WW4 File: Kremlin, NATO prepare for war in Europe: NATO chief Stoltenberg at Oct. 26 DM meeting in Brussels, justifies alliance’s military build-up in former Soviet Bloc/republics, says up to 330,000 Russian troops deployed along country’s western frontiers (i.e., from Ukraine to Finland); Britain dispatches 800 soldiers with Challenger 2 battle tanks to Estonia (previously reported); Canada and assorted European states send 1,000 to Latvia; Germany and allies 1,000 to Lithuania; USA 900, with battle tanks and artillery, to Poland; 330 US marines in unprecedented deployment to Norway, along with underground storage of tanks, artillery (previously reported); Stoltenberg also says Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, UK and US to send full brigade (5,000 troops) to Romania (i.e., in case Putin decides to grab all of coastal Ukraine); 100 US troops in Germany receive “shock” orders to transport Patriot missiles to Romania by rail for joint exercise with 100 Romanian counterparts in early Nov., Aegis missiles already based at Deveselu air base

source 1 source 2 source 3


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