Communist Bloc Military Updates: Brest, Belarus welcomes Russian paratroopers to practice defending Union State, Oct. 7-20 drills to involve 700 Russian, Belarusian servicemen adjacent to Terespol, Poland; 1,000 CSTO special forces carry out “active phase” of Rubezh 2016 at Edelweiss training ground in Kyrgyzstan, deploy 200 armored vehicles, UAVs to “destroy simulated enemy”; Russia’s W. Military District moves 2 S-400 anti-missile batteries near Finnish border, Helsinki’s DM shrugs off Russian deployment: “This is normal practice. Russia is using these systems to replace the older S-300 rockets”; even as Russian warplanes flying without active transponders violate Finnish, Estonian air space on Oct. 6-7, only hours before “neutral” Finland inks bilateral military agreement with Washington, US Dep. Sec. of Defense in Helsinki for signing ceremony; NATO circles the wagons around “neutral” Sweden with similar arrangement finalized in June, Sweden to join NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre based in Latvia; Russian strategic bomber flights prompt 4 NATO countries, including Spain, to scramble intercepts on Sept. 22; 3 Tu-160 “Blackjacks” shadowed Icelandic airliner on Reykjavik-Stockholm run on same day, US Navy redeploys maritime patrol planes to Iceland’s Keflavik Air Base after 10-year absence

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