Latin America File: Protests rock Honduras as ruling National Party candidate wins presidency, LIBRE party surges to second spot, organized by opponents of 2009 putsch; deposed leader Zelaya campaigned for politician wife Castro, says socialist party does not concede defeat; VP running mate, “ex”-red Barahona conferred with top Communist Party of Cuba officials in 2011; Venezuela’s Maduro accuses USA of “meddling” in Honduran politics

The second attempt since 2009 by the region’s Red Axis to import Cuban/Bolivarian communism into Honduras appears to have failed.

source 1 source 2

Juan Barahona bio: source 3 source 4

– Communist Party of Cuba Welcomes Honduras’ Liberty and Refoundation as Sister Party, Sends Delegation to LIBRE Congress (source 5 source 6)

– Communist Party of Honduras Reactivates in 2011 after 21-year Hiatus, Endorses Pro-Zelaya National Popular Resistance Front (source 7)

– Outgoing “Conservative” Honduran President Porfirio Sosa Lobo “Ex”-Communist, Studied at Soviet Union’s Patrice Lumumba University (source 8)

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