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Middle East File: Rebels target Syrian army HQ in Damascus, twin blasts followed by “raging fire” and “hours” of gunbattles; military reports no personnel killed

EU File: Greek trade unions, communists carry out 24-hour general strike as government imposes US$15 billion austerity package to secure massive IMF-ECB bailout; 50,000 people protest in Athens, denounce Germany’s role in Greece’s humiliation, finance ministry firebombed

EU File: Bank of Spain says economy in “deep recession,” PM Rajoy imposes severe cuts but drags feet on bailout request; 6,000 anti-austerity protesters in Madrid converge on parliament, repelled by 1,000 police; Spanish reds call for “mass mobilization”; retailers fend off hungry, jobless dumpster divers

USSR2/Asia Files: Communist Vietnam and Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia to sign FTA; Hanoi sends delegation to Moscow, CPV leader meets counterparts in CPRF and United Russia; Vietnamese president confers with Putin in Sochi in July, confirms Russian Navy will have access to port at Cam Rahn

– Ukraine Shuns West, Gravitates Back into Russia’s Orbit, Signs Up for Observer Status on Eurasian Economic Commission; Communist Party of Ukraine Enthusiastic for Eurasian Union

On September 19, a delegation from the ruling Communist Part of Vietnam visited Moscow where, tellingly, it conferred with leaders of both the putatively ruling United Russia (ER) party and supposedly oppositional Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). The leader of the Vietnamese delegation was Dinh The Huynh, Politburo member and secretary of the CPV’s Central Committee.

During his meeting with the Russian politicians, Huynh, Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, and Dmitry Travkin, permanent secretary of the ER Central Committee, swapped notes and pledged bilateral cooperation between Russia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. For his part, Travkin stressed that ER and CPV must “expand their cooperation and direct exchanges between all-level leaders and young party members.” In reply, Huynh “expressed hopes that the two ruling parties’ relations will contribute to strongly promoting the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.” This should not be too difficult since United Russia, which was founded by “ex”-communists in 2001, is simply a front for the secretly ruling CPRF.

Earlier, the Vietnamese delegation visited the offices of Pravda (“Truth”), the main publication of the CPRF and met with Vietnamese journalists in Russia. Of course, there are several publications in Russia that sport the title Pravda, including one that has a popular online presence.

In this “post”-Cold War era, Russia and Vietnam still have very close relations, which is strange if Russia’s “ex”-communist leaders have truly abandoned Marxism. The delegation that Vietnam, an openly communist state, sent to Moscow last week is simply one more proof that the leaders of the Russian Federation still cling to the dream of restoring a Marxist regime of some flavor across the territory of the old Soviet Union.

Since 2000, for example, Vietnam has signed agreements with Russia, Kazakhstan, Red China, France, and Japan that will obligate these countries to supply fuel to the 10 nuclear power plants that Hanoi intends to build between now and 2030. According to a report released by GlobalData on September 25, the Vietnamese regime aims to increase its economic growth rate from 5.89 percent in 2011 to between 6 and 6.5 percent by 2013. Due to the expected GDP increase and accompanying rise in demand for energy, Vietnam plans to invest about US$50 billion in the power sector over the next 10 years.

Very significantly, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), which is the newly created executive body of the Eurasian Union, to be formally inaugurated in 2015, has ruled in favour of a free trade zone between Vietnam and the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. “The conclusions presented by a joint research group show that the potential of trade and economic relations between the Customs Union and Vietnam will receive a significant boost if a free-trade zone is set up. It will take the long-standing fruitful and mutually profitable cooperation to a new level,” the EEC said in a statement. The EEC insisted that such an arrangement will align with “the practices and norms of the World Trade Organization.”

Several days after visiting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on July 27 (pictured above), President Truong Tan Sang, with a hat tip to his “comrades” in the former Soviet Union (FSU), articulated Vietnam’s enthusiasm for joining the Customs Union:

We hope that with a high political will of the leaders of our countries, as well as our Belarusian and Kazakh comrades and partners, we will be able to begin this process very soon and bring it to completion in the form of an agreement on Vietnam’s accession to the Customs Union.

[I am confident] that if such an agreement is agreed upon and signed, it will give a new impetus for intensifying our relationship and increasing trade.

Indeed, there is a mutual desire between me and Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase the volume of trade and economic relations. We discussed the issue of speeding up quality talks over the signing of a free trade agreement. We have agreed to announce the start of talks over a free trade agreement as early as September 2012, during the APEC [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation] summit in Vladivostok.

In exchange for securing access to markets in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Sang committed his country to once again hosting a Russian naval presence at Cam Ranh. Like the facility in Tartus, Syria, Cam Ranh will not be a full-fledged naval base with permanently stationed warships, as was the case during the Cold War but, rather, will operate as a naval maintenance facility. The Vietnamese president revealed this information on July 27, during an interview with state-run Voice of Russia radio.

Russia’s naval chief, Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov, has confirmed that the Russian Navy is seeking to reactivate Soviet-era naval facilities in the Marxist-Leninist states of Cuba and Vietnam, as well as the Seychelles, an island state in the Indian Ocean that has been controlled by pro-Moscow socialists since 1977. “We are indeed continuing work to ensure the stationing of Russian Navy forces outside the Russian Federation,” Chirkov said in an interview with Novosti. “As part of this work at the international level, we are discussing issues related to the creation of [ship] maintenance stations in Cuba, in the Seychelles and in Vietnam.” The Russian Navy alleges that since 2008, when Russian warships joined an international anti-piracy flotilla in the Gulf of Aden, it has “badly needed” bases outside the FSU.

Several weeks ago, we reported that a pro-Kremlin political analyst expects “ex”-communist states in Eastern Europe, as well as Vietnam, Cuba, and Bolivarian Venezuela to join the soon-to-be-launched Eurasian Union. After much vascillation, Ukraine’s “ex”-communist president, Viktor Yanukovich, finally announced in May that Kiev will implement a “pause” in relations with the European Union. This month, Ukraine signed up for observer status on the Eurasian Economic Commission. For its part, the Communist Party of Ukraine has thrown its unabashed support behind Eurasian integration.

When the inauguration of the Eurasian Union takes place, the Customs Union and older post-Soviet organizations, like the Eurasian Economic Community, will be rolled into the new body as Russia’s “ex”-communist leaders take one more step toward fulfilling Vladimir Lenin’s dream of a “world Soviet republic.”

EU File: Madrid police clash with thousands of anti-austerity protesters, leftists defy ban against besieging parliament, declare “democracy kidnapped”; follows Sept. 15 demo; Spanish colonel warns: Army will not permit Catalonian secession amidst national bailout crisis, 25% unemployment

Middle East File: Israel observes Yom Kippur amidst speculation that attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities is near; airspace closed, border crossings locked down, government ministries shuttered, TV and radio stations silent, businesses closed, streets empty; 1973 war began on this holiday

Asia File: Japan Coast Guard uses water cannon to repel 40 Taiwanese fishing vessels, 12 patrol ships near disputed islets; Red China commissions first-ever aircraft carrier, refitted Soviet ship named after province liberated from Japanese Empire in 1945; Tokyo, Beijing hold consultations

Earlier today, the Japan Coast Guard used water cannon to repel 40 Taiwanese fishing vessels and send a message to 12 Taiwanese patrol ships sailing in waters around the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands.

Hideaki Takase, an official of the Japan Coast Guard, acknowledged that his colleagues purposely did not fire their water cannon at the Republic of China’s patrol ships since this could be construed as an act of war. “Japanese patrol boats only fired at fishing vessels,” Takase explained, “Shooting water cannon at an official vessel is like waging a war against its country.”

Three countries claim the islets in the East China Sea: Japan, the Republic of China, and the People’s Republic of China. This is the first time that a confrontation has erupted between Tokyo and Taipei over the tiny islands since the former nationalized the rocks earlier this month.

In consultations held today in Beijing between Red China’s Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun and Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Chikao Kawai, the former objected to Japan’s administration of the islands:

These acts constitute a gross violation of China’ s territory. They are highly offensive to the 1.3 billion Chinese people, and gravely trample on historical facts and international law. It is an outright denial of the outcomes of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War [Second World War] and poses a grave challenge to the post-war international order. Historical verdict can never be overturned; consensus must not be rejected; and flouting people’s aspiration will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, in the wake of week-long, violent anti-Japan protests throughout Red China, the People’s Liberation Army Navy has commissioned its first aircraft carrier, a refitted Soviet-built vessel renamed after Liaoning, a Chinese province liberated from the Japanese Empire in 1945. Communist China plans to build a blue-water navy that will include more carrier groups capable of challenging the world’s most powerful navy in the Western Pacific, i.e., the US Navy. If Beijing is successful in this endeavor, then Washington’s allies in East Asia–Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines–will have much to fear.

WW4 File: US Marines, Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force practice jointly seizing islands from “foreign forces”; 37-day drill began Aug. 21, covers Guam, N. Marianas, Okinawa; Red Chinese rear admiral boasts: “China has stronger fighting capability than Japan in war for Diaoyu Islands”

Pictured here: US and Japanese troops participate in joint exercise in Guam, on September 22, 2012. This is actually quite remarkable because 67 years ago the USA and Japanese Empire were foes.


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Asia File: Japan places hotly disputed Senkaku Islands under coast guard ownership; Taiwanese coast guard escorts protest vessel to assert ROC’s claim; anti-Japan flash mobs in PRC disappear but state-owned Chinese vessels lurk near islets; Japan Airlines cuts flights to Red China

Middle East File: Western government intelligence report: Iran shipping military personnel and weapons to Syria via Iraqi airspace; US Treasury blacklists two Boeing 747s mentioned in report; Iraqi PM’s media adviser dismisses “baseless allegations”; UN panel identifies Iran Air and Yas Air as suppliers of arms to Assad



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WW4 File: US Air Force deploys Alaska F-22 Raptor squadron to Guam, dubbed “routine rotation,” no relation to China-Japan spat; follows 2011 Pacific Command deployment of stealth fighter to Kadena, Japan; Okinawa 250 miles east of disputed Senkaku islets

WW4 File: Taiwanese president inspects radar installations on country’s NE shore, briefed on military’s ability to respond to possible war between PRC and Japan over islands row; Ma to soldiers: Diaoyutais belong to Republic of China

Three countries claim the Senkaku/Diaoyu islets in the East China Sea: People’s Republic of China, Republic of China, and Japan. The PRC and ROC, furthermore, each claim to be the only legitimate “China.” Since 1979, Washington has diplomatically recognized Beijing, rather than Taipei, but the latter is a recipient of US “defensive” arms. Meanwhile, Japan enjoys the USA’s military protection, a privilege that, according to US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, includes the disputed islets. Confused yet?

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WW4 File: Exiled former head of Syria’s chemical arsenal: Assad planned to use chemical weapons against rebels and civilians, transfer same to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard attended “numerous” meetings; Israeli army holds snap large-scale exercise in occupied Golan Heights, reservists summoned; IDF held “bigger” drill along Lebanese border two weeks ago

WW4 File: Top Red Chinese general urges soldiers to PREP FOR WAR WITH JAPAN: “Be prepared for any possible military combat,” “Safeguard the country’s national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity”; Japan deploys 50 patrol ships, PRC 10 surveillance ships to disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, promised armada of 1,000 Chinese fishing boats has yet to arrive; Japanese nationalists hold anti-PRC protest in Tokyo

 – Vice-Chairman of Red China’s Central Military Commission Urges Troops to PREPARE FOR WAR WITH JAPAN under Cover of Exhortation to “Safeguard” PRC’s “Territorial Integrity” (source)

– People’s Liberation Army Air Force Carries Out Exercises over Tibet, People’s Liberation Army Navy Practices Capturing Islands in East China Sea, PLA Special Forces from Jinan Military Region Hold Exercise on Yellow Sea Island (source)

– Japan Coast Guard Deploys 50 Patrol Ships to Disputed Islets in East China Sea, Red China Responds with 12 Vessels, Including 10 Marine Surveillance Ships (source 1, source 2)

– 50 Japanese Nationalists Hold Anti-PRC Protest in Tokyo, Complain Ruling Democratic Party Has Failed to Protect Senkaku Islands (source)

– Beijing Think Tank: Attack Japanese Bond Market, Precipitate Financial Crisis; PRC to Cut Supply of Rare Earth Metals to Japanese Hi-Tech Industry (source)

– Eighth Day of Anti-Japan Protests in 100 Cities across Red China Marks 1931 Invasion of Manchuria, Communist Propaganda Invokes Mao, Whips Up War Fervor (source)

– Anti-Japan Protesters Attack US Ambassador’s Car in Beijing, Locke Unharmed (source)

– Targeted by Angry Demonstrations, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda Suspend Operations in China, Japanese Companies Employ Thousands (source)

– US Defense Secretary Panetta Arrives in Beijing, Meets Vice-President Xi, Discuss US-PRC Mil-Mil Relations; Red China’s Next Leader to Assume Control of Communist Party, Sits on Central Military Commission (source)

Kill all Japanese.

Fight to the Death.

Nuke Japan.

Chairman Mao, the people really miss you.

— Placards carried by regime-sponsored anti-Japan protesters in Communist China

I firmly support China declaring war on Japan.
— Xu Hui, 41-year-old former PLA soldier, sporting Mao pin

Our manager brought us here. We have the day off.
— Anti-Japan protester in Beijing

The government has strongly declared our attitude … We will guard the Diaoyu Islands. We hope you will support the government and express your patriotism according to the law.
— Beijing police to protesters

Following widespread anti-USA protests throughout the Muslim world and Washington’s tepid response to militant Islam, the Communist Bloc, especially Red China, senses America’s leadership is weak and disoriented with respect to strategic objectives and political resolve. Policy makers in Washington have unwisely separated the issue of curbing Iran’s nuclear aspirations from that of the Global Caliphate’s drive for global domination.

As a result, using the Japanese government’s nationalization of disputed islets in the East China Sea as a pretext, the ruling Communist Party of China is engaging in serious saber rattling. Red China’s founder, Mao Zedong, is being invoked on the streets, both in name and picture, fomenting a pre-war situation between the world’s second and third largest economies.

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Belarusians, Ukrainians inspect army units in NATO member Portugal under terms of CFE Treaty; Russia suspended commitment in 2007; Russian Air Force to fly over Baltic states under terms of Open Skies Treaty; 8,000 Russian troops hold drill in Caucasus

No doubt the Belarusian-Ukrainian military inspection team in Portugal will communicate the results of their findings to Moscow.

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EU File: Strikes hit Portuguese ports, refineries; thousands protest anti-austerity measures in Spain, Portugal; 1.5 million marchers in Barcelona demand bailout from Madrid, threaten secession of Catalonia; communist mayor in Andalusia loots supermarkets, distributes “proceeds” to food banks

Over the past week, public unrest over government austerity measures has gripped the Iberian Peninsula. The story about Spain’s communist “Robin Hood” mayor is from late August, but shows the far left’s contempt for law and order.

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Communist Bloc Military Updates: 2,000 troops from Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization hold five-day maneuver in ex-Soviet republic of Armenia; Nyquist: Russia prepping for southward thrust should Israeli Air Force take out Iran’s nuke facilities

Middle East File: Syrian warplanes chase rebels, fire missiles near Lebanese border town; Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commander responds to Lebanese president’s query, admits Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria, alludes to mutual defense pact with Damascus, support for Assad if Syria attacked

WW4 File: “Thousands” of Chinese-Americans march in Houston on Saturday, voice support for Communist China’s claim in islands dispute with Japan, demand USA adopt neutral position; pro-Beijing agitators outside Japanese consulate in NYC wave Republic of China flags, insinuate alliance with Taiwan

Red China’s fifth column in America is hard at work to sway the Obama White House over its tiff with Japan, even to the point of “enlisting,” or insinuating, Taiwan’s support. The Senkaku Islands are situated along a major trading route and surrounded by hydrocarbon deposits, but Taipei is wisely steering clear of the Sino-Japanese spat.

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Breaking News: Hezbollah leader Nasrallah makes rare public appearance to address followers protesting anti-Islam film in Beirut; Palestinians denounce video in Ramallah demo; Al Qaeda renews calls for attacks on US missions and personnel abroad, praises killing of Washington’s ambassador in Libya

Breaking News: Fanatical Muslims attack US embassy in Jakarta, burn Obama pic; “apostate” US president lived in Indonesia as boy; US embassy in Bangkok closes ahead of planned protest; protests rock Kabul, sparked by anti-Muhammad video; Filipino Muslims burn US, Israeli flags

If you’re an American, can’t you just feel the love gushing from the Global Caliphate and the overly sensitive followers of “The Prophet”? It’s all so ironic, or pre-planned, because Islamic fundamentalists like Al Qaeda consider your president, Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a Muslim father, an “apostate” from the faith. Either way, the good Leninists in Moscow stand to benefit from the fury being whipped up against the USA.

BTW, when does the Hollyweird “Amen” chorus join in with their apologies for the USA’s existence?

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WW4 File: US Defense Secretary in Tokyo to meet Japanese counterpart, warns of war between Japan and Red China, affirms disputed Senkaku Islands “fall within scope” of 1960 US-Japan mutual cooperation treaty; Panetta’s next stop: Beijing; Belarus transfers ICBM launch vehicle technology to PRC

Global nuclear war as a result of a Tokyo-Beijing “dust up” is a distinct possibility, which may be why Belarus has transferred missile launch vehicle technology to Red China so the communists can hurl their biggest, MIRV-able ICBM, Dongfeng-41, at America. The independent Belarusian news site Charter 97 reports on the military cooperation between Minsk and Beijing:

And, what is important, the Belarusian prototype provides an opportunity to for the organization of production of its own eight-axle wheeled chassis (WS51200) in order to create a complete mobile platform for ‘Dongfeng-41,’ similar to PU Russian ‘Topol’ and ‘Yars.’ With the creation of this complex, China will be able to cover the whole territory of the U.S. with missiles.

WW4 File: India to deploy armored brigades on Chinese border, including six armored regiments with 348 tanks, three mechanized infantry battalions with 180 BMP-II fighting vehicles; two mountain divisions to consist of 40,000 troops, tasked with capturing Chinese territory

“The decision to deploy tanks to beef up India’s light, mountain infantry divisions was taken due to doctrinal changes in China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA),” reports the Business Standard. These first-ever armored deployments, after decades of sporadic skirmishes, will take place along India’s northwest and northeast borders. 

The same source notes the PLA formations across the international boundary: “According to the International Institute of Strategic Studies, Lanzhou Military Region, which faces Ladakh, has 220,000 PLA troops, including an armoured division and two motorised infantry divisions (a division has three brigades). The Chengdu Military Region, opposite India’s north-eastern states, has some 180,000 PLA troops, including two armoured brigades and four motorised infantry divisions.”

It may be that New Delhi is also casting a wary eye at the current Sino-Japanese spat. The PLA could face two fronts in a possible regional war. How long that regional war would stay regional is another question, especially since both India and the PRC are nuclear powers.

Breaking News: 1,000 Chinese fishing boats head for disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands; Japanese businesses close doors in Red China after protesters torch Panasonic factory and Toyota dealership, loot Heiwado Co. department store, ransack Japanese supermarkets

One wonders if the sudden eruption of anti-Japanese sentiment in Communist China is related to the selection of President Hu Jintao’s successor?

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Breaking News: Contradictory reports circulate concerning possible Obama-Netanyahu meeting as war clouds loom over Middle East

WW4 File: PLAN holds live-fire drills with amphibious tanks in E. China Sea; ruling Communist Party looks other way as anti-Japan protests “erupt” in 85 cities across Red China on Sunday; Japan’s new ambassador to PRC died on Sept. 15 of “unspecified illness,” collapsed near Tokyo home two days before

The Communist Party has no doubt indoctrinated Mainland Chinese into viewing the Japanese occupation between 1937 and 1945 (Manchuria from 1931) as a case of “fascist” oppression. After all, Imperial Japan constituted one part of the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis.

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WW4 File: US Navy deploys three carrier groups to Persian Gulf, including missile cruisers, destroyers, assault ships with 1000s of Marines and special forces as war rhetoric heats up between Israel and Iran; Royal Navy, other NATO warships join war game to intimidate Tehran

Breaking News: Red rent-a-mob: Thousands of protesters besiege Japanese embassy in Beijing over Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands row, ruling Communist Party gives tacit approval to anti-Japanese protests in other Chinese cities too

For the respect of the motherland, we must go to war with Japan.
— Chinese protester’s placard

We hate Japan. We’ve always hated Japan. Japan invaded China and killed a lot of Chinese. We will never forget.
— Protester Liu Gang, migrant worker from southern Chinese region of Guangxi

I think the government is encouraging this. They could have stopped all of us approaching when we were at the subway station. The government has taught us to be anti-Japanese at school, so if they want us to stop it would be like slapping their own mouths.
— Protester Uda Chen

Mass protests in the People’s Republic of China are carefully controlled affairs.

Breaking News: Sudan’s genocidal Islamic regime rejects official request from Washington to deploy US Marines at embassy in Khartoum; Marines dispatched to secure Yemen embassy, USS Laboon and USS McFaul sail to Libya to deter more terrorist attacks

Useful Idiots Bin: White House Press Secretary reveals “disconnect” between Obama Administration and reality: “Muslims not protesting US policy, American people or administration”

Pictured here: Muslims in Tripoli, Lebanon burn US flag on September 13, 2012. Hmm. Sure looks like these Lebanese Muslims are vilifying the USA, but not according to Obama Admin.

This is a fairly volatile situation, and it is in response not to U.S. policy, not to, obviously, the administration, not to the American people. It is in response to a video – a film – that we have judged to be reprehensive and disgusting. That in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. But this is not a case of protests directed at the United States, writ large, or at U.S. policy. This is in response to a video that is offensive and – to Muslims.

— White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, September 14, 2012

Breaking News: Enraged Muslims clash with police in Sydney, demand beheadings of Islam’s opponents; Australia’s (female) Labor PM bemoans violence; US federal probation officers interview CA man linked to anti-Islam video

Middle East File: 2,000 Islamists protest in Amman, Jordan against anti-Muhammad film, 400 Salafist jihadists demonstrate near US embassy; Nigerian troops fire into air to disperse Muslim protesters in city of Jos

Gray Terror File: “Al Qaeda” calls in multiple bomb threats for University of Texas at Austin and North Dakota State University in Fargo, campuses evacuated

Gray Terror File: Mob protest in Benghazi, Libya cover for Al Qaeda to attack consulate, assassinate US ambassador Stevens on 911 anniversary; 20 RPG-toting gunmen storm consulate, no Marine protection as diplomat, other Americans pinned down by 5-hour gunbattle

In view of the well-orchestrated terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, it is now apparent that the Muslim world’s outrage over the film Innocence of Muslims is a mere pretext for widespread anti-USA agitation. The Egyptian-American Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who boasts a criminal record and travels under various pseudonyms, such as Sam Bacile, is the alleged producer of the “documentary.” Although Nakoula is a Coptic Christian, he appears to be playing a scripted role for the Global Caliphate.

Breaking News: Islamic fundamentalists in Tunisia decry “anti-Muhammad” video, storm and breach US embassy in Tunis, large fire visible in compound; Pentagon denies reports Marines at Cairo embassy not permitted to carry live ammunition

The Global Caliphate is once again declaring war against the USA, but don’t expect the Obama White House to read the declaration in those terms.

Breaking News: Red China objects to Philippines renaming South China Sea as “West Philippine Sea,” threatens to build “communications network” in Spratly Islands; planned mini-summit between Aquino and Hu in Vladivostok bombs

Red China is not only picking fights with Japan, but also another key US ally in East Asia, the Philippines.

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Breaking News: Hundreds of Muslim worshippers clash with police after Friday prayers in East Jerusalem, as anti-USA protests spread like fire across Middle East, sparked by “offensive” video

Breaking News: State-backed Islamic “scholars” in Sudan call for mass protest over anti-Muslim film; 5,000 religious fanatics heed call, storm UK, German embassies in Khartoum; Lebanese Muslims torch KFC restaurant, protest Pope Benedict XVI’s visit; militants try to storm US embassy in Islamabad

While the crypto-Muslim president of the USA pleads ineffectively for peace, thousands of jobless adherents of the “religion of pieces” engage in a massive tantrum throughout Islamic world:

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source 4

Breaking News: Japanese coast guard orders People’s Liberation Army Navy to withdraw six surveillance ships from disputed waters; Beijing: PLAN carrying out “law enforcement over its maritime rights”

Both Red China and “post”-communist Russia are picking fights with Japan, one of the USA’s main allies in East Asia.

Breaking News: Crazed Islamists storm US embassy in Yemen, breach compound, haul down US flag, hoist black banner of Islam; Obama shuns Netanyahu, invites Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president to USA

Under the administration of the USA’s socialist crypto-Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, Israel is becoming ever more politically isolated, while unabashedly pro-Islamic regimes enjoy the White House’s favor. The latest childish tantrum by Muslims in Yemen, hotbed for Al Qaeda machinations, once again exposes Islam as a bloody religion of the sword. As with the recent protests and killings in Libya and Egypt, an “anti-Islam” film that “went viral” online offered a pretext for jobless, radicalized Arabs to rant and rave.

A pat on the back for Canada for taking a hard line against Iran and speaking in defense of the Jewish state, which is vilified by Jew haters, neo-Nazis, communists, Islamists and, sadly, some professing Christians as the headquarters of some sort of Satanic conspiracy for global domination. The fact that the State of Israel is surrounded by nearly 1.5 billion Muslims and yet has survived for 64 years is nothing short of a miracle.

Breaking News: Islamic fanatics protest film produced by self-described Israeli Jew, storm consulate in Benghazi, kill US ambassador to Libya, three other US citizens, torch facility; protesters invade Cairo embassy, tear down US flag

The latest anti-USA outrages in Egypt and Libya, sparked by a film that allegedly belittles the founder of Islam, are just more examples of the “religion of pieces” at work. No doubt, these rampages enjoy the quiet imprimatur of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president and Libya’s interim president, who has cordial relations with that country’s branch of the Brotherhood. The producer of the offending documentary Innocence of Muslims, Sam Bacile, a self-described Israeli Jew who develops real estate in California, has gone into hiding.

Neo-Sandinista File: Red China expands strategic encirclement of USA, inks MoU with Ortega, promises to finance US$30 billion inter-oceanic canal across Nicaragua; Panama Canal already under Beijing’s covert control, Li Ka-shing’s Hutchison Whampoa manages container ports at Balboa and Cristobal since 1999

For several years after Daniel Ortega’s return to the Nicaraguan presidency in 2007, rumours circulated about the possibility of Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, and/or Iran financing the construction of a second inter-oceanic canal across Central America, to rival the Panama Canal which, incidentally, is undergoing upgrades to accommodate larger vessels. Business-savvy Communist China, however, has finally produced the big buckolas needed to finance the building of the “Nicaragua Canal.”

On July 3, the Nicaraguan Congress, which is dominated by President Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front, passed a law authorizing construction of the canal, a joint public/private venture in which the state (meaning the Sandinistas) will have a 51 percent stake and offer the remaining 49 percent to other countries, international organizations, corporations, or individuals.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Managua and Beijing, furthermore, has authorized the HK Nicaragua Development Investment Company to “structure and manage” the financing for the project. The MoU was signed by Manuel Coronel Kautz, Nicaragua’s deputy foreign minister and president of the Grand Interoceanic Canal Authority, and Wing Jang, head of the Hong Kong-based company.

The neo-Sandinista regime predicts that the “Nicaragua Canal” will be partly completed by 2019, when it would have the capacity to accommodate 416 million metric tonnes, or nearly four percent of global maritime cargo. The canal construction zone will be declared “of public use,” with owners of the “affected” (expropriated) properties to be compensated by the Nicaraguan government within a period of no more than one decade. Three Dutch companies are conducting pre-feasibility studies for the construction of the canal.

Nicaragua is considering six potential routes, all of which traverse Lake Nicaragua and one that would require ships to navigate the San Juan River, which forms part of Nicaragua’s hotly disputed border with Costa Rica. However, the canal’s termini will be at Monkey Point, on the Caribbean coast, and Puerto Corinto, on the Pacific coast.

Dredging of the San Juan began in 2010, sparking a row with Costa Rica when Nicaraguan troops were dispatched to a river island claimed by both countries. In response, army-less Costa Rica deployed heavily armed officers of its national police force to protect the country’s northern border from further incursions.

With Red China’s status as chief benefactor behind the “Nicaragua Canal” now public knowledge, coupled with her covert control of numerous port facilities in North America, including the Panama Canal, via Li Ka-shing’s company Hutchison-Whampoa, the Communist Party of China’s strategic encirclement of the USA is obvious, except to the policy makers in Washington DC.

Meanwhile, opponents of the neo-Sandinista regime, reports the Iranian media, which is generally sympathetic with Ortega, are under investigation after they ended a protest by apparently firebombing the headquarters of Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council. The chief electoral officer, Roberto Rivas, is widely perceived as an Ortegista. Rivas complained that the attack “undermines the claims” of the 30 protesters who slept in tents for over two months in their putative campaign for freedom and democracy.

That the FSLN may have sent agents provocateur to carry out this firebombing to discredit the splintered opposition should not be discounted. Nicaraguans are facing municipal elections in November and many critics of Ortega are concerned the ruling party will resort to fraud, as it did in 2008, to secure a majority of the country’s mayoralties.

In a story unrelated to Nicaraguan politics, the army has evacuated 3,000 people living near the erupting volcano San Cristobal, the country’s tallest mountain. On Saturday, San Cristobal coughed up a column of ash and gas 2 1/2 miles high.

Latin America/Middle East Files: Nicaragua joins other regional Red Axis regimes in pulling trainees out of Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (School of Americas); Israeli media reports Hezbollah has training camp in N. Nicaragua, links news to arrest of 18 alleged Mexican journalists on Honduran border

– Tehran Reportedly Shipping Supplies to Hezbollah Base in Nicaragua, Terrorist Training Camp also Serves as Hub for Weapons Smugglers and Money Launderers

– Islamo-Marxist Nexus in Latin America: Hezbollah Delegation Visits Cuba and Venezuela in July, Attends Sao Paulo Forum Summit in Caracas

This week, Nicaragua’s past/present Marxist dictator, President Daniel Ortega, announced that his country will no longer send troops to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) at Fort Benning, Georgia. Until 2000, the United StatesArmySchool of the Americas (SoA), as it was then called, was the main training school for US and Latin American military and police personnel in a variety of small unit tactics and leadership courses.

“The SOA is a symbol of death, a symbol of terror. We have been gradually reducing our numbers of troops at the SOA, sending only five last year and none this year. We have now entered a new phase and we will not continue to send troops to the SOA,” Ortega said in a Tuesday meeting with delegations from School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) and the pro-Sandinista Nicanet group.

Leftist critics have long denounced the SoA as “School of Assassins,” pointing out that during the Cold War, when communist insurgencies raged throughout the hemisphere, some of South and Central America’s most reactionary dictators and generals emerged from this institution. According to SOAW, “The worst atrocities of this continent, from Mexico to Chile, have been committed by graduates of this school.”

Father Roy Bourgeois, a Catholic priest of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, spoke on behalf of the SOAW: “The School of the Americas is well known in Latin America as a school for murderers, torturers and perpetrators of coups d’état. It is the symbol of United States foreign policy whose role is always the same: to protect US economic interests and control the natural resources of Latin American countries.”

According to SOAW, recent examples of the performance of SoA graduates include the 2009 coup in Honduras, which ousted President Manuel Zelaya, a slavish lackey of Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez, the attempted coup in Venezuela in 2002, which briefly deposed Chavez, and similar incidents in Ecuador and Uruguay. Thus far, the communist/center-left regimes in Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Ecuador have stated their intent to disengage from WHINSEC.

Frankly, we are surprised that the second Sandinista regime in Managua did not pull out of WHINSEC sooner, that is, after Ortega returned to the presidency in 2007 following a 16 year stint in the political wilderness. However, Ortega’s announcement is timely in that this week the Kremlin media reported that Nicaraguan troops will now receive training in Russia, the Sandinista leader’s long-time benefactor, and in view of Nicaragua’s membership in the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA). Last year, ALBA established a School of the Armed Forces in Bolivia, complete with 5,000-square meter facility, which will indoctrinate soldiers from member states in neo-Marxism and pan-Latin Americanism.

Meanwhile, according to Arutz Sheva, 30 members of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah has set up a training camp in northern Nicaragua, near the Honduran border, and is receiving supplies from Iran, which sponsors Hezbollah. The purpose of this camp is to prepare Hezbollah cadres to attack US and Israeli interests should Israel decide to wipe out elements of Iran’s suspected nuclear bomb program. The Hezbollah base reportedly also serves as a hub for weapons smugglers and money laundering by drug cartels. For unexplained reasons, whether in sympathy or opposition, local residents have blocked off the area.

Significantly, the Israeli media draws a link between the purported Hezbollah base in Nicaragua with the arrest in late August of 18 people posing as journalists in the employ of Mexico’s Televisa. The arrests took place as the alleged Mexican nationals attempted to enter Nicaragua from Honduras. Nicaraguan authorities searched the journalists’ six news vans, all of which sported the Televisa logo, and found hidden bags of cash totalling US$9.2 million. The suspects were arraigned in a Managua courtroom after being accused of organized crime and money laundering, but it is not still not clear who the suspects are, and under whose auspices they were funded.

Media reports speculated that the supposed Televisa journalists were transporting drug money from the Mexican cartels to narcotics suppliers in South America. However, asserts Arutz Sheva, Hezbollah is also financing its terrorist activities by profits earned from the illicit drug trade. Indeed, in 2011 the terrorist organization, which is also a political party with representation in the Lebanese parliament, was caught using US banks to launder money earned from trafficking drugs in South America and Africa.

The Nicaraguan Army is not commenting on the Israeli allegations, which originated with Israel Radio via the Times of Israel. “I don’t know those reports, or in what media that is being reported in,” army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Orlando Palacios told The Nicaragua Dispatch in a phone interview. “I would have to see [the reports] to give an opinion on them, but for the moment I don’t have any opinion.”

Asked if the army could categorically deny the existence of Hezbollah training camps in Nicaragua without reading the articles, Palacios repeated that the army has no comment. “I repeat, I don’t know the articles and I can’t opine on something I haven’t read. Neither the army nor I have any opinion about this at this time,” Palacios insisted.

Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, a former Catholic priest and Ortega’s foreign minister during the 1980s, lashed out at the “Zionists” for throwing such an accusation against Nicaragua. “You smear as much as you can on the wall and some will stick,” d’Escoto told The Nicaragua Dispatch in a phone interview. He ranted: “It’s like Al Capone accusing someone of being a thief; that’s the amount credibility that the Zionists have. The only ones who train terrorists in this world— that I know of—is the United States in the first place, and in second place the Zionists.” D’Escoto, who still holds the rank of honorary foreign minister, more recently served as President of the United Nations General Assembly from 2008 to 2009.

Iran is closely allied with the leftist regimes in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba, all of which are vehemently opposed to the USA’s sole superpower status in the world. Furthermore, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s genocidal hatred of Israel is known worldwide. Earlier this year, “Iwannajihad” put in an appearance in Managua, Caracas, and Havana, while in past years Ortega and Chavez have made pilgrimages to the fountainhead of Islamic fundamentalism, Tehran. For its part, Managua has been a “Red Mecca” for revolutionaries and terrorists since 1979, when the Sandinistas first seized power.

This is not the first time that Hezbollah has been accused of setting up shop in the Americas. In 2009, YNet News reported that the terrorist organization established a terrorist base in Venezuela, with the knowledge and approval of President Chavez. The news source related:

The US Treasury Department indicted two Venezuelan citizens last year for supporting Hezbollah, and froze their assets in the United States. One of them, a diplomat of Lebanese Shiite ancestry, used his position to transfer funds to Hezbollah and to help members of the organization move between Venezuela and Iran for training. The other is a travel agent from the capital city, Caracas, who aided Hezbollah members in planning attacks.

Western counter-terrorism experts warn that Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have established special units to kidnap Jewish businessmen from Latin America and to bring them to Lebanon.

During his visit to South America that year, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman apprised his hosts of Hezbollah’s activities in their countries.

In 2011, FrontPage Magazine reported that Hezbollah, not content with a presence in Venezuela, had moved closer to the USA by establishing a training base in Cuba:

The Italian daily Corriere della Sera is reporting that Hezbollah is setting up a base of operations in Cuba in order to extend its ability to reach Israeli targets in Latin America…According to the Tel Aviv daily Yedioth Ahronoth, three members of Hezbollah have already arrived in Cuba to set up the cell, which will allegedly “include 23 operatives, hand-picked by Talal Hamia, a senior member tasked with heading the covert operation.

“The clandestine terror operation,” says Humberto Fontova, “is reportedly called the Caribbean Case.” In the same article, Fontova notes that in 2011 Fidel Castro’s roaming ambassador, Aleida Guevara (Che’s daughter), had materialized in Lebanon, where she posed in a photograph next to Hezbollah missiles aimed at Israel.

Traces of Hezbollah have emerged closer still to the USA, specifically along the US-Mexican border. In April 2010, the arrest of a Hezbollah member tasked with setting up a cell in Tijuana was confirmed in a memo from the Tucson Police Department. “Many experts believe Hezbollah and drug cartels have worked together for decades,” wrote US Representative Sue Myric (R-NC) to the Department of Homeland Security. “Hezbollah operates almost like a Mafia family in Northern Mexico, often demanding protection money and ‘taxes’ from local inhabitants.” Myric revealed that lately gang tattoos of many prisoners in Arizona jails are written in Farsi, Iran’s official language.

“Several reports, citing U.S. law enforcement and intelligence sources, document that Hezbollah operatives have provided weapons and explosives training to drug trafficking organizations that operate along the U.S. border with Mexico,” testified Roger Noriega, former US ambassador to the Organization of American States, to the House of Representative’s Subcommittee on Counter-terrorism and Intelligence. “If our government and responsible partners in Latin America fail to act,” continued Noriega’s July 7, 2011 testimony, “I believe there will be an attack on U.S. personnel, installations or interests in the Americas as soon as Hezbollah operatives believe that they are capable of such an operation without implicating their Iranian sponsors in the crime.”

The above reports about Hezbollah training facilities are credible, especially in light of the Hezbollah delegation that visited Havana and Caracas in July. The visit to Cuba, in particular, came in response to an official invitation by the head of International Relations Division of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, José Ramon Balaguer. The delegation–which included Nawwar Sahili, Member of Parliament for the Loyalty to the Resistance Party, and Nawaf Musawi, head of Hezbollah’s International Relations Department–showed up at the Santa Clara tomb of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, where they paid their respects to the Argentinean Marxist revolutionary icon by laying a wreath.

Musawi (pictured above) was quoted by the Hezbollah press office as having praised the “Cuban experience in resisting American hegemony,” which he held aloft as “a model for all countries and peoples in how to challenge policies of hegemony, arrogance and plunder.” The Hezbollah official also praised Cuba’s historical stances in defending the Arabs’ rights in their conflict with the “Zionist enemy” and the country’s support for the “Palestinian cause.”

Significantly, while visiting Venezuela on July 3 and 4, Musawi participated in the Sao Paolo Forum, an annual summit of regional ruling and non-ruling leftist parties then meeting in Caracas. There Musawi conferred with several other participants, such as Venezuelan Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs David Velasquez.

Final Phase Backgrounder: KGB defector’s 1984 book warned Soviets would feign demise, rebuild red world order years later; pro-Kremlin analyst: Eurasian Union to absorb all “countries loyal to Russia’s interests,” i.e., Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Vietnam, CUBA and VENEZUELA; Medvedev: post-Soviet peoples desire to live in “single big state”

– Parliamentarians from Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan Meet to Discuss Formation of Eurasian Parliament, Add Political Dimension to Proposed Eurasian Union

Whoever doesn’t regret the USSR has no heart. Whoever dreams of bringing back the USSR has no brains. Whoever doubts that we will create a new union is just a fool.
— Meksat Kunakunov, counsellor to the president of the parliament of Kyrgyzstan, Akhmatbek Keldibekov; quoting then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at Moscow roundtable, November 17, 2011

In his 1984 book New Lies for Old, KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who lived incognito for decades and who would be 86 years old if he is still alive, predicted that the Soviet communists would:

  1. feign their demise, which took place in 1991 with the stage-managed collapse of the Soviet Union and the fake, temporary banning of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union;
  2. eliminate any rational for NATO’s existence, which took place in 1991 with the so-called end of the Cold War and the integration of economically backward “ex”-communist states into the Western military alliance;
  3. install a communist puppet in the White House, which took place in 1992, with the election of alleged KGB asset Bill Clinton, and again in 2008, with the election of avowed socialist Barack Hussein Obama, who has received the endorsement of the Communist Party USA; and
  4. rebuild the red world order, which began in 1991 with the creation of the Commonwealth of “Independent” States (CIS) and, afterwards, numerous other international organizations across the post-Soviet space

Even though the “ex”-communists and “ex”-KGB types in the Kremlin are very obviously assembling a new, improved, and even larger version of the Soviet Union before the very eyes of the world, European and US government leaders are oblivious to or complicit with said objective.

On September 13, reports the Armenian media, citing Valentina Matviyenko, speaker of the Russian parliament’s Federation Council, parliamentarians from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus will meet to discuss the creation of a Eurasian Parliament. “A working group to discuss the future of the parliamentary dimension of the Eurasian Union has been created. It includes parliamentarians from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus,” Matviyenko said. “Personally, I believe the new Parliament should be in Astana as Kazakhstan as today there is no doubt it is the engine of Eurasian integration,” Matviyenko added. In October 2011, Vladimir Putin, then Russian Federation prime minister, floated the idea of a Eurasian Union as a counterweight to the European Union, although Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev first broached the concept in 1994.

Although the Eurasian Union is billed as economic union, the formation of a parliament suggests that it will also be a political federation, much like the old Soviet Union or the EU, which has its European Parliament. Historically, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was the rubberstamp legislative body that governed that multi-national state, although real power rested with the Politburo of the CPSU. In any case, the Kremlin’s stated ultimate objective is political union between Russia, the former Soviet republics, and beyond.

Last November, the presidents of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan–Dmitry Medvedev, Alexander Lukashenko, and Nazarbayev–met in Moscow to sign three documents of integration: Declaration on Eurasian Economic Integration, Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Commission, and Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Commission. To be launched in 2015, the Eurasian Union will manifestly transform the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, founded nearly three years ago, into a full-fledged economic union and nascent political union under the direction of the Eurasian Commission, modelled on the European Commission.

That Putin, a career Chekist and president once again since May 2012, and Medvedev, a Soviet Komsomol graduate and prime minister since the same month, would be committed to restoring the Soviet Union, albeit under a new name, should surprise no student of communism. Shortly after Putin proposed the formation of the Eurasian Union on the back of the Common Economic Space, Medvedev articulated Moscow’s official line

You remember the kind of words that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was a very hard, sad time. We are working now to unite on a new basis, and I am certain that this union will have a very good future.

We would like for each state that wants to join the Customs Union, the Common Economic Space, and in future the Eurasian Union, to make that choice consciously, so that nobody then says they were roped in.

I could not have dreamt up in a worst nightmare what started happening after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union succeeded in creating a Soviet people from many different nationalities. This model had worked and this was an absolutely legitimate goal. It did not have any ideological colours. It was a means of survival for the giant nation living on the vast territory of our country.

We should not be shy when bringing back the ideas of ethnic unity. Yes, we are all different but we have common values and a desire to live in a single big state.

Domestic and foreign critics of the Kremlin have rightly fretted that Russian-led integration in the post-Soviet space is simply a brazen attempt to restore the Soviet empire, a personal ambition of Putin, who in 2005 called the collapse of the USSR “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

Last year, political analysts closely allied with the Kremlin also spilled the beans with respect to Russia’s plans for manufacturing Soviet Union Version 2.0. At a roundtable in Moscow in November, organized by the ruling (potemkin) United Russia party, experts insisted that all countries “loyal to Russia’s interests” should be absorbed into the proposed Eurasian Union. These would include ex-Soviet Bloc states like the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Bulgaria, openly communist countries like Vietnam, “ex”-communist countries like Mongolia, historically neutral countries like Finland and, surprisingly (or maybe not), Russia’s top allies in the Western Hemisphere: Cuba and Venezuela.

At this roundtable, Boris Gryzlov, another Soviet Komsomol graduate and president of the State Duma, the lower chamber of Russia’s parliament, said that “instruments and historic arguments” spoke in favour of establishing a Eurasian Union, which would embrace 250 million people. According to Gryzlov, a common history as constituent republics of the Soviet Union and a common language, Russian, would serve as the instrument of “international cooperation and economic cooperation.”

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s ambassador to NATO until December 2011, was quoted as saying that the project was designed “to unite not so much the lands, but rather peoples and the citizens in the name of a common state body.” Rogozin pleaded in favour of Russia earnestly considering the request of an estimated 20,000 Serbs in Kosovo who recently applied for Russian citizenship. Rogozin also pleaded for Russian to become an official language of the European Union, and said he would push this cause forward by gathering a million signatures using the recently launched European Citizens’ Initiative.

During the roundtable, Meksat Kunakunov, counsellor to the president of the parliament of Kyrgyzstan, Akhmatbek Keldibekov, quoted Putin as saying: “Whoever doesn’t regret the USSR has no heart. Whoever dreams of bringing back the USSR has no brains.” Kunakunov added on his own behalf: “Whoever doubts that we will create a new union is just a fool.”

Incidentally, we should point out that there are a number of political, economic, and military organizations currently operating in the post-Soviet space, many associated with the CIS. These often appear to replicate one another’s functions, but in the future, when the neo-Soviet strategists decide that the moment is propitious, they may be rolled into new agencies of one enormous super-state, such as the Eurasian Union.

Economic bodies include the Eurasian Economic Community and Common Economic Space, the main building block of which is the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. The Collective Security Treaty Organization developed from the military alliance binding many of the CIS states. In 2007, the CSTO signed a protocol of cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which includes Red China, a key participant in several Sino-Russian “Peace Mission” military exercises since 2005.

Separate political bodies in the post-Soviet space include the Union State of Belarus and Russia, which has facilitated the economic and military integration of the two former Soviet republics. In 2007, Pavel Borodin, State Secretary of the Union State, boldly asserted that by 2014 the European Union would seek to join the Russian-Belarusian Union State. Incidentally, in 2001 Borodin was arrested in the USA for money laundering and extradited to Switzerland, where he had allegedly received bribes from construction companies bidding on projects in Moscow, but returned to his homeland after the Kremlin paid his bail to a Swiss court. Borodin was one of President Boris Yeltsin’s closest confidants.

For students of the Soviet deception strategy, a merger of the European Union and Russian-BelarusianUnionState would not be a surprising development since, in any case, the former is apparently a project of the Leninist masterminds in Moscow. In 2006, former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky disclosed that, after the “collapse” of communism, he had the privilege of examining documents of the Soviet Politburo that outlined a conspiracy between Moscow and Europe’s leftist parties to transform the European Common Market into a federal super-state. This, of course, came to pass with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in February 1992, several months after the Soviet Union vanished into the dustbin of history, only to await resurrection more than two decades later. (See above.)

In Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder, Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union’s founding dictator, wrote of the need for a “really centralised and really leading centre capable of directing the international tactics of the revolutionary proletariat in its struggle for a world Soviet republic”:

It is now essential that Communists of every country should quite consciously take into account both the fundamental objectives of the struggle against opportunism and “Left” doctrinairism, and the concrete features which this struggle assumes and must inevitably assume in each country, in conformity with the specific character of its economics, politics, culture, and national composition (Ireland, etc.), its colonies, religious divisions, and so on and so forth. Dissatisfaction with the Second International is felt everywhere and is spreading and growing, both because of its opportunism and because of its inability or incapacity to create a really centralised and really leading centre capable of directing the international tactics of the revolutionary proletariat in its struggle for a world Soviet republic.

Under the guidance of Lenin’s disciples Putin and Medvedev, the communists are close to realizing this goal. Meanwhile, the West slumbers, pre-occupied by economic woes and enervated by total moral failure.

Breaking News: Gunman in Montreal attempts to infiltrate Parti Quebecois HQ, where new separatist premier delivering late-night victory speech; shoots one man dead, shouts “Anglos are waking up”; suspect apprehended

Neo-Sandinista File: Commander of Russian Ground Forces visits Managua, Nicaraguan soldiers to train in Russia as Cold War allies revitalize mil-mil cooperation; Managua arrests 18 drug operatives posing as journalists in the employ of Mexico’s Televisa, news vans stuffed with US$9 million cash

Following Daniel Ortega’s return to the Nicaraguan presidency in January 2007, Nicaragua, the most important Soviet beachhead in Central America during the Cold War, has once again closed ranks with Russia, welcoming high-ranking Russian government and military officials to Managua. In December 2008, President Ortega made his first post-Cold War jaunt to Moscow.

This week, Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, commander of the Russian Ground Forces, arrived in Managua to confer with his Nicaraguan counterpart, General Julio Aviles, a former Sandinista guerrilla who received military training in Cuba during the 1980s. The photo of Aviles (left) and Postnikov above is found at La Voz del Sandinismo, website of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front.

The two generals discussed the training of Nicaraguan soldiers in Russia and expansion of military-technical cooperation between the two allies. Postnikov leads the Russian delegation at the celebrations dedicated to the 33d anniversary of the Nicaraguan armed forces, which evolved from the Sandinista Popular Army. It is not clear if Postnikov will also make pit stops with Russia’s other leftist allies in the Caribbean Basin, namely Cuba and Venezuela, which faces a presidential election next month.

Last month, Nicaragua took delivery of six field hospitals from Russia’s Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergencies, ostensibly for treating casualties during natural disasters.

Meanwhile, two weeks after Nicaraguan police detained 18 Mexican narco-operatives posing as Televisa journalists and driving cash-stuffed news vans across the Nicaraguan-Honduran border, Nicaraguan police have detained four supposed Panamanian journalists on the suspicion that they too may be smuggling drug money through the country. Until 2010, the second Sandinista regime, by seeming to crack down hard on the drug trade, tried to shed its narco-haven image of the 1980s, when Ortega and his lately deceased interior minister, Tomas Borge, offered sanctuary to Medellin Cartel boss Pablo Escobar. A recipient of narco-bucks from Comrade Hugo Chavez, Ortega has yet to clean up his act.

Incidentally, on the 32nd anniversary of the Nicaraguan Navy, Ortega chided the USA and the European Union for not following the avowedly socialist path of the Havana/ Caracas-led Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas:

If the United States, if Europe, which today are submersed in a profound crisis, were to dedicate themselves to applying mechanisms of solidarity, of complementarity, of fair trade like those that exist in ALBA, Europe would have the instruments to get out of their crisis and give the people of Europe the jobs that they need and the benefits and well-being that they are losing today,

Life is showing that the [capitalist] model that arrived at its maximum development and splendor is now in total decline.

Although the MSM has portrayed “Comandante” as another communist-turned-capitalist- and-faithful-son-of-the-Catholic-Church, veteran KGB asset Ortega still quacks like a commie duck.