Red World Order File: Soviet deception plot against Free World unfolds three decades after fall of Berlin Wall as veteran Leninist Mikhail Gorbachev (88) warns of “hot war” between USA, Russia; meanwhile long-time boss of Communist Party of Russian Federation leads delegation to Beijing, meets senior CP of China official Zhao Leji on Dec. 4, Gennady Zyuganov pledges “deeper” inter-party relations as basis for “comprehen- sive strategic partnership” between RF, PRC; follows arrival of delegation of potemkin ruling party United Russia (YR) on Nov. 26, red dictator Xi Jinping welcomes senior YR official Boris Gryzlov for “7th meeting of the dialogue mechanism between the ruling parties of China and Russia”; Vladimir Putin gushes over YR-CPC relations: “The United Russia party and the Communist Party of China have developed constructive interaction and also exchange experience in the fields of party development, personnel training, in international and social affairs”; Kremlin dispatches A Just Russia chief to Havana on Nov. 26, Sergei Mironov received by 2nd Sec. of Cuban Communist Party; even as Czech Security Info Service publishes annual report, warns against “operatives of all Russian intelligence services,” “hybrid warfare” conducted by “pro-Russia activists,” also notes “[Red] Chinese activities aimed at the Czech academia, security bodies and state admin.”

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source 6 source 7 source 8 source 9

Gorbachev, Putin, Gryzlov and Mironov are all “ex”-CPSU cadres, just as United Russia, A Just Russia and all other pro-Kremlin parties are fronts for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation/Soviet Union. The real oppositionists in Russia are either in jail or dead . . .

So, indeed, the Communist Bloc is alive and well nearly 30 years after it supposedly folded. However, KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn first published a warning of the controlled collapse of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact vassals back in 1984. Did anyone listen? Or perhaps Western governments and media were already heavily compromised by communist agents at the time . . . Fast forward to the globalist-backed, communist-driven, Democrat-led impeachment coup against President Trump . . .

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