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Red World Order File: South Africa’s communist regime withdraws bill tabled in 2016 to expropriate white farms, but only to launch formal process to alter constitution to justify land seizures without compensation, follows admonishing tweet from Donald Trump: “I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers”; Julius (“Hitler of South Africa”) Malema, leader of neo-Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), rails against US president: “[W]e must put it on record, unequivocally, that Donald ‘the pathological liar’ Trump, we are not scared of you and your USA or Western imperialist forces”; African National Congress consolidates power on other fronts by confiscating guns and ousting opposition mayors after support for ANC in 2016 municipal elections sinks to lowest level since end of apartheid; ANC plans no-confidence motion against Democratic Alliance (DA) mayor of Pretoria, Solly Msimanga, follows EFF-sponsored no-confidence vote that removed DA mayor and council speaker of Port Elizabeth; Constitutional Court overturns lower court ruling stating two articles of Firearms Control Act unconstitutional, 300,000 South Africans now required to turn in guns to local police; Zimbabwe Pres. Emmerson Mnangagwa: Land reform “irreversible,” “fruit of liberation struggle”

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Standard communist tactics: Rewrite constitution. Seize firearms. Seize land. Kill your opposition. The American Left reads from the same script as the neo-Marxist regimes in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Venezuela.

Red World Order File: South Africa lurches towards full-blown communism after 23 years of African National Congress rule, neo-Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters pressures government of President Cyril Ramaphosa to make good on campaign promises to confiscate white farms, nationalize privately owned South African Reserve Bank; white farmers scramble to sell property at market value before confiscations begin, record number of farms for sale but no takers, first two game reserves in Limpopo seized after owner Akkerland Boerdery refuses 10% compensation proffered by ANC regime; lobby group AgriForum accuses Ramaphosa of drawing up list of nearly 200 white farms to seize as part of land reform, Dept. of Rural Development and Land Reform denies claim; according to official stats, white South Africans constitute 9% of population but own 72% of farmland, ANC vowed to transfer 30% of land by 2000, but thus far has only expropriated 10%; Afrikaaner Freedom Front Plus member testifies during televised hearing: “When my forefathers came [over 300 years ago], they found no-one but the Khoi and the San [black tribes]. My people got what they have in this country not by theft, not by genocide, but by fair means”; corruption probe launches inquiry into ex-President Jacob Zuma’s relationship with wealthy Gupta family, India-born brothers accused of attempting to “capture the state” for personal gain