WW4 File: UKRAINE, RUSSIA AT WAR: Ukraine slaps Russia in face again, signs political association agree- ment with EU, deal rejected by deposed president Yanu- kovich; follows speedy withdrawal from Moscow-led CIS; EU to reduce energy dependence on Russia; British PM: Russian invasion of E. Ukraine would “trigger far-reaching consequences”; London, Berlin, Paris suspend military cooperation with Moscow, no mention of French-Russian Mistral deal; France to contribute 4 fighter jets, AWACS to steadily growing NATO Baltic air patrols; US military preps for “large” exercises in Lask, Poland, will involve Baltics, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria; Turkey dispatches AWACS to patrol Black Sea, closest airborne NATO asset watching Russian-occupied Crimea; Polish, Lithuanian DMs agree to press ahead with air defense acquisitions, form trilateral armed forces brigade with Ukraine

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