Monthly Archives: August 2015

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian, People’s Liberation Army navies land 400 amphibious troops, tanks, armored vehicles on Russia’s Pacific Coast in Joint Sea 2015 drill, first time Red China lands naval infantry on foreign soil, latest in 10 years of combined military exercises by Moscow-Beijing Axis; Russia, PRC plan to challenge US Navy’s world dominance, pool resources, build aircraft carriers together; European Commission questions Belgrade’s commitment to EU accession ahead of Slavic Brotherhood 2015 drill, Serbia justifies mil-mil coop with Russia, airborne forces from Russia, Belarus, Serbia prep for maneuvers at Russian training grounds, practice suppressing (pro-West) Maidan-style riots; Russian Armed Forces carried out 79 drills in Aug. ahead of multi-branch Center 2015 exercise in Sept.; Kremlin growls over NATO-Georgia Joint Training Center, complains of “another Western provocation aimed at destabilizing region”; 2,500 sailors from NATO, Ukrainian navies hold Sea Breeze 2015 exercise in Black Sea amid tensions with Russia over Donbass insurgency

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Artillery barrage from Moscow-backed separatists kills 2 civilians in town of Sartana, 20 km E of strategic port Mariupol, government shelling kills 5 non-combatants in rebel-held Donetsk city, Horlivka; more than 6,400 Ukrainian troops, insurgents, civilians killed in Donbass since fighting erupted in April 2014; Putin’s secret war in Ukraine: 9,000 Russian Ground Forces covertly based in Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts, equipped with 400 MBTs, 2,000 APCs to support 33,400 armed separatists; House Armed Services Cmte. Chairman Thornberry: Kremlin (ghoulishly) using mobile crematoria to dispose of bodies of fallen Russian soldiers; German FM Steinmeier: Donbass War worst European conflict since Cold War; NATO’s ex-communist members plan summit in Bucharest, demand “bigger security guarantees” in wake of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine; Russian DM welcomes Serbian counterpart to Moscow, Russian, Belarusian, Serbian paratroopers prep for Slavic Brotherhood 2015 drill, Serbian servicemen to train at Russia’s military academies