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Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Premier Doug Ford’s medical fascist police state cracks down on political opposition, slaps federal MP Derek Sloan and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier with fines for attending church service, People’s Party of Canada chief Maxime Bernier also fined for attending anti-lockdown protest, all three lawmakers associated with End the Lockdowns National Caucus; outspoken Tory MP Pierre Poilievre alarmed Trudeau Liberals intend to use Bill C-10 to censor social media on pretext of combating “racism” and “hate speech,” socialist NDP boss Jagmeet Singh backs censorship; embattled Calgary pastor Art Paw- lowski takes to Facebook, alleges city mosques hosting 100s of worshippers without interference from public health gestapo, urges Christians to rally at local park on May 1; Cultural Action Party founder Brad Salzberg laments: “At the same time as the Great Reset agenda ramps up at warp speed, Canadian citizens are being locked down from coast-to-coast. From our nation’s founding in 1867 to the arrival of PM Justin Trudeau in 2015, Canada was in essence a free and democratic nation . . . [O]ur government is transitioning society into a state of pseudo-communism”

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End the Lockdowns National Caucus

American patriots need to watch their attic (i.e., Canada). Trudeau’s end game could very well include the presence of PLA troops on Canadian soil, if they aren’t here already . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Anti-Christian persecution continues in Canada, most recently in Ontario under Premier Doug Ford’s medical fascist state, Toronto pastor/theologian Joseph Boot reports: “15 armed police in riot jackets and anti-stab vests burst in on my church Sunday morning [April 25] and entered without a warrant handing out tickets to several of my fellow elders. That’s Canada in 2021. Criminals are let out and pastors fined for public worship. The police were in violation of the Charter they swore to uphold and section 176 of the criminal code and the Trespass Act. Our Prime Minister [Justin Castro/Trudeau] says he is aware there is a constitution but his priority is the pandemic – we are currently effectively a dictatorship”; public health gestapo with police escort again intimidates church of combative Calgary pastor raised in Communist Poland, Art Pawlowski again scares away intruders; meanwhile, in surprising but hopeful development, Canada’s Federal Court admits Trudeau regime’s COVID-19 quarantine hotels constitute “arbitrary detention,” therefore unconstitutional, but injunction denied until formal trial in early June

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Ford’s goon squad (probably from the OPP) dons anti-stab vests to fine church elders. Gimme a break . . . Why don’t you go arrest some treasonous and corrupt politicians and public health officials. There’s plenty of those in Canada, starting at the top . . .

BTW, reported cases of COVID-19 among churchgoers in Canada have been very far and few between.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Ontario’s crime boss premier Doug Ford colludes with Trudeau regime in shutting down inter-provincial travel per Oct. 2020 Liberal Party cmte. leak, armed OPP checkpoint appears along Trans-Canada Highway at Manitoba border, provincial police deploys with tactical command vehicle even as multiple regional and local forces refuse to back Ford’s latest emergency pandemic measures; Ontario solicitor general and Ford stooge Sylvia Jones plays up COVID-19 “variant” narrative to justify imposition of medical fascist regime over Canada’s most populous province: “Should an individual not have a valid reason to enter Ontario, they will be turned back. Why are you coming into Ontario at this time? Is it necessary for medical, personal or work reasons? If it’s not, respectfully, you need to turn away until we deal with the variants, and until we get sufficient vaccines to make sure that our citizens are protected”; Premier Francois Legault collaborates with Ford in closing down Quebec-Ontario border to “non-essential travel,” OPP and Sûreté du Québec set up checkpoints along Highways 20 and 401

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Forget about COVID-19. We’ve got a better idea. How about a permanent international boundary between Ontario and Manitoba. Patriotic Western Canadians have been calling for this for decades. Wexit!

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Ontario’s crime boss premier colludes with Trudeau regime in shutting down inter-provincial travel per Oct. 2020 Liberal Party cmte. leak, Doug Ford closes borders with Quebec and Manitoba in supposed effort to thwart spread of COVID-19 “variants,” but experiences back- lash from Toronto, Ottawa and 21 other lockdown-weary cities; dozens of regional and local police depts. refuse to enforce new COVID-19 regulations, conduct warrant-less searches, stop and question motorists and pedestrians amid six-week stay-at-home order; top cop in Peel region: “[T]hese new measures called for by Doug Ford are in direct conflict with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms”; OPP, however, backs Ford, vows crackdown on COVID dissidents: “Law enforce- ment now has the ability to ask anyone outside their residence, inc. motorists, to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address”; meanwhile (corrupt?) Alberta court permits Kenney regime to avoid submitting scientific rationale for one year of pandemic lockdowns at May 3-5 trial of James Coates, pastor’s 300-member GraceLife Church now meeting in secret after public health gestapo seized church bldg.

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Welcome to Soviet Canuckistan . . . Mass house arrest. Arbitrary search, seizure and detention. Neutered political opposition. Embattled independent media. Religious persecution. Underground worship services. All in the name of a virus that suspiciously “cured” influenza one year after its (accidental on purpose) release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

BTW, if regional and local police departments in Ontario refuse to work with the OPP in enforcing Kim Jong Doug’s COVID dictatorship, crime boss Ford may have to call on the feds for military backup. This was one of the steps outlined in last fall’s leak exposing PM Justin Castro/Trudeau’s plot to impose globalist/communist rule over Canada. Finally, more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there is some institutional pushback to the latest round of unlawful lockdown orders . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Last Oct. unknown person claiming to sit on ruling Liberal Party’s Strategic Planning Cmte. released doc via ProtonMail, outlines PM Justin Castro/Trudeau’s steps to installing “COVID communist” dictatorship, six months later plan for total seizure of power unfolding like clockwork, likely to be fully implemented after (rigged) snap election later this year; Q2 2021 to witness: 1) imposition of third lockdown (now in effect in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia); 2) domestic travel restrictions (now under consideration by Trudeau and BC’s socialist premier); 3) universal basic income (incorporated into Liberal Party platform during recent virtual conference); 4) “deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel check- points”; Liberal Party leaker: “[R]oughly 30% of the committee members are not pleased with the direction this will take Canada, but our opinions have been ignored and they plan on moving forward toward their goals”; meanwhile dep. chief of staff to Montreal’s leftist mayor Valérie Plante blames Rebel News for stoking April 11 anti-lockdown protest into riot

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Last fall we were skeptical of the validity of this Liberal Party “leak.” However, your resident blogger is now planning to get his family out of Canada by summer’s end, at the latest. We also know at least two other families that are planning to flee Canada.

In the name of the COVID-19 non-pandemic, Canada’s provincial premiers continue to push dangerous experimental “vaccines” and flagrantly trample our constitutionally guaranteed liberties. We suspect they have been bought off by the CCP and/or the financial interests behind the WEF, inc. the pharmaceutical industry. The end game of the Castro/Trudeau regime, moreover, will be to welcome PLA troops . . . and not just at our military bases and flight schools.

Of course, the USA is Red China’s main target. Canada’s just one of several staging grounds for the Communist Bloc’s assault against America.

WW4 File: Red China dispatches one of its largest-ever aerial armadas into Republic of China’s ADIZ on April 12, massive sortie consists of four Xian H-6 strategic bombers, 18 fighter jets, two ASW aircraft and one AEW&C plane, 10th consecutive day of such communist provocations; ROC FM Joseph Wu at press conference on April 6 vows: “We are willing to defend ourselves and without any question. If we need to defend ourselves to the very last day we will defend ourselves to the very last day. We are willing to increase our defense budget, and we are willing to reorganize our military, according to the needed strategy overall defense concept, or try to beef up our reserve forces”; ROC Navy expands combat capabilities by launcheing Yu Shan, first of new class of amphibious ships that can transport 673 troops, tracked amphibious vehicles and helos to Taiwan’s offshore and South China Sea islands, vessel armed with anti-ship missiles, sea trials to last until next year; meanwhile Pentagon sends warning to Beijing via ongoing naval ops in W. Pacific, aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island lately carried out maneuvers in S. China Sea

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Pastor John MacArthur comments on GraceLife Church lockdown in Alberta, previous jailing of colleague James Coates; almost 1,000 anti-lockdown protesters show up at Edmonton-area church on April 11, agitators tear down hastily erected perimeter fence and confront 200 cops from Trudeau’s RCMP, 40 police vehicles present and helo overhead; GraceLife members reportedly not present at demo, meeting secretly elsewhere for worship service, Rebel News’ Sheila Gunn Reid: “For them, this is not about a building, it’s about being able to gather in-person. That’s why they got in trouble in the first place for not limiting the congregation for 15% of fire code capacity”; church’s legal team at Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms: “By taking the measures the government [of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney] has, while the matter is still pending before the Courts, the Alberta Government has created an even more divisive situation”; The Western Standard cites anonymous ruling party MLA: Kenney’s Health Minister Tyler Shandro approved barricading GraceLife property

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Video of GraceLife worship service at secret location on April 11, 2021

Pastor James Coates’ Sermon on Roles of Church and State – February 14, 2021

Your resident blogger attends a church in rural Alberta that would be considered a sister church of GraceLife. So far, over the past year, Alberta Health Services has left our small congregation–which meets openly–alone and, for the record, no one from our church participated in yesterday’s rally at GraceLife. However, we support GraceLife’s decision to defy Alberta’s unscientific and unconstitutional COVID-19 restrictions. Neither congregation has ever experienced a single COVID-19 case.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: 50 Montreal police descend on Rebel News crew, arrest then later release David Menzies and Keean Bexte on charge of being part of “illegal gathering,” reporters preparing to cover anti-lockdown protest; SPVM also raids–without search warrant–houseboat AirBnB where Rebel chief Ezra Levant and his crew set up temp HQ; Levant tears strip off police in epic rant, denounces them as “bigots,” “racists” and “thugs” for calling Rebel reporter Yaakov Pollak “Jew media” several weeks earlier; Rebel one of few independent news-gathering orgs in Canada, CBC, CTV and Global little more than mouthpieces for Trudeau Liberals due to generous taxpayer subsidies; Rebel follower tweets support to Levant, “Welcome to CAQ-dictatorship my friend,” refering to ruling nationalist Coalition Avenir Québec; meanwhile, Premier Francois Legault pushes province under 8 pm COVID curfew again and Ontario counter- part Doug Ford slaps down 4-week stay-at-home order; Toronto protesters defy 5-person gathering restriction even as local freedom activist Chris Sky lands on domestic no-fly list

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More sad examples of Canada’s transformation into Soviet Canuckistan. For its part, the Quebec right has long evidenced a penchant for authoritarianism. Legault is no different. Faux-populist Ford, by contrast, is just a yahoo, like the Ontarians he vilifies.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Trudeau’s RCMP sets up “garrison” at GraceLife Church near Edmonton, features three layers of fencing and surveillance by private security firm Paladin, armed officers support Alberta Health Services’ seizure of church building on private property, AHS subordinate to Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, itself allied with opposition socialist New Democratic Party; 17 United Conservative Party MLAs, inc. speaker of legislative assembly, pen letter objecting to Premier Jason Kenney’s decision to impose third pandemic lockdown, Kenney counters with threat to hold snap election as NDP maintains dangerous lead in public opinion polls; Rebel News’ Ezra Levant suggests caucus revolt mere posturing while UCP grassroots outraged by seizure of GraceLife, nine constituency associations demand review of Kenney’s leadership, 22 needed to force procedure; The Western Standard editorializes on Kenney’s treachery: “Alberta conservatives were deceived by one of Canada’s greatest political showmen. He bought a new blue truck, put on a cowboy hat, and sang us a Siren’s song”

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Welcome to Soviet Canuckistan, where we throw innocent pastors in jail and shut down churches because HEALTHY people won’t stand six feet from one another . . .

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Conflict between former Soviet republics heats up again as Russian dictator Putin quadruples military deployments along border with Ukraine and in occupied Crimea since last month, Kiev estimates at least 85,000 Russian troops situated within six to 25 miles of frontier, inc. at least 32,500 in Crimea, which Moscow seized and annexed in 2014; Major-Gen. Serhiy Deyneko, commander of Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service: “The forces of the Russian Federation are well-trained, well-supplied and need just a few hours to reach the border and strike us. In 2014, I witnessed myself how the situation escalated, and I see it happening again now. Therefore, we are prepared for any type of scenario”; Ukrainian Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky visits frontline troops near separatist-occupied Donbas, i.e., Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, also travels to Turkey to solidify strategic partnership with Erdogan regime; meanwhile Biden White House “considering” naval deployment to Black Sea to warn Russia against aggression

WW4 File: “One Clenched Fist”: PLA psyop known as COVID-19 successfully distracts West as Moscow-Beijing Axis continues war preps against “Free World”; notwithstanding Biden/Harris regime’s weak negotiat- ing position vis-a-vis Red China, US State Dept. reaffirms Washington’s commitment to defend Republic of China against communist attack, esp. in wake of latest PLA aerial and marine incursions around Taiwan, inc. maneuvers by aircraft carrier group; spokesman Ned Price: “Our commitment to Taiwan is rock solid. We have, of course, taken note with great concern the pattern of ongoing efforts [by China] and attempts to intimidate in the region including in the context of Taiwan”; meanwhile Russia continues to militarize Arctic coast, inc. “seeking to bolster its security through the refurbishing of Soviet-era airfields, the expansion of its network of air and coastal defense missile systems and the strengthening of its anti-access and area-denial capabilities”; Pentagon spokesman John Kirby: “Obviously we’re watching this . . . nobody’s interested in seeing the Arctic become militarized”

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Alberta’s faux-rightist Premier Jason Kenney pushes CCP line that COVID-19 serious threat to public health requiring mass vaccination, even as flu cases strangely disappear, caves to demand from predecessor, socialist NDP boss Rachel Notley to shut down GraceLife Church over alleged failure to comply with pandemic regulations; RCMP and private security erect two layers of fencing around Edmonton-area church building at dawn on April 7, set up post to monitor premises, follows 35-day max security incarceration of church’s senior pastor, James Coates; 15 MLAs from ruling UCP stage open revolt against Kenney regime, rebuke premier over COVID-19 policies as Crown prosecutor scrambles to delay Coates trial from May to summer, prevent pastor’s legal team from filing subpoena to force testimony of chief medical officer, Deena Hinshaw; in-person church services remain “illegal” in British Columbia as NDP government “pauses” reopening, faux-populist Premier Doug Ford places Ontarians under full lockdown with stay-at-home orders

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Beijing-style lockdownism ascendant in Canada, but otherwise polite Canadians are showing some teeth and fighting back . . .

BTW, Rebel News chief Ezra Levant reports that his news org was tipped off about the early-morning raid on GraceLife Church by an anonymous police officer who opposed the crackdown. So, thankfully, there are a few constitutionally minded police left in Canada, but even they obviously fear loss of employment amid the pandemic narrative.

Red World Order File: VIDEO: Russian colonel alleges COVID-19 pandemic not health crisis but “global military exercise” designed by “shadowy Zionist financial elite” to “enslave humanity,” reduce world population to one billion; meanwhile CCP psyop wildly successful in Trudeau’s Canada and Legault’s Quebec, “COVID communism” overthrowing constitutional order as police in Quebec City grab mask-less protesters and pedestrians off the street, hand them fines, threaten them with jail; Vancouver restaurant patrons chant “Get out!” after public health inspector follows anti-lockdown protesters into business, KOVID Kop retreats; Polish-Canadian pastor Art Pawlowski interviewed by Rebel News, defends epic rant against intruding police, public health officers at his Calgary church: “I grew up in Poland under the boot of the Soviets, behind the Iron Curtain. What I see right now, I see everything escalating and moving to the new level. They’re acting just like the Communists were acting when I was growing up when the pastors and the priests were arrested, and some were murdered. Many were tortured”

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Are the colonel’s comments accurate, or just another case of misdirection? The Jewish banking cartel is an old bete noire. The CCP, representing world communism, and the WEF, representing world corporate fascism, have allied to roll out their tyrannical New/Red World Order, now touted as the Great Reset. Red China’s coercive political and social structures are the template for YOUR future. That’s why you’re wearing a mask and social distancing. That’s why the government shut down your business. That’s why you can’t visit friends and family. That’s why you can’t go to church. That’s why you are not allowed to protest your own enslavement . . .

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Trudeau’s Canada emulates Red Chinese persecution of Christians under pretext of fighting CCP virus as Calgary police, Alberta Health Services disrupt Good Friday service at King’s Glory Fellowship church, ensure congregants complying with COVID-19 regulations but beat hasty retreat after Pastor Art Pawlowski blocks entrance, shouts down intruders, denounces them as “Nazis,” “Gestapo,” “communists,” “psychopaths”; raised in Communist Poland, combative pastor gained noteriety when he provoked ire of Calgary officials by feeding homeless during Alberta’s first pandemic lockdown in spring 2020; meanwhile CCP psyop wildly successful as flu cases in Alberta “mysteriously” drop from nearly 8,500 in 2019-2020 to ZERO amid COVID-19 pandemic, unreliable PCR tests; Jacob Reaume, pastor of Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo, Ontario, defends decision of 65 churches across Canada to open without restriction on Easter Sunday: “The church is a hospital for sinners. The government lockdowns have put many people into despair and poverty, which has resulted in loneliness, addiction and suicide. The churches must open to be a sanctuary from the misery that our government has inflicted upon its own people”

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Pastor Pawlowski has also no doubt earned the disdain of Calgary’s Muslim mayor, Naheed Nenshi. Hence, the thuggish behavior of Calgary cops . . .