WW4 File: Republic of China Air Force intercepts eight PLAAF fighter jets on Feb. 19 as Red China carries out another provocation only weeks after several bomber intrusions near Taiwan, ROC Defence Ministry reports invading force consisted of four Shenyang J-16s, four Xian JH-7s and one EW aircraft, which flew near Taipei-controlled Pratas Islands in S. China Sea; meanwhile four retired ROC MI officers–inc. two colonels and major general “Yueh”–have been indicted for spying for Beijing, Taiwanese prosecutors allege Yueh “received cash, gifts and free excursions during multi- ple trips to mainland China and Macau, and worked to recruit other officers to ‘develop an intelligence net- work’ for Beijing”; follows Oct. sentencing of Taiwanese lieutenant colonel to four-year jail term for spying on behalf of Communist China; Russian, Red Chinese and Iranian navies carry out two-day joint maneuvers in Indian Ocean, New Delhi denies reports India also participated in Maritime Security Belt 2021; Red Chinese dictator Xi Jinping supports admission of Tehran as full member into Shanghai Cooperation Org

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

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