EU/USA Files: White House reassures East Bloc-turned-NATO allies over Russian invasion of Ukraine, sends 600 armored infantry to Poland, Baltics for Atlantic Resolve exercise, 200-man armored unit, complete with 12 Abrams MBTs, 8 M2 Bradley IFVs specifically deployed to Poland; DM Siemoniak hints Poland may scrap US$1.6 billion deal with French arms giant Thales to supply missile defense shield, unless Paris stops waffling on Mistral sale to Russia; Kremlin sends unfriendly message while Poroshenko visits Ottawa, Washington DC: F-22 fighter jets scrambled from Alaska base to repel 6-plane Russian bomber sortie on Sept. 18, 6 hours later Royal Canadian Air Force intercepts Tu-95s over Beaufort Sea; CF-18s on NATO mission in Lithuania shadow Russian An-26 over Baltic Sea on Sept. 11, RCAF Lt.-Col. Pletz: “Not to diminish the threat that they pose [to N. America], but [what] we are used to dealing with in NORAD is lumbering Bear strategic bombers . . . Here you have all the Russians’ latest gear. There are Su-27 fighters, Su-34 fighters, Tu-22 bombers as well as transport aircraft”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4



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