WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Russian-terrorist formations attack government-held positions in Donbas 52 times over past 24 hours, lob 60 shells at E. suburbs of strategic port of Mariupol; ATO: Russian FSB/KGB delivers 200 fake Ukrainian army uniforms to frontline proxies, provocations expected; Russian Navy’s small but deadly missile frigates, corvettes conduct drills in E. Mediterranean, Caspian Seas, Caspian Flotilla fired Caliber cruise missiles over Iran, Iraq, struck ISIS targets in Syria last Oct., Nov., Moscow once again requests permission from Baghdad, Tehran to launch Calibers at ISIS; Russian forces, Transnistrian separatists hold another “anti-terrorist” exercise in Moldova’s breakaway region, previous drill took place in early Aug., involved amphibious vehicles, paratroopers; 1,412 Russian combat, peacekeeping troops stationed only 80 miles NW of Ukrainian city of Odessa, Moldova has repeatedly demanded withdrawal of Russian army from its territory, comply with 1999 CFE Treaty; Ukrainian military intel (HUR) still on alert for potential Russian invasion into country’s heartland via Donbas ahead of Aug. 24 Independence Day events; Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany says Russia’s 40,000 troops in Crimea well-positioned to also attack mainland, “new bloody conflict will be really fatal not only for Ukraine, but for the whole of Europe”

The isthmus connecting Crimea to Kherson Oblast is very narrow, but if the Russian army can break through the Ukrainian Ground Forces’ first line of defense, which consists of main battle tanks, APCs, anti-tank rockets and a 20-km anti-tank trench with watchtowers, and hold that line, then an invasion corridor could potentially be secured.

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WW4 File: US intel detects dozens of new hardened bunkers for Russian leaders, as well as recent construction at Yeltsin-era underground cities in Urals, e.g., Kosvinsky and Yamantau Mtns., CIA report: “The command post at Kosvinsky appears to provide the Russians with the means to retaliate against a nuclear attack”; special subways exist to whisk neo-Soviet leadership to bunkers within Moscow region, e.g., Voronovo, Sharapovo; Virginia-based think tank: “Russia is getting ready for a big war which they assume will go nuclear, with them launching the first attacks. We are not serious about preparing for a big war, much less a nuclear war”; Russia modernizing nuclear deterrent with deployment of SS-27 Mod 2 MIRV-able ICBMs, SS-N-32 SLBMs

The Moscow Leninists evidently expect a nuclear war to be fought over Ukraine . . .

source 1

WW4 File: Syrian Civil War: Kremlin establishes military presence on NATO’s S., S.E. flanks: 1) deploys Tu-22M3 strategic bombers to Hamedan air base in W. Iran, cuts flight time to ISIS targets in Syria by 60%, Backfires normally fly out of Modzok in S. Russia, too large to operate out of air base near Latakia, Syria; follows Russian ambassador’s formal statements on close military cooperation between Moscow, Tehran, contractual obligation to deliver all S-300 air defense batteries to Iran by end of 2016; 2) formalizes agreement with Assad to transform Hmeimim air base in Alawite heartland into permanent facility for Russia Air Force contingent with 1,000 airmen, expand runways to accommodate An-124 airlifters; Moscow disavows deployment of strategic bombers, nuclear weapons to Syria but, according to TASS news agency, bilateral agreement “allows Russia to bring to and from the Syrian Arab Republic any weapons, ammunition, equipment and materials relevant to the air task force’s missions . . .”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow-backed rebels in Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts use grenade launchers, 82 mm mortars and large-caliber machine-guns to attack 64 government-held positions over past 24 hours; “Russian hybrid forces” continue to pummel E. suburbs of Mariupol with heavy artillery, anti-tank rockets as of May 14; Ukrainian border guards report “situation calm” at checkpoints leading to occupied Crimea, observe decline in Russian military “activity”; meanwhile, Kremlin deploys S-400 air defense battery to occupied Crimea, air defense troops to participate in North Caucasus (Kavkaz) 2016 exercise in Sept.; Ukrainian military intel (HUR) says Russia has also secretly deployed air defense battalion to rebel-held Donbas, specifically E. Military District’s 60th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, under command of Russian Armed Forces Major Yuri Korchinskiy; Informatsiynyi Sprotyv website reports Russian battle formation near Crimea-Kherson border consists of at least 30 tanks, 60-70 armoured vehicles, 40 artillery units; SMOG OF WAR: Russia’s N. Fleet conducts unusual exercise, uses fog machines to blanket closed Arctic city of Severomorsk with artificial haze, hide naval base in “event of confrontation,” CBRN troops participate

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian General Staff affirms ability to repel possible Russian invasion: “We have enough forces and resources in order to effectively confront our enemy”; Ukrainian Air Force pilots practice landing, taking off in MiG-29 fighter, Su-24 attack aircraft on highway between Kiev and Chop, in W. Ukraine, part of Sky Shield 2016 drill; Ukrainian Navy mobilizes coastal missile and marine infantry troops in Kherson, Zaporizhia oblasts, carries out live-fire drills; Kherson regional officials work with Kiev to fortify “second and third lines of defense” against possible Russian advance from Crimea; UN Security Council holds closed meeting on Crimean crisis, Ukrainian, Russian ambassadors “trade barbs” on subject of alleged Ukrainian raid into occupied peninsula

source 1

source 2 (features video of MiG-29 landing on highway in W. Ukraine)

source 3 (subscription, not full article)

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WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow foments pretext for open war with Kiev: FSB parades alleged terror suspect Yevhen Panov on Russian media, maintains nuke power plant technician working for Ukrainian military intelligence, brother Igor insists Panov kidnapped from Zaporizhia Oblast, smuggled to occupied Crimea; Admiral Komoyedov, chairman of Russia’s Duma defense committee, lashes out at “uncontrollable Ukrainian radicals,” brands saboteurs that allegedly tried to infiltrate Crimea as “Banderites” (named after WW2-era Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera), calls supposed killing of Russian soldier, FSB agent near Armyansk “a huge provocation that could push the situation in the region and the entire Europe off the balance”; NATO official says recent Russian military activity in Crimea “not helpful,” adds “We are also deeply concerned by the recent upsurge in violence in eastern Ukraine, and the increase in ceasefire violations along the line of contact, primarily by the Russian-backed militants”; urges Moscow to “work for calm and de-escalation”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Chief of Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) Kondratiuk reports to Poroshenko, says Russian soldiers, FSB/KGB border troops evidently staged gun battle along border between Crimea, mainland Ukraine, mock skirmish supports Moscow’s designs against Kiev; Army General Staff Chief Muzhenko ridicules Russia’s allegations of Ukrainian-led sabotage squad infiltrating occupied peninsula to bomb beach resorts: “This is complete hogwash and does not correspond with reality. No one opened fire with artillery or fired any other kind of weapons. This can be verified . . .”; Poroshenko requests emergency meeting of UN Security Council to discuss “Kremlin-manufactured provocations in Crimea”; Putin summons Russian Security Council to discuss conflict with Ukraine, announces war games in Black Sea; body previously met on Aug. 8 in midst of provocations in N. Crimea; Black Sea Fleet’s Aug. 11-13 drill to coincide with North Caucasus 2016 maneuver, counter “underwater saboteurs” at Crimean resorts, consists of 12 warships and support vessels, Mil Mi-8 and Kamov Ka-27PS helos

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukraine’s Pres. Poroshenko responds to war drums in Moscow, says: 1) “Russian accusations that Ukraine has launched terror attacks in the occupied Crimea are equally cynical and insane as its claims that there are no Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. These fantasies pursue the only goal: a pretext for more military threats against Ukraine’; 2) places army on combat alert along frontlines in Crimea, Donbas; 3) urges foreign ministry to arrange Normandy Four peace talks, also invites US VP Biden, Pres. of European Council/former Polish PM Tusk; outgoing US ambassador to Ukraine scoffs at allegations: “Russia has a record of frequently levying false accusations at Ukraine to deflect attention from its own illegal actions”; state of Ukrainian land defenses since Russia’s seizure of Crimea: 1) Kiev allocated US$155 million to build 2,000 km of defensive barriers along Russian border, total of 180 km of anti-tank trenches dug as of Aug. 2015, additional 230 km of trenches, metal fences, 32 watchtowers constructed between Kharkiv and Chernihiv (in N. Ukraine) as of Feb. 2016; 2) state-run armored vehicle plant quadruples output, delivers 13 T64BV, 12 T-80BV tanks to Ukrainian Ground Forces; Ukraine boasts 160,000 active frontline personnel (to Russia’s 766,055) and 2,809 MBTs, light tanks, tank destroyers (to Russia’s 15,398); Russia’s military ranked 2nd most powerful in world, Ukraine’s is 30th

Open hostility between the leadership of Russia and Ukraine does not bode well. In terms of the political subtext to this conflict, which is generally ignored by the Western MSM, Putin reaffirmed his commitment to communist ideals back in January, while Ukraine repudiated its Soviet legacy by banning communism last year. Viva Golitsyn!

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WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow foments pretext for open war with Kiev: Putin steps into fray, accuses Ukraine of “practicing terror” in alleged special ops raid into occupied peninsula: “This is very alarming news. In fact, our security services prevented an incursion into the territory by a sabotage-reconnaissance group from Ukraine’s defence ministry. From the Russian side there were losses – two soldiers killed. We obviously will not let such things slide by”; Russian dictator dismisses need for upcoming “Normandy Four” (Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany) summit in China next month; spokesman for Ukraine’s foreign ministry tweets: “Putin wants more war. Russia escalates, desperately looks for casus belli against Ukraine, tests West’s reaction”; Ukrainian Defense Ministry retorts: “Such allegations by the FSB are nothing but an attempt to justify the redeployment and aggression of the Russian Federation troops on the territory of the annexed peninsula”; Russian occupational authorities block pro-Ukrainian/pro-West websites in Crimea, including RFE/RL, independent News from Crimea

Enormous war dot. Was Trump’s un-statesmanlike rambling on the subject of Crimea last month the signal that Putin needed to dismember Ukraine?

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow foments pretext for open war with Kiev: Russian Federal Security Service accuses Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of plotting “terrorist attacks” in town of Armyansk, Crimea on night of Aug. 6-7; FSB (operating illegally on occupied Ukrainian territory) says one of its agents killed while trying to arrest saboteurs, 20 bombs, mines, ammo found in area, “Ukrainian spy network eliminated,” Ukrainian and Russian citizens detained; Russian soldier supposedly killed on Aug. 8 in “clashes” with 2 more groups of saboteurs; spokesman for Ukrainian HUR denies Kremlin accusations; Russian occupiers (disingenuously) reopen all 3 checkpoints between Crimea, mainland Ukraine, but request tourists to refrain from visiting peninsula; Ukrainian border guards noted Russian troop movements in N. Crimea up to 2 weeks ago: “A large part of military hardware and personnel of the Russian armed forces had been moved through the Kerchensky ferry from the Krasnodar Krai to the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Historical Flashback: Hitler’s Gestapo Stages Provocation at Gleiwitz Radio Station, Foments Pretext to Invade Poland Next Day (source)

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Yevhen Marchuk Facebooks: “Russia publicly supplies a large number of heavy military equipment, mainly of offensive character, to Crimea and the occupied territories of Donbas . . . I think that Russia has already developed and activated its plan, which is designed to ruin and disrupt the celebration [on Aug. 24] of the 25th anniversary of independence of Ukraine”; Marchuk is Ukrainian rep for Trilateral Contact Group (Moscow, Kiev, OSCE), former PM (1995-1996); Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR): Russia has deployed ground-based and air-launched nuclear weapon delivery systems to occupied Crimea, nearest nuke warheads stored at Black Sea port of Novorossiysk; HUR also reports “secret rotation of Russian troops serving in Ukraine’s east is still going on, [while] some reshuffles of Russian commanders also took place”; ATO spokesman on Donbas rebellion: Moscow-backed insurgents launched 62 attacks against government forces in Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts over past 24 hours, no Ukrainian soldiers killed; 8 Russian-separatist UAVs spotted flying over Donetsk region, 4 specifically near government-held port city of Mariupol

USSR2 File: Putin addresses All-Russia People’s Front in Stavropol on Jan. 25, 2016, criticizes Lenin’s legacy, but unwittingly (or not) confirms Anatoliy Golitsyn’s thesis that Soviets would feign their demise, rebuild worldwide communist federation after period of dormancy: “You know that I, like millions of Soviet citizens, over 20 million, was a member of the Communist Party of the USSR and not only was I a member of the party but I worked for almost 20 years for an organization called the Committee for State Security [KGB]. I was not, as you know, a party member by necessity. I liked Communist and socialist ideas very much and I like them still”; emboldened by Russia’s economic downturn, official (i.e., United Russia) corruption, surge in popular support for Communist Party of Russian Federation (from 15 to 21%), 23-year-old neo-Komsomol chief Vladimir Obukhovsky gloats ahead of Sept. Duma vote: “Communism is the sole system under which our country had it all. Today’s authorities have destroyed everything that was built up by the Soviets. Sooner or later, BY WHATEVER MEANS, the Communist Party will come to power again”

In addition to “Great Russia” patriotism, the pipedream of communism is one of the main reasons why the Moscow Leninists want to keep Ukraine in Russia’s orbit. See our most recent posts below.

source 1 source 2

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian General Staff fears imminent Russian invasion via occupied Crimea, possibly to coincide with Russian military exercise, Northern Caucasus 2016 drill to include troops in Crimea; Kiev bolsters defenses in Kherson Oblast with anti-tank rocket launchers, “heavy military hardware”; Ukrainian border guards spot 9 Russian Mi-8 helos, 2 UAVs flying along administrative border with peninsula; possible Kremlin provocation: Infiltrators from Ukraine allegedly attacked occupiers’ border post near Armyansk, Crimea, killed as many as 4 Russian soldiers; Putin abolished Crimean Federal District on July 28, incorporated illegally seized Ukrainian territory into Russia’s Southern Federal District; collaborationist leader of Crimea: “There will be no return to Ukraine”; Moldova condemns joint “anti-terror” exercise between Russian, Transnistrian forces on July 27-Aug. 3; Moscow sets up possible counter-thrust against NATO’s SE flank: Russia, Belarus, Serbia to hold third Slavic Brotherhood military drill near Croatian border in Sept., Russian VDV troops to participate, Zagreb joined NATO in 2009; Russian PM Medvedev to arrive in Serbia in late Sept., ratify special status for “Russian forces” base in Nis

A US presidential election looms only months away. The two main candidates are widely viewed as “flawed,” one being a pro-Russian businessman, the other a die-hard leftist whose husband boasts a sordid, unprosecuted criminal history stretching all the way back to the governor’s mansion in Little Rock. Putin could be calculating that this is an opportune time to dismember Ukraine for good. The Americans will be too preoccupied with their own problems.

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

WW4 File: Donbas War/Syrian Civil War: Russian occupational authorities in Crimea block checkpoints to mainland Ukraine, amass troops, tanks near Dzhankoy and Armyansk, towns located in N. of peninsula; follows reports of new Russian military buildup along Ukraine’s N. and S. borders, transportation of tanks, other heavy firepower to Donbas rebels; leader of self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic barely survives assassina- tion attempt after SUV bombed, one bodyguard killed; Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate observes infighting among Moscow-backed insurgents: “[N]ow there is an ongoing struggle for power and financial flows among militants in eastern Ukraine”; Polish interior minister: Cross-border traffic with Russian exclave of Kaliningrad to remain suspended until “causes that are related to the security of the Polish state disappear”; Putin’s air campaign against ISIS continues as 6 Tu-22M3 strategic bombers fly from Russia to “deliver concentrated strike with high-explosive munitions” against militant positions near Palmyra, Syria; Syrian opposition claims Russian Air Force Su-34 strike fighters based near Latakia targeted rebel-held city of Idlib with thermite bombs, 10 civilians injured, apparent retaliation for recent failure of Assad’s troops to reclaim Aleppo

The Russian Air Force’s combat experience in Syria could easily be applied to a European war over Ukraine.

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Kiev refuses to recognize credentials of new Russian ambassador, Mikhail Babich career Chekist; Ukrainian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Directorate: 1) “Over the last week, about 30 tanks, 11 armoured vehicles, six Grad MRLSs, and a large amount of ammunition were transported to E. Ukraine [from Russia]. More trucks carrying food and military equipment for the Russian-backed occupation forces are expected to arrive on August 2”; 2) Donbas rebels refuse to conduct “offensive reconnaissance on government-controlled territory,” execute Russian commander of insurgent 11th Makiivka motorized rifle regiment; 3) “Russian-terrorist formations” readying for “large-scale offensive near Avdiivka, Zaitseve, Opytne and at the so-called Svitlodarsk salient”; Russia reactivates 1st Guards Tank Army in W. Military District, near N. Ukraine, deploys 4 new divisions, 9 brigades and 22 regiments in S. Military District, adjacent to S. Ukraine; Kremlin-linked newspaper rumbles: “Ukraine has become Russia’s strategic adversary: Moscow does not exclude the possibility of a major war”; independent Russian military analyst: DM Shoigu already considers Ukraine part of NATO

The shopping mall regime has forgotten about Ukraine, but Putin hasn’t . . .

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WW4 File/Red Dawn Alert: Five US strategic bombers, including 3 B-52 Stratofortresses, 2 B-2 Spirits, carry out non-stop flights from CONUS to North, Baltic Seas, over Pacific Ocean, Alaska, North Pole; in cooperation with NATO/NORAD allies, “Polar Roar” drill “demonstrates the ability of the U.S. bomber force to provide a flexible and vigilant long-range global-strike capability”; People’s Liberation Army Navy holds “routine” live-fire drills in hotly contested waters of East China Sea, “firing dozens of missiles and torpedoes,” E. China Sea home to Senkaku/Diaoyu islets claimed by both Beijing, Tokyo; China, Russia plan to hold another “routine” joint naval drill in South China Sea in Sept., follows Hague ruling rejecting Beijing’s claim over islands in region, builds upon 11-year history of combined Sino-Russian military exercises; Russia ships 20 T-72B1 main battle tanks to cash-strapped Nicaragua, President Ortega likely to unveil new firepower in military parade ahead of Nov. re-election bid, 30 more tanks expected; modernized Soviet-era MBT will place neo-Sandinista regime at head of new C. American arms race

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

Historical Flashback: Soviet/Cuban-Backed Sandinista Popular Army Most Powerful in Central America during 1980s (source)

Useful Idiots Bin: Internet awash with speculation Trump is “Putin’s man” for White House as US real estate magnate sarcastically urges Kremlin to release hacked DNC emails, hints at possible recognition of Russia’s annexation of Crimea; Trump’s current (third) wife Melania raised in Communist Yugoslavia, according to tabloids Donald’s father-in-law Viktor Knavs is former cadre of League of Communists of Slovenia; Donald Jr. admits in 2008 that Russian oligarchs comprise “disproportionate cross-section” of business dynasty’s investors worldwide, dad sold US$95 million Palm Beach mansion to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev same year; Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, managed investment fund for Russian aluminum magnate with close ties to Putin; split looms in American Left, pathway to Oval Office widens for Trump as Green Party’s presumptive nominee for president Jill Stein woos disgruntled Democrats, Hillary haters, leftists tout Stein-Sanders ticket for Nov. poll; Cornel West shows up at Philadelphia rally to boost Stein’s White House bid, lambastes Trump as “fascist catastrophe,” well-known academic member of Democratic Socialists of America

Cyber-Leninism File: Clinton secures Democratic presidential nomination by acclamation after party rival Sanders concedes defeat, throws support behind former First Lady; US computer security experts believe Russian GRU/FSB behind April hack attack at DNC network, stealing party’s files on Republican contender Trump; DNC hires CrowdStrike to probe electronic breach, firm identifies Russian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Directorate as one culprit, labels GRU “Fancy Bear,” Federal Security Service as another infiltrator, labels FSB “Cozy Bear”; KGB successor reportedly had access to DNC computer files for 12 months, while GRU “fingerprints” discovered in 2015 breach at Germany’s Bundestag network; Russian FM Lavrov at ASEAN summit in (Communist) Laos bristles at allegations: “I don’t want to use four-letter words”; US real estate magnate, Russian dictator/secret billionaire express warms words for each other; Putin on Trump: “He’s saying he wants to go to another level of relations — closer, deeper relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that?”; Trump on Putin: We would “get along very well,” wavers on NATO commitment, mutual defense, accuses military allies of seeking “free ride”

Our second Cyber-Leninism File post ever . . . last one in 2011

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EU File: Fars News Agency reports Russian FSB tipped off Turkish MIT of coup plot “hours” before faction in military launched putsch, Gulenists allegedly learned their plans were compromised, decided to strike ahead of original timeframe, Erdogan held emergency consultations with Iranian security officials, Quds Force “reviewed various scenarios that might emerge” (Iranian intervention ?!); Russian “army intelligence” (i.e., GRU 6th Directorate) at air base in Latakia, Syria, reportedly intercepted “highly sensitive army exchanges and encoded radio messages showing that the Turkish army was readying to stage a coup,” coupists conspired to kidnap or kill Erdogan while president vacationed at resort in Marmaris; Kremlin spokesman Peskov scoffs at Iranian report: “I have no such information and do not know which sources the agency is referring to’; Turkey charges 99 generals, admirals with “treason” in coup plot, announces 3-month state of emergency, suspends adherence to European Convention on Human Rights; NATO chief Stoltenberg hopeful, expects Turkey’s reaction to abortive coup “to be proportionate and in line with the values of NATO,” “no talks to reconsider Turkey’s membership in the military alliance”; US Def. Sec. Carter confident power will be restored “soon” to Incirlik base, US airmen at “highest security alert”

Notwithstanding the Kremlin’s formal denials, this report is very probable, i.e., Russian GRU is definitely operating in Syria, and we know Putin is more than happy to stir the pot wherever he can, i.e., destabilize Turkey, force its withdrawal from NATO, bring it into the orbit of the Moscow-Tehran-Damascus Axis, etc.

source 1 (original story) source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

Flashback: Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria Establish Intelligence-Sharing Center in Baghdad in 2015, Two Russian One-Star Generals on Staff (source)

EU File: US airmen at Turkey’s Incirlik base rely on generators while guarding nuke arsenal, carrying out anti-ISIS bombing runs over Syria; Erdogan government refuses to reconnect base to commercial power in face of demands for extradition of Islamic cleric believed responsible for July 15-16 coup attempt; AKP regime widens purge of suspected Gulenists in public and private sectors, more than 50,000 lose their jobs, including 15,000 education ministry workers and 1,577 university deans, temporary ban placed on academic travel abroad; revokes licenses of 21,000 private school teachers; suspensions follow Monday’s purge targeting 9,000 police, 2,745 judges, 8,777 interior ministry workers, 1,500 finance ministry workers, 257 staff at prime minister’s office, 100 employees at National Intelligence Agency, 399 at family and social affairs ministry, 492 at religious affairs ministry; Erdogan mulls reinstitution of death penalty for conspirators, Brussels warns such a development would kill Turkey’s EU aspirations

EU File: Ex-chief of Turkish air force denies leading putsch against Erdogan while presidential office denies claims 14 warships missing, under control of Hizmet putschists, but refuses to discuss whereabouts of Admiral Veysel Kosele, cmdr. of Turkish navy missing since July 15 coup attempt; conspiracy to seize control of key government sites involved airlifting 5,000 commandos under “fake orders” into Ankara, local authorities helped to derail plot by blocking runway at Sirnak airport; Turkish police discover arms cache in forest near Grand Yazici Marmaris Hotel in SW Turkey, where Pres. Erdogan was vacationing when coup launched; helicopter-borne hit squad attacked hotel around 4 a.m. on July 16, missing Erdoğan “by only minutes” as president whisked away to Istanbul to counter coup attempt; foreign tourists relate harrowing tale of rebel assault on 5-star resort, 2 police killed, 7 others injured during gun battle; 8 Turkish soldiers who fled homeland aboard helo appear before Greek judge, Ankara demands extradition of “traitors”; Turkish pilots who shot down Russian warplane last Nov. arrested over coup plot, Putin phones Erdogan to voice support for embattled Turkish government

EU File: Turkey briefly suspends US anti-ISIS ops out of Incirlik air base after failed military coup against Erdogan government, 50 US B-61 hydrogen bombs stored at base where Turkish General Bekir Ercan Van, 9 other officers arrested on July 17 on suspicion of supporting Hizmet putschists, offering Incirlik as base to refuel fighter jets used in coup plot; 2 dozen generals, including ex-air force chief Akin Ozturk, Erdogan’s current air force adviser detained; total of 18,000 soldiers, police, judges purged in wake of shocking July 15 coup attempt; Turkish PM Binali Yildirim blames Fethullah Gulen for masterminding coup, sends dossier on Hanafi Islamic cleric to US State Dept., demands extradition of US-based Gulen; at least 194 civilians, soldiers killed after rebel troops stormed government buildings in Ankara, jets roared overhead, coup launched while Erdogan vacationing on Turkey’s SW coast; UN, EU, NATO urge Ankara to uphold rule of law amidst crackdown on Gulenists; last successful military coup in Turkey occurred in 1980, Turkish Communist Party denies serious ideological schism between AKP regime, putschists

The July 15th coup attempt was not a confrontation between ideologically conflicting centers , but involved at least two and even more state cliques with identical class identities and ideologies. . . .

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a bourgeois politician, he is an enemy of the working class, he is a counter revolutionary and he is no different than the coup plotters who wanted to topple him.
— Statement of Turkish Communist Party, July 17, 2016

US hydrogen bombs stored in unstable Islamic NATO ally. One can only grimace or wince. Take your pick.

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Gray Terror File: France once again struck by appalling mass-carnage terrorism as 31-year-old French-Tunisian with rap sheet rents, then plows 19-ton truck through celebrating crowds on Bastille Day in Nice, kills 84 men, women and children; Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel armed with pistol, exchanged fire with police before being shot dead through windshield, wife taken into custody for questioning; search of truck uncovered second, larger gun, fake weapons and grenades; Bouhlel’s neighbours described him as “very weird loner,” ISIS claims responsibility for his rampage; last major attack in France occurred on Nov. 13, 2015 when ISIS gunmen mowed down 130 civilians in Paris; Socialist President Francois Hollande extends last year’s state of emergency by 3 months, allows police to conduct raids, searches without warrant or judicial oversight, awards extra powers to officials to place people under house arrest; National Front’s pro-Moscow Marine Le Pen mocks Hollande’s “war of words” with radical Islam, urges France to “declare war on Islamic fundamentalism”

Islamic terror in Europe and North America effectively distracts the shopping mall regime from the real threat: nuclear war with Russia. (See last post.)

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

WW4 File: Gorbachev: NATO ready to “declare war” on Russia, Russian Foreign Ministry issues menacing response to NATO troop deployments in Poland, Baltics: “In a crisis, we will destroy exactly these weapons. Russia will never again fight on its own territory. The help offered by NATO is not symbolic help for the Baltic states. It is a provocation. If NATO initiates an encroachment – against a nuclear power like ourselves – it will be punished”; Putin shakes up Russian Navy in Stalin-like purge, sacks entire officer corps of Baltic Fleet in late June, apparently follows officers’ refusal to ramp up aggressive encounters with Western warplanes, warships, 2 vice-admirals appointed to rebuild command structure; Kremlin offers carrot, envoy to NATO says military planes will fly over Baltic Sea with transponders engaged if Western alliance aircraft do same; Russia increases security, resumes construction at bases in Kaliningrad, requires special permits for foreigners visiting Baltic exclave; NATO intel says Kaliningrad air defenses part of Kremlin’s anti-access/area denial strategy for region, deployment of Iskander-M missiles expected within next 24-36 months; Kaliningrad’s Pionersky Radar Station became operational in 2014, can scan all of Europe, provide early warning of air attack; Russia to build new “Sunflower” radar station in occupied Crimea, monitor NATO ships passing through Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait

Nato has begun preparations for escalating from the Cold War into a hot one. All the rhetoric in Warsaw [site of July 8-9 NATO summit] just yells of a desire almost to declare war on Russia. They only talk about defence, but actually they are preparing for offensive operations.
— Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union, 1990-1991; General Secretary, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1985-1991

The message was very clear. There is no reason for NATO to do what it is doing … The direction in which NATO is moving in military terms is very worrisome. It takes us back to the Cold War
— Alexander Grushko, Russian ambassador to NATO

The Kremlin’s long-standing displeasure over NATO’s expansion into the former Soviet Bloc/republics has never been clearer. Let’s hope Obama, Clinton, Trump and the Pentagon incorporate these warnings into their foreign policy and military strategy. The neo-Soviet Bear has roared. Is the West listening?

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

WW4 File: Kremlin agrees to revive NATO-Russia council after N. Atlantic alliance meets in Warsaw in July, even as Putin applauds Britain’s pending exit from EU, accuses West of provoking new arms race, vows to respond to NATO military buildup in ex-Soviet Bloc/ republics; DM Shoigu says Russia will counter NATO’s deployment of 1,000 troops, 1,200 pieces of combat hardware, 30 warplanes near W. border by equipping Russian military with 2,000 pieces of new/upgraded equipment in 2016, hiring 10,000 recruits for contract service, building/renovating 10 garrisons in W. Russia, Russian Air Force to utilize experience acquired in Syrian campaign; Italy’s radical right leads charge against anti-Russia sanctions as Liguria follows Veneto in recognizing Putin’s forcible annexation of Crimea, both regional governments dominated by pro-Moscow, anti-EU Northern League, LN member in Italian Senate urges colleagues to reject EU’s anti-Russia stance

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7 source 8

In 2000 Gorbachev, who is persona non grata in Ukraine, called the European Union the New European Soviet. In this light, Putin’s apparent approval of a “Brexit” could simply be part of the neo-Soviet plan to divide and conquer Europe. Perhaps, too, the Moscow Leninists have secretly acknowledged that the idea of a United Europe has failed to capture the imaginations of many Europeans.

Neo-Sandinista File: Washington Free Beacon maintains Russia’s planned GLONASS facility near Laguna de Najapa, N. of Managua, actually electronic “spy base,” Pentagon, Nicaraguan embassy in DC refuse to comment on T-72 tank deal between Cold War allies, State Dept. plays down Ortega’s old/new subservience to Moscow; Sandinista supermajority in Nicaraguan legislature passes measure authorizing Russian military to train Nicaraguan soldiers on use of tanks, permit Russian SVR intel officers to legally enter country; Ortega cracks down on main party in opposition coalition ahead of Nov. re-election bid, cronies on Supreme Court remove Montealegre as leader of Independent Liberal Party, smaller parties already stripped of legal status by compliant electoral officials; regime expels 2 US Customs and Border Protection agents, US Army College prof., latter critical of secrecy surrounding interoceanic canal, unidentified Nicaraguan officials arrive at Ellis’ hotel room at 11:30 p.m., revoke permission to research Hong Kong-backed megaproject; 1000s of Nicaraguans take to the streets on June 14 to protest signing away of sovereignty over canal corridor to Red China

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New Cold War in Central America?

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow-backed separatists in Donbas continue to violate Minsk 2, amass 30 tanks near government-held city of Avdiivka; NATO chief Stoltenberg: “Russia needs to stop supporting the militants and withdraw its forces and military equipment from Ukrainian territory [i.e., Crimea]”; meanwhile 30,000 troops from 20 NATO states wrap up Anakonda 2016, largest exercise since Cold War held in Poland, 60,000 US troops permanently stationed in Europe, down from 500,000 in 1980s; NATO to hold symbolic summit in Warsaw in July 8-9, deploy four battalions to Poland, Baltic states to deter Russian aggression; Canadian spy agency says Moscow “mobilizing for war,” Trudeau government mulls larger contingent of Canadian troops in E. Europe’s new NATO states; Putin irked by West’s fortitude, moves 23rd and 28th Independent Motor Rifle Brigades near Ukrainian, Belarusian borders; Belarusian dictator, Russia ally Lukashenko says country successfully tested home-grown missile system; EU extends investment ban, economic sanctions against Crimea’s collaborationist regime

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All quiet on the Eastern Front. Not.

BTW, re. Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, that’s Justin, Pierre’s son. Pierre died in 2000.

Gray Terror File: Orlando massacre perp apparently both homosexual and Muslim, clouding intent behind Omar Mateen’s rampage; Mateen attended local mosque, also patronized Pulse gay nightclub “many times” over past 3 years, FBI believes killer conducted surveillance trips to Walt Disney World; nightclub performer: Mateen was a “nice guy… Maybe he got radicalised and hated who he was” (implying he was gay); another Pulse patron met Mateen through gay dating app; fiance of Mateen’s ex-wife alleges Omar had “homosexual tendencies,” while Sediqque Mir Mateen insists son “normal family man”; police shot 29-year-old Mateen dead after he barricaded himself in bathroom, taking several people hostage; Mateen toting legally purchased Sig Sauer MCX (“Black Mamba”) assault rifle, also carried Glock 17 handgun; meanwhile, FBI Director James Comey warns: “strong indications of radicalisation and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organisations”; US Islamic clergy scrambles to condemn shootings

Possible scenario: Mateen was indeed a radicalized Muslim who may have infiltrated Orlando’s LGBT community for the purpose of carrying out this atrocity. If he was a frequent patron of the Pulse, his arrival at the nightclub before the attack would not have initially alarmed anyone. The fact that he may have also been a self-hating gay would not necessarily preclude this scenario. However, it is clear this story is still unfolding.

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Gray Terror File: US-born ISIS sympathizer armed with assault rifle, pistol storms into gay nightclub in Orlando early Sun. a.m., shoots 49 patrons dead, wounds 53; 3-hour standoff ensues with police, followed by APC assault on the “Pulse” nightspot, pro-Islamist gunman killed; Omar Mateen was “radical Muslim” who followed Marcus Dwayne “Abu Taubah” Robertson, founder of Orlando’s Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary, Robertson ex-US Marine, ex-bodyguard to “Blind Sheik” involved in 1993 World Trade Center attack; Mateen’s wife says he was mentally ill, Mateen’s father supporter of Taliban, hosts anti-American TV program for Afghan diaspora in USA; FBI admits Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, FL, interviewed in 2013, 2014 but not found to be threat, not under investigation, surveillance at time of attack; Orlando police chief says attack “organized and well-prepared”; Pres. Obama calls shootings “act of terror, act of hate” against LGBTs; Pulse massacre deadliest mass shooting in US history

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: ATO: Combined Russian-separatist forces in Donbas launch 49 attacks against government troops overnight, violating Minsk 2 cease-fire yet again; Dep. Sec. of NSDC addresses lawmakers from Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland: “The Russian troops are preparing for the resumption of active offensive operations in order to advance to the administrative border of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as penetrate the land corridor to Crimea”; Ukrainian MI: “. . . [O]n the territory of occupied Crimea . . . [Russia has deployed] delivery systems of nuclear weapons, nuclear tactical weapons, and aviation-surface vessels which are able to carry and use nuclear hardware”; meanwhile, Putin rails against US anti-missile battery in Romania, prospect of same in Poland, “. . . [W]e will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security. It will be the same case with Poland”; Kremlin denies reports 28th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade redeployed from Urals to Belarusian border, but local admin blabs: Mil engineers to build perm. base; 28th SMRB previously deployed to Ukrainian border in Nov. 2014; Russian “peacekeeping” brigade arrives in Belarus 2 months ahead of CSTO’s Unshakable Brotherhood 2016 exercise; Poland to enlist 35,000 men into Territorial Defense Force to counter feared Russian (re-)invasion

WW4/Middle East Files: ISIS suspected behind destructive terrorist attack against new Russian mil base near recaptured ancient city of Palmyra, satellite imagery reportedly shows 4 Mi-24 (Hind) helos, 20 ammo trucks obliterated in assault; Kremlin denies both attack and establishment of permanent base at Tiyas, troops only de-mining UNESCO heritage site after Syrian army, Russian Air Force thrust ISIS out of Palmyra in March; meanwhile, Russia’s Ministry of Defence calls for temporary truce in N. towns of Tartus, Jableh after extremists kill at least 150 people on May 23, also calls for 72-hour truce in Daraya, E. Ghouta, outside Damascus, where Russian officials report Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front “preparing an advance on the [national capital] region”; convoy of 54 trucks from Syrian Arab Red Crescent, UN deliver humanitarian aid to four Damascus suburbs blockaded by Assad’s troops

WW4 File: NATO to deploy 4,000 troops, mostly US, UK, German, to Poland, Baltic states, respond to Russian aggression in Ukraine, soldiers, equipment begin arriving at Polish port of Szczecin, Wroclaw airport on May 17, shipped to W. test range in Zagan for Joint Task Force exercise; 6 NATO states participate in Strong Europe Tank Challenge in Grafenwoehr, Germany, Deutsches Heer tank crews grab top honors; US activates US$800 million Aegis missile shield in Deveselu, S. Romania; Kremlin offended by modest display of West’s backbone: “This would be a very dangerous build-up of armed forces pretty close to our borders. I am afraid this would require certain retaliatory measures, which the Russian Defence Ministry is already talking about”; DM Shoigu announces formation of 3 new divisions to counter NATO moves, Russian, Belarusian FMs in Minsk declare intent to develop joint military response to US missile shield in former Soviet Bloc; Russia to restore missile attack warning station near Sevastopol, in occupied Crimea, “counter increasing NATO activity in the Black Sea”

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It’s really hard to believe we’re NOT in a New Cold War with Russia, but the shopping mall regime will no doubt stagger on to its final demise.


WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow-backed rebels in Donbass celebrate Allied Powers’ May 9, 1945 victory over Nazi Germany, then promptly violate Minsk 2 cease-fire by attacking Ukrainian troops near Avdiivka, Mariupol, use mortars, assault rifles, grenade launchers, anti-tank missiles, IFVs; video shows rebels driving at least 35 Soviet-made armored vehicles through city of Lugansk, heading for frontline with Ukrainian troops on Apr. 29; more than 1,300 Russian servicemen, 30 military vehicles take part in Victory Day parade in Sevastopol, in occupied Crimea; Ukrainian region’s collaborationist prosecutor bans Mejlis, Crimean Tatars’ representative body, labeling it “an extremist organization”; Russia lays third power cable to Crimea under Kerch Strait, bringing total power supply to peninsula to 600 MW on Apr. 14, fourth cable installed by May 1; Ukraine terminates power supply to Crimea in Jan., follows bombings of power pylons by unknown saboteurs last Nov.; 12-mile, US$3.2 billion “Putin’s Bridge” to link Crimea to Krasnodar region by end of 2018

Neo-Sandinista/Bolivarian Revolution Files: “Ex”- Marxist dictator Ortega, leader of W. Hemisphere’s 2nd poorest country scrounges up US$80 million to buy up to 50 Russian T-72B main battle tanks, putatively to combat “narco-terrorists,” but possibly to suppress civilians, resurgent Contras after expected (fraudulent) Nov. 2016 re-election; army-less Costa Rica casts nervous glance at Moscow’s growing military tentacles around Managua; Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly secures nearly 2 million signatures, submits petition to oust socialist Pres. Maduro, Chavez successor presided over most recent of 17 years of catastrophic “21-st century socialism,” Venezuela wracked by shortages of water, food, fuel, basic consumer items, regime announces face-saving 2-day workweek

The “21st-century socialist revolution” in Latin America will go bankrupt before it can consolidate its gains.

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WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian parliament appoints first Jewish PM amidst festering Moscow-backed insurgency in Donbass; Volodymyr Groysman replaces Arseniy Yatsenyuk, ally of Pres. Poroshenko, previously completed stints as mayor of Vinnytsia, Rada speaker, praised as efficient administrator; White House swift to congratulate Groysman, US VP Biden holds phone conversation with Ukrainian leader on April 15; 2 Russian nationals withdraw testimony in Kiev court, deny being GRU officers, active-duty soldiers when captured in Donbas in May 2015, maintain Ukrainian SBU forced earlier admissions; Saakashvili presents demands to Poroshenko, urges formation of corruption-free cabinet, dismissal of SBU chief, criminal investigation of mayor of Odessa city; former pro-West president of Georgia granted Ukrainian citizenship, appointed Odessa Oblast governor in 2015; Donbas rebels launch 100 attacks against government troops over past 24 hours, 1 Ukrainian soldier killed

While the West focuses on Syria, Putin has not given up his schemes to dismember Ukraine.

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WW4/Middle East Files: Russia’s most advanced helo gunships making combat debuts in Syria, even after Moscow’s official military pull-out; Mi-28N “Havoc” carries out sortie near Palmyra in late March, while Ka-52 Alligator engages rebel targets near Homs in early April; Mi-28N crashes near Homs, both crew killed, bodies recovered, returned to Russian air base in Latakia, Kremlin denies chopper came under fire from rebels, alleges “technical error”; Syrian dictator Assad fetes Russian parliamentary delegation, tells Communist Sergey Gavrilov: “Putin commands such respect among Syrians he could take any state position in the country”; in Feb. article Spanish national daily El Pais reported many Syrians, especially in regime-held Damascus, “experiencing Putin-mania”; Russian Academy of Sciences fronts for Kremlin: “The deployment of US long-range missile-carrying [B-52] bombers [in Qatar] may be aimed not only against Daesh [ISIS]. This may also serve a signal to Russia because those bombers can easily reach the Russian borders . . .” [i.e., USA is a threat to Russia]

WW4/Middle East Files: Cease-fire brokered by Washington, Moscow on verge of collapse between Assad regime and rebels, ISIS, Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front excluded from Feb. agreement as Russian Air Force preps for joint op against rebel positions in Syria’s largest city Aleppo, supports Syrian army, allied Iranian troops, Hezbollah guerrillas; Syrian PM al-Halaki to visiting delegation of Russian lawmakers: “We, together with our Russian partners, are preparing for an operation to liberate Aleppo and to block all illegal armed groups which have not joined or have broken the ceasefire deal”; Russian delegation includes United Russia, Communist legislators; USAF deploys venerable B-52 to Qatar on Apr. 9, undisclosed number of Cold War-era strategic bombers to fight ISIS in Syria, Stratofortress played “prominent role” in Desert Storm in 1991; German journalist: Systema self-defense schools in Germany, elsewhere in W. Europe front for GRU, VDV, covert Russian “battle groups” to carry out sabotage ahead of war against NATO

So, while Russia distracts the West with its military operations in Syria and Ukraine, the Kremlin still preps for European war against NATO. This is actually old news (ala Viktor Suvorov’s Spetsnaz: The Story behind the Soviet SAS), going back to the Soviet era.

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 (UK tabloid) source 6 (original German article) source 7 (journalist bio)

WW4/Middle East Files: Pentagon contests Putin’s March announcement concerning military withdrawal from Syria, multiple sources reveal Russia actually building up forces in war-torn ME country; Kremlin TV shows convoy of Russian sappers heading for Palmyra to clear mines after Russian Air Force joined Assad’s troops in routing ISIS from city; US defense officials have seen no Russian aircraft fly back to homeland since March 19, more than 20 fixed-wing fighter-bomber aircraft, more than 12 attack helos, including advanced Mi-28N Havoc, remain in Syria; Pentagon to Fox News: “The Russians installed underground fuel tanks in their air base in Latakia. This was not a temporary move, but a permanent one”; Moscow deployed T-90 battle tanks, rocket-propelled artillery to Syria last autumn, S-400 air defense system to protect Russian air base north of Tartus in Dec.; US-led coalition spokesman in Iraq comments on potential attack on ISIS HQ: “Nobody’s going to get to Raqqa anytime soon, frankly, neither the Russians nor the SDF [US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces]”


We’re back. This is our first post since before Christmas. We will try to resume regular posts, at least several times monthly.


Blogger’s Note

Various responsibilities still making it difficult to blog on a regular basis. Hope to resume posting again in near future.

Blogger’s Note

We’re still alive. Just busy. Hope to post again soon.

WW4/Middle East Files: Russian DM Shoigu says Rostov-on-Don submarine deployed to Syrian coast, fired unspecified number of 3M-54 Kalibr (“Club”) land-attack cruise missiles at ISIS targets: “[The missiles] targeted two major terrorist positions in the territory of Raqqa. We can say with absolute confidence that significant damage has been inflicted upon ammunition warehouses and a mine production plant, as well as the oil infrastructure”; NATO dubs Improved Kilo-class (Project 636) diesel-electric sub “black hole” for super-silent capability, Rostov-on-Don launched in Jan. 2015, commissioned by Black Sea Fleet; Shoigu also reports on punishing air campaign against anti-Assad rebels, entering 10th week: “In the past three days, the operation involved Tu-22[M3, “Backfire”] planes as well as warplanes from the Khmeimim airbase [near Assad stronghold of Latakia]. In total we [Russian Air Force] carried out 300 sorties and hit 600 various targets”; Soviet/Russian military setting historical precedents in Syrian civil war, i.e., first-ever use of ship-launched cruise missiles in warfare (from Caspian Flotilla), first-ever deployment of Tu-160, Tu-95 strategic bombers in overseas combat, first-ever use of LACMs in warfare

source 1 source 2 source 3

Blogger’s Note: If there are any military buffs who follow this site, please let us know if we are incorrect in concluding that this is the first time ever that the Soviets/ Russians have used LACMs in warfare.

Gray Terror File: Aftermath of ISIS terror attack in San Bernardino, CA: Federal investigators treating Tashfeen Malik as possible mastermind behind worst Islamist terror attack on US soil since Sept. 11, 2001, probably planned multiple attacks along with husband Syed Farook, but uncertain where Malik grew up, radicalized as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia distance themselves from massacre; Farook possibly in contact with former Minneapolis-based ISIS recruiter, Mohamed Hasan presently fugitive overseas; details of terror attack: Tashfeen fired at husband’s coworkers first, Syed hesitated; although both suspects masked, emergency radio transmissions reveal police quickly identified Farook; firearms instructor at Riverside Magnum Range, 20 miles from Inland Regional Center where Dec. 2 massacre occurred, affirms Farook visited range for target practice on Nov. 29, 30; feds also looking into funding for terror couple as Farook owned “large arsenal of semi-automatic guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and pipe bombs,” US Rep Michael McCaul: “I believe on his salary, he was not able to buy this on his own”; San Bernardino County employees head back to work, environmental health division, where many victims employed, off until next week

Gray Terror File: Aftermath of Dec. 2 ISIS terror attack at environmental health department in San Bernardino, CA: Islamic State’s official al-Bayan radio station claims Pakistan-born Tashfeen Malik, US-born husband Syed Rizwan Farook supporters of Sunni extremist group that controls swathes of Iraq, Syria: “We pray to God to accept them as martyrs”; FBI considers Malik, Farook “self-radicalized” but mass killings “act of terrorism” with “evidence of extreme planning”; while massacre underway at Inland Regional Center, female shooter posted pledge of allegiance to ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook; summary of terror attack: Islamist couple dropped off 6-month-old daughter with grandmother on morning of attack, drove to Syed’s workplace where husband briefly attended holiday party for coworkers then left, couple donned combat dress, armed themselves with assault rifles, semi-automatic handguns, burst into conference center, shot dead 14 people, injured 21; couple flees, manhunt ensues, Malik, Farook killed in shootout with police in Redlands neighborhood that afternoon; police raid Farook’s residence, find pipe bombs, more guns, 1000s of rounds of ammo, hard drive missing from home computer; ATF: Husband-and-wife killing team used legally purchased weapons; Syed made 2 trips to Saudi Arabia since 2013, once for hajj, another to marry Tashfeen

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Just another day for theologically consistent Muslims . . . You would have thought September 11, 2001 would have been a wake-up call to Americans on the dangers of Islam, a bloody religion of conquest since the 7th century. But no, a large portion of the American electorate chose a crypto-Muslim to lead them, while the US and Canadian governments continue to admit people of this “faith” into North America’s security perimeter. Real bright or maybe it is God’s judgment on a wicked society (i.e., ours).

It’s only the beginning folks . . . don’t expect the authorities to protect you and your family. All public venues in North America are wide-open targets for jihad: military bases and other government facilities, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, places of worship, sporting events, movie theaters (i.e., Star Wars 7 premiere on December 18), etc.

Merry Christmas!?

WW4/Middle East Files: Aftermath of Turkey downing Russian warplane near Syrian border: PM Erdogan refuses to apologize for Nov. 24 shootdown: “Those who violated our airspace are the ones who need to apologize”; Kremlin retaliates by preparing economic sanctions, may scrap Turkish Stream pipeline project, Rosatom’s plan to build Turkey’s first NPP; Ankara claims Su-24 tactical bomber flew inside Turkish airspace for 17 seconds, passing through thin strip of territory protruding S. into Syria, received 10 warnings from Turkish Air Force; pilot, navigator bail, parachute to ground, Lt. Col. Peshkov shot dead by Syrian Turkmen, Capt. Murakhtin eludes rebels for 12 hours, rescued by Russian, Syrian commandos, later on Russian TV insists “there were no warnings — not via the radio, not visually,” while Russian FM Lavrov refers to downing of “Fencer” as “planned provocation”; Turkey deploys 20 tanks to Syrian border, 18 fighter jets patrol border with war-torn neighbor, while Russia announces deployment of S-400 air defense units to Syria, 10-12 more fighter jets to Latakia air base, escort strategic bombers; Free Syrian Army’s 1st Coastal Division reportedly used US-made TOW anti-tank missile to destroy Russian Mi-8 helo on mission to rescue Peskov, Murakhtin, 1 Russian marine killed

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukraine responds to Moscow’s food embargo by halting gas purchases from neighbor, closes airspace to commercial flights from Russia, PM Yatsenyuk: “This is an issue of our country’s national security — a response to the Russian Federation and its aggressive actions. Russia might use Ukrainian airspace to stage provocations”; Kiev also terminates trade with Russian-occupied Crimea, paralyzed by 4-day power outage after pylon bombings; meanwhile, persecuted Tatars secure support of Ukraine’s state-run energy company, Ukrenergo repair crew suspends work on 4 damaged pylons of 220 kV Kakhovka-Titan power grid; Ukrainian MP, Tatar rep Mustafa Dzhemilev presents ultimatum to Crimea’s illegitimate, pro-Moscow government, demands release of Ahtem Chiygoz, deputy head of Mejlis (ethnic assembly), other key Tatar leaders in exchange for restoration of power to peninsula; Russian FSB/KGB (operating illegally on Ukrainian soil) arrested Chiygoz in Jan. 2015, charged with “organizing mass disorder” on eve of Russian invasion (Feb. 2014); Simferopol backs Russia in conflict with Turkey over downed Su-24 tactical bomber in Syria, freezes 30 Turkish investment projects worth US$500 million

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Russian-occupied Crimea enters fourth day without permanent power supply after Ukraine halts energy transmission due to Nov. 20/22 electrical tower bombings in Kherson Oblast, state-run Ukrenergo repairs one downed pylon on Nov. 25; Russian FSB/KGB, Crimea’s illegitimate pro-Moscow government open “criminal proceedings” of sabotage against organizers of electrical blockade, Kremlin-backed prosecutor: “Suspects may be put on the international wanted list”; Russian general contractor SGM Group working 24/7 to build 19-km bridge over Kerch Strait, target date for road link 2018 but 400 MW electrical line from S. Russia’s energy grid to be activated by Dec. 25, 2015; Putin judo partner Arkady Rotenberg awarded contract to build multi-functional Kerch Strait Bridge, Rotenberg’s SGM Group has no previous experience in bridge building; latest Russian military build-up in Crimea apparent response to pylon bombings, Russian Ground Forces deploy 12 tanks at “line of contact” between Crimea, mainland Ukraine

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Confrontation between Turkey, Russia over downing of latter’s warplane near Syrian border redirects world’s attention from “frozen conflict” in Ukraine, further Russian military build-up on occupied peninsula; Crimea without power after saboteurs bomb electrical pylons in Ukraine’s neighboring Kherson Oblast on Nov. 20, “Ukrainian activists” (i.e., nationalists) and Crimean Tatars try to prevent repairs next day, clash with police, towers hit by new explosions after midnight on Nov. 22, 2 million Crimeans affected by blackout; Russia reports electricity restored to Crimea’s main cities by Sun. afternoon, using mobile gas turbine generators; Ukraine’s NSDC reveals 5 Russian IL-76 cargo planes landed two paratrooper battalions from Ivanovo to Crimea’s Dzhankoi on Nov. 24, Russia also deploys 97th Regiment of 7th Alpine Assault Division from Black Sea port of Novorossiysk to Kalynivka, 3 km N of Dzhankoi, NSDC: “This considerably increases the attack potential of the Russian troops in Crimea”; Moscow promptly terminates gas supply to Ukraine, citing failure to pay up front, threatens to halt coal supply over pylon bombings

Don’t feel sorry for Russia . . .

source 1 source 2 source 3

WW4/Middle East Files: Aftermath of Turkey downing Russian warplane near Syrian border: Russian Navy’s Moskva missile cruiser sailing off Syrian coast, ordered to “destroy any target posing danger,” Russian Defense Ministry suspends mil co-op with Turkey, summons Turkey’s military attache in Moscow, presents official protest calling shootdown “unfriendly action,” reiterates contention Su-24 did not violate Turkish airspace; head of Just Russia party in State Duma requests Federal Air Transport Agency to “immediately stop all flights to Turkey due to the increased risk of terrorist attacks on Russian aircraft”; Russia Today admits: “The letter was made public soon after the crash on Tuesday of a Russian Sukhoi 24 fighter jet near the Turkey-Syria border”; analysis: If Russia responds to this incident by launching military reprisals against Turkey and/or other NATO states, Russian airliners will have to be grounded under some pretext; French Pres. Hollande at White House for ISIS talks with Obama, joining forces with Russia against Islamic State now greatly complicated by tense situation between Ankara, Moscow, Obama avoids alarm: “Turkey, like every country, has the right to defend its territory and its airspace”; Russian capital Hollande’s next stop

WW4/Middle East Files: North Atlantic Council (NATO) calls extraordinary meeting after Turkish Air Force shoots down Russian warplane near Syrian border; Putin in Sochi, preparing to host Jordan’s King Abdullah, castigates Turkish government, calls downing of two-man Su-24 “stab in the back carried out by accomplices of terrorists,” Kremlin spokesman Peskov refers to shootdown as “very serious incident”; conflicting versions of event: Ankara’s Anadolu Agency says downed Russian fighter jet was engaged by two Turkish F16s after “Fencer” violated Turkish airspace, received warning, video from Anadolu Agency shows two crew parachuting out of plane; Russian Defense Ministry rejects Turkey’s explanation, while Putin, as quoted by Reuters, insists Russian plane was attacked 1 km south of Turkish border, crashed 4 km inside Syria; Free Syrian Army’s 1st Coastal Division reportedly retrieved body of dead Russian airman, offered to exchange for prisoners held by Assad regime, rebel spokesman: “This is the body of a Russian member of the military who was killing Syrian people”; FSA conducting search to find second Russian airman; last time NATO state shot down Soviet/Russian plane during Korean War

So, since November 17 Russia’s Blackjack and Bear bombers have been carrying out their first-ever combat missions in Syria, including flight paths over Iran and Iraq, as well as more unusual ones over the Altantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

Got CD? Probably not. After all, we are told, the Cold War “ended” 24 years ago.

source 1 source 2 source 3

Meanwhile, Portugal, like Greece, is embracing the anti-austerity hard left, but hand-wringing over the new Socialist-Communist-Left Bloc government in Lisbon will definitely be eclipsed by fears of war between Russia and the West.

WW4/Middle East Files: Russian Blackjack bombers intercepted by Royal Air Force over Atlantic Ocean carrying out 8,000-mile combat mission to Syria, Tu-160s circumnavigate W. Europe from Olenegorsk air base on Kola Peninsula to E. Med. Sea via Gibraltar, launch cruise missiles (probably Kh-101s) at ISIS targets; The Aviationist website: Russian Defense Ministry video shows Tehran’s F-14 fighter jets escorting Tu-95 Bear from S. Russian base through Iranian airspace en route to Syrian bombing run; Russian Navy’s Caspian Flotilla once again hurls missiles at Islamic State in Syria, ship-launched land attack Klubs presumably fly over N. Iran, N. Iraq to targets, Nov. 20 barrage consists of 18 missiles, 7 militant targets; Baghdad reportedly not given advance notice of Oct. 7 missile launches from Caspian Sea, which traversed Iraqi airspace; our analysis: Russian strategic aviation is preparing to fight NATO under guise of Syrian op