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WW4 File: Kremlin agrees to revive NATO-Russia council after N. Atlantic alliance meets in Warsaw in July, even as Putin applauds Britain’s pending exit from EU, accuses West of provoking new arms race, vows to respond to NATO military buildup in ex-Soviet Bloc/ republics; DM Shoigu says Russia will counter NATO’s deployment of 1,000 troops, 1,200 pieces of combat hardware, 30 warplanes near W. border by equipping Russian military with 2,000 pieces of new/upgraded equipment in 2016, hiring 10,000 recruits for contract service, building/renovating 10 garrisons in W. Russia, Russian Air Force to utilize experience acquired in Syrian campaign; Italy’s radical right leads charge against anti-Russia sanctions as Liguria follows Veneto in recognizing Putin’s forcible annexation of Crimea, both regional governments dominated by pro-Moscow, anti-EU Northern League, LN member in Italian Senate urges colleagues to reject EU’s anti-Russia stance

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In 2000 Gorbachev, who is persona non grata in Ukraine, called the European Union the New European Soviet. In this light, Putin’s apparent approval of a “Brexit” could simply be part of the neo-Soviet plan to divide and conquer Europe. Perhaps, too, the Moscow Leninists have secretly acknowledged that the idea of a United Europe has failed to capture the imaginations of many Europeans.

Neo-Sandinista File: Washington Free Beacon maintains Russia’s planned GLONASS facility near Laguna de Najapa, N. of Managua, actually electronic “spy base,” Pentagon, Nicaraguan embassy in DC refuse to comment on T-72 tank deal between Cold War allies, State Dept. plays down Ortega’s old/new subservience to Moscow; Sandinista supermajority in Nicaraguan legislature passes measure authorizing Russian military to train Nicaraguan soldiers on use of tanks, permit Russian SVR intel officers to legally enter country; Ortega cracks down on main party in opposition coalition ahead of Nov. re-election bid, cronies on Supreme Court remove Montealegre as leader of Independent Liberal Party, smaller parties already stripped of legal status by compliant electoral officials; regime expels 2 US Customs and Border Protection agents, US Army College prof., latter critical of secrecy surrounding interoceanic canal, unidentified Nicaraguan officials arrive at Ellis’ hotel room at 11:30 p.m., revoke permission to research Hong Kong-backed megaproject; 1000s of Nicaraguans take to the streets on June 14 to protest signing away of sovereignty over canal corridor to Red China

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New Cold War in Central America?

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow-backed separatists in Donbas continue to violate Minsk 2, amass 30 tanks near government-held city of Avdiivka; NATO chief Stoltenberg: “Russia needs to stop supporting the militants and withdraw its forces and military equipment from Ukrainian territory [i.e., Crimea]”; meanwhile 30,000 troops from 20 NATO states wrap up Anakonda 2016, largest exercise since Cold War held in Poland, 60,000 US troops permanently stationed in Europe, down from 500,000 in 1980s; NATO to hold symbolic summit in Warsaw in July 8-9, deploy four battalions to Poland, Baltic states to deter Russian aggression; Canadian spy agency says Moscow “mobilizing for war,” Trudeau government mulls larger contingent of Canadian troops in E. Europe’s new NATO states; Putin irked by West’s fortitude, moves 23rd and 28th Independent Motor Rifle Brigades near Ukrainian, Belarusian borders; Belarusian dictator, Russia ally Lukashenko says country successfully tested home-grown missile system; EU extends investment ban, economic sanctions against Crimea’s collaborationist regime

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All quiet on the Eastern Front. Not.

BTW, re. Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, that’s Justin, Pierre’s son. Pierre died in 2000.

Gray Terror File: Orlando massacre perp apparently both homosexual and Muslim, clouding intent behind Omar Mateen’s rampage; Mateen attended local mosque, also patronized Pulse gay nightclub “many times” over past 3 years, FBI believes killer conducted surveillance trips to Walt Disney World; nightclub performer: Mateen was a “nice guy… Maybe he got radicalised and hated who he was” (implying he was gay); another Pulse patron met Mateen through gay dating app; fiance of Mateen’s ex-wife alleges Omar had “homosexual tendencies,” while Sediqque Mir Mateen insists son “normal family man”; police shot 29-year-old Mateen dead after he barricaded himself in bathroom, taking several people hostage; Mateen toting legally purchased Sig Sauer MCX (“Black Mamba”) assault rifle, also carried Glock 17 handgun; meanwhile, FBI Director James Comey warns: “strong indications of radicalisation and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organisations”; US Islamic clergy scrambles to condemn shootings

Possible scenario: Mateen was indeed a radicalized Muslim who may have infiltrated Orlando’s LGBT community for the purpose of carrying out this atrocity. If he was a frequent patron of the Pulse, his arrival at the nightclub before the attack would not have initially alarmed anyone. The fact that he may have also been a self-hating gay would not necessarily preclude this scenario. However, it is clear this story is still unfolding.

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Gray Terror File: US-born ISIS sympathizer armed with assault rifle, pistol storms into gay nightclub in Orlando early Sun. a.m., shoots 49 patrons dead, wounds 53; 3-hour standoff ensues with police, followed by APC assault on the “Pulse” nightspot, pro-Islamist gunman killed; Omar Mateen was “radical Muslim” who followed Marcus Dwayne “Abu Taubah” Robertson, founder of Orlando’s Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary, Robertson ex-US Marine, ex-bodyguard to “Blind Sheik” involved in 1993 World Trade Center attack; Mateen’s wife says he was mentally ill, Mateen’s father supporter of Taliban, hosts anti-American TV program for Afghan diaspora in USA; FBI admits Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, FL, interviewed in 2013, 2014 but not found to be threat, not under investigation, surveillance at time of attack; Orlando police chief says attack “organized and well-prepared”; Pres. Obama calls shootings “act of terror, act of hate” against LGBTs; Pulse massacre deadliest mass shooting in US history

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: ATO: Combined Russian-separatist forces in Donbas launch 49 attacks against government troops overnight, violating Minsk 2 cease-fire yet again; Dep. Sec. of NSDC addresses lawmakers from Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland: “The Russian troops are preparing for the resumption of active offensive operations in order to advance to the administrative border of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as penetrate the land corridor to Crimea”; Ukrainian MI: “. . . [O]n the territory of occupied Crimea . . . [Russia has deployed] delivery systems of nuclear weapons, nuclear tactical weapons, and aviation-surface vessels which are able to carry and use nuclear hardware”; meanwhile, Putin rails against US anti-missile battery in Romania, prospect of same in Poland, “. . . [W]e will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security. It will be the same case with Poland”; Kremlin denies reports 28th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade redeployed from Urals to Belarusian border, but local admin blabs: Mil engineers to build perm. base; 28th SMRB previously deployed to Ukrainian border in Nov. 2014; Russian “peacekeeping” brigade arrives in Belarus 2 months ahead of CSTO’s Unshakable Brotherhood 2016 exercise; Poland to enlist 35,000 men into Territorial Defense Force to counter feared Russian (re-)invasion