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Useful Idiots Bin: Commie lovers everywhere mourn (long-overdue) death of Cuba’s vicious, Moscow-backed dictator Fidel Castro, who died on Nov. 25 at 90 years old; Canadian PM Justin Trudeau follows in father Pierre’s footsteps, praises “Canada’s favorite dictator”: “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century . . . [He was] a legendary revolutionary and orator . . .”; Canada’s interim Conservative Party chief outraged, demands Liberal PM retract comments: “With those words, Justin Trudeau has placed himself on the wrong side of history — against the millions of Cubans yearning for freedom”; Breitbart News fingers following US media moguls, directors, actors as unabashed Castro lovers: Ted Turner, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson, Danny Glover, Kevin Costner, Chevy Chase, Harry Belafonte; Putin offers condolences to Cuban President Raul Castro, refers to Fidel as “reliable friend of Russia,” sends delegation to attend funeral in Havana; US President-elect Trump rightly refuses to downplay bloody facts of Cuban communism: “Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights”

USA File: Democratic insurgency against Trump victory spills over in left-wing Sen. Barbara Boxer’s bill to abolish Electoral College, but legislation unlikely to pass Republican-controlled Congress, two-thirds of states, CNN cynically notes Trump condemned college in 2012, praised same after present win; Electoral College enshrines intent of Founding Fathers to define America as a republic, rather than a “mobocracy” (e.g., post-election anti-Trump riots); Trump continues to round out White House team, appoints S. Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as US ambassador to UN, first woman tapped for top-level post in Trump Admin, Haley has Republican credentials but past Trump critic; president-elect disavows “white nationalists” of National Policy Institute, video shows conference attendees hailing Trump with Nazi salutes; NYPD: Trump family security costing city US$1 million each day, Mayor Bill de Blasio to submit bill to feds; Portland-area Trump supporter describes how rioters attacked his vehicle, family as he drove through downtown on Nov. 10, Ukraine-born Valentin Muntyan: “I love this country and I’m proud to be U.S. citizen . . . [but] I was fearful for my life”

USA File: Democratic insurgency against Trump victory spills over in unprecedented campaign to dissuade as many as 160 Republican electors from voting for billionaire on Dec. 19, cast ballot for Clinton instead; Democratic electors from Washington State, Colorado lobbying GOP counterparts elsewhere to reject their oaths, state electoral law, while some GOP electors inundated with death wishes, threats via phone, email; Trump won 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232, with Michigan undecided; Socialist Alternative cadre Kshama Sawant still spewing class-based hatred from her platform as Seattle City Councillor, latest rant at party website advocates “massive, coordinated, nationwide protests and student walkouts against Trump inauguration on January 20 and 21”; claims responsibility for mobilizing 50,000 anti-Trump protesters in first few days after Nov. 8 election, rejects constitutionality of Electoral College results, insists “Trump does not have a mandate. He lost the popular vote . . .”; online petition to remove this dangerous foreign-born communist from office still 6,000 supporters shy of 25,000-signature goal

USA File: American Left revs up 2nd round of anti-Trump protests across country, follows several days of high school student-led demos, university campus protests; 1000 agitators march from Queens toward Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, shout “Hate fixes nothing!” and “Stop Bannon!”; march organized by New York City Council Majority Leader, “openly gay” Jimmy Van Bramer; 100s of left-wing nutjobs attend “Resist Trump” rally in Chicago, coalition includes Workers’ World Party-backed ANSWER Chicago, Gay Liberation Network, Black Lives Matter Women of Faith, La Voz de los de Abajo, People United Against Oppression, Freedom Road Socialist Org., Party for Socialism and Liberation, and anti-war CODEPINK Chicago; Smash Racism DC protesters clash with Trump supporters outside “alt-right” National Policy Institute conference in Washington, assault NPI attendee, yell “Die, Nazi, die!”; Secret Service apparently worried about aerial assaults on Trump Tower, outfits president-elect’s 56/57/58-story penthouse with bulletproof windows; ex-Delta Force cmdr: “The Secret Service is going to have to keep that whole area [NYC’s 5th Ave.] cordoned off so that some wacko can’t get close and detonate a car bomb”; Trumps to move into White House after son Barron finishes 5th grade, agents to conduct security sweep of Upper West Side private school every morning

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The level of hate emanating from the “Love Trumps Hate” American Left toward the US president-elect is so intense it’s not too difficult to imagine some commie wacko trying to blow up Trump Tower.

USA File: President-elect Trump fills three more key administration posts, naming Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general; ex-DIA chief Michael Flynn as national security adviser; Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo as CIA director; follows appointment of RNC head Priebus as White House chief of staff, Breitbart exec Bannon as chief strategist; both Sessions and Flynn perceived as pro-Moscow, former says: USA needs to “get off this dangerous hostility with Russia”; Democratic insurgency against Trump election victory continues as New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio incites Americans to launch more anti-Trump protests: “We need to hold Trump accountable for anything he does that encourages hate and division … The more extreme he is, the more people fight back, the more it takes away his power”; lame duck Pres. Obama shuns attempts to pacify disgruntled Clinton supporters: “I wouldn’t advise them to be silent”; urges Trump to “stand up” to Putin: “And my hope is the president-elect . . . [finds] . . . areas where we can cooperate with Russia, where our values and interests align” but is also “willing to stand up to Russia where they are deviating from our values and international norms”

USA File: New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio leads Democratic insurgency against Trump election victory, shows up at billionaire’s Manhattan HQ, threatens to “shield” undocumented workers from president-elect’s proposed mass deportations; de Blasio describes meeting as “respectful” and “candid,” sums up: “I reiterated to him that this city and so many cities around the country will do all we can to protect our residents and to make sure that families are not torn apart”; follows earlier threat to destroy database of illegal immigrants with city ID cards “before handing such records over to the Trump administration”; Democratic mayors of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC likewise vow to obstruct federal law enforcement vis-à-vis deportation orders; Trump Admin can strike back at some 200 “sanctuary cities” by withholding US$650 billion in federal funding; Mexico braces for wave of deportations, issue likely to dominate any meeting between Trump, Mexican Pres. Pena Nieto

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America’s Second Civil War is definitely underway. The Democrats and their far-left friends fired the first shot by their refusal to accept the will of the people, as expressed through the constitutional workings of the Electoral College, on November 8.

USA/USSR2 Files: Putin phones Trump on Nov. 14 to reiterate congrats on “historic election victory,” Trump transition team statement: “The two leaders discussed a range of issues including the threats and challenges facing the United States and Russia [i.e., Syria], strategic economic issues . . .”; Kremlin statement describes Trump-Putin exchange as “constructive,” but denies Ukraine, Crimea discussed; hours later, Russian naval task force off Syrian coast launches major offensive against ISIS, Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front, warplanes based on Russia’s sole aircraft carrier pummel rebel positions SW of Aleppo, Syrian air force renews barrel bomb attacks on city itself; Russian frigate launches long-range cruise missiles at targets in N. Idlib; US State Dept.: “We strongly condemn the resumption of airstrikes in Syria by the Russians,” while Sen. McCain denounces Putin for “rejoining Bashar Assad in his barbaric war against the Syrian people”; under Putin directive, Russia also withdraws from International Criminal Court, Russian FM insists ICC “failed to meet the expectations to become a truly independent, authoritative international tribunal,” Russia signed ICC’s Rome Treaty in 2000, but never ratified same

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Chat up the US president-elect. Pound Syria. Withdraw from ICC. Putin’s testing the waters around the incoming Trump Admin. This is only the beginning. Expect more provocations from the Moscow Leninists.

USA File: 150-200 anti-Trump protesters congregate outside State Capitol in Texas on Nov. 13 evening, cadres of local communist group Red Guards Austin assault Trump supporters watching demo, 6 suspects arrested; Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo showed up earlier, ordered protesters to remove masks, demonstrate “within confines of the law”; 1000s of high school students, including “transgendered teens,” skip class to march in anti-Trump demos across country on Nov. 14: 5,000 in Seattle, more in Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Denver and Maryland; school officials deny teacher participation but United Teachers Los Angeles applauds East LA walkout, saying union “stands proudly” with students, many of whom waved Mexican flags; meanwhile, 40 protesters, fearing “establishment wing” of Democratic Party will cooperate with Trump, occupy Sen. Schumer’s office in DC, mostly activists from Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Sen. Sanders’ failed bid for party nomination; 1000s of Seattle residents demand removal of city council member Kshama Sawant for “abuse of power,” petition charges: “ She’s using her platform to incite violence and call for protests and riots”; Socialist Alternative cadre on Nov. 9 called for protests to “shut down” Trump’s inauguration next Jan.

USA File: President-elect Trump begins assembling White House staff, extends olive branch to Congressional Republicans, appoints GOP chief Reince Priebus as chief of staff; pres. campaign CEO, Breitbart News exec Stephen Bannon as chief strategist, senior counsellor; Bannon accused of promoting “alt-right, white nationalist” agenda through, but well-known leftist-turned-conservative David Horowitz rejects allegations of anti-Semitism against top Trump adviser: “I have known Steve Bannon for many years. This is a good man. He does not have an Anti-Semitic bone in his body”; Trump on “60 Minutes” reiterates policy platform: 1) will build border wall with Mexico, 2) will deport 2-3 million illegal aliens, 3) will not change law with respect to “gay marriage,” 4) will appoint anti-abortion Supreme Court justice, revert abortion law back to states, 5) may prosecute Clinton: “I’m going to think about it. I don’t want to hurt them [Bill and Hillary],” 6) will “drain the swamp” (i.e., rein in lobbyists in DC), 7) rebukes supporters for harassing Muslims, Latinos: “I’ll say it right to the camera, stop it”, and 8) forgoes presidential salary (US$400,000): “I think I have to by law take $1″

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The losers of the left have worked themselves into such a bizarre hysteria over the fact that they lost the White House that they have lost all connection to reality and are now hyping their most ludicrously paranoid fantasies.
— David Horowitz, referring to Clinton’s election defeat

USA File: Top Oregon Republican Bill Currier calls for Portland Mayor Charlie Hales to resign, Gov. Kate Brown to mobilize National Guard, deploy throughout city after 5 nights of anti-Trump riots, 1000s of Clinton supporters, leftists, “anarchists with baseball bats” overwhelm riot police, even though armed with stun grenades, tear gas; rioters cause at least $1 million in property damage, repeatedly shut down city streets, freeways, transit lines; Currier: “The mayor took an oath to maintain control of the city and he has lost control. Where’s the accountability? It’s understandable that the police can’t control thousands of protesters, so the governor needs to step in and restore order”; Portland agitators quiet on Nov. 13, early 14, no arrests; Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Trump’s campaign manager, urges President Obama, failed presidential candidate Clinton and Vermont Sen. Sanders to call off “professional agitators” (i.e., Democratic Party activists) “masquerading as protesters”; Washington Times notes Socialist Alternative, far-left ANSWER Coalition, mobilized protests within hours of Trump victory; Fox (rightly) questions spontaneity of anti-Trump uprising, rumors of online recruitment, busing activists to demo sites

USA File: American Left stages 5th night of anti-Trump protests across country; Portland police arrest, charge 2 with attempted murder of protester on Morrison Bridge; other protesters in Oregon’s largest city attack TV crew, block vehicle traffic, light rail service with metal barricades, threw bottles, burning road flares at police; Portland Mayor Charlie Hales: “Going to the streets for another night is not going to keep Donald Trump from taking office. It isn’t going to change anything”; 1,000 protesters march down Las Vegas strip, demonstrate outside Trump hotel, disperse after 3 hours; 7 arrested at Indianapolis demo, some agitators chant “Kill the police”; 8,000 protesters clog downtown Los Angeles on Nov. 12 afternoon, crowd dwindles to 200 by evening; prime mover behind uprising, NYC-based Socialist Alternative, rallies 200 in front of City Hall in Worcester, MA, chant “Dump Trump,” “Black lives matter”; Trotskyist group announces Nov. 14 “Resist Trump!” demo in Philadelphia; anti-Trump demos spread worldwide: 80 leftists rally in Melbourne under auspices of group’s Australian branch, posters declare “We Wanted Bernie,” “F— Trump”; Canadian leftists plan large demo, rally to take place outside Toronto’s Trump hotel on Nov. 19

USA File: UK Independence Party chief Nigel Farage arrives at Trump Tower in NYC in bid to become first British politician to visit President-elect Trump, “Mr. Brexit” appeared on Trump campaign trail, reportedly unofficial intermediary between 10 Downing Street and billionaire-turned-politician; UK Foreign Sec. Boris Johnson: “I would respectfully say to my beloved European friends and colleagues that it’s time that we snapped out of the general doom and gloom about the result of this election and collective ‘whinge-o-rama’ that seems to be going on in some places”; Cuba announces Nov. 16-20 Bastion military exercise in wake of Trump victory, seventh such drill since Reagan elected in 1980, Trump in Sept. vows to reverse Obama’s executive orders on Cuba unless Castro regime grants political and religious freedom; communist organ Granma: “The aim is to… raise the country’s ability for defense and the troops’ and people’s preparation to confront different enemy actions”; Clinton to top campaign funders, blames FBI Director Comey for electoral defeat, reopening email probe

USA File: American Left stages 4th night of anti-Trump protests across country, Oregon’s largest city major hotbed for post-election uprising; protester on Portland’s Morrison Bridge shot, wounded after motorist with gun emerges from vehicle, accosts agitators, suspect at large; follows mass shooting near anti-Trump protest in Seattle on Nov. 9, police (rather hastily) say no political motivation for previous incident; Clinton sympathizers in Miami block Interstate 395 en route to South Beach, Trump supporter’s car among hundreds held up, Nicolas Quirico: “Trump will be our president. There is no way around that, and the sooner people grasp that, the better off we will be”; demos also held in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Iowa City and Olympia, latter chants “Not my president,” “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA”; Republicans condemn move by Ku Klux Klan in NC to stage victory parade in alleged support of president-elect, Trump campaign: “Mr. Trump and his team continue to disavow these groups and individuals and strongly condemn their message of hate”; CBS affiliate in W. Palm Beach interviews David Horowitz, leftist-turned-conservative fingers Socialist Alternative, ANSWER Coalition as prime movers behind uprising

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They’re anti-American. ‘Anarchist’ is too archaic a word. They’re criminals, and a threat to the nation. Their agendas are Communist. They want a redistribution of income. What was Obamacare about? Redistribution of income. That’s Communism. That’s theft.
— David Horowitz, referring to anti-Trump protest ringleaders

USA File: NYPD, Secret Service transform Trump Tower on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue into “fortress” for president-elect, temporary street-level concrete barriers designed to thwart car/truck bombings, FAA prohibits personal and general aircraft, but not commercial airliners, from flying within 2 miles of billionaire’s residence; Socialist Alternative, working through fronts such as Socialist Students and Movement for the 99%, claims responsibility for mobilizing 40,000 Clinton supporters into the streets since Nov. 8 election, including 10,000 in New York City, 6,000 in Philadelphia, 10,000 in Boston, 6,000 in Seattle and 5,000 in Oakland, party website solicits funds for crashing Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, denounces president-elect’s “right-wing agenda of bigotry and pro-corporate policies . . . threats to escalate mass deportations of immigrants and a clampdown on muslim [sic] communities”; previously reported night of “aggressive” anti-Trump protests in Portland resulted in 29 arrests, while LAPD arrests 226 protesters at 3 a.m. on Nov. 11, many for blocking streets in downtown Los Angeles, “F— Trump” mantra for many agitators

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There’s a whiff of communist revolution in the air, but the MSM has turned a blind eye to the political forces animating the anti-Trump uprising.

USA File: American Left stages third night of anti-Trump protests across country, in “blue” and “red” states; 4,000 protesters march through downtown Portland, police describe demo as “riot,” employ non-lethal riot control measures, including rubber projectiles, pepper spray, threaten arrests; president-elect tweets: “Professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!” but Nov. 11 morning conciliatory: “Small groups of protesters… have passion for our great country”; agitators shut down Interstate 25 near Denver, block traffic for 30 minutes; protests continue outside Trump towers in NYC, Chicago; shoving matches erupt between protesters and police in Oakland, some leftists trample US flag; meanwhile across SF Bay (brainwashed) high school students march through downtown San Francisco, chant “Not my president,” wave Mexican and rainbow “LGBTQ” flags; additional protests occur in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Louisville; no significant counter-protests; FrontPage Mag tracks communist orchestration behind anti-Trump uprising; demos spread to “Canada’s Left Coast ” as several 100 protest against incoming US president outside Vancouver’s Trump Tower, Ottawa prepares for “potential surge” of Mexican migrants, lifts requirement for tourist visa as of Dec. 1

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The following far-left parties are likely orchestrating or have probably infiltrated the anti-Trump uprising throughout the USA:

Communist Party USA  People’s World article on Trump victory

Revolutionary Communist Party USA

Workers’ World Party

Socialist Alternative  (party member Kshama Sawant sits on Seattle City Council)

USA File: American Left stages second night of anti-Trump protests across country, video shows at least 1 agitator in NYC with poster portraying president-elect as Hitler, web link of Revolutionary Communist Party (; Soros-funded petition urges Electoral College to reverse vote, pick Clinton; police set up line of concrete blocks around Trump Tower in Manhattan, Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani: “If you’re looking at the real left-wing loonies on the campus, it’s the professors not the students”; Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, possible DHS secretary under Trump on protesters: “These are anarchists . . . cop haters . . . They are in shock . . . Once the violence starts then law enforcement has to go in and use all reasonable force”; billionaire flies in private Boeing 757 (“Trump Force One”) to DC, holds surprisingly amicable transition meeting with Obama; Europe’s FMs schedule special meeting to discuss Trump victory, European Council/Commission invite Trump to Brussels at “earliest convenience”; former Soviet dictator Gorbachev: “I do not rule out that, under the new president of the USA, Russian-American relations could significantly improve”

USA File: American Left (as predicted) ramps up anti-Trump protests morning after election; Seattle City Council member, Socialist Alternative cadre addresses rally, urges Americans to “shut down” Trump inauguration on Jan. 20, meanwhile gunman opens fire near demo in “Emerald City,” 5 wounded, 1 critically, motive unclear; 1000s of college-age agitators besiege Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower, chant “No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA”; Trump adviser, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani dismisses protesters as “a bunch of crybabies”; Clinton supporters reject Hillary’s concession speech plea to accept Trump presidency with “open mind,” 65 protesters arrested in NYC after 1000s converge outside Manhattan’s Trump Tower, denounce election results; 1000s more stream through Boston, wield signs declaring “Impeach Trump,” “Abolish Electoral College”; 100s of U. of Texas students march in downtown Austin, some wear masks, wave “Communist” flag, demand “Donald Trump has got to go”; rabble rousers block U.S. Route 101 between LA, Hollywood, chant “Not my president,” “Respect all women,” traffic backs up for miles; disgruntled Californians inspired by Brexit, advocate “Calexit,” prepare to secede with world’s 6th largest economy (and US$400 billion debt); Workers’ World Party website: “The day after the election must become Day One of the resistance”

And so America’s “Second Civil War” begins. Yes, these sorry losers are entitled to protest, but they better keep it peaceful.

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EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Russian State Duma deputies applaud news of Trump victory, bombastic political showman Zhirinovsky follows Putin’s lead, sends telegram of congratulations to US president-elect: “Dear Donald, congratulations with this deserved victory. Let grandma Hillary get some rest. The majority of Russians are for Donald Trump”; Communist Party chairman Zyuganov sullen, insists America still “global aggressor”: “I assure you that nothing serious will change: the times have changed, the technology, the weather, but the strategy of the Americans has not. That is: expansion, the assertion of their dominance . . .”; European national conservatives, right-populists, neo-fascists jubilant over Trump victory, send congrats; well-wishers include Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban and Jobbik party, Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, Alternative for Germany’s Freuke Petry, Austrian Freedom Party’s Heinz-Christian Strache, France’s National Front chief Marine Le Pen; Dutch Party of Freedom’s Geert Wilders rejoices, urges Trump to follow in Reagan’s footsteps, defeat radical Islam as predecessor defeated Soviets

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In view of the praised heaped on Trump by European and Russian neo-fascists, we must ask the question: Are they correct in perceiving a kindred spirit in the US president-elect? One academic says yes. Another says no. Either way, the Moscow Leninists are the real masters of disguise, not to mention highly skilled strategists whose bid to dominate the former Soviet space must be countered.

USA File: Real estate magnate, realty TV host, political maverick Donald Trump rocks America’s establishment, defies Republican Party leadership, elected 45th President of the USA; Trump courts white working-class vote and rural areas, wins all the right states–e.g., FL, NC, OH, PA–to sweep Electoral College with 279 votes, trails slightly behind Hillary Clinton in popular vote; former Secretary of State secures West Coast, CO, NM, IL, VA, NE states, picks up 228 electoral votes; Republicans retain control over Senate, House of Representatives; Libertarian candidate, former NM governor Gary Johnson rakes up nearly 4 million votes nationwide; referenda in CA, NV, MA legalize recreational marijuana, same proposition fails in AZ; Putin congratulates Trump via telegram, UKIP leader Nigel Farage on Trump win: “I thought Brexit was big, but boy, this looks like it’s going to be even bigger”; 100s of university students, assorted leftists (as predicted) take to the streets in “Left Coast” cities, national capital, block traffic, smash windows to protest Trump victory; disheartened Clinton supporters besiege Canada’s immigration website, server crashes

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Judging by the hysterics in the West, Vladimir Putin has won the U.S. elections.
— pro-Kremlin satirist Mikhail Zadornov (source)                       

Blogger’s Note

We intend to comment on the results of today’s presidential election in the USA, especially the international reactions. Even if Clinton wins, she will still probably face a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, although the Democrats could reclaim the Senate. All House seats and one-third of Senate seats are up for grabs today.


WW4 File: Kremlin, NATO prepare for war in Europe: N. Atlantic Alliance reportedly matching deployment of 330,000 Russian troops along country’s W. borders (previously posted), Stoltenberg: Alliance armies on “high alert,” says “We are responding with the biggest reinforcement of our collective defence since the end of the Cold War”; UK’s outgoing NATO rep Sir Adam Thomson says alliance aims to find ways to mobilize 300,000 troops within 2 months, rather than “typical time of 6 months”; Russians speak of “new Cold War” with USA, Dep. FM Ryabkov: “I hope [Americans] will have enough common sense not to strike. . . . We must have enough military might and a parity, including the nuclear field”; Russian, Belarusian, Serbian armies carry out week-long Slavic Brotherhood 2016 drill near Belgrade, more than 700 troops use Il-76 strategic airlifters, Mi-8 and Mi-17 helos, IFVs, APCs; follows last week’s NATO emergency disaster exercise in neighboring NATO aspirant Montenegro; Kremlin coordinated massive civil defense drill 4 weeks ago, exercises mobilized 40 million citizens, 200,000 ERs, 50,000 vehicles, Putin reinstituted Soviet-era annual CD in 2012; Montenegro’s chief special prosecutor maintains 2 Russian nationals masterminded Oct. 16 election day plot to hire sharpshooter, assassinate ex-PM Djukanovic, storm parliament, stage pro-Moscow coup, no evidence Kremlin itself involved, 14 Serbians, Montenegrins remain in custody

Syria. Ukraine. Russian meddling in the Baltics and Balkans. All major irritants in East-West relations. A lame-duck presidency in the USA, or possible post-election chaos, would provide Putin with an excellent opportunity to expand his neo-Soviet empire.

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