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USA File: FBI reopens probe into Clinton email scandal 10 days before election, obtains warrant to search newly discovered emails belonging to Huma Abedin, a top Hillary aide; Clinton’s bid for White House potentially sunk as 12-point lead over Trump in public opinion polls last week decimated by Oct. 31, Trump responds to FBI move at rally in Manchester, NH: “Hillary Clinton’s corruption is on a scale we’ve never seen before. We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office”; Democratic bigwigs enraged by FBI Director Comey’s decision; Clinton’s VP running mate Tim Kaine: “I just have no way of understanding these actions. They’re completely unprecedented and that’s why I think he owes the American public more information”; Dianne Feinstein, vice chair of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: “Director Comey’s announcement played right into the political campaign of Donald Trump”; Harry Reid, Senate Democratic leader, dashes off scathing letter to Comey: “I am writing to inform you that my office has determined that these actions may violate the Hatch Act, which bars FBI officials from using their official authority to influence an election. Through your partisan actions, you may have broken the law”

Cyber-Leninism File/WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian hacker group Cyber Hunta breaches Kremlin computer network, steals 1 gigabyte of info; files and emails of Putin’s top aide, Vladislav Surkov (“Grey Cardinal of the Kremlin”), “show Russia’s fingerprints all over the separatist movement in Ukraine”; Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab: “It was only a question of time that some of the anonymous guys like Cyber Hunta would come to strike them [Russia] back”; senior US official to NBC News re. hack’s authenticity: “nothing to indicate otherwise”; Russian-terrorist formations in Donbas launch 72 attacks against Ukrainian troops over past 24 hours, in spite of latest cease-fire, separatists use machine guns, grenade launchers, artillery; US mission to OSCE: Russian Armed Forces still funnelling troops, equipment in to SE oblasts; Ukrainian HUR: Ongoing CIS air defense drills dry run for “massive airstrikes” against “strategic facilities” in Ukraine

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Shortly after Russia annexed Crimea and again lately, Ukraine announced its withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Independent States but this procedure has yet to be implemented.

WW4 File: Kremlin, NATO prepare for war in Europe: NATO chief Stoltenberg at Oct. 26 DM meeting in Brussels, justifies alliance’s military build-up in former Soviet Bloc/republics, says up to 330,000 Russian troops deployed along country’s western frontiers (i.e., from Ukraine to Finland); Britain dispatches 800 soldiers with Challenger 2 battle tanks to Estonia (previously reported); Canada and assorted European states send 1,000 to Latvia; Germany and allies 1,000 to Lithuania; USA 900, with battle tanks and artillery, to Poland; 330 US marines in unprecedented deployment to Norway, along with underground storage of tanks, artillery (previously reported); Stoltenberg also says Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, UK and US to send full brigade (5,000 troops) to Romania (i.e., in case Putin decides to grab all of coastal Ukraine); 100 US troops in Germany receive “shock” orders to transport Patriot missiles to Romania by rail for joint exercise with 100 Romanian counterparts in early Nov., Aegis missiles already based at Deveselu air base

USSR2 File: Kremlin’s bid to reassert control over old satellites apparent in attempted armed coup in Montenegro (using Serb proxies), upcoming Moldovan election; citizens of tiny, impoverished country wedged between Romania, Ukraine head for voting stations on Oct. 28, select new president; pro-Moscow Socialist Party candidate boasts comfortable lead in public opinion polls, pro-EU forces disgraced by arrest of former PM Filat, implication in US$1 billion banking scandal; ex-communist Dodon demands referendum to disengage Moldova from political-trade agreement signed with EU in 2014, join Putin’s Eurasian Union; Dodon’s closest challenger is former World Bank economist, Sandu warns Moldovans against “falling back into Moscow’s orbit”; 2,000 Romanian irredentists march through Bucharest on Oct. 22, demand annexation of Moldova, “Bessarabia” part of Kingdom of Romania between 1918 and Soviet takeover in 1940, 4/5 of Moldovans are of Romanian descent, Romanian official language, but no widespread support in either country for reunification

WW4 File: Kremlin, NATO prepare for war in Europe: Russia carries out joint tactical combat flight drills with Serbian hosts between Oct. 10-14, BARS-2016 exercise involves MiG-29 warplanes, Mi-8 helos; first Serbo-Russian flight drills held in Russia’s Astrakhan region 1 year ago; Serbia to also host Slavic Brotherhood 2016 exercise in Nov., Russian, Belarusian forces to participate; Montenegrin PM resigns after long-ruling Democratic Party of Socialists fails to secure majority in Oct. 16 vote, pro-EU/NATO Djukanovic accuses opposition of plotting coup in concert with Moscow, Belgrade, follows arrest of 20 Serbs suspected of planning armed attacks against Djukanovic; former commander of Serbia’s special police forces among those arrested; Serbia deports “several” Russian nationals for alleged illegal activities in neighboring Montenegro even as Russian Security Council chief Patrushev arrives in Belgrade for bilateral meetings on intelligence sharing; Belgrade-based analyst: “Russia has decided to play a bit rougher; the EU is in crisis because of its disunity, and the US is in a vacuum, which has led to wheeling and dealing in the Balkans. Everyone is looking to get something for themselves.”

WW4 File: Kremlin, NATO prepare for war in Europe: Commonwealth of Independent States launches joint air defense drills in skies over Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Russian Defense Ministry statement notes participation of 100 aircraft, including Tu-160, Tu-95, Tu-22M3 strategic bombers, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, Su-34, MiG-29, MiG-31 combat planes, Mi-8, Ka-27 helos; CIS air defense forces conduct exercises against enemy aircraft “breaching” CIS airspace, counter simulated skyjackings; Russia abandons plans to refuel Syria-bound naval task force at Spanish port of Ceuta following international pressure on Madrid; Poland, Lithuania alarmed by addition of two Buyan M-class corvettes to Russia’s Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad, Serpukhov and Zeleny Dol armed with long-range nuke-capable Kalibr cruise missiles, presently sailing for Syria; UK to station 800 soldiers along with tanks, armoured vehicles and UAVs at Estonia’s Tapa army base for 6-month stint beginning spring 2017; British troops will form 1 of 4 NATO battalions being deployed in response to perceived Russian threat in wake of Crimean takeover

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Alberta’s socialist government takes aim at Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, province’s funding of private schools and home education, parental rights and Christians; ruling New Democrats unilaterally shut down – mid-term – Christian school providing support for 1/3 of province’s 11,000 home-educated students; Ministry of Education launches coordinated media assault on Trinity Christian School/Wisdom Homeschooling, national news outlets informed before school administrators given opportunity for response, compliance, legal recourse; allegations of substandard educational practices, purported misallocation of nearly C$1 million in public funds to be investigated by RCMP; meanwhile, Premier Notley’s government, in concert with Alberta Teachers’ Association, determined to impose Gay-Straight Alliances, transgenderism, pansexualism in all public, private/religious schools across province; two Baptist-run schools near Edmonton refuse to introduce government-sponsored GSA program, provoke official inquiry, threats of deregistration, defunding

The pansexualization of Alberta’s taxpayer-funded public, charter, private and Catholic schools began under the previous Progressive Conservative government, showing that this has been, in part, a bureaucratic initiative, but one that has been greatly emboldened by the NDP victory in 2015.

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Alberta Home Education Association website posts response from Wisdom Homeschooling

Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Official Stance on Gay-Straight Alliances

2012 New American Article on Alberta Law Banning Home Educators from Teaching against Homesexuality

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Bio on Alberta Premier Rachel Notley

WW4 File: Kremlin, NATO prepare for war in Europe: Russia carries out missile drill 60 miles E. of Estonian border, exercise involves deployment of Iskander-M missiles near city of Luga, no actual launches; Strategic Missile Forces practice fording rivers with 100-ton Yars ICBM transports in W. Russia; Polish DM Macierewicz cites sources, accuses Egypt of secretly selling French-built Mistral helicopter attack ships to Kremlin for US$1 (we predicted this!), Mistrals originally built for Putin but contract cancelled after Crimean takeover; Russian Supreme Court upholds conviction of blogger, effectively denies USSR, in collusion with Hitler, invaded Poland in 1939; Helsinki concerned over “barrage” of anti-Finnish propaganda, Kremlin-run media questions “validity” of Finland’s sovereignty, Finns to celebrate 100 years of independence from Russia in 2017; USA to station 330 marines on trial basis at Norway’s Vaernes base E. of Trondheim, Russian embassy in Oslo “perturbed” by news of US deployment; follows pre-positioning of US battle tanks, artillery, logistic equipment in Cold War-era caves in Norway, total of 6,500 pieces of hardware can support up to 15,000 marines; Sweden re-garrisons 150 troops on Gotland after base closed in 2005, Russian Empire occupied Baltic island in 1808, during Finnish War

WW4 File: Putin deploys Russian Navy’s Northern, Baltic Fleets to Syria in bid to bolster faltering Ba’athist regime, drive out rebels in beleaguered city of Aleppo, naval task force Russia’s largest since Soviet era; Royal Navy, military buffs in Dover monitor passage of Russia’s sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, missile cruiser Peter the Great through English Channel, flotilla also includes ASW destroyers Severomorsk, Vice Admiral Kulakov; Black Sea Fleet dispatches 3 missile corvettes to join Russian task force off Syria; UK PM May condemns Russian aggression in Syria, “sickening atrocities” against civilians even as Rajoy government opens Spanish ports to Russian warships; Russian Navy modernizing with new ballistic missile subs (active), attack subs (active), destroyers (in development), frigates (active) , corvettes (active), plans for new carriers on hold as Soviet-era shipyard used for such vessels located in Ukraine; in any case, Russian Navy still no match for US counterpart, world’s largest, most powerful blue-water navy; Russian naval experts belittle touted capabilities of stealth missile destroyer USS Zumwalt

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian Air Force to set up new strategic bomber division in Siberia, Tu-95s, Tu-22M3s to patrol Pacific Ocean, waters around Japan, Guam, Hawaii; Putin restored regular long-range bomber flights 15 years after collapse of Soviet Union; Russia bolsters military presence in war-wracked Syria: 1) secures Assad’s permission to upgrade air base near Latakia to permanent facility (as previously reported), 2) upgrades Cold War-era naval maintenance facility in Tartus to full, permanent base, deploys S-300 anti-missile battery to protect installation, 3) builds runway at T-4 Military Airport in E. part of Homs governate to counter influx of ISIS fighters fleeing Iraq, 4) moves military advisers’ command post to Palmyra; Russian DM Shoigu appoints new commander of airborne troops, VDV battalion to be permanently based out of Dzhankoy, in N. part of occupied Crimea; VDV to receive new AFVs, APCs, EW equipment; Moscow revives former Soviet air base in Egyptian city of Sidi Barrani, 500 Russian and Egyptian airborne forces hold first-ever joint day/night firing drills at El-Umayed military base; Soviets allied with Egypt under Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak charted pro-USA direction for Egypt, President/Field Marshal Sisi restores Egypt’s pro-Moscow orientation

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Brest, Belarus welcomes Russian paratroopers to practice defending Union State, Oct. 7-20 drills to involve 700 Russian, Belarusian servicemen adjacent to Terespol, Poland; 1,000 CSTO special forces carry out “active phase” of Rubezh 2016 at Edelweiss training ground in Kyrgyzstan, deploy 200 armored vehicles, UAVs to “destroy simulated enemy”; Russia’s W. Military District moves 2 S-400 anti-missile batteries near Finnish border, Helsinki’s DM shrugs off Russian deployment: “This is normal practice. Russia is using these systems to replace the older S-300 rockets”; even as Russian warplanes flying without active transponders violate Finnish, Estonian air space on Oct. 6-7, only hours before “neutral” Finland inks bilateral military agreement with Washington, US Dep. Sec. of Defense in Helsinki for signing ceremony; NATO circles the wagons around “neutral” Sweden with similar arrangement finalized in June, Sweden to join NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre based in Latvia; Russian strategic bomber flights prompt 4 NATO countries, including Spain, to scramble intercepts on Sept. 22; 3 Tu-160 “Blackjacks” shadowed Icelandic airliner on Reykjavik-Stockholm run on same day, US Navy redeploys maritime patrol planes to Iceland’s Keflavik Air Base after 10-year absence