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USSR2 File: Pro-West parties win Ukraine’s parliamentary election, President Poroshenko’s bloc secures 23% of vote, PM Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front takes 21%, third pro-EU party snaps up third place, Opposition Bloc, Radical Party, neo-fascist Svoboda scrape up enough votes to limp over 5% threshold, Communists flop; 5 million Ukrainians in Russian-occupied Crimea, separatist-controlled districts of Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts unable to cast ballots, 27 seats in Rada to remain empty; Poroshenko praises countrymen: “Today we have a new Ukraine. I hope it will be possible to form a strong, pro-European democratic coalition”; Moscow promises to recognize vote, but Kiev urges Kremlin to denounce DPR/LPR insurgents’ illegal Nov. 2 election

USSR2 File: Kremlin grants license to Communist Party of the Russian Federation’s TV channel to “broadcast over all Russia,” brainwash post-Soviet generation with communism, “Red Line” already posts online; CPRF lawmakers embrace neo-Stalinist autarky, draft motion to forbid MPs, officials, civil servants from owning foreign real estate, current law prohibits holding accounts in foreign banks, securities; CPRF No. 2 Melnikov deplores Ukrainian “neo-fascist zombies” for toppling Lenin statues, another party official describes Ukrainian state without communism as “myth,” borders depended on existence of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1919-1991); meanwhile, Communist Party of Ukraine crumbling before Oct. 26 election, likely unable to muster 5% threshold vote, faces new lustration law purging bureaucracy

Viva Golitsyn! Comment hardly necessary.

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Gray Terror File: Two soldiers, two Muslim extremists dead after “micro-terrorist attacks” in Ottawa, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu; French Canadian recruit Couture-Rouleau stalked soldiers for 2 hours before Oct. 20 hit-and-run incident in small Quebec city, Warrant Officer Vincent later died of injuries; RCMP believe Rouleau planned to join militants overseas, ISIL/ISIS logo appeared on suspect’s Facebook page; Canadian-born Muslim Zehaf-Bibeau boasted rap sheet prior to point-blank shooting of soldier in Ottawa on Oct. 22, Cpl. Cirillo guarding National War Memorial when murdered; RCMP refuses to confirm second gunman involved; soldier killings in Canada continue pattern of attacks against NATO military personnel by Islamic radicals, Merah gunned down French paratroopers in Toulouse, Montauban in March 2012; Canadian communists (predictably) accuse PM Harper of using tragedy to “advance a pro-war agenda and impose dictatorial powers at home”

Gray Terror File: “Micro-terrorist attacks” in Ottawa, Quebec city suggest possible ISIL/ISIS plot unfolding in Canada, follows deployment of Canadian warplanes to Middle East, months of US air strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant targets; French Canadian convert to radical Islam runs down two soldiers near St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, SE of Montreal on Mon., one soldier later dies of injuries; Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau shot dead by police after high-speed car chase, RCMP investigating 90 terror suspects, including Rouleau; follow-up terror attack occurs in Ottawa on Wed., masked gunman jumps out of car driven by second person, kills reservist guarding National War Memorial, runs to, infiltrates Parliament Building, killed by security, MP reports more than 30 shots fired, ruling Conservative Party caucus meeting in progress; Canadian authorities seeking multiple suspects, NORAD increases alert posture

USSR2 File: Svoboda, Right Sector activists clash with police outside Ukrainian parliament ahead of Oct. 26 election, amidst Moscow-backed uprising in Donbass; neo-fascists demand MPs recognize WW2-era, Nazi-allied Ukrainian Insurgent Army, 50 protesters arrested; Kremlin-linked “SandWorm” hacking group exploits flaw in Microsoft Windows, breaks into computer networks operated by NATO, Ukrainian, Polish governments, cybersecurity firm director: “This is consistent with espionage activity. All indicators from a targeting and lures perspective would indicate espionage with Russian national interests”; no evidence “SandWorm” same group behind intrusions into U.S. bank computers, including JPMorgan Chase; DPR separatist in Ukraine threatens to take war to Poland unless Warsaw terminates weapon shipments to Kiev

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Unknown gunmen ambush Gubarev’s car in Donetsk Oblast after Kremlin-backed separatist, neo-Nazi/ex-communist leaves Russia’s Rostov-on-Don, DPR co-leader unconscious, hospitalized back at Rostov; Putin says Russian Armed Forces have withdrawn 17,600 troops from Ukrainian border, perpetuates myth about no Russian military in Donbass; Austria delivers aerial surveillance drones to Ukraine to monitor border with Russia, Germany, France also commit to providing Kiev with UAVs; Poroshenko dismisses Helety as DM, replaces with National Guard chief Poltorak, Helety criticized for allowing 100 soldiers, volunteers to perish during Russian army’s siege at Ilovaysk in Aug.; NSDC spokes- man Lysenko: Repeated attempts by rebels to seize Donetsk’s international airport have failed, “Our troops repelled the attack and inflicted significant losses to terrorists”; Tymchuk: Rebels continue to violate month-old cease-fire at multiple locations, attack ATO forces

USA/USSR2 Files: Hackers with “loose connections with officials of the Russian government” launched massive cyberattack against total of 10 US financial institutions in July-August, previously reported computer network breach at JPMorgan Chase compromised accounts of 76 million households, 7 million small businesses, personal information accessed; Kremlin spokesman dismisses allegations Moscow seeking “payback” for Western sanctions over Ukraine crisis, Peskov: “This is nonsense”; former NSA director, US Army general Alexander: “How would you shake the United States back? Attack a bank in cyberspace. If it was them [i.e., the Russians], they just sent a real message: ‘You’re vulnerable,’” hackers had “exceptional skills,” were “a nation-state backed group”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow-backed rebels with tank and support from Russian regular forces press attack against government-held inter- national airport at Donetsk on Sept. 3, lose 12 fighters; shelling of army positions around besieged city of Mariupol persists, port city temporary oblast capital, Governor Taruta denies Ukrainian army responsible for cease-fire violations; NSDC: Russian Armed Forces’ 100th intelligence brigade, military hardware from N. Ossetia infiltrates border, lurks near Mariupol; Tatar leader Dzhemilev in Warsaw says 40,000 Russian troops with “offensive weaponry” concentrated in Crimea: “There are persistent rumors that soon the Russian troops will invade Ukraine in the south. If the invasion starts, the Russians will try to destroy the Crimean Tatars whom they describe as Kyiv’s fifth column . . . for opposing the annexation of Crimea”; Poroshenko approves lustration law to purge Communists, KGB agents, Party of Regions activists from public service

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian POWs released by rebels, describe combat with Russian Ground Forces in Donbass, expose Kremlin lies alleging no military presence in Ukraine; soldier Alexei Koshelenko surrendered to Russian regular forces near town of Ilovaysk, Aug. 25: “We . . . were fired on heavily from all sides. Tanks, APCs and infantry were attacking us. We thought we were in the rear, we thought they were ours … The fire mowed down the woods. Our troops retreated and it was Russians all around. We got captured. We ran out of ammunition . . .”; soldier Andrei Krupa captured near village of Dzerkalniy, 20 km S. of Ilovaysk, same day: “They were Russian soldiers – soldiers from Kostroma, paratroopers”; 9 Ukrainian soldiers defending Donetsk’s international airport killed by rebel shelling, DPR leader Purgin maintains cease-fire deal awards facility to separatists; national unity demonstrators in Kharkiv topple 40-foot Lenin statue, pro-Moscow mayor promises to restore monument, IM Avakov Facebooks: “Lenin? Let him fall”; Poroshenko adviser: Russian GRU “spearheading” provocations along “Odessa-Zaporizhia-Kharkiv-Kherson axis,” planning “explosions in Kharkiv and Odessa,” Russia continues to build up invasion force in occupied Crimea

EU/USA Files: White House reassures East Bloc-turned-NATO allies over Russian invasion of Ukraine, sends 600 armored infantry to Poland, Baltics for Atlantic Resolve exercise, 200-man armored unit, complete with 12 Abrams MBTs, 8 M2 Bradley IFVs specifically deployed to Poland; DM Siemoniak hints Poland may scrap US$1.6 billion deal with French arms giant Thales to supply missile defense shield, unless Paris stops waffling on Mistral sale to Russia; Kremlin sends unfriendly message while Poroshenko visits Ottawa, Washington DC: F-22 fighter jets scrambled from Alaska base to repel 6-plane Russian bomber sortie on Sept. 18, 6 hours later Royal Canadian Air Force intercepts Tu-95s over Beaufort Sea; CF-18s on NATO mission in Lithuania shadow Russian An-26 over Baltic Sea on Sept. 11, RCAF Lt.-Col. Pletz: “Not to diminish the threat that they pose [to N. America], but [what] we are used to dealing with in NORAD is lumbering Bear strategic bombers . . . Here you have all the Russians’ latest gear. There are Su-27 fighters, Su-34 fighters, Tu-22 bombers as well as transport aircraft”