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Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuelan police pilot mutinies, commandeers helicopter, launches attacks against government buildings in downtown Caracas, fires 15 shots at Interior Ministry, lobs 4 grenades at Supreme Court; Capt. Oscar Alberto Perez appears in uniform on online video, flanked by armed, masked comrades, demands Pres. Nicolas Maduro’s “immediate resignation,” general elections, describes his role in “coalition of members of the security forces whose mission is ‘to serve our people’”; Hugo Chavez’s successor denounces “terrorist attack,” says Perez flew for former interior minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, accuses Torres of being informant for US Drug Enforcement Agency, alleges opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable in league with CIA, plotting arrest of leaders of United Socialist Party of Venezuela; National Assembly President, opposition head Julio Borges: “There are people who say it was a government-staged hoax, others who say it was real…. Whatever it was, it all points in the same direction: that the situation in Venezuela is unsustainable”; chaos in capital follows widespread looting in coastal city Maracay on June 26, 68 supermarkets, pharmacies and liquor stores plundered, government offices torched

Useful Idiots Bin: FBI found hit list in pocket of DC ballpark shooter, would-be assassin of Majority Whip Steve Scalise, targets included House Freedom Caucus members Mo Brooks, Jeff Duncan, Trent Franks, Jim Jordan, Scott DesJarlais and Morgan Griffith; killer James T. Hodgkinson drove from hometown in Illinois to Alexandria, VA in March 2017, lived out of his van in YMCA parking lot, rented storage unit where he stashed 200 rounds of ammo, took pics of DC landmarks and baseball field where he attacked GOP Congressmen on June 14; disgruntled Bernie Sanders volunteer also visited office of Vermont senator, in email contact with Democratic senators from home state, Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin; Democratic official from Nebraska ousted from party post after rejoicing over attempted murder of Scalise: “I’m glad he got shot! I wish he was f–king dead”; Hodgkinson’s social media rants fueled by American Left’s hatred of Trump, Republicans, most lately evident in Breitbart’s compilation of venomous Hollywood actors, musicians who have advocated or depicted president’s assassination; Johnny Depp joins list of vicious celebrities to espouse Trump’s demise, White House and Secret Service duly note actor’s allusion to Lincoln’s assassin Booth

WW4 File: Special forces from Russia, Belarus, Serbia wrap up third Slavic Brotherhood drill near Polish border on June 14, one day after Montenegro’s accession to NATO, Moscow-led allies focus on “counter-terrorism”; Russia, Red China to launch first-ever joint naval drill in Baltic Sea in July, Chinese Communist flotilla to include missile destroyer, precedes Joint Sea exercise in Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk; US, British, Polish and Portuguese troops deploy to Lithuania to deter Russian aggression as Vilnius reintroduces conscription, awaits delivery of German-built Panzerhaubitze 2000 armored artillery, German/Dutch-built Boxer IFVs, tests operability of Lithuanian army’s Iron Wolves Mechanized Infantry Brigade; US Army Europe to station 600 troops across Baltic states for duration of Moscow and Minsk’s Zapad 2017 exercise in Sept., some NATO officials expect Union State to deploy up to 100,000 troops near vulnerable Suwalki Gap; Russian FM Lavrov scoffs at rumors Russian troops will occupy Belarus: “I can hardly imagine a bigger load of nonsense especially from the mouths of politicians, who claim to command respect in the European Union”

Red World Order File: Lenin’s legacy alive and well in Europe and N. America: Putin sends formal greetings to 17th Congress of Communist Party of Russian Federation, 340 Communist delegates assemble in Moscow on May 27 amid preps for celebration of centennial of “Great October Socialist Revolution”; Chairman Zyuganov reports “his organization is ready to a constructive dialogue with all branches of power [i.e., Putin regime] in order to contribute to the strengthening of the nation”; German police conduct Stasi-like raids across 14 states, arrest both leftists and rightists allegedly guilty of posting “hate speech” online, confiscate cell phones of 23-year-old Munich man who reportedly advocated death penalty for “gays” (i.e., sodomites); Canada continues to strangle freedom of speech by prohibiting “discrimination” against “transgenderism,” Senate follows House of Commons by passing Bill C-16; Canadian Criminal Code, Human Rights Act already penalize “hate speech” against “sexual orientation” (i.e., perversion); ruling Liberal Party under Islam-friendly Trudeau dynasty leads way in ironically killing off Canadians’ civil liberties in name of personal freedom

WW4 File: Russian Su-27 fighter jet chases off NATO F-16 that attempted to intercept aircraft flying Russian defense minister over Baltic Sea to Kaliningrad exclave, Russian pilot rocks his jet’s wings to display weapons to Western warplane; national identity of NATO plane unclear in potential superpower crisis, follows by one day Russian Air Force’s provocative intercept of USAF recon jet in region; Sergei Shoigu blames NATO for “deteriorating situation” on Russia’s western borders: “This is linked to the increasing military activity of NATO countries in Eastern Europe. The North Atlantic Alliance is stepping up its presence in the Baltic states”; plans to strengthen military potential along front with NATO, modern weapons to be supplied to troops, 100 snap drills carried out since Jan. 2017: “Around 20 military units and bases will be established in the Western Military District before the end of the year, around 40 garrison towns are currently being built”; Western sanctions delay production of Russia’s 3rd-gen. T-14 main battle tank, Armata to enter service in 2020 with 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division, based outside Moscow; Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov vows “retaliatory measures” to new round of US Treasury sanctions against 38 Russian citizens and companies

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Contrived or not, the Kremlin propaganda machine will work overtime to portray the West in a bad light after this incident with Shoigu’s plane.

WW4 File: Russian Defense Ministry threatens to use SAM systems to “track” US military planes as “air targets” over Syria after US Navy F/A-18E downs Syrian Su-22 fighter jet, US warplanes west of Euphrates River vulnerable to Russian missile threat, Kremlin avoids phrase “shoot down”; in first-ever such incident during Syrian Civil War, US Navy pilot shot down one of Assad’s aircraft after Syrian Arab Air Force bombed US-backed rebels near town of Ja’Din on June 18; next day Russian Su-27 fighter armed with air-to-air missiles approached within five feet of USAF RC-135 recon jet over Baltic Sea, US officials accuse Russian pilot of “provocation”; most recent of 35 “interactions” between US, Russian warplanes over Baltic region since June 2, NATO wrapped up annual 2-week BALTOPS military drill on June 16, involved USAF B-52, B-1 strategic bombers in “Russia’s backyard”; US-UK battle group, allied troops from Poland, Lithuania, Croatia prep for Russian re-seizure of Baltic states, practice defending 65-mile Suwalki Gap between Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, buffer state Belarus; U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges: “The gap is vulnerable because of the geography. It’s not inevitable that there’s going to be an attack, of course, but … if that was closed, then you have three allies that . . . are potentially isolated from the rest of the alliance”; Baltic officials fear Russia, Belarus will rehearse attack on Suwalki Gap during Zapad maneuver in Sept. 2017

USA File: Would-be Scalise assassin, Bernie Sanders supporter with criminal record going back 11 years James Hodgkinson frequented YMCA across street from Simpson Field in Alexandria, VA, apparently conducted 6 weeks of surveillance from this vantage prior to attacking Republican congressmen at ballpark on June 14; before opening fire, gunman approached ballgame participants, inquired “Are these the Republicans or the Democrats,” prompting speculation concerning suspect’s motives; neighbors in Belleville, IL complained of Hodgkinson firing high-powered rifle near residences in March 2017, although ex-home inspector in compliance with Illinois firearms regulations, licensed for concealed carry; YMCA member observed Hodgkinson’s regular use of laptop computer, suspect belonged to “Terminate the Republican Party” Facebook group, ranted: “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.”; self-avowed “democratic socialist” Sanders disavows Hodgkinson’s bloody rampage: “I am sickened by this despicable act”

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The attack against Scalise and his colleagues appears to have been carefully planned over a number of months. Even if Hodgkinson was some lone nutjob, he was definitely radicalized by the virulent anti-Trump propaganda in both the fakestream and social media.

USA File: Leftist with semi-automatic rifle opens fire on GOP baseball team at Simpson Field ballpark in Alexandria, VA; House Majority Whip, key Trump backer Steve Scalise shot in hip, hospitalized for surgery; congressional staffer, 2 Capitol Hill police agents also shot in “deliberate attack”; Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake describes how Scalise’s security detail returned fire on attacker: “50 (shots) would be an understatement, I’m quite sure”; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: “We were like sitting ducks. Without the Capitol Hill police it would have been a massacre”; shooter identified as James T. Hodgkinson (66, white) of Belleville, IL, dies of injuries at hospital, known Bernie Sanders supporter, moved to Alexandria, VA 2 months ago in apparent bid to stalk targets, posted inflammatory anti-Trump remarks in social media; President Trump tweets: “The Vice President and I are aware of the shooting incident in Virginia and are monitoring developments closely”; Scalise backed White House immigration ban, spearheaded effort to repeal, replace ObamaCare

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So, Scalise’s would-be assassin was a Trump-hating leftist, no doubt radicalized by the fakestream media. It’s so obvious, in fact, that “progressive” news sites like Raw Story are candidly reporting the details of Hodgkinson’s bio.

WW4 File: Russia scrambles Su-27 fighter to intercept USAF B-52 Stratofortress flying over Baltic Sea on June 6, ex-Russian Air Force commander grumbles: “Such behaviour does not deserve respect. Strategic bombers should not fly so close to our land borders”; “Comrade” Pyotr Deinekin conveniently ignores repeated intrusions around Alaska and occasionally off California coast by Russian nuclear bombers; US military participating in regional NATO exercises, including Saber Strike with Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, annual BALTOPS naval training in Baltic; Lithuania installs fence, surveillance equipment along border with Kaliningrad, deter provocations, but not full-scale military attack from Russian exclave during Zapad maneuvers in Sept. 2017; Poland announced building of 6 watchtowers along its 124-mile border with Kaliningrad in 2015; Latvia completes 23 km of planned 276-km border fence with Russia in Feb. 2017, touts anti-migrant function; Estonia plans to build 70 miles of anti-migrant fence along Russian border in 2018, lakes form remaining barrier between adversaries; Kremlin media suggests Russia “real” target of NATO fencing-building activity