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Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer takes to Facebook, posts audio of PM Justin Trudeau’s Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick, trying to persuade Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to drop corruption charges against Montreal-based engineering firm SNC Lavalin, save 9,000 jobs, urges deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) instead, Wilson-Raybould takes principled stand on judicial independence, expresses “discomfort” with conversation, accuses Prime Minister’s Office of “political interference,” later fired, Wernick to “retire” ahead of Oct. parliamentary election; SNC CEO Neil Bruce denies threatening federal government over potential lay offs in face of prosecution; RCMP charged SNC-Lavalin, SNC-Lavalin Construction Inc., and SNC-Lavalin International Inc. with offering C$47.7/US$35.8 million in bribes to Libya’s Qaddafi regime between 2001 and 2011; six years ago World Bank imposed decade-long ban on SNC-Lavalin from bidding on contracts, settle corruption inquiry into its activities in Bangladesh

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Canada’s globalist Liberal government is going down in disgrace. ‘Bout time. Canada needs a nationalist revolution.

Bolivarian Revolution File: US State Dept. condemns Russia’s Mar. 23 troop deployment to Venezuela: “. . . [as] another contradiction of both [Pres.] Nicolas Maduro’s and Russia’s calls for non-intervention in Venezuela and is a reckless escalation of the situation”; Diosdado Cabello, dep. chief of ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, confirms aircraft arrived in Caracas, but refuses to elaborate on purpose of 100 Russian troops; Venezuelan Info Ministry, however, finally admits soldiers tasked with servicing Russian-built military hardware per bilateral accords, while RIA Novosti explains Russian delegation present for defense industry coop talks; The Drive news site notes An-124 strategic airlifter and Il-62M passenger jet flew from Russia to Venezuela via Syria, specifically former via Russian air base at Khmeimim, latter via Damascus, speculates Condor airlifter picked up troops from Syria since Russian personnel seen on tarmac in Caracas sported desert camo uniforms, An-124 departed on Mar. 25; meanwhile Maduro regime blames USA for second major power outage to hit country this month, Info Minister Jorge Rodriguez: “We have suffered a new attack on our national electricity system’s load and transmission center today [Monday]”; US-backed opposition fears Maduro’s secret police will shortly arrest their leader after SEBIN agents haul away Juan Guaido’s chief of staff, Roberto Marrero, on Mar. 21, Americas editor for Miami NPR affiliate WLRN: “Let’s keep in mind that the Cubans are really running the security show in Venezuela”

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Putin has lifted his Venezuela script from some unused Cold War drama . . .

Red Dawn Alert: One hundred Russian Ground Forces troops deployed to Venezuela on March 23, under command of Gen. Vasily Tonkoshkurov, touch down at Caracas’ Simón Bolívar International Airport in Il-62 passenger jet and An-124 strategic airlifter, latter disgorges 35 tons of “aid;” Russia’s Defense and Foreign Ministries, Venezuela’s Information Ministry decline MSM requests for comment on Kremlin military deployment in South America; Image Satellite International publishes pics revealing Russian-built S-300 air defense missile system has been set up at Captain Manuel Rios Airbase in Guarico state; follows “frank” and “serious” high-level talks in Rome between US special rep Elliot Abrams, Dep. FM Sergei Ryabkov, latter demands: “We assume that Washington treats our priorities seriously, our approach and warnings”; Kremlin has invested US$17 billion in Venezuela in “recent years,” incrementally increasing its opposition to US-sponsored regime change by shipping 300 tons of aid last month, providing security detail for embattled communist dictator Nicolas Maduro in form of mercs (i.e., Spetsnaz) in Jan., sending two Blackjack nuclear bombers, cargo aircraft and passenger jet with 100 “pilots and other personnel” to Caracas last Dec.

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If yesterday’s declaration from US AG William Barr that the Mueller probe found no evidence of collusion between Russia and Team Trump doesn’t put an end to the Democrat/Deep State conspiracy to sink POTUS, then the Venezuelan Missile Crisis should definitely prove there is no “bromance” between Trump and Putin. However, don’t count on the American Left reconnecting with reality anytime in the near future.

Gray Terror File: Australian telecoms TPG, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone block 8Chan, 4Chan, Voat, LiveLeak and Zero Hedge for hosting livestreamed video of New Zealand mosque shootings, ban on 4Chan lifted hours later, 8Chan also platform for pro-Trump QAnon info dropper; NZ’s socialist-led government moves quickly to ban “military-style semi-automatics,” “assault rifles” and “high-capacity magazines,” cash offered to citizens who turn in their guns in “buy back” scheme; threatens 14-year prison sentence for anyone reposting “objectionable material” online, 18-year-old Christchurch man charged with “inciting racial hatred” for publishing “white nationalist” Brenton Tarrant’s video on Facebook; Hillary pal, self-avowed feminist PM Jacinda Ardern falls over herself to transform NZ into sharia-compliant state, admits talks with Facebook execs to clamp down on video, dons hijab and urges NZ women to do same in show of solidarity with Muslim community, state TV/radio to broadcast Muslim call to prayer on March 22; NZ Government Communications Security Bureau denies advance knowledge of Tarrant or his plans; accused terrorist Tarrant transferred to NZ’s sole maximum security prison, near Auckland, placed in solitary, no access to media

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Sadly, the United Kingdom and its former colonies of Canada, Australia and New Zealand have all slipped into a deplorable “soft totalitarianism” that advances globalism, socialism, feminism, transgenderism, secularism and, paradoxically, radical Islam. This is the case even when “conservative” parties are in power.

As a side note, it is highly ironic (but not surprising) that feminists have facilitated the Islamic invasion of the West by denigrating Christianity, emasculating men, defeminizing women and dehumanizing unborn children. With the decline of chivalry in the West and traditional gender roles, however, Islam’s notorious rape and FGM cultures, as well as a host of other social ills, have rushed in to fill the void.

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Joint Command of Regional Grouping of Forces of Belarus and Russia Federation hold joint staff drills in advance of Union Shield 2019 in Oct.-Nov., Russian DM Sergei Shoigu: “The Republic of Belarus is a reliable military ally of Russia.”; mil-mil coop between Moscow and Minsk occurs in spite of latter’s discomfort over political union talks, Pres. Alexander Lukashenko refers to Belarusian sovereignty as “holy icon,” supports popular referenda in both countries for deeper integration; meanwhile 1,000 Russian airmen and air defense troops carry out drills adjacent to Baltic States, Poland and Finland, counter simulated NATO aerial attacks with TOS-1A MRLS; Belarusian army to adopt V-300 Polonez-M MRLS with extended, 300-km range; Russian Air Force deploys nuclear-capable Backfire bombers to occupied Crimea, alleges need to counter US Aegis missiles in Romania, Pres. Vladimir Putin visits Ukrainian peninsula on March 18 to celebrate fifth anniversary of annexation; Italian fighter jets stationed in Iceland intercept two Russian Tu-142 maritime recon aircraft outside island state’s airspace; meanwhile Pentagon sends message to Moscow-Beijing Axis, B-52 strategic bombers based out of RAF Fairford carry out “familiarization flights” over Norwegian Sea, Baltic Sea, Estonia, Med Sea and Greece, more B-52s based out of Guam skirt Russian Far East, fly over contested islands in S. China Sea

Event Convergence Alert: President Trump aware of QAnon (at very least), retweets MAGA supporter’s post featuring profile pic with Q logo and red cap, “hat tip” occurs while defending Jeanine Pirro after Fox News execs can her TV program, rebuke Pirro after conservative commentator highlights Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s adherence to sharia on March 9 program; meanwhile Minnesota Democrats in damage control mode over newbie Muslim politician’s anti-Semitic comments, seek candidate to thwart Omar’s aspirations in 2020 congressional primaries, state senator Ron Latz: “I’d be pretty uncomfortable supporting Rep. Omar right now . . . given her apparent inability to stop insulting Jews”; POTUS mocks “fake news media” attempt to pin Christchurch massacre on him while Q asks: “New Zealand false flag shooting an attempt to shutdown 8ch? Who is the real intended target?” (post 3114); Q also alleges (occultic) connection between John Podesta’s little-reported visit to NZ shortly before Brenton Tarrant’s terror attack, shooting rampage at two mosques led to murder of 49 worshippers; veteran Dem operative, accused pedophile Podesta addressed Path to Progress summit in Sydney on Mar. 7, flies on to Wellington for Global Progress conclave, mocks “Pizzagate” in interview and suggests NZ “big juicy target” for Russian/Chinese cyber-attack

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BTW, Congressmuslim Omar also believes Trump is “non-human.” What better way for the enemies of America (both foreign and domestic) to justify assassinating POTUS . . .

Gray Terror File: Alt-media denizens speculate Deep State preparing to dismantle 8Chan, online platform for pro-Trump QAnon info dropper that has galvanized segments of US patriot community, after 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant allegedly guns down, livestreams deaths of 49 Muslims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and suburb Linwood during Friday prayers, 48 more wounded; Aussie media reports 3 co-conspirators arrested, NZ police commissioner refers to “attackers”; Tarrant posts personal manifesto to 8Chan day before rampage, describes self as “racist/terrorist/eco-fascist/ethno-nationalist,” denies being “neo-Nazi” but expresses admiration for Norwegian mass killer, self-avowed fascist Anders Breivik, British fascist Sir Oswald Mosley (1896-1980) and Red China, partial support for Donald Trump “as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”; social media pics reveal trips to Pakistan and North Korea; Sydney Morning Herald brands 8Chan as “far-right online forum” even as QAnon refers to 90K-plus sealed indictments in US federal court dockets in March 9 drop: “Sealed > Unsealed. Indictments coming. Q” (post 3011); then warns of “false flag attack” in March 14 post, mentions USA, EU as possible targets but overlooks NZ (3077); responds to March 15 massacre in Christchurch: “Not big enough to pull headlines/news away. Think days. Q” (post 3078)

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Well, it’s time to stop sh-tposting and time to make a real life effort post. I will carry out an attack against the invaders [Muslims], and will even live stream the attack via Facebook link.
Statement allegedly made by Brenton Tarrant on 8Chan, March 14, 2019

Beware the Ides of March.

Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s top prosecutor Tarek William Saab launches investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido, accuses country’s self-proclaimed interim president of sabotaging electrical grid ahead of feared US military invasion, Venezuela without power since March 7; communist dictator Nicolas Maduro’s secret police carries out pre-dawn raid of home of prominent journalist on March 11, Luis Carlos Díaz reporting on blackout and other woes of embattled regime; National Press Workers Union says SEBIN agents hauled Díaz off to Caracas’ notorious El Helicoide “political prison,” also seized journalist’s computers and pen drives; German nationalist reporter Billy Six also reportedly held in El Helicoide since being detained on suspicion of espionage in 2018; Maduro’s DM Vladimir Padrino López alleges Pentagon cyberattack disrupted operations of Guri hydroelectric plant, cutting power to Venezuela’s 23 states: “This is an aggression designed to destablise the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan state”; US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo announces withdrawal of remaining embassy staff in Caracas, tweets: “[T]he presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy”

USA File: Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) admits he failed to prevent Republican colleagues from helping Democrats to pass resolution blocking President Trump’s national emergency on S. border, bill likely to face veto from White House, eventual court challenge; Hillary Clinton formally bows out of 2020 presidential election bid amid slew of Democratic contenders but vows “I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe”; POTUS pledges to sign EO requiring universities to uphold free speech on campus in order to qualify for 26 billion in federal research dollars, specifically designed to protect conservative students/speakers from neo-Marxist faculty/admins dominating most post-secondary institutions; pro-Trump QAnon poster leaves trail of “bread crumbs” on March 3: “Q and POTUS Are in Very Close Proximity to Each Other” (post 2948); “Unusually High Number of Sealed Indictments [90K+ nationwide since Oct. 2017]” (2940); “This Is a Methodical Plan [to take down Dems/Deep State] Moving Ahead Step by Step with Military Precision” (2937); “Treason-Sedition-Corruption at the Highest Levels of Government (World Wide)” (2938); “Obama Gave the Order to Start the Spy Campaign (Both Domestic and Foreign)” (2959); QAnon once again implicates Freemasons (and Satanists) behind anti-Trump plots, posts pic of Masonic and tech giant logos, reiterates: “The Need for Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall” (2968, 2081, 184, other posts)

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Q. Much food for thought. The reader can come to his own conclusions.