WW4 File: Kremlin, NATO prepare for war in Europe: Russia carries out joint tactical combat flight drills with Serbian hosts between Oct. 10-14, BARS-2016 exercise involves MiG-29 warplanes, Mi-8 helos; first Serbo-Russian flight drills held in Russia’s Astrakhan region 1 year ago; Serbia to also host Slavic Brotherhood 2016 exercise in Nov., Russian, Belarusian forces to participate; Montenegrin PM resigns after long-ruling Democratic Party of Socialists fails to secure majority in Oct. 16 vote, pro-EU/NATO Djukanovic accuses opposition of plotting coup in concert with Moscow, Belgrade, follows arrest of 20 Serbs suspected of planning armed attacks against Djukanovic; former commander of Serbia’s special police forces among those arrested; Serbia deports “several” Russian nationals for alleged illegal activities in neighboring Montenegro even as Russian Security Council chief Patrushev arrives in Belgrade for bilateral meetings on intelligence sharing; Belgrade-based analyst: “Russia has decided to play a bit rougher; the EU is in crisis because of its disunity, and the US is in a vacuum, which has led to wheeling and dealing in the Balkans. Everyone is looking to get something for themselves.”

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