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EU/USA Files: Kremlin media gloats over Libor scandal: Russian financial institutions immune to transatlantic interest rate-fixing fraud; US, UK regulators impose massive fines on Barclay’s Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Switzerland’s UBS; Barclay’s “hid true cost of borrowing” from Bank of England during 2008 financial market collapse

Red Terror File: Widow of assassinated FSB officer testifies at UK pre-inquest hearing: Husband received payments from Spain’s spy agency, prior to 2006 radioactive poisoning Litvinenko planned trip to Madrid to expose link between Putin and Russian Mafia; accused killer presently State Duma deputy, enjoys immunity from extradition

Middle East File: Kremlin show of force for allies in Damascus and Tehran: Russian Navy dispatches Moskva missile cruiser, three landing ships to Syria for possible evacuation of citizens, marines to drill off Syrian coast; destroyer Marshal Shaposhinkov makes port of call at Iran’s Bandar Abbas before Christmas

USSR2 File: Kremlin energy monster Gazprom gobbles up Minsk’s Beltransgaz, devours Bishkek’s debt-ridden Kyrgyzgaz; sends No.2 man to Lithuania for negotiations, Moscow holds 37% stake in Vilnius’ Lietuvos Dujos; plans to build South Stream pipeline in Bulgaria in 2013; opens office in Croatia; targets Canadian LNG assets of Spain’s debt-stricken Repsol

EU File: More anti-austerity strikes hit Portugal, Greece; recession-wracked “ex”-communist Slovenia braces for protests, organizers vow “people’s uprising,” follows violent Dec. 1 demos; Croatia battles credit rating downgrade as ex-Yugoslav republic approaches EU accession

EU File: 500 students in South Bohemia protest region’s CSSD-KSCM coalition government, appointment of Communist to head education department, accuse Social Democrats of breaking 1995 promise to not form alliances with Czech Republic’s past dictators; reds return to power in 10 of 13 regions

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Red World Order File: Communist parties from several continents converge in Moscow, swap notes on “problems” facing world revolutionary movement; delegations from Brazil, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Greece, India, Lebanon, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam; Hanoi “accelerates development along socialist path”

Africa File: Nelson Mandela hospitalized in Pretoria as 94-year-old former South Africa president, ANC leader finally exposed as senior cadre of South African Communist Party; British historian cites minutes from secret 1982 party meeting, Mandela denied membership during 1963-64 Rivonia Trial; IRA trained ANC in bomb-making at Angola base in late 1970s

USSR2 File: Russia’s president dismisses majority popular opinion, lifts script from Communist Party boss Zyuganov’s August statement, insists Lenin’s mummy remain in Red Square mausoleum, rejects burial; Putin to supporters: “What happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dominant ideology? We never got anything in its place. We must return to our historic roots.”

Bolivarian Revolution File: Chavez’s cancer returns after re-election, regional Red Axis leader heads to Havana for surgery, appoints pro-Cuban loyalist, VP Maduro as successor; National Assembly president sidelined, Cabello professes support for Chavez pick; embattled Syrian dictator mulls exile in Cuba, Venezuela or Ecuador

Middle East File: Radical Islamists seize Syrian army base west of Aleppo, hoist black jihadist flag; most fighters foreign, at least one from Uzbekistan, Free Syrian Army not involved in battle; Ba’athist regime contends rebels may use chemical weapons, London frets Assad may respond in kind; Kremlin media: USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier arrives near Syria

Middle East File: Syrian regular troops fortify positions around Damascus as Free Syrian Army says international airport conduit for Russian, Iranian arms, “legitimate target” for capture; IDF: Assad’s chemical weapons under control; French military advisors meet rebel commander; USA, Germany, Netherlands to deploy Patriot anti-missile batteries to Turkey-Syria border

EU File: Serbia professes EU integration even as Milosevic protégé PM Dacic rejects de facto Kosovo independence, rubs elbows with Cyprus’ Moscow-educated red president, considers acquisition of Russian fighter jets; Socialist cabinet minister denounces trial of Serbs by former Yugoslav war crimes tribunal at The Hague

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Polish authorities file charges of terrorism against Krakow academic who allegedly planned to detonate 4 metric ton bomb outside Sejm; “Dr. Brunon K.” claimed “foreigners” (Jews) control Warsaw government, open admirer of convicted mass murderer Breivik; Norwegian neo-fascist bought bomb components in Poland

Useful Idiots Bin: Red-brown nexus: E. Berlin founded party for ex-Nazis, Wehrmacht officers; recognized by Soviets, NPDP dissolved into Free Democrats in 1990; co-founder of Red Army Faction spied for Stasi in late 1960s, “defected” to neo-Nazi NPD in 2000, jailed for Holocaust denial; Left leader informant for Stasi in 2005 report; GDR, Western doctors subjected 10,000s of patients to dangerous drug tests

EU File: Social Democrats and Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia form coalition to govern 10 of 13 regions in Czech Republic, communists won 2 regions outright in mid-October vote; first post-Velvet Revolution communist assumes governor’s office in Usti region; neo-Stalinist KSCM, CSSD seek joint power at national level

Are the Czechs doomed to repeat the disaster of 1948?

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EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: German regional authorities make another bid to outlaw neo-Nazi National Democratic Party, dropped informants within NPD earlier this year; Chancellor Merkel skeptical about ban plan, follows 2003 attempt; National Socialist Underground murdered 9 immigrants, 1 police officer in 2000s

Justizministerin sieht Risiken bei erneutem NPD-Verbotsverfahren2010s: 1930s redux


EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: France’s National Front senses window of opportunity to control Right as main rival UMP hemorrhages members during leadership fracas, ex-president Sarkozy tries to broker peace between disciple Cope and ex-PM Fillon; French economy burdened by declining competitiveness, bloated state, rigid labor regulation

Mohamed Merah2010s: 1930s redux

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Pictured above: Last March, self-confessed Al Qaeda member and Palestinian sympathizer Mohamed Merah died in shootout with French police, after killing three soldiers, a rabbi, and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse. This week, police in southwestern France reportedly arrested two people suspected of acting as Merah’s accomplices.

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Catalan separatists sweep Nov. 25 vote, secure 64% of seats in regional parliament; Catalan’s center-right president vows joint push with Republican Left for secession referendum; neo-Falangists, clerico-fascists rally in Madrid, denounce Barcelona as Franco-era labor laws hobble Spanish economy

2010s: 1930s redux

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Spanish fascists_Madrid_11-27-12Pictured here: Spanish neo-Falangists, young and old, offer the stiff-armed fascist salute in Madrid on November 25, 2012, to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the death of dictator General Francisco Franco.

SPAIN-HISTORY-POLITICS-FRANCO-ANNIVERSARYPictured here: During a Catholic mass for Franco on the actual anniversary of his death, November 20, devotees of the Generalísimo offer the fascist salute at the Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen) near Madrid, location of Franco’s tomb (AFP photo). Clerico-fascism appears to be alive and well among contemporary devotees of Franco.

Neo-Falangists_Madrid_11-25-12In this photo from the November 25 rally in Madrid, a Catholic crucifix lurks behind these neo-Falangists (upper right corner).

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Golden Dawn, Greece’s third strongest party, stages rally in Crete, unfurls flag of 1967-1974 military junta, threatens to kill anti-fascist protesters; PM Samaras shot down plan to ban democratically elected neo-Nazis last Sept.; leading Orthodox bishops express support for “Chrysi Avgi”

Golden Dawn2010s: 1930s redux

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Pictured here: Rally of People’s Association-Golden Dawn in Greece.

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Hungarian deputy fuehrer demands list of Jews in government and parliament, cites “national security”; Jobbik party, country’s third strongest, apes Nazi-allied Arrow Cross regime, 550,000 Hungarian Jews perished in 1944-1945; PM, “ex”-communists condemn Gyöngyösi’s comments, anti-fascists rally in Budapest

Anti-fascist rally_Budapest_12-1-122010s: 1930s redux

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Pictured above: Thousands of anti-fascists rally in Budapest on December 2, protesting against anti-Jewish comments uttered by Jobbik deputy leader Marton Gyongyosi. The neo-fascist politican appears on the posters above, replete with Hitler moustache and superimposed upon Second World War-era Arrow Cross party logo.