Red World Order File: Lenin’s legacy alive and well in Europe and N. America: Putin sends formal greetings to 17th Congress of Communist Party of Russian Federation, 340 Communist delegates assemble in Moscow on May 27 amid preps for celebration of centennial of “Great October Socialist Revolution”; Chairman Zyuganov reports “his organization is ready to a constructive dialogue with all branches of power [i.e., Putin regime] in order to contribute to the strengthening of the nation”; German police conduct Stasi-like raids across 14 states, arrest both leftists and rightists allegedly guilty of posting “hate speech” online, confiscate cell phones of 23-year-old Munich man who reportedly advocated death penalty for “gays” (i.e., sodomites); Canada continues to strangle freedom of speech by prohibiting “discrimination” against “transgenderism,” Senate follows House of Commons by passing Bill C-16; Canadian Criminal Code, Human Rights Act already penalize “hate speech” against “sexual orientation” (i.e., perversion); ruling Liberal Party under Islam-friendly Trudeau dynasty leads way in ironically killing off Canadians’ civil liberties in name of personal freedom

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WW4 File: Russian Su-27 fighter jet chases off NATO F-16 that attempted to intercept aircraft flying Russian defense minister over Baltic Sea to Kaliningrad exclave, Russian pilot rocks his jet’s wings to display weapons to Western warplane; national identity of NATO plane unclear in potential superpower crisis, follows by one day Russian Air Force’s provocative intercept of USAF recon jet in region; Sergei Shoigu blames NATO for “deteriorating situation” on Russia’s western borders: “This is linked to the increasing military activity of NATO countries in Eastern Europe. The North Atlantic Alliance is stepping up its presence in the Baltic states”; plans to strengthen military potential along front with NATO, modern weapons to be supplied to troops, 100 snap drills carried out since Jan. 2017: “Around 20 military units and bases will be established in the Western Military District before the end of the year, around 40 garrison towns are currently being built”; Western sanctions delay production of Russia’s 3rd-gen. T-14 main battle tank, Armata to enter service in 2020 with 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division, based outside Moscow; Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov vows “retaliatory measures” to new round of US Treasury sanctions against 38 Russian citizens and companies

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Contrived or not, the Kremlin propaganda machine will work overtime to portray the West in a bad light after this incident with Shoigu’s plane.

WW4 File: Russian Defense Ministry threatens to use SAM systems to “track” US military planes as “air targets” over Syria after US Navy F/A-18E downs Syrian Su-22 fighter jet, US warplanes west of Euphrates River vulnerable to Russian missile threat, Kremlin avoids phrase “shoot down”; in first-ever such incident during Syrian Civil War, US Navy pilot shot down one of Assad’s aircraft after Syrian Arab Air Force bombed US-backed rebels near town of Ja’Din on June 18; next day Russian Su-27 fighter armed with air-to-air missiles approached within five feet of USAF RC-135 recon jet over Baltic Sea, US officials accuse Russian pilot of “provocation”; most recent of 35 “interactions” between US, Russian warplanes over Baltic region since June 2, NATO wrapped up annual 2-week BALTOPS military drill on June 16, involved USAF B-52, B-1 strategic bombers in “Russia’s backyard”; US-UK battle group, allied troops from Poland, Lithuania, Croatia prep for Russian re-seizure of Baltic states, practice defending 65-mile Suwalki Gap between Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, buffer state Belarus; U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges: “The gap is vulnerable because of the geography. It’s not inevitable that there’s going to be an attack, of course, but … if that was closed, then you have three allies that . . . are potentially isolated from the rest of the alliance”; Baltic officials fear Russia, Belarus will rehearse attack on Suwalki Gap during Zapad maneuver in Sept. 2017

USA File: Would-be Scalise assassin, Bernie Sanders supporter with criminal record going back 11 years James Hodgkinson frequented YMCA across street from Simpson Field in Alexandria, VA, apparently conducted 6 weeks of surveillance from this vantage prior to attacking Republican congressmen at ballpark on June 14; before opening fire, gunman approached ballgame participants, inquired “Are these the Republicans or the Democrats,” prompting speculation concerning suspect’s motives; neighbors in Belleville, IL complained of Hodgkinson firing high-powered rifle near residences in March 2017, although ex-home inspector in compliance with Illinois firearms regulations, licensed for concealed carry; YMCA member observed Hodgkinson’s regular use of laptop computer, suspect belonged to “Terminate the Republican Party” Facebook group, ranted: “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.”; self-avowed “democratic socialist” Sanders disavows Hodgkinson’s bloody rampage: “I am sickened by this despicable act”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

The attack against Scalise and his colleagues appears to have been carefully planned over a number of months. Even if Hodgkinson was some lone nutjob, he was definitely radicalized by the virulent anti-Trump propaganda in both the fakestream and social media.

USA File: Leftist with semi-automatic rifle opens fire on GOP baseball team at Simpson Field ballpark in Alexandria, VA; House Majority Whip, key Trump backer Steve Scalise shot in hip, hospitalized for surgery; congressional staffer, 2 Capitol Hill police agents also shot in “deliberate attack”; Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake describes how Scalise’s security detail returned fire on attacker: “50 (shots) would be an understatement, I’m quite sure”; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: “We were like sitting ducks. Without the Capitol Hill police it would have been a massacre”; shooter identified as James T. Hodgkinson (66, white) of Belleville, IL, dies of injuries at hospital, known Bernie Sanders supporter, moved to Alexandria, VA 2 months ago in apparent bid to stalk targets, posted inflammatory anti-Trump remarks in social media; President Trump tweets: “The Vice President and I are aware of the shooting incident in Virginia and are monitoring developments closely”; Scalise backed White House immigration ban, spearheaded effort to repeal, replace ObamaCare

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So, Scalise’s would-be assassin was a Trump-hating leftist, no doubt radicalized by the fakestream media. It’s so obvious, in fact, that “progressive” news sites like Raw Story are candidly reporting the details of Hodgkinson’s bio.

WW4 File: Russia scrambles Su-27 fighter to intercept USAF B-52 Stratofortress flying over Baltic Sea on June 6, ex-Russian Air Force commander grumbles: “Such behaviour does not deserve respect. Strategic bombers should not fly so close to our land borders”; “Comrade” Pyotr Deinekin conveniently ignores repeated intrusions around Alaska and occasionally off California coast by Russian nuclear bombers; US military participating in regional NATO exercises, including Saber Strike with Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, annual BALTOPS naval training in Baltic; Lithuania installs fence, surveillance equipment along border with Kaliningrad, deter provocations, but not full-scale military attack from Russian exclave during Zapad maneuvers in Sept. 2017; Poland announced building of 6 watchtowers along its 124-mile border with Kaliningrad in 2015; Latvia completes 23 km of planned 276-km border fence with Russia in Feb. 2017, touts anti-migrant function; Estonia plans to build 70 miles of anti-migrant fence along Russian border in 2018, lakes form remaining barrier between adversaries; Kremlin media suggests Russia “real” target of NATO fencing-building activity

Bolivarian Revolution File: Venezuela’s 18-year-old Marxist regime on brink of destruction after 2 months of violent opposition demos lead to 59 civilian deaths, 18 injured in latest clash with Caracas police; opposition forces control National Assembly, motivated by country’s economic collapse, including widespread starvation, demand Pres. Nicolas Maduro call early election to undo socialist policies, accuse Goldman Sachs Group of propping up regime with cheap bonds from state-run oil company PDVSA, New York-based bank defends investment; Venezuelan military holds meeting at base in NW city of Barquisimeto in late April, Army Div. Gen. José Rafael Torrealba Pérez reportedly issues order for snipers to fire on anti-regime protesters; OAS Secretary Luis Almargo: “The Bolivarian National Guard and its head, Major General Benavides Torres, are directly responsible for the repression that has murdered, imprisoned and tortured people”; General Ángel Vivas rejects attempt by regime founder Hugo Chavez to impose Cuban motto “Nation or death, we will overcome!” on Venezuelan military, holds off arrest for years by fortifying home, arming self, finally apprehended in violent siege of residence in April 2017, tortured in prison; Maduro loyalists also arrest 50-60 soldiers for “insufficient loyalty” to Chavez successor

Asia/USA Files: Philippines’ self-avowed socialist president Rodrigo Duterte imposes 60-day martial law over island of Mindanao after army, police attempt May 23 arrest of Islamic militant Isnilon Hapilon, clash with jihadists of both Abu Sayyaf, Islamic State of Lanao, week of fighting in Marawi city leads to deaths of 61 ISIS extremists, 20 troops and 19 civilians, 85,000 people flee homes in Lanao del Sur province; Communist Party of Philippines (CPP)/New People’s Army (NPA) pulls out of peace negotiations in protest, says martial law targets Maoist rebels, urges more “tactical offensives” against government; Filipino-American politician, California Assemblyman Rob Bonta (44) withdraws bill that would have decriminalized Communist Party membership among state employees after “intense pressure” from lawmakers Janet Nguyen, Travis Allen, California’s Vietnamese community; Bonta’s mother and his colleagues in Filipino Advocates for Justice belonged to Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP), founded in 1973 in Santa Cruz, CA in response to previous imposition of martial law by Pres. Ferdinand Marcos; KDP actively supported CPP/NPA until US-based org’s dissolution following overthrow of Marcos in 1986

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Back from vacation. Communists still lurking around, so blogging continues . . .

USA File: “Lock Her Up”: James Comey’s departure from FBI opens path for Trump White House to back prosecution of ex-Sec. of State Clinton for email scandal, other possible crimes, fallen agency director ramping up Trump-Kremlin probe with request for more personnel only days before sacking; ex-chief of staff for AG Edwin Meese (1985-1988) Mark Levin believes Comey protected Clinton: “Now I would contend, as a substantive matter, Hillary Clinton is very, very lucky that Director Comey was the director of the FBI. She may feel that he hurt her presidential chances, but let me tell you something, she should have been indicted”; FBI Dep. Director Andrew McCabe becomes Acting Director, but President Trump will need to quickly ditch McCabe since temp head, wife closely linked to Clintons, Dem Party machine; PAC affiliated with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Virginia Democratic Party together contributed over US$700,000 to Jill McCabe’s 2015 state Senate campaign; meanwhile Trump rebuilds bridges with Russia, welcomes Ambassador Kislyak, FM Lavrov to White House, Russian, but not US, media invited; also holds surprise meeting with veteran globalist Henry Kissinger, ex-Sec. of State under Nixon, Ford, discuss Syrian civil war

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If that f – – – ing bastard [Donald Trump] wins, we all hang from nooses! [NBC’s The Today Show host Matt] Lauer’s finished…and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.
— Hillary Rodham Clinton, off-camera rant on September 7, 2016 (source)

USA File: Trump to Comey: “You’re fired!’; in rare move for a US president, The Donald (finally) terminates troublesome FBI director over ongoing probe into Team Trump’s alleged links to Kremlin, dismissal will restore “public trust and confidence”; Democratic politicos foam at mouth, compare Comey sacking to Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre”; Sen. Bob Casey bristles: “This is Nixonian”; Sen. Ron Wyden fulminates: “Outrageous,” summons Comey to testify to Congress about “status of Trump-Russia investigation”; Assange, holed up in Ecuadorean embassy in London since 2012, tweets: “FBI source says the FBI will now start leaking like Niagara,” “Mr. Comey knows where many bodies are buried”; Revolutionary Communist Party front to protest Comey firing outside Trump Tower; CNN sources say DOJ preparing to arrest WikiLeaks founder on charges of posting 1000s of files stolen by ex-US Army intel analyst Bradley/Chelsea Manning, believes Assange also helped Edward Snowden; Trump-appointed CIA Director Pompeo: “It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia”

Commies for Comey? If both the Democrats and Bob Avakian’s far-left nutjob outfit want him in, then you know he’s got to go.

Dumping Comey is where Trump’s presidential caliber really shines through, although it should’ve been done a few months ago. Still, we’ll need more of that type of leadership if the American Republic is to be restored to its Constitutional parameters.

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EU/USA Files: Populist-nationalist wave sweeping America, Britain dissipates as first Dutch, then French voters embrace globalist candidates, ex-Socialist/ Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron (39) wins May 7 run-off for presidential bid, First Lady-designate Brigitte Trogneux (64) displays typical French “sophistication,” engaged in pedophile tryst with Macron as latter’s high school teacher in 1990s; The Atlantic describes President Trump’s congratulations to Macron as “tepid” in wake of supposed tacit endorsement of “far-rightist” Marine Le Pen; ex-UKIP chief, Brexit backer Nigel Farage praises Le Pen (48) for highest-ever electoral support for National Front candidate (33.9%), says 80% of retirees voted for Macron, insists Marine enjoys support of younger generations, will win in 2022, meanwhile France will suffer “five more years of failure, five more years of being stuck in the wrong currency, and five more years of increasing terrorist attacks”; Trump flaunts his distinctive “keep’em guessing” policy style in WSJ interview: “Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist. I’m both. And I’m the only one who makes the decision, believe me”; meanwhile “Left Coast” cities of Portland, Olympia rocked by red-inspired May Day riots, California Assembly passes bill to repeal anti-communism ban on state employees, bill heads to upper chamber, Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen: “This bill is blatantly offensive to all Californians. Communism stands for everything that the United States stands against”

EU File: Albanian PM Edi Rama says union between his country and quasi-state Kosovo “a possible alternative to the closed door of the European Union,” alludes to Kremlin influence in Balkans: “How can the European Union allow at its own heart a gray zone where other actors can have a larger influence than the EU itself”; Kosovo’s so-called President Hashim Thaci chimes in: “If Brussels closes the door on Kosovo, all Albanians in the region will live in one unified state”; Serbia’s pro-EU PM Aleksandar Vucic reacts to Rama’s comments with threat to form all-Serbian state, including Bosnia’s Serb Republic: “If I said that all Serbs should live in one state, I would be hanged from a flagpole in Brussels”; Russian Foreign Ministry puts its foot down on irredentist musings: “We believe that the international community should jointly show Tirana and Albanian politicians in other Balkan states that it is unacceptable to advance territorial claims and to discuss the revision of borders”; Albania grants citizenship to Kosovo ex-PM Ramush Haradinaj as ethnic Albanian mayor in S. Serbia declares: “According to the Constitution of Albania, Edi Rama is the leader of all Albanians, regardless of where they live”; Moscow, Belgrade vow to deepen military cooperation after last fall’s Slavic Brotherhood exercise with Belarus

WW4 File: North Korea deploys 300 to 400 pieces of long-range artillery for live-fire drill on E. coast, near Wonsan; rocket-assisted shells from communist regime’s 170 mm Koksan self-propelled gun can potentially strike Seoul from positions close to DMZ, but South Korean military’s new mobile counter-artillery radar can detect DPRK’s big guns within 100 km radius; Kim Jong-un’s firepower display coincides with joint maneuvers by US, SK navies in Yellow Sea, joint army exercises NE of Seoul, arrival of guided-missile sub USS Michigan at SK port of Busan; Red China denies US media reports it has placed PLAAF H-6 strategic bombers on “high alert” amid tensions over Korean Peninsula; President Xi Jinping inspects Southern Theater Command of PLA on Apr. 21, stresses importance of “building a strong army,” urges all military personnel to “resolutely safeguard the authority of CPC Central Committee and unswervingly follow the Party’s leadership”; Russian strategic bombers, maritime recon planes skim Alaska’s Air Defense Identification Zone 4 times in as many days, spotted off N., S. coasts of state, prompt intercepts by US, Canadian fighter jets; Pentagon official: There is “no other way to interpret this other than as strategic messaging”

EU File: Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron advance to May 7 run-off vote after France’s Apr. 23 presidential election, National Front chief senses victory, resigns party leadership to appeal to moderates; BNP Paribas stocks surge as ex-Rothschild banker holds slight lead in tally, but Le Pen’s anti-immigrant campaign buoyed by fatal ISIS shooting on Champs-Élysées on Apr. 20; Le Pen lashes “bankers’ candidate” Macron: “He is a hysterical, radical ‘Europeanist.’ He is for total open borders. He says there is no such thing as French culture. There is not one domain that he shows one ounce of patriotism”; failed Republican, Socialist candidates throw support behind Macron, while FN woos working-class followers of far-left firebrand; FN deputy chief Steeve Briois: “The voters who voted for Mr. [Jean-Luc] Melenchon are angry voters. . . . They express a choice outside the system”; Le Pen made “private” trip to Trump Tower on Jan. 12, but apparently did not meet US president-elect; then made high-profile visit to Kremlin on Mar. 24 for tête-à-tête with Putin; Le Pen advocates “strong security ties” between Paris, Moscow, abolishing EU sanctions against Russia, recognizing annexation of Crimea

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

European civilization deserves to perish if French voters can’t scrape up enough patriotism to defeat the globalists’ candidate.

WW4 File: North Korea’s most advanced missiles apparently on display during Apr. 15 Pyongyang parade, Western analysts identify KN-11 SLBM, Pukguksong-2, Musudan IRBM, but puzzled by Musudan-like missile only longer, unknown Scud-like missile on tracked transporter; Russian social media shows transportation of S-400 missiles toward Vladivostok, 8 miles from Russia’s tiny border with DPRK, port city home to Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet; Moscow monitoring US response to Korean tensions, 3,500 troops, MiG-31s hold week-long army, navy drills in E. Military District beginning Apr. 4; US Air Force intercepts 2 Russian Tu-95 bombers 100 miles from Alaska’s Kodiak Island on Apr. 17, first such provocation since Trump inaugurated; follows Russian Air Force intrusions near Japan 5 days earlier, Tokyo scrambles 14 fighter jets to meet 3 Russian Bears, 1 Il-20 spy plane; freelance journalist in NE China films “endless convoy” of missile-carrying trucks near Shenyang city, follows reports of PLA deploying 150,000 troops near NK border; USS Carl Vinson spotted in Indonesian waters, 3,500 miles from Korean Peninsula, one week after MSM reported CSG “bearing down on Kim Jong-un,” 4 to 5 days needed to reach Korean waters at maximum speed; Russia, Red China dispatch spy ships to shadow US carrier; 1,250 US Marines, 13 combat aircraft arrive in Australia’s Northern Territory, CO queried on Korean situation: “We stand ready to fight”

WW4 File: North Korea’s Stalinist regime launches yet another missile from Sinpo on Apr. 16, projectile promptly blows up even as US vice-president flies to South Korea via Anchorage, Mike Pence makes surprise visit to DMZ, announces “the era of strategic patience is over,” reconfirms shipment of THAAD anti-missile systems to SK; President Trump sends another message to DPRK dictator Kim Jong-un after US military deploys first-ever Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on Apr. 13, 95 ISIS militants reportedly killed in cave-tunnel complex; Spicer refuses to confirm whether Trump specifically ordered use of MOAB, but president admits: “We have given them [US military] total authorization, and that’s what they’re doing. Frankly, that’s why they’ve been so successful lately”; follows firing of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian air base on Apr. 7 in response to Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians at Khan Shaykhun; former Afghan president Hamid Karzai condemns use of world’s 2nd-most powerful conventional bomb as “an immense atrocity against the Afghan people”; Red China defends sale of trucks to DPRK, flouting international sanctions after vehicles spotted in Pyongyang military parade pulling ballistic missiles; Mexican leftist leader Alberto Anaya Gutierrez leads Labor Party (PT) delegation to Pyongyang, signs “agreement of exchange and cooperation” with ruling Workers’ Party of Korea; PT affiliated with Sao Paulo Forum

WW4 File: PM Shinzo Abe warns North Korea could lob sarin-tipped missiles at Japan, reminds Japanese lawmakers of Tokyo subway terror attack in which doomsday cult used sarin to kill 12, sicken thousands of commuters in 1995; Aum Shinrikyo never admitted crime, still active in Japan, classified as terror org by Russia in 2016; destroyers, helos from Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force to conduct joint drills with USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group, Japan’s National Security Council to organize evacuation of 57,000 citizens from South Korea in event of war with North; US-Korea Institute: NK’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site “primed and ready”; NK dictator Kim Jong-un unveils “big and important event” announced Apr. 12, presides over opening of luxury residential skyscrapers (with no hot water) in downtown Pyongyang; US Sec. of State meets Putin, counterpart Lavrov in Moscow, talk Syria and NK, Tillerson: “There is a low level of trust between our two countries”; meanwhile US Justice Dept. arrests State Dept. employee for hiding contacts with Chinese communist agents, Candace Marie Claiborne “charged with obstructing an official proceeding and making false statements in connection with her alleged concealment and failure to report her improper connections to foreign contacts along with the tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and benefits they provided”

WW4 File: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un orders “immediate” evacuation of 600,000 residents from Pyongyang, or about 25% of capital’s population, NO WESTERN MEDIA CONFIRMATION YET; NK officials inform 200 foreign journalists present for 105th anniversary of birth of communist state’s founder Kim Il-sung to expect “big and important event” on Apr. 13, 2 days before national holiday; referring to redeploy- ment of USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group to region, Korean Central News Agency fulminates: “If the U.S. dares opt for a military action, crying out for ‘pre- emptive attack’ and ‘removal of headquarters,’ [North Korea] is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S.”; Moscow, Beijing apparently alarmed by NK missile tests, US President Donald Trump’s “message” to DPRK dictator via missile attack against Syrian air base on Apr. 6, follows Assad’s alleged use of sarin gas on civilians; PRC President Xi Jinping in Apr. 12 phone call to Trump “advocates resolving the issue through peaceful means,” while Russian missile cruiser Varyag makes “friendly” port of call at South Korea’s Busan; Red China’s defense ministry denies Yonhap News Agency report PLA deploying 150,000 troops to NK border, communist-run Global Times retracts statement: “Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities on its own”

Latin America/Asia Files: Cold War-era communist insurgencies winding down – NOT: Dissident rebels reject Nov. 2016 peace deal with Colombian government, target army convoy with IED, kill soldier, wound 4 others, military suspects FARC’s 7th Front responsible, 1 of 6 FARC units still active; National Liberation Army still fighting in NE part of Colombia; Shining Path “still strong” in Peru, insurgent snipers attack police convoy on Mar. 18, killing 3 agents of Special Anti-Drug Ops Division; government of Philippines Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, New People’s Army agree to temporary cease-fire, Maoists demand army withdraw from Mindanao in exchange for release of police officer, 3 soldiers; meanwhile, Communist Party of Philippines holds congress, reaffirms “necessity of waging armed revolution in order to counter the armed violence employed by the U.S. imperialists and the local reactionary ruling classes”; Indian police in Chhattisgarh state arrest 2 female Naxalites, follows late-night Mar. 30 attack on Dahikhal railway station in Odisha state, 20 armed Naxalites storm facility, detonate 2 explosive devices, seize station master, porter, demand staff denounce PM Narendra Modi; Nepal’s Maoist regime lifts script from Deng Xiaoping’s “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” (1978 – ), guerrilla commander-turned-PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal rolls out red carpet for Chinese, Japanese, Indian investors, World Economic Forum: “Nepal boasts the best macroeconomic environment in S. Asia”

WW4/Cyber-Leninism Files: US Pacific Command verifies North Korea’s latest missile test was medium-range KN-15 (Pukguksong-2), projectile launched from coastal city of Sinpo, flew 40 miles over Sea of Japan before crashing; Sinpo home port of NK’s sole ballistic missile sub, potential threat even if US, SK wipe out communist regime’s land-based arsenal; Pyongyang’s latest provocation comes 1 day before US president slated to host Red Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, “Winter White House” site of Feb. meeting with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe; PLA troops hold little-reported drill in Jilin province, near NK border on Mar. 24, while Japanese schoolchildren practice first-ever evacuation drills in event of NK missile attack; NK hackers may have stolen elements of US-SK war plan under cover of Sept. 2016 malware attack, 2,500 computers in SK Defense Ministry infected, including DM Han Min-goo’s, SK military officials downplayed network breach; NK hacking group “Lazarus” also raiding banks worldwide, ripped off US$81 million from state-owned Bangladesh Bank in Feb. 2016 cyber-heist

Red Terror File: Kyrgyz-born suicide bomber reportedly behind Apr. 3 blast in St. Petersburg metro, 14 officially confirmed deaths, 49 commuters hospitalized, Kremlin Investigative Committee suspects 22-year-old Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, Kyrgyzstan’s State Committee for National Security (GKNB) confirms identity; first major terror attack in St. Petersburg since Soviet collapse, follows anti-regime protests, mass arrests in Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan; Kyrgyz police used stun grenades to disperse 500 protesters who rallied outside GKNB HQ in Bishkek in support of Sadyr Zhaparov, nationalist leader returned to homeland on Mar. 25 after three years of self-imposed exile, promptly detained by KGB successor org, plans to run in Nov. presidential election, faces charges of hostage taking; PM Dmitry Medvedev rejects allegations of corruption, which sparked demos across Russia on Mar. 26, 2-week imprisonment of anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny; Communist Party plans Apr. 8 protest against United Russia’s economic policies, Chairman Zyuganov yet to announce candidacy for 2018 presidential bid

EU File: Hungary’s nationalist government enacts law closing down Soros-founded Central European University (CEU), Human Affairs Minister: “The organizations of George Soros operating in Hungary and around the world are just such pseudo-civilian agents, and we are committed to stamping out such activity”; Hungary to detain asylum seekers in camps consisting of shipping containers, “transit zones” part of border wall with Serbia; PM Viktor Orban seeks consultation with citizens on EU policies inimical to Hungary, esp. mass immigration, distributes popular survey titled “Let’s Stop Brussels”; Jobbik chief Gabor Vona eyes spring 2018 parliamentary vote, takes cue from France’s Marine Le Pen, moderates party’s far-right origins, softens rhetoric against Roma, Jews, homosexuals: “There is now very little difference between Jobbik’s policies and the [Orban] government on migration”; bankrupt ex-Marxist-Leninist Socialist Party launches campaign for next year’s vote, vows to implement luxury tax, higher taxes on income, real estate; MSZP lawmaker sides with Soros, opposes CEU closure: “This (bill) has zero professional justification”

Red Terror File/Red Dawn Alert: Bomb damages subway car between two St. Petersburg metro stations, 10 morning commuters killed, up to 50 injured; Russian prosecutor general denounces “terrorist act”; Putin in Russia’s second-largest city early Monday for face-to-face with Belarusian counterpart Lukashenko, responds to carnage: “I have already spoken to the head of our special services, they are working to ascertain the cause”; follows large anti-regime protests across Russia, Belarus on Mar. 25-26, 2,000 arrested in both countries; Russian ambassador to Belarus blames Western governments, NGOs for unrest: “We are looking at this closely, but understand that for now, the West does not have the strength to tear Belarus away from Russia”; analysis: Putin may be intimidating opposition ahead of 2018 presidential bid, evidence implicates FSB/KGB behind many “Islamic/ Chechen” terror attacks in Russia since 1999 apartment bombings propelled career Chekist to power; meanwhile Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) travel to Managua for six-day consultation with Nicaraguan military, plan joint exercise to take place in C. American country; Moscow closed ranks with neo-Sandinista regime when long-time KGB agent Daniel Ortega returned to presidency in 2007, Russian Tu-160 supersonic bombers touched down in Nicaragua in provocative 2013 flights

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Unknown terrorists attack Polish consulate in NW Ukrainian city, fire grenade launcher in early-morning hours, damage building’s roof but no casualties; Lutsk over 500 miles from conflict zone in Donbas; Ukraine’s SBU says weapon appeared to be Soviet-era RPG-26, points finger at Moscow-backed saboteurs: “The provocations against the Republic of Poland, which once in a while occur in Ukraine, are of benefit only to one party – the Russian Federation. Its methods of operation can be seen from far off”; Pawel Soloch, head of Poland’s National Security Bureau, opines: “Undoubtedly, this was a provocation. The question is: who did it and for what purpose? We know the context – there is a Russian aggression against Ukraine”; Russian Foreign Ministry refutes Kiev’s, Warsaw’s accusations in social media; follows Mar. 23 assassination of exiled Kremlin critic, Russian Communist lawmaker, Denis Voronenkov gunned down on Kiev street by ex-Ukrainian National Guard secretly working for Russian FSB, bodyguard also wounded but returns fire, assassin later dies; President Petro Poroshenko says killing “clearly shows the handwriting of Russian special services shown repeatedly in various European capitals in the past,” draws link to massive ammunition depot explosion in Balakleya, near E. city of Kharkiv, on same day, alleges sabotage; Warsaw convicts lawyer “Stanislaw Sz.” of spying for Russian GRU, hands down 4-year prison term

Useful Idiots Bin: George Soros assumes recently deceased David Rockefeller’s mantle of “Mr. Globalist” in “Leftist Billionaire Club,” even as Open Society Foundations condemned, face expulsion in various countries; Russia banned OSF in Nov. 2015, declared “security threat,” part of wider Kremlin crackdown on Western NGOs; Communist Party of China denounces Soros for “declaring war” on yuan, HK dollar, “predicting” crash of PRC economy for personal profit; Hungary prepares to ban OSF, Soros-founded Central European University in Budapest also faces closure under proposed law, CEU Rector Michael Ignatieff ex-chief of Liberal Party of Canada; Macedonia’s ex-PM Nikola Gruevski recommends Donald Trump’s book Great Again, blames Soros for unrest: “Soros NGOs in Macedonia have created a modern army”; Liviu Dragnea, head of Romania’s ruling Social Democratic Party, condemns Soros: “This man and the foundations and NGOs he has been setting up for years now in Romania, since the ’90s, I think, have fed evil in Romania”; GOP lawmakers urge Sec. of State Tillerson to probe claims USAID funding Soros NGOs overseas; Canada’s PM undermines White House immigration ban, welcomes Muslim refugees, globalist Justin Trudeau held face-to-face with Soros at Davos in Jan. 2016, joins forces with UN, OSF to promote private refugee sponsorship worldwide; Trudeau also beholden to Aga Khan IV, flew to Islamic sect leader’s private Bahamian island in Jan. 2017, Canadian taxpayers pour C$310 million into Aga Khan Foundation

USSR2 File: Large protests erupt in Russia, ongoing unrest in Belarus leads to more demos as citizens challenge Putin, Lukashenko regimes; Communist lawmakers break ranks with Kremlin, demand corruption probe into PM Dmitry Medvedev, allege Putin puppet has “amassed huge illicit wealth”; meanwhile Moscow police arrest 1,000 in unsanctioned March 26 demo, jail and fine opposition leader Alexei Navalny, independent Ekho Moskvy radio reports 60,000 took part in more than 80 demos across Russia, largest since 2011-2012; Russia’s opposition fears Putin, 64, will seek fourth presidential term in March 2018 election, ex-KGB officer Russia’s strongman since 1999; Minsk police arrest 400, beating some, during March 25 demo in latest crackdown on opposition, citizens denounce new social parasite tax, Belarusian Foreign Ministry maintains “actions of law enforcement agencies were completely appropriate,” dissidents allegedly hiding petrol bombs and firearms in vehicles; Belarusian KGB releases senior opposition figure after 3-day detention, Mikalay Statkevich missing since early Mar. 25, slated to lead Minsk protest later that day; follows KGB’s arrest of unspecified number of members of White Legion and Patriot Club, groups “suspected of plotting armed provocations,” accused of running training camps near cities of Babruysk and Mahilyou, as well as in Ukraine, NATO states Poland and Lithuania; Kiev, Vilnius scoff at Lukashenko’s allegations

Africa File: South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma rejects own ruling African National Congress resolution on land reform, sides with Marxist-Leninist Economic Freedom Fighters, third largest party in National Assembly; ex-communist Zuma echoes EFF’s Julius Malema, urges confiscation of white-owned land without compensation; Malema: “So, we are saying black people, all of us must unite so that we can change the Constitution so that we can expropriate land without compensation,” condemns “Dutch [Afrikaner] thugs”; Zuma concurs: “The black parties should unite on this issue”; Malema publicly chanted revolutionary song “Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer” in 2010, convicted of hate speech, expelled from ANC, song banned but President Zuma later sang same at ANC event, Genocide Watch describes lyrics as “incitement to commit genocide”; black militants invade farms as recently as Feb. 2017, employ unspeakably cruel methods (blowtorches, power tools, etc.) to torture, kill farm families, drive 30,000 rural whites out of South Africa; Boer Afrikaner Volksraad claims 40,000 members, views land expropriation without payment as “declaration of war,” group chair Andries Breytenbach: “We are ready to fight back. We need urgent mediation between us and the government. If this starts, it will turn into a racial war which we want to prevent”

source 1 source 2 source 3 (warning: graphic photos of injuries)

Meanwhile, long-forgotten by the North American shopping mall regime . . . the de facto genocide of the Afrikaners continues . . .  under the direction of black racist Marxists. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe under Comrade Mugabe was only the beginning of the extermination of southern Africa’s white population.

USA File: FBI wiretapped Trump Tower between 2011 and 2013, target was Russian mafia chief, presently fugitive; Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov ran “international money-laundering, sports gambling and extortion ring” from office three floors below Trump penthouse, laundered US$50 million through US banks; 7 months after Interpol red notice, mob boss spotted near billionaire in VIP section of Miss Universe pageant in Moscow; President Trump tweets: “Just watched the totally biased and fake news reports of the so-called Russia story on NBC and ABC. Such dishonesty!”; follows Jan. 15 threat by Anonymous hacker group to expose Trump’s alleged “financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers ”; FBI probe into purported Russian influence in 2016 election expands to include Pizzagate allegations, citizen-reporters’ supposed threats against Comet Ping Pong pizzeria owner James Alefantis, also extent to which “far-right, pro-Trump news operations” (i.e., Breitbart News, Infowars) “took any actions to assist Russia’s operatives”; House Judiciary Cmte.’s Louie Gohmert (R-TX) counters Left, globalist attempt to unseat Trump, urges investigation of John Podesta’s links to Russia; Hillary’s campaign manager sat on board of directors of Joule Unlimited alongside Russian officials, Moscow-based energy company received US$35 million from Kremlin’s Rusnano fund; Podesta Bros. implicated in DC elite pedophile ring

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

Continue huge sucking sound as the swamp drains . . .

USA File: Republican chair of House Intelligence Committee drops bomb, CONFIRMS President Trump’s wiretapping tweets, cites unidentified source, Devin Nunes to reporters: “I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community … collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition. I want to be clear, none of this surveillance was related to Russia or the investigation of Russian activities . . .”; Nunes says “incidental” electronic surveillance of president-elect and his team occurred “in months after election,” Trump Team’s “communications widely disseminated within spy agencies,” but denies wiretap, hack specifically targeted Trump Tower phones, computers; briefs House Speaker Paul Ryan, heads to White House for face-to-face with Trump; prediction: fakestream media’s unexpected candor will force American Left into damage control, Obama’s shadow government, globalists now on defensive; meanwhile David Brock, head of Soros-funded Media Matters for America, suffers heart attack, recovery expected; Clinton activist reported cocaine abuser, past gay lovers include James Alefantis, DC restaurateur implicated in citizen-led investigation of Pizzagate elite pedophile rings

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

Cue huge sucking sound as the swamp drains . . .

Communist Bloc Military Updates/Africa/Asia Files: Dictator Lukashenko approves joint military exercise with Russia on Belarusian soil between Sept. 14-20, Zapad 2017 to not exceed 13,000 Union State troops, NATO observers to be welcomed; Russian Armed Forces carries out “unprecedented” land, air, sea drills in occupied Crimea, 2,500 VDV troops, 600 pieces of equipment deployed; Moscow-Beijing Axis advances with sale of 24 Russian-built Su-35 fighter jets to Red China, along with deliveries of S-400 air defense batteries, set to begin in 2018; new equipment will expand PLA’s reach across Taiwan Strait, counter air assets of US allies in S. and E. China Seas; Russia denies purported intent to buy 2 French-built amphibious assault ships originally slated for Russian Navy but sold to Egypt, even though Russia has now deployed special forces to Egypt-Libya border, plans delivery in 2017 of 46 Ka-52 attack helos for Mistrals, currently moored in Alexandria; Russia reconsolidates Cold War-era influence over SE Asia: Communist Vietnam signs FTA with Eurasian Economic Union, reiterates interest in purchasing Russian weaponry; Moscow cultivates new clients among traditional US allies in region, sells Su-35s to Indonesia, 3 Sukhoi Superjet SSJ-100 aircraft to Thailand; Bangkok also considers procuring armored vehicles, air defense systems, Mi-17 helos, and Yak-130, Su-30 and Be-200 aircraft; Philippines expresses interest in buying helos, fast boats, UAVs, small weapons

Communist Bloc Military Updates/Africa File: Russia increases military footprint in Libyan civil war, backs Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, internationally recognized government in Tobruk, deploys special forces, UAVs to air base at Sidi Barrani, Egypt, 60 miles from Libyan border, previous deployments further east in Marsa Matrouh in early Feb.; Council of Deputies chair Aguila Saleh Issa: “We asked the Russian government to help us with training the soldiers in our armed forces and the repair of military equipment by Russian specialists because the majority of our officers studied in Russia and many speak the Russian language and know how to use Russian equipment”; Haftar made 2 trips to Moscow in 2016, welcomed Russian aircraft carrier to Tobruk in Jan., but Russian Defense Ministry (predictably) denies everything; Russia’s RSB private security firm sent 2 dozen armed contractors to Benghazi last year on de-mining mission; Rosneft inks agreement with Libyan National Oil Corp. to redevelop oilfields devastated by ISIS attacks; US Marine Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, head of Africa Command, during Mar. 9 Senate hearing: “Russia is trying to exert influence on the ultimate decision of who becomes, and what entity becomes, in charge of the government inside Libya”

Useful Idiots Bin/Cyber-Leninism File: Putin master of kompromat, employs KGB-style tactics against Western targets: Rossiyskaya Gazeta plants fake news in Washington Post, KGB/FSB general feeds disinfo to Christopher Steele, ex-MI6 officer compiles “damning” dossier on US President Trump, Oleg Erovinkin later murdered; British politicos and businessmen also targets of Kremlin “smear campaigns”; Russia possibly manipulating US banker, sex offender Jeffrey Epstein into entrapping politicos (Bill Clinton), British Royals (Prince Andrew) in pedophilia, other sex crimes; Putin says Russian prostitutes are “best in the world,” CFR/TC cadre Epstein agrees, uses Moscow contacts to build Russian harems in Manhattan mansion, private “Orgy Island” in US Virgin Islands; ex-DNI Clapper admits Russia possesses technical means to remotely install child porn on enemy computers, NSA network swamped with illegal types of porn; London-based dissident Vladimir Bukovsky faces child porn charges, claims FSB selected him for character assassination; meanwhile rank hypocrisy infects American Left as FBI globalists, Democrats, MSM depict Trump as “Russian agent,” condemn Flynn, Sessions, Kushner for meeting with Russian ambassador, even though Kislyak visited Obama White House 22 times; Conway to Fox’s Hannity: “We’ve had eight months and I’m not sure they’ve advanced the ball at all”

WW4 File: US Navy SEAL Team 6, which rubbed out arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden in 2011, joins annual US-South Korean drills, practices decapitation strike against North’s communist regime; US Army’s Rangers, Delta Force and Green Berets also dispatched to Korean theater; SK military official: “A bigger number of and more diverse U.S. special operation forces will take part in this year’s Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises to practice missions to infiltrate into the North, remove the North’s war command and demolition”; Seoul planning for years to target Kim Jong-un, top officials if North launches nukes; US Forces Korea permanently deploys Gray Eagle UAVs to Kunsan Air Base, aerial recon drones assigned to 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade of 2nd Infantry Division; USS Carl Vinson makes port of call in Busan, ROK, while DPRK vows “merciless ultra-precision strikes” against 5,500-sailor aircraft carrier if North’s sovereignty violated; US Sec. of State Tillerson visits DMZ, holds press conference with SK FM, avows “pre-emptive military action” against North if warranted; Interpol issues “red notice” for arrest of 4 NK males in connection with nerve agent killing of Kim Jong-un’s half-brother in Malaysia

EU File: “European Spring” reaction to globalism, Islamic invasion falters in Netherlands after right-populist Party for Freedom picks up seats but fails to secure governing majority in March 15 vote, incumbent PM Mark Rutte’s party loses seats but retains power, nationalist leader Geert Wilders tweets: “You haven’t gotten rid of me yet!”; Europe’s globalist politicians gloat over results of Dutch vote, predict poor showing for Marine Le Pen in France’s April 23 presidential election, however Dutch political system highly fractured; meanwhile, Zurich-based UBS warns against writing off National Front chief: “[W]e caution against extrapolating the Dutch results, and continue to see a 40 percent chance of a Le Pen victory in France”; US, Danish, Swedish, Argentine governments, investment banks UBS, BlackRock, Barclays express cautious optimism over far-right victory in France, send reps to confer with FN, economic adviser to Le Pen: “We have had people queueing up to talk to us about our programme”; French branch of Rothschild family tries to thwart Le Pen’s ambitions, backs presidential bid of ex-banker, Socialist-turned-centrist Emmanuel Marcon; English branch of banking dynasty backed failed leftist politician Hillary Clinton, Lynn Forester de Rothschild castigates HRC’s campaign manager John Podesta in Feb. 21, 2017 tweet

WW4 File: Red China threatens America with nuclear war after US military deploys THAAD anti-missile system at South Korea’s Osan Air Base in wake of North’s rocket tests on Feb. 12 and Mar. 6, 3 ballistic missiles splash down in Japan’s economic zone in latest NK saber rattling; state-run Global Times rumbles: “. . . The US must pay the price for the THAAD deployment . . . China should take countermeasures to upset such plans . . . China should counter it with more advanced nuclear warheads and missiles”; US-Korea Institute: NKs prepping for 6th n-bomb test at Punggye-ri test site; Japanese lawmakers call for “first strike” capability against NK; US, SK forces involved in Foal Eagle military drill, Key Resolve computer war sim throughout March; meanwhile, SK in political turmoil after Constitutional Court upholds impeachment of center-right President Park Geun-hye for corruption and influence peddling; relations between NK, Malaysia nosedive after PM Najib Razak publicly accuses Pyongyang of assassinating half-brother of NK dictator Kim Jong-un in Kuala Lumpur on Feb. 13, 4 suspects arrested, including 3 women, 1 NK male; NK, Malaysia ban citizens of other country from departing; 1,000 NK communist spies in Malaysia, hiding behind legit business interests, esp. IT, iron ore, smuggling cash out of country via diplomatic pouch

WW4 File: US President Trump makes good on pledge to annihilate Islamic State as Pentagon deploys 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit to N. Syria via Kuwait, 400 US Marines to join rebel assault on ISIS stronghold of Raqqa; Pentagon also deploys 100 US Army Rangers to Manbij via Iraqi Kurdistan as White House mulls reserve force of 1,000 soldiers in Kuwait; meanwhile, Russian Air Force continues withering 18-month campaign against ISIS and US-backed anti-Assad rebel groups; Tu-95 and Tu-22M3 strategic bombers fly out of Russian air bases in Jan./Feb., refuel in Iran, traverse Iraqi airspace, pound ISIS forces besieging E. government enclave of Dayr al-Zawr, as well as Raqqa; Su-30CM and Su-35 fighter jets also fly out of permanent Russian air base near Latakia in Alawite heartland; Russian airstrikes bombed US-backed Syrian Arab Coalition forces in NE Syria on Feb. 28, inflicting casualties and thereby exposing strong potential for superpower showdown if Russian warplanes harm or kill US ground forces; Russian military expert Viktor Baranetz comments on NATO buildup in ex-communist states: “The Americans are deploying their tanks, airplanes and special forces battalions along the Russian border. And we [Russia] are quietly ‘seeding’ the U.S. shoreline with nuclear ‘mole’ missiles. They dig themselves in and ‘sleep’ until they are given the command”; Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov mocks Baranetz: “. . . I would suggest that you not take newspaper reports like this seriously”

EU File: French globalists, Eurocrats follow trail blazed by US Democratic Party, launch desperate bid to stop front-running, Trump-admiring right-populist Marine Le Pen from winning Apr. 23/May 7 presidential election; outgoing Socialist Pres. Hollande failed to thwart surge of Islamic terrorist attacks during admin, vows to disrupt Le Pen’s anti-immigration bid for Élysée Palace: “My ultimate duty is to make sure that France is not won over by such a [National Front] program . . .”; French police raid FN HQ near Paris on Feb. 20 in “fake jobs” probe after European Parliament’s anti-fraud agency alleges Le Pen paid party staff with EU funds in 2011-12, FN hits back: “It looks on the face of it like a media operation whose goal is to disturb the course of the presidential campaign”; Euro Parliament’s legal affairs cmte. votes to lift fellow MEP Le Pen’s immunity for tweeting “violent” pics of ISIS in 2015, whole body must ratify vote; French appeals court upholds conviction of Le Pen’s father, FN founder Jean-Marie for anti-Roma remarks; Le Pen rallies voters with “France First” policy, urges preservation of French civilization vis-à-vis globalism, Islam: “We enlist all patriots from the right or left to join us”; long-time card-carrying communists in NE rust belt towns defecting to National Front

USA File: President Trump’s claims predecessor orchestrated protests against immigration ban, sponsored leaks of phone calls with foreign leaders, ordered tapping of phones at Trump Tower before election riles Democratic politicos, fakestream media; Trump in Fox interview: “I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it”; Trump on tapping: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism”; Kevin Lewis for Obama, denies allegation: “Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false”; FBI Director Comey urges DOJ to refute president’s claims re. tapping, former DNI Clapper denies any knowledge of tapping Trump campaign; Heat Street’s Nov. 7 article: FISA court granted FBI permission last Oct. to hack Trump Tower computer, probe for links to Russia’s Alfa and SVB banks, possible financial “offenses”; right-wing online mag duly notes Trump’s March 4 “corroboration” of original report; Trump expected to sign revised immigration ban on Feb.6 or 7, federal appeals court temporarily blocked parts of previous EO, halted travel ban

Red Terror File: Unexplained deaths of six Russian diplomats, Rosneft exec since Nov. prompt Internet speculation of “Deep State” (i.e., CIA) complicity, Russian media predictably blames “foreign intelligence services,” American Thinker suggests “Putincide”; body count: – NOV. 8, 2016: Sergei Krivov, 63, duty commander at Russian consulate in NYC, in charge of “preventing sabotage” and “suppressing attempts of secret intrusion,” mortis causa: fall from roof, blunt force injuries to head, later changed to heart attack; – DEC. 19, 2016: Andrei Karlov, 62, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, mortis causa: shot dead by Turkish police officer at photo exhibit in Ankara, Turkish officials suspect Gulenist sympathies, assassin’s Russian girlfriend “grilled” by FSB; – SAME DAY: Petr Polshikov, 56, senior officer in Latin American Dept. of Foreign Ministry, mortis causa: gunshot wound to head, body found in his Moscow apartment; – DEC. 26, 2016: Oleg Erovinkin, 61, career Chekist, key aide to Rosneft head Igor Sechin, believed to have helped ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele compile “fake news” dossier on Donald Trump, mortis causa: found dead in back of his car in Moscow, initial reports suggest murder, later changed to heart attack; – JAN. 9, 2017: Andrei Malanin, 55, Russian consul in Athens, mortis causa: found dead on bathroom floor in his apartment by embassy staff, Greek police say “no evidence of a break-in” and death attributed to natural causes; – JAN. 27, 2017: Alexander Kadakin, 67, Russia’s ambassador to India, mortis causa: succumbed to “brief illness” according to Indian media, Reuters reports Kadakin died from heart failure, but few details known; – FEB. 20, 2017: Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s highly respected ambassador to UN, mortis causa: suspected heart failure, but Pravda cites supposed US toxicology report, says Churkin poisoned

End Times File: Making America Great Again: President Trump’s Feb. 9 executive orders focus on public safety, crime reduction, combatting drug and human trafficking, preventing violence against LE officers; Trump, daughter Ivanka meet with anti-trafficking activists on Feb. 22, vow to bring “full force and weight” of US government to end criminal “epidemic”; National Human Trafficking Hotline identified more than 7,500 domestic cases of human trafficking in 2016, highest number reported from CA, TX, FL; Fairfax County, Virginia police detective comments on national capital’s role in teen sex trafficking (with hat tip toward Pizzagate allegations implicating Clintons, Podesta Bros., Democratic politicos): “We’re the fifth-largest hub in the country”; 1,500 pedophile arrests made since Trump took office, meanwhile fakestream media ignores crackdown, demonizes Milo Yiannopoulos;’s Liz Crokin: “This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?”; US arrests follow break up of pedophile/child porn ring in Norway, Operation Dark Room led to 20 arrests, including lawyers, politicians, police officer, 31 other suspects identified, perps “met” on dark web

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

America’s enemies, including the domestic Left, benefit tremendously from the morally and culturally eroding influences of this sort of criminality.

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russia to build prototype of revamped 1980s-era supersonic Blackjack bomber, maiden flight of Tu-160M2 slated for 2018, launch mass production in 2021, deliver 50 units to air force; Russian Ground Forces to be retrofitted with short-range nuke-capable road-mobile 9K720 Iskander-M ballistic missiles by end of 2017, Soviet-era OTR-21 tactical missiles phased out; DM Shoigu in first-ever official comment on Kremlin cyberwarfare: Military’s “information troops” engaged in “intelligent, effective propaganda” against West, offers no details; Tokyo protests Moscow’s plan to garrison entire division in disputed S. Kuril Islands; Red China finishes construction of 2 dozen concrete structures with retractable roofs on Subi, Mischief and Fiery Cross reefs in Spratly Islands, U.S. intel official: “[T]hese structures resemble others that house SAM batteries, so the logical conclusion is that’s what they are for”; PLAN, including sole aircraft carrier Liaoning, guided missile destroyer, third warship, wraps up week of maneuvers in S. China Sea on Feb. 17; next day US Navy carrier USS Carl Vinson begins “routine operations” in same disputed waters; Beijing denies troop buildup along N. Korean border after assassination of Kim Jong-un’s estranged half-brother in Kuala Lumpur, also dismisses reports of PLA patrols in Afghanistan

Useful Idiots Bin: Democrats, fakestream media play up President Trump’s alleged subservience to Moscow when Russian bank docs actually expose money trail between Kremlin and Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign manager John Podesta via companies owned by Russian billionaire, Putin chum Viktor Vekselberg; rubles earmarked for Hillary originated from Kremlin-owned investment fund Rusnano, funnelled into Moscow branch of Metcombank (owned 100% by Vekselberg), transferred to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in New York City, finally secreted into Clinton Foundation’s account at Bank of America; Bill Clinton strikes up partnership with Canadian mining financier, Uranium One founder Frank Giustra in 2005, Giustra channels US$31.3 m into Clinton Foundation before selling stake 2 years later; for his part Uranium One’s Canadian chairman Ian Telfer directs between US$1.3 and 5.6 m in undisclosed contributions to Clintons; Mikhail Prokhorov’s Renaissance Capital invites Bill to speak in Moscow in June 2010, same month Rosatom strikes deal for majority stake in Uranium One, Russian nuke regulator gradually assumes total control over Toronto-based uranium company by 2013

USA File: Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov lurks off E. Coast, spotted 70 miles off Delaware on Feb. 13, now 30 miles S. of US Navy sub base at New London, CT; Leonov sailing in mid-Atlantic 4 weeks ago, entered Caribbean, made port of call in Kingston, Jamaica, headed N., along America’s E. seaboard; Russian surveillance vessels also skulk around King’s Bay, GA, US Navy’s other E. Coast sub base; National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns amid allegations he misled VP Pence, transition team re. conversations with Russian ambassador, Flynn denies post-election talks with Sergei Kislyak had “substantive” value, Justice Dept. warned White House that Flynn could be “vulnerable to blackmail” by Kremlin; bipartisan Senate Intelligence Cmte. probes Trump campaign’s alleged covert links to Russia, Trump tweets: “This Russian connection non-sense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign”; meanwhile Russia quietly backs “Calexit” secessionist movement, “Yes California” leader Louis Marinelli, 30, relocates HQ from San Diego to Yekaterinburg, rejoins Russian wife, attends secessionist conference sponsored by Kremlin-funded Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, opens “embassy” in Moscow, state-run Russia Today profiles Marinelli; mini-flashback: “ex”-KGB analyst Igor Panarin published map in 1998 predicting “Balkanization” of USA

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The Moscow Leninists really are seeking the destruction of America, all the more so now that the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution has arrived. Viva Golitsyn!

Asia File: Communist assassins kill estranged half-brother of N. Korean dictator at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport, stab Kim Jong-nam, 45, with poisoned needles, 2 female killers flee in taxi; Jong-nam living in exile, travelling under alias Kim Chol, waiting for flight to Macau at time of Jan. 13 murder; Kim Jong-un displaced Jong-nam from Pyongyang’s dynastic regime in Dec. 2011; nuclear weapons state N. Korea launches KN-11-mod 2 missile from NW region last Sat. evening, missile travels 300 miles over Sea of Japan but did not enter Japanese waters, Kim Jong-un present at test site; S. Korean official to Yonhap on upcoming joint military exercises with USA, “biggest ever” in alliance’s history: “The two sides have agreed to send U.S. strategic assets, such as the F-22 stealth fighters and a nuclear-powered submarine, one by one to the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercises in March”; think tank: People’s Liberation Army Rocket Forces preparing to annihilate US bases, carrier groups in Western Pacific; 12 US Air Force F-22 Raptors arrive in Australia’s “Top End” ahead of first-ever Enhanced Air Cooperation drill with Royal Australian Air Force, 1,250 US Marines to deploy for additional maneuvers in Northern Territory, Aussie media casts wary eye at Red China’s artificial island military bases in S. China Sea, remarks: “[US] military buildup in N.T. could provoke China”

USA File: ICE agents round up 600 illegal immigrants across country in 1 week of raids, pre-dawn op on Feb. 13 across Santa Cruz County, CA leads to arrest of 9 members of Mara Salvatrucha gang, officers arrive in APCs emblazoned with DHS logo; President Trump tweets: “The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed”; open borders groups go ballistic, even though Obama Admin deported 409,849 unauthorized immigrants in 2012, so admits NYT; Soros bankrolls Democratic Party, far left insurgency against Trump White House, but ex-Pres. Obama commands “foot soldiers” from unusual post-admin DC residence, Organizing for Action boasts support of 30,000 agitators, employs Saul Alinsky-type protest tactics, evolved from Obama for America campaign, draws upon war chest of US$40 million; campus-based orgs once again advocating violent 1960s-style revolution: By Any Means Necessary instigated riots at UC-Berkeley, gloats over “success” of depriving Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos of First Amendment rights; Knights of Socialism recruits students for “Left Fight Club” at University of Central Florida, encourages touring elementary school students to whack Trump piñata, shout “Kill Trump”

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Apart from Obama, Woodrow Wilson is apparently the only other president to make DC his residence after serving his term(s).

USA File: Making America Great Again: Another hit for: Immigration and Customs Enforcement rounds up 160 illegal aliens for long-overdue deportation, homes raided in S. California over 5-day period, ICE says arrests “routine,” foreign criminals targeted; Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights holds rally outside ICE detention center in downtown LA, 150 protesters block 101 Freeway; US Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-LA) blasts ICE raids as “outrageous,” pro-communist National Lawyers Guild says more persons detained than ICE admits; follows high-profile arrest of Mexican illegal Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos in Phoenix on Feb. 8, Soros-funded Puente Arizona Human Rights Movement organizes protest outside ICE office in support of mother of 2 US-born children, 7 arrested, including man who tied himself to tire of ICE van; ICE officer injured while arresting 3 “criminal aliens” in Austin, Texas; ICE denies social media reports agents “terrorizing” east side of Charlotte, North Carolina, rounding up illegals en masse; Fox: DHS internal report allegedly says US-Mexico border wall to cost US$21.6 billion, up from Trump’s original estimate of $12 billion, US taxpayers to foot bill, not Mexico after all

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160 illegals arrested. How many more million to go? ICE is going to be busy for some time.

USA File: Making America Great Again: Two strikes against, one hit for: President Trump softens post-election rhetoric on Red China, reaffirms Beijing’s One China Policy in phone call with PRC counterpart Xi Jinping, prof. at Renmin University of China: “Trump lost his first fight with Xi and he will be looked at as a paper tiger”; about-face on Taiwan’s status possibly prompted by fact US military excessively dependent on Red China’s global monopoly on rare earth metals; Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to introduce bill to require US defense contractors to obtain rare earths produced in America, even under federal subsidy; Trump lets down Religious Right supporters by renewing Obama EO on LGBT anti-discrimination policies in federal government, evangelical VP Pence backs boss’ decision; daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly pro-gay, believed to have influenced Trump; radical social engineering remains key plank in American Left, New World Order agendas; Senate confirms Trump’s controversial nominee for Education Secretary in vote requiring Pence’s unprecedented tie-breaking intervention, billionaire Betsy DeVos supports educational choice, earns wrath of teachers’ unions; meanwhile Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) introduce one-sentence bill to abolish US Dept. of Education, created under Pres. Carter

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Extracting America from the grip of the Left and its globalist enablers is an enormous task. President Trump can’t do it all overnight. Deporting millions of illegal aliens, building the border wall with Mexico, and countering leftist propaganda in the fakestream media and among street-level agitators are only the first few steps in that direction.

USSR2/WW4 Files: Lukashenko in worst row ever with Putin, reasserts Belarus’ economic and foreign policy independence from Russia, praises “fraternal” Ukraine’s “fight for independence” against (Moscow-backed) Donbas separatists, rejects Russian request to build air base in Bobruisk, urges transfer of fighter jets to Belarusian Air Force instead; Belarusian dictator in Feb. 3 interview says “Russia has grabbed Belarus by the throat,” angry over Kremlin’s demand for payment of US$340 million natural gas bill, curtailing of oil supplies, implementation by Russian FSB of border controls between Union State members; Russia ready to ban import of beef, poultry, milk and dairy products from Belarus; NATO’s deployment of 4 armored brigades of 1,000 troops each in Poland, Baltics states response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, but also Russian plans for Zapad 2017 military drill in Belarus next Sept., Lithuanian DM warns: “The presence of such a large amount of [Russian] troops next to our borders, of course, creates some risks. We will take counter-measures, including with our allies, to avoid any provocations”; Ukrainian military expert: “With Caucasus 2008, Russia started a war with Georgia, during a training exercise”; RAF intercepts Russian Blackjack bombers lurking outside British airspace for 5 hours

WW4 File: Putin responds to NATO military activity near Russian borders by placing air force on “high alert,” DM Shoigu says drills launched Feb. 7 will “check the air force’s readiness and its ability to repel enemy aggression,” “practice the deployment of air defense systems”; NATO army exercise near Zagan, Poland involves 87 US tanks, 144 armored vehicles, 3,500 troops, Gen. Ben Hodges, cmdr. of US Army in Europe, remarks: “An outright attack by Russia is unlikely, but the best way to keep it unlikely is to do what we’re doing here today”; Deutsches Heer deploys 450 troops and 200 vehicles, including 30 tanks, by train to Lithuania, Pres. Dalia Grybauskaite welcomes German battalion to town of Rukla, hosts German DM Ursula von der Leyen; US Army’s 69th Armored Regiment arrives in Estonia, replaces airborne paratroopers from 173rd Brigade, Abrams tanks and Bradley IFVs accompany new rotation of soldiers, British and French troops also expected to contribute to Estonia’s defense; 2,800 NATO seamen, including Romanian and Bulgarian navies, participate in Sea Shield 2017 drill in Black Sea; US warship near Hawaii successfully shoots down target missile with Standard Missile-3 Block IIA interceptor, Putin’s view on US missile defense: Neutralize it

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: France’s front-running presidential candidate Marine Le Pen addresses National Front conference in Lyon, formally announces bid for April 23 vote/May 7 run-off, blasts “twin totalitarianisms” of globalism, Islam, vows to withdraw France from EU (“Frexit”), NATO’s integrated command, enshrine “national preference” for Frenchmen/women in constitution; 5,000 party followers chant: “On est chez nous” (“We are in our land”); FN deputy chief urges scandal-plagued center-right rival Francois Fillon to bow out of race; Dutch nationalist leader Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech in Dec. ruling, but no penalty imposed; Wilders’ Party for Freedom poised to win March 15 parliamentary vote, vows to withdraw Netherlands from EU (“Nexit”), impose permanent ban on Koran and Muslim immigration; Brexit-backing PM Theresa May defends decision to host Trump state visit, but 150 British lawmakers sign symbolic motion calling for ban on US president addressing parliament, Labour MP calls Trump “fascist”; personal vehicle of police chief of Uppsala, Sweden explodes outside residence as colleagues across country quit in droves, police forces lower “intelligence requirements” to attract recruits; meanwhile, Swedish patriots, angered by country’s status as (Islamic) “rape capital of the West,” join neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement

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President Trump is not a fascist, but he is a right-wing populist. There are important differences, which some honest leftists correctly acknowledge. Nevertheless, Trump-admiring nationalists who have repackaged their neo-fascist origins as populism are poised to assume power in Europe.