WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: NSDC spokesman Lysenko: “Large number” of Russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms spotted near regional capital of Lugansk; Russian armor, consisting of 60 tanks, 50 infantry carriers, 100 “Tigr” IMVs, appear in city of Krasnodon; “Donetsk People’s Republic” militants in town of Horlivka being replaced by Russian regulars; 100 Russian tanks located near cities of Shakhtarsk, Torez; broadcast on rebel-controlled TV station “Luhansk 24” demands residents of government-held city of Shchastya, village of Stanytsya Luhanska rally against presence of Ukrainian Armed Forces, or population centers will face shelling; Russia’s top general Gerasimov vows to bolster military capabilities in Arctic, Kaliningrad, Crimea, follows reported Backfire bomber deployment to occur on occupied peninsula by 2016, Russia rumored to have moved nuclear weapons to Crimea; 400 Russian commandos train with Transnistrian troops on Ukraine’s SW doorstep

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: NATO contradicts Kremlin lies, confirms “increase in numbers of tanks, artillery pieces and other heavy military equipment being used by Russian troops in eastern Ukraine,” but refuses to comment on troop numbers; Ukraine-Russia-France-Germany summit in Berlin issues (toothless) demand for cessation of hostilities in Donbass; mean- while, Ukrainian troops retreat from Donetsk’s inter- national airport after 242 days of “heroic defense,” runway, control tower and terminal completely ruined and indefensible, 6 soldiers killed during last stand, some crushed by debris, 16 captured in final battle with Moscow-backed insurgents; DPR “prime minister” Zakharchenko vows to push front deeper into government-held territory; mortar rounds hit bus stop in war-torn regional capital on Jan. 22, killing 13 civilians, wounding dozens; Ukrainian troops in villages near port of Mariupol repel “multiple but fruitless” artillery assaults from Russian Ground Forces, “terrorists” (i.e., rebels)

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Total Devastation: Pics of Donetsk’s Sergei Prokofiev International Airport Before and After 242-Day Siege by Moscow-Backed Rebels: link

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Poroshenko claims additional 2,000 Russian soldiers, 200 tanks invade rebel-held Donbass on Jan. 21, attack Ukrainian troops at checkpoints 29, 31 leading to Lugansk city; pro-Russia militants “seriously damage” sole vehicle bridge en route to rebel-held regional capital; latest Russian violation of Ukrainian territory follows Aug. invasion and retreat, augments Jan. 19 incursion of Lugansk Oblast by 800 Russian regulars, 8,500-man “stay-behind” mercenary force fighting for separatists; Kremlin aggression against insurgency-wracked neighbor occurs hours ahead of Berlin peace talks, brokered by Germany, France; Bloomberg interviews Poroshenko, Ukrainian president comments on Putin’s game-changing tactics: “The situation is getting worse . . . This creates a very high risk of further escalation of the situation”; hostile tank column approaches government-held positions around heavily fortified, strategic port of Mariupol, launches “massive fire attack,” NSDC reports Russian battalion heading for Mariupol from Rostov Oblast; railway bridge over Kalchyk River restored, links Mariupol’s steel mills to port, blown up by saboteurs on Dec. 23

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Flashback: Russian Army Invades Ukraine in August 2014 Support Mission for Rebels, Thrusts Toward Donetsk City, Seizes Coastal Town of Novoazovsk (source)

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Kremlin-backed separatists renew assault upon Donetsk’s international airport, 3 soldiers killed defending devastated terminal, runway on Jan. 19; ATO spokesman Lysenko: 800 Russian regular forces, in 2 battalion task groups, invade Lugansk Oblast across uncontrolled stretch of border, support rebel offensives; PM Yatsenyuk: “I have just spoken with . . . [NSDC chief Turchynov]. Ukrainian military intelligence confirm the fact [Russian] military personnel and equipment have been transferred from Russia to Ukraine”; Rada approves partial mobilization, conscripts to boost size of Ukrainian Ground Forces beginning Jan. 20, Turchynov claims more than 36,000 armed rebels in Donbass, 8,500 of which are Russian mercenaries; Russian army has deployed 52,000 soldiers near Ukraine’s E. border, along with 541 tanks, 990 armored vehicles, 700 heavy weapons, MRLs, anti-aircraft missiles; blast near Kharkiv prosecutor’s office latest bombing in GRU-led destabilization plot, previous targets outside combat zone include Kiev residential district, 10 cars damaged, ATO-critical railway bridge in Zaporizhia Oblast, train derailed

Gray Terror File: Multiple-scene terror incident unfolding in and around Paris: Self-confessed Al Qaeda militants suspected in Jan. 7 massacre at Charlie Hebdo newspaper hijack car, flee to town of Dammartin-en-Goele, 25 miles NE of French capital, encounter police roadblocks, engage in gun battle, hole up in print works with 1 hostage, possibly armed with RPG; 5 French Army helos, heavily armed regular police, gendarmerie elite forces converge on facility, siege ensues; second terror scene in Paris: Man of “African appearance,” wearing bullet-proof vest, jumps from car, fatally shoots black female traffic cop in Montrouge, S. of Paris, flees to capital’s Porte de Vincennes district, storms kosher grocery store, seizes “several” hostages, “prolonged” gunfire heard; Jan. 8 shooting suspect believed to have links to Kouachi brothers; President Hollande holds crisis cabinet meeting

Gray Terror File: Two gunmen storm into office of satirical Paris newspaper on Jan. 7, kill 12 people, including 8 journalists, 2 police, wound 11, flee, 800 extra officers deployed, UK ups security checks; Charlie Hebdo published caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, witnesses say attackers claimed allegiance to al-Qaeda in Yemen; PM Valls admits suspects in slayings — brothers Cherif (32) and Said Kouachi (34) — known to French intelligence; Socialist President Hollande calls for “tolerance,” but political analysts fear National Front presidency in 2017, “final demise of the EU and euro,” neo-fascists already enjoying surge in support from far right and far left voters, financial backing from Russian banks; Moscow lackey, anti-capitalist Marine Le Pen blames massacre on “Islamic fundamen- talism,” vows to reintroduce death penalty; 35,000 Parisians hold rally to denounce terror, trumpet freedom of speech; popular, pro-Putin Russian TV channel says “US intelligence agencies” orchestrated Charlie Hebdo bloodshed, Washington “sabotaging Russia-led effort against Islamist terrorism”; Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front claims Jan. 6 bombing at Istanbul police station, but Turkey’s Interior Ministry says female suicide bomber was Russian citizen, Chechen “Black Widow” plot suspected

WW4/Red Terror Files: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian Communists (no doubt under guidance of Russian GRU, which is known to be operating in Ukraine) resort to sabotage, terrorism in S. ports to destabilize country, evade SBU by fleeing to rebel-held areas of Donbass; 7 bombings hit Odessa over past 5 months, latest strikes cargo train at Zastava-1 station on Dec. 24, petroleum tanker train at Odesa-Peresyp station on Jan. 3, city’s Euromaidan office on Jan. 4; Security Service accuses Communist Party (which is facing ban) of staging terror attacks in Dnipropetrovsk, adviser to SBU chief: “The group led by the Commu- nists planned a number of explosions targeting banks and public places and seizing weapons at military units”; 5 blasts rock Mariupol since Nov., saboteurs blow up railway bridge over River Kalchyk on Dec. 23, gunmen wearing camo, toting automatic weapons attack Azovstal steel plant same day, 1 worker killed; ATO forces come under rebel small arms, artillery attack at various locations in Donbass on night of Jan. 6-7; Interior Ministry’s Azov Battalion near village of Hranitne, Donetsk Oblast, Facebooks: “[Terrorists] are shelling us with a 120-millimeter mortar. Good morning to everyone!!!!”; fearing Russian naval assault, Ukrainian combat engineers mine shores of Sea of Azov

Odesa, Mariupol as well as Kyiv and Kharkiv are those sensitive spots where Russia-backed forces feel there’s still a possibility to destabilize the situation.
— Oleksiy Melnyk, Ukrainian military expert, quoted in Kyiv Post, January 5, 2015

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Communist Bloc Military Updates: New Kremlin military doctrine identifies NATO as main threat to Russia, Moscow hosts CSTO summit, vows to increase number of combat aircraft, helicopters at Belarusian air base; Russian strategic aviation carries out 50 flights over world ocean in 2014, modernizes Tu-160 avionics, awaits stealth bomber prototype in 2019; Poland races to rearm in face of Russian aggression in Ukraine, US$30 billion plan to upgrade, enlarge armed forces by 2022, shifts troops to E. border, revives Home Army light infantry to help thwart Russian re-invasion, organizes 2nd naval strike missile battalion for coastal defense; U.S. Army to deploy “heavy brigade” in Baltics, Poland or Romania in 2015, reassure CEE allies with 150 M1 Abrams MBTs, M2 Bradley IFVs, 24 self-propelled howitzers; Ukraine’s Poroshenko visits Poland, inspects barracks that will house Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian brigade, new military formation to be combat ready in early 2015

The new Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian brigade shows that Ukraine is already integrated into NATO, at least militarily if not politically.

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EU/USSR2 Files: Russia’s EU ambassador urges Brussels to open talks with Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Russia-led bloc inaugurated Jan. 1, includes Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan to join in May; Moscow to control EEU via Eurasian Economic Commission, Supreme Eurasian Economic Council; Russian Communists demand President Putin dismiss PM Medvedev’s government over ruble collapse, “catastrophic” 2015 budget, establish “crisis reversal” plan for country, urge return to Stalinist dictatorship: Chairman Zyuganov: “Stalin … was a genius,” CPRF’s Moscow city committee: “These days the interest in the personality of Stalin in Russia is growing, mostly with the loss of the country’s previous foothold on the world scene and profound economic and social problems inside the country”

EU File: Fascism resurgent amidst Eurocrisis: Italian police infiltrate neo-fascist New Order Vanguard, arrest 14 members, including ex-cop ringleader, Stefano Manni stockpiled arms, planned assassinations of politicians, judges, attacks against tax agency, state railway, police stations; 31 other persons under investigation for extremist political activities; original New Order banned in 1973, after carrying out campaign of violence; national unemployment rate of 13.2%, youth jobless rate of 43.4%, economic stagnation push segments of Italian society, including south, to far right; poll says one third of Italians back Kremlin-funded Northern League, anti-EU/anti-immigrant Matteo Salvini compared to France’s Marine Le Pen, visits Moscow in Oct., confers with United Russia leadership, urges strong Italo-Russian friendship

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The Moscow Leninists cover all the bases. Merry Christmas. We’ll be back in the New Year.

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Snap multi-branch exercise in Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave mobilizes 9,000 troops Dec. 5-10, numerous aerial encounters between NATO, Russian warplanes leave Baltic states jittery; ITAR-TASS: “The exercise involved units of missile troops, artillery, mechanized infantry, airborne troops, marine forces, units of reconnaissance, communications, logistics, as well as combat and military transport aircraft, helicopters and ships of the Baltic Fleet”; People’s Liberation Army Navy heading for Mediterranean Sea as Russia, Red China plan maneuvers for Pacific Ocean, Med in 2015; Moscow-Beijing Axis’ “one clenched fist” inaugurated with first Peace Mission exercise in 2005, Sino-Soviet military drills unheard of during Cold War, fake ideological split

source 1 source 2 related post 1 related post 2

Flashback: “Power politics: China, Russia, and Peace Mission 2005” (source)

EU/USSR2/Middle East Files: Russia implements drastic interest rate hike to stabilize ruble, offset effects of Saudi Arabia’s oil war against Iran, global crude price collapse, protects Putin’s ambitious remilitarization program, covert war against Ukraine, funding for Euro-fascists; 1) Saudis refuse to cut production, Iran’s Rouhani lashes back: “Iran and people of the region will not forget such conspiracies, or in other words, treachery against the interests of the Muslim world”; 2) new truce holds between Ukrainian army, Moscow-backed separatists in Donbass, DPR/LPR insurgents withdraw heavy weapons from front line; 3) National Front chief Marine Le Pen admits France’s most popular party accepted €9 million loan from First Czech-Russian Bank, French weekly: FN leaders regularly confer with Russia’s ambassador in Paris; 4) Russian loans also extended to Greece’s violent Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jew/Roma-hating Jobbik, Austria’s Freedom Party, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, Italy’s N. League

During the Cold War, Soviet Russia funded Western Europe’s communist parties. Now the Moscow Leninists fund the European far right with the same intent, the convergence of East (i.e., Eurasian Union) and West (i.e., European Union), within the context of a revived worldwide communist federation. Viva Golitsyn!

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Communist Bloc Military Updates: Stockholm: Russian combat jet, without active transponder, nearly collided with airliner en route from Copenhagen to Poznan on Dec. 12; NATO’s Dec. 7 encounter with 6 Russian strategic bombers over Baltic Sea included veritable Russian air armada, 22 additional combat aircraft accompanied Bears, Backfires; ex-Soviet Lithuania bumped up army’s alert level in response; NATO Sec.-Gen. Stoltenberg comments on “unprecedented” surge in Russian military aviation in region: Undeclared flights have jumped threefold since 2013, to more than 100 annual interceptions; NATO replies to Russian aggression in SE Ukraine, Crimea, launches new command in Bavaria, Very High Readiness Joint Task Force carries out Trident Lance 2014 exercise, mobilizes 3,700 troops to repel simulated attack against ex-Soviet Estonia

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian Navy denies media reports armed marines seized control of French-built helicopter carrier after Nov. 14 deadline passed without formal transfer, describes alleged takeover “extraordinary invention”; 400 Russian sailors arrived at W. French port of Montoir-de-Bretagne in June, trained aboard Vladivostok ahead of planned handover; French President Hollande, citing Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, suspended transfer on Nov. 25, French shipbuilder DCNS confirms theft of warship computers, communications software prior to this date, no sensitive data taken; second Mistral-class ship bound for Russian Navy, Sevastopol, floated out of dry dock in late Nov.; Dep. PM Rogozin expresses Moscow’s annoyance with Paris: “The stern section of Mistral was made . . . in St. Petersburg. . . . [I]f they want to keep the ship, we will have to tear away its stern section and get it back to use it in other ships”

EU/USSR2 Files: Kremlin sends 1,200 tons of Christmas cheer (i.e., weapons, troops?) to Ukrainian rebels, “humanitarian” convoy of 130 trucks arrives in Donbass; 60 Russian aid trucks slated to show up in Moldova’s pro-Russia breakaway region of Transnistria (via Ukraine land route?), “President” Shevchuk in Moscow early Oct., supports integration with Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), opposes Chisinau’s Association Agreement with EU; Moldova’s pro-Moscow Communists contest validity of Nov. 28 election after PCRM, Socialists scoop 38% of vote but not enough to prevent pro-EU government from renewing coalition; President Sargsyan signs union treaty, Armenia to join Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan in formation of EEU on Jan 1., 2015; Russian Communist MP attends CP of Armenia congress in Yerevan, Taysayev claims new bloc “communist project”: “This is our program as we call on the leaders of our countries to seek closer integration, establish the Eurasian Union, the Customs Union. We do not doubt that a new Union of friendly peoples will be created”; SBU chief Nalivaichenko backs ban against CP of Ukraine, Holodomor denial, French Communists decry Kiev’s anti-communist measures

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Red China’s jet-powered, cruise missile-armed strategic bombers menace Japanese islands of Okinawa, Miyako on Dec. 6, occurs amidst joint PLAAF-PLAN drills in W. Pacific, Cold War-era H6K planes capable of threatening US bases in Japan, Guam; Portuguese fighter jets under NATO command intercept sortie of four Russian “Bear,” two “Backfire” bombers over Baltic Sea on Dec. 7, occurs amidst spike in recent months of Russian Air Force flights near NATO, NORAD peripheries; Canadian fighter pilots scramble to intercept two Russian Tu-95s over Beaufort Sea on Dec. 8, while CF-18s based out of Lithuania repel 2 Russian long-range bombers in violation of Baltic country’s airspace; ahead of mid-Nov. Serbo-Russian military drill, Serbian analyst scoffs at claim Russian “emergency situations center” near S. city of Nis a military base

EU/USSR2 Files: Belgrade, Budapest walk tightrope between Moscow and Brussels: Russia pulls plug on South Stream pipeline, reroutes LNG through Turkey, Putin informs Serbian counterpart Nikolic, but reaffirms countries’ friendship (i.e., opposition to Kosovo independence); follows Putin’s Oct. state visit to EU candidate Serbia, first-ever Serbo-Russian military exercise near Belgrade, 6 Russian Ilyushin-76s disgorged troops, equipment “under veil of secrecy”; Serbian DM Gasic downplays SREM-2014’s overt threat toward NATO, retired Yugoslav general: “The [Serbian] army is not exclusively facing West right now”; Russian, Serbian air forces to hold joint tactical aviation drills in 2015; Russia to add 2 reactors to Hungary’s Soviet-era Paks NPP under US$12.4 billion deal, Hungarian PM Orban chummy with Putin

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Russian military conducts drills near border of insurgency-wracked Ukraine, Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30M2 fighter jets operating out of former Ukrainian base in occupied Crimea; Russian paratroopers carry out practice drops, combat planes drop armored vehicles over N. Serbia, near NATO member Croatia as Moscow, Belgrade hold unprecedented joint live-fire drills in mid-Nov.; Serbia, Croatia part of Communist Yugoslavia until 1992; Ukrainian Armed Forces spokesperson: Up to 10,000 Russian troops fighting alongside 22,000 insurgents, mercs in Donbass; NATO Sec.-Gen. Stoltenberg: “We see a significant military buildup in and around Ukraine… large transfers of Russian advanced weapons, equipment and military personnel to violent separatists”; Russia’s Central Military District to carry out “large-scale” drills in 2015; Russian Navy vice admiral to oversee transfer of helicopter carrier Vladivostok from France, Moscow warns Paris to abide by terms of contract in spite of Ukraine conflict

Russian Soldiers in France

Pictured above: Russian sailors stand in formation in front of the Mistral-class helicopter carrier Vladivostok at the STX Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard site in Saint-Nazaire, western France, on November 25, 2014.

Reports concerning the sale, or non-sale, of two French-built Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Russia vary from month to month. However, Moscow is determined to collect its hardware. No doubt, in the end, the Ministry of Surrender in Paris will comply.

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WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Battle for control of Donetsk’s international airport rages on as Kiev’s ATO says Russian special forces aiding separatists in months-long siege, Spetsnaz retreat with “significant losses” after weekend assault, shelling from both sides continues; Ukrainian government forces unable to hold 409-kilometer stretch of border with Russia, Kremlin rotating regular troops, mercenaries in and out of Ukraine, still shipping weapons to Donbass rebels; “terrorists” defy farcical cease-fire, use artillery, MRLs to hit army positions 41 times overnight throughout Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts; Ukrainian troops build anti-tank defenses along border with Russian-occupied Crimea; Russian warships training in North Sea, enter English Channel, anchor in France’s Bay of the Seine; Rada elects new speaker after Oct. 26 election, Grojsman allied with pro-West President Poroshenko

Ukrainian flags are pictured at Donetsk airport

Pictured above: Holding out against Kremlin-backed separatists, Ukrainian troops fly the flag over the shattered terminal of Donetsk’s Sergei Prokofiev International Airport, on September 1, 2014.

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Flashback: Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) 45th Special Purpose (Spetsnaz) Regiment spearheads takeover of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula on February 27, 2014 (source)

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russian DM Shoigu announces extension of routine strategic bomber patrols from Arctic Ocean to Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean (i.e., along US East Coast), follows spike in military flights around European periphery, covert intervention in Ukraine’s secessionist Donbass; supersonic Tu-160 “Blackjacks” made low-key but historic first visits to Caracas in 2008 and Managua in 2013; Moscow in talks with Algeria, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Seychelles, Vietnam, Singapore to set up refuelling/ maintenance sites for Russian Air Force, Navy; Kuznetsov Design Bureau completes bench tests of new propulsion system for Russia’s PAK-DA stealth bomber, prototype expected to fly in 2019, “suppress modern air defenses,” deploy hypersonic weapons, replace aging inventory of Tu-95MC Bear, Tu-160 Blackjack, Tu-22M3 Backfire aircraft

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Government troops, Moscow-backed rebels in Donetsk city exchange artillery fire overnight, worst shelling since farcical Sept. 5 cease-fire; insurgents with RPGs, small arms resume months-old siege against Ukrainian army at Sergei Prokofiev International Airport, main terminal building, control tower in ruins since early Oct.; NSDC confirms Russian Ground Forces without insignia (“Little Green Men”) moved more than 32 tanks, 16 howitzers, 30 trucks, mobile radar over border into Lugansk Oblast, border guards repulse attack by gunmen near settlement of Blahodatne; Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza reports Putin’s meeting with Russian Security Council on Nov. 6, creation of four strike groups of Russian mercenaries in Ukraine, speculates Russian army may again open hostilities in Donbass; NATO “aware” of (yet another) Russian troop buildup near Ukraine, checking reports of cross-border incursion; SBU nabs ring of saboteurs in W. city of Lviv, Russian FSB recruited Ukrainian citizens to plant explosives near critical infrastructure, military bases

Putin’s not giving up on his plan to dismember Ukraine. Crimea is not enough. He’s clearly determined to wrest the industrial Donbass from Ukraine.

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Blast from the Past File: Last Soviet dictator Gorbachev in German capital, attends ceremony marking 25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall, warns Ukraine conflict could descend into “new Cold War,” possibly already begun; Gorby implemented perestroika (restructuring), glasnost (openness) reforms, leading to (controlled) collapse of East Bloc regimes in 1989, Soviet Union in 1991; KGB defector Golitsyn, in New Lies for Old (1984), predicted rise of Gorbachev-like reformer in Russia, “confederation” of West, East Germanies; 1990 reunification resulted in infiltration of Federal Republic by ex-GDR communists, Left Party to lead first-ever coalition government with Social Democrats, Greens in state of Thuringia; German President, Chancellor both raised in East, Gauck questions Left’s commitment to democracy, Merkel calls coalition “bad news”


The German Democratic Republic dismantled the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

source 1 source 2

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA AT WAR: Kiev: Russian armored column of 32 tanks, 30 trucks invades Donbass across rebel-held frontier, heads for town of Krasny Luch, Poroshenko: Ukraine must “repel possible attacks,” not allow “spread of this cancerous tumour”; NATO’s Gen. Breedlove says Russia maintains 250-300 troops in Ukraine to support rebel forces: “Russian equipment, re-supply, (and) training flows back and forth freely across that interborder space”; comments on surge in Russian long-range bomber patrols around European periphery: “They [Moscow] are messaging us that they are a great power and have the ability to exert influence”; notes US Army troop strength in Europe at 31,000; follows illegal elections for chief executive posts, leading to “victories” for Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky in Donetsk, Lugansk “People’s Republics”; Kremlin “respects” outcome of rebel votes

EU/USA Files: Poland to shift 1,000s of troops from Cold War-era positions along border with Germany to those with Kaliningrad, Belarus, thwart possible Russian (re-) invasion; Warsaw arrests, accuses army officer, lawyer of spying for Russian GRU, Czechs say Moscow dispatched “extremely high” number of spies to Prague in 2013; NATO: 1) replies to Russian aggression in Ukraine, Noble Justification exercise in Med. deploys alliance warships, US Air Force B-52s; 2) notes uptick in Russian bomber sorties, daily intercepts taking place over Norwegian, North, Baltic, Black Seas, along Portuguese coast; Kremlin reinstated Soviet-era long-range bomber patrols in 2007; Copenhagen: Russian planes with live missiles simulated attack against Danish island during major political event that drew 90,000 visitors in June; Tokyo curries Moscow’s favor while bolstering security pact with USA, holds drill with Russia’s Pacific Fleet while hosting Orient Shield drill with US Army on Hokkaido; Japanese intercepted Russian Air Force 235 times in April-June, Tokyo think tank: “The Russian missions are probably a message aimed at the U.S., which has 38,000 military personnel in Japan”

USSR2 File: Ukrainian president dismisses Nov. 2 vote in rebel-held Donetsk Oblast, “election” of mining electrician Zakharchenko as DPR chief executive, refers to “farce [conducted] under the barrels of [insurgents’] tanks and machine guns”; Communist Party boss Symonenko refuses to leave Ukraine in face of Rada ban, recent electoral flop; Poroshenko anxious for demise of communism, highlights CPU’s “past and present crimes,” e.g., Holodomor, consisting of Stalin’s forcible collectivization, dekulakization of Ukraine, leading to famine-deaths of 4 million Ukrainians in 1932-33; CPRF boss Zyuganov addresses congress of Union of Communist Parties-Communist Party of the Soviet Union (placeholder for old CPSU), exhorts Russian, as well as German, French, Italian communists to “provide all necessary and possible support” to Ukrainian comrades in face of “violent propaganda assaults and physical abuse”

USSR2 File: Pro-West parties win Ukraine’s parliamentary election, President Poroshenko’s bloc secures 23% of vote, PM Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front takes 21%, third pro-EU party snaps up third place, Opposition Bloc, Radical Party, neo-fascist Svoboda scrape up enough votes to limp over 5% threshold, Communists flop; 5 million Ukrainians in Russian-occupied Crimea, separatist-controlled districts of Donetsk, Lugansk oblasts unable to cast ballots, 27 seats in Rada to remain empty; Poroshenko praises countrymen: “Today we have a new Ukraine. I hope it will be possible to form a strong, pro-European democratic coalition”; Moscow promises to recognize vote, but Kiev urges Kremlin to denounce DPR/LPR insurgents’ illegal Nov. 2 election

USSR2 File: Kremlin grants license to Communist Party of the Russian Federation’s TV channel to “broadcast over all Russia,” brainwash post-Soviet generation with communism, “Red Line” already posts online; CPRF lawmakers embrace neo-Stalinist autarky, draft motion to forbid MPs, officials, civil servants from owning foreign real estate, current law prohibits holding accounts in foreign banks, securities; CPRF No. 2 Melnikov deplores Ukrainian “neo-fascist zombies” for toppling Lenin statues, another party official describes Ukrainian state without communism as “myth,” borders depended on existence of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1919-1991); meanwhile, Communist Party of Ukraine crumbling before Oct. 26 election, likely unable to muster 5% threshold vote, faces new lustration law purging bureaucracy

Viva Golitsyn! Comment hardly necessary.

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Gray Terror File: Two soldiers, two Muslim extremists dead after “micro-terrorist attacks” in Ottawa, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu; French Canadian recruit Couture-Rouleau stalked soldiers for 2 hours before Oct. 20 hit-and-run incident in small Quebec city, Warrant Officer Vincent later died of injuries; RCMP believe Rouleau planned to join militants overseas, ISIL/ISIS logo appeared on suspect’s Facebook page; Canadian-born Muslim Zehaf-Bibeau boasted rap sheet prior to point-blank shooting of soldier in Ottawa on Oct. 22, Cpl. Cirillo guarding National War Memorial when murdered; RCMP refuses to confirm second gunman involved; soldier killings in Canada continue pattern of attacks against NATO military personnel by Islamic radicals, Merah gunned down French paratroopers in Toulouse, Montauban in March 2012; Canadian communists (predictably) accuse PM Harper of using tragedy to “advance a pro-war agenda and impose dictatorial powers at home”

Gray Terror File: “Micro-terrorist attacks” in Ottawa, Quebec city suggest possible ISIL/ISIS plot unfolding in Canada, follows deployment of Canadian warplanes to Middle East, months of US air strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant targets; French Canadian convert to radical Islam runs down two soldiers near St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, SE of Montreal on Mon., one soldier later dies of injuries; Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau shot dead by police after high-speed car chase, RCMP investigating 90 terror suspects, including Rouleau; follow-up terror attack occurs in Ottawa on Wed., masked gunman jumps out of car driven by second person, kills reservist guarding National War Memorial, runs to, infiltrates Parliament Building, killed by security, MP reports more than 30 shots fired, ruling Conservative Party caucus meeting in progress; Canadian authorities seeking multiple suspects, NORAD increases alert posture

USSR2 File: Svoboda, Right Sector activists clash with police outside Ukrainian parliament ahead of Oct. 26 election, amidst Moscow-backed uprising in Donbass; neo-fascists demand MPs recognize WW2-era, Nazi-allied Ukrainian Insurgent Army, 50 protesters arrested; Kremlin-linked “SandWorm” hacking group exploits flaw in Microsoft Windows, breaks into computer networks operated by NATO, Ukrainian, Polish governments, cybersecurity firm director: “This is consistent with espionage activity. All indicators from a targeting and lures perspective would indicate espionage with Russian national interests”; no evidence “SandWorm” same group behind intrusions into U.S. bank computers, including JPMorgan Chase; DPR separatist in Ukraine threatens to take war to Poland unless Warsaw terminates weapon shipments to Kiev

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Unknown gunmen ambush Gubarev’s car in Donetsk Oblast after Kremlin-backed separatist, neo-Nazi/ex-communist leaves Russia’s Rostov-on-Don, DPR co-leader unconscious, hospitalized back at Rostov; Putin says Russian Armed Forces have withdrawn 17,600 troops from Ukrainian border, perpetuates myth about no Russian military in Donbass; Austria delivers aerial surveillance drones to Ukraine to monitor border with Russia, Germany, France also commit to providing Kiev with UAVs; Poroshenko dismisses Helety as DM, replaces with National Guard chief Poltorak, Helety criticized for allowing 100 soldiers, volunteers to perish during Russian army’s siege at Ilovaysk in Aug.; NSDC spokes- man Lysenko: Repeated attempts by rebels to seize Donetsk’s international airport have failed, “Our troops repelled the attack and inflicted significant losses to terrorists”; Tymchuk: Rebels continue to violate month-old cease-fire at multiple locations, attack ATO forces

USA/USSR2 Files: Hackers with “loose connections with officials of the Russian government” launched massive cyberattack against total of 10 US financial institutions in July-August, previously reported computer network breach at JPMorgan Chase compromised accounts of 76 million households, 7 million small businesses, personal information accessed; Kremlin spokesman dismisses allegations Moscow seeking “payback” for Western sanctions over Ukraine crisis, Peskov: “This is nonsense”; former NSA director, US Army general Alexander: “How would you shake the United States back? Attack a bank in cyberspace. If it was them [i.e., the Russians], they just sent a real message: ‘You’re vulnerable,’” hackers had “exceptional skills,” were “a nation-state backed group”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Moscow-backed rebels with tank and support from Russian regular forces press attack against government-held inter- national airport at Donetsk on Sept. 3, lose 12 fighters; shelling of army positions around besieged city of Mariupol persists, port city temporary oblast capital, Governor Taruta denies Ukrainian army responsible for cease-fire violations; NSDC: Russian Armed Forces’ 100th intelligence brigade, military hardware from N. Ossetia infiltrates border, lurks near Mariupol; Tatar leader Dzhemilev in Warsaw says 40,000 Russian troops with “offensive weaponry” concentrated in Crimea: “There are persistent rumors that soon the Russian troops will invade Ukraine in the south. If the invasion starts, the Russians will try to destroy the Crimean Tatars whom they describe as Kyiv’s fifth column . . . for opposing the annexation of Crimea”; Poroshenko approves lustration law to purge Communists, KGB agents, Party of Regions activists from public service

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Ukrainian POWs released by rebels, describe combat with Russian Ground Forces in Donbass, expose Kremlin lies alleging no military presence in Ukraine; soldier Alexei Koshelenko surrendered to Russian regular forces near town of Ilovaysk, Aug. 25: “We . . . were fired on heavily from all sides. Tanks, APCs and infantry were attacking us. We thought we were in the rear, we thought they were ours … The fire mowed down the woods. Our troops retreated and it was Russians all around. We got captured. We ran out of ammunition . . .”; soldier Andrei Krupa captured near village of Dzerkalniy, 20 km S. of Ilovaysk, same day: “They were Russian soldiers – soldiers from Kostroma, paratroopers”; 9 Ukrainian soldiers defending Donetsk’s international airport killed by rebel shelling, DPR leader Purgin maintains cease-fire deal awards facility to separatists; national unity demonstrators in Kharkiv topple 40-foot Lenin statue, pro-Moscow mayor promises to restore monument, IM Avakov Facebooks: “Lenin? Let him fall”; Poroshenko adviser: Russian GRU “spearheading” provocations along “Odessa-Zaporizhia-Kharkiv-Kherson axis,” planning “explosions in Kharkiv and Odessa,” Russia continues to build up invasion force in occupied Crimea

EU/USA Files: White House reassures East Bloc-turned-NATO allies over Russian invasion of Ukraine, sends 600 armored infantry to Poland, Baltics for Atlantic Resolve exercise, 200-man armored unit, complete with 12 Abrams MBTs, 8 M2 Bradley IFVs specifically deployed to Poland; DM Siemoniak hints Poland may scrap US$1.6 billion deal with French arms giant Thales to supply missile defense shield, unless Paris stops waffling on Mistral sale to Russia; Kremlin sends unfriendly message while Poroshenko visits Ottawa, Washington DC: F-22 fighter jets scrambled from Alaska base to repel 6-plane Russian bomber sortie on Sept. 18, 6 hours later Royal Canadian Air Force intercepts Tu-95s over Beaufort Sea; CF-18s on NATO mission in Lithuania shadow Russian An-26 over Baltic Sea on Sept. 11, RCAF Lt.-Col. Pletz: “Not to diminish the threat that they pose [to N. America], but [what] we are used to dealing with in NORAD is lumbering Bear strategic bombers . . . Here you have all the Russians’ latest gear. There are Su-27 fighters, Su-34 fighters, Tu-22 bombers as well as transport aircraft”

EU/USSR2 Files: Lukewarm EU member Hungary cowers before past Russian overlord, Gazprom CEO Miller arrives in Budapest on Sept. 22, confers with pro-Moscow lackey PM Orban, offers to up natural gas shipments in exchange for ex-East Bloc state terminating reverse-flow gas supply to Ukraine; Kiev’s Naftogaz describes stoppage as “unexpected and unexplained”; Russian Energy Minister Novak rumbles: “Re-exporting Russian gas to Ukraine is illegal and could lead to some EU states going without fuel shipments from Gazprom”; Moscow stopped direct gas shipments to Ukraine in June, citing unpaid US$4.5 billion debt; in controversial July 26 speech to Hungarian-Romanians, “soft authoritarian” Orban advocated “illiberal,” nationalist state, praised Putin’s Russia, cracked down on NGO as “foreign agent”; meanwhile, Budapest’s top prosecutor asks Euro Parliament to lift immunity from Jobbik MEP suspected of spying for Russia, Hungarian paper alleges Soviet-educated neo-fascist “KGBéla” Kovács held “conspiratorial meetings” with Russian diplomats, Russian wife employed or financially backed by SVR

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Poland’s biannual “Anakonda” military exercise assumes new urgency in light of Russian invasion of Ukraine, memories of 1945-1992 Soviet occupation; 10-day drill kicks off at 4 test ranges in country’s N., Baltic Sea, involves nearly 11,750 Polish troops, 750 from NATO allies, including USA, UK, 4 ex-communist states; Poles contribute 120 armored vehicles, 50 anti-aircraft units, 15 missile launchers, 17 warships, 25 aircraft to repel simulated invasion under NATO’s “mutual defense article”; DM Siemoniak: “Poland’s biggest military exercise, Anakonda, has acquired special significance due to the events in Ukraine”; 1,300 NATO troops, including 200 US paratroopers, wrap up exercise near Yavoriv, W. Ukraine, U.S. Army Sec.: “If anyone questions the United States’ commitment to security in the Black Sea region, they might want to take a look at . . . Rapid Trident 14”; Ukrainian Ground Forces commander: “It goes without saying this event is very important. . . . This increases our combat readiness”; pro-Kremlin think tank lambastes “2,600-km American military front” against Russia, i.e., from Lithuania to Turkey

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Historical Flashback: Last Russian Combat Troops Withdrawn from Poland in 1992 (source)


WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: NATO spokesman, Canadian Lt. Col. Janzen confirms “significant pullback” of Russian Ground Forces from Ukraine’s Donbass, but “many thousands are still deployed in vicinity of border,” “Russian special forces are operating in Ukraine,” although “difficult to detect”; under terms of Minsk agreement, Kiev, Moscow-backed rebels agree to withdraw artillery from engagement line, create 30 km buffer zone; meanwhile, in spite of Sept. 5 cease-fire, insurgents prosecute 4-month siege of Donetsk’s Sergey Prokofiev International Airport; Ukrainian soldiers, reportedly equipped with T-72 tanks, MRLs, protected by Soviet-era nuclear-resistant fortifications fend off near-daily bombardments; control tower heavily damaged, terminal building partly collapsed, narrow strip of land connecting runway to nearby village links besieged soldiers to supply route; DPR leader Purgin says “We haven’t got the weapons to take it,” but Kiev fears Russian cargo planes could land at facility; Ukraine worries over economic retaliation from Moscow, once again hesitates over closing border with Russia

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Russia’s Eastern Military District wraps up Vostok-2014 exercise, 100,000 servicemen, “thousands of tanks and aircraft, dozens of ships” participated in combined-arms drills in Urals, Siberia, Sea of Okhotsk; “large-scale firing practice” conducted in Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk regions; Air and Space Defence Forces “drilled actions in conditions of a simulated nuclear strike”; Pacific Fleet deployed in Primorsky, Kamchatka sectors, while Russian paratroopers practice thwarting hypothetical (i.e., Japanese) attack against Kuril Islands; Moscow, Tokyo technically in state of war, no peace treaty signed in 1945; Northern Fleet subs simulate torpedo attacks against enemy warships in Barents Sea, Borey-class ballistic missile sub Vladimir Monomakh successfully launches Bulava from submerged position in White Sea, SLBM hits target on Kamchatka Peninsula

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Putin in phone call to Poroshenko allegedly threatens to attack ex-Soviet republics, ex-East Bloc states, German media quotes: “If I wanted, in two days I could have Russian troops not only in Kyiv, but also in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw and Bucharest”; follows similar comments regarding Kiev made to European Commission President Barroso; Putin’s secret war in Ukraine no longer secret: Enraged citizens take to the streets in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities, wave Russian and Ukrainian flags, protest undeclared military intervention in Donbass, condemn “Liars” in the Kremlin; police estimate 5,000 anti-war protesters in Moscow, Ekho Moskvy radio posits 50,000; BBC News TV crew in Astrakhan roughed up after interviewing family of soldier killed in Ukraine; surreptitious military burials, leaked transcripts of soldiers’ conversations, social media expose Kremlin deception, including demise of 80 Russian troops near Lugansk city in Aug.; Poroshenko on N. American tour addresses US Congress, welcomes White House’s US$46 million in “security assistance,” but no “lethal aid” (i.e., weapons)

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: NATO SACEUR Gen. Breedlove on Russian Ground Forces invasion of Ukraine’s Donbass: “From a peak of well over ten battalion task groups . . . we’re now down to elements of probably four battalion task groups . . . ”; Russian DM Shoigu: Moscow plans to deploy “proper and self-sufficient troop grouping” in Crimea, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Russian military buildup in occupied peninsula threatens “territorial integrity of Ukraine and peace in the region”; amid shaky cease-fire, embattled Ukrainian forces at Donetsk’s international airport repel yet another artillery barrage from Moscow-backed DPR rebels on Sept. 17, 9-story building on fire, 2 civilians injured; ATO destroys “terrorist” (i.e., rebel) base, weapons stockpile near Severodonetsk; Moscow vows to send third “humanitarian” convoy into SE Ukraine; PM Yatseniuk assures cabinet Donbass autonomy law does not recognize militants of self-proclaimed Donetsk, Lugansk “People’s Republics”; some separatist leaders surprisingly warm toward autonomy law, direct import of natural gas from Russia planned

EU/USSR2 Files: Kiev, Brussels in video link, jointly ratify Association Agreement, 535 European lawmakers vote in favor, 127 against, 35 abstain; 3 Czech Communist MEPs, Social Democrat with pedigree in Prague’s pre-1989 Stalinist regime adopt Kremlin line, say no to Kiev; Poroshenko proclaims: “Since World War II, not a single nation has paid such a high price for their right to be European”; pro-Moscow predecessor Yanukovich rejected EU bid last Nov., leading to ouster in Feb., Russia’s annexation of Crimea, rebellion and (undeclared) Russian military intervention in Donbass, 3,000 war dead; additional laws advance Ukraine’s national revolution by: 1) screening 1 million civil servants for patriotism, esp. Yanukovich cronies, Communists, ex-KGB officers; and 2) granting autonomy to Donbass, amnesty but not for armed insurrectionists; Russian Foreign Ministry praises self-rule as “step in the right direction,” but Ukrainian daily laments: “This is a great victory for Putin and the Kremlin, because now they have the legitimisation of their terrorist groups in Ukraine”; Poroshenko on N. American tour comments on EU deal, tells Canadian Parliament: “That was the last farewell from Ukraine to the Soviet Union”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: NATO sends not-so-subtle warnings to Moscow, presses ahead with exercises in ex-Warsaw Pact states: 1) 1,300 troops–including 200 US paratroopers from 173rd Airborne Brigade in Italy–hone armies’ interoperability in annual Rapid Trident exercise in Yavoriv, W. Ukraine; 2) Polish, Lithuanian, Canadian soldiers carry out Maple Arch drill in Poland; 3) NATO air forces wrap up Ample Strike in Czech Rep.; Ukrainian DM: “In order to stop Putin, we need weapons. And they [some NATO states] have listened to me – as of today, the process of delivering arms is being realised . . . [T]hose weapons are already on the way to us – that’s absolutely true, I can officially tell you”; Heletey: 3,500 Russian troops (i.e., “volunteers,” mercenaries and regulars) still inside Ukraine, 25,000 more “parked” along border; Kiev, rebels claim other party guilty of numerous cease-fire violations over weekend; PM Medvedev maintains Russia’s non-involvement in Donbass War: “When a series of our partners, if they can be called that, test Russia’s strength through sanctions and all kinds of threats, it is important . . . to preserve and continue the development of democratic processes in our society, our state”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: President Poroshenko basks in glow of staunch support from key NATO countries, invited to Ottawa, Washington DC, Sept. 17-18, address joint bicameral sessions of Canadian Parliament, US Congress; 1.2 million Ukrainian-Canadians urged to roll out “blue-and-yellow” carpet for Poroshenko, while Communist Party of Canada regurgitates Kremlin line, denounces “criminal imperialist conspiracy” to impose “neo-Nazism” upon Ukraine; several hundred Ukrainian troops, holed up at Donetsk’s Sergey Prokofiev International Airport since June, repel yet another artillery/rocket attack from Moscow-backed insurgents; second Russian “humanitarian” convoy, consisting of 250 white trucks, illegally enters SE Ukraine, NSDC accused first convoy on Aug. 22 of stealing Topaz production unit for Kolchuga radar, raiding factory that makes “specialized” ammunition magazines

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Conflicting reports beset news of Russian invasion force’s withdrawal from Donbass: Poroshenko initially stated 70% troop draw down, NSDC now says evacuation suspended, Russian regular forces concentrated near Rozsypne and Pelahiivka, Donetsk Oblast; NATO says no withdrawal at all, 20,000 Russian troops still poised on Ukraine’s SE border; solution: Russian Armed Forces feigned retreat, in conjunction with rebel cease-fire, to confuse Kiev, NATO; rebels release nearly 800 POWs this week; Putin’s secret war in Ukraine: Pro-Kremlin pollster’s survey finds 57% of Russians support Donbass separatists, only 5% support sending troops to Ukraine; Moscow scoffs at Kiev’s allegations of 2,000 Russian war dead in Donbass, even as Reuters tracks down Russians with relatives, friends fighting, dying in Ukraine; Russian politician “badly beaten” by thugs after publicizing funerals of paratroopers in Pskov; Kremlin’s “Investigative Committee” shuts down inquiries into soldiers’ deaths; FSB reportedly hacks website of soldiers’ advocacy group “Cargo 200”; Putin attends SCO summit in Dushanbe, praises Red China, C. Asia republics for sharing Moscow’s view on Ukraine crisis

Donbass War Sitrep

Find the Russian troops:

Kiev: Russia has suspended the evacuation of its 1,000 troops from Ukraine.

NATO: The original invasion force of 1,000 Russian troops is still in Ukraine.

Moscow: What Russian troops?

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Neo-Sandinista File: Moscow-Beijing Axis tightens strategic chokehold on Central America: Teams of assessors from Hong Kong company, accompanied by Nicaraguan soldiers and police, “interview” (i.e., intimidate) property owners along route of US$40 billion interoceanic canal; “big dig” slated to begin Dec. 2014, finish in 2019, connect Brito River on Pacific coast with Bluefields Bay on Caribbean; Wang Jing’s HKND Group enjoys 100-year concession over canal, billion- aire denies ties to Communist Party of China, admits “good friendship” with President Ortega’s son, sinks personal cash into megaproject, says 500 HKND staff already on site; Russia to supply “hi-tech equipment” for construction of Nicaragua Canal, Russian Navy to guard sea approaches (!); Putin’s surprise stopover in Managua during July tour of Latin America unprecedented for any Soviet/Russian leader, primary purpose to meet Sandinista leader, discuss Russia’s role in canal; Moscow think tank: “We [Russia and China] are both interested in restraining the US,” “Nicaragua will allow Russia to deploy its flotilla from the Atlantic to the Pacific quickly . . . especially if Russian naval bases are deployed in Cuba”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Turchynov backs Yatseniuk’s bill to revoke Ukraine’s “non-bloc” (i.e., non-aligned) status, pave way for full NATO member- ship; Poroshenko orders building of “1,000s of kms” of anti-tank barriers, trenches for armored vehicles, 4,000 army dugouts along frontier with Russia: “In the new military doctrine, the Russian Federation should be acknowledged as the only threat and as the aggressor that threatens Ukraine’s territorial integrity”; bolsters defensive line built, financed by billionaire Taruta; Ukrainian military to receive 145 new planes, helos, armored vehicles by Dec. 2014; NSDC: 1) Large chunk of Donetsk Oblast beyond Kiev’s control, “stay behind” contingent of Russian Ground Forces, DPR militants “regrouping” within zone bounded by regional capital, border with Rostov O., Sea of Azov; 2) 129 reported cases of rebel shelling since cease-fire began Sept. 5; 3) but no cross-border missile strikes from Russia since last weekend; 4) ATO detains 2 Russian soldiers suspected of trying to shoot down Ukrainian aircraft; Kiev advises 10,000s of refugees displaced by Donbass War not to return to rebel-held territory

I think one of the decisions the President [Poroshenko] should take one of these days is to cancel the norms of the law on Ukraine’s non-bloc status, pulled along [i.e., instituted] by [former President Viktor] Yanukovych in flagrant violation of the standing orders. This was done to Moscow’s dictation. Ukraine must open the way for accession to the NATO. Only the Euro-Atlantic system of collective security can stop such an aggressor as Russia.

— Alexander Turchynov, Rada Speaker/Former Acting President of Ukraine, September 11, 2014

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WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Poroshenko, Putin converse by phone, express satisfaction over OSCE-brokered cease-fire, Ukrainian president offers more autonomy to Donbass, but insists upon “territorial integrity” of country, Moscow-backed rebels still demand state of “New Russia”; Putin’s secret war in Ukraine: Poroshenko says 70% of Russian invasion force has withdrawn, leaving Russian “volunteers”; determined counter-attack from Ukrainian Ground Forces, National Guard produced 2,000 Russian casualties (according to Kiev), “loads” of wounded trucked back over border; Poroshenko rallies soldiers, steelworkers at rebel-surrounded port city of Mariupol on Mon., praises troops for defeating armored thrust from Russia 2 weeks ago, vows to fend off future Russian aggression against industrial center; NSDC spokesman Lysenko: Russian Armed Forces, separatists stage 20 “provocations” against government forces in ATO zone, shell Donetsk’s embattled Sergey Prokofiev International Airport on Sept. 9; “We’ll be back”: Russian army building up new invasion forces opposite Novoazovsk, also occupied Crimea; Tymchuk: Fuel trucks crossing rebel-held stretches of border to resupply Russian invaders; new EU sanctions target oil giant Rosneft, Russian tank maker Uralvagonzavod

Communist Bloc Military Updates: Two Russian nuclear bombers fly over Labrador Sea, simulate cruise missile launch at targets on US E. Coast, provocation occurs during NATO summit in Wales, debate over assistance to be given Ukraine following Russia’s Aug. 25 invasion; Gen. Yakubov: Russia’s military doctrine should be revised again (last time 2010) to identify USA, NATO as “enemies,” “clearly outline the conditions for a pre-emptive nuclear strike against them”; since Moscow-backed insurgency began in SE Ukraine in Apr., Ukrainian, US, NATO officials have also referred to Russia as an “enemy,” no longer “partner”; Adm. Haney: “Clearly, we at the U.S. Strategic Command do monitor the strategic environment. Any nation state [meaning Russia] has the right to train . . . Clearly, the actions associated with Ukraine are problematic. I will say that the business of them [Russian bombers] coming close to the USA, we take very seriously”

WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: NSDC spokesman: Moscow readying invasion force in occupied Crimea, Russian Ground Forces deploy 64 tanks, 100 APCs, Grad, Uragan rocket launchers, Buk SAMs to border with Kherson Oblast, set up field hospital near Chorno- morske, NW Crimea; Lysenko: “[O]n the southern direction . . . we have now enough forces and means in order to stop direct aggression of the enemy”; 8 Russian Navy landing ships spotted in Black Sea even as NATO, Ukrainian, Georgian navies hold Sea Breeze drill; Kiev cites Chisinau’s dep. DM Kosovan, says “little green men” (i.e., Russian GRU officers) have infiltrated Moldova, 500 recruits to destabilize Ukraine’s SW region; cross-border artillery, missile attacks from Russia quiet since Sun., but rebel provocations ongoing in spite of Sept. 5 cease-fire; Russian invaders, proxies use small arms, mortars, RPGs to hit Ukrainian army roadblocks around Mariupol; besieged port city builds 2nd ring of defenses, welcomes morale-boosting visit from President Poroshenko; Russian tank unit surrounds Ukrainian National Guard checkpoint near Sloviyanoserbsk, Lugansk Oblast, standoff in progress; fearing Russian invasion will widen, Kharkiv City Council urges patriots to join volunteer battalions