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Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Disgruntled voters in energy-rich Alberta head to polls on April 16, toss out New Democrats (NDP), rebuke Premier Rachel Notley after four years of failed socialist policies based on bogus climate change model; United Conservatives sweep to majority in provincial legislature, regroup remnants of old Progressive Conservative (PC) and upstart Wildrose parties, PCs and Social Credit previously governed Canada’s most conservative province between 1935 and 2015; outgoing Minister of Education David Eggen colluded with Alberta Teachers’ Association to promote radical “sexual orientation/gender identity” (SOGI) ideology in both public and private schools, imposed Gay-Straight Alliances on tax-supported religious schools, threatened to shut down Christian institutions that refused to renounce distinctive beliefs; Premier-designate Jason Kenney vows to scrap NDP’s carbon tax with program targeting only largest emitters of greenhouse gases, file formal court challenge against Ottawa’s carbon tax, cut red tape for oil and gas projects; return to right-wing government in Edmonton follows similar populist trends in Ontario and Quebec, including election in 2018 of Premiers Doug Ford and François Legault

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Bye bye NDP! Buncha commie losers.

Your resident blogger lives in Alberta and home educates his four children. The outgoing minister of education was determined to impose his radical social ideology on all forms of public and private education in the province. He won’t be missed by freedom-loving Canadians.

USA File: President Trump flies to California, holds roundtable with El Centro Sector Border Patrol officials, tours new border wall at Calexico, challenges Democratic politicians to visit border areas to witness firsthand humanitarian crisis (i.e., illegal alien invasion, drug and human trafficking), law enforcement expresses appreciation for White House’s support for border security, POTUS later attends fundraiser at private residence in Beverly Hills; prior to West Coast junket takes to Twitter, threatens 25% tariff on cars imported from Mexico if southern neighbor fails to apprehend illegal aliens making their way toward US border; ICE overwhelmed by Central American migrant invasion, releases 125,000 detained since late 2018, buses invaders hundreds of miles from border, dumps them off at Greyhound stations and churches in Albuquerque, San Antonio and Phoenix, border towns swamped; 70% of 3,300 invaders stranded in Ciudad Juarez are Cuban nationals, potential for communist agents to infiltrate USA via migrant invasion strong

Red Dawn Alert: Beiruit’s Al-Masdar News reports Communist China deployed 120 troops to Venezuela’s Margarita Island on March 31, follows confirmed arrival of Chinese airline at Simon Bolivar Int’l Airport 2 days before, delivery of 65 tons of “medical supplies” to embattled regime of Pres. Maduro; Beijing rejects Al-Masdar allegations, follows deployment of 100 Russian troops, possible covert insertion of 400 Russian mercs (i.e., Spetsnaz) for Maduro’s personal security detail, opening of Russian-built helicopter training center for Venezuelan combat pilots, and stern warnings from US Pres. Trump over Moscow’s meddling in S. America; Venezuela’s dep. FM refuses to rule out additional deployments of Russian “military specialists in the context of our agreements and contracts for military-technical cooperation,” while existing “Russian forces will stay in Venezuela as long as needed”; POTUS during March 27 Oval Office meeting with wife of National Assembly president Juan Guaido: “Russia has to get out,” re. methods of forcing removal of Russian troops, says: “We’ll see. All options are open”; Maduro-allied Constituent Assembly strips Guaido of legal immunity to prosecution, follows arrest of opposition leader’s chief of staff; Colombia joins USA in backing Guaido, bristles at Russian accusations of plotting military offensive against neighboring Venezuela

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Venezuela’s main creditors are Russia and Red China. Hence, the Moscow-Beijing Axis has a vested interest in shoring up the South American country’s communist regime . . . at the expense of regional stability.