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Red World Order File: North Korea vows to give up nukes if USA promises not to attack DPRK, invites South Korean and US experts and journalists to observe decommissioning of Punggye-ri nuke test site; Seoul and Pyongyang make gestures of unity as both Koreas shut down propaganda loudspeaker arrays along DMZ, SK also pledges to remove broadcasting equipment, NK to move its time zone ahead by 30 minutes as of May 5, align with SK; meanwhile Korean Workers’ Party cloaks Internet activity in months ahead of summits with SK President Moon, US President Trump, proposed peace treaty and denuclearization; party elite abandons US-owned social media sites such as Facebook/Instagram between Dec. 2017 and March 15 of this year, increases use of Tor anonymity browser, virtual private networks by 1,200%, switch over to PRC-based services such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu; less than one percent of DPRK’s 25 million people believed to have Internet access; analysis: MSM outlet WaPo indirectly raises issue of communist deception, notes contrast between German reunification in 1990 and proposed Korean reunification: East Germany lost its main backer when Berlin Wall fell, economically weak Soviet Russia, but North Korea has NOT lost its main backer, economically strong Red China

Red World Order File: April 27 inter-Korea summit leads to historic announcement of peace treaty between North and South by year’s end, eventual reunification, Pyongyang’s promised de-nuclearization, Kim Jong Un first NK leader to step across DMZ into South, shakes hands with SK President Moon Jae-in, SK leader reciprocates, sets foot in North; Korean leaders hold private 45-minute discussion in Panmunjom; follows Kim’s Apr. 21 decision to suspend nuclear and missile tests, shut down nuke test site, informal March 25-28 meeting with Red China’s President Xi Jinping in Beijing; Trump, Kim to hold summit by June, possibly in Singapore or Mongolia; analysis: Korean Worker’s Party may be executing its own perestroika deception since peace treaty will require US forces to leave Korean Peninsula, while reunification of Koreas will probably involve dissolution of DPRK, demobilization of Korean People’s Army, banning of WPK, possible show trials of party leaders guilty of human rights abuses, but thousands of party cadres will infiltrate ROK, probably organizing new leftist parties with representation in National Assembly, ROK may conduct lustration of ex-WPK members entering democratic system but will likely abolish 1948 anti-communist National Security Act

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Red China is no doubt guiding, secretly and not so secretly, the North Korean leadership through Pyongyang’s momentous overtures to the South and the Free World.

USA File: Making America Great Again: AG Sessions on warpath after months of quiet preps, alt-media reports nearly 25,000 sealed indictments as of March 31; first batch opened, leads to arrests of NXIVM self-help guru Keith Raniere (57) in Mexico on March 26, Raniere extradited to face charges filed by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, NY; second-in-command Allison Mack (35) arrested on April 20, both charged with child/sex trafficking and forced labor; “Smallville” actress pleads not guilty to recruiting wealthy women, underage girls into DOS sex cult inside executive training org, also accused of torturing (i.e., branding) Raniere’s female sex slaves; Mack posts $5 million bail, under house arrest in CA with ankle monitor, no communication with org permitted; NXIVM contributed nearly $30,000 to HRC’s 2008 presidential bid, prominent devotees included Clinton Global Initiative members Nancy Salzman and Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman; FBI raided NXIVM president Salzman’s home in upstate NY on March 27; Clare assumes control over NXIVM, moves cult HQ from Mexico to Brooklyn; former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato to NY Post: “[Clare Bronfman is] the enforcer — the brutal one. Clare’s running the [operation] now, and she’s the most ruthless of them”

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High-profile human trafficking perps with links to subversive Democratic Party starting to go down . . .

Latin America File: Castro dynasty in Cuba ends as 86-year-old Raul steps down as island’s president, retains communist dictatorship’s most powerful post of first secretary, hand-picked successor 58-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel electrical engineer by training but devoted party apparatchik, member of Politburo since 2003; Raul assumed presidency in 2011 when elder brother, iconic revolutionary Fidel resigned, commends protege: “Comrade Díaz-Canel is not an upstart nor improvised”; Fidel died in 2016; Raul blasts Trump Admin and Cuban-American lobby in final address to rubberstamp National Assembly: “Now, there has been a deliberate regression — reaching its peak with the insulting memo of June 2017 given by President Trump and backed by extreme right-wing Florida lawmakers”; viewed as “moderate,” video of private party meeting shows Diaz-Canel lashing out at Cuban dissidents and USA; Venezuela’s embattled socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro lauds Castro “for almost six decades of anti-imperialist resistance and integral progress of the Cuban people,” congratulates Diaz-Canel on his new post, praises bilateral relations via Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, Community of Latin American and Caribbean States; Russian oil props up Cuban dictatorship after Venezuela slashes subsidized shipments by 50% in 2015

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Been busy lately. First post in nearly a month.