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EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Greece cracks down on neo-Nazis, declares country’s third largest party “criminal organization,” arrests Golden Dawn fuehrer Michaloliakos, four MPs, 12 other party members; arrests follow Sept. 18 murder of anti-racist musician, killer self-declared Golden Dawn nationalist; Euro-communist Syriza maintains slight lead over ruling New Democracy

Final Phase Backgrounder: Czech Republic’s “ex”-red President Zeman appoints former cosmonaut from Communist Czechoslovakia, current cadre of Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia as ambassador to Russia, Remek previously posted to Czech embassy in Moscow 2002-2004; KGB defector Golitsyn warned West of not-so-covert communist control over E. Europe after fake collapse

EU File/Communist Bloc Military Updates: Presidents Putin, Lukashenko expected to attend component of Zapad 2013 military exercise at Belarusian firing range; Baltic republics nervously eye drills, Latvian DM to present report at closed-door government meeting, assess Russian military invasion scenarios; 40,000 PLA troops practice “long-distance fighting capabilities” on “foreign terrain” (Republic of China?)

Event Convergence Alert: GDR-raised Merkel basks in re-election glow as alleged informant Walesa shills for Moscow Leninists, advocates union of Germany, Poland in “one European state,” refers to personal, Solidarity’s involvement in (controlled) collapse of communist regime in 1989; KGB defector Golitsyn: 42 out of 200 members of PZPR CC were Solidarity members in 1981

EU File/Communist Bloc Military Updates: Deputy Chief of Estonian General Staff: Russian-Belarusian drill “saber rattling,” Union State’s pretext of Zapad 2013 as counter-terrorism exercise “cannot be taken seriously,” but no cause for NATO to panic (!?); scale of maneuver “far, far exceeds” initial reports of 12,900 troops, may be closer to 50,000 or more; Russia test firing Iskander, Tochka, Smech and Uragan missiles near Estonia

EU File/Communist Bloc Military Updates: Alleged informant for communist secret police, Solidarity trade union founder, ex-president Walesa urges Poland to “overcome historic differences” with Russia as Union State kicks off Zapad 2013 military drill in neighboring Belarus; Russia opens air base in Belarus, helicopter base near Latvia, boosts troop strength from 16,000 to 100,000 along Baltic republic borders

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union has entrusted the same strategy of deception and convergence to Putin as to Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Andropov and those Soviet leaders before them.

NATO has broken promises to Mihkail Gorbachev not to expand beyond the eastern border of the former West Germany. There sure was talk of it — Gorbachev was directly promised it, although it was never documented anywhere. And where is NATO now? Where is its border? We were fooled, that was it.
— Russian President Vladimir Putin, Valdai Forum, September 19, 2013

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Useful Idiots Bin: Senator McCain replies to Putin’s NYT op-ed, tears a strip off Russian dictator in editorial: “Russians deserve better than Putin,” “President Putin and his associates . . . don’t respect your dignity or accept your authority over them. They punish dissent and imprison opponents. They rig your elections. They control your media. [They] terrorize and even assassinate journalists who try to expose their corruption.”

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian Defense Ministry denies Zapad 2013 scenario for Syrian intervention; 13,000 Union State troops hold drills in Belarus, Russia’s Western Military District, Barents and Baltic Seas; Kaliningrad Oblast hosts anti-aircraft and anti-diversionary defense exercises; observers from 60 countries

EU File: Solidarity trade union rallies 10,000 workers in anti-government protests in Warsaw, demands snap election; MPs bolt from Civic Platform, angered by ruling party’s left turn, tax hikes, nationalization of private pension plans, leave PM Tusk with majority of one; former PM, “ex”-communist Miller positions Democratic Left Alliance as only alternative for Poles, throws name behind CSSD in Czech vote

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Thousands of Greeks take to the streets to protest neo-Nazi attack against Communists; 50 bat- and crowbar-wielding Golden Dawn thugs set upon KKE cadres handing out posters in Athens’ working-class district, nine leftists hospitalized; debt-stricken Greece struggling through sixth year of recession

Useful Idiots Bin: Communist Party of Russian Federation “baffled” by statement from McCain spokesman, US senator reportedly wants to publish article in “Pravda,” rebut Putin’s Sept. 11 op-ed in The New York Times; Zyuganov: McCain must follow “party line” to publish in CPRF organ; Russian dictator shills for Assad, maintains rebels used chemical warheads; separate website declines comment over flap

WW4 File: Syria’s Assad regime dodges imminent US air strikes, submits to Russia-brokered plan to place chemical weapons stockpile under international control, USA and France demand strong UN resolution; Interfax: Russian Navy’s “carrier-killing” Moskva missile cruiser sails through Strait of Gibralter, assumes command of task force in E. Med., including five landing ships

WW4 File: RAF scrambles Typhoons from Akrotiri base after two Syrian Sukhoi Su-24s buzz Famagusta, North Cyprus on Sept. 2, Turkish F-16s join intercept, Assad’s warplanes retreat; Syrian fighter jets can reach Cyprus in 15 minutes; early news reports portrayed incident as hostile encounter between British, Turkish air forces; Obama White House shows videos of alleged sarin gas victims in Damascus, attempts to provoke support among US senators for air strikes

WW4 File: Middle East on war footing as Obama attends G20 summit in St. Petersburg, fails to coax leaders into backing military intervention in Syria; US State Dept. pulls staff from Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq; Egyptian army launches major offensive against Sinai militants after interior minister targeted by bomb; Turkey reinforces military units on Syrian border, IDF beefs up presence along Lebanese border; Russian Communist Party boss, deputy praise Putin’s intransigence

WW4 File: USA mulls air strikes against Syria’s Assad regime as Moscow boosts total naval deployment to east Mediterranean Sea; Russian vessels will include missile cruisers Varyag and Moskva (fresh from tour of leftist allies in Caribbean), ASW ship, spy ship, two destroyers and two troop landing ships

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian officers, troops arrive in Belarus for Zapad 2013 military maneuver as Union State patches up diplomatic row over Minsk’s arrest of Uralkali chief Baumgertner, Moscow to supply oil after all; joint drill to involve 350 armored vehicles, including 70 tanks, 50 artillery units and 50 aircraft; Russian Air Force still committed to deploying fighter jets in Belarus by Dec. 2013

So, while NATO is preoccupied with Syria, Union State troops practice reclaiming European territory abandoned during the Soviet Armed Forces’ strategic retreat in the early 1990s . . . source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

WW4 File: Aircraft carrier Nimitz to join five US destroyers already deployed to E. Med. for missile strikes against Syria; carrier Charles de Gaulle on standby at port of Toulon as Assad threatens retaliation against France; Russia’s top general scraps ceremonial visit to Austria after US-Israeli missile tests, landing ships sail for Med. Sea, placed under command of ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev

Middle East File: UN High Commissioner for Refugees: Syrian civil war generates world’s worst humanitarian disaster: 2 million people, one half of them children, flee to neighboring states but avoid Israel; 4 million Syrians internally displaced; 100,000 killed since uprising against Assad regime began in 2011

EU File: Czech Republic’s leftist president and interim prime minister oppose Syrian intervention; Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia joins pro-Assad rally outside US embassy in Prague; Warsaw Pact-turned-NATO member country heads for October election, Social Democrats, reds expect left-wing victory

WW4 File: Israel admits joint missile test with USA in Mediterranean Sea, Russian radar detects two “ballistic missiles” fired from central part of sea toward eastern; White House weighs missile strikes against Syria following alleged Aug. 21 use of chemical weapons in Damascus; French intelligence confirms regime gas attack killed up to 1,500 people; Putin to send Russian lawmakers to sway US Congress, Arab communists oppose intervention