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Red Dawn Alert: Kremlin evidently perceives no threat from Obama White House, politically correct US Armed Forces: Russia’s Commander of Long-Range Aviation addresses Defense Ministry meeting: Nuclear-capable bombers on “tour of duty” in Western Hemisphere, will undertake “series of patrol missions” over South America following second visit to Venezuela, historic first touchdown in Nicaragua

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Event Convergence Alert: Russia holds snap drills of nuclear forces, anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense systems, naval and strategic aviation; President Putin assumes personal command over exercises, which coincide with combat training flights of Tu-160 supersonic bombers to Venezuela (first since 2008), Nicaragua (historic first), arrival of Russian national security czar in Caracas, Managua

Neo-Sandinista/Bolivarian Revolution Files: Nicaraguan opposition journalist Chamorro claims army’s Defense Investigation Administration spying on, intimidating his family; Venezuela’s socialist president creates Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness, provokes mockery in face of chronic shortages of basic goods, services (electricity); opposition leader Capriles accuses Maduro of bankrupting country

Event Convergence Alert: Head of Russian Security Council, former KGB/FSB chief meets Presidents Maduro, Ortega, inks agreements in defense, security; Patrushev’s trip to Venezuela, Nicaragua coincides with flights of Russian strategic bombers to Caracas and Managua, Ortega hails arrival of Tu-160s at Augusto Sandino IA, Venezuelan DM boarded warplanes at Simon Bolivar IA, Carmen Melendez to visit Russia

Red Dawn Alert: Russian Tu-160 heavy bombers leave Venezuela, touch down in Managua, Nicaragua, FIRST-EVER PRESENCE OF SOVIET/RUSSIAN STRATEGIC AVIATION IN CENTRAL AMERICA; Blackjack crews left base in SW Russia, hugged N. America’s West Coast, probably flew over Nicaragua to reach Venezuela on Oct. 28, apparently skirted never-used Punta Huete air base built in 1986, renovated in 2010

We’ve been waiting for years for the crafty commies to pull a stunt like this.

Reaction from Obama White House: More East-West convergence. More disarmament.

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Red Dawn Alert: Marathon flight path of Russian supersonic bombers visiting Venezuela raises important questions; Kremlin admits Tu-160s left base in SW Russia, encountered Norwegian fighter jets over N. Atlantic, flew over E. Pacific, following SW coast of N. America, before flying over Caribbean and landing in Caracas; conclusion: Russian bomber crews must have initially flown E. over Siberia, later through airspace of some C. American ally (Nicaragua?)

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Note: The other possible flight path of the Blackjacks would have the aircraft leave their base in SW Russia on October 28 and fly across the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Central America (via Nicaragua most likely), in order to reach the East Pacific Ocean and SW coast of North America. The Tu-160s would then re-cross Central America and the Caribbean Sea to reach Venezuela, which they would have skirted earlier. This is certainly possible but seems unlikely in view of the warplanes’ later trip to Managua on October 30. We propose the Siberia route, therefore, unless more official information becomes available.

Red Dawn Alert: Russian Air Force shows solidarity with Chavez successor, sends four strategic bombers on global trek, two Tu-160s touch down in Venezuela, two Tu-95MS Bears escort the Blackjacks, first such sortie since 2008; President Maduro seeks decree powers from rubberstamp National Assembly, establishes all-powerful domestic spy agency; red regimes in Cuba, Venezuela slammed for lack of press freedom

Neo-Sandinista File: President Ortega’s son leads “high-powered” delegation to Red China, discusses Nicaragua Canal, even though Managua recognizes Taipei; Beijing denies official backing, but state-run China Railway Construction Corp. to lead megaproject; HK billionaire, canal financier privatized state-run telecom in 2010, denies links to CPC; Wang Jing announced mobile network deal with Sandinistas six months before 50-year canal concession

EU File: Snap parliamentary election in Czech Republic draws only 60% of eligible voters, yields no majority party, no obvious ruling coalition; Social Democrats scrape up 20%, upstart party of communist-turned-billionaire enters scene at 19%, Communists fare well at 15%, disgraced ex-ruling Civic Democrats bomb at 8%; CSSD leader Sobotka lashes out at colleagues, President Zeman over attempt to unseat him

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian Aerospace Defense Forces hold exercise in S. Military District with 700 servicemen, S-300 missiles to be launched at high-, low-altitude targets; Russian Airborne Troops to join Indian counterparts for Indra-2013 drills; CSTO troops wrap up Unbreakable Brotherhood 2013 in Urals region in early Oct., CIS states pledge mutual defense, resistance to NATO’s eastward expansion

Blast from the Past File: Widow of Communist Yugoslavia’s dictator dies in Belgrade, aged 88, “Tito” died in 1980; Jovanka Broz attained rank of major in Yugoslav Partisans; Serbia’s Socialist PM: Jovanka to be laid to rest next to husband with full military honors; KGB defector Golitsyn: Yugoslav-Soviet “dispute” of 1958 designed for West’s consumption


New Lies for Old (see chapter 13)

EU File: Germany may remain without stable government until Christmas, as coalition talks begin between CDU/CSU and SPD; Social Democrats present 10 “non-negotiable” points, demand minimum wage, six cabinet posts, including finance; Chancellor Merkel accused of being in backpocket of BMW, auto makers; Bundestag’s main opposition leader: Grand coalition threatens German democracy; Gysi last boss of GDR’s ruling communist party

Event Convergence Alert: Russian military inspectors to conduct surveillance flights over Czech Republic and Slovakia under terms of Open Skies Treaty, even as Czechs hold snap election amidst widespread concern of communist resurgence; Prague’s top state prosecutor hosts “ex”-CPSU counterpart from Moscow, swaps intelligence on organized/cyber-crime, terrorism

EU File: Czech agrochemical mogul, upstart politician accused of collaborating with StB in 1980s, engineering communist comeback in Oct. 25-26 snap election by splitting right-wing vote, portraying KSCM as only likely partner for Social Democrats; Babis denies all such charges, but former Communist Party member, foreign trade official under Prague’s red regime

EU File: Bulgaria’s Socialist government dodges mass protests against reinstatement of young media mogul to head of secret service, reintroduces ban on disclosure of communist-era state security files of current senior intelligence officers; PM Stanishev born in Soviet Ukraine, father Dimitar on Politburo of Bulgarian Communist Party; previous, “center-right” PM Borisov also ex-BCP cadre

EU File: Germany without effective government since Sept. vote as Merkel tries to revive grand coalition between CDU/CSU and SPD; ex-GDR communists emerge as Bundestag’s third largest faction, demand ruling alliance with Social Democrats and Greens; Left leader ducks Stasi past, Germany’s top court rules surveillance of Gysi colleague illegal, party’s internal Communist Platform advocates socialist state

EU File: Hungary charges aged interior minister over role in 1956 anti-communist uprising; Romania disturbs retired prison commander, alleges communist-era abuses, prosecutor in Ceausescu show trial: ex-reds still dominate political, economic elite; anti-government protests in Bulgaria enter fifth month, ruling Socialists denounced as “red trash”; Poland’s Democratic Left Alliance opposes ban on 1,400 communist-era street names, public symbols

WW4 File: International Space Station astronauts witness unannounced Russian Topol missile launch from Kazakhstan, 52-ton ICBM boasts 6,800-mile range; Obama White House sacks two nuclear missile commanders in as many days, cites “loss of trust and confidence” but insists US nuclear arsenal “safe”; two-star general Carey in charge of 20th Air Force, Vice-Adm. Giardina No. 2 at US Strategic Command

USSR2 File: Communists on the march throughout FSU: 2 million Russians back Communist petition to dissolve PM Medvedev’s United Russia regime, Putin rejects demand; Moldovan reds rally against pro-EU government, ruled 2001-2009; Ukrainian reds reject EU, insist upon referendum for accession to Russia-led Customs Union, Armenian comrades hail “ex”-red President Sargsyan’s decision to join