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USSR2 File: 32,000 Russian communists demand ouster of long-time leader, accuse party chairman of abandoning “proletarian internationalism”; Zyuganov shrugs off leadership challenge slated for December congress, announces “protest revolution”

Useful Idiots Bin: Russia, Red China urge United Nations to place Internet under authority of International Telecommunications Union; December conference in Dubai could rewrite cyberspace rules; Mali-born ITU boss Toure studied in Russia, conferred with PM Putin in Moscow in 2010

USSR2 File: Russian Communist Party boss predicts worldwide resurgence of socialism in wake of globalization, Eurozone debt crisis; warns Putinist regime could be “overthrown ” as Russia has always been a “leftist nation”; constitution must be renovated to reflect “social” ideals

Final Phase Backgrounder: Kremlin authorities “persecute” Sergei Udaltsov, charge 35-year-old Left Front leader with instigating coup against Putin government, bankrolled by Georgian politician, Saakashvili ally; Zyuganov lauds Communist Party of China’s “market socialism” amidst global recession, praises inter-party cooperation, disdains WTO

In recent weeks, we have resorted to “micro-blogging” to keep up with unfolding political developments in the world, especially with respect to the Syrian civil war, the Turkish-Syrian border conflict, and the European Union’s debt crisis. Not coincidentally, the last has provided a springboard for leftists to promote socialist “solutions” to systemic problems created by the EU’s cradle-to-grave welfare state socialism. However, we are still committed to providing occasional extended analyses of events in the Not-So-Former Soviet Union.

Last week, the Kremlin’s “Investigative Committee” (SK) announced it had launched an investigation into Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov, aide Leonid Razvozzhayev, Konstantin Lebedev, and others on the basis of allegations made in the NTV documentary, Anatomy Of A Protest II. We strongly suspect, however, that the Kremlin’s “persecution” of Udaltsov is simply more communist-scripted drama designed to lull Western governments into believing that Russia’s political system is “pluralistic,” rather than a farce secretly controlled by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Pictured above: Russian Interior Ministry officers detain Udaltsov during a demonstration outside the State Duma in Moscow on April 11, 2012.

Ardent Marxist-Leninist Udaltsov founded Red Youth Vanguard in 1999, Left Front in 2008, and Russian United Labor Front in 2010. He is committed to unifying Russia’s left-wing forces and does not hide his contempt for the “oligarchic,” “pro-West” United Russia regime, which, in spite of very low voter turnout, once again dominated regional elections across the country. Udlatsov’s great-grandfather Ivan briefly served as dean of Moscow State University and was a personal ally of Vladimir Lenin, the first Soviet dictator.

Prior to his death in 2009, Oleg Shenin, Stalinist mastermind of the phoney anti-Gorbachev coup of August 1991, placed his imprimatur on the now 35-year-old street-savvy activist. More recently, Udaltsov is often seen at communist demonstrations alongside party chairman Gennady Zyuganov, whom he formally endorsed in the March presidential election. Although Zyuganov has distanced himself from the mass anti-Putin rallies, this summer he and Udaltsov organized protests in the city of Ulyanovsk against the building of a NATO aircraft transit facility.

NTV, a privately owned but pro-Kremlin media outlet, alleges Udaltsov plotted to incite mass riots and a coup to dislodge “ex”-communist President Vladimir Putin. Now, according to Russian authorities, Razvozzhayev has confessed to “organizing mass disorder” together with his boss and other Russian oppositionists and, moreover, revealed that the effort was bankrolled by Georgian politician Givi Targamadze. Russian troops have occupied Georgia’s breakaway regions Abkhazia and South Ossetia since the August 2008 war.

Targamadze, head of the Georgian parliament’s defense and security committee and a close ally of President Mikhail Saakashvili, predictably denounced the NTV documentary as “propaganda.” He also insists he has never met Udaltsov. The documentary alleges Targamadze helped to organize the “color revolutions” that brought Saakashvili into power in Georgia in 2003 and Viktor Yushchenko in Ukraine in 2004, amid mass protests over election rigging allegations.

Last week, Udaltsov said in Twitter messages that his apartment, located in a working class neighbourhood of Moscow, had been searched and he had been taken to SK headquarters for interrogation. “This is lawlessness and provocation and I hope that society will not be silent,” he was quoted as saying by Russia’s Interfax news agency. If convicted, Udaltsov and his “co-conspirators” face prison sentences of between four and 10 years. The neo-Leninist agitator has already been in and out of jail numerous times for his street-level activism.

For his part, the venerable Zyuganov is widely perceived by Western analysts as a “political dinosaur,” but his commitment to restoring the Soviet Union exposes his important role in the ongoing Soviet strategic deception plan. Responding to news of the 25 percent voter turnout, Chairman Zyuganov intoned: “We believe the Russian electoral system is in serious crisis, and this crisis is continuing to deepen. The turnout of 15-20% or 25% at best in the overwhelming majority of regions is the proof. Some 70-80 of 100 candidates refused to take part in the dirty election campaign, which was held without candidate debates and in which ruling [United Russia] party candidates hid.”

Meanwhile, Comrade Zyuganov, whose party increased its parliamentary representation last December, lauds the ruling Communist Party of China’s “market socialism,” evidently viewing Red China’s economic development as a model for resurrecting state socialism in Russia. Last month, he waxed eloquent:

After the defeat of the Soviet Communist Party and collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chinese have studied our tragedy thoroughly and scientifically.

The secret of China’s success is that the CPC has succeeded in uniting Marxist-Leninist ideas with the experience of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, century-long traditions of Confucianism and modern training on human resources.

The CPC has found a rational balance between state, collectivity and individual. They have also promoted social guarantees and security. And they have not lost political principles.

China’s experience has not only amazed Asia, but the world. For instance, now China is one of the largest trading partners of the United States.

China has become the world’s second largest economy under the CPC’s leadership and has maintained growth amidst global economic troubles.

The global crisis has affected some 200 countries, and its new wave has been engulfing the U.S. and the whole Europe. Nearly all economies have slowed down, including those in Asia.

But in the Asia-Pacific region, the situation was better compared to other regions. An important reason for this is China. China is an engine which is pulling the global economy out of the hardships.

Zyuganov also praised contacts between the CPC and his own CPRF, noting that the two sister parties have signed several inter-party cooperation agreements that were “implemented successfully” over the past decades. “I am very glad that our relations, inter-party and comradely, are on the rise. Nearly all high-level delegations from China have met with us. And nearly every year, our high-level delegations visit China,” Zyuganov enthused. He added: “Besides, every year we send to China delegations of our party’s young promising comrades for internship there. They were very much impressed with their trips to China and told us the professional level of Chinese officials is very high.”

Significantly, from the vantage of the global communist conspiracy, Zyuganov believes Red China “bears a mission to help the rest of the world to overcome the crisis, to get out of that deadlock provoked by the U.S. liberal economic model.” As KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn disclosed 26 years ago in his first expose of the long-range Soviet plan, inter-party cooperation between the Russian and Chinese communists, both open and covert, is the driving force behind world Leninist revolution.

Earlier this year, Zyuganov disavowed the World Trade Organization, at least as it is presently constituted, as a vehicle for improving the lot of the Russian people. “In general Russia has no economic incentive for joining the WTO,” Zyuganov wrote in an official letter to the Kremlin. He continued: “Our country is totally unprepared for WTO entry and is doing so on unfavorable terms. Russia’s main export items – raw materials, fuel and energy, arms – are not subject to WTO regulation. Therefore, WTO accession will be the final consolidation of Russia’s status as a raw materials appendage of the West and market for global corporations.”

It would appear that President Putin’s role is to establish Russia as a “bridge” between the WTO and the Eurasian Union, to be inaugurated in 2015. The latter will span the former Soviet republics and roll up a number of post-Soviet organizations, including the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. In the final analysis, the occasional sparring between the Kremlin and the CPRF proves that Putin is only “pro-West” when it serves to carry out the long-range Soviet plan.

WW4 File: Turkish army fires on Syria 87 times since Oct. 3, killing 12 Syrian soldiers, destroying five tanks, three armoured vehicles, two anti-aircraft guns; Syria lobs 27 shells/mortars at Turkey; car bomb kills 13 as civil war comes to Damascus’ Christian quarter

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Putin personally supervises Russian nuclear triad test on Friday; RS-12M Topol ICBM launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, SLBM from Sea of Okhotsk; Bear and Blackjack bombers test-fire cruise missiles over NW Komi region; Kremlin critics: president “exaggerating potential threats from West to bolster support at home”

EU File: Labour Party boss joins tens of thousands of anti-government protesters in London, demo organized by Trades Union Congress; Ed Miliband’s father prominent force in British New Left in 1960s; PM David Cameron refuses to ease austerity, cites IMF forecast downgrade for economic growth

WW4 File: USA stands by Japan and Philippines in spats with Red China over disputed archipelagoes, aircraft carrier USS George Washington cruises through South China Sea, USS John C. Stennis conducts operations in western Pacific region

EU File: “Ex”-communist states reject austerity, elect social democrats, former reds; Russian-born politician to form coalition with Social Democrats in Lithuania; Romania’s Ponta governs by emergency, tries to impeach “ex”-red president; Serbia’s Socialists form first regime since Milosevic’s ouster, cozy up to EU; PM Dacic hosts Romanian counterpart in Belgrade

WW4 File: Fresh round of artillery fire breaks out between Turkey and Syria, Syrian rebels clash with Assad’s troops near Turkish border province of Hatay

WW4 File: Seven military commands of Red China’s People’s Liberation Army practice storming, seizing island amidst dispute with Japan, Taiwan over E. China Sea islets; PLAN begins flight training for first-ever aircraft carrier, Liaoning “test platform” for domestically built carriers

EU File: Prague 1948 redux: Communists poised to return to power in Czech Republic in wake of austerity woes, second-most popular party “biggest winner” in Senate, local elections; communist tried to “kill” President Klaus on Sept. 28; dissident Havel opposed criminalizing Communist Party, first president of Czech Republic died in 2011

EU File: Retired Portuguese army officer, chief strategist behind Carnation Revolution in 1974 urges coup d’etat against PM Passos Coelho; Carvalho lead communist insurgency in 1980s; Portugal will likely receive second bailout from EU-ECB-IMF; soldiers held illegal anti-austerity protest in Lisbon last November

WW4 File: Destroyers and frigates of the People’s Liberation Army Navy sail through Okinawa Prefecture, but just outside Japanese territorial waters; first such provocative move by Red China’s navy as Beijing, Tokyo strive over Senkaku islets

WW4 File: Turkey redirects NATO missile defense system at Kurecik airbase toward Syria, scrambles fighter jets to border after Assad’s forces bomb Syrian border town of Azmarin; Ankara denies US and French special forces at İncirlik airbase, extends mandate for anti-PKK operations in N. Iraq; Free Syrian Army captures air defense base near Aleppo

WW4 File: 1,500 US troops to arrive in Israel on Oct. 14 for 3-week joint missile training, IDF to test Hetz missile-to-missile batteries and Iron Dome rocket interception system; 150 US Army special forces deploy to Jordan, monitor Syria’s chemical weapons sites, civil war spillover

Breaking News: Turkish PM maintains ammunition destined for Syrian defense ministry seized from Moscow-Damascus plane, Erdogan’s FM vows interdiction of all Syria-bound weapons; Ankara received intelligence tip-off re. Syrian Arab Airlines’ illegal cargo; Rosoboronexport: no comment

WW4 File: Turkish fighter jets intercept Syrian Arab Airlines plane en route from Moscow to Damascus, military cargo suspected, Airbus A-320 searched and allowed to complete flight; Damascus calls grounding “air piracy,” “hostile act,” pleads for “friendly relations” with Ankara; Putin postpones Turkey visit

Middle East File: Syrian rebels re-seize Maaret al-Numan, strategic town on highway linking Damascus and Aleppo; Syrian opposition: 80% of border towns in Idlib and Aleppo governorates under rebel control

WW4 File: Israeli Air Force shoots down unmanned aerial drone over Negev, aircraft penetrated southern airspace from Mediterranean Sea, Gaza Strip on Oct. 6; Hezbollah suspected, Iranian military official gloats: Incident exposed weakness of Israeli air defenses

WW4 File: NATO secretary general: “We have all necessary plans in place to protect and defend Turkey if necessary”; Turkey deploys additional tanks, howitzers, and missile defense units since Oct. 3 Syrian shelling, 25 more F-16 fighter jets to Diyarbakir air base; Turkey’s army chief inspects troops along Syrian border; Assad mulling full military mobilization to repel possible Turkish incursion

EU File: Democracy poised to collapse in “cradle of democracy”: Greek PM points to country’s severe economic crisis, rise of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn as indicators of societal demise, compares debt-stricken Greece to Weimar Germany; dockworkers storm defense ministry in Athens as officials prep for hated German chancellor’s visit

WW4 File: Turkey, Syria exchange artillery and mortar fire for sixth straight day, last Wednesay’s mortar from Syria killed five Turks in Akcakale; Turkish FM vows “forceful response to each errant shell” as rebels, Syrian army clash near border; Iran-Turkey pipeline blows up, Kurdistan Workers’ Party suspected

Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s communist dictator “re-elected” with 54% of vote as national guard patrols streets of Caracas, armed with AK47s and tear gas; Capriles’ supporters despondent, Chavez crows: “The revolution has triumphed! The people have voted for socialism!”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, with a lot of ideological inspiration from Havana, has been exporting petro/narco-communism for 13 years. His latest (no doubt fraudulent) re-election will permit the Western Hemisphere’s Red Axis to continue consolidating its power, probably leading to a victory for Colombia’s Cuban-backed communist rebels (by force or negotiation). No doubt, too the Moscow Leninists will be emboldened to deepen their alliances with the region’s leftist regimes.

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USA File: Detroit Police Officer Association to visitors: City is a war zone, enter at own risk; Detroit is America’s most violent city, homicide rate highest in country; Detroit Police Department “grossly understaffed,” 2,000-person force shrinking quickly; mob occupies gas station/store, claims property, sells drugs

Forget about Escape from New York. How about “Escape from Detroit”? For anyone interested in imposing martial law on America, Detroit would be a good place for a dry run.

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WW4 File: Turkey and Syria in de facto state of war: Turkish artillery opens fire on Syrian military targets for fourth straight day after two mortars cross border into Hatay province; Syrian rebels clash with Assad’s troops in neighboring Idlib governorate

Pictured here: Turkish army unit takes up position in Akcakale on the border with Syria. Akcakale is a town and district of Turkey’s south-central Şanlıurfa province. It is located near the border checkpoint on the road to Tal al-Abyad, in the Syrian governorate of Ar-Raqqah.

On Saturday, Turkish artillery in that country’s southernmost Hatay province, responding to still more cross-border mortar attacks, pounded military targets in the neighboring Syrian governorate of Idlib, making this the fourth consecutive day in which Turkey has responded to such attacks. The AP news agency reports:

Two mortar shells landed in rural areas near the village of Guvecci in the early morning and at midday. Both shells prompted Turkish return fire, Turkey’s media reported. The first exchange happened shortly after intense fighting broke out across the border in Syria’s Idlib province between Syrian rebels and the forces of President Bashar Assad’s regime, the private Dogan news agency reported.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebels had attacked army positions in the Syrian villages of Khirbet al-Jouz and Darkoush about 16 kilometers (10 miles) from Guvecci. Rami Abdul-Rahman, the Observatory’s chief, said both sides were exchanging mortar fire in the province where they were located, Idlib.

Note: There appears to be several Turkish villages named Guvecci. The one listed in Wikipedia is in Afyonkarahisar province, which is in western Turkey and thus nowhere near the military action reported above.

WW4 File: Turkish army’s shelling on Friday hits Syrian military position south of rebel-held border post at Tal al-Abyad; Syria’s official denial of responsibility for mortar attacks on Turkey again raises spectre of third-party provocation

Today’s Turkish artillery bombardment on Syria struck a military position south of the rebel-held border post at Tal al-Abyad, in the northern province of Raqa. Raqa is home to thousands of displaced Syrians fleeing violence from other areas of the country.

In view of the Syrian regime’s official denial of responsibility for several mortars lobbed at Turkey from its territory this week, we can only conclude that some party or parties is trying to provoke a war between Syria and Turkey, which would probably lead to NATO intervention in Syria’s internal conflict. There are several possible perpetrators:

  1. The Syrian Arab Army accidentally fired the mortars and has no intention of starting a conflict with Turkey, as it is preoccupied with crushing an internal uprising.
  2. The Free Syrian Army (FSA), which until recently was based in Turkey and is trying to overthrow the Assad regime in Damascus, fired the mortars to provoke Western intervention against Syria.
  3. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has been incited by the Assad regime to attack Turkey out of revenge for Turkey’s hosting the FSA. The PKK, however, is fighting for an independent Marxist Kurdistan that will span parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, so it can only establish fairweather alliances with governments like Syria’s.
  4. Russian military advisors, who are known to be operating in Syria, intend to drag NATO, including the USA, and possibly Israel into a major conflagration with Syria and Iran, since the two are locked into a mutual defense pact.

WW4 File: Turkish artillery pounds Syrian regime targets for third straight day after two more mortar bombs fall in Altınözü and Yayladağı districts of Hatay province, no casualties on Turkish side

WW4 File: NATO naval movements: Turkish Navy reinforces its position in Mediterranean, warships and submarines sail from main base in Marmara Sea, cargo labeled “war load”; Royal Navy to join French Navy in region for 2-month exercise, Royal Marines to practice landings in new NATO state Albania; US carriers in Persian Gulf, W. Pacific

Middle East File: Free Syrian Army kidnaps, threatens to execute 48 Iranians, demands release of opposition detainees within 48 hours; Syrian rebels claim hostages Revolutionary Guards, Tehran insists prisoners “pilgrims”; portions of Homs, Aleppo reduced to rubble after months of fighting between rebels, Assad’s troops

WW4 File: Erdogan: Testing Turkey would be “fatal mistake,” region “not far from war”; Syria denies apologizing for mortar attack on Turkey, only “regrets” civilian deaths, looking for real attackers; withdraws military 6 miles from border, remains on “high alert”; Damascus: Oct. 3-4 Turkish artillery barrage killed 10 Syrian soldiers, damaged 3 tanks, 2 armored vehicles

WW4 File: Erdogan during joint news conference with visiting Iran VP: “Another mortar bomb fell in Hatay’s Altınözü district today”; Turkish PM suggests Syrian shelling deliberate; Damascus has yet to comment on deaths of three Syrian soldiers killed in Wednesday’s Turkish bombardment

As an aside, if the Turks get their collective nose out of joint over several Syrian mortars, then the Israelis should be commended for exercising remarkable self-restraint in the face of thousands of rocket attacks from Hamas and Hezbollah over the years. The Israelis are certainly no cowards.


WW4 File: Iran reminds Turkey of its opposition to external military intervention in Syria; Baghdad obliges Washington, promises to conduct random inspections for weapons on Iranian aircraft bound for Syria; Iraq demands Turkey stop attacking Kurdish rebel bases in northern autonomous region

Breaking News: Ankara: Damascus apologizes for deadly shelling of Turkish village, assures United Nations there will be no repeat of incident; speculation concerning rebel provocation seemingly dispelled

WW4 File: Turkey renews artillery strikes on Syrian regime targets, bombardment kills Assad’s troops in Tel Abyad district, 6 miles south of border; Turkish parliament authorizes troop deployment in war-torn neighbor, PM Erdogan’s office disavows formal declaration of war

WW4 File: Russia warns NATO, Syrian rebels against creating pretexts for intervention, buffer zones; Al Arabiya cites leaked docs: Russian major general advising Assad indeed ambushed and killed by Free Syrian Army in August; Kojève’s statements to media in Moscow after reported demise contrived by Kremlin

Middle East File: Syrian army tanks pound rebel positions in Damascus; suicide bombers detonate three car bombs in regime-controlled area of Aleppo, killing 34, injuring 120; Syrian warplanes bomb rebel-held city of Salqeen on Monday, killing 21

Breaking News: Turkish PM’s office confirms: Army fired on Syrian “regime” targets in retaliation for mortar strike; NATO’s Rasmussen condemns Syria, denies intervention plans, affirms support for Ankara; Turkey concentrating troops, equipment near SW border in response to Syrian civil war, Kurdish Marxist rebels; Turkish forces kill 12 PKK guerrillas near Iraq

There is speculation in cyberspace that the Free Syrian Army launched the  mortar against Turkey as a pretext to involve NATO in the Syrian civil war. On September 23, the FSA relocated its HQ from Turkey’s Hatay province to Syria’s Idlib governorate. This fact alone suggests that rebel forces are confident of victory over the Ba’athist regime in Damascus.

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Breaking News: Turkey’s foreign minister contacts NATO secretary-general after Syrian mortar strike; Turkish deputy PM: “Syria must be made to account for the incident and there must be a response under international law”

Breaking News: Syrian mortar kills five in Turkish border town, Turkish army responds with “heavy” artillery fire across border; Syrian troops illegally enter E. Lebanon for search operation; IDF in Golan Heights spots possible infiltrators from Syria, evacuates tourists, Syrian shells hit Israeli farms last week

The Syrian civil war has spilled over the country’s borders into Turkey, Israel, and Lebanon, which in itself warrants an international response.

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Bolivarian Revolution File: Gunmen in PDVSA van kill three party activists supporting Venezuelan presidential challenger, murders occur in Chavez’s home state one week ahead of re-election bid, promise to “deepen” socialism, continued support for Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua

Red Dawn Alert: United Nations, Collective Security Treaty Organization sign cooperation protocol, establish legal mechanism to deploy Russia-led Collective Rapid Reaction Force anywhere in the world (USA?); CRRF founded in 2009, includes Spetsnaz, airborne and marine forces

According to news sources in the Former Soviet Union but not, significantly, the Western media, this past Friday, the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations signed a cooperation protocol with the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization that will transform the post-Soviet military alliance into one of the enforcement arms of the UN, NATO being the other. Member states of the CSTO, established in 1992, are Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Uzbekistan suspended its membership in the organization in June of this year.

The cooperation protocol was signed during the 67th UN General Assembly in New York by CSTO chief and career Chekist Nikolai Bordyuzha and Herve Ladsous, head of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations. After the two parties inked the agreement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who heads the Russian delegation at the UN, said that the document “will provide for effective efforts to maintain security and stability.”

“The memorandum opens up a new page of the long-term constructive cooperation between the CSTO and the UN in an important area like peacekeeping,” a CSTO representative said. The memorandum emphasizes the central role of the UN in resolving conflicts, maintaining peace, and post-conflict peace-building. The UN-CSTO memorandum allegedly acknowledges the consent of parties, impartiality of peacekeeping operations, and non-use of force “except for the cases of self-defense and defense of the mandate sanctioned by the UN Security Council.”

UN representatives were invited to attend the CSTO exercise “Inviolable Brotherhood,” which will be held in Kazakhstan in October. Last month, in Armenia, another former Soviet republic, 2,000 troops of CSTO’s Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF) held the Cooperation 2012 drill, which included international observers from the UN, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, a placeholder entity for the old Soviet Union.

The CRRF will no doubt spearhead any UN-CSTO deployment around the world. According to the leftist Voltaire Network, “CSTO has carried out studies on the possible deployment of peacekeeping troops in Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Pridnestrovie and in Syria.”

The new UN-CSTO arrangement could very well provide the Soviet strategists with the legal mechanism needed to expand the Russian military presence in Syria, re-occupy the Soviet Union’s former satellites in Eastern Europe, invade crisis-stricken Western Europe, or justify the occupation of the USA following the “terrorist” detonation of a suitcase nuke in a major city, civil war, communist putsch, or some other calamity.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian troops have trained with their US counterparts on US soil twice, first at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1995 and earlier this year at Fort Carson, Colorado. The first exercise, not so coincidentally, focused on “peacekeeping,” while the more recent one “anti-terrorism” operations.

WW4 File: Red Chinese hackers breach White House Military Office computer network in September, classified data untouched but system handles POTUS’ nuclear orders; People’s Liberation Army General Staff 4th Department suspected as Beijing, Tokyo tussle over islets in E. China Sea

EU File: Greek police direct crime victims to neo-Nazis for “protection” amidst economic meltdown; Golden Dawn holds 18 seats in Athens parliament, surges in popularity to third spot, attacks immigrants, distributes food to jobless, opens office in NYC to solicit donations from Greek-Americans

Greek American Bund?

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EU File: Anti-austerity protests rock Eurozone: Tens of thousands of Spaniards, Portuguese rally in capital cities on Saturday, Madrid police crack down; France’s Left Front, communists lead 80,000 in Paris protest, denounce Socialists’ austerity; Italian unions march against PM Monti’s modest public sector downsizing

Students of history should recognize that the resurgent nationalism, resurgent communism, economic meltdowns, and devious, self-interested national leaders of the 2010s–especially in the USA and Europe–have created a situation that is very reminiscent of the 1930s. Adding fuel to the fire are civil war in the Middle East, militant Islam worldwide, and the territorial expansionism of nuclear-armed Red China. 

The 1930s, of course, began with the rise of ideological dictatorships and ended in world war and millions of deaths . . .

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WW4 File: Russian Navy evacuates facility in Syria following revelations Moscow helped Damascus down Turkish fighter jet; NATO pilots survived crash, captured and executed (!); Syrian army moves chemical arsenal to Tartus ahead of collapse of Assad regime, formation of Alawite rump state; historic Aleppo in flames as rebels, troops clash

According to Saudi daily Al Watan, citing Free Syrian Army Major Maher al-Naimi, Russia is completing the withdrawal of its citizens and military personnel from its naval maintenance facility in Tartus, the Russian Navy’s only such facility outside the Former Soviet Union. Al-Naimi told the paper that Russian and Cypriot ships had docked at the port in order to evacuate the remaining Russian technicians, as well as 52 of the 72 armored vehicles from the military installation.

The rebel commander said the Syrian opposition, represented by the Syrian National Council and its armed wing, the FSA, considers Tartus to be occupied by a foreign power, that is, Russia and that the city will be “liberated” once the Russian military leaves. Al-Naimi claimed that Russia was evacuating because Moscow recognized the Syrian opposition has the “upper hand” over the Arab Socialist Ba’ath regime of President Bashar al-Assad. He added that the Syrian opposition would not continue Damascus’s level of “strategic partnership” with Russia, China, and Iran and that the Russian military “was not welcome” in Syria.

On August, Russia dispatched 11 warships to the Mediterranean Sea, some of which were bound for the Tartus naval facility. The New York Times reported that “nearly half of the ships were capable of carrying hundreds of marines.”

The Russian Navy’s evacuation from Tartus, a prospect previously rejected by the Russian government, follows revelations that Russian military personnel stationed in Syria issued the order to down a Turkish fighter jet over international waters on June 22

Newly leaked Syrian intelligence documents obtained by Dubai-based Al Arabiya disclose the true fate of the two Turkish Air Force pilots who supposedly crashed and drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, near Syrian airspace. The NATO military pilots survived the crash, were captured, detained and finally executed by Syrian special forces, all under Russian supervision!

One “highly confidential” document was sent directly from Assad’s office to Brigadier Hassan Abdel Rahman, chief of the Syrian Special Operations Unit, states the following: “Two Turkish pilots were captured by the Syrian Air Force Intelligence after their jet was shot down in coordination with the Russian naval base in (the Syrian city of) Tartus.” Al Arabiya continues to cite the secret Syrian intelligence documents, noting that Assad intended to transfer the Turkish pilots to the custody of Hezbollah in Lebanon:

The file therefore reveals two critical reports. First, the pilots were still alive after the plane had crashed. And second, that Russia held its share of involvement in this secretive mission.

The same document orders the concerned parties to treat both Turkish pilots according to the protocol of war prisoners, as instructed by the president.

It also requests that both men be investigated about Turkey’s role in supporting the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the country’s main armed opposition group.

The report also suggests the possibility of transferring the pilots into the neighboring Lebanese territory, leaving them in the custody of Assad’s ally, Hezbollah.

In a direct quote, the secret missives from Assad’s desk reveal the NATO pilots’ ultimate fate: “Based on information and guidance from the Russian leadership comes a need to eliminate the two Turkish pilots detained by the Special Operations Unit in a natural way and their bodies need to be returned to the crash site in international waters.” In the end, the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea is exactly where the Turkish search and rescue operation eventually found the F-4 Phantom pilots.

According to Al Arabiya, moreover, Russia and Iran, which along with Syria constitute a tripartite “axis of evil,” have “set up a joint command which intervenes and issues orders on every single matter related to the situation in Syria.” This information, if correct, dovetails with previous reports here that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force is operating in both Syria and Lebanon.

The Russian military’s departure from Tartus also follows revelations that the Assad regime has begun to consolidate its chemical weapons arsenal in Tartus, where it hopes to carve out a rump state for Syria’s minority Alawite sect, of which Assad is a member. Earlier this month, according to Kuwait’s Al-Rai newspaper, citing US and Arab “diplomatic sources,” the Ba’athist regime began to shift the weapons as part of its attempt to create a “safe zone” for top leaders and their families.

Syria is believed to possess “several tons” of chemical weapons-grade material, including sarin gas, which is stored in some 20 separate sites around the country. The chemical arsenal was developed with assistance from Russia and North Korea “for use against Israel,” Al-Rai’s sources added.

Meanwhile, Aleppo’s historic market quarter is in flames as FSA guerrillas, many former soldiers, clashed with regular troops in Syria’s commercial capital and top tourist destination. The mainstream media reports: “Rebel fighters say they will press on with their offensive in the historic heart of the city but are not unconscious of the damage that is being inflicted. ‘It’s part of the heritage of mankind that’s being destroyed,’ a rebel fighter, who gave his name only as Abu Riad, told AFP.”