End Times File: Alberta pastor who defied Premier Kenney’s unconstitutional COVID-19 restrictions on his church likely to remain jailed until May 3 trial date, pastor’s lawyer seeking to remove bail conditions, free James Coates earlier; update: 600 reportedly attend Feb. 28 worship service at “church rebellion” epicenter GraceLife near Edmonton (according to blogger’s personal sources), police unlawfully disturb service at Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary; Reformanda website: “[T]he Puritans too faced a crackdown related to ‘public health.’ In 1665, a fearsome bout of the plague hit London. Many of the Puritan preachers who had not previously defied government mandates now determined that they could not stay quiet in the wake of the plague . . . Thomas Watson, John Owen, and Thomas Goodwin all returned to preaching. While the plague raged, they opened the Word to people both grieving and terrified. [I]n defiance of the Conventicles Act . . . their pulpits rang out once more with the Word and the gospel”; Western Civilization’s concept of civil liberties based on Biblical doctrines of dignity of mankind (as image-bearer of God), freedom of worship, conscience, speech, press, assembly and association

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Government officials in the Canadian province of Alberta are treading in very dangerous territory from both constitutional and media optics points of view. There is a virus, but no pandemic warranting these harmful lockdowns. American Christians have taken notice of their persecuted brethren north of the border.

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