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USA File: Retired, 27-year US Navy vet Jarome Bell running to represent Virginia’s 2nd congressional district, delivers “fiery” speech at Kim Klacik’s Red Renaissance event in Maryland, describes systemic vote fraud in Nov. election as “communist coup,” blames “weak ass Republicans” for disarray among patriotic forces: “What happened in 2020 is a travesty in this country . . . I did not spend almost three decades of my life [in US Navy] to turn this country over to the radical left and to these weak ass Republicans here in the United States of America. Our very way of life in this country is at stake. I’ve traveled all over this world, 27 years, I’ve been around this world more than 10 times. I’ve seen insurrections, January 6 was not an insurrec- tion. You do not perform an insurrection with no guns . . . I’ve been evacuated out when we had to leave because they were taken over by dictators”; globalist/communist forces behind Democratic Party lured patriots into Capitol Bldg. breach, tarnish MAGA supporters, Oath Keeper in DC on Jan. 6, reminds Gateway Pundit that door locks electronically controlled from security booth

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Loyalties of Trudeau’s Hong Kong-born COVID czar under ques- tion, Theresa Tam sits on WHO health emergencies cmte., supervises Canada’s top virology lab from which Chicom husband-wife spy team with links to Wuhan–Xiangguo Qiu and Keding Cheng–evicted in July 2019, never prosecuted but finally fired in Jan. 2021; Globe and Mail reveals People’s Liberation Army scientist Feihu Yan also previously worked at Winnipeg lab, ex-CSIS asst. dir. of ops: “It is ill-advised. It is the top lab in Canada”; patriots fear Trudeau Liberals will carry out massive vote fraud in next election as independent MP condemns new mail-in ballot law, Derek Sloan: “I don’t know what Elections Canada will be doing to ensure [election integrity]—if all they’re going to do is mail ballots to whatever address is on the voter roll, that’s a problem”; Vancouver anti-lockdown activist challenges British Columbia’s internal travel restrictions at high- way checkpoint, Dan Dicks refuses to give personal info to RCMP, asserts “Charter rights”; Toronto “anti-masker,” domestic no-fly designee Chris Sky arrested on allegations of uttering death threats against officials

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Pastor Art Pawlowski Tells His Life Story: From Communism to Man of God (link)

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Second church boarded up by Alberta’s COVID dictatorship, Pastor Tim Stephens released on bail after last Sunday’s arrest outside Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, public health gestapo shuts down two other houses of worship in Ontario; Toronto freedom activist Chris Sky blames globalist/communist-run United Nations for implementation of COVID-19 lockdowns, interview excerpts: “The UN document basically outlines the lockdowns and they just gave it to each country and allowed each country to tweak it . . . to give the impression that it wasn’t an international document disseminated to all countries. The five levels of lockdown were in there. They use Australia as the model of the fifth level of lockdown where you can’t leave your house. The only reason they’re doing it is because they want to convince you to accept the vaccine passport so they can vaccinate you multiple times a year, every year, and then use that as an excuse to prevent you from travel and work and congregating. And if you think it’s a conspiracy theory they already have it in place in Israel”; at least 10,570 Europeans dead from COVID vaccines thus far, Sweden outlaws vaccine mandates

WW4 File: Red Chinese academic admits his country won “biological war” against USA last year, countered Trump Revolution, condemns WEF-led New World Order as well as countrymen who admire America; Chen Ping–senior researcher at Fudan U’s China Institute, also professor at Peking U–remarks: “In 2020, China won the trade war, science and technology war, and especially the biological war. The achievement is unprecedented. This is an epoch-making historical record. So for the liberal, America-worshiping cult within China, their worship of the U.S. is actually unfounded. After this trade war and biological warfare, the U.S. was beaten back to its original shape. I think Trump’s attempt to restore the declining international status of the U.S. during his 4 years has failed. This failure is not only the failure of Trump’s personal campaign for re-election as president, but also the failure of the neo-liberalism-led globalization of the past four decades led by the U.S. and the UK”; confirms our analysis from spring 2020, namely SARS-CoV-2 virus unleashed to halt America’s restoration under President Trump

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: VIDEO: Populist leader Maxime Bernier rallies 1000s of patriots at “illegal” anti-lockdown protest in Toronto on May 15, condemns federal and provincial governments for 14 months of authoritarian public health measures; blasts federal socialist NDP boss Jagmeet Singh for branding freedom-loving Canadians “racist”; Calgary pastor to be released on unknown bail conditions, Tim Stephens third Alberta clergyman arrested for refusing to comply with unconstitutional attendance cap on worship services; Jason Kenney rejects criticism of pandemic restrictions, ejects two MLAs from Alberta’s ruling party caucus after calls for premier’s resignation; mean- while federal Conservative leader Erin O’Toole excori- ates NDP and Bloc Quebecois for backing Liberals’ Internet censorship bill: “We are calling on Justin Trudeau to withdraw Bill C-10 today. If this is not done, a Conservative government will stand up for Canadians and repeal this deeply flawed legislation”; cabinet council finally admits COVID Alert App promoted by prime minister collecting users’ private data

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Third pastor arrested in Alberta for defying Jason Kenney’s medical fascist police state, Calgary’s outgoing Muslim mayor Naheed Nenshi joins Catholic premier’s apparent vendetta against Protestants, sends goon squad to arrest Fairview Baptist Church’s Tim Stephens; Calgary Police Service offers bland rationale for widely antici- pated arrest but pastor’s lawyer insists apprehension unlawful under secret March 6 court order containing NO reference to Stephens: “Tim’s arrest is unlawful in every sense of the word. Even more so than Artur [Pawlowski]’s was”; Internet celebrity Pastor Pawlow- ski arrested on May 8, garage torched in likely arson while Stephens tweets ahead of Sunday worship service: “I believe a clear conscience is more desirable than staying clear of unpleasant consequences”; follows revelations from ex-sec. of ruling United Conservative Party, “third wave” of COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta mostly fraudulent; meanwhile Toronto Muslims defy lockdown restrictions with mass protest, condemn Israel for defending itself against Hamas rocket attacks, assault Jewish counter-protesters, Islamophile Trudeau forced to condemn in-your-face anti-Semitism

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The Religious Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Until now we have resisted highlighting the subliminal religious context of Alberta’s crackdown on church meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s hard not to notice, i.e., Catholic premier vs. Protestant clergymen.

We have also observed that most of the pastors in America and Canada who have taken a hardline stand against state encroachment against their churches during the pandemic are Reformed, or Calvinistic, in doctrine. During the Middle Ages, the Roman bishops tried to assert their own assumed temporal authority over the Holy Roman (German) Emperors. Since then, the state has ascended in power, while the church has become mostly irrelevant. To this day, however, Calvinists view church and state as two parallel spheres of authority, in which Christians render glad obedience to the state, but only where they are not required to disobey Jesus Christ, including under the pretext of fighting a virus (i.e, do not congregate, do not sing) or “protecting” certain “sexual minorities” (i.e., do not preach against homosexuality).

Sadly, many Christians have rejected total obedience to the Son of God in order to worship the golden calf of “public health,” and thus their retreat into the crypto-gnostic “Zoom Church” for the better part of a year. In so doing, they conveniently avoid persecution, or deny that other (uncompromising) coreligionists are being persecuted.

Meanwhile, Islam is clearly the preferred religion in Trudeau’s Canada. Official Catholicism and Liberal Protestantism made their peace with Islam (and communism) decades ago. Fundamentalist Protestants, by contrast, will not compromise their beliefs for the sake of anyone or anything, including COVID-19, and thus they become universal pariahs.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Calgary-based civil rights lawyer working overtime to preserve Canadians’ rights and freedoms as Beijing-inspired COVID tyranny rolls over world’s second-largest country, John Carpay convinces judge to modify court injunction secured by lockdown-happy Kenney regime, Albertans can no longer be arrested for peaceful protest, only fined; even as Nova Scotia’s premier obtains similar injunction to outlaw anti-lockdown demos ahead of May 15 Worldwide Freedom Rally, Iain Rankin: “So, government went to court to seek an injunction, and that was granted today, preventing this group, and any other from organizing, preventing and participating in a gathering against protocols”; Premier Doug Ford’s medical fascist regime closes down second church for defying Reopening Ontario Act, judge refers to Church of God Restoration Pastor Henry Hilde- brandt’s anti-government activism as “significantly aggravating,” third congregation in Canada to be locked out of its facilities; People’s Party of Canada chief fined for speaking at freedom rallies, anti-globalist Maxime Bernier denounces public health “sanitary fascists”

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Poster at today’s freedom rally in Toronto: “Masks won’t save you from communism.”

BTW, many evangelical, Bible-believing Christians would consider the Church of God Restoration to be a cult. However, they would respect this sect’s right to their own beliefs and practices.

USA File: Colonial Pipeline Co. pays $5 million ransom in untraceable cryptocurrency to DarkSide hacking group to regain control of largest pipeline in USA, beleaguered company given decrypting tool in order to put its computers back on line, restart flow of gasoline to East Coast; DarkSide believed to be based out of Russia or somewhere else in E. Europe; meanwhile 120 retired military officers publish open letter warning country of threat from globalism/communism: “Under a Democrat Congress and the Current Administration, our Country has taken a hard left turn toward Socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government which must be countered now by electing congressional and presidential candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic”; “Aside from the election, the Current Administration has launched a full-blown assault on our Constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner, bypassing the Congress, with more than 50 Executive Orders quickly signed, many reversing the previous Administration’s effective policies and regulations. Moreover, population control actions such as excessive lockdowns, school and business closures, and most alarming, censorship of written and verbal expression are all direct assaults on our fundamental Rights”

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It is very likely that the Colonial pipeline hacking represents an attempt by the Moscow Leninists to prove that the Biden/Harris regime’s commitment to America’s energy security is cosmetic rather than substantive.

USA File: Unknown person(s) on Arizona Senate’s election audit team leaks accurate results of November presidential election in Maricopa Co. (Phoenix) to Dave Hodges at Common Sense Show: Donald Trump won state by nearly 1.1 million votes; patriot Hodges: “President Trump won Arizona by 1,087,574 votes with 2,373,838 to Biden 1,286,264 . . . [he] captured nearly two-thirds of the vote”; “After conducting a forensic audit, the audit team found that the vote flipped by approximately 1.1 million votes! This means that over one-third of the vote was stolen by Democratic Party operatives”; official figures, however, gave 1,672,143 votes to Biden, 1,661,686 to Trump; Arizona’s Dem Sec. of State Katie Hobbs denounces attempt to rectify election results but audit team fires back: “Arizona SoS @katiehobbs has repeatedly called the forensic audit of Maricopa County’s election ballots and machines the FRAUDIT. We invite her to stop fanning the flames of discord and attempting to disrupt the audit process”; follows attempt by Arizona Dem Party and sole Dem on Maricopa Co. Board of Supervisors to file lawsuit blocking state senate’s ballot recount

WW4 File: VIDEOS: Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepts Hamas rocket attack over Tel Aviv and airport presumably in same city

Cyber-Leninism File: Nearly 1,800 gas stations run dry in South- eastern states following reported cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline on May 7, prompting long queues of cars reminiscent of fuel shortages during 1973 Arab oil embargo and after 1979 Iranian Revolution, Kremlin-linked DarkSide hacking group accused of disrupting critical infrastucture that supplies 45% of gasoline to East Coast, Colonial runs from Texas Gulf Coast to NYC metro area; GOP lawmakers demand more action on energy security from America’s FAKE president, Red Chinese asset Joe Biden, Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas): “This just underscores and highlights exactly why we need energy independence and the dom- inance that we have as the No. 1 producer in the world”; White House usurper Biden runs interference for Moscow, says “I’m going to be meeting with President Putin, and so far there is no evidence based on, from our intelligence people, that Russia is involved”; but admits “[T]here’s evidence that the actors’ ransom- ware is in Russia”; meanwhile Michigan’s Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer demands Canadian energy giant Enbridge shut down pipeline supplying Ontario and Quebec via her state, predicts catastrophe if 67-year-old pipeline ruptures

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Some patriots are blaming the Deep State for the man-made fuel shortage. However, ultimately, the DS is secretly allied with America’s main foreign enemies, Russia and Red China.

End Times File: Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s medical fascist state permanently seizes facilities of Trinity Bible Chapel, follows earlier week-long lockout; Trinity pastor Jacob Reaume addresses anti-lockdown protest in Waterloo, acknowledges his church also faces C$50 million in COVID-19 fines, himself personally C$900,000 in fines and nine years in jail for holding “illegal” worship services, contempt of court charges; embattled pastor denounces provincial leader as “tyrant,” preaches sermon in which he compares Ford to Ahab, evil king of ancient Israel and husband of notorious Queen Jezebel, refers to local politicians and public health officials as “terrible human beings, criminals”; says government “good” but only if leaders “righteous,” Ten Commandments designed to “protect” people from one another and citizens from tyrannical leaders, boldly preaches Gospel of Jesus Christ, urges Canadians to repent of their sin, turn to faith in Son of God; meanwhile, Ontario pauses deployment of Astra- Zeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine due to 12 cases of blood clots, inc. three deaths in Canada, two million doses of same brand already administered across country

Red World Order File: Canadian province of Alberta under Beijing-style COVID dictatorship, peaceful assembly and protest outlawed through crooked court injunction, secretary of province’s ruling United Conservatives quits, accuses Bilderberg attendee Premier Jason Kenney of inflating pandemic stats, hyping crisis; Alex Jones interviews imprisoned Calgary pastor Art Pawlowski, Polish-Canadian pastor driving home after preaching sermon on May 8, pulled over by SWAT, arrested along with brother Dawid, forced to knees on highway pavement and cuffed, tossed into police van; friend of your resident blogger at worship service, emails: “Sat 5 rows back from the front listening to Pastor Art with my family while the SWAT Police were at the door. I prayed that if we were not arrested that my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would lead us to a new home outside of Canada. We are staying with Christian friends in Calgary but . . . [t]hey have not taken the time to process what is going on with the Great Reset [global government scheme advocated by Klaus Schwab, WEF chair and protégé of Soviet agent Henry Kissinger]”; meanwhile, more than 100 patients in Indian hospital die after one or two doses of COVID vaccine, at least 30 Americans die every day from same even as Trudeau’s COVID commissar Tam admits jab provides no immunity

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source 2: private email sent to your resident blogger
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I was tired of all the lies. I said to myself ‘Are you kidding me’. There will never be body bags coming out of [Calgary’s] McMahon Stadium. I know nurses. Nurses at the time told me there was nothing going on in their hospitals.
— Cathy Smith, former secretary of Alberta’s ruling United Conservative Party

Some Christians in Canada are concerned that Tim Stephens, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, will become Alberta’s third clergyman to be arrested for defying unconstitutional public health orders. Stephens has already received many COVID fines.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Alberta’s treasonous, faux-rightist premier Jason Kenney consolidates COVID dictatorship through sympathetic May 6 court ruling against peaceful protest, permits police to arrest and detain any citizen exercising liber- ties under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Calgary-based civil rights lawyer John Carpay says ruling “broadest restraining order in common law history”; “Once before the judge, the individual will have the ‘choice’ of making a solemn promise to comply with Charter-violating laws, or staying in jail”; mean- while embattled Calgary pastor Art Pawlowski and his brother arrested for violating public health orders by holding church service, takedown occurs on busy high- way, but Edmonton mosque packed over Ramadan as confirmed from amateur video footage, cops nowhere to be seen; Pawlowski raised in Communist Poland, first crossed swords with Alberta’s public health gestapo by feeding Calgary homeless last spring, second pastor in Alberta (and Canada) to be arrested for defying pandemic lockdown; James Coates on trial this past week for similar charge, remainder of trial postponed after two days of arguments, GraceLife Church pastor served 35 days at max. security jail, Kenney regime refuses to present scientific evidence for lockdowns

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Welcome to Soviet Canuckistan or “Chinada” . . . Take your pick of tyranny. In either case, American patriots be warned. The globalists/communists will pick off Canada first, then do the same to your country.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Oxford U report places Canada’s third wave lockdown as third harshest in world–after PM Justin Castro/Trudeau’s favorite communist regimes, China and Cuba; mean- while Comrade Justin’s Muslim pals get free pass as public health gestapos crack down on churches and synagogues but ignore mosques, citizen journalist in Edmonton records videos of large numbers of Muslims congregating at their worship centers (at nighttime); second COVID-19 vaccine death reported in Canada, Edmontonian Lisa Stonehouse (52) dies of blood clot in her brain after “safe and effective,” emergency-approved AstraZeneca jab but only after hospital turns vaccine-stricken woman away, victim’s friend: “Even if there is only a one-in-a-million chance for someone to develop a blood clot from AstraZeneca, I personally think that’s too many”; Canadian deaths occur after eight European countries “paused” deployment of same vaccine in March, coincided with independent scientific assessment of injection, German medical researchers concluded AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood platelets to coagulate

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Yup, I’ll be lining up for that kill shot . . . Vaccine deaths/injuries are not just statistics but real people who, at least in these instances, wrongly put their faith in public health authorities, medical professionals and pharmaceutical industry.

WW4 File: Red Chinese bioweapon known as COVID-19 deployed ahead of but in coordination with globalists’ “Great Reset,” roll out of emergency-approved experimental “vaccines” produced by pharmaceutical industry infiltrated by CCP agents, hinting at possible political-military op to crush capitalist states, even exterminate swathes of mankind; India grapples with heavy COVID-19 casualties reminiscent of pandemic’s first wave in Wuhan, Iran and N. Italy in spring 2020, unofficial case count likely exceeds 20 million, death count more than 220,000 since Jan., “people dying outside overwhelmed hospitals and funeral pyres lighting up the night sky”; top UK scientific advisory body notes intersection of pandemic third wave with “vaccine” deployment, predicts “resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths will dominated by those who have received two doses of the vaccine, compris- ing around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively”; geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist warned 12 months ago COVID-19 could be “opening a path for binary biologi- cal/chemical attack, combining medicines and/or vaccines with a viral weapon, enhancing the lethality of each vector by combination”

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World Economic Forum chief and Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab is the son of Nazi collaborator Eugen. Klaus studied at Harvard University, where he was mentored by suspected Soviet agent Henry Kissinger (now 97 years old).

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Huge anti-lockdown march files past Montreal’s Olympic Stadium on May 1, 100,000 Quebecers vent anger over Premier Francois Legault’s medical fascist police state, curfew and proposed COVID-19 vaccine passport; march ends with tear gas and arrest after provocateurs attack police with rocks and smoke bombs; People’s Party of Canada chief Maxime Bernier participates in peaceful part of demo: “We’re here to defend our liberties, we’re saying no to confinement, no to the curfew. This is the first time in the history of humanity that we have used cur- fews and confinements to battle against a virus, we need to stop this now”; meanwhile, Edmonton-area pastor faces kangaroo court for allegedly defying Alberta’s COVID restrictions on church attendance cap; no video feed of James Coates’ trial permitted, only audio, judge allows prosecutor to remain anonymous, Kenney regime to avoid submission of scientific evidence justifying lockdown; Coates jailed for 35 days earlier this year, public health gestapo seized GraceLife Church building in early April, erects triple-layer fencing, 300-member congregation meeting secretly since then

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Long before COVID showed up, an elder from GraceLife Church has preached on a monthly basis at the small, pastor-less rural church attended by your resident blogger. This past Sunday, we were reminded that our sister church will not be complying with Caesar’s dictates on Christian worship. Church and state, according to the Holy Scriptures, are not branches of each other, but two separate, distinct institutions ordained by God. The (biological) family is the third (and original) such institution. These concepts have informed Western Civilization’s views on law and society for many centuries.

Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Liberal members of House of Commons Heritage Cmte. vote to shut down debate on Conservative motion that would force review of Bill C-10, compatibility with Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Trudeau’s Heritage Minister, Steven Guilbeault, insists Internet regulation must adhere to “government’s vision”; Guilbeault past director of Quebec chapter of Greenpeace, arrested–along with UK comrade–in 2001 for scaling CN Tower in publicity stunt; Bill C-10 critics fear proposed law would stifle freedom of speech across Internet, esp. social media; meanwhile, medical fascist police state of Ontario forces closure of Trinity Bible Chapel in Water- loo after defiant church racks up multiple COVID-19 fines, Pastor Jacob Reaume: “Today, a court granted the Province of Ontario the authority to take our facility, at least until next Saturday, with the option of trying to get it for longer by going to court once again this coming week . . . We have participated in what the public health people consider high risk behaviour, namely the millennia old tradition of gathering weekly to worship our Creator. Not one of our pastors has ever buried someone who has died of COVID”; follows high-profile eviction of GraceLife Church congregation from their building near Edmonton in early April

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And so another Canadian church prepares to go underground. It’s remarkable that some Canadian Christians are still wondering if they’re being persecuted. Hmm, it would seem that way . . .