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Red Terror File: FSB/KGB: Tsarnaev in contact with slain jihadists, Dagestan militant Makhmud Nidal, Russian-Canadian William Plotnikov; Russian security intercepted communications between Boston marathon bombing suspect and mother, two discussed jihad, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva briefly in terrorism database; US Congress leaders: Rogers: “Russians need to step up to the plate”; McCaul “Could be wider conspiracy”

Bolivarian Revolution File: Kremlin-backed Havana-Caracas Axis secure after Chavez death: Venezuela’s newly elected socialist president makes first foreign state visit to Havana, Maduro signs cooperation accords with communist regime, recommits to energy subsidies for Cuba, holds five-hour meeting with aged retired dictator Fidel Castro

Red Terror File: US journalist tracks down Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Muslim mentor “Misha” in Rhode Island; Mikhail Allakhverdov, 39, immigrated to USA from Azerbaijan in early 1990s, lost contact with deceased Boston marathon bombing suspect three years ago, denies “brainwashing” friend; FBI interviewed Mikhail, confiscated computer, phone

WW4 File: 40 advanced fighter jets from Red China supported 8 spy ships during April 23 showdown with Japanese Coast Guard, flotilla of nationalists around disputed E. China Sea islets; JASDF boasts 300 Gen-4 fighter jets, PLAAF 560; senior Tokyo official: Japan cannot cope with this degree of intimidation from Beijing; Japan to dispatch 1,000 naval infantry, helicopter destroyer to US Marine Corps’ Camp Pendleton, practice recapturing island (San Clemente)

Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s Cuban-trained president orders arrest of chief election rival Capriles and US filmmaker, slams Timothy Tracy, 35, as “gringo,” accuses him of financing “violent” opposition groups; Maduro meets with two Russian delegations, Deputy PM Sechin in weeks prior to April 14 vote, receives assurances of military shipments by year’s end; Rosneft, PDVSA to develop Orinoco Basin oil reserves

Russia is carefully protecting its leftist allies Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

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Red Terror File: Putin brandishes stick over Boston marathon bombings: Russia “victim” of, not responsible for international terrorism, accuses West of harboring terrorists, providing financial support to terrorists on Russian territory; holds out carrot by urging cooperation between Moscow, Washington on combatting extremism; Tamerlan Tsarnaev briefly in FBI, CIA terrorism databases two years ago

More communist-scripted drama in the push for East-West convergence:

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– Related Story: Russian FSB/KGB Rounds Up 140 Muslim Extremists in Moscow, Suspects Connected to Insurgency in North Caucasus (source)

WW4 File: Russian, Belarusian militaries to hold Zapad 2013 drill in Sept., sign draft treaty to exchange “geostrategic data”; “ex”-communist Poland rebukes Russia for nighttime air attack exercise against neutral Sweden; Russian spyplane buzzes military drill hosted by Sweden and involving USA, Finland, Baltic states; Sweden’s top general: “We wouldn’t last 2 days if Russia attacked”; Russian TV mocks Stockholm’s female DM, Sweden no longer NW Europe’s foremost military power

The Soviet Bear smells blood.

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Red Terror File: Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended Islamic Society of Boston mosque with mysterious Armenian beginning 2008, “Misha” converted alleged marathon bomber to radical Islam; deceased suspect developed interest in Alex Jones’ Infowars website, opposition to US policy in Iraq, Afghanistan; hospitalized Dzhokhar looked up to older brother, charged with using WMD to kill

WW4 File: Soviets prep for re-invasion of E. Europe, conquest of W. Europe: Russian DM Shoigu in Minsk, confers with President Lukashenko, reveals plan to build aviation command center, deploy unspecified number of Russian airmen, combat planes this year in Belarus; install four S-300 anti-missile batteries in former Soviet republic by 2014; construct permanent air base for Russian pilots and warplanes by 2015

The USA’s political and military leaders are weak, blind and confused by the Soviet strategic deception. The Boston Marathon bombings proved this yet again. source

Don’t expect the Swedes to help NATO counter a Soviet thrust back into Europe: related post

Likewise, with respect to the “former” communists running the Czech Republic, our new “ally” in NATO: related post

WW4 File: Japanese Coast Guard, 8 patrol boats from Red China, and 10 boats containing Japanese nationalists converge around disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islets; Japanese government summons PRC envoy to lodge protest, Beijing disavows use of nuclear weapons in rare statement specifying Japan; 168 rightist Japanese politicians visit war shrine, venerate imperial past

Red Dawn Alert: Russia’s top general in Nicaragua to revitalize Cold War-era military cooperation, rubs elbows with President Ortega, opens training center for Nicaraguan army, named after Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov; Sandinistas returned to power in 2007, rebuilt 1980s dictatorship, relations with Cuba, embraced Venezuela’s Chavezista regime, renovated strategic bomber-capable air base at Punta Huete

So, with the shopping mall regime, MSM and FBI distracted by the threat of Chechen terrorism on US soil, and no doubt emboldened by the election of Hugo Chavez’s anointed successor in Venezuela, Moscow is quietly rebuilding its Cold War-era military-political linkages with Cuba and Nicaragua. But, hey, it’s OK, ’cause communism’s dead . . .


Bio of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov (source)

Flashback 1: Russian Nuclear Bombers Make Rare Post-Cold War Appearance off the Coast of California in 2012 (source)

Flashback 2: FM Sergei Lavrov: Russia Preparing for Joint Military Exercises with Nicaragua (source)

Flashback 3: Second Sandinista Regime Renovates Air Base at Punta Huete in 2010, Longest Runway in Central America (source, Spanish language)

Flashback 4: During Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987 US Marine Corps Lieut. Col. Oliver North Warns Soviets Could Use Nicaraguan Runway to Launch Attacks against US West Coast (source)

Red Dawn Alert: Russia’s top general begins working tour of Caribbean allies in Cuba, inspected military bases, conferred with Deputy DM Alvaro Lopez Miera on weapons modernization, armored vehicle upgrades, troop combat training; Raul Castro reinvigorated military alliance with Russia in 2008; Havana visit followed by official meetings with Nicaragua’s Sandinista rulers

Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s Cuban-trained President Maduro faces vote re-count, but retains Chavez cabinet, signalling no deviation from socialist revolution; Russia’s “ex”-communist dictator Putin congratulates Hugo’s successor in election victory, vows to strengthen strategic partnership with Caracas

Red Terror File: FBI did not catch Tamerlan Tsarnaev during late 2011-June 2012 Russia trip because name misspelled; FSB/KGB monitored Russian-born radical Muslim while in Dagestan, crossed paths with alleged Boston Marathon bomber four times, found no reason for arrest, although spotted with suspected Islamic insurgent; USA, Canada foil “terrorist plot” targeting Via passenger train, suspects in Toronto, Montreal taking orders from “Al Qaeda elements in Iran”

This is the sort of key information Kremlin watchers are looking for in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings: The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB/KGB), by its own admission in the linked AFP article, possibly contacted Tamerlan Tsarnaev four times in 2011-2012.

source 1 source 2 Breaking news from Reuters Canada’s Via Rail

Event Convergence Alert: Boris Berezovsky’s unexplained death three weeks before Boston Marathon bombings convenient for Kremlin, exiled oligarch linked to intrigue in N. Caucasus; ex-deputy head of Russian Security Council under Yeltsin allegedly knew of plot between then PM Putin and Chechen warlord/ GRU asset Shamil Basayev to invade Dagestan, provoke Russian military response, oust anti-Moscow regime in Chechnya

In 1996, US-born journalist Paul Klebnikov wrote a cover story for Forbes magazine in which he compared Russian mathematician-turned-businessman-turned-politician Boris Berezovsky to the Sicilian mafia. The article was published anonymously, but was widely believed to be Klebnikov’s work. Klebnikov soon received death threats and left Russia for the relatively safety of Paris. However, he later expanded the article into the 2000 book Godfather of the Kremlin: Boris Berezovsky and the Looting of Russia. In 2003, Berezovsky sued Forbes for libel in a British court and won a partial retraction of the original article.

In 2002, US geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist, reviewing Klebnikov’s book, wrote: “The most widely acknowledged fact is that Kremlin oligarch Boris Berezovsky gave the al Qaeda-connected Chechen terrorist leader Shamil Basayev $1 million prior to the 1999 Dagestan incursion that triggered the latest Chechen conflict.” Nyquist continues:

In his book, Godfather of the Kremlin, Forbes senior editor and historian Paul Klebnikov noted that Berezovsky supplied the Chechen terrorists with cash (according to Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov). Having interviewed the leading players of the Chechen drama, Klebnikov described the Second Chechen War (that began in 1999) as a “double game.” Klebnikov explained this game in the following terms: “To the extent Berezovsky represented the interests of the Yeltsin regime in Chechnya, the Kremlin had been undermining the [Chechen] moderates, supporting the extremists financially and politically, and consequently sowing the seeds of conflict.”

The best-case scenario would be that a hare-brained Kremlin scheme backfired. “The worst-case scenario,” Klebnikov admitted, “…is that the Berezovsky strategy with the Chechen warlords was a deliberate attempt to fan the flames of war.” To make the case clearly: the Kremlin financed the Wahhabi extremists (i.e., commanders Basayev and Khattab) who invaded Dagestan in August 1999 and triggered the Second Chechen War.

While Berezovsky’s death on March 23, 2013 may have been a suicide induced by the woes of debt and losing a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich, Klebnikov was definitely murdered in Moscow in 2004. His killing remains unsolved to date. For Kremlin watchers, one is inclined to ask whether President Boris Yeltsin’s hand-picked successor, Vladimir Putin, was behind the deaths of these two men, who knew too much about Moscow’s intrigue in the North Caucasus.

In light of the two ethnic Chechen brothers suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings–one dead, the other hospitalized in serious condition–US officials need to answer these questions, the sooner the better.

Red Terror File: Anzor Tsarnaev: Son Tamerlan stayed with him in Makhachkala during 2012 trip to Russia, visited relatives in Dagestan, Chechnya, made no contact with Islamic militants; marathon bombing suspect died in shootout with Boston police on April 19; Tamerlan’s wife raised Christian, converted to Islam after marriage in 2009/2010

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian Backfire bombers, Flanker fighter escorts simulate attack against Sweden over Easter weekend; Swedish air force failed to scramble planes for intercept, relied on jets from Denmark, “ex”-communist Lithuania to deter Russian Air Force; Russian flight path tracked from St. Petersburg, over uninhabited Swedish islands, brushed eastern edge of capital Stockholm

That’s OK ’cause Russia’s our friend now.


Red Terror File: Insurgent Chechen group “Dagestan Province of the Caucasus Emirate” denies involvement in Boston Marathon bombings: “If the US government is really interested in establishing the true organizers of Boston bombings . . . it should focus on the involvement of Russian security services [FSB/KGB] in the events”; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may have tried to commit suicide during manhunt, suffered throat injury, unable to talk

Red Terror File: US immigration police arrest two in New Bedford, MA in connection with Boston Marathon bombings; FSB/KGB informed FBI Tamerlan Tsarnaev “radical Islam follower” in 2011, US officials unable to corroborate Russian tip; brother Dzhokhar, co-accused in serious condition in Boston hospital; Tsarnaev parents live in Dagestan, Al Qaeda No. 1 in FSB “custody” for six months in Russian region in 1996/97

Between 1996 and 1997, Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man spends six mysterious months in FSB/KGB “custody” in Dagestan. After his release, Ayman al-Zawahiri meets with Islamists. Fifteen years later, in 2012, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, an ethnic Chechen, radicalized Muslim and legal resident alien of the USA, travels to Russia and spends six myterious months there. His parents live in Dagestan. The FSB/KGB has nothing to say about the visit.

Someone somewhere is lying about the Tsarnaev brothers, whether it’s in Moscow, Washington or both. Career Chekist, past FSB director and current Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin is definitely lying. That the incompetence of US officialdom with respect to Russia’s strategic intentions is involved is also highly likely.

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Flashback: FSB/KGB Arrests Osama bin Laden’s Egyptian Lieutenant in Dagestan in 1996; Ayman al-Zawahiri Leader of Al Qaeda since 2011 (source)

Red Terror File: Kremlin media propagandizes in defense of Tsarnaev brothers: Russia Today interviews mother, US citizen living in Dagestan insists young men trailed by FBI for years, suspected of extremism; father maintains US authorities “set up” sons; Russian special forces Alpha Group vet: “Someone in USA distracting public from true identities” of those behind Boston Marathon bombings

Red Terror File: FSB/KGB denies having any “meaningful operational information” on Tsarnaev brothers, alleged Boston Marathon bombers; FSB responsible for Russia’s border security, but makes no mention of Tamerlan’s six-month residency in country in 2012; Kavkaz Center implicates Putin in campaign to discredit Chechen rebels ahead of Sochi Olympics

Red Terror File: Norwegian neo-fascist Anders Breivik, radical US Muslim Tamerlan Tsarnaev both visited former Soviet republics shortly before executing terror attacks; Breivik reportedly received “paramilitary training” in Belarus; FBI responded to request from Russia, interrogated Tamerlan in 2011, probed for links to Chechen extremists, “tactical training,” nothing found in spite of subsequent Russia trip

Red Terror File: Boston Mayor Tom Menino: “We got him!”; police apprehend alleged marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19-year-old Islamist hiding in boat in Watertown backyard; Chechen brothers bragged of bombings to carjacking victim, allegedly murdered Sean Collier, 26, MIT police officer shot to death in squad car

Red Terror File: Russian-born terrorist wearing suicide vest when gunned down by police in Boston suburb, numerous explosives recovered from scene of Watertown shootout; contrary to some reports, Dzhokar Tsarnaev escaped in vehicle (not on foot), drove over older brother’s body; ethnic Chechens students at Bunker Hill CC, U. Mass. Dartmouth

Red Terror File: Kremlin’s hand in Boston Marathon bombings emerges: Tamerlan Tsarnaev flew from JFK International to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International in Jan. 2012, returned to USA six months later; no record of fugitive younger brother leaving adopted homeland; Tamerlan inspired by Australia-based fundamentalist Islamic cleric, Anzor Tsarnaev praises son killed in shootout with Boston police

Red Terror File: Uncle of Tsarnaev brothers, Maryland resident urges alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar to turn himself in, says “[The bombing] has nothing to do with Chechnya”; father of suspects in Dagestan (Russia) warns “All hell will break loose” if fugitive son killed; pro-Putin leader of Chechnya denies any links between Tsarnaevs and Russian region

Red Terror File: Armed terrorist born in FSU on the loose in Boston, suspect reportedly holed up in Watertown, neighborhood evacuated, city in lockdown; police exchange gunfire with alleged marathon bombers after suspects kill officer at MIT, hijack car, hurl explosives at police; Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, dead after “wild” chase, Dzhokhar, 19, escapes on foot; brothers lived in Chechnya (Russia), Kazakhstan

 There is a terrorist on the loose who wants to kill  people – do not open your door.
— Boston Police Chief Ed Davis, April 19, 2013

The situation in Boston is fluid as police track down remaining terrorist. However, the marathon bombers appear to have lifted the script from Viktor Suvorov’s Spetsnaz: The Story behind the Soviet SAS. The suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were born in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, respectively, and lived in Chechnya and Kazakhstan, before immigrating to the USA nearly 10 years ago. They may have been “radicalized” since then.

Watch out for every statement and move coming from the Kremlin. This does not bode well. Communism is not dead. The Soviet Union has only disguised itself since 1991.

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Red Terror File: Russia’s “ex”-communist dictator Putin sends telegram to Obama, offers assistance in investigation into Boston Marathon bombings; no claim of responsibility for deadly attack, no motive discovered; Kremlin “frets” over security ahead of 2014 Sochi Olympics

This story warrants a “Hmmm . . .”


Gray Terror File: Two bombs explode at Boston Marathon finish line, kill 3, injure 130, limbs blown off some victims; police guarding “person of interest” in hospital, Saudi national on student visa suffered severe burns; third blast near JFK Presidential Library and Museum; White House admits incident “terrorism”

Bolivarian Revolution File: Latin America’s Red Axis breathes sigh of relief as Chavez’s anointed successor wins Venezuela’s presidential election with slim majority over opposition candidate, vows to use “iron fist” against coup attempts; Capriles slams Maduro as “illegitimate leader”; Cuba, Nicaragua send congratulations

USSR2 File: Pro-Kremlin think tank admits Communist Party should have won 2011 State Duma election, polled 25-30% of vote vis-a-vis United Russia’s 20-25%; elections chief, Putin croney condemns report; CPRF’s top lawyer: Zyuganov did not contest results in court, believing fair hearing impossible; vote led to biggest anti-government demos since fall of Soviet Union

Eurocrisis File: Serbia’s Socialist PM, Milosevic protege Dacic walks tightrope between EU and Russia, treks to Moscow for $US500 million handout, confers with Medvedev; Putin reaffirms historic ties between Slavic nations, opposition to unilateral Kosovo independence; European Commission warns of “excessive economic imbalances” in “ex”-communist Slovenia

Bolivarian Revolution File: Chavez’s anointed heir commands 14% lead over main rival ahead of April 14 vote; Capriles vows to end oil subsidies to Havana, expel Cuban military advisors, declares: “Nicolas [Maduro] is the candidate of Raul Castro; I’m the candidate of the Venezuelan people”; Maduro received “political education” in Cuba in 1980s

source 1

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– Maduro Attended School of Political Education in Cuba in 1986 and 1987; Chavez Heir Unashamed of Trade Union Credentials, but Secret Communist Orientation Feared (source)

– Venezuela Accuses Salvadoran Rightists of Plotting to Assassinate Maduro; El Salvador’s FMLN Regime Allied with Ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (source)

EU File: Czech Republic’s “ex”-red President Zeman spars with former election rival, refuses to ratify FM Schwarzenberg’s nominees for ambassador to Russia, Austria; advocates first Czech cosmonaut for Moscow job, Remek Communist MEP, Hero of the Soviet Union; media continues to predict KSCM victory in 2014 vote

WW4 File: Putin responds to latest sabre-rattling from North Korea: New hot war between Koreas will make 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl “seem like child’s fairy tale”; Russian Backfire bombers simulate ALCM attacks against US missile defense sites in and near Japan in Feb.; Tokyo issues order to shoot down any incoming NK missile

We’re back from a short vacation, but the usual suspects never rest . . .

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USSR2 File: Russia’s re-communization continues: Putin restores Soviet-era “Hero of Labor” honorary title for exemplary workers, promotes “Popular Front” support base to status of “public movement,” offset decline of fortunes for potemkin ruling United Russia party; reinstated Soviet anthem with new lyrics, Bolshevik red banner for military in 2000

source 1

source 2

Flashback: Putin Revives Soviet Anthem and Bolshevik Red Banner for Armed Forces (source)

Blast from the Past File: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87; Cold War-era conservative icon formed anti-communist alliance, friendship with US President Reagan, dubbed “Iron Lady” by Soviet press; PM Cameron hails predecessor as country’s “savior”; Falkland Islanders mourn death of “liberator” as Argentina presses claim over UK territory

Red Cocaine File: Nicaragua, Russia expand Cold War-era alliance, conduct joint counter-narc ops, bust Zetas-linked gang throughout C. American country; Nicaraguan Navy uses Russian intel for high-seas interdiction; Russia bolsters Ortega regime with “training center,” shipment of “Tiger” urban assault vehicles to Nicaragua

Red Terror File: Ligature wrapped around Berezovsky’s neck at UK home but no suicide note; police maintain “no third party involvement” in March 23 death, Russian exiles suspect foul play; oligarch believed threatening 2002 missive from Putin, Kremlin confirms Abramovich passed letter of apology from Berezovsky to dictator; Zhirinovsky advocated Boris’ rehabilitation