CSTO Troops in America?

According to news sources in the Former Soviet Union but not, significantly, the Western media, this past Friday (September 28, 2012), the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations signed a cooperation protocol with the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization that will transform the post-Soviet military alliance into one of the enforcement arms of the UN, NATO being the other. Member states of the CSTO, established in 1992, are Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Uzbekistan suspended its membership in the organization in June of this year.

The cooperation protocol was signed during the 67th UN General Assembly in New York by CSTO chief and career Chekist Nikolai Bordyuzha and Herve Ladsous, head of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations. After the two parties inked the agreement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who heads the Russian delegation at the UN, said that the document “will provide for effective efforts to maintain security and stability.”

“The memorandum opens up a new page of the long-term constructive cooperation between the CSTO and the UN in an important area like peacekeeping,” a CSTO representative said. The memorandum emphasizes the central role of the UN in resolving conflicts, maintaining peace, and post-conflict peace-building. The UN-CSTO memorandum allegedly acknowledges the consent of parties, impartiality of peacekeeping operations, and non-use of force “except for the cases of self-defense and defense of the mandate sanctioned by the UN Security Council.”

UN representatives were invited to attend the CSTO exercise “Inviolable Brotherhood,” which will be held in Kazakhstan in October. Last month, in Armenia, another former Soviet republic, 2,000 troops of CSTO’s Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF) held the Cooperation 2012 drill, which included international observers from the UN, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, a placeholder entity for the old Soviet Union.

The CRRF will no doubt spearhead any UN-CSTO deployment around the world. According to the leftist Voltaire Network, “CSTO has carried out studies on the possible deployment of peacekeeping troops in Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Pridnestrovie and in Syria.”

The new UN-CSTO arrangement could very well provide the Soviet strategists with the legal mechanism needed to expand the Russian military presence in Syria, re-occupy the Soviet Union’s former satellites in Eastern Europe, invade crisis-stricken Western Europe, or justify the occupation of the USA following the “terrorist” detonation of a suitcase nuke in a major city, civil war, communist putsch, or some other calamity.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian troops have trained with their US counterparts on US soil twice, first at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1995 and earlier this year at Fort Carson, Colorado. The first exercise, not so coincidentally, focused on “peacekeeping,” while the more recent one “anti-terrorism” operations.

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