WW4 File: “One Clenched Fist”: PLA psyop known as COVID-19 successfully distracts West as Moscow-Beijing Axis continues war preps against “Free World”; notwithstanding Biden/Harris regime’s weak negotiat- ing position vis-a-vis Red China, US State Dept. reaffirms Washington’s commitment to defend Republic of China against communist attack, esp. in wake of latest PLA aerial and marine incursions around Taiwan, inc. maneuvers by aircraft carrier group; spokesman Ned Price: “Our commitment to Taiwan is rock solid. We have, of course, taken note with great concern the pattern of ongoing efforts [by China] and attempts to intimidate in the region including in the context of Taiwan”; meanwhile Russia continues to militarize Arctic coast, inc. “seeking to bolster its security through the refurbishing of Soviet-era airfields, the expansion of its network of air and coastal defense missile systems and the strengthening of its anti-access and area-denial capabilities”; Pentagon spokesman John Kirby: “Obviously we’re watching this . . . nobody’s interested in seeing the Arctic become militarized”

source 1 source 2 source 3

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