Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Anti-Christian persecution continues in Canada, most recently in Ontario under Premier Doug Ford’s medical fascist state, Toronto pastor/theologian Joseph Boot reports: “15 armed police in riot jackets and anti-stab vests burst in on my church Sunday morning [April 25] and entered without a warrant handing out tickets to several of my fellow elders. That’s Canada in 2021. Criminals are let out and pastors fined for public worship. The police were in violation of the Charter they swore to uphold and section 176 of the criminal code and the Trespass Act. Our Prime Minister [Justin Castro/Trudeau] says he is aware there is a constitution but his priority is the pandemic – we are currently effectively a dictatorship”; public health gestapo with police escort again intimidates church of combative Calgary pastor raised in Communist Poland, Art Pawlowski again scares away intruders; meanwhile, in surprising but hopeful development, Canada’s Federal Court admits Trudeau regime’s COVID-19 quarantine hotels constitute “arbitrary detention,” therefore unconstitutional, but injunction denied until formal trial in early June

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Ford’s goon squad (probably from the OPP) dons anti-stab vests to fine church elders. Gimme a break . . . Why don’t you go arrest some treasonous and corrupt politicians and public health officials. There’s plenty of those in Canada, starting at the top . . .

BTW, reported cases of COVID-19 among churchgoers in Canada have been very far and few between.

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