supporters to respect the private property and not to take earth; promising the delivery to them of lots ordenadamente. “one is not due to occupy small, medium nor great properties. It is necessary to respect the property. The farmers will receive territories of ordered way: the State is going to buy earth and it is going away them to give with financing, its title, its agricultural implementos, for which they put themselves to produce in benefit of our country “, announced. He publicly asked the mayors who prepare a list of the people who do not have and need earth so that the State buys lots and it gives properties to construct worthy houses to them. “We are to two months and two days to take possession, in these two months and two days that do not appear earth takings; those that needs earth to raise their lot, that the mayors raise the list that we are going to them to fulfill, but of formal way “, requested the ex- agent chief executive who will return to the power 16 years later.

Also the ex- minister of the Interior of the sandinista revolutionary government, Tomás Borges, assured that with the return from the sandinismo to Nicaragua they will not become to repeat the “errors” of the 1979 revolution. “We were foolish, arrogant, bureaucrats and a frustration by the committed errors” during the sandinista government of Ortega between 1984 and 1990, admitted in an interview that published yesterday the daily Bugler of Buenos Aires. Borges indicated that the sandinismo continues being “close friend” of the Cuban Revolution and in this is not going to yield “nor a millimeter”, but emphasized that in this new stage it does not want “to have enemies”. “We want to be friends of them (the U.S.A.), but whenever they respect to us. We did not admit that they try us to make kneel “, aimed when considering that it hopes that the relation of Nicaragua with the White House” changes when president George goes away “W. Bush. “Now we are friends of the Venezuela of (Hugo) Chávez and felt proud. But also we have good relations with president (Argentine) Néstor Kirchner, are friends of Lula Da Silva (Brazil) and of Evo Moral (Bolivia) and will have very good relations with the Chile of (Michelle) Bachelet “, emphasized.

Sandinistas celebrate the writer Gioconda Belli, ex- follower of the Sandinista Revolution and today affiliated with MRS, called to accept the triumph of the FSLN, “just as party FSLN, of Daniel Ortega, she accepted his defeat in three previous occasions”. Nevertheless, he affirmed that “the democracy demands a respectful behavior to us of the results of the votings. Also demand of the winners the respect to the right who we must to exist and to act within the political panorama of the country who we did not share nor its positions, nor its political methods.” Escritorapone its hope in the operation of the parliamentary system: “Daniel Ortega arrives now at the power within a different political system, where the parliamentary power has been prevailed to the one of the Executive. The parliamentary, same system that Ortega was in charge to consolidate and to propose — that includes the constitutional reforms that still more limit the prerogatives of president –, will be without a doubt a factor of unobjectionable balance for any absolutista temptation of virtual the new president of Nicaragua.” In other parts of the continent it dominates the joy by the sandinista victory.

Cuban President Fidel Castro congratulated Daniel: “the huge full from joy to our town and simultaneously full sandinista victory from oprobio to the terrorist and genocida government of the United States. For that reason as much you as the heroic town of Nicaragua they deserve the warmest congratulation.” The sandinista digital magazine “the Voice of the Sandinismo” responded dedicating the victory to the Cuban Commander-in-Chief: “This electoral triumph, dear Fidel, is the gift of the sandinistas by its 80 birthdays; and as it celebrates the 2 to it of December then…… we advanced. We requested to him please, Commander, who also transfers our greeting to those five patriotic Cubans that they resist in the North American jails: Fernando, René, Antonio, Gerald and Ramon. This triumph is also for them! Thanks in addition, Fidel, by the thousands of scholars who could and can study in Cuba. By the patients who were and are taken care of, men, women and children in Cuba. By but of thousand three hundred Nicaraguans which they recovered the Vista in Havana, thanks to the Mission Miracle. By the 70 thousand nicas that have learned to read with the method I if I can. By the shared in common aid. Always. By its preoccupation and affection towards Daniel and Rosario. Because You know that Daniel is of whom they do not change nor they will change. It will die being Revolutionary! This triumph is his, Commander! And of its town! That heroic, valiant and matchless Cuban town “

Bolivian President Evo Moral also congratulated to the Commander Daniel Ortega. He said that in hours in the morning one communicated by telephone with the elect President of Nicaragua to congratulate it by his triumph and through him to all the Nicaraguan town by his democratic vocation. Evo was categorical when needing that the attitude of the Bolivian Government is and will be always to greet the democratic vocations of all the countries of the world.

Sandinistas celebrate the President of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, he expressed the support to him of Venezuela to consolidate the new Government of Nicaragua and his project of development. For Chávez Commander the Sandinista Revolution and the Bolivariana Revolution are united to construct the future, the socialism of the century XXI Chávez talked via telephone with Daniel Ortega and moved it expressed his congratulations and greeting to him, during the development of II the Communal Movable Cabinet of House that was made the night of Tuesday in the Palace of Miraflores, bolivariano seat of the government. “We are very happy, brother. My congratulations to you and all the Sandinista Front, and the town of Nicaragua. It receives a applause from here from Miraflores with the Communal Councils. The Sandinista Front lives on National Liberation! The Sandinista Revolution lives! The alive free Nicaragua! Alive Daniel Ortega ” President Chávez indicated to the sandinista leader that the Nicaraguan town will have all the support of Venezuela to consolidate the new Government of Nicaragua and his project of development, “who is our same project: the integration of Latin America, that has stopped being the back patio of the North American empire and (…) it is rising again “.

Equally moved the elect president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, it sent a hug to him of the Sandinista town to the Bolivariano town, the president Chávez and a hug for Latin America and the Caribbean. “Venezuela has raised that flag of Bolivar who is waving in all the continent, the Caribbean and beyond the American continent because the flag of Bolivar crosses the world in the hands of Hugo Chávez, of this Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela. The Venezuelan town could with all its conscience, its anger to fight by the dignity of the towns yet. I am convinced that as well as today we have gained that victory, you brothers day 3 of December will be also reaching a new victory, giving him continuity to this fight by justice, by La Paz, by solidarity between the towns “, showed just the elect president.”

Under the title “Latin America it woke up, shakes Imperialism”, also the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) sent its message from congratulation to the new sandinista government: “the Communist Youth of Venezuela expresses its joy by the triumph of the FSLN in Nicaragua, important victory of the Latin American town, which has undergone the disastrous effects of Capitalism in its neoliberal phase and has said is enough to this false proposal of development and well-being that has bled our men, women and specially to our children. We do not have doubt that new times will arrive at Nicaragua, and that all Central America, sooner or later, will see splashed by his volume liberating, because the towns begin to understand that yes it is possible to define its own destiny, through the popular organization, driving politician, the mobilization and the conscientious and massive suffrage. Nevertheless, it is important that we are very alert, since North American imperialism, which withdraws in Latin America quickly and the world, is not going to be a simple spectator of the process that begins to give in Nicaragua, but that without a doubt will apply its customary dirty policy of blackmails, pressures, interventionism and conspiracy. In fact, already it has threatened preventing the shipment of remittances, which constitute the main economic entrance of that sister nation, between 600 and 700 million dollars to the year, and from which they benefit directly more from a million of Nicaraguan.”

The “Newspaper of the Town”, more important spokesman of the Chinese government, emphasized that the American government did not want to congratulate the sandinista elect president and remembers in the contrarevolucionaria war of the bands of the “Contras”, financed and directed by the U.S.A.: “Ortega received the congratulation of the governors of diverse countries, mainly of Latin America and the European Union, but the United States put in judgment fabric the transparency of the elections. The United States maintains a diffuse position before the triumph of Ortega, because while some civil employees censure it others say that the government will respect the results and will look for a narrowing of the bonds. In the decade of the 80 of the last century, the sandinista regime of Nicaragua was harassed by groups militarily armed that financed the United States. The spokesman of the Department of State, Is McCormack, said that the United States will wait for the “evaluation” of the elections and will study the platform of the virtual winner. The secretary of American Commerce, Carlos Gutiérrez, pronounced itself by increased of the commerce between the United States and Nicaragua. Ortega censured the open interference of the United States in the electoral process in Nicaragua, has said in different occasions that are necessary a new stage in the relations between both countries.”

The Communist Party of Spain (PCE) is united to I rejoice of world-wide the progressive movement: “From the PCE we are convinced that the sandinista victory makes possible the social and economic recovery of a nation punished by Governments of the Right for more than one decade and lays the way so that the Town of Nicaragua assumes protagonism in the changes that your Country needs to surpass the present social crisis and economic that undergoes with more hardness the weakest sectors, in this sense as much the program with which the Sandinista Front has gained the elections as the confidence in their pictures allows us to have the Maxima confidence in the future. On the other hand we do not want to let stand out that your triumph is also a triumph of the popular forces of all Latin America that from Brazil to Mexico is advancing, as opposed to the attempts of the U.S.A. to maintain I dominate on a territory that begins to wake up and to become aware from its right to be owner of its destiny and its own natural resources.”

Sources: Radio the First one,, the Voice of the Sandinismo, Bolivian Agency of Information, Government in line, Newspaper of the Town, Communist Youth of Venezuela, Communist Party of Spain/RedGlobe

>Latin America File: Zapatista leader takes campaign to US-Mexican border, communists worldwide support Oaxaca’s insurgent government

>The barricades in Oaxaca light the fire of the Paris Communards and of the October Revolution.
— International Bureau, Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan, October 27, 2006

On November 1 Zapatista head honcho, Subcomandante Marcos with his trademark black ski mask (pictured here), took his “Other” propaganda tour to the middle of Stanton Street Bridge, which connects El Paso, Texas with Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. There Marcos conducted a symbolic meeting with a delegation from the Sin Fronteras farmworkers center of South El Paso and other hangers-on. Overhead a US Customs and Border Protection Black Hawk helicopter hovered. There Marcos decried the US government’s plan to build a border wall, urged spectators to support the Oaxaca insurgents, and denounced the Mexican government’s repression of Chiapas.

The Other Campaign considers the other side as a part of Mexico, a part of ourselves, like our blood, and our fight doesn’t recognize neither this helicopter, nor this line, nor this flag that waves above. Comrades, there is no other side. Those on the other side are those sitting in this helicopter, in the White House and in Los Pinos [the Mexican presidential residence].

In denouncing all borders and boundaries, Marcos effectively establishes a rationale for North American Union, albeit with a communist flavor.

While the Mexican Party of Communists and Zapatista Army of National Liberation publicize their support for the insurgent government in the state of Oaxaca, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, communists in the USA also rally their followers to support this incipient communist rebellion in southern Mexico. Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) is a front for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, which defected from the Workers’ World Party in 2004.

The ANSWER Coalition is urging organizations and activists in cities and towns across the United States to organize or attend emergency protests—targeting the Mexican consulates. Demand an immediate end to the brutal repression being carried out by the Mexican federal police, against an ongoing peaceful occupation by the people of Oaxaca.

The struggle in Oaxaca began on May 22 when Section 22 of the teachers union went out on strike. On June 14, the governor, Ulises Ruiz, brutally repressed the teachers with a mobilization of several thousand police. Several teachers and other protestors were killed. In response the masses of people from all sectors joined to form a peaceful resistance under the banner of APPO, “The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca.”

Even the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan has expressed solidarity with Oaxaca’s insurgent government by flinging the 15-year-old red lie that “communism is dead” back at the capitalists:

On these days of the anniversary of the October Revolution, contrary to the lies of the bourgeoisie that “socialism is dead and the end of the history has come”; the barricades in Oaxaca light the fire of the Paris Communards and of the October Revolution, under the very nose of US imperialism.

Meanwhile, as revealed in this October 29 article by the Trotskyist International Communist League, the various communist parties of Mexico are circling Oaxaca like vultures, endeavoring to manipulate APPO into a revolutionary strike force.

>Feature: Novosti photo essay: Comrade Czar Putin visits new Russian military intelligence headquarters in Moscow, practices marksmanship

>On November 9 Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin visited the new headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Russian General Staff. Comrade Czar Putin arrived by helicopter, landing on the roof of the nine-story building, in downtown Moscow.


The tour begins

“Now, Comrade President, this is how we will sabotage US military installations . . .”

All fired up . . .

“Nice shot, Comrade President! You can beat Dick Cheney any day!”

“Comrade President, would you care to take a dip?”

Comrade Czar Putin’s host, GRU chief General of the Army Valentin Korabelnikov. “Nice to meet you, sir. By the way, where did you position those suitcase nukes in Washington DC?”

>USSR2 File: CPRF chair Zyuganov gloats over Republican defeat in US midterm elections, Rumsfeld’s resignation, US failure to set up democracy in Iraq

>If nothing else, CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov’s commentary on midterm elections in the USA and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s resignation demonstrates that Moscow’s Leninist cabal closely follows American domestic politics, no doubt in order to adjust its strategy vis-a-vis the West. Every success of the Democratic Party, which is openly endorsed by the Communist Party USA, is a success for the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union–which operates under the leadership of Zyuganov’s comrade Oleg Shenin–and a blow against freedom in the West. Zyuganov is pictured here, attending yesterday’s celebration of the 89th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, which brought out 10,000 communists into the streets of Moscow.

Russian Communist chief comments on Rumsfeld stand-down
18:39 GMT, Nov 08, 2006

MOSCOW. Nov 8 (Interfax) – Russian Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said Wednesday’s resignation of U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was an inevitable reaction by the White House to the Democrats’ victory at Congressional elections the day before.

“President [George W.] Bush was simply forced to sacrifice one of his chief hawks, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, who is to blame for the carnage that the Americans have been perpetrating for two years already in Iraq, where they have never been able to find any nuclear weapons,” Zyuganov, who heads the Communist Party (KPRF) and its deputies in the State Duma, told Interfax.

Zyuganov argued that replacing the defense secretary would not help the White House salvage what he argued was the falling reputation of the Republican Party.

“President Bush is becoming a lame duck, because, without support in Congress, where Democrats make up a majority in the lower house, – and this may happen in the upper house, the Senate, as well, – without such support, he will be unable to pursue his former line either in domestic or in foreign policy,” Zyuganov said. He said he could not exclude the possibility that the Democrats in Congress would seek Bush’s impeachment.

Zyuganov’s hopeful comment that President Bush will be impeached by the newly elected Democratic-controlled Congress is echoed by The World Can’t Wait organization, a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party USA: “We seek to create a political situation where the Bush administration’s program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking U.S. society is reversed.”

>USSR2 File: CPSU Red Youth Vanguard takes to the streets of Moscow to celebrate the "Great October Socialist Revolution," agitate for restored USSR


We do feel support and this support is growing bigger and bigger. We consider it [the collapse of communism] a temporary defeat.
— Oleg Shenin, Chair, Continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union; quoted in Peter Baker, “Coup That Wasn’t Stirs Russians’ Mixed Emotions,” Washington Post, August 17, 2001, page A16

As threatened, the Red Youth Vanguard (AKM), the street-fighting youth wing of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, took to the streets of Moscow to celebrate the 89th anniversary of the “Great October Socialist Revolution,” as well as to remind Russians that the CPSU chair Oleg Shenin is running for the Russian Federation presidency in March 2008. Accompanying AKM were the Union of Communist Youth of the Russian Federation–the youth wing of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation–and the National Bolsheviks. On the agenda was a heaping dose of Soviet patriotism in advance of the restoration of the Soviet Union by 2010.

While Shenin’s youthful stormtroopers stared down the Kremlin’s special security forces, the OMON or Special Purpose Detachment of the Militia, the CPSU leader himself hung out with the older crowd, no doubt nostalgic for the good ol’ days of open communism, soon to be resurrected . . . Once again, the communists present themselves as the disenfranchised outsiders, champions of the underdog, Russia’s saviors, ready to engage in battle against the Kremlin’s “pro-Western FSB-gangster capitalists.” Let us not forget, however, that the last 15 years of pseudo-history in Russia has been a communist drama from beginning to end. After all, KGB chair Vladimir Kryuchkov, one of Shenin’s colleagues from the State Emergency Committee, which “deposed” Mike (“I’ll Always Be a Communist”) Gorbachev in August 1991, attended Comrade Czar Vladimir Putin’s presidential inauguration in 2000. Shenin is pictured here, fourth from the right. (Photo source: CPSU and AKM.)

>USA File: Communist Party USA throws support behind Democrats in midterm elections

>Years ago John Stormer rightly noted in his much-maligned, but highly popular classic treatise None Dare Call It Treason (1964) and its sequel None Dare Call It Treason . . . 25 Years Later (1990) that the Communist Party USA had both infiltrated the Democratic Party and also openly campaigned in favor of Democratic policies. As we blogged some weeks ago regarding the Communist Party of Venezuela’s support for Comrade Hugo Chavez, the reds never support a government or government-in-waiting unless its leaders, wittingly or not, are doing the bidding of the communists.

In a September 25 appeal from its National Board the CPUSA urged its mindless followers to vote Democrat during the USA’s November 7 midterm elections. The Democrats maintained or assumed control of 232 congressional districts, as opposed to the Republicans with 203. The communists’ favorite mainstream party, with the help of two independents, also holds a 51- to 49-seat advantage over the GOP. As a result, the American Left is in a stronger position to roll back the Bush Administration’s War on Terror, and reverse the initiatives lately undertaken by the Pentagon to implement continental missile defense and develop a more robust military doctrine that embraces preemptive strikes. The Democratic victory in the House of Representatives might also fortify the American Left in advance of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s possible drive to the White House in 2008.

In a post-election wrap-up, as discovered by New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon, the CPUSA’s theoretical journal, Political Affairs, urged communists to again vote Democrat in 2008:

A progressive agenda that unites a broad coalition of African American and Latino people, working families, anti-Iraq war voters, women, LGBT people, environmental friendly people, and youth and seniors behind the new Democratic-led Congress can set the stage for completing the victory launched by the 2006 election. An agenda that fights to protect affirmative action, reproductive choice, worker protections, Social Security and pensions, to reduce costs of and expands access to health care, makes prescription drug programs work for seniors, subsidizes clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels, legalizes immigrant workers with a real path to citizenship, in conjunction with broad pro-civil rights policies (including for LGBT people) can unite and energize the coalition needed to win another people’s victory in 2008. Join us in making this happen.

Reading this new appeal, one is hard pressed to discern any difference between the platforms of the Democratic and Communist parties.

>Latin America File: Two grenades explode at Ixtapa resort in an attack coordinated with leftist insurgents’ Monday blasts in Mexico City

>Pictured here is the damaged entrance of Mexico’s Federal Electoral Tribunal, which on September 5 ruled against leftist presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s claims of electoral fraud on the part of victorious opponent Felipe Calderón.

Blasts at Mexico resort before pres.-elect’s visit

Last updated: 07-Nov-06 22:30 GMT
By Adriana Barrera

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Two grenades exploded at a Mexican beach resort late on Monday, hours before a visit by conservative President-elect Felipe Calderon, increasing fears Mexico could descend into political unrest and violence.

Calderon’s trip went ahead without incident on Tuesday and police said no one was wounded in the blasts at a condominium in Ixtapa, an exclusive resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in a southern state where police frequently clash with drug gangs.

The grenades, apparently thrown from a building in the condominium complex on the same day as leftist guerrilla bombings in Mexico City, caused minor damage to a building, a police spokeswoman said.

Calderon, who takes office on December 1, addressed an exporters’ conference as planned and returned to Mexico City by plane.

The blasts on Monday came after a deep political crisis over July’s contested presidential election and deadly street clashes between riot police and protesters seeking the resignation of the governor of Oaxaca state.

Calderon has been targeted by demonstrators who say he used fraud to narrowly defeat leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the presidential vote.

The court that rejected Lopez Obrador’s fraud claims and named Calderon the winner was bombed on Monday along with a political party’s headquarters and a bank in the capital

Leftist guerrillas took responsibility for those blasts. There were no injuries.


Calderon, a Harvard-educated former energy minister, made no direct reference to any of the recent blasts in the speech in Ixtapa but said: “We have to work tirelessly to recover (Mexico’s) capacity to confront crime and terrorism.”

He said respect for law and authority had diminished in Mexico.

Ixtapa is an exclusive resort some three hours northwest of Acapulco in Guerrero state, where well-armed drug traffickers frequently fight each other and the police.

“In the place where the incident happened, they found remnants of explosive material, broken windows and a damaged wall,” a Guerrero police spokeswoman said.

Mexican newspapers said in online editions the grenades appeared to have been thrown at federal law enforcement agents on the outskirts of the resort.

Small left-wing rebel groups said they set off the Mexico City bombs to support the protesters in Oaxaca, where demonstrators have barricaded streets and clashed with police in protests in which some 15 people have died.

Calderon inherits a nation divided by the presidential election and suffering from endemic poverty.

He won the vote by less than 1 percentage point and opinion polls show more than 30 percent of Mexicans believe the election was fraudulent, despite the court and international observers declaring the result valid.

Link: Scotsman

>Latin America File: Mexican leftist terrorist formations claim responsibility for bombings in national capital

>This is not a surprising development, but it demonstrates that the Second Mexican Revolution, embracing the insurgencies in Oaxaca and Chiapas, is underway. Communist revolution in Mexico is truly a frightening prospect in view of the delusional scheme of US, Canadian, and Mexican globalists to erect a North American Union. On October 30 the Mexican ambassador to the United Nations, Enrique Berruga, joined a panel discussion at the University of Texas at San Antonio in which he advocated the establishment of the NAU by 2014.

Mexican leftist groups claim bombs
Coalition of five says attacks were a response to federal and local `repression.’
By Julie Watson, Associated Press
Article Launched:11/06/2006 09:07:48 PM PST

MEXICO CITY – A coalition of five Mexican leftist resistance groups claiming to support a monthslong protest movement in the conflict-torn southern state of Oaxaca claimed responsibility Monday for homemade bombs that exploded at the top electoral court, a bank and the headquarters of the political party that governs Oaxaca.

The bombings across Mexico City caused no injuries but rattled nerves in a country wracked by protests since the polarizing July 2 presidential elections. President Vicente Fox called the attacks “criminal acts aimed at frightening the population.”

Leftist protesters have battled police for control of Oaxaca City since last week, and the guerrilla groups pledged to continue “military” actions until Oaxaca state Gov. Ulises Ruiz steps down. Protesters accuse Ruiz, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, of rigging the elections that brought him to power in 2004 and oppressing dissent.

“We take full responsibility for these actions,” the groups said in a statement e-mailed to the news media. “Our political-military action is a response to our determination to reply with revolutionary violence to the violence unleashed by the lords of power and money.”

The groups identified themselves as the Lucio Cabanas Barrientos Revolutionary Movement, the Democratic Revolutionary Tendency-People’s Army, the Insurgent Organization-May 1, the Dec. 2 Execution Brigade, and the Popular Liberation Brigades.

All five are known to Mexican authorities and have claimed responsibility for placing explosives, particularly at bank branches, in the past, said Jose Luis Manjarrez, spokesman for the federal Attorney General’s Office, which has taken over the investigation into the explosions.

“There is nothing at this point to be able to confirm the veracity of the statement,” Manjarrez told The Associated Press.

The rebels said they would continue such actions as long as “repressive federal and local forces continue to repress the people,” an apparent reference to the federal police raid of Oaxaca a week ago that pushed the protesters out of the city’s main central plaza, the Zocalo, which they had occupied since May.

Authorities and political parties condemned the bombings, with some saying they were probably carried out by groups trying to destabilize the government before President-elect Felipe Calderon’s swearing-in on Dec. 1.

“No one, absolutely no one, has the right to put in danger the life and safety of anyone else for political or ideological reasons,” Calderon told a news conference Monday evening. “The ability of Mexicans to conduct the life of the country in peace and harmony is being tested.”

The explosions shortly after midnight damaged an auditorium at the headquarters of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, a branch of Canadian-owned Scotiabank, the Federal Electoral Tribunal, and businesses and residences near the court. Police deactivated two other bombs, one at a second Scotiabank near the court and another outside a Sanborns restaurant, a chain owned by billionaire Carlos Slim, near the PRI headquarters, said Mexico City Public Safety Secretary Joel Ortega.

The explosions came a day after more than 20,000 people marched in the southern city of Oaxaca to demand the withdrawal of federal police who were sent in on Oct. 29 to end violence linked to a five-month protest against Ruiz.

Protest leader Flavio Sosa said his movement was not responsible for Monday’s blasts.

Associated Press reporters Lisa J. Adams, Mark Stevenson, Kathleen Miller and Ioan Grillo contributed to this report.


>USSR2 File: President of Kyrgyzstan reassures Putin that situation in Central Asian republic is under control (protesters will be neutralized)

>While Soviet communists celebrate in Moscow, the Kyrgyz opposition comes to the conclusion that all is not rosy with last year’s “Tulip Revolution.”

“Ex”-CPSU President of Kyrgyzstan phones “ex”-KGB President of Russian Federation. Just like the good ol’ days of open communism: Frightened leader of outlying Soviet republic calls Kremlin to reassure the Politburo that protesters will be neutralized. Shoot first, ask questions later. All is well in the “post”-Soviet space . . .

The communists unashamedly rule “post”-communist Kyrgyzstan under that name. President Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s ruling Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan is a constituent member of the restored CPSU.

Bakiyev tells Putin situation in Kyrgyzstan under control
19:36 | 07/11/2006

BISHKEK/MOSCOW, November 7 (RIA Novosti) – The president of Kyrgyzstan told his Russian counterpart in a phone conversation that his country’s authorities have the situation in the Central Asian republic under control, Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s press service said Tuesday.

An opposition-led rally in Bishkek resulted in violent clashes with police Tuesday.

The Russian foreign ministry said earlier Tuesday that constructive dialogue was necessary to resolve the current conflict in Kyrgyzstan.

“We believe that the best way to resolve the current situation can be found only by legal means, through constructive dialogue between government bodies and the opposition,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Russia, which wants gradual development in Kyrgyzstan under conditions of stability, hopes common sense will prevail over political emotions and ambitions,” the statement said.

The opposition accuses President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and the government of failing to deliver on promises to crack down on corruption and raise living standards in the impoverished ex-Soviet republic since coming to power in 2005 on the back of a violent public uprising, or ‘tulip revolution.’

A spokeswoman for Kyrgyzstan’s Health Ministry said earlier Tuesday that three people were hospitalized following the clashes in Bishkek’s central square.

Two people were also reported to be suffering from gas poisoning after riot police dispersed opposition demonstrators following six days of protest in front of the government administration building.

A Kyrgyz deputy interior minister denied that Kyrgyz authorities used any weapons against the demonstrators, but said that they were ready to do so should there be any attempt to seize government facilities.

Link: Novosti

>USSR File: Ten thousand communists rally in Teatralnaya Square, Moscow on anniversary of October Revolution, follows "ultranationalist" march

>Ten thousand. Not a bad turn out for a communist rally in Moscow. Gennady Zyuganov, the “reformist” leader of the potemkin Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), is shown here (and below) on November 7, on the 89th anniversary of the October Revolution. The CPRF has long presented itself as the successor to the CPSU. That is not the case. Properly speaking, the CPRF is a constituent party of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, just as it was a constituent party of the continuing CPSU, otherwise known as the Union of Communist Parties-CPSU, between 1993 and 2004. Zyuganov and Oleg Shenin, chair of the restored CPSU and, previously, the UCP-CPSU, together founded the CPRF in 1990 as the Communist Party of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. The “old” CPSU did not have a separate Russian section, as it does now. In spite of the wrangling and ideological hairsplitting between Sheninites and Zyuganovites, these men are on the same team: the Red Team. We expect Zyuganov to yield to Shenin in Russia’s 2008 presidential election.

Three days ago, 2,000 Russian “fascists” and “ultranationalists,” all of which are merely creations of the continuing CPSU, rallied in Moscow on the official National Unity Day, November 4. The Russian Right is a fiction and only provides a pretext for the CPSU to openly reassert itself throughout the Not-So-Former Soviet Union.

About 10,000 take part in communist rally in downtown Moscow
07.11.2006, 19.54

MOSCOW, November 7 (Itar-Tass) — About 10,000 people are taking part in a communist rally on Teatralnaya Square in downtown Moscow, a source at the city police department told Itar-Tass.

“The rally is peaceful, no serious incidents have happened, and no one has been detained,” the source said.

About 4,500 policemen and Interior Ministry servicemen are standing guard near the rally, which is mostly made up of elderly people.

The source denied reports claiming that the Communist Party has marched down Tverskaya Street. “The media reports are not true. The rally participants traditionally gathered on Triumfalnaya Square. The march was not allowed, so they calmly walked to the rally location by the road curb, being accompanied by the police,” he said.


Meanwhile, in yet another communist farce, the Kremlin, which is dominated by the Chekist Russian “Right,” throws a few bones to nostalgic Soviet patriots . . .

Moscow commemorates 1941 parade on Red Square
19:03 | 07/11/2006

MOSCOW, November 7 (RIA Novosti) – War veterans, soldiers and children gathered on Moscow’s Red Square on Tuesday for a march to commemorate one of the most famous parades in the country’s history, when troops left the square straight for the front line in 1941.

About 2,500 children from youth public organizations and 2,000 soldiers from the Moscow garrison joined the march dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the November 7, 1941 military parade, when Moscow was attacked by Nazi forces.

Addressing the gathering, [“ex”-CPSU] Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov said “Our generation remembers the sacrifice by our veterans of their lives and health, and will always continue that which our veterans defended.”

In Soviet times, November 7 was the main public holiday commemorating the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Celebrations under communism involved huge military parades and demonstrations observed by Soviet leaders on Lenin’s mausoleum on Red Square.

After the collapse of communism, November 7 was renamed National Reconciliation Day, but was only celebrated by hard-line left-wingers, who continued to mark it by marching on the streets under red banners.

In 2004, the Russian parliament replaced National Reconciliation Day with National Unity Day on November 4, a pre-revolutionary public holiday commemorating the liberation of Moscow from Polish troops in 1612, which ended decades of civil war and foreign intervention in Russia.

Link: Novosti

>USSR2 File: Shenin praises 89th anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution, CPSU CC commends socialist revolutions in Venezuela and Bolivia

>In its latest appeal to the capitalist-oppressed masses of Russia, the continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee makes a plug for the candidacy of its chairman, August 1991 coup plotter Oleg Shenin, in the Russian presidential election of March 2008. Will Shenin be a shoe-in? I fear so. Comrade Czar Putin is stepping down, his potential successors are faceless, colorless “ex”-Soviet technocrats, and the unpopular Zyuganov wears the communist stigma of “reformist.”

Note the continuing CPSU CC’s appeal to the results of the March 1991 referendum, in which a majority of the citizens of all 15 Soviet republics announced their preference to retain the old Soviet Union. Note, too, the Central Committee’s commendation of the paleo-communist regimes in China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and Laos, as well as the neo-communist regimes in Venezuela and Bolivia. If you have any doubts as to whether Moscow’s Leninists are closely following the spread of neo-communism in Latin America, such declarations will eliminate such delusions. The CPSU CC concludes its exhortation to the communist rank and file to “fight against the Zionist-Fascist regimes [meaning Israel and the USA], bourgeois globalization, and neocolonialism.”

Soviet communists have typically observed November 7 as the anniversary of the “Great October Socialist Revolution” in 1917. While Comrade Boris Yeltsin simply changed the name of the observance to the Day of Accord and Reconciliation, in 2005 Comrade Czar Putin moved the national holiday to November 4, and called it National Unity Day, much to the “anger” of the communists. Be assured that this move was orchestrated by Moscow’s Leninist cabal itself to provide still more rationale to overthrow Putin’s “pro-Western, FSB-gangster capitalist” regime.

The CPSU CC statement, which is essentially an incitement to overthrow the Putinist police regime, follows Shenin’s personal congratulation below. Translation courtesy Babelfish, with some refinements from Perilous Times.


The secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union congratulates Communists and Soviet patriots on the 89th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, a worldwide historical event of the twentieth century that radically changed the motion of the development of the history of humanity. I desire, dear friends, success in the adherence to the decision of the KHKHKHSH congress, subsequent plenums of the CC CPSU, in the matter of the restoration of the Soviet regime, socialism, and the revival OF THE USSR.

With Communist regards,


O. Shenin

26 October 2006

THE DECLARATION of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the 89th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which is in good health. Great October was a worldwide historical event, which marked the beginning of release of humanity from the yoke of capital! Workers of the fraternal peoples of the Soviet country, persistently fight for the reunification into the united union, for the revival of the great socialist state in complete agreement with the results of the national referendum of 17 March, 1991!

THE DECLARATION of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the 89th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution: Let us restore the dictatorship of the proletariat in the form of the Soviet regime, planned system of managing national economy, political and social equality of working people, and the supremacy of socialist ideology! Authority of labor, above the power of capital!

To the toilers of city and village, workers and peasants, the representatives of the intelligentsia, the employees of primary structures, youths and girls, the Labor Veterans and armed forces:

– join our numbers, widen the protest front, mobilize for dealing for the resignation of the authority of plutocracy, form and strengthen the lower structures of self-guidance parallel authority

– rudiments of future people councils!

– dare to take the management of all matters of production and society into your hands, form in all organizations and your places of residence national guards, and committees of self-defence and self-guidance!

– you will support the intention O. S. Shenin to advance his candidacy to the post of President of the Russian Federation in 2008!

Fraternal greetings to those peoples that follow the path of socialist development: DPRK-PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF KOREA, Cuba, PRC-CHINESE PEOPLES’ REPUBLIC, Vietnam, Laos, and also to the peoples of Venezuela and Bolivia, who are conducting revolutionary social and economic conversions! The international solidarity of the workers is in good health, as is their fight against the Zionist-Fascist regimes, bourgeois globalization, and neocolonialism. For honor, freedom, national independence, peace, and socialism! Workers of the world, unite!

Do not underestimate the fanaticism that impels Shenin and his colleagues in the CPSU. The Stalinists who have guided Moscow’s long-range strategic deception since 1960 are unwaveringly committed to the overthrow of capitalism. Incarceration does not defeat them, but merely cements their resolve, as this account comparing the past imprisonment of Shenin and current imprisonment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky–former deputy head of the “old” CPSU Komsomol and subsequent CEO of petroleum giant YUKOS–relates:

Khodorkovsky is not the first well-known figure to be detained in Matrosskaya Tishina. Some of the prison’s most famous inmates include several participants in the August 1991 attempted coup against then-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

One such alumnus of Isolation Unit No. 4 is former Politburo member Oleg Shenin, who was held there from August 1991 to October 1993. Shenin said accounts of Khodorkovsky’s current abode differ greatly from how he remembers his stay.

“I read now that there has been European-style renovation,” Shenin said. “But when I was in there, it was considered the very worst isolation cell.

“We didn’t have a separate toilet, and it was only about 3 meters by 2.8 meters for four people. For a long time we only had a radio, which we used to listen to the news. Finally, in May 1992, we got a television.”

Shenin did not hesitate for a second when asked why he thought Khodorkovsky was placed in much more comfortable conditions than he and his co-conspirators had been.

“Money decides everything these days,” he said.

(Photo source: CPSU and Kommersant.)

>Breaking News: Mexico City bombings target Institutional Revolutionary Party office, Federal Electoral Tribunal, and Canadian bank branch

>A PRI representative said the explosions were probably carried on by groups trying to destabilize the government.
— Quote from Institutional Revolutionary Party official, November 6, 2006

In the wake of the Party of the Democratic Revolution’s failure this summer during the presidential election, in view of the current insurgency in Oaxaca, openly supported by the Mexican Party of Communists and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation–which is currently conducting its “non-violent,” cross-country “Other” propaganda campaign–and possibly emboldened by Sandinista Comandante Daniel Ortega’s electoral victory yesterday in Nicaragua, the Mexican Left promised a scrap with the establishment and appears to be making good on that promise . . .

Mexico blast hits Scotiabank branch
No evidence we were targeted, spokesman says
Nov. 6, 2006. 12:27 PM

Scotiabank is increasing security in all its Mexican branches following a series of blasts that damaged one of its branches in Mexico City early today.

Mexian authorities also deactivated a homemade explosive device at a second Scotiabank branch near where one of the blasts occurred.

“We want to assure all our customers and employees that safety and security is a priority for us,” said Frank Switzer, a spokesperson for Scotiabank in Toronto.

“We will be increasing our security at all Mexican branches.”

Switzer stessed that the “bank accounts are safe and secure.”

Three simultaneous explosions occurred early today in Mexico City, destroying a building entrance at a leading political party’s headquarters, a Scotiabank brand and reportedly damaging the Federal Electoral Tribunal.

Authorities told Mexican news media there were no injuries, and the explosions did not start any fires.

Switzer said was “structural damage” at the one bank, but “the vault was not breached.”

He did not know when the damaged branch would reopen. A handful of employees at the bank have been reassigned to other branches in Mexico City.

There is no evidence that Scotiabank was targeted, he added.

Mexico City Public Safety Secretary Joel Ortega told the daily newspaper El Universal that emergency officials received two telephone calls shortly after midnight warning that bombs were about to be detonated. The first explosion happened about 12:30 a.m., he said.

At the headquarters of the former ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, the entrance to an auditorium located in one of the complex’s buildings had been destroyed, according to an Associated Press photographer at the scene.

The door had been blown out and chunks of concrete, shattered glass and the concrete bust of former Mexican President Plutarco Elias Calles – the PRI’s founder for whom the auditorium is named – lay scattered on the ground. There appeared to be little damage immediately inside the building.

Police investigators used flashlights to sift through the rubble. They declined to talk to the news media.

A PRI representative said the explosions were probably carried on by groups trying to destabilize the government.

Link: Toronto Star

>Breaking News: Mexican state of Oaxaca’s Communist/Zapatista-backed counter-government organizes "massive" march, demands resignation of Governor Ruiz

>The APPO declares a RED ALERT in Oaxaca: We ask all our readers to remain vigilant.
— Banner Headline, The Narco News Bulletin

I bet there are crinimals losing sleep, here in el Norte, afraid that Mexico’s outrage over stolen elections might be contagious…”

The popular movement in Oaxaca is about so much more than a stolen election. Ruiz stole the Oaxaca governor’s election in 2004 and Calderón stole the presidential election in 2006. In Oaxaca, there is a popular struggle against neoliberalism. People are demanding control and self-determination over their own lives.

The people of Oaxaca are an example for the whole world! Let’s make the capitalist criminals in the north really worry!

!ya basta!
en solidaridad con APPO!!

Referring to the “capitalist criminals in the north,” presumably meaning those in Mexico City and probably Washington DC, an anonymous poster left the above threat at the New York City Independent Media Center website on November 6, 2006. On November 2 the People’s Weekly World, the organ of the Communist Party USA, noted the following about the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO): “Support for APPO is being organized all over Mexico by the Party of the Mexican Communists, the Zapatistas and other groups.” Pictured below are APPO members/supporters, using the left-armed, clenched-fist salute of communism. (Fascists use the right-armed, opened-palmed salute.) The leftist New York City Independent Media Center covered today’s march in the capital of Oaxaca, which the MSM otherwise ignored.

Massive March in Oaxaca
November 6, 2006

Today the Oaxaca People’s Popular Assembly (APPO) offered its response to Gov. Ulises Ruiz’s claim that the conflict in Oaxaca is limited to “one avenue in the capital.”

They filled over 3 miles of federal highway 190 with hundreds of thousands of protesters all shouting for the governor’s ouster.

“This shows the people’s unity,” said one marcher who declined to give her name.

At 10 AM, members of the APPO and supporters from across the state and the country began to gather at the monument to Benito Juarez about 4 miles outside of Oaxaca’s historic center.

The day before a caravan of nearly 100 cars, trucks and buses left from Mexico City to join the march. It took them over twelve hours to reach Oaxaca City—twice the normal travel time—do to military roadblocks set up to intercept them along the way. The caravan also had trouble getting gas as most stations had been ordered not to serve them.

Early in the morning, in anticipation of the march’s arrival, the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) closed off all entrances to the Zocalo with six-foot-high barricades made of razor wire. They also stationed special operations officers on the roofs of surrounding buildings and doubled the ranks of riot police guarding the barricades.

The march seemed relatively small, around 4 thousand people, before leaving from the Juarez monument, but quickly expanded as people began to walk and found thousands more supporters waiting for them along the road.

Only 30 minutes into the march it was impossible to see the end from pedestrian bridges that cross over the highway.

Throughout the entire length of the march, hundreds of people from surrounding neighborhoods gathered to applaud, offer marchers water and oranges, and then file in behind.

There were relatively few puppets, signs, and banners, mostly just everyday folks walking under the clouds, chanting slogans against the governor.

Tensions rose briefly as the marchers entered the historic center, passing within two blocks of the reinforced police barricades. The cars leading the march turned up Porfirio Diaz but several marchers shouted to continue straight, towards the Zocalo. APPO organizers quickly linked arms forming a human wall to shut off the street and guide the march up toward Santo Domingo Cathedral.

As the marchers poured into the plaza in front of Santo Domingo, a few hundred people walked down to the Zocalo to shout at the police, but once again APPO organizers linked arms in front of the razor wire and urged the other protesters to avoid confrontations.

“We want to show that our struggle is peaceful and just,” said a middle-age teacher from Tlaxiaco who declined to give her name. “Ulises Ruiz is the one who sends people out to kill. How is it possible that he is able to hire killers and stay in office?”

When asked about Thursday’s battle outside the state university, she responded that the students: “did not attack; they defended themselves from an attack in an unequal battle because those wretched police are armed to the teeth. If they start to attack, well people have to defend themselves as best they can.”


For the second day in a row, shortly before 7 AM, armed gunmen again opened fire on the university radio station, this time wounding one student, 22 year-old Marcos Sanchez Martinez. He was in critical condition at a local public hospital this morning.

The leftist Narco News Bulletin (October 10, 2006) candidly describes APPO as the “de facto government” of Oaxaca and its intentions in that state as nothing less than “indigenous socialist revolution” which, of course, is communism: “APPO/AEPO is leading a socialist revolution based on the indigenous practice of usos y costumbres, with a graft added from the Zapatista dictum, ‘Lead by obeying.’ In other words, a movement unique and homegrown, initially local, but rapidly spreading to other states in Mexico.”

APPO held its first state assembly from September 27 to 29, releasing a manifesto on October 3, which declares that “The character of the APPO will be broad, popular, democratic, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist, and anti-capitalist.”

The shopping mall regime in North America may very well be witnessing the establishment of a communist beachhead in southern Mexico, which could expand into other, impoverished states such as Guerrero and Chiapas, aided and abetted by the red regimes in Cuba and Venezuela, as well as the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, with the newly re-elected, repackaged “ex”-communist dictator, Daniel Ortega.

>Latin America File: Ex-communist dictator Ortega declared winner of Nicaragua’s presidential election

>“We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or 15 years from now, we’re going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they’re going to have one thing in mind – cross the border, go into Dallas, go into Houston, go into New Mexico, go into San Diego, and each one has embedded in his mind the idea of killing 10 Americans.”
— Tomas Borge, Sandinista Interior Minister, 1986

There goes the neighborhood. The Red Axis in Latin America grows and creeps closer to the Rio Grande . . . Comrades Chavez and Ortega pictured here, with nineteenth-century revolutionary Simon Bolivar in background. Although Venezuela’s neo-communist dictator Hugo Chavez claims to be implementing a “Bolivarian Revolution,” his hero was no communist but, rather, supported everything that communists have destroyed in the past and will do so again if unopposed: a free market economy, property rights, limited government, separation of powers, freedom of religion, and the rule of law.

Daniel Ortega is the winner, according to Etica and
6 of November of 2006 03:39

The sandinista presidential candidate, Daniel Ortega, gained the presidential elections in Nicaragua in first round, according to a fast count disclosed by Ethics and Transparency (EyT). Daniel Ortega is the winner of the presidential election of Sunday in Nicaragua with 38.4% of the votes, according to results of the fast count offered this Monday by Etica and Transparencia.

The presidential candidate by the FSLN surpasses this way Eduardo Montealegre, of the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN, right), that obtains 29.52% of the votes. The candidate Curly Jose, from the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC, right) arrives in third position with 24.15%, whereas Edmundo Jarquín, of Sandinista the Renovador Movement (MRS, left) conquers 7.44% of the electoral preference. Edén Shepherd, of Alternative by the Change, obtains 0.40%, announced Courtney Robert, president of Etica and Transparencia.

Results of this organization, which it unfolded observers in each one of the 11,274 Receiving Meetings of Vote which they settled in the country, are based on a representative sample of 1,200 of these meetings, of which already 86% of the suffrages have been scrutinized.

The observers of the organization follow the count official and the spreading of the results, that has a margin of error of the 1.7%, is authorized by Consejo Supremo Electoral (CSE). In the two preceding elections made in Nicaragua, the results of the fast count disclosed by Etica and Transparencia had a difference with respect to the officials announced later by the inferior CSE to 1%.

Link: El Nuevo Diario

>USSR2 File: Moscow-backed United Communist Party of Georgia implicated in coup attempt against Mikhail Saakashvili’s "pro-Western" regime

>Here we see yet another attempt by the Leninist masterminds in the Kremlin and their accomplices in the United Communist Party of Georgia (UCPG) to bring Georgia firmly back into the orbit of Moscow. Here we see, too, the manipulating hand behind Russian-Georgian political tensions. On September 27 four Russian army officers were apprehended for spying in Georgia. In the article below, only three weeks before the “spy flap,” a former special forces Alfa Group unit officer was arrested for plotting to blow up the headquarters of the United National Movement, President Mikhail Saakashvili’s party.

Igor Giorgadze, the Moscow-based leader of Georgia’s Justice Party “Samartlianoba” is pictured here. Igor, who has also been implicated in this coup attempt against President Saakashvili’s “pro-Western” regime, is the son of ex-Soviet General Panteleimon Giorgadze, the head of the UCPG. Igor fled Georgia after organizing an assassination attempt against key perestroika deception player Eduard Shevardnadze in 1995. Igor’s Interpol file can be found here. As the author of the article below notes, a Russian fifth column is very active in Georgia.

The UCPG, the reader should be reminded too, is a constituent member of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which operates under the leadership of Oleg Shenin, August 1991 coup plotter, former State Emergency Committee member, and declared candidate in the Russian Federation’s 2008 presidential election. Shenin’s stated objective? Restore the Soviet Union. The pieces are falling into place for a communist coup not just in Tblisi, but also in Moscow, and the denouement of the CPSU’s long-range strategic deception against the West.

By Vladimir Socor
Thursday, September 14, 2006

A dozen activists of pro-Moscow groups in Georgia are being held in pre-trial custody for a period of up to two months; and two others have been freed on bail, pending trial. They all face charges of treason and conspiracy to overthrow the government and seize power by force. The 14 are part of a batch of 29 pro-Moscow activists who were arrested on September 6 at various locations in Georgia for questioning. A sizeable arsenal of weapons and explosives was seized from the head of the Samegrelo branch of the Justice Party, a pro-Russia fringe group.

Furthermore, during the night of September 8-9, former special-force Alfa unit officer Alexander Chumburidze was arrested in Tbilisi while carrying 400 grams of TNT and a detonator outside the governing United National Movement’s central office, apparently intending to cause a blast there. Chumburidze is affiliated with both the United Communist Party and the Justice Party, which are led respectively by ex-Soviet General Panteleimon Giorgadze and his son Igor Giorgadze, former chief of Georgia’s state security. The Moscow-based Igor Giorgadze is wanted by Georgia as presumed organizer of the 1995 assassination attempt that injured then-president Eduard Shevardnadze in the State Chancellery in Tbilisi.

According to testimony by some of the accused, they planned to launch demonstrations in Tbilisi and other locations at the onset of the cold season, under the guise of protesting against social hardships. The president and government of Georgia were to be blamed for causing those hardships through “anti-Russian policies” that resulted in energy shortfalls and the closure of Russia’s market for Georgian products. Daily demonstrations in Tbilisi were to turn into a round-the-clock rally outside the parliament building, calling for the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili and dissolution of parliament and the holding of new presidential and parliamentary elections (which are only due in 2008). As envisaged in these discussions, a sudden shooting incident would provoke the crowd to turn violent and move against the State Chancellery (seat of the presidency and government), where gunmen infiltrated into the crowd would attempt to seize the president and government and parliamentary leaders, and if necessary to assassinate the defense and internal affairs ministers. The planning discussions also envisaged financing of these actions through Igor Giorgadze from Moscow.

A seemingly well-financed fifth column operation took shape in Georgia this year. It aims for regime change as a maximal, however unrealistic objective; and for causing political and economic instability as the minimal objective. The movement does not include the parliamentary opposition or any genuine political parties. Instead, it is limited to minuscule groups outside the political system. These groups include: The two would-be parties led by Igor and Panteleimon Giorgadze (see above); the Justice party’s youth group, headed by a Giorgadze relative; the “Anti-Soros Public Movement,” headed in Tbilisi by Maya Nikoleishvili, agitating against U.S. policies in the region; a self-styled “Conservative Monarchist Party”; Moscow-connected supporters of Ajaria’s former ruler (until 2004) Aslan Abashidze, who has found a haven in Russia; and “Forward Georgia,” a group of veteran officials of parliaments and governments from the 1990s. One of the Forward Georgia leaders, Irakli Batiashvili, has been held in pre-trial detention since late July, when his telephone calls to rebel leader Emzar Kvitsiani in the upper Kodori Gorge, encouraging him to defy Tbilisi, were intercepted and made public.

Igor Giorgadze, a pivotal figure in this emergent fifth column, received political asylum in Russia in May of this year, amid officially orchestrated publicity to demonstrate to Georgians that Russia backs him. Although wanted on a red alert through Interpol since 1995 on terrorism charges, Giorgadze periodically appears on Russian state television channels with inflammatory appeals to the Georgian public. He sometimes shares airtime with Kremlin-affiliated commentators, such as Gleb Pavlovsky who has openly urged resolving all of the Russia-Georgia problems by firing “just one bullet” into Saakashvili.

In Tbilisi, the Igor Giorgadze Charitable Foundation apparently provides one of Moscow’s funding channels to local supporters. The foundation’s head, Irina Sarishvili-Chanturia is a veteran minor politician with many twists and turns in her career. During recent planning discussions and following the arrests, Sarishvili- Chanturia distanced herself from the other activists’ intention to resort to unlawful methods. Instead, she suggested making alliances with some legitimate opposition parties. In a similar vein, Russian officially inspired commentaries are obliquely appealing to Georgia’s legitimate opposition parties, seeking to blur the distinction between fifth-column activities and those of the legitimate parliamentary opposition.

Russia’s state-controlled media and official analysts portray the investigation in Georgia as political persecution and the pro-Moscow activists as innocent victims. In a sudden change of line, apparently to elicit compassion for those arrested, Russian media acknowledge that they represent small and uninfluential groups. The line until now was that these groups were popular and apt to shift Georgia’s political orientation toward Russia.

Resorting to fringe groups and eccentric or discredited figures from a troubled past is a clear sign that Russia lacks political allies of any significance in Georgia. Nevertheless, Moscow persists in its intention to foment disorders in Georgia, exploiting social hardships that Russia’s economic measures against Georgia are designed to exacerbate this autumn and winter. Moscow apparently regards the coming months as its final chance to stop or at least slow down Georgia’s escape from Russia’s grasp.

(Rustavi-2 TV, Imedi TV, 24 Saati, Russian Television Channel One, September 7-13; see EDM, May 30)

Link: Eurasia Daily Monitor

>Breaking News: Per leftist sources: Mexican federal police call off attack on insurgents holed up in Benito Juarez University, Oaxaca


The Narco News Bulletin: The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) has forced the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) into a retreat from its attempted incursion into the Benito Juarez University. But the war is far from over.

After a six-hour siege on the Benito Juarez Autonomous University, which is the home Radio Universidad, voice of the APPO, the Federal Preventative Police was forced to retreat just moments ago.

Mexican law prohibits the incursion of law enforcement into autonomous universities, unless requested by the university rector. The rector of the Benito Juarez University categorically rejects the presence of the PFP and did not give his approval to the agency to enter the campus.

Independent Media Center: The Mexican government forces are currently attacking APPO supporters in the University Buildings in Oaxaca.

>Latin America File: Mexican Party of Communists and Zapatistas support leftist insurgency in Oaxaca, withdrawal of military and police

>Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s supporters folded up their protest camp in Mexico City, but not before their leader announced his determination to form an alternative “people’s government” to oppose President-Elect Felipe Calderon’s legitimate administration, which begins on December 1. In the meanwhile, the country’s five-month leftist insurgency continues to ride on the back of the ongoing teachers’ strike in the southern state of Oaxaca (pictured here). Although leftists denounce such reports as right-wing propaganda, in previous blogs we noted the covert logistical support that the red regimes in Havana and Caracas are supplying to the Mexican far left.

The Independent Media Center, an important actor in the neo-communist/anti-globalization movement, has been closely following the Oaxaca insurgency and the official response. An October 30 joint declaration from the Mexican Party of Communists and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) contained the following demands and threats against the federal and state government:

Call of the COPAI-Mexico





Known the painful facts which they are happening in Oaxaca, where peblo of down and nuestr@s compañer@s of the Other Oaxaca are being attacked by federal forces, our organizations have decided to conduct the following battles of solidarity with the town oaxaqueño.

FIRST. – Day 1 of November of the 2006, to close streets, ways and highways, bridges, etc. In the territories where our organizations have organized presence.

SECOND. – To call to all the Other Campaign in Mexico and to the north of the Bravo River so that it is pronounced in all the country and the American Union, already initiating days of solidarity and support to the town of Oaxaca.

THIRD. – To prepare national unemployment in support to the town of Oaxaca, next day 20 of November of 2006.

QUARTER. – Through our respective international contacts, to call to political, social organizations, groups, groups and people of the five continents so that the offices and representations of the Mexican federal government are pronounced abroad in, days 1 of November and 20 of November of the 2006, in solidarity with the town oaxaqueño.







In front Popular Francisco Independent – Villa (UNOPII).
Party of the Communists
Socialist Working Unit (UNIOS)
Army Zapatista de Liberacio’n Nacional (EZLN)

The Narco News Bulletin, another online magazine, reports that members of the Zapatista “Other” Campaign, as threatened in the declaration above, are blockading the Acapulco-Mexico City Superhighway (pictured at left), the country’s busiest freeway, in protest of the policies of Oaxaca Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz–who represents the once-dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party–and the Mexican government’s use of the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) to suppress the insurgents, who refer to their self-declared alternative government as the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO). The APPO website is plastered with red stars, the symbol of Bolshevism, offering some indication of this body’s ideological composition. Keeping in mind The Narco News Bulletin’s leftist orientation, here is a report of events in Oaxaca last weekend:

As readers of this newspaper know, on Sunday Mexican President Vicente Fox sent thousands of members of the PFP to dislodge the five-month long peaceful occupation of Oaxaca’s capital city by the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO). For months, the newly formed APPO has struggled to bring to national and international attention the numerous and well-documented human rights abuses committed by Governor Ruiz in Oaxaca. Fox justified his use of force in Oaxaca as a necessary step to bring order to the region after three people were murdered last Friday on the APPO’s barricades, including our compañero, authentic journalist Brad Will. What Fox has failed to explain, however, is why the PFP chose to go after the APPO instead of members of the paramilitary groups loyal to Governor Ruiz that were captured on photo and video murdering Brad and members of the APPO. Fox also claims that no civilians were killed on Sunday’s raid. Footage obtained by Narconews and available for viewing on show the death of Jorge Alberto Lopez Bernál, a nurse who was killed by a projectile fired by the PFP. Two more are said to have been killed during the PFP raid.

That the Zapatistas and communists are fomenting the strife in Oaxaca and elsewhere in Mexico is also evident in The Narco News Bulletin’s coverage. Finally, an October 20 post at the forum by “Rodrigo” from Guadalajara, Mexico observes that “outsiders” are being transported into Oaxaca to exacerbate the political turmoil:

I have been to Oaxaca City. With all of the anarchists and communists involved in this insurgency, who knows if the persons shot were teachers or other troublemakers. Further, can this not be expected to happen when this lawlessness has been allowed to continue, grow and attract more outsiders who do not have the interests of the teachers in mind. Many new busses were noted parked on the streets, which had brought many outsiders into this troubled city . . . from where is the money coming to support these troublemakers. Hopefully, this can be settled peacefully and soon. If not, the power of the country must be brought to bear. A growing state of lawlessness and insurrection cannot be permitted.

The uprising in Oaxaca has generated considerable agitation among communists worldwide. Expressions of solidarity from the communist parties of Chile and Greece are published at the website of the communist Popular Socialist Party of Mexico. According to the communist website RedGlobe News, Obrador has publicized his support for APPO. The International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Party, to be held in several days in Lisbon, Portugal, will no doubt express the solidarity of its participants with the Oaxaca insurgents.

Do not expect the MSM to detect the communist involvement in this insurgency. And, if it does, the rebellion’s international significance vis-a-vis Moscow’s long-range strategy against the USA will receive no analysis whatsoever.

>Latin America File: Sandinista Comandante Ortega poised for victory in Nicaragua’s November 5 presidential election

>If you haven’t already been anesthetized by the shopping mall regime, you might have noticed that neo-communism is ingesting Latin America as the continuing CPSU prepares to move to the foreground in the Not-So-Former Soviet Union. The dominoes fall:

Domino 1: Comrade Lula da Silva cleans up Brazil’s presidential election, for a second time, over the weekend.

Domino 2: The pro-Soviet communist dictator of Nicaragua, Comrade Ortega, is poised for a comeback in only four days, in Nicaragua’s current presidential election. In truth, the KGB-trained Sandinista National Liberation Front never went away but, rather, burrowed into the Nicaraguan judiciary, police forces, and military forces after its calculated withdrawal from the public monopoloy of power in 1990. Pre-election polls in some cases indicate Ortega’s 10% lead over Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance candidate Eduardo Montealegre.

Domino 3: Pre-election polls in Venezuela indicate that Comrade Chavez will again trounce his rivals in the December 3/January 10 presidential election in that country.

Vladimir Lenin warned the bourgeoisie that the continents would fall one by one to communism, until the noose tightened around the USA. We are almost there . . . Meanwhile, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of the Russian General Staff conduct closed-door meetings. The very notion of US-Russian military cooperation plays into the hands of a cunning Leninist enemy bent on East-West convergence. Witting or not, the rope has been sold.

>Latin America File: Brazil’s President Lula da Silva re-elected by significant margin, communists to advance revolution using "flexible" tactics

>And so the Workers’ Party, the Communist Party of Brazil, and their revolutionary socialist allies in Brazil and throughout Latin America, via the Sao Paulo Forum, will advance Brazil’s communist revolution into its second stage.

Astute observers of communism in this “post”-communist world will be watching South America’s most populous country to see if Lula’s government will be bold enough to consolidate power ala Comrade Chavez. Controlling the MSM and eliminating opposition will be crucial elements of that stage. On the other hand, will Brazilian communists restrain themselves and consolidate power under the guise of “democracy”? Now, that will be a challenge for communists anywhere! For more disinformation, read the Portuguese edition of Pravda. For an accurate picture of Latin American’s Red Axis, however, visit Swimming Against the Red Tide and other blogs linked through Blogs Coligados, of which we are pleased to be part.

Brazil’s Lula sets out priorities
October 31, 2006
By Steve Kingstone
BBC News, Sao Paulo

Brazil’s newly re-elected President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has set out priorities for his second term. In television interviews, he said the emphasis would be economic development, the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor, and education.

Lula, as the left-leaning President is known, won more than 60% of the vote in Sunday’s poll, beating his rival Geraldo Alckmin.

He interprets that as a mandate to continue prioritising the poor.

Speaking on Brazilian television, the president said a layer of Brazilian society had for centuries been marginalised and if those people could be levered up into the middle class everyone would benefit.

In the coming days Lula’s challenge is to assemble a solid coalition in Brazil’s parliament, and some commentators are pessimistic about prospects for significant legislation.

“I believe that Lula will have a very difficult time in Brazil for the next four years,” said Claudio Cuto, a politics professor at the Catholic Pontificate University of Sao Paulo.

“Governments in Brazil need to change the constitution if they want to govern,” he said, adding that the government and the opposition were sharply polarised.

“If you want, for example, to change the tax structures in Brazil you have to amend a constitution and so you need super majorities to do it.”

A majority consisting of 60% of the votes is needed in both the Senate and the lower house of the congress to amend the constitution.

Such is the challenge in securing that level of support that many here believe change to the political system itself should be the top priority.

Link: BBC News

The statement of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) at the 14th International Communist Seminar, sponsored by the Workers’ Party of Belgium in May 2005, offers some inkling into the manner in which Brazilian communists intend to impose their agenda upon an unsuspecting populace following the October 2006 general elections. First, the PCdoB notes, with pleasure no doubt, the general movement of Latin American governments toward the left since the late 1990s, in large part due to the agitation of “regional political worker cadres”:

In the political plane, the patriotic and progressive forces of left, reunited in ample fronts, assume the national governments in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and, more recently, in Uruguay. In other parts, electoral victories of democratic forces, victories at local level or advances in the conformation of political fronts reinforce positive a general picture of resistance. Of the same form, it is necessary to emphasize, like preponderant factor in the regional political worker cadres, the fact that the town, in the streets, in the last demolished nine corrupt or neoliberal presidents 13 years, in seven of the twelve countries of South America, and Ecuador was the last one, does few days. Next, the presidential elections in Chile, in deciembre, and 2006, in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and finally in Brazil, in October, will be able to confirm that general tendency to the left.

Mexico’s move to the extreme left was thwarted, at least temporarily, when the Party of the Democratic Revolution and its allies failed to secure the presidency under Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Acknowledging the presence of “counter-revolutionary” impediments in the Lula government, the PCdoB advocates a “flexible” approach to the overthrow of “neoliberalism”:

Part of that problem talks about insufficient conviction of the majority force of the government, the PT, of which the changes in the economic policy are the base for substantial advances in the transition of the model. It is also limited by the intense pressures of the dominant classes against the government, without the majority to talk and with insufficient pressure of mass. Thus, the Lula government can be characterized like a dual, contradictory government. In the present correlation of forces, we think that it is possible to the Lula government to efectivar a transition beyond the neoliberalism. The defeat of representaria the Lula government the return of the moved away neoliberal forces in 2002. For that reason, the PCdoB participates in the government and defends that a coalition government is impelled, frentista, that reunites the ample majority of the Brazilian town and the democratic and patriotic political forces for the sustenation of the changes. In October we will make ours mainly 11º Congress, that will mean a deep debate of tactical and strategic nature, of an own way for the effective overcoming of the neoliberalism in our country. The objective is to take steps, to accumulate forces, to advance hard in the construction of a Communist Party, adapted to the exigencies of the time.

The PCdoB places much importance on its collaboration with parties of “like faith” in the Red International, albeit on the foundation of individual party autonomy and “mutual respect”:

In our opinion, the relations between the communist parties, must happen on the base of the mutual interest and respect, of the complete autonomy and political and ideological independence of each organization, in a relation of complete equality and not-interference in the inner subjects of each one.

The PCdoB looks for to be related com all communist, revolutionary, patriotic and anti-imperialist the parties, without exclusions and defends the cooperation between the Communists, that is due to intensify, because it treats, indeed, of a time exigency.

The entire political spectrum of Brazil leans largely to the left. For example, even Lula’s leading rival in the presidential election, Geraldo Alckmin, was another crypto-communist who drew support from the Brazilian Social Democracy Party, Liberal Front Party, and Socialist People’s Party, which was formed by defectors from the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) in 1992. The PCB, which should not be confused with the PCdoB, maintains a separate existence today.