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>Grey Terror File: Georgian scientist affirms, Russian scientist denies bird flu biowarfare

>If you have any doubts about whether the USSR2 is still conducting biowarfare experiments, read this BBC biography of Ken Alibek, chief scientist and first deputy director of Biopreparat, the Soviet Union’s covert bioweapons program. Alibek, pictured at left, defected to the West in 1992. Alibek’s book Biohazard can be purchased from Amazon by following the link in this blogsite’s right column.

Georgian Scientist Claims Bird Flu Virus Could Be Soviet Biological Weapon
Created: 27.02.2006 17:18 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 17:40 MSK

The H5N1 bird flu virus, which is dangerous for humans, might have been artificially created, Georgian biologist Dmitry Kipiani said on Georgian Imedi radio on Monday.

“We cannot be certain about this but there is some circumstantial evidence, including the unsolved murders of renowned micro-biologists in some countries,” he was quoted by Interfax as saying.

The former Soviet Union developed biological weapons for decades. “This information is not a secret, it can be found on the Internet,” he said.

The bird flu virus is far more lethal than the SARS virus that struck Asia last year and could unleash a pandemic that could kill as many as 50 million people, the World Health Organization says.

Link: Moscow News

Intriguingly, in what appears to be a case of “predenial,” several weeks ago Oleg Kiselyov, the head of the Russian Influenza Research Institute, denied that the bird flu had artificial origins.

Bird flu virus is of natural not artificial origin – expert
15:57 02/ 02/ 2006

ST. PETERSBURG, February 2 (RIA Novosti, Olga Vtorova) – The deadly bird flu virus originated naturally, and is not a biological weapon, a senior Russian scientist said Thursday. Oleg Kiselyov, the head of the Russian Influenza Research Institute, said: “We have not advanced enough to create such a genetic machine.”

He said if the virus had been created artificially in order to be used as a biological weapon, scientists would have identified this.

“We know the genealogy of the virus,” Kiselyov said. “If the virus was artificial, we would have realized.”

He said international agreements on biological security needed to be signed to effectively fight the spread of avian flu.

He added that the Russian and Chinese academies of medical sciences had already signed a draft agreement on the issue, and that similar agreements were to be signed with neighboring countries.

“Work in this area is not keeping up to pace,” he said. “We need to have swift information on what is happening in neighboring countries. Monitoring must be global.”

Russia registered its first bird flu cases in Siberian birds last summer, and saw the virus spread west of the Ural Mountains to the European part of the country in October. However, no cases of human infection have been reported.

Link: RIA Novosti

Notwithstanding his NWO ramblings, Steve Quayle’s site features one of the most comprehensive lists of microbiologists who have been murdered or died under mysterious circumstances since 2001 and before. His site also monitors the current bird flu and other pandemics.

>Africa File: Jailed Nigerian insurgent Asari admits to being a Marxist and Muslim

>The worldwide convergence of Islamo-Marxist terrorism personified in one leader . . . The MSM generally refers to Asari’s army of oil rig attackers as “militants,” which is true, but never as “Marxist guerrillas,” which is also true. Asari’s Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force has in the last year morphed into the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, which kidnapped three Americans, two Egyptians, two Thais, one Briton and one Filipino on February 18.

Cover Story: We Are Ready For War
2005/7/19 9:31:46

Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo, leader of the militant Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, speaks on his planned return to the trenches to actualise the region’s resource control ambition in this interview with Michael Mukwuzi & Okafor Ofiebor in Port Harcourt.


Q: What is your take on the recent Port Harcourt jailbreak by Sogboma George?

A: It is not something new. I said it before. During a press conference, I was the first person that said if you want to find out who killed Dikibo, ask Sogboma George. But government is busy chasing shadows; it is Asari they are after. The greatest problem that government has with me is the source of my money. They are scared, they say they see me ride expensive cars, I live in a palace and have good communication network. So they want to dig out the source of my money. But since they cannot do that, they are trying to discredit me. Arresting me is not the answer because according to them it might create a big uproar in the international community and could also lead to further internal insurrection. So now they want to link me with Sogboma George? What is his ideology? The big question again is from my student union days till now, what has been the ideology of Dokubo Asari? Asari has been anti-cult; I have always remained a Marxist. I am a member of the Salasist movement which believes in the purity of Islam. That is why throughout my days as I.Y.C President, I was never involved in any form of Egbesu ritual.

Q: How do you intend to convince other Ijaw groups scattered along the Southern fringes of Nigeria to partake in the armed struggle?

A: I am a student of revolution and I have actually partaken in revolutionary armed struggle outside Ijaw nation. I know that it does not take everybody to start a struggle. It does not even take five per cent of the population. All it takes is may be a handful of determined and courageous men. Like the Cuban example, like the Mao Tse Tung example in China. A handful of men at the Niger-Delta Volunteer Force can do it. Look, apart from myself, no other member of the NDVF supreme command is known to the Nigerian military. If you see the Supreme Commander, today you won’t know him. He can come here and I’ll say ‘hey, come here, go and bring that cup,’ he will just do that. As a supreme commander, he is completely detached from external control and influences. He has his own programme, he decides when and where to strike. All he has to do is to pick some men and off they go. But come rain or shine, the mission must be accomplished. So we don’t need the whole population to do what we want to do. When we started the last fight, people thought it was a joke. But today, people know better.

Q: Like the bomb blast in London?
A: Is Iraq part of the British territory? So what is Britain doing in Iraq? It depends on how you look at it. It also depends on who is defining terrorism. Yes, the bombing of London is evil and condemnable. But you cannot understand the London bombing without looking at the problems in the Middle East. The Arabs would tell you that America and Britain are the biggest terrorists. How do you explain the invasion of Iraq, capture and humiliation of Saddam Hussein? You saw them looking into his mouth on CNN. What a way to disgrace and depose the president of a sovereign country. You do all that and expect no reaction from the other camp? World peace cannot be realised if there is no universal justice. Yes! What happened in London is condemnable just like the invasion of Iraq. It is condemnable for you to invade another country because you want to impose your democracy and ideology on them. Who told you that is the best for them?

So if you brand me a terrorist because of that, I am not afraid to be so called. Yes! I am. So was Mandela. Until recently, Gadaffi was a terrorist. But I will never abdicate. I will rather die than give up.

Link: The News

The Democratic Socialist Movement of Nigeria promptly demanded Asari’s release after his September 2005 arrest on treason charges:

September 21, 2005.

The Rivers State Police Command yesterday, Tuesday, September 20, 2005 arrested and subsequently flew to Abuja Mujahid Dokubo Asari, the leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) in connection with a threat credited to the President of the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC), Jon Jon Oyinfie, that the British investments and citizens might be attacked in Nigeria if Governor Diereye Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa state arrested and being quizzed by metropolitan police in London over alleged money laundering is not released.

The DSM believes that the Federal government is only hiding under the canopy of safeguarding British investment and citizens over the IYC President threat to quash the genuine struggles and aspirations of the Niger Delta people for self-determination. Dokubo, for instance, has not issued any public statement in support or against the arrest of Governor Alamieyeseigha. The arrest of Dokubo is an attempt by Nigerian government to use the struggle of the Niger Delta people as a sacrificial lamb in the rifts between and among the ruling class. Arrest of Dokubo is provocative, unwarranted, unjust and capable of instigating an orgy of violence in the Niger Delta region.

Notwithstanding the fact that Nigerian government gets nearly all of the 2.7 million barrel of crude oil which the Niger Delta daily supplies to the international market, translating to over 95% of the country’s foreign exchange earning, the mass of the working people, youth and students of the Niger Delta are being short changed. Fishing and farming have largely been made impossible by the activities of the oil companies, roads are in the worst of state, there is no record of additional new schools being built, existing ones have their structures in total state of disrepair, the sick are left to the mercy of early death, etc. All these have attracted the youth in the region to Asari and others who they see as arrowheads to champion their cause albeit the limitations of their methods and tactics.

DSM therefore demands an immediate and unconditional release of Asari Dokubo. If however he is found wanting of any allegation, he should be immediately charged to a court of competent jurisdiction.

Segun Sango DSM General Secretary

Link: Socialist Nigeria

>USA File: Scientists from UK and USA conduct subcritical nuclear explosion at underground Nevada Test Site

>These ongoing tests could indicate that the Bush Administration recognizes the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, particularly as an authoritarian Chekist regime, are threats to the security of North America and NATO. It most certainly does not indicate that the White House appreciates the reality of the perestroika deception and the USSR2 as a continuing base for world revolution.

The West must maintain the ability to deter and counter the military and political ambitions of the Communist Bloc and its Axis of Evil spin-offs for, in the final analysis, these regimes are already committed to the destruction of the West and, furthermore, only understand force as a political tool. This is a fact that the delusional Left will never grasp and has always opposed, and for that reason must never be permitted to plan and direct the security of the West.

The Main Base Camp at the Nevada Test Site, Mercury, is pictured above. The photo is courtesy of the National Nuclear Security Administration/ Nevada Site Office.

Nuclear test performed
Feb. 24, 2006

A subcritical nuclear experiment conducted by scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom went off as planned Thursday in a below-ground complex at the Nevada Test Site, officials said.

A statement from the National Nuclear Security Administration said the experiment, dubbed Krakatau, was successful, allowing scientists to “gather scientific data that provides crucial information to maintain the safety and reliability of each nation’s nuclear weapons” in the absence of full-scale tests.

The experiment, involving a small amount of plutonium, was designed to stop short of exploding into a self-sustained nuclear chain reaction.
It was conducted by scientists from the Los Alamos, N.M., national laboratory and the Atomic Weapons Establishment of the United Kingdom.

Krakatau was the 22nd subcritical experiment since the program was started at the test site, 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas, in 1997, five years after full-scale nuclear weapons testing was put on hold indefinitely.

Link: Las Vegas Review-Journal

>Grey Terror File: Al Qaeda claims responsibility for foiled attack on world’s largest oil refinery

>The USSR2, which is now the world’s largest oil producer and owner of 100s of service stations in the USA, its allies in the Communist Bloc, and their Islamo-Marxist proxies in Al Qaeda understand the importance of an uninterrupted flow of fuel supplies and critical natural resources for the West. Hence, the Kremlin’s recent display of energy imperialism in the staged dispute with Ukraine over natural gas prices in December and in sabotaging the natural gas pipeline that feeds the Not-So-Former Soviet republic of Georgia in January. (See earlier blog.) Hence, too, we have witnessed in past days and weeks: 1) a failed multiple speedboat attack on a chemical tanker in the Gulf of Aden ; 2) the communist dictator of Venezuela’s reiterated threat to cut off oil supplies to the USA (see earlier blog); 3) new sorties from the communist insurgency in Nigeria where oil rigs are regularly attacked and foreign oil workers taken hostage; and 4) protestors disrupting Ecuador’s oil exports by seizing a pumping station in that country’s oil-rich Napo region.

The satellite photo above shows the location of the Abqaiq oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia, where Al Qaeda failed to make good on previous threats to strike the Western economy where it hurts: its oil dependency.

Al Qaeda: We attacked Saudi oil plant
(02.25.06, 07:51)

Terror group claims responsibility for suicide bombers’ attempt to storm world’s largest oil processing plant. ‘Raid was within framework of efforts by al Qaeda to prevent theft of Muslims’ wealth by “Crusaders and Jews” and to force “Infidels” out of peninsula,’ al-Qaeda says in website

Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack on a Saudi oil facility at Abqaiq, when security forces fired at suicide bombers trying to storm the world’s biggest oil processing plant.

Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said oil and gas output was unaffected by the “Terrorist attempt”—the first direct strike on a Saudi oil target since al Qaeda terrorists launched attacks aimed at toppling Saudi Arabia’s pro-Western monarchy in 2003.

In a statement posted on a web site often used by terrorists, Saudi-born Osama bin Laden’s group said two of its members carried out the operation.

“With grace from God alone, hero mujahideen from the squadron of Sheikh Osama bin Laden succeeded today (Friday)…In penetrating a plant for refining oil and gas in the town of Abqaiq in the eastern part of the peninsula, and then allowed two car bombs in driven by two martyrdom seekers,” it said.

All the attackers were killed

It said the raid was within the framework of efforts by al Qaeda to prevent the theft of Muslims’ wealth by “Crusaders and Jews” and to force “Infidels” out of the peninsula. Oil prices jumped USD 2 a barrel on news of the attack in the world’s largest oil exporter, which came a year after bin Laden urged his supporters to hit Gulf oil targets.

In Abqaiq, a guard manning an outer gate of the facility said security forces were combing the plant in search of any terrorists hiding there. “The security situation is still unstable,” said the guard, ushering people away.

Saudi security adviser Nawaf Obaid said security forces fired on three cars at the outer gates of the Abqaiq facility, 1.5 km (one mile) from the main entrance.

One car was carrying gunmen and two others, packed with explosives, rammed the gates, he said. All the attackers were killed. Security sources in Riyadh said four militants and two security officers died and two other officers were wounded.

Mohammad al-Merri, a relative of one of the officers killed, said the terrorists were able to penetrate the first checkpoint leading to the facility. “They opened fire and killed two officers after the guards at the second checkpoint became suspicious of them,” he told Reuters in Abqaiq.

Security sources said the blast after the shootout slightly injured eight workers, including some from the Indian subcontinent.

Dubai-based Al Arabiya television said the attackers used cars bearing the logo of Saudi state-owned oil company Aramco.

Residents said they heard the blast from about two km (more than a mile) away, then saw smoke rising from the site.

‘The most vulnerable point’

Naimi, quoted by the Saudi Press Agency, said a small fire broke out after the explosion but was quickly brought under control.

It was the first major strike by terrorists in Saudi Arabia since suicide bombers tried to storm the Interior Ministry in Riyadh in December 2004.

Most Saudi oil is exported from the Gulf via the huge producing, pumping and processing facility at Abqaiq, also known locally as Baqiq, in the mainly Shiite Eastern Province.

The prospect of an attack on Saudi crude facilities has deeply worried nations reliant on Saudi oil, which makes up one-sixth of the world’s exports, or 7.5 million barrels a day.

Former Middle East CIA field officer Robert Baer has described Abqaiq as “The most vulnerable point and most spectacular target in the Saudi oil system.”

Aramco says it has the tightest security at all its oil plants, including helicopters, cameras, motion detectors and thousands of armed guards.

“The security measures at the oil facilities are better than at the royal palaces,” said al Qaeda expert Fares bin Houzam.

Abqaiq handles crude pumped from the giant Ghawar field and ships it off to terminals at Ras Tanura—the world’s biggest offshore oil loading facility—and Juaymah. It also pumps oil westwards across the kingdom to Red Sea export terminals.

“Abqaiq is the world’s most important oil facility,” Said Gary Ross, CEO at PIRA Energy consultancy in New York. “This just emphasizes fears over global oil supply security when we’re already facing major ongoing risks in Nigeria, Iran and Iraq.”

Officials say about 144 foreigners and Saudis, including security forces, and 120 militants have died in terrorist attacks and clashes with police since May 2003, when al Qaeda suicide bombers hit three Western housing compounds in Riyadh.


>Middle East File: Iraqi president and prime minister acknowledge Golden Mosque bombing a political provocation

>These provocations have all the hallmarks of an Iranian, Syrian, or possibly a Soviet operation. The establishment of a pro-Western democracy in Iraq does not sit well with the Islamic regime in Tehran, the Ba’athist regime in Damascus, or the USSR2. See previous blog on Soviet orchestration of removal of Saddam’s WMDs prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Note that agent provocateurs carried official Iraqi identification and wore official uniforms. Expect the International Left, faux rightist New World Order conspiracymongers, and neo-Soviet politicians to spin these provocations as a CIA or Mossad operation.

Gunmen strike 27 Baghdad mosques, kill imams
CNN crew members covering violence abducted and released
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Posted: 2257 GMT (0657 HKT)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Gunmen targeted 27 Baghdad mosques and killed three Sunni imams Wednesday in the wake of a bomb attack at one of the holiest Shiite sites.

The wave of attacks followed an early morning bombing at the Al-Askariya “Golden Mosque” in Samarra. The strikes, involving small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar rounds, all happened between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., police said.

A CNN crew was also caught up in the violence, and in Basra, southern Iraq, a local official said jail inmates were abducted.

Twelve inmates were snatched from the main prison in Basra by gunmen carrying Iraqi government identification cards, a member of the Basra provisional council said.

Around midnight, 10 bodies were found and taken to a hospital where officials were trying to determine if they were among the prisoners, who were of Egyptian, Tunisians, Libyan, Turkish, Saudi Arabian and Iraqi descent.

Also, at least three members of a CNN crew, all Iraqis, were beaten and briefly kidnapped Wednesday afternoon while shooting video at a roadblock on the outskirts of Sadr City, Baghdad, where a mob was protesting the bombing of the Shiite mosque.

The journalists were separated and roughly interrogated before being released. They then returned to the Baghdad bureau, where they were treated for their injuries.

Three of the mosques attacked in Baghdad were burned down, and in addition to the imams, three guards also were killed. One imam was kidnapped.

Security was beefed up around all mosques in Baghdad, police said, and Iraqi security forces across the country were placed on high alert. Officers on vacation or leave have been told to report for duty, police said.
The Iraqi Islamic Party, the largest Sunni party in Iraq, condemned all the violence and said Shiites had taken over Sunni mosques in the southern town of Diwaniya and arrested worshippers.

Meanwhile, gunmen stormed the party’s southern Baghdad office, evacuated its employees and torched the building.

The largely Sunni insurgency has periodically targeted Shiite Arabs. Over the past year, Sunnis have accused the Shiite-led government of targeting them in raids.

Iraqi and U.S. leaders urged people to remain calm and united amid fears the sectarian violence could escalate into civil war, but a U.S. State Department spokesman said he believes the threat of civil war is overstated.

“There are forces seeking to prevent democracy and obstruct the peaceful political and economic development of Iraq,” Adam Ereli said Wednesday at a news conference. “They seek to achieve their goals in a number of ways. But, as I said before, promoting sectarian violence is one of them. There’s nothing new here.”
Meanwhile, the top half of the golden dome that once towered above the Al-Askariya Mosque collapsed in the blast. Minarets flanking the dome remained standing amid mounds of debris.

The Samarra attack happened at 7 a.m., when gunmen dressed as Iraqi police commandos bombed the site, which has deep historical significance in Shiite Islam.

Shiites believe Imam al-Mehdi, the 12th and final awaited imam, will reappear at the Al-Askariya Mosque to bring them salvation.

Al-Mehdi is the son of Imam Hassan al-Askari, the 11th imam, who is buried in the shrine. His grandfather, the 10th imam, is also buried there.

Al-Mehdi is said to have disappeared in the eighth century during the funeral of his father and is believed by Shiites to have been withdrawn by God from the eyes of the people, until his return.

Salaheddin province, where the shrine is located, is home to a large Sunni population.

Residents of Baghdad said members of a militia loyal to Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr were going door-to-door asking heads of household to swear they had nothing to do with the Samarra attack. Samarra is 70 miles (113 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

There were no immediate reports of injuries in the bombing, and 10 people — all dressed as Iraqi police commandos — have been arrested, according to Iraqi National Security Adviser Mowaffaq al-Rubaie.

Foreign fighters were likely responsible, and the attack bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda in Iraq, al-Rubaie said.

“They are really testing the patience of the Iraqi people,” he said, calling on Muslims around the world to condemn “this act of terrorism.”

The attack occurred as Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni leaders are working to form a national unity government.

Both Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shiite, and President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, said the attack was an effort to incite sectarian violence.

In a taped address on Iraqiya TV, al-Jaafari called on all Iraqi political parties to condemn the mosque attack and asked Sunni and Shiite Iraqis to demonstrate in Samarra.

Al-Jaafari also declared a three-day period of mourning and ordered the ministries of Defense and of Housing and Reconstruction to assess damage and begin rebuilding the shrine.

Talabani condemned the “horrendous crime,” saying, “The perpetrators’ aim is to start a civil war between Iraqis.”

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s most powerful Shiite cleric, called for a week of mourning and is expected to call for businesses to close in protest for three days, a spokesman said.

President Bush condemned the “brutal bombing of the Golden Mosque,” promising help to rebuild it and asking Iraqis to exercise restraint.

“The terrorists in Iraq have again proven that they are enemies of all faiths and of all humanity,” he said in a statement. “This senseless crime is an affront to people of faith throughout the world.”

Peaceful protests, not violence, urged

Demonstrations against the bombing of the Al-Askariya Mosque were held across the country.

Following noon prayers, 4,000 demonstrators in Baghdad walked from al-Sadr’s office toward a nearby mosque, a spokesman for his office said. By the time the march ended, the number of people had swelled to 10,000, the spokesperson said. It was one of several protests in Baghdad neighborhoods, according to Iraqi Emergency Police.

Al-Sadr cut short a visit to Lebanon and was returning to Iraq, where he was planning to make a televised statement. A senior spokesman for al-Sadr’s movement urged “calm and patience” and said maintaining national unity is Iraq’s priority.

In Samarra, several hundred people gathered at the mosque and at the mayor’s office, denouncing the Iraqi government and the U.S. military, authorities said. Thousands of protesters also took to the streets in Najaf, Kut and Karbala, police said.

Link: CNN

>Middle East File: Former US Deputy Defense Undersecretary: Spetsnaz, under direction of Primakov and Shoigu, moved Iraqi WMDs to Syria and Lebanon

>The evacuation of Saddam’s WMD to Syria and Lebanon “was an entirely controlled Russian GRU operation. It was the brainchild of General Yevgenuy Primakov.”
— John A. Shaw

More fall out from Intelligence Summit 2006 . . . The USSR2 has allied itself with every known enemy of the USA. The masterminds behind the transfer of Saddam Hussein’s WMDs to Syria and Lebanon:

General Yevgenuy Primakov: skilled Arabist, a member of Mike (“I’ll Always Be a Communist”) Gorbachev’s Presidential Council, briefly First Deputy Chairman of the KGB in 1991, and Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) between 1991 and 1996. Primakov visited Hussein in 1990 and 2003, in each case, just prior to the allied assault against the Ba’athist regime in Baghdad.

Colonel-General Sergei Shoigu: current Minister of Extraordinary Situations, leader of the crypto-communist United Russia party that has dominated the RF Duma since 2003.

The International Left can put this in their pipe and smoke it . . .

Ex-Official: Russia Moved Saddam’s WMD
Kenneth R. Timmerman
Sunday, Feb. 19, 2006

A top Pentagon official who was responsible for tracking Saddam Hussein’s weapons programs before and after the 2003 liberation of Iraq, has provided the first-ever account of how Saddam Hussein “cleaned up” his weapons of mass destruction stockpiles to prevent the United States from discovering them.

“The short answer to the question of where the WMD Saddam bought from the Russians went was that they went to Syria and Lebanon,” former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense John A. Shaw told an audience Saturday at a privately sponsored “Intelligence Summit” in Alexandria, Va. (

“They were moved by Russian Spetsnaz (special forces) units out of uniform, that were specifically sent to Iraq to move the weaponry and eradicate any evidence of its existence,” he said.

Shaw has dealt with weapons-related issues and export controls as a U.S. government official for 30 years, and was serving as deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security when the events he described today occurred.

He called the evacuation of Saddam’s WMD stockpiles “a well-orchestrated campaign using two neighboring client states with which the Russian leadership had a long time security relationship.”

Shaw was initially tapped to make an inventory of Saddam’s conventional weapons stockpiles, based on intelligence estimates of arms deals he had concluded with the former Soviet Union, China and France.

He estimated that Saddam had amassed 100 million tons of munitions – roughly 60 percent of the entire U.S. arsenal. “The origins of these weapons were Russian, Chinese and French in declining order of magnitude, with the Russians holding the lion’s share and the Chinese just edging out the French for second place.”

But as Shaw’s office increasingly got involved in ongoing intelligence to identify Iraqi weapons programs before the war, he also got “a flow of information from British contacts on the ground at the Syrian border and from London” via non-U.S. government contacts.

“The intelligence included multiple sitings of truck convoys, convoys going north to the Syrian border and returning empty,” he said.

Shaw worked closely with Julian Walker, a former British ambassador who had decades of experience in Iraq, and an unnamed Ukranian-American who was directly plugged in to the head of Ukraine’s intelligence service.

The Ukrainians were eager to provide the United States with documents from their own archives on Soviet arms transfers to Iraq and on ongoing Russian assistance to Saddam, to thank America for its help in securing Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union, Shaw said.

In addition to the convoys heading to Syria, Shaw said his contacts “provided information about steel drums with painted warnings that had been moved to a cellar of a hospital in Beirut.”

But when Shaw passed on his information to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and others within the U.S. intelligence community, he was stunned by their response.

“My report on the convoys was brushed off as ‘Israeli disinformation,'” he said.

One month later, Shaw learned that the DIA general counsel complained to his own superiors that Shaw had eaten from the DIA “rice bowl.” It was a Washington euphemism that meant he had commited the unpardonable sin of violating another agency’s turf.

The CIA responded in even more diabolical fashion. “They trashed one of my Brits and tried to declare him persona non grata to the intelligence community,” Shaw said. “We got constant indicators that Langley was aggressively trying to discredit both my Ukranian-American and me in Kiev,” in addition to his other sources.

But Shaw’s information had not originated from a casual contact. His Ukranian-American aid was a personal friend of David Nicholas, a Western ambassador in Kiev, and of Igor Smesko, head of Ukrainian intelligence.

Smesko had been a military attaché in Washington in the early 1990s when Ukraine first became independent and Dick Cheney was secretary of defense. “Smesko had told Cheney that when Ukraine became free of Russia he wanted to show his friendship for the United States.”

Helping out on Iraq provided him with that occasion.

“Smesko had gotten to know Gen. James Clapper, now director of the Geospacial Intelligence Agency, but then head of DIA,” Shaw said.

But it was Shaw’s own friendship to the head of Britain’s MI6 that brought it all together during a two-day meeting in London that included Smeshko’s people, the MI6 contingent, and Clapper, who had been deputized by George Tenet to help work the issue of what happened to Iraq’s WMD stockpiles.

In the end, here is what Shaw learned:

In December 2002, former Russian intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov, a KGB general with long-standing ties to Saddam, came to Iraq and stayed until just before the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.

Primakov supervised the execution of long-standing secret agreements, signed between Iraqi intelligence and the Russian GRU (military intelligence), that provided for clean-up operations to be conducted by Russian and Iraqi military personnel to remove WMDs, production materials and technical documentation from Iraq, so the regime could announce that Iraq was “WMD free.”

Shaw said that this type GRU operation, known as “Sarandar,” or “emergency exit,” has long been familiar to U.S. intelligence officials from Soviet-bloc defectors as standard GRU practice.

In addition to the truck convoys, which carried Iraqi WMD to Syria and Lebanon in February and March 2003 “two Russian ships set sail from the (Iraqi) port of Umm Qasr headed for the Indian Ocean,” where Shaw believes they “deep-sixed” additional stockpiles of Iraqi WMD from flooded bunkers in southern Iraq that were later discovered by U.S. military intelligence personnel.

The Russian “clean-up” operation was entrusted to a combination of GRU and Spetsnaz troops and Russian military and civilian personnel in Iraq “under the command of two experienced ex-Soviet generals, Colonel-General Vladislav Achatov and Colonel-General Igor Maltsev, both retired and posing as civilian commercial consultants.”

Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz reported on Oct. 30, 2004, that Achatov and Maltsev had been photographed receiving medals from Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmed in a Baghdad building bombed by U.S. cruise missiles during the first U.S. air raids in early March 2003.

Shaw says he leaked the information about the two Russian generals and the clean-up operation to Gertz in October 2004 in an effort to “push back” against claims by Democrats that were orchestrated with CBS News to embarrass President Bush just one week before the November 2004 presidential election. The press sprang bogus claims that 377 tons of high explosives of use to Iraq’s nuclear weapons program had “gone missing” after the U.S.-led liberation of Iraq, while ignoring intelligence of the Russian-orchestrated evacuation of Iraqi WMDs.

The two Russian generals “had visited Baghdad no fewer than 20 times in the preceding five to six years,” Shaw revealed. U.S. intelligence knew “the identity and strength of the various Spetsnaz units, their dates of entry and exit in Iraq, and the fact that the effort (to clean up Iraq’s WMD stockpiles) with a planning conference in Baku from which they flew to Baghdad.”

The Baku conference, chaired by Russian Minister of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu, “laid out the plans for the Sarandar clean-up effort so that Shoigu could leave after the keynote speech for Baghdad to orchestrate the planning for the disposal of the WMD.”

Subsequent intelligence reports showed that Russian Spetsnaz operatives “were now changing to civilian clothes from military/GRU garb,” Shaw said. “The Russian denial of my revelations in late October 2004 included the statement that “only Russian civilians remained in Baghdad.” That was the “only true statement” the Russians made, Shaw ironized.

The evacuation of Saddam’s WMD to Syria and Lebanon “was an entirely controlled Russian GRU operation,” Shaw said. “It was the brainchild of General Yevgenuy Primakov.”

The goal of the clean-up was “to erase all trace of Russian involvement” in Saddam’s WMD programs, and “was a masterpiece of military camouflage and deception.”

Just as astonishing as the Russian clean-up operation were efforts by Bush administration appointees, including Defense Department spokesman Laurence DiRita, to smear Shaw and to cover up the intelligence information he brought to light.

“Larry DiRita made sure that this story would never grow legs,” Shaw said. “He whispered sotto voce [quietly] to journalists that there was no substance to my information and that it was the product of an unbalanced mind.”

Shaw suggested that the answer of why the Bush administration had systematically “ignored Russia’s involvement” in evacuating Saddam’s WMD stockpiles “could be much bigger than anyone has thought,” but declined to speculate what exactly was involved.

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney was less reticent. He thought the reason was Iran.

“With Iran moving faster than anyone thought in its nuclear programs,” he told NewsMax, “the administration needed the Russians, the Chinese and the French, and was not interested in information that would make them look bad.”

McInerney agreed that there was “clear evidence” that Saddam had WMD. “Jack Shaw showed when it left Iraq, and how.”

Former Undersecretary of Defense Richard Perle, a strong supporter of the war against Saddam, blasted the CIA for orchestrating a smear campaign against the Bush White House and the war in Iraq.

“The CIA has been at war with the Bush administration almost from the beginning,” he said in a keynote speech at the Intelligence Summit on Saturday.

He singled out recent comments by Paul Pillar, a former top CIA Middle East analyst, alleging that the Bush White House “cherry-picked” intelligence to make the case for war in Iraq.

“Mr. Pillar was in a very senior position and was able to make his views known, if that is indeed what he believed,” Perle said.

“He (Pillar) briefed senior policy officials before the start of the Iraq war in 2003. If he had had reservations about the war, he could have voiced them at that time.” But according to officials briefed by Pillar, Perle said, he never did.

Even more inexplicable, Perle said, were the millions of documents “that remain untranslated” among those seized from Saddam Hussein’s intelligence services.

“I think the intelligence community does not want them to be exploited,” he said.

Among those documents, presented Saturday at the conference by former FBI translator Bill Tierney, were transcripts of Saddam’s palace conversations with top aides in which he discussed ongoing nuclear weapons plans in 2000, well after the U.N. arms inspectors believed he had ceased all nuclear weapons work.

“What was most disturbing in those tapes,” Tierney said, “was the fact that the individuals briefing Saddam were totally unknown to the U.N. Special Commission.”

In addition, Tierney said, the plasma uranium programs Saddam discussed with his aids as ongoing operations in 2000 had been dismissed as “old programs” disbanded years earlier, according to the final CIA report on Iraq’s weapons programs, presented in 2004 by the Iraq Survey Group.

“When I first heard those tapes” about the uranium plasma program, “it completely floored me,” Tierney said.


Last year Shaw made the same assertion regarding Moscow’s involvement with hiding Iraqi WMDs. In the article below Charles Smith contends that Syrian intelligence assassinated former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri because the latter knew about the illicit presence of Iraqi WMDs in his own country.

Russia Moved Iraqi WMD
Charles R. Smith
Thursday, March 3, 2005

Moscow Moved Weapons to Syria and Lebanon

According to a former top Bush administration official, Russian special forces teams moved weapons of mass destruction out of Iraq to Syria.

“I am absolutely sure that Russian Spetsnatz units moved WMD out of Iraq before the war,” stated John Shaw, the former deputy undersecretary for international technology security.

According to Shaw, Russian units hid Saddam’s arsenal inside Syria and in Lebanon’s Bekka valley.

“While in Iraq I uncovered detailed information that Spetsnatz units shredded records and moved all WMD and specified advanced munitions out of Iraq to Syria and Lebanon,” stated Shaw during an exclusive interview.

“I received information from several sources naming the exact Russian units, what they took and where they took both WMD materials and conventional explosives. Moscow made a 2001 agreement with Saddam Hussein to clear up all Russian involvement in WMD systems in Iraq,” stated Shaw.

Shaw’s assertions match the information provided by U.S. military forces that satellite surveillance showed extensive large-vehicle traffic crossing the Syrian border prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Moscow Paranoid About WMD

Shaw’s information also backs allegations by a wide variety of sources of Russia’s direct involvement in Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program. One U.N. bioterrorism expert announced that Russia has been Iraq’s “main supplier of the materials and know-how to weaponize anthrax, botulism and smallpox.”

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Robert Goldberg cited former U.N. weapons inspector Richard Spertzel, who stated that Moscow supplied Baghdad with fermentation equipment to produce biotoxins.

According to Spertzel, the Russians on the U.N. inspection team in Iraq were “paranoid” about his efforts to uncover smallpox production.

Goldberg noted that no country has “done more to rebuild” Saddam’s chemical and biological weapons programs or “been more aggressive in helping hide the truth” than Russia.

It is a fact that Saddam Hussein rose to power backed by Russian weapons and Russian money. Saddam was in debt to Moscow for over $8 billion for the arms he purchased from Russia when he was captured by U.S. forces.

The primary Iraqi chemical weapons were VX nerve gas and mustard gas, a blistering agent, both obtained from Russia.

According to the book “Russian Military Power,” published in 1982, “It is known that the Soviets maintain stocks of CW (chemical weapons) agents.”

The two primary Russian chemical weapons in the 1982 Soviet inventory were the nerve agent “VX” and “blistering agents – developments of mustard gas used so effectively in World War I.”

Russian Chemical Weapons in Iraq

Iraq did most of its WMD killing using Russian-made MiG and Sukhoi aircraft equipped with chemical sprayers. In addition, Saddam used French-made artillery and helicopters to dump gas on Iranian troops and Iraqi Kurds.

Iraq obtained Russian delivery systems and the same inventory of Russian-made chemical weapons at the same time. Iraqi SU-22 Fitter attack jets were armed with Warsaw Pact-designed bombs filled with chemical weapons. Iraq used these Russian jet fighters to drop chemical weapons on Iranian troops during the Iran-Iraq war.

Iraq tried to use these SU-22 jets during the 1991 Gulf War, but they were detected and destroyed on the ground before they could launch a deadly chemical attack.

Other Russian weapons found with chemical weapons include the FROG-7 missile, 122 mm rockets, 152 mm artillery and the M-1937 82 mm mortars. All the Iraqi artillery missiles, rockets, shells and mortar rounds filled with chemical weapons are of Russian design.

Iraqi forces were trained by Russians in the use of chemical weapons and equipped by Russia with anti-chemical suits. The Iraqi armed forces were trained, equipped and supplied with the proper logistics to perform chemical warfare by Russia.

Lebanon and Syria

The arming of Iraq with such weapons has a direct impact on events today in the Middle East. The presence of former Iraqi WMD systems in Lebanon raises serious questions surrounding the Feb. 14 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Many blame Syria for Hariri’s murder.

However, the possibility that Hariri discovered the location of the Iraqi WMD systems inside his country lends some credible backing to a Syrian assassination effort to silence him.

In addition, the sudden sale of advanced missile and other weapons to Damascus by Moscow also supports the allegation that Syria is hiding something for Russia.

Russian weapons makers have previously insisted on hard, cold cash payments for their missiles, especially after the fall of Saddam and the collapse of credit deals done with Baghdad. More importantly, the Syrian economy is in bad shape, making it difficult for Damascus to come up with the required money for advanced Russian weapons.

Instead, it now appears that Moscow has extended both very good terms and no down payment required to Syria for an extensive purchase of advanced missiles and weapons. This is in contrast to weapons sales to other “good” Russian customers such as China, which can afford to pay up front for weapon systems.

CIA Failed

There is no question that the Russian effort to remove Iraqi WMD systems was the most successful intelligence operation of the 21st century. The Russians were able to move hundreds of tons of chemical, biological and nuclear materials without being discovered by CIA satellites or NSA radio listening posts.
“There is a clear sense on how effective they were,” noted Shaw.

“The fact that the CIA did not know shows just how successful the Russian operation was,” he concluded.


>Latin America File: Chavez to Rice: "Don’t mess with me, girl"; consolidates regime with Russian military hardware and Cuban "advisors"


Updated February 21, 2006.

The pic to the left says it all: The future of Latin America will be red if these two revolutionaries and their comrades have any say in the matter.

Latin American neo-communism is fortifying itself in Venezuela, bolstered by strategic partnerships with the USSR2 and Cuba. During Hugo’s visit to Moscow in 2001, Comrade Czar Putin scratched Chavez’s back by describing the Venezuelan dictator as “a young and energetic leader of the new generation that pays great attention to the development of Russian-Venezuelan relations.” In return, Chavez scratched Putin’s back: “We will help Russia’s presence in the Caribbean region.” Referring to Putin and himself, Comrade Chavez added: “We believe in democracy, but not the kind of democracy forced on us. A strategic alliance has begun, a joint path.” Both comrades pledged themselves to defend Fidel Castro’s communist island prison in Cuba (“Russia, Venezuela sign joint declaration against U.S. supremacy,”, May 15, 2001).

To consolidate his Bolivarian revolution, Chavez has embarked on an ambitious spending spree of military hardware, acquired in large part from Russian companies (“Hugo Chavez: MiGs, SAMs and 900,000 more assault rifles,”, February 14, 2006) and retained the expertise of thousands of Cuban “advisors” (“Venezuela: The Next Cuba,”, March 3, 2004). In the last article, Paul Crespo writes:

The partnership is so close that Venezuela’s intelligence and security service, known as DISIP, reportedly has come under control of the Cuban intelligence service, the DGI. Because of this, US intelligence agencies have ended their longstanding liaison relationships with their Venezuelan counterparts. Hundreds of Cuban advisors, coordinated by Cuba’s military attaché in Caracas, are also in charge of the elite presidential guard who defend Chavez against potential coups or military unrest.

Meanwhile, Chavez has purged and is reorganizing the Venezuelan military, making it personally loyal to him. Thousands of Cuban “teachers, doctors and sports trainers” also have flooded Venezuela. Their real job is to indoctrinate and train fanatically pro-Chavez paramilitary groups known as “Bolivarian Circles” that are part of a new 100,000-person People’s Reserve militia recruited from Venezuela’s poorest classes. These groups provide alternative armed cadres outside regular military channels loyal to Chavez.

In January, Comrade Chavez used the World Social Forum that congregated in Caracas to denounce the USA and President George “Mr. Danger” Bush in typical Marxist rhetoric. Cindy “Peace Mom” Sheehan and Harry “Banana Boat” Belafonte trooped faithfully to the Western Hemisphere’s new red mecca, ostensibly to promote “social justice” for Latin America’s underclass but, in effect, imparting a positive spin to Chavez’s Russian military hardware purchases and the Cuban military officers who coordinate the Venezuelan presidential guard. If the reader already has a headache from information overload, then I do not recommend that you read my earlier blog about the Red Chinese special forces that are currently training Chavez’s presidential guard . . .

I expect US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice knows about Caracas’ Russian military hardware purchases and has probably heard about the Cuban advisor cover story too. And, of course, I expect Hugo knows that Condi and Mr. Bush know . . . hence, the tirade below and the explusion of the US naval attache from Caracas.

Hugo Chavez to Condi Rice: ‘Don’t mess with me, girl’
Monday February 20, 2006 4:59 AM

Agence France-Presses

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez launched a new verbal attack against US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, bluntly warning her “don’t mess with me, girl.”

Responding to remarks before the US Congress last week in which Rice called Chavez a “challenge to democracy” in Latin America, Chavez warned the top US diplomat to back off.

“She messed with me again,” he said in his weekly “Hello President” television show, deliberately mangling her name as “Condolences.” “Don’t mess with me, girl.”

Last week, after her US Congress testimony, Chavez dismissed Rice as “the imperial lady.”

He vowed Sunday that Washington would fail in its bid to arouse international opinion against Caracas, and accused the George W. Bush administration of fomenting transit strikes and other unrest to destabilize his country.

“Venezuela is free and however much they may try to instigate internal movements here, we will defeat them,” he said.

On Friday, Chavez had warned that he was taking steps to potentially cut off oil shipments to the United States if Washington attacks his country.

US-Venezuelan relations have gone downhill since Chavez was elected seven years ago. He frequently accuses Washington of plotting against him, and has charged it backed an aborted coup in 2002.

Relations hit a new low earlier this month when Caracas expelled a US naval attache on espionage charges, prompting Washington to retaliate by kicking a Venezuelan diplomat out of the United States.

Despite the war of words, Venezuela remains the fourth-largest supplier of crude oil to its northern neighbor, selling it about 1.5 million barrels daily.


The 2005 parliamentary election in Venezuela, which Chavez’s opposition refused to contest, appears to have sealed that country’s doom by yielding a National Assembly totally committed to advancing communism. The governing alliance consists of Chavez’s Fifth Republic Movement and five other parties and electoral blocs: For Social Democracy, Fatherland for Everybody, People’s Electoral Movement, Communist Party of Venezuela, and Venezuelan People’s Union. The Communist Party has supported Chavez since his initial election in 1998. As the Green Left Weekly article below notes, a Communist has been appointed to the office of second vice-president of the National Assembly:

The new AN re-elected Nicolas Maduro as its president, Desiree Santos Amaral as its first vice-president and Roberto Hernandez from the Communist Party as its second vice-president. Thirty per cent of the deputies are women, the highest percentage in Venezuelan history. Dr Carolus Wimmer, the Communist Party’s international relations secretary and deputy to the Latin American Parliament, told Green Left Weekly on January 8 that the election of a Communist Party member to the position of vice-president of the AN was a “clear indication of the direction of the revolution” ( “Venezuelans vote for Bolivarian socialism,” January 25, 2006).

Viva la revolucion!?

>USA File: US Navy’s four-carrier summer exercise in Pacific Ocean largest naval maneuver in a decade

>In addition to “mammoth” US naval exercises in the Pacific Ocean this summer, some members of the new Eurasian communist bloc, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, will be conducting joint military exercises in the same time frame. The one to watch will be the second Sino-Soviet maneuver, following last summer’s display of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s “one clenched fist.” See January 2006 archive for blog on the Moscow-Beijing Axis’ “Peace Mission 2005.”

The USS Ronald Reagan, launched in 2001 and commissioned in 2003, is pictured above, visiting Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her homeport is San Diego, California. This carrier will be one of the four participating in the summer exercises.

Amid China Threat US To Hold Mammoth Naval Operations In Pacific
by P. Parameswaran
Washington DC (AFP)
Feb 15, 2006

Amid persistent warnings about China’s growing military clout, the US military said Tuesday it would hold one of its biggest naval exercises in the Asia Pacific this summer.

The large-scale operations will involve several carrier strike groups, each of which includes at least three warships, an attack submarine and a support ship.

Four carriers would be involved in three military maritime exercises — one of them touted as the world’s largest — between June and August in the region, Commander of the US Pacific Fleet Admiral Gary Roughead said in Washington.

Two of the exercises are expected to be largely confined to US forces and held in the Western Pacific while the third involving navies from at least eight countries, including Australia, Chile, Japan, South Korea and Peru, would occur near the Hawaiian Islands.

While the war games would boost bilateral and multilateral cooperation and improve military preparedness, it “also provides a deterrent for anyone who would wish us ill,” Roughead told a forum organized by the US-based Asia Society, which aims to bridge ties between the two sides of the Pacific.

A major Pentagon review of US military strategy earlier this month singled out China as the country with the greatest potential to challenge the United States militarily.

The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), conducted every four years, said a key goal for the US military in the coming years will be to “shape the choices of countries at a strategic crossroads.”

The QDR report noted China’s steady but secretive military buildup since 1996.

Some analysts also see recent Sino-Russian rapprochement as a sign of a desire to wrest military and economic power in the Asia-Pacific region from the United States, which is linked by half century military alliances with Japan and South Korea.

It has been at least 10 years since four aircraft carriers have operated in the Pacific Ocean at one time, the Hawaii-based Roughead said, adding that the increased activity was in line with findings of the QDR released on February 6.

His spokesman Navy Captain Matt Brown said it could be the largest combined aircraft carrier operations in the Pacific since the Vietnam War. Aside from the Japan-based Kitty Hawk, the other carriers to be involved in the exercises are the San Diego-based Ronald Reagan and one more each from the Pacific and Atlantic fleets.

“I think for an East Coast carrier to be operating in the Pacific — probably Vietnam was the last time we had East Coast ships operating up in the Western Pacific,” he explained.

Elaborating on the exercises, Brown said, “As the QDR mentioned, it is important for us to be focusing on the Pacific, to be working with friends and allies in the Pacific.

“And we think that the carriers are a capable multimission platform for gaining familiarisation for forces operating in the Western Pacific.”

Citing the massive US-led tsunami relief operations last year in Asia, Brown said, “Our leaders in Hawaii were able to pick up the phone and call counterparts in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi and rapidly exchange information because they knew each other.

“In a situation where there is a disagreement, wouldn’t it be nice to pick up the phone and refer back to rely upon a long term established relationship to hopefully prevent that conflict,” he asked.

Brown also said that the US military hospital ship “Mercy,” deployed last year to help tsunami-hit Indonesia, will leave this spring on a five-month mission to Southeast Asia.

“We are still working on the locations,” he said. “This is follow on to the tsunami experience because we found that it was important and the people benefited and is good to do it again,” he said. Mercy is one of two American hospital ships.

Source: Agence France-Presse


>Middle East File: New tapes aired at Intelligence Summit 2006 confirm Iraqi WMD deception

>At Once Upon a Time in the West we have addressed the issue of Iraqi WMD deception in several blogs. Please review the January 2006 archive.

Tapes Show Son-in-Law Admitted WMD Deception

In Recording, Iraqi Dictator Is Briefed on Efforts to Hide Weapons Programs

Feb. 15, 2006 — The following is a translation of portions of one pivotal tape-recorded meeting that took place in late April or May of 1995. In it, Saddam Hussein and his senior aides discuss the fact that United Nations inspectors had uncovered evidence of Iraq’s biological weapons program — a program whose existence Iraq had previously denied. At one point, Hussein Kamel, Saddam’s son-in-law, and the man who was in charge of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction efforts can be heard speaking openly about hiding information from the U.N.

SADDAM HUSSEIN: Lieutenant General Hussein

HUSSEIN KAMEL: Thank you, sir.

Sir, I would not be speaking so openly if it were not for your excellency’s and Mr. Tariq’s clarification and statement that we produced biological weapons.

We did not reveal all that we have. On the subject of missiles, they can bring up three issues with us now, in one year or in two years’ time. They are undeclared — one of them being the location. Secondly, they don’t know about our work in the domain of missiles. Sir, this is my work and I know it very well. I started it a long time ago, and it is not easy. The issues are more dangerous, a lot more dangerous than what they came to know. I am explaining to your excellency, sir.

With regard to the issue of the chemical, sir, which we assume that they have not raised, and our belief that the sole problem is that of the biological weapons. No, sir. I think they have detailed information about the missiles, and if they want to bring them up, they will as I said because we did not complete. In the chemical, sir, they have a problem far bigger than the biological, bigger than the biological.

Not the type of the weapons, not the volume of the materials we imported, not the volume of the production we told them about, not the volume of use. None of this was correct. They don’t know any of this. We did not say we used them on Iran. We did not reveal the volume of the chemical weapons that we had produced. We did not reveal the type of the chemical weapons. We did not reveal the truth about the volume of the imported materials. Therefore sir, if they want to create problems, I see that our argument now is that biological is everything. No, sir, I disagree and I have to be candid in front of your Excellency. I substantially disagree on this issue. They want it item by item. For the time being, they are not raising all of them with us and we did not declare. I will come back, sir, to the question of whether is it better for us to declare or to stay? In the nuclear, sir, in the biological, we also disagree with them. Not the 17 tons, no. We have a disagreement which is essential and known. We know it ourselves.

All this, sir, and we have some teams working; one team working in the same direction, but the other team does not know. How come they [the inspectors] don’t know — if they want to? There is what leads to knowledge. There are materials we have imported from America by volume. We have imported from Europe by volume. …

As for the nuclear, we say we have disclosed everything but no. We have undeclared problems in nuclear as well, and I believe that they know. There are teams working with no one knowing about some of them. …

Sir, I regret that I am speaking so candidly but although everything has ended, if they find out. No, sir, they didn’t know, frankly speaking not all the methods, not all the means, not all the scientists and not all the places. Yes, some of the activities have been uncovered but so that you know, sir, when they say biological is the issue, no sir, the biological is the least [important]; I am sorry to say it is the most futile of the problems. OK, the 17 tons is no problem but thousands of tons here and thousands of tons there. Where did they go? How were they manufactured? And how were they used? Sir, we really have to be frank, so that the resolution that comes is not restricted to the biological and the next day the missiles and then the nuclear the next day and then the next day and the next day. …

I go back to the question of whether we should reveal everything or continue to be silent. Sir, since the meeting has taken this direction, I would say it is in our interest not to reveal. Not just out of fear of disclosing the technology we achieved, or to hide it for future work. No. The game has gone on for too long. And now it has become clear to many officials of countries that are coerced to work with America…

Link: ABC News

See related story, also from ABC News: “EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Tapes — Inside Saddam’s Palace.”

>Communist Bloc Military Updates: Kremlin deploying and expanding bases on periphery of USSR2; bolstering Middle Eastern client states

>In advance of the Soviet Union’s long-planned preemptive strike against the West, the Kremlin has either maintained Cold War-era military bases in Not-So-Former Soviet republics, or reestablished bases throughout the periphery of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which is Moscow’s deceptive term for the continuing Soviet Union, or USSR2, as it is known in this blogsite. These strategic assets include: 1) plans to construct an airbase in Belarus, where a missile defense system will be installed in March 2006, possibly to counter US plans to deploy a missile defense system in Poland, which joined (or infiltrated, depending on how you view the admission of this “ex”-communist state) NATO in 1999, 2) plans to construct an airbase near Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 3) plans to expand an airbase in Kant, Kyrgyzstan, 4) plans to expand an airbase in Armenia, 5) a garrison in the internationally unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic, 6) Cold War-era military bases in Batumi and Akhalkalaki, Georgia, 7) a base for the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Ukraine, and 8) despite official Kremlin denials, probably a battery of nuclear-warhead-tipped tactical missiles in the Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian enclave north of Poland, located on the Baltic Sea.

A Russian Federation MiG-35 fighter jet, still bearing the red star of Bolshevism, is pictured above.

At the same time, the USSR2 and the new Eurasian communist bloc, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, is pushing the US Air Force out of Central Asia, where in 2001 bases were established to attack the terrorist-sponsoring Taliban regime in Afghanistan. In 2005, the US Air Force was evicted from Khanabad, Uzbekistan, after Washington critized Tashkent’s suppression of a rebellion in Andijan. Russian Federation Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov has officially denied reports that his government intends to deploy a military base at the same location. During the first incarnation of the Soviet Union and especially during the invasion of Afghanistan, Moscow stationed Tu-22MZ aircraft and Tu-95 heavy bombers at Khanabad.

More recently, the government of Kyrgyzstan is jacking up rent by 100 times for the US airbase on its territory, while the Russian Air Force enjoys rent-free facilities in the same Not-So-Former Soviet republic.

Meanwhile, the USSR2’s terrorist-sponsoring client state Iran is preparing to dissuade the USA and Israel from whacking the Islamic Republic next month or any other time in the near future.

Iranian Missile Test
22:45 Feb 16, ’06 / 18 Shevat 5766

Iran tested a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, according to a report on Channel 2.

The missile has a 2,000 kilometer (more than 1,200 miles) range, according to the report.


The USSR2 and its other principal Middle Eastern client state, the terrorist-sponsoring national socialist Ba’athist regime of Syria, are apparently expecting the USA to smack the latter too, as indicated by recent high-level Russian military delegation dispatched to Damascus.

Syrian president meets senior Russian military delegation

President Bashar Al-Assad discussed here on Tuesday means to develop Syrian-Russian cooperation in the military domain with a Russian military delegation.

The Russian delegation was headed by Russian Chief of Staff General Yuri Baluyevsky.

A Syrian presidential statement said that the talks, also attended by Syrian Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Ali Habib, touched on the historic relations between the friendly Syrian and Russian militaries and means to develop these relations in addition to regional and international developments.

The Russian delegation, which arrived in Damascus last Saturday, met yesterday with Defense Minister Lieutenant General Hasan Turkmani and the Syrian Chief of Staff to discuss latest developments in the region as well as means to develop bilateral military cooperation.

The Russian delegation’s visit to Syria has come to continue talks that started during the Syrian Chief of Staff’s visit to Moscow last September, especially concerning upgrading Syrian army’s Russian-made weapons and improving Syria’s defense missile system.

The two countries signed last year a contract to supply Syria with batteries for their aid defense missiles, after Russia refused to submit to Israeli pressure to stop the deal.

Link: Kuwait News Agency

>Communist Broadcasting Corporation


>Skull and Bones Ensignia


>EU Flag


>EU Collective Cover


>Intelligence Summit Logo


>Grey Terror File: Laser attacks continue against commercial airliners in USA: SeaTac and Detroit Metro

>See January 2006 blog containing extensive article on laser attacks against commercial airliners in the USA.

Some MANPADS, or portable shoulder-fired missile launchers, use laser sighting systems. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s new Central Terminal and Pacific Marketplace are pictured above.

FAA investigates laser pointed at aircraft
Associated Press

Last updated: February 8th, 2006 07:52 AM (PST)

SEATAC, Wash. — The crew aboard a Delta jetliner reported someone pointed a laser at the plane as it was approaching Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Tuesday night, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported.

Crew members said they saw intermittent red laser bursts as the plane approached the airport for a landing at about 9:30 p.m., the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Local law enforcement officials have been notified.

This is not the first incident in Western Washington in which someone has pointed a laser at a plane. Last February, a Lakewood man was arrested for allegedly pointing a $200 laser at planes nine times. His neighbors heard news reports about the incidents and turned him in.

Two planes flying near Colorado Springs were targeted in late December 2004. At the time, the FAA said these types of incidents were increasing.

The FBI has expressed concern terrorists might try to use lasers to temporarily blind pilots. Most of the people accused of shining the lasers claim they did so inadvertently or as a prank.

Some lasers on the market are powerful enough to shine 1,200 feet up.


Aircraft Landing in Detroit Report Laser Activity
Posted by Douglas J. Hagmann on 2006/2/14 9:26:04

*14 February 2006: Police and federal authorities are investigating reports that as many as 19 passenger planes arriving at the Detroit Metro Airport last evening were hit by commercial type lasers during their final approach. Pilots of the aircraft reported that lasers were being aimed at the cockpits of the aircraft from the ground. Initial investigation determined that the lasers apparently originated from the west end of the city along the Telegraph Road corridor, according to Dearborn Police Chief Michael Celeski. Most of the affected aircraft were reportedly approaching the airport from the north. Police searched the general area near Telegraph Road but failed to find the origin of the lasers or those responsible.

Last week, the crew aboard a Delta jetliner reported that someone pointed a laser at the aircraft as it was approaching Seattle-Tacoma International Airport On Tuesday, 7 February 2006. Crew members said they observed intermittent red laser bursts as the plane approached the airport for a landing at about 9:30 p.m.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is continuing to investigate the laser incidents against our passenger aircraft across the U.S.

Link: Northeast Intelligence Network

>Useful Idiots Bin: Western faux rightist websites propagate Soviet disinformation and bolster "patriotic" fifth column

>Well meaning or not, Prison Planet and Propaganda Matrix are perfect examples of how faux rightist, anti-capitalist, fifth columnist “New World Order conspiracy” running dogs pick up Soviet propaganda, such as that articulated by CPRF/UCP-CPSU leader Gennady Zyuganov, and deceive patriots in Western countries. Zyuganov, pictured above, is a key player in Moscow’s long-range strategic deception. In the article below Paul Joseph Watson does not even identify Zyuganov as the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Another Russian MP Says Muslim Riots Were US Provocation
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison
February 13, 2006

Echoing the comments of Liberal Democrats leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, another Russian MP has gone public with his contention that the recent Muslim riots were a staged US provocation in order to swing public opinion in Europe beind supporting an attack on Iran.

Gennady Zyuganov told a news conference that the publication of the offensive cartoons was a “well thought-out major provocation using newspapers and magazines to aggravate the situation, the relationship between the European countries and the Muslim world.”

Zyuganov said that the riots could only benefit the US and that they were “not advantageous for Europe but those who have raised this hysteria, insulted religious feelings of one and a half billion of Muslims, are pushing Europe into the arms of the American military clique.”

Last week, Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the publication of the offensive cartoons was a planned psyop on the part of the US and aimed to “provoke a row between Europe and the Islamic world”. “It will all end with European countries thanking the United States and paying, and giving soldiers,” said Zhirinovsky.

Although the riots have largely calmed, the build-up to a military strike on Iran is intense, with newspapers today reporting that the Pentagon had significantly advanced in its planning for bombing raids and submarine-launched ballistic missile attacks on the country.

Link: Prison Planet

This is not the first time that Prison Planet’s Alex Jones and Propaganda Matrix colleague Watson uncritically pick up news articles from communist and “non-communist” Russian “politicians,” who regularly identify the USA as the primary source of the world’s ills and the US Central Intelligence Agency as the arm of the Western capitalist elite. While containing some patriotic employees, the CIA and most other Western intelligence agencies have long since been decimated by Marxist-inspired political correctness and anti-anti-communist purges.

In a prevous blog we reprinted an interview with KGB defector Oleg Gordievsky who observed that the KGB/FSB has been responsible, since at least the time of the JFK assassination, for painting its adversary, the CIA, as an endless source of black ops, such as drug running and mind control experiments, orchestrated by the “pro-Nazi Skull-and-Bones Bush regime.” The ensignia of Skull and Bones, the senior secret society at Yale University of which President George Bush is a member, is pictured above.

Occasionally, faux rightists such as Jones and Watson will acknowledge the evils of communism, but such acknowledgments always take a back seat in their ramblings to the delusional plans for world government propagated by New Age-inspired capitalists.

It is worth noting that the mouthpiece for Leninist lies and Soviet disinformation, Pravda, published an article by the United Kingdom-based Watson in 2003. Observe Watson’s characterization of the Bush regime as “fascist.” This is standard Marxist rhetoric. Watson also appeals to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in an attempt to nullify legitimate government measures to counter foreign terrorist organizations operating on American soil. In like fashion, dozens of municipal governments throughout the USA have passed resolutions declaring their opposition to the Patriot Act.

The King Has No Clothes
But Saying So Might Land You In Prison
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The hallmark of an effective dictatorship, whether that be Stalinist Russia or Hitler’s Germany, is the wholesale silencing of the opposing voice. Criticism of the government must be eliminated because the foundation of despots crumbles when their authority is questioned in a sober and educated manner. For those of us who don’t live in countries like China or Zimbabwe, a benchmark of how healthy our freedoms are is to judge how our government reacts to criticism. We should therefore be alarmed that a growing pretext is being set whereby it is either illegal or an act of political suicide to criticise President Bush.

Prior to September 11, jokes about George W. Bush’s questionable intelligence were the highlight of any given evening at the comedy club. Bush’s own words provided enough material to build on. Consider the following,

“I’ve coined new words, like, misunderstanding and Hispanically.”—Radio-Television Correspondents Association dinner, Washington, D.C., March 29, 2001

“You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.”—Townsend, Tenn., Feb. 21, 2001

“Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning.” – Florence, SC, Jan. 11, 2000

“I think anybody who doesn’t think I’m smart enough to handle the job is underestimating.”—U.S. News & World Report, April 3, 2000

Since the terrorist attacks, any questioning of Bush’s mental capacity is viewed as subversive activity. If you’re a politician, you must resign immediately. If you’re a member of the public, you may be subject to an FBI investigation.

In September of 2002, German Justice Minister Herta Daeubler-Gmelin suggested that Bush’s foreign policy was planned to distract from his domestic problems, a tactic used by Hitler. The media hijacked the comments and concocted headlines like ‘German Minister says Bush is new Hitler’. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, eager to childishly avenge German non-cooperation in the war with Iraq, responded by labelling the comments as “outrageous and inexplicable.” Despite a public apology, Daeubler-Gmelin was subsequently forced to resign from office.

As an aside, in a decidedly unsophisticated propaganda crusade, the Bush administration has compared Saddam Hussein to Hitler. Hitler’s projected 1,000-year Reich was to be built by invading countries and setting up a pan-European empire. Ask yourself, how many countries has Bush threatened to invade compared to Saddam Hussein?

Just a month after Daeubler-Gmelin resigned, Francoise Ducros, a top aide to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, referred to President Bush as “a moron” at the NATO summit in Prague. The comment was made to a radio reporter and instantly became front-page news. In stark contrast with their reaction to Daeubler-Gmelin, the White House trotted out Flesicher to dismiss the comment as “something from someone who doesn’t speak for the Canadian government.” They wanted to keep Canada sweet because at that stage their unbridled support for a war on Iraq was on the verge of being secured. Ducros apologized but was forced to resign shortly after.

Just a day after Ducros quit, the British satirical cartoon show, 2DTV, were informed by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) that an ad for their Christmas video had been banned. The commercial featured a cackling Bush mistakenly putting the videotape in a toaster instead of a video player. The BACC ruled that the ad was offensive to Bush’s intelligence. This, despite the fact that the programme itself ‘offends’ Bush’s intelligence on a weekly basis. 2DTV produced a milder second version of the ad but this too was banned because it portrayed the President in a negative light. The realization that the man supposedly leading the free world in a war against global terrorism was in fact quite stupid is just too hot to handle.

The consequences of criticizing Bush were fully understood by these politicians and companies. However, at least they have a media platform on which to defend themselves. This saga takes on a more sinister tone when individuals are persecuted for daring to stand up to Bush.

A protest group called ‘Turn Your Back on Bush’ experienced the full force of the new post-9/11 dictatorship after they discovered the President was to fulfil a speaking engagement at Ohio State University on June 14 2002. Lost in the muddy nostalgia of a pre-9/11 America, where groups had at least some rights to assemble, the protestors thought they could rekindle the days where a Bush appearance went hand in glove with a chorus of boos from a sizeable minority. Not so, Richard Hollingsworth, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, warned the group that he was aware of their plans and that any protest would entail ejections and arrests being made. He also threatened undergraduates that their diploma would be stripped if they were to do so much as make a sound.

This had a massive chilling effect and only a handful of students and others actually did turn their back on Bush at the ceremony. One was ejected by police and his arrest was probably only avoided because he was carrying a three-year-old child. This enabled the Washington Post to state, “If there was a protest in the stadium, it was not visible to reporters.” The Post could then concentrate on the sycophantic response of the audience to Bush’s every sentence with glee.

Richard Humphreys, a resident of Portland Oregon, was sentenced to three years in jail after he made a joke about President Bush during Bush’s March 2001 trip to Sioux Falls. The joke included the line “I said God might speak to the world through a burning Bush,” which was taken as meaning Humphreys wanted to douse Bush in flammable liquid and set him ablaze. A bartender overheard and immediately alerted the police to the activities of this dangerous terrorist. The actual arrest was obviously made before September 11 but the way that event changed the mindset of the American authorities no doubt contributed to the ridiculous three year prison term, which was handed out in June 2002. This story was originally reported by CNN, who mysteriously chose to remove the article from their website just a few weeks after its appearance.

If you think that was an overreaction, just consider the case of a student at Bellbrook High School in Ohio. The unnamed teenager chose to wear a T-shirt with the words “not my president” superimposed over a picture of President Bush. When a crosshair was added to the design, two students came forward and complained to the school administrators. The Assistant Principal then made the decision to call the FBI because the high school kid could have been a terrorist planning to assassinate Bush. What’s even more absurd is that the FBI actually treated the case with the utmost significance and the investigation was eventually turned over to the Secret Service!

These are the real threats to America – not wide-open borders or Muslim fanatics – but high school children with political T-shirts. The authorities seem really keen on protecting us from terrorism, don’t they? In a gut-wrenching climax to the story, the two kids who snitched on the teenage terrorist were praised as heroes. The Assistant Principal said they had complied with the demand of the government – that citizens stand together with homeland security and keep an eye out for potential terrorist activity, for this, he was proud of them.

The liberties of Americans, as enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, were erected on the foundation of logic that the citizenry has to watch its government like a hawk. Any government that is allowed to roam freely without checks and balances becomes tyrannical. History has proven this over and over again. In the new America, the government watches the citizens and in turn the citizens are told to watch each other. Criticism of the government is outlawed and anyone that does so is either ridiculed or thrown in jail. If America is to be rescued from being the home base of a global fascist empire, we need put our foot down. We need to criticize the government more than ever.

Then again, I might just be a terrorist and you should really call the FBI for the good of the Fatherland.

Link: Pravda

Be warned. Faux rightist “patriots” in the West, wittingly or not, are mouthpieces for neo-Soviet politicians, who speak the same language of crypto-Marxism, anti-Americanism, and anti-globalization.

>Asia File: USSR2’s second equatorial rocket base in Indonesia complements French Guiana launch site

>Revised February 18, 2006.

That the USSR2 would endeavor to construct a potential strategic military asset in equatorial Indonesia is not surprising. The Biak Island base complements the Russian launch site under construction at the Guiana Space Center. While the neo-Soviet state possesses elusive road-mobile and submarine ballistic missile launchers, building rocket bases on foreign territories merely increases the number of Soviet targets for US strategists to neutralize after Missile Day.

The Indonesian armed forces on parade are pictured above.

In 2003 President Megawati Sukaroputri of Indonesia, the daughter of pro-communist President Sukarno, visited Moscow and signed a Declaration on the Basic Principles of Friendly Relations of Partnership between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Indonesia. The joint construction of the Biak Island rocket base is probably a development flowing from the strategic partnership between the USSR2 and Indonesia.

At one time the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), with three million members, was the third largest communist party in the world, after that of the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. In 1962 President Sukarno invited PKI members into the Indonesian government. In 1965 General Haji Mohammad Soeharto suppressed an incipient communist revolution, which most Western leftists downplay in terms of its seriousness, and ruled the country until 1998. The PKI is banned to this day. As of 2004 former PKI members are blacklisted from government and other positions.

The current president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, was sworn into his office on October 20, 2004. Yudhoyono is a member of the Democratic Party of Indonesia, the platform of which is mildly national socialist and was founded in 2001. The Democratic Party embraces Pancasilaism (pronounced Panchaseela-ism), which is considered the “state philosophy” of the Indonesian Republic. Pancasilaism promotes: 1) monotheism, 2) a just civilization, 3) the political and territorial unity of Indonesia, 4) consensual democracy among the various ethnic and religious groups of Indonesia, and 5) social justice for all Indonesians.

As one might expect, Indonesia’s state philosophy does not sit well with that country’s followers of Osama bin Laden, who prefer to bomb nightclubs filled with Australians and behead Christian schoolgirls. Nor does it sit well with communists worldwide, for whom “social justice” includes the overthrow of the “bourgeois” states.

Russia, Indonesia to Build Rocket-Launching Pad on Remote Island
Created: 14.02.2006 10:14 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 13:07 MSK

Indonesia and Russia plan to build a satellite launching pad on a remote island in Indonesia’s easternmost province, the Associated Press reported.

Senior officials from the two countries signed an initial agreement last week to build the launch pad on Biak Island in Papua province, 3,200 kilometers (2,000 miles) northeast of Jakarta. The island was chosen because it is close to the equator, where rockets can take advantage of the Earth’s greater rotational speed to save on fuel.

According to calculations made by Indonesia’s National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), an aerospace vehicle needs a speed of 7.8 kilometers per second to orbit the earth. However, if it is launched from an equatorial region, it only needs 7.4 km per second.

LAPAN employees also told Kyodo news agency that a rocket launched from the equatorial region can carry a load that is 25 percent heavier than those launched elsewhere.

Wisjnu Permana Marsis, LAPAN secretary general stressed that China, Japan and the U.S. had earlier showed interest in building the aerospace center, but “Russia gives the most competitive” offer.

Anatoly Karpov, a head of the Air Start company that will perform cooperation with Indonesia, promised to invest about $25 million to build the ground base.

Karpov also said the aerospace center will utilize an air launch technology system. Such a system, he said, is four times cheaper than launching from the sea and 10 times cheaper than a land-launch system.

Biak Regent Yusuf Maryen said the local government has prepared 27 hectares of land for the project, which will be built by Russia’s Air Launch Aerospace Corp. in 2007.

The final agreement — a memorandum of understanding on the project — is due to be signed by presidents of Russia and Indonesia during a visit by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to Moscow scheduled for June.

Link: Moscow News

Both the USSR2 and the People’s of Republic of China have designs toward Indonesia since that country is situated near the strategic waterway of the Strait of Malacca, through which oil tankers and freighters pass regularly and in which machine-gun wielding pirates stalk their prey with impunity.

>Communist Bloc Military Updates: USSR2 forward deploys missile defense systems in Belarus; KGB politician predicts US attack on Iran for March 28

>KGB agent and political comic Vladimir Zhirinovsky was recently interviewed by the Ekho Moskvy radio station. In that interview he articulated the belief that a US attack on Iran is “inevitable”: “The war is inevitable because the Americans want this war. Any country claiming a leading position in the world will need to wage wars. Otherwise it will simply not be able to retain its leading position. The date for the strike is already known—it is the election day in Israel (March 28). It is also known how much that war will cost.”

According to Zhirinovsky, The Moscow News reported, “the publication of Prophet Muhammad cartoons in the European press was a planned action by the U.S. whose aim is ‘to provoke a row between Europe and the Islamic world'” (“Russian Ultranationalist Leader Expects U.S. to Attack Iran in Late March,” February 7, 2006). To the contrary, I would submit that the “cartoon riots” sweeping the Islamic countries are more probably staged by the Russian Federal Security Service. The Soviets are frequently guilty of “projection,” or projecting their own plans for global domination upon the USA or NATO. Their fascist stalking horse Adolf Hitler took the same approach by projecting the Nazi conspiracy for global domination upon an alleged conspiracy of internationalist Jews.

From Zhirinovsky’s comments, it can be concluded that the collective leadership of the USSR2 is preparing for the political and military ramifications of a US strike against the Islamic Republic, which will only redound to the communists’ ongoing campaign of disinformation and subversion against the West. The forward deployment of anti-missile batteries to the border between NATO and USSR2 is one of many indications of this preparation.

Belarus to put air-defense divisions on combat duty in March
MOSCOW, February 9, 2006 (RIA Novosti)

Four air-defense divisions equipped with Russian-made S-300 batteries will be put on combat duty in March, a senior Russian officer said Monday. Aytech Bizhev, the deputy commander of the Air Force, said that the divisions would be delivered to neighboring Belarus at the end of March and stationed in the west of the country. He said it would extend the effective range of the air-defense systems on the western border of the Commonwealth of Independent States by 150 kilometers (about 90 miles) and the detection range of air targets by 400km (250 miles). Bizhev said S-300PS missile air defense systems were capable of detecting and hitting simultaneously six targets flying in the corridor from 20 meters to 45 kilometers. “In comparison, the U.S. Patriot system is capable of hitting only four targets simultaneously,” Bizhev said.

Link: RIA Novosti

Not surprisingly, the faux rightist, “New World Order conspiracy” running dogs at Prison Planet and Propaganda Matrix picked up Zhirinovsky’s statements about the White House’s apparent plan, possibly in coordination with Israel, to whack Iran and portrayed this key player in the perestroika deception as a purveyor of gospel truth. In the right column of this blogsite I have included a set of links under the category title Faux Rightist Propaganda. Every now and then the reader should shuttle back and forth between Pravda and sites like Prison Planet to witness the harmony of Soviet disinformation emanating from both sources.

>Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Arrivals and departures in parliament

>Arrivals: Calgary to Ottawa, one-way, minimum two terms. Finally . . . next time it will be a majority government. Well-structured cabinet . . . lots of diversity to muffle the bleating cries of the over-confident Canadian Left . . .

Departures: Ottawa to Beijing, one-way, non-stop. Paul, the millionaire socialist and twenty-first-century Canadian “Nepman,” is off to spraypaint his new bulk cargo ships in the People’s Republic of China . . .

Note: See Glossary, in right column of this blogsite, for definition of “Nepman.”

>Final Phase Backgrounder: CPRF and “non-communist” United Russia form broad front against "fascism" with intent of supporting revived CPSU

>“Who’s working for whom?” Comrades Zyuganov and Putin shake hands in picture at left.

In 1991, by abandoning its public monopoly of power in the USSR, the collective leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) faithfully applied the communist dialectic to the process of advancing by retreating: “One step back.”

The CPSU was openly restored in 2004 under the leadership of Oleg Shenin, who sat on the old CPSU’s Central Committee and supported the August 1991 “coup” against Mikhail (“I’ll Always Be a Communist”) Gorbachev. By his own admission in a 2002 Pravda interview, Shenin was not a member of the State Emergency Committee that orchestrated the “hardline communist” putsch against Gorbachev, who had publicly articulated plans to decentralize power in the Soviet Union. “I was actually not a member of the State Committee for Emergencies,” Shenin confides. “However, of course, I was aware of everything that was going on. I will not estimate my own role. Like I said, the institution of the committee was an absolutely correct thing to do.” The State Emergency Committee was an integral part of the perestroika deception and served to generate in the minds of Westerners the false dichotomy between “reform” and “hardline” factions in the CPSU. Tellingly, the committee consisted in part of KGB director Vladimir Kryuchkov, Internal Affairs Minister Boris Pugo, Defense Minister Dmitriy Yazov, and Prime Minister Valentin Pavlov, all of whom had been promoted by Gorbachev. This episode of communist disinformation, therefore, was a plot among friends.

At this point, in 2006, the Communist Bloc has now realized a number of strategic gains against the West, including: 1) the reduction of the capacity of Western countries to defeat the combined militaries of the Communist Bloc, 2) the redirection of the West’s military capacity toward the Communist Bloc’s Islamo-Marxist proxy states in the War on Terror, 3) the infiltration of the EU and NATO with the Communist Bloc’s Eastern European Trojan horse satellites, 4) the appropriation of Western financial investments through free trade and Yeltsin’s New Economic Policy Version 2.0, 5) the FSB/Red Mafiya-managed subversion of Western political and financial institutions, as well as individual politicians, 6) the FSB/Red Mafiya-managed narco-subversion of Western populations, and 7) the corruption of Western cultures through the destructive influence of Gramscism, or cultural Marxism, which has specifically undermined those institutions long targeted by communism, including and especially the natural family.

The CPSU and its allies worldwide can boldly advance with little fear of retreat: “Two steps forward.”

The communist-led protests against the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), which passed a resolution in January 2006 condemning former and current communist regimes worldwide, should serve as a reminder to the benighted West that the red agenda for global domination has not altered since the KGB-managed “collapse” of communism in Eastern Europe.The pseudo-czarist neo-Soviet state of President Vladimir (“There’s No Such Thing as a Former KGB Man”) Putin and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), under the leadership of Gennady Zyuganov, are concurrently raising the specter of twenty-first-century fascism.

Communists worldwide smear the title “fascist” on Putin’s Chekist regime, but do not be deceived. You are merely witnessing an internal squabble among Marxists. In 2001 Gorbachev, the unreformed communist, publicly expressed his approval of Putin in glowing terms at the Third Congress of the Russian United Social Democrats, the potemkin party that he founded after the “dissolution” of the old USSR. As reported in Pravda:

. . . Gorbachev said that Putin’s policy promotes Russia’s national interests and the interests of a majority of the Russian population. Gorbachev said he supports Putin on major issues and will continue supporting him in the future. At the same time, the former Soviet president expressed concern that “many of the president’s initiatives are not being adequately fulfilled.” Speaking of the Civil Forum which closed the day before, Gorbachev emphasised that he cannot agree with statements made there about Putin’s “authoritarianism and attempts to impose his will on the public opinion.” Gorbachev also supported the Russian president’s latest foreign-policy moves. He said that in its foreign policy Russia is taking “approaches that can lead to the establishment of a world order based on cooperation and a balance of interests.” Gorbachev said he has an impression that “the West has not yet realised the value of all Putin’s proposals.” At the same time, he expressed conviction that the president’s foreign-policy moves are aimed at “giving Russia the second wind.”

Any less flattering remarks about Putin that Gorbachev has made since 2001 should be scrutinized in the light of this endorsement from the collective leadership of the continuing CPSU. The not-so-former FSB director, as one can plainly see, is performing his scripted job well. Putin, who publicly resigned from the KGB in 1991 but never from the CPSU, to this day refers to his peers and subordinates in the Kremlin administration as “comrade.” Indeed, the text of the May 7, 2000 presidential inauguration of Putin is most revealing:

In honor of the inauguration, a 30-gun salute is fired.

The Presidential Regiment awaits the new Commander in Chief on Cathedral Square in front of the Great Kremlin Palace.

President Putin and Mr. Yeltsin come out to the palace porch, Krasniye Seni.

Major-General Sergey V. YANGOREV, the Commander of the Presidential Regiment: “Comrade President of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Regiment is formed in honor of the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation!”

President Vladimir V.PUTIN: “Good day, comrades of the Kremlin Guard!”

REGIMENT: “We wish you good health, Comrade President of the Russian Federation, sir!”

Old habits die hard. “Comrade” indeed! The Kremlin’s media relations specialist apparently neglected to edit this word. “Comrade,” as far as I am aware, is not a general salutation in Russia. Communists, however, regularly use the word. This text, incidentally, is located at the official website of the Russian Federation President.

Likewise, Putin’s cheerleading squad in the Duma, is United Russia, one of the leaders of which is “ex-communist” Colonel-General Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, Minister of Extraordinary Situations, which embraces civil defense, emergencies, and natural disaster management. Shoigu will be responsible for getting Russia’s population, especially in the cities, underground an hour or two before the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces arc over the North Pole toward North America.

In 2004, United Russia disclosed its true color and role as a front for the Soviet Communists by establishing a partnership with the Communist Party of China for the purpose of promoting economic, business, cultural, and political relations within the Moscow-Beijing Axis (“CPC, United Russia Party sign cooperation protocol,” People’s Daily Online, July 14, 2004). Can you imagine the Republican Party of the USA or the Conservative Party of Canada establishing a pact with the bloody Communist Party of China? Well, then again, these days, anything’s possible . . .

“Scratch these new, instant Soviet ‘democrats,’ ‘anti-Communists’ and ‘nationalists’ who have sprouted out of nowhere”, writes KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, “and underneath will be found secret [Communist] Party members or KGB agents.” In the same place he explains: “The young Communists and KGB secret agents who form the core of the ‘multi-Party system’ are not genuine, ardent democrats bent on overturning the principles of the Bolshevik Revolution. They are still dedicated, disciplined revolutionaries and committed enemies of Western democracy who, on the instructions of the Party, are acting as ‘democrats,’ ‘non-Communists’ and ‘nationalists’ in order to carry out the final assault on the capitalist West in accordance with the non-violent pattern of the Second October Revolution” (The Perestroika Deception; Edward Harle, 1995 [1998]; page 123).

Since there was no legitimate “break with the past” in 1991, apart from the KGB-produced disinformation that was foisted upon the West at that time, Soviet Communists, along with their “non-communist” puppet Putin, are organizing the Russian masses around the revived vanguard of the proletariat, the new and improved CPSU. Fascism is a convenient stalking horse for communist and leftist forces worldwide. Anti-fascism is a convenient pretext for organizing attacks against genuine lovers of liberty. Note carefully that the USSR2’s “political parties” are not forming an anti-communist bloc, such as true freedom-loving rightists in the West or anywhere else would form.

The PACE resolution provided a rallying point for communists worldwide to lash out against capitalism and fascism. On December 30, 2005 Zyuganov took the occasion to issue a staggeringly hypocritical sob story on the PACE’s anti-communism resolution. He does not hesitate to denounce capitalist and fascist regimes as despotic and “falsifiers of history,” but communist regimes, in his estimation, are unfairly labeled as such. Note that Zyuganov implicates the USA in the PACE resolution and identifies a number of countries that are laboring under new communist regimes, but which are not yet generally recognized as such by the benighted West. Note, too, in his conclusion, Zyuganov’s clarion call to all Russian “political parties,” including the “non-communist” parties, and the official representatives of the Russian Federation to raise Russia from its “present humiliated” position and once again became a bastion of international communism. No doubt, Comrade Shenin is nodding in vigorous agreement.

Statement of Gennady Zyuganov
From: Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Date: Moscow, December 30, 2005


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is preparing, in late January of next year, to pass a resolution “On the Need for International Condemnation of the Crimes of Totalitarian Communist Regimes.” In that resolution, the Assembly calls on the ministerial committee of the Council of Europe to create a panel of experts to gather information on human rights violations by various totalitarian regimes, in particular, “Nazi, Communist and Francoist,” to adopt an official declaration on the alleged “crimes” perpetrated by Communists, to make corresponding changes in school textbooks and call an international conference to discuss these themes.

The Council of Europe member countries are being urged to take similar measures on the national level and to unleash anti-Communist campaigns. Thus PACE assumes the role of initiator and organizer of a Europe-wide campaign of baiting and persecuting Communists, controlling the thoughts and convictions of the Europeans and falsifying history.

The Council of Europe, which initially put on its banners the slogans of human rights and freedoms, is being cast in the role of medieval Inquisition and the notorious McCarthyists. A signal is being given to establish police regimes all over Europe. PACE is facing a crucial choice: it either rejects this provocative idea inspired by some of its East European members and supported by the US, or else it would cease to be a collective body of the European states committed to freedom, the rule of law and democracy.

This is going to be a moment of truth for PACE. Its decision will determine the attitude of the international public opinion to that organization which has long been experiencing a deep crisis and is sliding further and further into the mire of anti-Communism, support of apartheid, dual morals and double standards. It is obvious that the adoption of such a resolution would alienate from PACE not only the Communists, but progressive-minded people throughout the world. It would determine the attitude to PACE of some of the largest states in the world, such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, India, Brazil, Venezuela and others.

This is not the first time that the cheerleaders of anti-Communism are calling for a crusade against democracy, social justice and mutual understanding among the peoples. Everybody remembers the Fascist Anti-Comintern, the grim years when McCarthyism held sway in the US, the persecutions and bans of Communist parties, the dictatorships of “black colonels,” military juntas and Pinochets. All of them came to grief. It was so and it will be so.

One should not forget that the most complete, cynical and criminal manifestation of anti-Communism was Hitler’s Fascism with its program of destroying the Socialist and Communist ideologies. With its orders to shoot all the commissars, Jews and the Soviet intelligentsia and to enslave entire peoples and perpetrate genocide. It was the Communist-led Soviet Union that crushed Fascism. The Nuremberg Trial, whose 60th anniversary we shall be marking next year, was above all a trial of anti-Communism, its criminal ideology, goals and methods.

He who tries again to put the Nazis and Communists, Russia and the Fascist states on the same footing is laughable and pitiful. Those who call for an all-European show trial of Communists would do well to remember the ignominious end of their spiritual progenitors and predecessors. We are proud of our past and we are strong by our truth. We have saved the world from the Fascist plague in front of which the pillars of bourgeois democracy quavered. We set the world the first example showing that humanity is not doomed to a life of serving Mammon. We have shown the road to the future. We will never repent and stand on our knees in front of anyone. We will defend ourselves and our friends with determination and perseverance. We will stand our ground and prevail.

By donning the moth-eaten skin of anti-Communist wolves, PACE and those who stand behind its disgraceful initiative are in reality targeting Russia, which is no longer prepared to resign to its present humiliated position and is summoning its strength to rise from its knees and move forward. PACE is joining those who have recently used every wicked trick and threat to prevent us from doing it. They are trying to make us renounce forever our great history and our gains, recognize our “inferiority” and resign to the role of a second-rate state.

The actions of PACE are a challenge to all the Russians regardless of their party affiliation and political views, a challenge to Russia. It is not by chance that the multi-party Russian delegation to PACE is unanimously protesting against this hostile action and demands that the resolution be abandoned. This is the time to say a resolute “No” to the provocateurs from PACE, to act as a broad front, beginning from the Russian authorities and ending with ordinary Russian citizens and patriots in the name of the future of Russia, in the name of Truth and Justice.


While the CPRF was protesting the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg, United Russia proposed an anti-fascist pact with other political parties and public movements in the USSR2. The document is titled Anti-fascist Pact: Agreement to Oppose Nationalism, Xenophobia and Religious Discord (“Pro-Kremlin Party Promotes Anti-Fascist Pact,” The Moscow News, January 27, 2006). The United Russia website contains excerpts of the document:“Activities aimed at arousing national, racial or religious hatred is forbidden by law in our country. However, such activities must be also condemned morally. A social and information vacuum must be formed around those who profess and propagate fascism, racism, nationalism and xenophobia. They must become social outcasts.”

The United Russia document demands that political parties and social organizations bar admission to and expel members with racist, nationalist, and fascist positions; reject the nomination of candidates for parliament who disseminate such ideas; and condemn all such statements. The Union of Right Forces and the misnamed KGB entity Liberal Democratic Party of Russia have signed the pact. The “Putin Youth” movement Nashi sponsored rallies commemorating the United Nations’ International Holocaust Day on January 27.

Nationalism and fascism are not equivalent, but they are equally important tools in the hands of the CPSU to identify and neutralize opposition. As early as the 1920s, the Bolsheviks created The Trust to woo czarists and foreign spies to the Motherland for the purposing of executing them. Later, in the 1960s, the KGB created the nationalist Rodina and Russian Parties, long before the benighted West knew anything of Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika. Vladimir Solovyov and Elena Klepiknova relate the early history of the Rodina and Russian Parties in Yuri Andropov: A Secret Passage into the Kremlin (Macmillan Publishing, 1983; pages 60-61).

The ostensibly “non-communist” Chekist regime of Putin is obeying the stated will of the CPRF and other open communists in the USSR2 by actively targeting Russia’s fake “rightist” political parties. A recent article from the August 8, 2005 issue of The Moscow News, “Kremlin Faces Its nationalist Creation,” reveals that Soviet Communists are still experimenting with potemkin nationalist parties. The Kremlin, Julia Duchovny writes, has “embarked on a witch hunt” against far-right, xenophobic organizations such as Rodina, Russian National Unity (RNE), Russian Public Movement (ROD), and Movement Against Illegal Immigration, which might pose a threat against the pro-Putin United Russia. Duchovny refers to Rodina as “a one-time Kremlin spawn.”

Duchovy interviewed Konstantin Krylov, president of ROD and editor of the Spetsnaz newspaper. “RNE was one of a multitude of inadequate reactions to the upheavals of the early 1990s,” Krylov states, “It is a typical example of 1990’s fascism, and it has outlived its time.” The Kremlin, he continues, “is creating a virtual fascist threat in order to have something to fight against. In essence, it is a paper tiger.” The objective, Krylov insists, according to Duchovny, is to defame and defang United Russia’s hard-core nationalist opposition and preempt the threat of a Ukraine-style Orange or Georgia-style Rose Revolution in the Russian Federation. Krylov concludes that the Kremlin has grown scared of its own creation. Duchovy concludes: “Russia’s political scene today is lacking a legitimate right-wing base of the European or American variety.”

Electoral support for the Russian Federation’s liberal pro-business parties, such as Free Russia, Yabloko and Union of Right Forces (SPS), is numerically irrelevant in the vast disinformation campaign that is USSR2. Yabloko laments the current political situation in Russia where United Russia has dominated the Duma since 2003 and notes its ongoing communist orientation. In an October 2005 address Nikita Belykh and Grigory Yavlinsky declare:

Owing to the authoritarian situation and impending threat of one party political rule, the underlying issue is the adherence of both parties to the principle of respecting different views, pluralism, democracy and a European path of development for Russia. On these issues we have always held close common grounds. This has always distinguished us from the political heirs of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, who appeared and continue to appear on the scene under different names, but have always represented de facto a united bureaucratic nomenclature belonging to the same clan.

Still, it is difficult to recognize even the founder of Yabloko, Yavlinsky, as a genuine non-communist. Yavlinsky’s impeccable post-collapse liberal credentials are somewhat suspect in view of his impeccable pre-collapse communist credentials. Prior to the dismantling of the Soviet Union Yavlinsky held positions in the USSR Labor Ministry, the USSR Council of Ministers, and the USSR Joint Economic Department. In 1990 Yavlinsky composed 500 Days, a blueprint for transforming the Soviet Union’s command economy into a market economy. To execute the program, Yavlinsky was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, and Chairman of the State Commission of the USSR for Economic Reform. The program was not implemented and Yavlinsky stepped down from his post.

As one can observe, by design, there are no genuine broad-based rightist forces in USSR2. This base was largely eradicated during the Russian Civil War and then the remnants were torn out tooth and nail through the application of purges and the gulag archipelago. Furthermore, with the West crippled by 15 years of “post-communist” communist disinformation, one might inquire if there are any genuine freedom-loving rightist parties anywhere. There are, but they are numerically too small to counter the ongoing communist threat. Jeff Nyquist, writing in Origins of the Fourth World War (Black Forest Press, 1999), observes: “The Right is a fiction. Everyone is on the Left” (page 157). This is especially so with USSR2, where the only relevant political parties support the CPSU party line.

In truth, without a moral compass and a rejection of social revolution, such has taken over the West with impossible constructs like “same-sex marriage,” there can be no true rightism anywhere. Fiscal conservatism is not adequate to protect the West from destruction.

>Asia File: Communist insurgents gaining strength throughout India; prime minister capitulates to communist land reform agenda

>Reports of communism’s demise are greatly exaggerated–everywhere. India is no exception. The coalition of parties that currently governs India, the United Progressive Alliance, is supported in the national parliament by four communist parties that do not actually hold membership in the alliance: Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Revolutionary Socialist Party and All India Forward Bloc. Hence, the revolutionary socialists hold the balance of power in India. The CPI (Marxist) emerged from the CPI in 1964, claiming that the original party was guilty of revisionism. The CPI (Marxist) also claims the party was founded in the USSR, in 1920.

In the state of Kerala, the CPI is a member of the governing coalition, the Left Democratic Front. In the state of Tamil Nadu, the CPI is a member of the governing Progressive Democratic Alliance. The CPI also participates in the state government of Manipur. In 2004, the CPI (Marxist) acquired the reins of government in West Bengal and Tripura states.

India is a member of the BRIC Alliance, an economic alliance of four communist, crypto-communist, and semi-communist countries: Brazil (communist), Russia (crypto-communist), India (semi-communist), and China (communist).

Meanwhile, in neighboring Nepal, the monarchy is barely holding back the Maoist insurgency from assuming control of the country. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) instigated the insurgency in 1996, five years after the KGB-managed “collapse” of communism in the Soviet Union.

The Leninist world revolution is proceeding apace. Meanwhile, the West’s shopping mall regimes continue to sleepwalk . . .

Land reforms necessary to counter Maoists: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Wednesday that effective land reforms were necessary to counter Maoist guerrillas, who were gaining strength in many states in the country.

“We have to think about the lack of credible land reforms,” the prime minister told a press conference at the Vigyan Bhavan here.

On the other hand, Manmohan Singh also said police forces needed to be strengthened to counter the Maoist terror in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and other states.

“We are putting far more emphasis than ever before on the modernisation of the police force. The home minister (Shivraj Patil) has been discussing the matter with senior police officials too,” he said.


>Communist Bloc Military Updates: China’s new Antarctic radar station could sabotage US spy satellites

>China radar at South Pole could sabotage U.S. spy satellites
Special to World
Thursday, February 2, 2006

Beijing announced plans last week to build a high-frequency radar on the South Pole. Analysts say the radar could be used to disrupt U.S. intelligence satellites.

The radar will be built at China’s Zhongshan Station, where Beijing has set up a space environment lab.

The station will consist of 20 antenna units, including 16 units for the main antenna and four for the auxiliary antenna. Each antenna is 20 meters high. The high-frequency radar can detect ionospheric convection within a range of 3,000 kilometers.

Chinese officials told Xinhua the station would be used to measure the polar space environment.

China’s space program, unlike the U.S. space program, is directly related to Chinese military operations.

A Pentagon report on the Chinese military last year said China was “working on, and plans to field, ASAT systems.”

National security analysts say the South Pole site, because of its remoteness, could be used by China to develop anti-satellite lasers capable of blinding or disrupting U.S. reconnaissance satellites, most of which pass over the pole.


>Useful Idiots Bin: Harry’s bananas for Hugo: The influence of covert cadres

>Ningún comentario. Actually, I can’t resist:

Harry’s slightly more than one of Lenin’s useful idiots. He probably qualifies for the Fellow Traveler Distinction, and maybe even the Card-Carrying Communist Award. Belafonte sits on the board of directors of the Marxist think tank Institute for Policy Studies. In Covert Cadre (Ottawa, Illinois: Green Hill Publishers, 1987) S. Steven Powell exposes the institute’s personal links and ideological affinities with the Soviet Union’s Institute for USA and Canada Studies, still in operation in Moscow. Stanislav Levchenko writes of the latter institute: “It is true, for instance, that the Institute provides the International Department CC CPSU and the KGB with comprehensive studies on virtually every aspect of life in the US and Canada.” Since 1995, the director of the Institute for USA and Canada Studies has been Sergei Rogov. Powell interviewed Rogov in 1985, when the latter represented the institute at the Soviet Embassy in Washington, DC:

Powell: “Has the Soviet leadership renounced the Leninist theory and practice of the vanguard, whereby the Soviet Union supports and trains revolutionaries and national liberation movements?”
Rogov: “Why should we repudiate this theory? I believe we should give an example and help others so that they can solve their social, economic, and political problems” (Covert Cadre, 351).

Harry Belafonte calls Bush ‘terrorist,’ praises Chavez in Venezuela
Jan 8, 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – American singer and activist Harry Belafonte called U.S. President George W. Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world” Sunday and said millions of Americans support the socialist revolution of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

Belafonte led a delegation of Americans including actor Danny Glover, Princeton University scholar Cornel West and farmworker advocate Dolores Huerta that met with the Venezuelan president for more than six hours late Saturday. Some in the group attended Chavez’s television and radio broadcast Sunday.

“No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we’re here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people . . . support your revolution,” Belafonte told Chavez during the broadcast.

“We respect you, admire you, and we are expressing our full solidarity with the Venezuelan people and your revolution,” he added.

The 78-year-old Belafonte, famous for his calypso-inspired music, including the Day-O song, was a close collaborator of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and is now a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. He also has been outspoken in criticizing the U.S. embargo of communist Cuba.

Attending the live Hello President program under a canopy at a farming co-operative southwest of Caracas, Belafonte said he had come to learn about Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution, which includes a wide range of social programs for the poor and is named after South American independence hero Simon Bolivar.

He accused U.S. news media of falsely painting Chavez as a “dictator,” when in fact, he said, there is democracy and citizens are “optimistic about their future.”

The Americans toured a prison, spoke with people in the street and heard praise as well as criticism, Belafonte said. To be able to criticize, he said, “is the greatest truth of a democracy.”

Huerta, a pioneer of the United Farm Workers labour union, called the visit a “very deep experience.” Glover and West, who both expressed admiration for Chavez’s ideals, ended their visit Saturday, officials said.

Chavez called Belafonte “my brother” and noted he championed civil rights for black Americans alongside King.

The president said he believes deeply in the struggle for justice by blacks, both in the United States and Venezuela.

“Although we may not believe it, there continues to be great discrimination here against black people,” Chavez said, urging his government to redouble its efforts to prevent it.

Belafonte suggested setting up a youth exchange for Venezuelans and Americans to learn from each other. He finished by shouting in Spanish: “Viva la revolucion!”

He and Chavez embraced as Belafonte’s song Matilda blared over the speakers.

Chavez accuses Bush of trying to overthrow him, pointing to intelligence documents released by the U.S. indicating that the CIA knew beforehand that dissident officers planned a short-lived 2002 coup. The U.S. denies involvement, but Chavez says Venezuela must be on guard.

“We have to defeat imperialism to save ourselves – and not only ourselves, to save the world,” said Chavez, calling Bush “Mr. Danger.”

Chavez said if the U.S. were to imprison Venezuela’s ambassador for some reason, friends like Belafonte “would take care of freeing him with our support.”

As usual, Chavez’s show was eclectic, as he took calls, hugged children and laughed heartily over an astrologist’s prediction that the divorced leader would find an “intense romance” this year.

Link: Communist Broadcasting Corporation

>USSR2 File: Latvian Parliament to investigate Russian funding of NGOs in Baltic state

>Is it not most ironic and, dare I say, hypocritical for the Kremlin to endorse a new law restricting the activities of foreign nongovernmental organizations on Russia soil, while at the same time endeavoring to manipulate politics via NGOs in a Not-So-Former Soviet republic?

Indulis Emsis, who was briefly prime minister of Latvia in 2004, is pictured to the left.

Former Latvian PM says Russia channels monies to influence parliamentary elections in Latvia
01.02.2006 14:46 (GMT)

National Security Commission of the Latvian Saeima (parliament) has expressed its intention to meet with the leadership of the Latvia Republic Constitutional Protection Bureau to discuss funding from Russia, channelled through the Coordination Council of the Russian-speakers and non-citizens public organisations, with an aim to influence the outcome of the next parliamentary elections scheduled later this year, LETA news agency reported on February, 1.

The media referred to Indulis Emsis, former Prime Minister and the National Security Commission of Saeima Chairman, who did not give any further comments but kept saying to the press that there had been information at the disposal of the Commission proving the fact of the earmarked funding through the abovementioned Coordination Council. According to Indulis Emsis, a number of media outlets, such as The First Baltic [TV] Channel, had also been involved in the process. Emphasising his strictly negative attitude towards any attempts to ban operation of the NGOs, Indulis Emsis spoke in favour of “regulation of their participation in political processes”.

National Security Commission of Saeima head also cited unofficial information that approximately USD 1 million allocated by the Russian government might have been channelled via the Coordination Council of the Russian-speakers and non-citizens public organisations of Latvia.

Link: Axis Information and Analysis

>USSR2 File: Soviet Communists retaliate against Council of Europe by drafting resolution condemning capitalism

>Unrepentant. Comrade Zyuganov insists that the Party addressed communism’s crimes at the 20th Congress in 1956. Oh really? What about crimes committed in and since that year: such as the invasion of Hungary, the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, or the Russian apartment bombings in 1999? And these events barely scratch the surface of the world revolution’s bloody history.

The ITAR-TASS report below states that the draft resolution against capitalism “was coordinated by 16 parties from CIS states.” This is probably a reference to the new Communist Party of the Soviet Union, reorganized in 2004. Note, too, that the Comintern is still operative: “The document will be adopted at an international conference of leftist and Communist parties in Moscow later this year . . .” What else would you call an international conference of leftist and Communist parties? The name is irrelevant.

Russian Communists seek resolution denouncing capitalism
30.01.2006, 19.27

MOSCOW, January 30 (Itar-Tass) – Russian Communists, in protest against the resolution denouncing Communist totalitarian regimes, adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, are seeking to retaliate with a memorandum condemning capitalism’s record of the past five hundred years, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov told a news conference on Monday.

The document will be adopted at an international conference of leftist and Communist parties in Moscow later this year, he said.

The draft is almost ready. Last Saturday, it was coordinated by 16 parties from CIS states. “It’s a memorandum on crimes committed by liberal capitalist and fascist regimes which have flooded all the continents with blood over 500 years,” he said.

Capitalism is 400 years older than Communism, Zyuganov added.

He promised that the Communist parties of European countries and the world will present “their own claim” to capitalism by naming the crimes, including those proven and denounced by the UN and leading international organizations. “The report will be very substantial,” the Communist leader said.

He is convinced that Russia dealt with its totalitarian past in full measure. At the 20th Congress in 1956, “the Party and people promised that it would never happen.”

It was a sufficient inoculation or “pill” – as Zyuganov put it – from totalitarianism.

Zyuganov said he was planning to see “The Inner Circle,” a film after Alexander Solzhenitsin’s novel about Soviet-era hardships, which the Rossiya channel began to show on Sunday.

Already the first part of the film points to the attempt to make Russians reject a whole historic period with all the spiritual and moral values it contained. “It doesn’t work for the good of Russia,” he said.