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Gray Terror File: Middle Eastern-looking man drives rental pick-up truck onto bike path in Lower Manhattan, plows into cyclists and pedestrians, killing 8, injuring 9, striking another vehicle; driver emerges from truck shouting “Allahu Akbar!” and waving fake gun, shot and arrested by police; attack occurred only hours before Greenwich Village Halloween Parade expected to draw thousands to 6th Avenue; bystanders initially believe carnage “Halloween prank,” but later NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio labels bloodshed “an act of terror”; President Trump, AG Sessions briefed on incident; latest in spate of Islamist-inspired vehicular ramming attacks in N. America, W. Europe; three ISIS sympathizers living in Canada, Pakistan, Philippines anticipate Las Vegas massacre, plotted to gun down concertgoers and subway riders in NYC, detonate car bomb in Time Square in 2016; US citizen Talha Haroon, Canadian citizen Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy revealed plans over chat apps to undercover agents, former declared “NY Needs to fall. This is a must,” latter expressed desire to “shoot up concerts cuz they kill lots of people”

Gray Terror File: Startling air traffic control audio during Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre: “There’s active shooters on the runway . . . We are in the process of trying to round them up. They’re on the airport property”; Mandalay Bay hotel, concert venue next to Las Vegas’ main airport, 300 concertgoers sought refuge at airport, trampled fence, briefly mistaken as “attackers” by airport security; LVMPD admits officer “accidentally discharged” firearm in Stephen Paddock’s Vista Suite after SWAT breach, but not in same room where “lone gunman” reportedly killed himself; Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos “staying” (i.e., hiding out) at undisclosed MGM Resorts Int’l hotel at employer’s expense, Campos to be subpoenaed for civil lawsuit against MGM Resorts, Route 91 concert promoter Live Nation, Paddock’s estate, testify on mass shooting; Campos mysterious figure: possible illegal alien as he shares SSN with another person; not registered (under that name) in Nevada’s security guard database; released from hospital, apparently without surgery to remove bullet; traveled to Mexico within days of massacre; subject of ever-changing official attack timeline; alt-media clears Brian Hodge of any likely involvement in murder spree, Australian stayed in Room 32314, not 32134 (i.e., adjacent to Vista Suite)

End Times File: Germany, Protestant churches worldwide celebrate 500th anniversary of Reformation, Augustinian monk Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” to door of Wittenberg’s Castle Church on October 31, 1517, challenged doctrine of Church of Rome, led to lasting religious, political, cultural changes throughout much of northern Europe and its New World colonies; contemporary Christians articulate politically incorrect view of origin of American Republic: “Now the Pilgrims figure this: if God thinks we’re valuable and we all have worth, we certainly should think the same thing. And that’s where self-rule came from. The king shouldn’t be in charge. The people should be in charge”; “What this meant was they were not going to be ruled by a monarch or a dictator. They were going to be ruled by laws on which they all agreed. This is what will produce the impetus, the principles by which the American Revolution is fought”; “And they passed it on from the Pilgrim forefathers to the founding fathers. And the founding fathers took those principles and wrote the Declaration (of Independence) and the Constitution based on those Christian principles”

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There is a trail of blood from Europe’s religious wars to the American Revolutionary War . . . And that’s a good thing, because often the only way to preserve liberty against tyrants is to shed more blood. New Hampshire’s official motto is very succinct in this regard: “Live Free or Die.”

Useful Idiots Bin: Paul Manafort, colleague Rick Gates surrender to DOJ special counsel Robert Mueller, indictment against former Trump campaign chair and official includes charges of conspiracy against USA, conspiracy to launder money, acting as unregistered agent of foreign principal (i.e., deposed, pro-Moscow Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich), submitting false FARA statements, failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts; CNN admits charges do not cover any activities related to Donald Trump’s bid for US presidency; Tony Podesta also under Mueller’s microscope, worked with Manafort on Yanukovich job, RESIGNS from Podesta Group; WSJ calls for “full Russia investigation” into Democratic Party, FBI and Mueller himself, says Hillary Clinton campaign, DNC hired Perkins Coie law firm to smear Trump, Perkins Coie in turn retained Fusion GPS, which in turned tasked ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who boasts “deep Russian sources,” with concocting salacious “Pissgate” Dossier: “The FBI also reached an agreement before Election Day to continue paying Steele for his work”; President Trump tweets: “There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out”

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If the DOJ indicts members of the DNC and/or John and Tony Podesta, expect Hillary Clinton to “conveniently” embark on a book-signing tour in countries that have no extradition treaty with the USA.

The globalist backers behind the Democratic Party (i.e., George Soros, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, et. al.) will not hesitate to throw the Podestas and even the Clintons to the wolves. Sir Evelyn’s American wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, has already expressed her contempt for John Podesta.

Meanwhile, for its part, the Putin regime, with its distinct plan for a Red World Order, is advancing its power vis-a-vis America by fomenting warfare between the Democrats and Republicans, in which the one ironically accuses the other of being in collusion with Russia.

EU File: Spain faces worst crisis since 1936-1939 civil war as Catalan Parliament votes for independence, regional government cites 90% support in “illegal” Oct. 1 referendum, right-wing lawmakers aligned with ruling Popular Party in Madrid walk out of chamber in protest; Catalonia’s ruling separatist parties Junts Pel Sí and far-left Popular Unity Candidacy registered motion to declare independence, speaker Carme Forcadell read proposal before ballot: “We constitute the Catalan Republic, as an independent and sovereign country, under the rule of law”; Carlos Carrizosa, spokesman for pro-unity Citizens party, ripped copy of proposal, declares: “Today is the day that you (secessionists) carry out your coup against the democracy in Spain”; Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy tweets: “I ask for calm from all Spaniards. The rule of law will restore legality in Catalonia”; Spanish far right weak since 1980s but gained visibility during Catalan crisis, sending supporters with stiff-armed fascist salutes into the streets of Madrid, Barcelona, chief groups include Vox, Espana 2000 and neo-Francoist Falange Española‏ de las JONS; ex-Spanish army officer: Military favors intervention in Catalonia but lacks “operational capacity” to suppress secession

Gray Terror File: Stephen Paddock’s younger brother Bruce (58) arrested in N. Hollywood nursing home on 20 charges of child porn possession; apprehension, which follows warrant for arrest on “laundry list” of violations in LA County, not apparently related to official probe into Las Vegas Village massacre, but suggests at least 2 of 4 Paddock brothers were closeted deviants, Stephen reportedly enacted rape fantasies on Vegas prostitutes; FBI, LVMPD recover Vegas shooter’s laptop computer from Mandalay Bay hotel, presumably on Oct. 1 or 2, but only now announce hard drive missing, Paddock purchased software to erase files; police analyze Paddock’s desktop computer, uncover Internet searches for SWAT tactics, including room and building breaches in stand-off situations; official investigators still refusing to suggest motive for bloodshed, Paddock recently settled debts with Vegas casinos, no financial troubles; brother Eric apparently lying, says Stephen “not an avid gun guy,” but alleged killer admitted having “gun room” in Mesquite, NV home, neighbors observed “giant” safe in garage, police recovered 23 guns from hotel room, 19 at his last residence

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The fact that the hard drive is missing from Stephen Paddock’s laptop computer suggests that he (and possible accomplices) intended to escape the crime scene. Clearly, a murderous-suicidal lone gunman, which is the official line for Paddock’s supposed rampage, would have little or no interest in covering his tracks.

Gray Terror File: MGM-FBI-LVMPD narrative of Las Vegas Village massacre beyond resuscitation as Tucker Carlson drops bombshell on investigation, “confidential source” reveals Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos (25), who “heroically” thwarted Stephen Paddock’s killing spree, entered USA from Mexico near San Diego, CA, on Oct. 8, i.e., three days after being released from hospital with NO surgery, bullet still lodged in leg; CBP form does not reveal how soon after massacre Campos traveled to Mexico, but he returned to USA in rental car with CA plates, Carlson’s source also notes MGM guard entered USA at same crossing last Jan., in own Nevada-registered vehicle; ABC reportedly interviewed Campos on Oct. 4, but did not disclose his whereabouts; president of Campos’ union admits MGM Resorts controlling guard’s public statements, alt-media notes Campos’ failure to appear with right-wing talk show host Sean Hannity on Oct. 12, rematerialized one week later with Ellen Degeneres, liberal-left celebrity coddled Campos with “fluff” interview, promotes MGM Resorts’ Ellen-themed slot machines on her show

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“It’s amazing that Campos didn’t sustain more injuries [from Paddock’s barrage of 200 bullets down hotel corridor],” remarks Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo. No kidding, Joe. What exactly happened at the Mandalay Bay on the night of October 1? Enter the independent media . . .

EU File: Catalonia’s President Carles Puigdemont plans to address regional parliament on Oct. 26 amid threat to secede from Spain, follows Oct. 1 referendum marred by violence as Spanish Interior Ministry shipped in National Police, Civil Guard via port of Barcelona to block polling stations, Spanish Supreme Court’s nullification of independence vote, PM Mariano Rajoy’s invocation of Article 155 of Spanish Constitution to dismiss Catalonia’s government, hold new elections; Spain’s Senate expected to approve direct rule on Oct. 27 while Catalonia’s separatist politicians defiant: VP Oriol Junqueras says Catalans have “already chosen independence”; regional foreign affairs minister Raul Romeva: “I have no doubt that all civil servants in Catalonia will keep following the instructions provided by the elected and legitimate institutions that we have right now in place”; Catalonia’s far-left Popular Unity Candidacy party backs Barcelona’s separatist government, vows to form “human shield” around regional parliament, warns Madrid’s “aggression . . . will be met with massive civil disobedience”; Communist Party of Spain advocates federal socialist republic to resolve Catalan crisis

Useful Idiots Bin: Uraniumgate has potential to finally sink Bill and Hillary Clinton with charges of treason, corruption, bring decades of unprosecuted criminal activity to ignominious end; AG Jeff Sessions: DOJ will “review” Clintons’ alleged collusion with Putin regime in Uranium One sale, Russian payments to Clinton Foundation; emails reveal Bill met with Vladimir Putin in Russian leader’s private residence ahead of 2010 sale approval, but Rosatom official Arkady Dvorkovich also listed in May 14, 2010 email as one of 15 Russians Bill wanted to meet during June 2010 trip that fetched US$500,000 speaking fee; Senate Judiciary Cmte. chair Charles Grassley urges DOJ to appoint special prosecutor to investigate deal, Devin Nunes says House Intelligence and Oversight & Government Reform Cmtes. must also determine why 2009-2015 FBI probe failed to inform Congress at the time; Hillary still covering her tracks, accuses current Republican-led investigation of being “politically motivated,” dismisses charges as “baloney”; DOJ Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller looking into Kremlin’s alleged influence in 2016 Trump victory, switches gears, launches inquiry into Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta (of Pizzagate notoriety), seeks violations of Foreign Agents Registration Act

WW4 File: Japanese DM Itsunori Odonera issues sober analysis of North Korea’s threat to East Asia: “The country has steadfastly improved it nuclear and missiles capability. The threat posed by North Korea has grown to the unprecedented, critical and imminent level”; Gen. David Goldfein says US Air Force prepared to re-assume Cold War-era level of readiness, place strategic bombers back on 24-hour alert, with obvious reference to tensions with nuclear-armed NK: “The world is a dangerous place and we’ve got folks that are talking openly about use of nuclear weapons”; US Navy deploys second carrier strike group to South Korea, USS Theodore Roosevelt to join USS Ronald Reagan before heading to Persian Gulf and relieving USS Nimitz, marks second time since 1990s two US carriers near Korean Peninsula; Andersen AFB in Guam receives 1.5 million pounds of munitions, statement: “The munitions will increase the overall availability of day-to-day training assets and War Reserve Material stocks to support warfighting capabilities”; UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson comments on NK in speech at CFR-linked Chatham House: “[C]learly… the possibility of some kind of military option . . . must at least theoretically be maintained on the table”; Russia, India hold 10-day Indra-2017 maneuver near NK coast, 700 Russian and Indian servicemen to simulate naval blockade and anti-submarine warfare, Moscow to also finalize US$10 billion arms deal with New Delhi

End Times File: Bubonic plague spreads at “alarming rate” to Madagascar’s two largest cities of Antananarivo and Toamasina, festering in African island’s rural regions since 2014, 1150 new cases confirmed since August, 70 percent pneumonic strain, nearly 100 dead this year; international agencies rush more than one million doses of antibiotics, deploy medical teams to Madagascar; WHO says risk of global pandemic “low,” but mainland Africa faces “moderate risk,” advises against travel or trade restrictions; Australia, Seychelles, however, urge citizens to avoid vacationing in Madagascar; bubonic plague nearly always fatal within 12-24 hours if untreated, caused by bacterium Yersinia pestis, spread by infected fleas, rats, symptoms include painful, swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills, coughing, blood poisoning leading to internal bleeding and necrosis of tissue, turning flesh black; fleas carrying Yersinia pestis discovered in Arizona in Aug., two New Mexico residents infected with bubonic plague in early 2017; Black Death wiped out 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia, peaking in Europe in mid-14th century, world population did not recover to pre-plague level until 17th century, outbreaks occurred as late as 19th century

Gray Terror File: Alt-media researching Route 91 concert massacre discover Stephen Paddock at Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport on Sept. 19, rented car that afternoon, drove straight to Las Vegas, arrived shortly after midnight; elusive Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos might be illegal alien as he shares SSN with CA resident “Jesus A. Quintero;” Campos turns up on Ellen TV show after week-long disappearance, shares story of his encounter with Paddock; Paddock’s movements at Mandalay Bay hard to chart from conflicting FBI-LVMPD reports, however smashed window facing aviation fuel tanks NOT in room rented by Paddock but, rather, by LA-based Australian concert producer Brian Hodge (36); Paddock likely checked into Rm. 32134 on Sept. 25, upgraded to Vista Suite (Rm. 32135) on Sept. 28, and broke into smaller room, now occupied by Hodge, probably via connecting door, on evening of Oct. 1, while ex-resident of Gold Coast, Queensland dining with colleagues on Vegas Strip; Paddock positioned “service cart cam” outside Hodge’s door to monitor cops, but no reference to Hodge or pics of Hodge’s room in official probe troubling; Paddock’s Filipina-Australian “girlfriend” Marilou Danley (62) also past Gold Coast resident, Danley on FBI travel watch list; bellman helped Paddock to transfer 10 pieces of luggage, containing assault rifles and ammo, up service elevator to 32nd floor, without noticing anything unusual

Useful Idiots Bin/Blast from the Past File: FBI investigation uncovered but did not inform Congress of Kremlin plot to bribe US uranium trucking firm Transport Logistics Int’l in 2009, months before Hillary Clinton’s State Dept., Committee on Foreign Investments approved Uranium One nuke deal that enabled Vladimir Putin to acquire 20% of US uranium reserves; FBI recruited “confidential U.S. witness” in Russian nuke industry to “gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings, intercept emails,” revealing Moscow accepted US$2 million in kickbacks from Transport Logistics execs; Rosatom official Vadim Mikerin secured work visa with aid of Obama Admin, routed US$145 million to Clinton Foundation via Uranium One shareholder donations, while Bill Clinton himself secured US$500,000 speaking fee for appearance in Russia; probe continued to 2015, when Mikerin was sentenced to 48 months in prison; meanwhile Tony Podesta (of Pizzagate notoriety) lobbied on behalf of Toronto-based Uranium One; Senate launches inquiry into scandal, plans to grill AG Jeff Sessions, Fox’s Gregg Jarrett says ex-FBI Dir., DOJ Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Dep. FBI Dir. Andrew McCabe, Dep. AG Rod Rosenstein implicated in Obama-era cover-up, must resign; Obama Admin’s blind eye toward Russian malfeasance exposes monumental hypocrisy of Mueller’s current investigation into Russia’s supposed influence over 2016 presidential election, preference for Trump victory

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That the American Left is still in the back pocket of the Moscow Leninists, just as it was during the Cold War, is no surprise. New cash for old.

WW4 File: Communist North Korea’s deputy UN Ambassador Kim In Ryong warns of “imminent nuclear war” should USA attack, verbal statement omits written boast: “The entire U.S. mainland is within our firing range and if the U.S. dares to invade our sacred territory even an inch it will not escape our severe punishment in any part of the globe”; CNN quotes unnamed NK official as saying “diplomacy off the table” until NK develops missile capable of hitting US East Coast; White House demonstrates its political, military support for Republic of Korea against Pyongyang: US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan carries out joint drill with ROK navy, USS Michigan makes port of call at Busan, guided missile sub suspected of carrying SEALS team for “decapitation strike” against Kim Jong-un regime, B-1B bombers flew from Guam air base to SK in show of force previous week; US president to pay state visit to Seoul on Nov. 7-8, address National Assembly, possibly tour DMZ; Asia tour to also include Japan, Philippines, Red China, Communist Vietnam, Trump could possibly face harsh questions from Asian leaders over US withdrawal from TPP, anti-Beijing rhetoric during 2016 election campaign; communists in Russia’s third-largest city hold rally in support of DPRK, rant: “Novosibirsk Communists say a resolute ‘no’ to the imperialist policies of the US and its threats against the North Korean people”

Gray Terror File: FBI, LVMPD revise Las Vegas Village massacre timeline yet again, acknowledge MGM Resorts Int’l version as correct, i.e., “lone gunman” Stephen Paddock shot Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos about 40 seconds after launching full-auto assault against concertgoers; publicity-shy Campos may hold key to investigation into Oct. 1 carnage, union president admits Campos’ disappearance before Oct. 12 TV interviews “highly unusual”; Las Vegas top cops admit substance of survivor accounts re. diversionary tactics, different types of gunfire, but Paddock alone responsible; Sheriff Lombardo: “It is readily apparent to me that [Paddock] adjusted his fire and directed it toward the police vehicles”; Undersheriff McMahill: “As we told you before, there was twenty-three weapons in the room . . . . I am one-hundred percent confident that [Paddock] was solely responsible for pulling the trigger on all those weapons”; even though MGM still has not released any security video of Paddock moving about Mandalay Bay between Sept. 25 check-in and concert assault; Bill Gates, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal majority owners of Four Seasons Hotel on Mandalay Bay tower’s floors 35-39, Al-Waleed contracted Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) to build super skyscraper in Jeddah, SBG chair Bakr Bin Laden brother of arch-terrorist Osama (killed by US Navy SEALS in 2011)

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In this linked video, Route 91 terrorist attack survivor Gio Rios details his experience of multiple gunmen at the concert, as well as shootings and suspicious persons at adjacent Tropicana and New York New York hotels. This brave young man and his girlfriend might wish to consider “disappearing” for a while to preserve their lives. Another survivor who posted her experience online, Kymberley Suchomel (28), died one week after the attack, apparently of natural causes.

Gray Terror File: Route 91 Harvest Festival concert massacre may have represented opening shots of “Purple Revolution” against nationalist Trump Revolution, personal warning to President Trump, ex-casino operator, owner of Trump International Hotel Las Vegas; pro-globalist/communist/Islamist gambling mogul Jim Murren, billionaire investor George Soros hold financial interests in MGM Resorts Intl’l, owner of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, site of alleged mass murderer Stephen Paddock’s sniper’s nest; SEC document reveals CEO Murren strangely offloaded 80% of his shares in MGM Resorts in early Sept., while Soros bought US$42 million worth of puts on company in Aug.; Republican turncoat, Hillary toady Murren railed against “hate mongers and white supremacists” after Aug. 11-12 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, offered to match employee donations to leftist outfits like NAACP, SPLC, LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, and terrorist-funding Council on American-Islamic Relations; LVMPD bans independent journalists from press conferences, alt-media Infowars reports FBI “scrubs” all messages and video from Route 91 workers’ phones, laptops from night of attack

Gray Terror File: MGM Resorts Int’l disputes FBI’s timeline revision for worst terror attack on US soil since 911, also contradicts LVMPD’s original script, refocuses attention on mysterious Mandalay Bay security guard; hotel statement says “lone gunman” Stephen Paddock wounded Jesus Campos in leg within 40 seconds of launching attack on Las Vegas Village concertgoers; Stephen Schuck’s interview with NBC’s Today show reveals discrepancy with FBI narrative, aligns with MGM and concertgoers’ phone recordings, hotel engineer says he heard shooting in Paddock’s room SHORTLY BEFORE bullets blasted through door, pinning down both Campos and Schuck in hallway, i.e., Paddock started firing on concert venue before briefly turning his attention to unarmed security guard; alt-media uncovers more troubling details: Campos neither registered as security guard in State of Nevada, nor listed in Mandalay Bay employee registry; Campos ducks out of five interviews on Oct. 12, including with Fox’s Hannity, Campos’ union president: “We were in a room and we came out and he was gone”; Campos’ residence in Sunrise Manor, NV protected by armed security guard from shady firm, family clams up on Campos’ whereabouts with independent reporters: “We can’t talk about stuff right now”

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Campos is afraid. He was either Paddock’s accomplice or he witnessed Paddock’s accomplice(s).

Gray Terror File: Official investigation into Las Vegas Village massacre once again embarrassed by timeline errors as LVMPD not only revises position on timing of Stephen Paddock’s attempt to kill Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos, but also day on which alleged killer checked into room, Sept. 25, instead of Sept. 28 as first reported; Campos reportedly wounded in barrage of 200 bullets that erupted from Paddock’s hotel room, touted as “hero,” but his role as critical witness or Paddock’s accomplice on hotel staff overlooked; fake news story of Campos’ arrest under suspicion of being second gunmen, murdering Paddock apparent attempt to derail this conclusion; Newsweek notes no pic of Campos on GoFundMe account, says calls and text messages to Campos, co-worker, other acquaintances unanswered, admits: “Much of Campos’s story and background remains a mystery” (indeed); citizen journalist Jake Morphonios interviews Las Vegas cop, officer says many colleagues reject “lone gunman” theory pushed by higher-ups in LVMPD, FBI, believe multiple gunmen staged shooting diversions at other hotels to draw police away from concert attack, possibly ambush officers

Gray Terror File: MSM mouthpiece Newsweek ventures into “forbidden territory,” candid piece suggests alleged Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock may indeed be ISIS soldier “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki,” Islamic State waiting for FBI to thoroughly discredit itself before posting conclusive evidence of ex-accountant’s conversion to Islam (possibly in form of rumored video confession referenced by Trump campaign manager in MA, more recently by Islamist Twitter account), terrorism analyst Michael S. Smith II notes: “Islamic State has been very focused on undermining confidence among civilians in the West that their technologically superior governments are competent managers of our collective security”; NY Daily News reveals—one week after mass shootings in Vegas–second hotel worker in hallway with security guard Jesus Campos, engineer Stephen Schuck confirms Paddock directed “relentless” gunfire at them (9:59 p.m.) from Room 32135, says Campos “saved his life” by shouting warning after Schuck summoned to unlock fire exit on 32nd floor; Schuck radioed for help, i.e., possibly five minutes before Paddock launched military-style assault on Route 91 Harvest Festival (10:05 p.m.), but hotel security failed to call police after Campos shot; MGM Resorts Int’l disputes Sheriff Lombardo’s timeline

Gray Terror File: FBI, LVMPD affirm alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock: 1) used freight elevator to convey military-style rifles, tactical and survival gear to sniper’s nest at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (which implicates staff or, more disturbingly, MGM Resorts Int’l CEO Jim Murren, Republican turncoat who backed Hillary in 2016); 2) used incendiary bullets, not conventional as previously reported, to detonate 43,000-barrel aviation fuel tanks 2,000 feet away, explosive rounds recovered at McCarran International Airport (which increases likelihood shootings part of terrorist attack, not mere personal vendetta); investigators also found 200 incidents of Paddock moving about Las Vegas — alone — prior to attack; break-in reported at Paddock’s Reno home, neighbors notice light days after police raid; Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts contradicts FBI line on Paddock’s involvement in carnage, offers sterling character reference for Paddock, Steve Wynn: “The most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine. A modest gambler . . . paid promptly, never owed any money anywhere in Las Vegas . . . This is a man who behaved rationally, privately, a little introverted . . . And every historical review of his behavior indicates that he was a rational man . . . And yet he [supposedly] prepared over an extended period of time, a totally irrational act”; Wynn chastises MGM Resorts Int’l for failing to intercept shooter, no client permitted to carry guns, use freight elevators in his own hotels; incidentally, Wynn “frenemy” of ex-casino operator Donald Trump, RNC finance chair since Jan. 2017

Gray Terror File: Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo revises timeline of Route 91 Harvest Festival concert massacre, says alleged perp Stephen Paddock shot and wounded Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos six minutes before, rather than after, launching Oct. 1 military-style assault on 22,000 country music fans, LVMPD now unable to explain why retiree gambler-turned-killing machine abruptly ended 10-minute full-auto barrage at 10:15 p.m.; police discover Campos in hallway two minutes later, but SWAT team assault on killer’s suite did not occur until 11:20 p.m.; NaturalNews founder Mike Adams demands FBI “stop lying to America” about Vegas investigation, conducts forensic acoustic analysis of gunfire, says at least two gunmen involved, one at 425-475 yards (consistent with Paddock’s alleged hotel perch), second at 250-270 yards (consistent with survivor accounts of “multiple gunmen” in or near Las Vegas Village), suggests three possible locations for Paddock’s accomplice(s): rooftop of AM/PM convenience store N of concert venue, Oasis Apartments rooftops to SE; or dirt mound/construction site due S; CNN admits Paddock took 20 cruises to foreign ports, including Med and at least two Muslim countries, Jordan and United Arab Emirates; Paddock’s car found in hotel garage, contained 50-90 pounds of Tannerite high-velocity bullet-detonated explosive, two suitcases filled with 100s of rounds of ammo

Gray Terror File: Route 91 Harvest Festival attendee insists 3-5 street-level shooters, horizontal gunfire, police close gates minutes before shooting, no FBI follow-up after statement; Savage interviews another survivor who heard gunman RELOAD weapon, indicating presence in concert venue; LVMPD audio dispatch reveals active shooters in multiple sites, including Tropicana hotel; Eric Paddock admits last heard from brother 6 months prior to Las Vegas Village massacre, Stephen (“Not an Avid Gun Guy”) may have been radicalized by Islamic State during this period; ISIS “triples down” on claim of responsibility for atrocity, maintains career gambler converted to Islam 6 months ago; President Trump’s Massachusetts campaign manager James Brower alleges Paddock declared motives in ISIS video, cites leak; Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo admits possible conspiracy, evidence Paddock planned to survive and escape crime scene: “You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point”; Paddock may have tried to detonate two aviation fuel storage tanks at nearby McCarran International Airport; smashed out two windows in adjoining Mandalay Bay hotel room/suite, E window faces fuel tanks 2,000 feet away, NE window faces concert venue 1,100 feet away; construction crew repairs holes in one tank caused by two bullets, airport official confirms tanks operating normally, aviation expert says jet fuel “very hard to ignite”

Gray Terror File: Interviews with Route 91 Harvest Festival concertgoers, tourists by TV breaking news, social media posts, Australian media refute official narrative, offer evidence of coordinated multi-site terrorist attack in Las Vegas ignored by US national news networks, expose accomplices in ex-accountant Stephen Paddock’s “motive-less,” military-style barrage from Mandalay Bay hotel’s 32nd floor (Oct., 1, 10:05-10:15 p.m.); country music fans testify to full-auto weapons fire, multiple street-level gunmen in Las Vegas Village (concert venue), accomplice lighting diversionary firecrackers among concertgoers; female witness: “Everyone stayed down. As soon as everyone started to get up and run, they just kept shooting. It was quite literally like five minutes of shooting. People just kept dropping. It was definitely someone on the ground. Definitely, most definitely. THE WAY THEY HERDED THE CROWD AND ALL OF US. They kept coming. THEY EVEN CAME INTO THE BACK STAFF PARKING LOT. THEY SHOT PEOPLE OUT THERE TOO. They just kept coming. I hope they get them”; Australians Wendy Miller and husband staying at Luxor hotel, witness security guards emerge from enclosed skyway connecting Mandalay Bay and Luxor in pursuit of possible fake colleague; tourists hear gunfire at other hotels as much as 1.5 miles N. of Mandalay Bay, along Las Vegas Strip; seek shelter in lobbies of Bellagio Resort and Casino (10:45-10:55 p.m.), Aria Resort and Casino (11:00 p.m.); stampede ensues at Caesar’s Palace casino after 20 shots fired (11:30 p.m.); meanwhile Paddock holed up in Mandalay Bay until suicide confirmed at 11:20 p.m.; Paddock, like many other mass shooters in recent US history, on prescription anti-depressant with known dangerous side-effects (i.e., violent or aggressive urges), possibly subject to mind control by unknown handlers, killer’s doctor refuses interviews

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One car driving East down [Las Vegas’] Tropicana [Avenue] had a young, brown skinned girl [Muslim?] who I could not determine nationality hanging out the passenger window yelling at the crowd. I honestly could not make out what she was saying, but it was clear to me that she was taunting us. Whatever was coming out of her mouth was hateful based on how she was saying it, but I am unsure if she was speaking English or not. The sinking in my stomach from that image will be hard to forget.

Rick Ardito, survivor of Las Vegas Village massacre, Facebook post, October 2, 2017

Gray Terror File: Australian Brian Hodge staying at Mandalay Bay on night of Stephen Paddock’s deadly shooting spree, checked into room next to killer’s on 32nd floor, fled hotel to hide behind bushes for “several hours,” refers to multiple gunmen in interview: “There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us. It was a machine gun from the room next to me. My floor is a crime scene. They killed a security guard on my floor”; hotel server Tony Hernandez Armenta says Paddock checked into main suite on Sept. 25, not Sept. 28 as officials reported, merely occupied adjoining room on latter date; room service receipts indicate Paddock may have had guest on Sept. 27; Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo admits well-off retiree Paddock may have been “radicalized”: “The fact that he had the type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room, it was preplanned extensively, and I’m pretty sure he evaluated everything that he did and his actions, which is troublesome. . . . Did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us? And we want to identify that source”; Paddock also tried to book rooms at Ogden luxury condo tower 15 blocks from Mandalay Bay, possibly to attack Life Is Beautiful Festival, slated for Sept. 22-24; Paddock’s girlfriend, “person of interest” Marilou Danley arrives at LAX from Manila, meets FBI agents to face questioning over knowledge of murder plot, also visited Hong Kong during overseas stint that began Sept. 15

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Five MORE things that don’t add up about the Las Vegas massacre… Where is all the expended brass?

Mike Adams asks some “stupid” questions about the physics behind Paddock’s much-touted marksmanship, as well as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s deplorable 72-minute response time before blowing up Paddock’s hotel room door

Gray Terror File: ISIS bestows jihadi name upon mass murderer Stephen Paddock amid widespread skepticism over Islamic terror links, even as multi-millionaire real estate investor, gambling addict wired US$100,000 to Philippines bank account 1 week prior to killing spree in Las Vegas; Paddock’s Filipina-Australian girlfriend Marilou Danley in Tokyo at time of massacre, former “person of interest” faces questioning by authorities upon return to USA, Philippines home to Islamic and communist insurgencies; Paddock used Marilou’s ID to check into room on Mandalay Bay hotel’s 32nd floor, smashed out 2 windows to establish sniper’s perch, SWAT team followed smoke alarm to Paddock’s room, used explosives to enter; police find arsenal of weapons in Paddock’s Mesquite, NV residence, several pounds of ammonium nitrate in killer’s car; Marilou previously married to Bella Vista, AK resident Geary Danley, which “far-right trolls” mistakenly identified as shooter; meanwhile concertgoer at Route 91 Harvest Festival alleges “Hispanic” woman with male companion warned unsuspecting country music fans of attack 45 minutes beforehand: “She told us ‘They’re all around… You’re all going to f***ing die today’”; couple escorted away by concert security; warning possibly implies presence of multiple killers, which early news reports alleged before shifting to “lone wolf” attacker scenario

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The British tabloids are taking the lead in reporting some of the more interesting but overlooked elements of this tragedy.

Snopes concludes that Breanna Hendricks’ eyewitness account of a “mystery woman” who warned concertgoers of their impending death actually happened but was unrelated to Stephen Paddock’s murder plot, which unfolded less than an hour later. The only way to determine the truth behind this disturbing coincidence, of course, would be to locate and question the “mystery woman.”

Gray Terror File: ISIS claims responsibility for shooting massacre in Las Vegas, 58 dead, including 2 off-duty police officers, 400 injured in worst mass murder in US history, Islamic State alleges gunman Stephen Paddock converted to Islam “months ago,” but offers no evidence: “The Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State in response to calls to target coalition countries”; officials unable to confirm Paddock’s motives, no criminal record; ISIS threatened to attack “Sin City” in May 2017 rant; Eric Paddock on Oct. 1 carnage, says brother not religious, no financial difficulties, family dumbfounded by murder spree; 64-year-old white resident of Mesquite, NV holed up in room on 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, used at least 10 rifles to rain death on concertgoers at Route 91 Harvest Festival, died from self-inflicted gunshot wound as police forced way into hotel room; Las Vegas killer son of notorious bank robber/fugitive, Benjamin Paddock on FBI most wanted list between 1969 and 1978; police ID Paddock’s Mesquite roommate Marilou Danley as “person of interest,” drop search after ex-casino hostess located overseas