Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Religious persecution well underway in highly secular Canada under guise of pandemic lockdowns as British Columbia’s socialist NDP government seeks authority from provincial supreme court to arrest Christians planning to attend three specific churches, state-run CBC reports: “B.C.’s provincial health officer is seeking an injunction prohibiting gatherings by three Christian churches that are challenging her orders suspending in-person religious services. Lawyers for Dr. Bonnie Henry and B.C.’s attorney general will be in B.C. Supreme Court on Friday seeking orders against the leaders of Langley’s Riverside Calvary Chapel, Abbotsford’s Immanuel Covenant Reformed Church and the Free Reformed Church of Chilliwack”; Canadian conserva- tive Jonathon Van Maren comments: “In America, the U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned California’s restrictions on religious services as unreasonable and neglecting to give weight to the essential nature of worship. I have far less faith in our thoroughly post-Christian judicial system, but perhaps with this draconian request, a government official has finally crossed the line in a manner obvious enough to warrant a rebuke”


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