Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Premier Doug Ford’s medical fascist police state cracks down on political opposition, slaps federal MP Derek Sloan and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier with fines for attending church service, People’s Party of Canada chief Maxime Bernier also fined for attending anti-lockdown protest, all three lawmakers associated with End the Lockdowns National Caucus; outspoken Tory MP Pierre Poilievre alarmed Trudeau Liberals intend to use Bill C-10 to censor social media on pretext of combating “racism” and “hate speech,” socialist NDP boss Jagmeet Singh backs censorship; embattled Calgary pastor Art Paw- lowski takes to Facebook, alleges city mosques hosting 100s of worshippers without interference from public health gestapo, urges Christians to rally at local park on May 1; Cultural Action Party founder Brad Salzberg laments: “At the same time as the Great Reset agenda ramps up at warp speed, Canadian citizens are being locked down from coast-to-coast. From our nation’s founding in 1867 to the arrival of PM Justin Trudeau in 2015, Canada was in essence a free and democratic nation . . . [O]ur government is transitioning society into a state of pseudo-communism”

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End the Lockdowns National Caucus

American patriots need to watch their attic (i.e., Canada). Trudeau’s end game could very well include the presence of PLA troops on Canadian soil, if they aren’t here already . . .

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