Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Alberta’s socialist government takes aim at Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, province’s funding of private schools and home education, parental rights and Christians; ruling New Democrats unilaterally shut down – mid-term – Christian school providing support for 1/3 of province’s 11,000 home-educated students; Ministry of Education launches coordinated media assault on Trinity Christian School/Wisdom Homeschooling, national news outlets informed before school administrators given opportunity for response, compliance, legal recourse; allegations of substandard educational practices, purported misallocation of nearly C$1 million in public funds to be investigated by RCMP; meanwhile, Premier Notley’s government, in concert with Alberta Teachers’ Association, determined to impose Gay-Straight Alliances, transgenderism, pansexualism in all public, private/religious schools across province; two Baptist-run schools near Edmonton refuse to introduce government-sponsored GSA program, provoke official inquiry, threats of deregistration, defunding

The pansexualization of Alberta’s taxpayer-funded public, charter, private and Catholic schools began under the previous Progressive Conservative government, showing that this has been, in part, a bureaucratic initiative, but one that has been greatly emboldened by the NDP victory in 2015.

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Alberta Home Education Association website posts response from Wisdom Homeschooling

Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Official Stance on Gay-Straight Alliances

2012 New American Article on Alberta Law Banning Home Educators from Teaching against Homesexuality

Home School Legal Defence Association Canada

Home School Legal Defense Association USA

Bio on Alberta Premier Rachel Notley


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