USSR2 File: Kremlin’s bid to reassert control over old satellites apparent in attempted armed coup in Montenegro (using Serb proxies), upcoming Moldovan election; citizens of tiny, impoverished country wedged between Romania, Ukraine head for voting stations on Oct. 28, select new president; pro-Moscow Socialist Party candidate boasts comfortable lead in public opinion polls, pro-EU forces disgraced by arrest of former PM Filat, implication in US$1 billion banking scandal; ex-communist Dodon demands referendum to disengage Moldova from political-trade agreement signed with EU in 2014, join Putin’s Eurasian Union; Dodon’s closest challenger is former World Bank economist, Sandu warns Moldovans against “falling back into Moscow’s orbit”; 2,000 Romanian irredentists march through Bucharest on Oct. 22, demand annexation of Moldova, “Bessarabia” part of Kingdom of Romania between 1918 and Soviet takeover in 1940, 4/5 of Moldovans are of Romanian descent, Romanian official language, but no widespread support in either country for reunification

source 1 source 2 source 3


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