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WW4 File: USA, East Asia allies defy Communist China’s new air defense zone over East China Sea, islets disputed between Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo; US Air Force flies B-52 strategic bombers over contested Senkakus, Japan, S. Korea also send military aircraft over contested waters, Red China dispatches PLAAF warplanes 24-48 hours later

Red Dawn Alert: Nicaragua’s Sandinista-dominated legislature obeys “urgent request” from President Ortega, authorizes entrance of Russian, Cuban, Venezuelan and Mexican troops, warplanes, warships into C. American country; Russian Navy to patrol Nicaraguan waters, Jan. 1 to June 30, 2014; Nicaraguan soldiers to train in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela; US presence in counter-narc ops mere window dressing

More than two decades have passed since the fake ”death of communism.” The West no longer perceives a threat to its existence from states holding, secretly or openly, to this ideology. 

However, the revived Communist Bloc appears to be contemplating a real Red Dawn scenario. Using its Cold War-era beachhead in Central America, the neo-Soviet regime and its leftist allies in Latin America are even now preparing to attack the USA . . . in full view of the sleep-walking shopping mall regime and with the total complicity of the treasonous Obama Admin.

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Latin America File: Protests rock Honduras as ruling National Party candidate wins presidency, LIBRE party surges to second spot, organized by opponents of 2009 putsch; deposed leader Zelaya campaigned for politician wife Castro, says socialist party does not concede defeat; VP running mate, “ex”-red Barahona conferred with top Communist Party of Cuba officials in 2011; Venezuela’s Maduro accuses USA of “meddling” in Honduran politics

The second attempt since 2009 by the region’s Red Axis to import Cuban/Bolivarian communism into Honduras appears to have failed.

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Juan Barahona bio: source 3 source 4

– Communist Party of Cuba Welcomes Honduras’ Liberty and Refoundation as Sister Party, Sends Delegation to LIBRE Congress (source 5 source 6)

– Communist Party of Honduras Reactivates in 2011 after 21-year Hiatus, Endorses Pro-Zelaya National Popular Resistance Front (source 7)

– Outgoing “Conservative” Honduran President Porfirio Sosa Lobo “Ex”-Communist, Studied at Soviet Union’s Patrice Lumumba University (source 8)

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Royal Norwegian Air Force intercepts Russian bombers; Japan Air Self-Defense Force scrambles 105 times between July and Sept. 2013 to repel Russian warplanes; Kremlin denies plan to station strategic bombers in Kyrgyzstan; Russia to integrate air defense of all CSTO states, bolster joint network with Belarus, deliver four S-300 SAM battalions to Minsk in 2014, follows Tor-M2 deployment

WW4 File: Communist China orders citizens living in Japan to register for “emergencies” with consular authorities, directive comes amidst territorial dispute with Tokyo; estimated 600,000 Chinese in Japan; Japanese cabinet poll: 81% of Japanese have “unfriendly” view of Red China; Chinese University of Hong Kong professor: Registration “tactical gesture” from Beijing

WW4 File: Communist China extends air defense zone over East China Sea, includes disputed islands, vows to “identify, monitor, control and react” to air, sea threats; Japan’s Foreign Ministry protests to PRC ambassador in Tokyo: ADZ “totally unacceptable”; US Defense Secretary: Senkaku/Diaoyu islets covered by US-Japan security treaty

Red Dawn Alert: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, reservists, civilians hold Bastion 2013 “strategic exercise,” practice defending island from invasion; Cuban media: Bastion exercises began in 1980, “Reagan Admin posed a major threat of aggression against Cuba”; follows August port of call from Russian Navy, revitalized Cold War-era military ties with Moscow

Useful Idiots Bin: Politicians, CIA, Pentagon fear White House plan to allow Russia to build GPS-type stations on US soil, possibly facilitate spying, missile strikes; US State Dept., Roscosmos officials met in April 2013 to negotiate “general requirements for possible Glonass monitoring stations in US territory”

Is this a case of East-West convergence in hyperdrive . . . or treason, plain and simple?


Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s Cuban-trained president perpetuates Chavez dictatorship with decree powers; deceased mentor passed four enabling acts during tenure (1999-March 2013); Maduro orders arrest of “speculators,” “profiteers,” sends army to confiscate merchandise at retail chains, arrest owners for charging “unfair prices”; Caracas seizes oil equipment owned by Houston-based firm

Earlier this month, Hugo Chavez’s hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, offered Venezuelans still more examples of Cuban-inspired “21st century socialism” (i.e., “Bolivarian communism”) in action. In a televised speech, he threatened: “This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are planning to do with the bourgeoisie.”

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Red World Order File: Red China, Communist Cuba, “post”-Soviet Russia, Islamic absolute monarchy Saudi Arabia, other bloody, anti-Christian/anti-Jewish dictatorships elected to Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council for two-year stint; US ambassador to UN Samantha Power: “Election reminder that the council’s work remains unfinished” (no kidding)

Abolish the United Nations.


EU/USSR2 Files: “Bad blood” from era of Soviet domination lingers between Poles and Russians: 50,000 Polish nationalists march in Warsaw on Nov. 4, “right-wing radicals” storm, damage Russian embassy; “thousands” of Russian nationalists march in Moscow same day, commemorate liberation of capital from Poles in 1612; 5,000 Communists march three days later, celebrate Bolshevik Revolution

WW4 File: NATO winds down combat ops in Afghanistan, musters 6,000 troops for mutual defense exercise in Poland, Baltic states, plans 40,000-man maneuver in Spain, Portugal in 2015; five Russian Backfire bombers simulate attack against neutral Sweden on Oct. 28, follows April sortie near Stockholm, this time Swedish Air Force sends up JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets for interception

Event Convergence Alert: Communist troops on US soil: Pacific Command welcomes People’s Liberation Army to Hawaii for disaster relief exercise, coincides with N. American power grid failure drill GridEx II, replicates scenario depicted in new movie Dragon Day; Red China moves spy ship near Hawaiian Islands as US aircraft carrier sails in South China Sea, hosts PLA officers in good will gesture

Globalists in the White House and Pentagon are determined to get Americans comfortable with the presence of communist troops on US soil, however small in number at first. The first time Russian soldiers trained on US soil was at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1995.

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Coping with Deliberate Power Grid Collapse: Dot-Gov’s vs. Hollywood’s Take
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East-West Convergence Promotes Benign View of “Post”-Communist Russia
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Neo-Sandinista File: Russia joins Red China in strategic encirclement of USA: Nicaragua-Russia commission meets in Managua following first-ever landing in C. America of Soviet/Russian strategic bombers, visit from Russian security czar; Ortega anxious to involve Moscow in construction of inter-oceanic canal; Russian Deputy FM: “We could supply special equipment, building materials” for Hong Kong-led megaproject

We invite Russia to take part in the construction of the transport corridor and are sure that the country will take an interest in the implementation of the large-scale project to which the Nicaraguan authorities attach major importance. Russia’s participation in the canal creation is important, we believe.

— Ivan Acosta, Nicaraguan Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Managua, November 6, 2013

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Background Sources

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EU File: Czech Social Democrats re-open discussion on forming ruling coalition with Communists, regional party conference calls for repeal of 1995 ban against cooperating with neo-Stalinists; CSSD, KSCM emerged 1st, 3rd places in Oct. 25-26 snap vote; populist ANO party took 2nd place, but billionaire leader may be disqualified (ironically!) from office due to collaboration with communist secret police in 1980s

Red Dawn Alert: Colombia’s President Santos: Russian strategic bombers violated airspace over San Andres y Providencia twice during flights between Venezuela and Nicaragua; Colombian fighter jets intercepted Tu-160s on return trip to Caracas; Bogota to lodge protest with Moscow, in dispute with Managua over Caribbean archipelago; ex-KGB officer: Colombia fabricated incident on Washington’s order

Red Dawn Alert: Russian strategic bombers complete South American patrols, return to Engels airbase in Saratov region, Kremlin offers no details concerning mission, except “combat flight training in tropical climes”; follows Oct. 28/31 landings in Caracas, Managua; Russian Academy of Military Sciences: “Only the beginning of Russia’s long-term military presence in Latin America”

Latin America File: Ecuador’s socialist president treks to Moscow, Correa clinches US$1.5 billion energy deal with Putin; Rosgeologia, Rosneft, Gazprom start negotiations on drilling in S. American country; Cuban VP visits Moscow, meets FM Lavrov, promotes “stronger strategic partnership” between old allies, “closer economic ties for 2014”; Russia backs UN resolution calling for USA to lift embargo against communist state

Neo-Sandinista File: Nicaragua’s ruling party to alter 1995 constitution: Remove term limits for president, reference 50-year canal concession to Red China (!); Ortega angles for another consecutive presidency, follows in footsteps of leftist buddies: Chavez, Correa, Morales; Nicaraguan bishop denounces new conflict beween army, rearmed Contras; insurgents attacking Sandinista officials in northern towns, Managua silent

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Flashback: Ex-Contra Commander Revives Anti-Sandinista Force in 2010, Vows to “Remove Ortega from Office with Bullets” (source)

WW4 File: Red China state media sends war message to Washington, displays pics of People’s Liberation Army Navy strategic submarine fleet first time; map depicts parts of CONUS vulnerable to SLBMs, identifies West Coast cities as targets for nuclear warheads, damage projections for LA, Seattle; PLAN sub fleet boasts 70 vessels, including 10 n-powered, 4 SLBM capable

Red Dawn Alert: Revitalized Soviet beachhead in Nicaragua ratified by Sandinista-dominated National Assembly, May 2013 decree authorized entry of Russian troops, ships and aircraft under guise of combating narco-trafficking; U.S. Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs: “The U.S. government . . . is not jealous of Russia’s sudden and curious interest in helping Nicaragua fight drug trafficking in this region.”

source 1 (Spanish) source 2

Translated excerpt from article in Nicaragua’s La Prensa:

It should be noted that in May 2013 there was a decree passed by the National Assembly authorizing the entry of troops, ships and aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to participate with staff from the Navy, Air Force and Signal Corps Army of Nicaragua in  . . . fight against drug trafficking and transnational organized crime, from July 1 to December 31, 2013.

Event Convergence Alert: USA begins construction of missile interceptor base in “ex”-communist Romania; undersecretary of defense for policy attends ground-breaking ceremony, Deveselu base operational by 2015; coincides with Putin’s cancellation of working group to foster cooperation with NATO, snap nuclear war drills, strategic bomber flights to Venezuela, Nicaragua